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Designing Women

Designing Women is an American television sitcom that centered on the working and personal lives of four Southern women and one man in an interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Delta Burke Julia Sugarbaker Golden Girls Jean Smart Dixie Carter Carol Burnett Tim Conway Murphy Brown Annie Potts Julia Duffy Jan Hooks Fed Up

Know plenty of men ok with their women designing their mancaves just as long as they have their interest. I'm most likely cool with a lot
I know a couple of you share my love of "Designing Women" and will appreciate this. :)
*hurls Designing Women Playmobil in the trash*
A funny clip from Designing Women when Julia Sugarbaker explains that Southerns don't hide the "crazy people" in their families.
VERY IMPORTANT FARM QUESTION: It seems extremely likely I'll be bringing home two little baby girl goats (!!) this weekend. I would like very much to name them after the Sugarbaker sisters from Designing Women. QUESTION: Do I name them Suzanne and Julia or Dixie and Delta?! This is important stuff, people.
One day I'm going to make gazillions of money by designing a decent sports bra for women with actual boobs.
i hear the creators of designing women are friends with the clintons cc Fox.
Anytime I hear ain't no mountain high enough I think of that episode of that episode of designing women lolololollo
Please stop designing dresses with zippers in the back! It's pointless for a single women to try zipping it!!!
Gt challenge frm safety 4 women/girls. like the guiding principles too.
Although, I still like Dixie Carter as Phil's wife.too bad she was replaced..even though it was so she could do Designing Women.
Oh I loved designing women. Me and my sister would stay up late watching reruns when I was younger.
Happy 1 year anniversary grant winner of our 2012 for designing an app that provides mobile ant…
Last week I was designing hardware for satellites & listening to women's hockey. Today it's women's bobsleigh.
Proud of u !! Prabal Gurung: Designing for all women
Fashion Designing in *** "What to do with all this animal print fabric? I know! Blouses for fat women! THEY love animal prints, right?"
"so what if human women had udders just like cows". I wish luck to whoever is designing female clothes
Designing for Women – Why it is important for women to be involved | A jewel from the Pearl of...
Designing for Women - I wrote about the event organised by Barbara Natali at WITU hub. Check out link |
Desiging for Women - Check out my blogpost about the event | cc:
BB was pioneer in designing programs n projects for Women n their rights.
Ch 7 trying so hard to be ch 9. A cheaper option would be to gas some homeless people and put reruns of designing women on at all hours.
Designing Women Sisterhood was awesome! We bless God for the ladies from the community who attended and for the ladies from GCOP, Nichols Chapel, Calvary AME--we were blessed to have you. Refreshments (really?!?!) were delicious ... Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, cake and tea! Hmm hmm good!! The sisterhood is growing and we have some great things on the horizon!
As some of you already know, I proposed to Sean, my partner of 17 years, Saturday at the Apollo Ball. I felt privileged to be able to share that with our Apollo family, our friends and family. No one knew except the President of the Krewe and 3 or 4 people that had to know on the production side. None of the dancers on stage or Sean knew. I couldn't have imagined the magical moment it would become. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. There is a scene from Designing Women where Dixie Carter depends her sister in an epic way. Part of her dialogue was "Grown Men Wept!". That's how it was. I could have done the same thing in a more private way and share it with the people we are closest to, but I decided to do it in front of everyone at the ball because I have known far to many young *** people who have ended their own lives because they feel hopeless, unloved and second rate humans. Freaks. I hoped there would be at least one of these people at the Ball who could witness the love and support from that huge ...
Love me some Designing Women and Julia Sugarbaker!!! Miss that show!!
Wow that's cool! The city was like one big episode of designing women when I lived there lol.
I love Dixie Carter and her character on Designing Women!
a list of stats re: lack of women's roles in dir, designing, and overall presence in DC theatre
All that HAIR DESIGNING, BRAIDS, Women Cutting off the sides of the Hair, Came from AFRICAN MYSTICISM.. our ppl don't read, we "tribal" folk
and where'd they get that from? (BLACK WOMEN)... all that hair designing started in EGYPT, AFRICA... It's MYSTICAL
Watching designing women the second season
Just saying.I think if I'm paying additional for the privilege of the Hallmark channel - then I should be able to see something besides continuous reruns of Designing Women 24/7! There is just too much good Hallmark stuff out there to have to put up with this and I can buy Hallmark videos much cheaper than paying for it on cable! Just saying.!
I'm designing a tee. The proceeds will goto my mom and other women fighting breast cancer.
"These 25 artisans worked to make some of the modern era’s most recognizable furniture, lighting and objects
Designing Modern Women at featuring Margaret E. Knight as one of first female US patent holders
as far as best tv shows set in atlanta its matlock then designing women then rhoa then BET then tyler perry then walking dead
we are a group of clinicians designing an app for women attending breast screening. We need technical support WOMMeN project
Awareness is more than just your visual perspective. Thanks read on: .
Always liked this speech, Designing Women, great show!! Amy
Yal men designing women. I'm a womens man
Come to this free interactive workshop, learn about Women's. Heart Health and ask your questions about designing a...
The difference between designing for men and women. And designing for everyone! :O)
Always one of my favorite quotes from my favorite show: Designing Women.
God asked Women: Did I make a mistake in designing men?. Women: It's OK except that the "JOY STICK" meant for us is not detachable.
Tara is serving executive blazer realness and I think Johnny is serving 80s Designing Women on the red carpet
“Johnny Weir's full outfit today. About to change some oil Like an extra on Designing Women
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"That was like our morning routine, Designing Women and The Golden Girls" -Hugh to Carly
Designing Our Solutions: The Need for Women and Minorities in STEM via
Good news: We can stop designing UIs with "hot women" as placeholders and instead use actual use case imagery. It's a wild concept, I know.
Designing and implementing that work for women. Download the publication:
Workplace trumps glamour at New York Fashion Week: Rather than designing with the red carpet in mind, designer...
I always loved Designing Women til Delta Burke left then it just wasn't the same !
Hi I'm designing clothing for large busted women (D+). Could you please take my survey and pass it on?
Dixie Virginia Carter (May 25, 1939 – April 10, 2010) American film, television and stage actress, best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker in the CBS sitcom Designing Women (1986–1993). She is also known for her roles as Randi King on the CBS legal drama Family Law (1999–2002), Assistant District Attorney, Brandy Henderson on the CBS soap The Edge of Night (1974–1976), and as Gloria Hodge on the ABC series Desperate Housewives (2006–2007).
This is another one of my favorite speeches from Designing Women --- GOTTA LOVE SOUTHERN WOMEN!! Yesterday, in my mind's eye, I saw four women standing on a veranda in white, gauzy dresses and straw-colored hats. They were having a conversation. And it was hot. Their hankies tucked in cleavages where eternal trickles of perspiration run from the female breastbone to exotic vacation spots that southern men often dream about. They were sweet-smelling, coy, cunning, voluptuous, voracious, delicious, pernicious, vexing and sexing... these earth sister/rebel mothers... these arousers and carousers. And I was filled with a longing to join them. But like a whim of Scarlett's, they turned suddenly and went inside, shutting me out with a bolt of a latch. And I was left only to pick up an abandoned handkerchief and savor the perfumed shadows of these women... these southern women. This Suzanne. This Julia. This Mary Jo and Charlene. Thanks for the comfort, Dash Goff... the writer.”
Someone please put Designing Women back in syndication!
She was absolutely awesome and kept me laughing. She also was a great actress. I miss the original Designing Women.
I am sorry for the confusion folks but this is my final move and I am no longer with the Amazing ladies at Designing Women in Endicott. I have moved into my previous location at 800 Valley Dr Johnson City, with my old pal Greg Peake with Broome Orthopedic & Sport Physical therapy. :)My phone number is the same just where I began my roots:)
This is one of my favorite episodes s of Designing Women. My son found it and sent it to me! I love hims! Miss that show.wish I had them on DVD!
Let us "Reboot" your Hairstyle! Designing Women, We do hair with Purpose.
As someone who grew up watching "Designing Women", and especially as someone who eagerly awaited the part of the episode where Julia would unleash verbal *** on someone, this page is definitely a treasure to find! If you haven't yet, go check out Do not make me get all "Julia Sugarbaker" on you, and let them know who sent you ;)
I remember her saying this on Designing Women.
We grew up with Designing Women.  We were 6 when it first aired and we remember not being able to wait for each episode to air (talk about *** tendencies – lol).  We loved the southern charm and humor of the series, the characters, and that the series took place in Atlanta, GA, our hometown. Complet...
Dear Netflix and Hulu I would like to see Mama's Family, Designing Women and Carol Burnett Show. please and thank you.
Designing Women...trying to dodge the east coast weather in style ...I pray that we have a safe flight to Tampa & a prompt return to the city of Angels for a Valentines celebration.LOVE Is my FaVORITE thing in LIFE !l
After tonight's parent meeting at school (the boys' school)... I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes ever from the TV show "Designing women"… Until tonight I have never seen compost wrapped up in quite so pretty a package!"-Julia Sugarbaker (my personal hero)
Jean Smart (Charlene Frazier Stillfield Designing Women) showed up how new moms work and take care of their babies when she had Baby Olivia.
" I pray that people in power get good sense, and people with good sense get power" Julia Sugarbaker-Designing Women
Just talked to Michael and he is on his way back from Charleston. Said Johnny Mathis was WONDERFUL - even at 78!!! I am a happy girl!!! My husband lays down his life daily for me and our kids but not just for us; for his patients, my mom, and everyone he knows. For me this concert was about doing something extra special that was just for him. He is the most Christ-like person I have ever known. As Julia Sugarbaker said on an episode of Designing Women "I know I don't deserve him but neither does anyone else so I think I will just keep him for myself!"
"In the end, it won't matter how our house looks, or what kind of car we drive, what truly counts is what was true. And how we truly felt. And how we treated one another. And that's it." "Julia Sugarbaker" From Designing Women
Wishing for Designing Women re-runs! In the mood for a good ol' Julia Sugarbaker rant!
DID YOU KNOW...Delta Burke of "Designing Women" fame had competed in the 1975 Miss America Pageant as Miss Florida, 1974---
A big change occurred for the Sixth Season of Designing Women, when Delta Burke & Jean Smart left the series and added to the show were Julia Duffy (Newhart) and Jan Hooks (SNL).
It is often a daunting task for some to be both African and American in a world where sometimes neither is accepted. Growing up in the South exposes one to both the beauty and the injustices of the world we live in. Nevertheless, I have the utmost respect for Southern culture and I am proud to be an adopted, if I may say, Southern Belle. I am often intrigued by the show Designing Women because I am always in awe at how Linda Bloodworth Thomason was able to bring the entire South to life with such an amazing cast. The characters are phenomenal and full of life in every way. Each character brings a piece of the South with them, both on the show and in real life. Yet, the most fascinating moment of the series for me was the episode in season one titled "Dash Goff, The Writer." In this episode, Suzanne's (Delta Burke) former husband, writer Dash Goff (who is played by her husband in real life, Gerald McRaney) finds himself in a slump after his manuscript is turned down multiple times. As a way to inspire him, ...
Me and are going to have a slumber party. We'll eat cheesecake and watch Golden Girls,Designing Women and Murder She Wrote.
'Designing Women' Creator on Bill Clinton and Her New Documentary: I Believe in 'Honest Propaganda' via
Okay, so, ten: thanks, Carol McSweeney. 1. I slept with my mom and dad until just before my seventh birthday when my clever mother promised me a trip to Atlanta to see The Wizard of Oz on Ice if I would sleep in my own bed. Lord God, that was more than a fourth of my life. 2. My first four CDs (in chronological order) were The Grease movie musical Soundtrack, "Baby, One More Time," "Higher Ground" (Streisand), and "Bathhouse Betty." 3. In high school, I cried in the street on a family vacation to New Orleans because of "all the sin" I was witnessing. Now, I plan my whole year around my Labor Day pilgrimage there. 4. OH! I just remembered that for two years in high school, I served as the state president of Teenage Republicans (MSTARS). 5. In middle school, I would throw the biggest tantrums if we weren't home by 3:30, so I could watch Captain Planet before four o'clock's Designing Women. 6. Fourth grade still reigns as the most difficult-in every way-year of my life. It marked the first time I was c ...
My first proper sick day all year and I'm doing it right: tomato soup & griiled cheese and a Golden Girls/Designing Women super marathon
Also, if Ferengi women aren't allowed to wear clothes (sigh), who keeps designing the clothes that subversive Ferengi women wear?
Watching Designing Women. As a kid I always thought their design firm was their home. No surprise; those women don't do any work there.
Doing the pen pal thing and watching some designing women...
That episode of Designing Women where Susan dressed in blackface & Julia called the NAACP on her. (That is a real episode)
Nikki's storyline should be designing purses for rich women who are carrying sperm. Better than Dylan and MS.
A few brands "get it" and are designing jeans for midlife women that are comfortable and sexy. Here they are!
Having Designing Women on while trying to do a term-paper is not a good idea.
I'd rather watch a train wreck, a dumpster on fire or old episodes of Designing Women than watch this team
my kids love it and so many shows from then ... Will & Grace, Designing Women, I can go on and on! You rock, Ellen!
Maybe they should have their heads removed to prevent them designing more ways to mutilate women. :) ♥
Designing inflow n outflow of monetary resources crucial to making sustainable ventures. ->investments
Designing a men's range, women's high end, collaboration range and scarves all at once whilst alone in…
Clue 6: This NYC designer is best known for designing classic American women's handbags & sportswear. MaKe your way over now!
I get a little scared for south designers cuz they are designing for the southern men and women most times
SO thrilled to have chatted with latest exclusive fine jeweler. via
Girl Scouts and STEM; designing a game board, learning soldering and lighting up their board; with help from great local women engineers.
a whirlwind of a women. Worked for gp team when we met but went back to her underwear designing in recent years.
Meet the young, hot Barneys exclusive fine jewelry designer who's creating pieces inspired by sex toys:
I like seeing women getting into designing menswear.
Ladies im designing crew necks for women what could i put on it?
But who came up with the idea of designing this tights for women? he/she could have used his time wisely
My brain has melted due to listening to the two women next to me designing a pole dancing fitness website.
Mellie is still channeling Delta Burke circa Designing Women.
When my pastor spoke this morning about being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, I realized mine were Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Carol Burnett, the Golden Girls, Designing Women, and my granny...just to name a few.
Nope, I am NOT dressed up as Designing Women era Delta Burke for Halloween (although that would be…
I ask that about Designing Women, Murphy Brown, and Murder She Wrote ALL THE TIME.
Wouldn't it be weird if she was actually an AI program that was quoting 90's sitcoms like Designing Women and Murphy Brown?
So, there has been some talk in the Barnhart-Dovre household that we may get some chickens soon. I have my reservations about it, but I also have several names picked out already for the lucky hens. I'm debating between the Designing Women. Mary Jo, Julia, Charlene, Susan and Bernice or Steel Magnolias. Clarie, Annelle, Maylynn, Truvy and Weezer. I'm kind of torn with names. Any suggestions?
Before he was Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad, Jonathan Banks played Eldon Ashcroft IV on an episode of Designing Women. Eldon wins a home makeover and prov...
Oh god, Remington Steele! After that I was expecting to read Designing Women lol
Star Wars & Designing Women fans U need to watch Corvette Summer staring Mark Hamill & Annie Potts it came out in 1978
If you were born in 1991, this is the day you've been waiting for! The New York Giants won the Super Bowl and the Chicago Bulls were the NBA Champions. "Full House," "Cheers," and "Designing Women" were three of the biggest television shows. The Calloway Golf Company's 'Big Bertha' club was introduced. A pound of bacon would have set you back $1.95. Bring in your ID and a free chicken entree will be yours!
DONT YOU FEEL OLD TODAY? Birthdays of note: Ringo's SON is almost 50?? Zak Starkey Rock musician, son of Ringo Starr 48 Jacqueline Bisset Actress 69--from the movie The Deep---what a looker, too! Peter Cetera Rock singer (Chicago) 69 and former wife of the versatile actor Martin Landau, whom co starred with her on SPACE 1999 TV SERIES and Mission Impossible... ... Barbara Bain Actress ("Mission: Impossible") 82 Actress Jean Smart ("Designing Women") turns 62 years old today.
Designing Women without Delta Burke OR Jean Smart? Yeah, as soon as I'm done listening to this copy of VU's Squeeze, dude
I like to torment my partner with TV shows from my past - who knew nobody would torrent Designing Women?
I watched designing women and I still watch Golden Girls now
I'm just imagining a reenactment of "Glengarry Glen Ross" starring the cast of Designing Women.
I was just watching an episode of Designing Women and JD just said he was 34 years old. 34. I remember them all being SO OLD.
Know a college freshman that just pledged a sorority? Get her a personalized stamp from three designing women.
When I was a kid, I loved Golden Girls, Designing Women, Perfect Strangers, and Night Court. What's something weird about you?
Big thanks to for welcoming us in his beautiful home to help show off the work of Designing Women Inc.
It's definitely stranger than "Designing Women." Parts of it seem far more extreme emotionally to me. It's kind of a rambling assault.
Been sat here designing women's heels all afternoon. Clearly got issues 😅
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Designing women... to be subservient
- Designing Women to be helpless victims of barbaric abuse..
I totally thought designing women when I saw her
Wondering how hard it would be to find both the complete Golden Girls and Designing Women for my media server…
For little while there my DVR hosted both "Designing Women" and "Designing Woman" (1957).
I love Designing Women... Such a good show.
Looks like Designing Women marathon, chores, game, walk, putting on dinner then project.
Designing Women: Lori Faison: Her Start Lori began her career in advertising but soon realized her creative te...
We're loving the gold chain on the stunning DESIGNING WOMEN brochures. Grab a copy from Nexus Church or inbox if...
I'm beginning to think I have the hots for Annie Potts on Designing Women.
Ending the night with Designing Women. The only way to end the night for me.
You need to watch a "Designing Women" with her and Gregory Peck. It's old and not easy to find though.
I love it when I get to watch a designing women marathon. Just me, some chocolate and a blanket. ME TIME! Emotional Saturday.
It involves wrestling, robots, confused love, and a Designing Women marathon..
I've restarted ER about a week ago, but I also want to restart SG1 and BSG, watch Designing Women, Motive and about 100 other things.
I love Julia on Designing Women. She's a pro when she tells people off! Makes me wanna break out in dance! 👯👯👯
Love the intro to Designing Women, Ray Charles singing Georgia on my mind.
I like buying and designing women clothes more than my own clothes!
How was it working with Dixie Carter on Designing Women when she gets fired up?
You know what past TV Sitcom really coulda used one of these type aftershows? 'Designing Women'. Really missed the boat there.
Ladies! We launched Designing Women Conference 2013 over the weekend! With our main program set for Saturday Oct...
"Designing Women is overdue for a gritty reboot."
Thank the angels for Designing Women's Big Gulp and dickey jokes.
how did it feel working on Designing Women with Dixie Carter? I loved her scene when she gets fired up with you in the scene.
God really made an excellent work in designing women's body. ☝
1988: Thumbs up for 'Designing Women': 'consistently engaging quality'
No! Designing Women fans belong with Hart of Dixie fans - and those of Murphy Brown with Scrubs and other intellectual offerings!
I need that guy who worked for the ladies on Designing Women to go through my flat and fix all the little things.Basically I need a handyman
"You know what I can't stand? Your phony accent! What is this? Designing Women?" i actually wonder if Estelle Getty liked Designing Women
YES. Thank you. Have you ever considered designing women's clothing?...
If Netflix ever added The Nanny, Golden Girls, or Designing Women, I couldn't be held responsible for my actions.
Beautiful Girls! . Designing Women Conference 2013 is preparing to welcome you for a special one-day celebration...
Y'all wack, I'm watching Designing Women for some REAL entertainment. Imagine a younger Golden Girls with a black dude
I've always loved her! From ghostbusters to designing women to gcb.
Lewis Grizzard said something about the difference b/n naked & neked on an episode of Designing Women. Super funny...
I mean, you hear about these things, but you're not totally sure they exist. It's kind of like Big Foot, or Consuela on Designing Women.
"Designing Women" was a show about women who design shoulder pads for women's blazers.
DESIGNING WOMEN CONFERENCE 2013 officially launches tomorrow. Make sure you grab one of our gorgeous BROCHURES...
I am sorry, but the theme song from Designing Women is awesome!!! Yas!
Current fb updates: that *** guy you went to prom with is watching Designing Women
My accent is as good as Delta Burke's in Designing Women.
Designing Women NEEDS to be on Netflix Instant. So, too, Mad About You.
Do you ever get tired of people asking you what Annie Potts and Delta Burke were like outside of the Designing Women set?
What was it like to work with Delta Burke on Designing Women?
ROFL. Here's the designing women one (number 1)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Anybody wanna buy me all seasons of Designing Women and Friends as a going away present feel free too!
But let a straight man talk about designing women's blouses...or home decorating.
Designing Women and type of night
My cousin still says it's disgusting lol
Just when I thought that designing women's clothes was difficult, I now need to design an entire town! Illustration. Not for real life.
Sitcom idea: like Designing Women but with bears
I watched Designing Women yesterday, and I have the Delta Burke fever. I need more Delta Burke!
Pretentious statements make me want to curl up in a lil cave inside myself w. squeeze cheese, Twizzlers, & hours of Designing Women reruns.
Sticking with Target registries. Target already be knowing I want Designing Women and Arrested Development seasons on DVD
Oh, good, I’m not alone. My work is designing women’s apparel and that is so visual and is def right brain activity.
Can't believe Designing Women got robbed again.
I'm just going to quote "Designing Women" all day with my coworkers. Typical day.
Also, can we discuss the Designing Women incredibleness that is your profile picture? Lawdy that hair is so close to Gawd!
Every visit to Atlanta a salient reminder that "Designing Women" is not aging well.
I added a video to a playlist Designing Women I'll Be Home For Christmas
Guys, no big deal, but I'm at the DGA right now, and Linda Bloodworth Thomason, creator of DESIGNING WOMEN, is standing next to me.
If you don't know what Designing Women is you don't understand southern belles
Watching Designing Women and trying to take an afternoon nap. It sounds like I'm getting older and crazier.
No Steaks and Pedicures here. Designing Women - Julia's Fed Up with Jury Duty
Designing women snazz up reading glasses Lookie Lous
oh right they do the Designing Women live.
I liked a video Designing Women -- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
I'm pretty sure Delta Burke's character on Designing Women had a baby wig business in one episode.
Dear I think you could make a show with just after watching a few episodes of Real Designing …
Blanche is from Atlanta, GA. Designing women is set in Atlanta, GA. I used to livei n Atlanta, GA. ssdkfsdjkasl
The not convincing l abusive husband yelling from off screen on Designing Women is cracking me up. "Do you hear me Mavis!? Do ya?! Do ya!?"
Just had a conversation with my stepmom about what was better; Golden Girls or Designing Women.
10 GIFs of Meshach Taylor Giving the Side Eye to the Designing Women
I will be designing women clothing as well via
You know what I can't stand anymore? That phony accent of yours. What is this, Designing Women?
Designing Women (and Men) VJSE Pay it Forward Treasury by Nancy via
When Carlos Santana is not playing guitar, he is designing women's shoes. Love it, I had a big smile when I saw...
If THE LONE RANGER was meant to be Helena Bonham Carter's audition for the role of Julia in a film adaptation of DESIGNING WOMEN, I'm sold!
Tell me you have all the episodes of Designing Women memorized. Tell me.
there's an episode of Designing Women that deals with this. So funny.
Bernice singing..."black man, black man" “I purchased all seasons of Designing Women. Now that's a sho…
Listen. Golden Girls was one of the greatest shows that ever aired. I’ll let y’all have your Designing Women… but not OVER…
Is it bad that I sometimes do the "lights went down in Georgia" mono from designing women for auditions?
Golden Girls, Designing Women, and Dynasty are not on Instant. What!?!?
Watch this clip from the 1st episode of 'Designing Women' in which Julia Sugarbaker kicks feminist ***
Since I'm almost done with Will & Grace, I ordered season 1 of Frasier... one of the best sitcoms ever on television. It's been years since I've seen it. I'm looking forward to collecting them, and they're all fairly cheap. 11 of them in all! I've found the older comedies to be distracting and comforting. I've gone through Golden Girls, Designing Women, Roseanne, and Will & Grace. Frasier... here I come!
Photo: tvland: sitcom legends, Jean Smart from Designing Women, Carol Burnett and Tim Conway are guest...
Did not even recognize Jean Smart from Designing Women. Great job on costuming!
Who loves Jean Smart who was once known as Charlene Stillfield on Designing Women? Me! I love her!
Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, & Designing Women's Jean Smart. If you're not watching tonight 10/9C you're missing out.
Photo: Jean Smart from Designing Women, comedy legends Carol Burnett and Tim Conway are all guest starring...
TV writers need to think up new plats. Just watched an episode of the Andy Griffith Show in which Aunt Bea serves on a jury and is the single vote hold out for not guilty while the other 11 vote guilty, want to get the *** out of there but despite them bullying Aunt Bea into knuckling under, she stands her ground and at the end of the half hour you find out she WAS right and the defendant (in this case a very young Jack Nicholson) WAS innocent after all. Now, first of all, this is a shameless steal from Twelve Angry Men. Second, I can think of several other sitcoms that have also ripped off this plot ... The *** Van *** Show, Happy Days, Designing Women (one of Dixie's best episodes), All in the Family and That Girl. That is just from memory, I am sure many other shows have stolen this same, cliched plots.
Funny the things you watch when you're home sick. I've been going back in time with some 80's sitcoms."Designing Women" and "Who's the Boss". The clothes, the hair and the predictable corny dialog. LOVE IT!
Switching back and forth watching The Golden Girls & Designing, I'm such an old queen
Veteran casting director Fran Bascom, who worked on shows including "Days of Our Lives," "Designing Women" and "Evening Shade," died June 2 in Burbank, Calif. Her age and cause of death were not re...
A quote from one of my idols, Julia Sugarbaker, from my favorite Designing Women episode, "Full Moon." If I ever get out of this mess. I am going straight to Washington and I am going to take on the gun lobbies and all those wimpy slack-jawed politicians who are terrified of 'em and we are going to get a sane law passed in this country that makes these kind of semi-automatic rifles illegal. Because you and I and every deer hunter in America know in our hearts that these weapons are not used for hunting anything but people.
Wondering if I can get Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes to sign on to be in Designing Women: The Next Generation.
And when my sister Suzanne twirled her baton, she twirled that baton faster and threw it higher than any baton had ever gone, hitting a transformer, sending a shower of sparks into the sky like fireworks as the crowd roared and cheered for more. And that sir, is the night the lights went out in Georgia!! Julia Sugarbaker My most favorite Designing Women quote ever!!!
Anyone else watch the SVU season finale? I just did - and I'm a hot mess now. I loved Judith Ivey as the guest star (I've liked her since Designing Women) and I am in love with the beginning, when all of the detectives (except Munch - where the F was Munch?) were doing their own things. And the end? Painful. How can they possibly make us wait until next season? Spoiler Alert - if that guy rapes Olivia I'll probably need to go to therapy to get over it. I'm still hurting from that prison guard who tried to mess her up a few years back. OMGosh I just love this show.
Having a 'Designing Women' moment are a few of my absolute favorites by Julia Sugarbaker. Designing Women - Julia The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia SpeechWomen - Julia's Fed Up with Jury Duty Killing All The Right People best part of the show then there're The Golden Girls, whom we can never forget, as in this debut of Blanche at the Rusty Anchor.
Would you rather watch all seasons of Delta Burke's Designing Women in one sitting?Or sing Delta Dawn in its entirety on air
** Christmas on TV - Tue 5/14 thru Mon 5/20 ** (all times are EASTERN USA) Roseanne - December Bride Today, 5:00 AM / TVLAND 49 Leon prepares to finally exchange vows with longtime lover Scott during the Christmas holidays, but Roseanne's free wedding planning results in a circus and finds her trying to soothe the frayed nerves of Leon, who is having last-minute doubts. Frasier - Miracle on Third or Fourth Street Today, 8:30 AM / LIF-E 38 When Frasier learns that Frederick isn't coming to visit, he volunteers to work on Christmas, and when he goes to a diner for dinner but forgets his wallet, he is mistaken as homeless and learns the true spirit of giving from the unfortunate. South Beach Tow - A Very Tremont Christmas Today, 4:00 PM / TruTV 55 The crew experiences disruption in their work from an unknown force; after Bernice tows a vehicle from a massage parlor, a conflict ensues; Perez and Eddie attempt to reclaim an expensive sedan from the spouse of a preacher. Designing Women - I'll Be Home for ...
yeah yeah. But really if I can watch Designing Women and Dixie Carter is wearing them…not even cool retro.
The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: a twist on Designing Women, a massive concert in the desert, and welcoming the rapture.
Some guy somewhere will accidentally buy jewelry from the Delta Burke of Designing Women collection.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Your 20s are undoubtedly the most pivotal time in your life. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions you make here are tr
I bet Sean Avery is watching and laughing right now. That or he's designing more women's clothing.
For my Seattle friends, check out the amazing Mother's day flowers from Maxine's Floral Design 8.3 Million women owned small business in the USA alone. Support their success and shop small this Mother's day.
Author: Stephen P Huyler Sonabai was alone for the first time in her life. At the age of 25 she was a virtual prisoner, locked in her house with no windows, forbidden to talk to or be seen by anyone, completely isolated. Married for ten years, she had been ostracised for most of them due to her barrenness. Then, when she had finally given birth to a son, her much older husband had locked her away. She could care for the two of them, cooking and cleaning, but she was not allowed to leave her home. In her central Indian village, Sonabai's situation was unique. She had been raised in an extended family of 16: brothers, sisters and cousins all living together in one vibrant dwelling. Men and women were not segregated in her community. They each had specific roles defined by their culture, but they were able to converse with one another. Sonabai's seclusion was the result of her husband's neurotic jealousy. Sonabai Rajawar had no artistic training. She later stated that her natal family was not creative. But t ...
"When I started designing my client was a married women who needed her husband's money. Now my clients are empowered." OscarDeLaRenta
If you want to make money these days, owning stock in a prison company is the place to do it. The confinement of human beings, while selling their cheap labor to companies seeking to save on labor costs has become a cash cow. One company that has benefited handsomely from the profit boom is the
"Femivores" have made DIY domesticity cool. But critics who blame feminism for obesity and fast food have it wrong
I have the sudden urge to watch Designing Women reruns.
Women in Design, Architecture & Construction is excited to be hosting a special presentation by leading experts in new technologies that are creating the future of 'Living Spaces'. Livin
Sharing the practical strategies they used to become successful
The following interior design inspirations are excerpted from Maria Gabriela Brito's new book, Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping: I have dared to
You know I love Lululemon, but how tall are the women the are designing for?
...anyways, my point is, this is the eye of God. This is the picture there creating in the video below... If you move back and forth feet. You will see it is the eye of God...I mean, the small picture... Space
What is a gene? Genes are the basic units of heredity in all living organisms. A gene is a segment of DNA, the molecules that contain instructions for the development and functioning of living organisms. It is estimated that humans have approximately 30,000 genes that make up our genome...
Google Glass seems to be used entirely by white men. For a transformational technology, that's a big, big problem.
Watching "designing women" reruns while smoking a bowl. ..and being ok with it. ...
I am designing bras and shirts for women so that they may comfortably hold a can of beer. Unless you have cups DD+ a bottle may be too heavy
The opening to Designing Women looks like an old PowerPoint.
I am very artistic, designing shirts for women. Think it's going to fly. :-)
24 Hour Shipping on most orders. TRANNY (definition) Button created by *** pride. This design is available on many different sizes and shapes of buttons.
it kinda reminds me of the house from Designing Women.
Sex and the City, Reba, and now Designing Women? Best lazy day ever
Oh goodie. Designing Women is on. Only thing better would be
Carmina Mancenon Carmina Mancenon is the delegate representing Japan at the 2013 G(irls)20 Summit. The Summit brings together one girl, aged 18-20, from each G20 country to look at the G20 Leaders agenda thru the lens of the economic empowerment of girls and women. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post...
We are a group of 20-something women with big ideas, and lives that exist outside of trending hash-tags. Whether we are political activists or disenchanted with polarization, fashion forward or ambivalently comfortable, interested in a greener world or supercars, academic elitists or trashy televis...
I want to see more women designing shows. But often I also want to design *all* the shows.
More than six out of 10 U.S. women who give birth in their early 20s are unmarried, Census Bureau says.
HI Damsels! We want to provide the best programming and events for our community of women in design. Help us out by filling out our 3 minute survey!
I need a women's touch in my life. Not a "partner" but someone to help with shopping, designing, decorating and of course cleaning
Do you like Paris? If you are looking for great interior design ideas, get inspired with Next, a UK based retailer offering affordable, fashionable, excellent quality clothes and accessories for women, men and children together with a full range of homewares. Chic and gorgeous, as is everything French, this motif will bring a bit of culture and understated beauty to your home.
Ok, friends… it’s time to create a little more change for another super important cause, [BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE]. This is one of my all-time favorite charities! I will never forget the nice man who first made me aware of this organization. He was a BIKER. He was big and furry… and a tad bit rough and tumble :)… but he had a soft heart and intense passion for the advocacy and protection of the children he mentored. I love the idea that these poor babies are removed from such a formidable environment in which they’ve been rendered completely powerless and placed right smack in the middle of an entourage of empowerment… often consisting of a few folks a perpetrator surely wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. ;) I believe there is magic in what they do so I want to make sure the men and women of B.A.C.A. know we support and appreciate their efforts to defend those who cannot defend themselves. This design is only $20, and still 20% of all proceeds will go to BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE! No ...
Made this, this morning. To see a full sized version, click here: on an original design by Bryce. To see his original design, click here:
I'm only OG Designing Women, nothing against Jan Hooks or Julia Duffy (who is great in Newhart)
NO MORE is a simple idea with the power to unleash new, major attention to the fact that there are people all around us who are hurt – directly or indirectly — by domestic violence and sexual assault. We all know someone who has been touched by this violence but still, domestic violence and sexual a...
"Megan Summerville began designing lingerie in 2003 with a mission to fit women regardless of shape or size.
Call for Proposals: GSMA mWomen Innovation Fund Opportunity closing date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators with more than 230 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in industry sectors such as financial services, healthcare, media, transport and utilities. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as the Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo. GSMA is calling for concept notes for its mWomen Innovation Fund grants for non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The goal of the GSMA mWomen Programme is to promote greater mobile access and usage by resource-poor women in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The objectives of the Innovation Fund for NGOs are to pr ...
Via Hunter Oatman- Stanford Just as underclothes are shielded from public view, the evolution of men’s most intimate apparel is shrouded in secrecy. But the story of men’s underwear is about more than which came first, boxers or briefs. Undergarments as we know them today were first sold to promote cleanliness and improve the comfort of wearing clothing. That they might one day be deemed fashionable was not even an after-thought. “Shirts were regarded as a form of underwear until the early 1920s.” In particular, in the 19th century, men’s underwear was closely linked with hygiene; associating these undergarments with athleticism, let alone sexuality, is a 20th-century notion. These shifts paralleled a growing public acceptance of the undressed male body, moving from the chaste forms of the Victorian era to the endlessly scrutinized torsos of today. As a professor of fashion history and curation at the London College of Fashion, Shaun Cole knows a lot about undies. Cole has conducted extensive re ...
The American Hijab Design Contest was held in Skokie Illinois on April 28. Organizer Shaz Kaiseruddin brought designers from around the country to create an American version of 'hijab', the headcovering and modest dress worn by some Muslim women. WBEZ's Alison Cuddy went to see the designs and talk…
The most surprising part of the Network announcement so far has to be the Tuesday and Wednesday "Designing Women" marathons
At Harvey Mudd College in California, about 40 percent of the computer science majors are women. That's far more than at any other co-ed school. And it's thanks in large part to the school's president, Maria Klawe. She has worked hard to keep women interested in computer science and empower them to…
The Segway. The Bluetooth headset. The pocket protector. What do these three technologies have in common? They all pretty much work as promised. They all seem like good ideas on paper. And they're all too dorky to live.
NGO Karachi United Football Foundation Program Manager Rudaina Siddiqi The teachershave commented that they way they were taught by LPF to teach these booksis unique and very effective in helping their students understand easily. PADORunning 170 Primary Education CentresThis program has produced results in most remote mountain areas of Swat. students can read and write now. It Works! CEO Furqan LyariWomen Development Foundation These are excellent literacy books for adult females. Now females can read and write. CEO Mr. MossviLiterate Pakistan Literacy Program for Corporate Social Responsibility Our literacy programs are excellent for organizations looking for a good CSR program. Here are the reasons why Literate Pakistan literacy programs can be an ideal CSR activity for your organization: You can select the number of centers (from one to 1000) considering the budget of your CSR program Over heads are one of the lowest for any CSR program in the country, therefore your CSR funds benefit the m ...
1) Whats your (full) name? -Alejandro Cabrera Navarro 2) What is your biggest fear? -Heights and frogs .__. LOOL! 3) When is your Birthday? -October 23 4) What is your hair color? -Black 5) Whats your favourite colour? -Fluorescent green and blue :) 6) Whats your lucky number ? -None 7) Do you have any pets? Not now. but I love cats and fish :) 8) Where are you from ? Cuba 9) How tall are you ? 1.90 cm 10) What shoe size are you? -I don't know lol 11) How many pairs of shoes do you own ? -I don't know. 12) If you were a super hero what powers would you have? - mind reader lol would be interesting 13) and what would your hero name be? -IDK LOL 14) and what outfit would you wear ? I don't know!! LOL 15) What was your last dream about ? - a terrible nightmare D: 16) What would you do if you won a lottery on $1,000,000? - Clothes, car, house, women LOL jk... or.. maybe :P 17) Would you like to build/design your own house ? of course! 18) Which form of public transport do you prefer? cars or subway 19) What ta ...
An online campaign to have the work of architect Denise Scott Brown recognized by the Pritzker Architecture Prize committee has shed light on the ongoing struggles of women in architecture. Women must push themselves to 'lean in' more to fight internal and external obstacles.
This classic design is generally known as the Jumping Horse. In Nigeria it is traditionally worn by Igbo women at their women's meeting in August . This design is also known as Je cours plus vite que ma rivale ('I run faster than my rival').  In Ivory Coast, it expresses the rivalry between wives because the rearing horse looks as if it is about to run in a race.
The University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) is internationally recognized for its vision scientists and their research. As the field of vision science has grown and evolved, UHCO's research has expanded to include basic, clinical, and translational investigations that cover a broad range o...
0 Flares 0 Flares × Like what you read? Why not subscribe and get free updates in your email inbox or in your feed reader? Really, you should do it!Over the years, my purses and wallets have been both extremes.
Propcom Mai-karfi is a six year Department for International Development (DFID) funded programme which has as its aim sustained increases in incomes of poor women and men engaged in selected rural markets in Northern Nigeria. The purpose of the project is ‘Increased employment and improved productiv...
It is perfectly natural for a lot of women to dream about owning an expensive gold or diamond watch so that they can impress everyone they meet. However very few people can afford this kind ...
Well the Designing Women producers got her husband elected.
Actually, Heaven would have a few extra women around. As long as I am designing my own...that is.
Free Software Supporter Issue 61, April 2013 Welcome to the Free Software Supporter, the Free Software Foundation's monthly news digest and action update -- being read by you and 68,579 other activ...
"West African Frescoes created by the Gurunsi women of Tiebele for decorating their traditional adobe homes"
We hope the Obama Administration lifts all unnecessary restrictions on emergency contraception. Expanding access to this form of birth control is good policy, good science and good sense.
Lipsticks and glosses may contain potentially troubling levels of metals, according to a preliminary new study.
Road to Designing Women: Then and Now - First presented in 2000
"Women aren't setting the agenda and designing products and services that are shaping our lives." M. Klawe
“The first sketches of the new uniform she mentions designing for women, but not men!! Tee hee
Wrong! My passion is designing, sourcing and selling lingerie and intimate wear to women who struggle to get bras that fit properly...
I know. I can't watch episodes of Designing Women without Delta Burke either.
Our fave Designing Women episode was on TV today, :) TVGN. "She wasn't ANY Miss Georgia. She was THE Miss Georgia."
How women in the fashion industry like are designing a better world:
I think it's purely men designing women's clothing these days because you can't wear a bra with anything anymore! ME WANT TO WEAR BRA.
Check out our awesome ad in for Designing Women
when are you going to add Designing Women???
I feel like watching designing women now
Same!!! Designing Women was HUGE in my house!
Designing Women on the tv at work ... This is what happens when the *** guy gets to pic the channel…
why can't we have shows like Frasier, Designing Women and the Golden Girls anymore?
Feeling so empowered designing this "how society sees me" vs. "how I see myself" project. Women are tough, don't mess with them yo.
Build-a-bear workshop sponsored show but hunky guys create a dream woman but they all end up like Delta Burke on NBC's "Designing Women 2.0"
I stayed in bed today and watched W&G... Then I saw a Designing Women. Heaven on earth 
SO amazing! It's almost like having an ACTUAL fat woman designing clothes for fat women is a good thing! ;)
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