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Designing Women

Designing Women is an American television sitcom that centered on the working and personal lives of four Southern women and one man in an interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Delta Burke Golden Girls Jan Hooks Julia Sugarbaker Annie Potts Suzanne Sugarbaker Saturday Night Live Jean Smart Dixie Carter New York Miss Mississippi Nora Dunn

gotta love Mary Jo Shively! She can get a deal on chickens from Mexico...epic designing women episode!
Good grief, here I was thinking Designing Women was a film, not a series ...
I remember her as Mary Jo on Designing Women! She's a classic
I don't know what people have with Designing Women. That show was hilarious
Realigning focus can help prevent research failure.
Relationships, stories help reveal opportunities and experiences. research
Debrief your stakeholders before the
I totally remember and I'm only thirty. Lol. I love my designing women show its the bomb diggity
To why guess what you are going to need?
I remember the episode on Designing planned your was so sad. You looked 12 yrs old.
Volunteer, find a mentor to learn to
Be interested in a lot of things: the field is changing rapidly.
I would very much like to know why Designing Women and Golden Girls aren't available via any streaming services.
Trying to share the synthesis of the research with stakeholders helps form intent.
OH at sometimes I use psychophysics...
What's the question? Defining what you are looking for is the hardest part...
Grateful for UX Speakeasy to be hosted at GoPro tonight! @ GoPro Campus, Carlsbad
Panelists diving into process, business & ethnographic research to discover needs.
It’s great to be Carlsbad with Talking up the roles of researchers in San Diego.
Annie Potts is the best. Great on Designing Women esp. the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill episode.
I was JUST schooling a coworker on Designing Women last week. One of my fave shows.
So excited for this panel at with and
Great turnout. Looking forward to the panel.
How cld we EVER forget Designing Women! I cn still hear their voices. These ladies are legendary.
is this who I think it is from an old show i used to watch back in the day (yeeeah don't judge me) called Designing Women i'm seeing
Designing Women is STILL one of my all-time favorite shows!
Loved Designing Women-love Annie Potts - she usually plays a the good girl role- not so much 2night
Annie is amazing ... Been my girl since designing women.
Love Annie Potts! Getting that designing women vibe.
I remember that episode of Designing Women! One of my favorite episodes!
I do the HIV episode. Designing Women was an awesome show.
Loved. DESIGNING WOMEN all the right people
Annie Potts from Designing Women and the original Ghostbusters
Oh. Never mind the lady playing the governor acted in Designing Women!
Annie from Designing Women as Florida's Gov. is priceless! She's female version of Hollis.
😂😂 I used to Stan down for Designing Women
Loved Annie Potts! since Designing Women. BTW, she's making Florida look more corrupt than IRL.
Visit to enter to win a bridal stamp set from
Forgot this lady's name from Designing Women but I like her in everything ive seen her in
The senator lady is from Designing Women. That was my show
Jean Smart is really good in Fargo, season 2. She busts out a pipe! Hard to believe she was on Designing Women.
Enough with the sexy female virtual assistants!
last night, i lost a lot of sleep really energized at the idea of a DESIGNING WOMEN reboot with ashley judd as Julia Sugarbaker.
Check out the 80 new icons we designed for to celebrate
I love designing & making things. I don't understand ppl who design & make things that explode men women & children.
Our mission is to get fashion brands from across the world designing for modest women.
Should've said: Quality product design isn’t *just* about v1; it’s about having the vision, relationships, stamina, & humility to…
Join us April 7th for: Designing for Working Women: The Entrepreneurs Redefining Fashion via
Save the date: 4/28. Our next will be a panel of stellar user researchers sharing methods & tips for great outcomes.
Murray Center is hosting Women Designing the Future Showcase on 4/1! Reserve tix now:
. I often this episode of Designing Women
Designing Women launches today! Join me in celebrating exceptional women in design
Are superhero crossovers stupid or am I just upset the Designing Women never crashed at the Golden Girls' for a long weekend
Well, you know we want to know and the show was created and written by my friend and Pulpwood Queen Author, Linda...
Any friends in the Philly area want to go to this event with me?
The women of are planning, designing, and engineering our nation’s
Currant CEO to speak on women and emerging technologies at Murray Center April 1. Tickets available now
The Story Behind GM's Celebrated 'Damsels of Design': This is the latest installment of our Designing Women se...
Luxury for Women by Women at interviews car designer Soo Kang
Designing for people means testing for women too.
you should check out which digs into Designing Women. It's a really well done and well researched podcast.
I watched In the Heat of the Night, Andy Griffin, Designing Women, young and restless...
Designing Tip: 5 things to know when designing an app for ending violence against women.
Where can I find Murphy Brown & Designing Women episodes online? I need to provide context for parts of the 90s.
If you believe that designing a big phone is sexist then I don't think you really know what that word means friend.
Honestly, what was Nike thinking in designing that women shirt? The plunging neckline is an insult.
love me some designing women. Is that still on?
omg is that you! looks right off the set of Designing Women lol
Calling all nerds, geeks, and cocktail enthusiasts! Let's get ready to MINGLE! Next Wed Mar 30. Reg:
Melissa McCarthy says she loves designing clothes for women of all shapes and sizes! -->
Check out how is listening to their customers and designing beyond 22:
lmfao!! Chill on me and my home workouts. And we should link. I'm actually designing a women's active wear line!!!
If you're designing a 'women's running shoe' please build it for distances over 10K: (CC
Melissa McCarthy: I am a size 14 – and I love designing clothes for women of all sizes
my favourite sitcom as a child was Designing Women (1986-1993).
In a great harmonic convergence from 1986-1988, "The Facts of Life," "The Golden Girls" and "Designing Women" were all airing new episodes.
I'm supposed to be working, but instead I'm watching old clips of Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women.
I never watched Designing Women when it was originally aired, but I've seen clips where Julia Sugarbaker is a...
"You just cannot be nice to the Miss Valdosta Feed and Grains of the world." - Delta Burke, Designing Women.
I want box sets of TV shows but with only the good episodes. Designing Women, only the ones with Delta Burke. Star Trek without time travel.
Did any of y'all watch "Designing Women" back in the day? I thought Delta Burke was fine. Now...not so much. She looks like Ms Swan.
What is with designing women's pants with what looks like a pocket but is another seam?
Designing (and selling) custom hockey apparel for women. I can no longer do unisex screen prints. ✋🏼
Breakfast I'm not against the life style community designing clothes but you not in charge of how women should look
📷 Two women at the Royal College of Art are leading a team of students in designing a coat for refugees...
I seriously love watching old sitcoms! Designing women, Golden Girls, and the queen I love Lucy
Discovered this book by Jane Jose today via
And he’s not seen “Designing Women” either. I’m glad I have wine. Lots of wine. I have so much work to do, y’all. Pray for me.
I was thinking that! Usually, I meet women that are interested in marketing or styling, not designing
DESIGNING WOMEN YESSS I've always wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker
Tonight I'm designing and ordering thank you cards so that I can send these out to women who purchase my Blogging 101 course.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Men been designing women's clothing for years. Lol
“When designing women's body why'd you put the cafeteria so close to the bathroom?.
When designing women's bodies why'd you umm...put the cafeteria so close to the bathroom?.
Episodes of Designing Women until it's time to go!
I had no idea “majority of Snapchat users are young women.. between 13 and 25”
Some like the Golden Girls but I like Designing Women. This is sure to offend! The Supremes via
People Age 30 to 49 are 6x more likely to vote for Designing Women on our The Greatest TV Shows for Women list. Vote
Are you designing to reach the primary device mums use to research brands
Work in Put forward you work with designing, building & improving our &
Ladies, make sure you take your goals into account when designing your
"Remember the episode of Designing Women where ..." is how I get people to stop talking to me. Works every time.
Today (2/10) join us at 4:00p in the Fung Auditorium, for our DesignSeries, featuring Laurens van der Maaten! htt…
To create organizations that support women in flourishing is a multi-dimensional effort.
Setting up shop for another long day of designing cool events for the women of Houston, and…
it would have to be Designing Women, right? I think that was set in ATL?
Allah is a comedian for designing men & women the way he did. he probably laughs at us.
Same boat. I watched two episodes of "Designing Women" once. And that's al of my expertise on the matter
Still considering which charity to support this year? We love CARE: fighting poverty & empowering girls/women:
Join us at FiDi tonight to see talk about designing the human company!
What is the one colour you should avoid when designing websites for women?
"the girls soon become designing women, but in a nice way". School Of Interior Decoration - British Pathé
Hi, a friend is looking for help in logo designing for a women lifestyle website for a reasonable fee. anyone?
I love designing, creating, and helping women find that piece or collection of jewelry that will, truly, look great on them.
The maze analogy is very good. According to the study, males have a map-designing brain while women remember details and fol…
.can we get a "Downtown Abbey" about a small Catholic Church in the south where Designing Women argue over pew upholstery?
Designing Women is serving up some luscious 80s fashions.
I liked a video from Designing Women - Julia Sugarbaker "The Candidate" RIP Dixie Carter :(
Heh. Just in case this is not some Designing Women joke ~~>
I've been to San Diego on vacation & LA too. Saw the filming of a Designing Women episode & Who's The Boss
Designing Women doesn't get enough *** credit in the Golden Girls' shadow.
I can't explain how much I'm loving this Golden Girls marathon. Still need one for Designing Women though.
From Estee Lauder to Sara Blakely, here are 10 of the most successful in US history.
Tickets are available for Designing Women Live 2016 now! You must see this at some point.
Almost time for our annual New Year’s Day “Designing Women” marathon. No rest for this rabid feminist!
I've noticed that more women are taking up psychology...wondering if this is just a fad like law and fashion designing.
MICHAEL KORS. Best known for designing classic American sportswear for women. MINI SELMA STRIPE…
Thinking about buying Refill Ink Cartriges by Three Designing Women? Read our lat via
10 Brilliant and Beautiful Objects From Our 'Designing Women' Series: Since May, I've had the pleasure of read..
I'm going to go out on a limb and assume no women were involved at any stage of designing this product.
With a name like Baker Mayfield, you pretty much have to be a white quarterback in the South or a character on Designing Women.
If you're not designing for women, get out of the wearable tech game now
LA haunted houses are fun, just wish I didn't recognize 'Dracula' from his Designing Women walk-on.
Happy that you are embarking upon designing & styling for women
This Designing Women episode makes me want to buy new clothes.
- Also now I want Rogue forcing Storm and Psylocke to sit through marathons of Designing Women. That was GENIUS
Finally finished Fargo, season 2. I did not give Jean Smart enough credit on Designing Women.
Why yes, it has been a productive break. Do you honestly think Designing Women is just gonna watch itself?
Young ladies, on New Year's Eve, do yourself a favor: stay home and binge watch "Designing Women."
One of the serious highlights of 2015 for me was watching nearly the entire series of Designing Women.
also amused that bishonen Tesla is by Namaniku ATK, known for:. * designing Chaika. * drawing butts of women in jeans. * Battlefield doujinshi
Still waiting for ER, Golden Girls, and Designing Women to come to Netflix...
Honored to be included in this group of 10 Most Amazing Female Entrepreneurs. TY
The founders of and are some of 10 Most Amazing Female Entrepreneurs
So we're designing some jumpers for men and women. Would you wear this? Considering it will…
We all have a of our Now you can it and so much more!
I'd love to see more women apply to the Design Team Lead position I'm looking to fill at WeWork UX. Pl…
So who do I talk to about designing women's lingerie?
10 of the Most Amazing Female Entrepreneurs in US History via
I want you to come over and snuggle and watch back to back episodes of Designing Women with me.
i'm designing an influential women's poster for & having a GREAT time researching it all
He also hates that he's never met his favorite chubby kneed Designing Women cast member Delta Burke.
I read this in a Liz Lemon after all-night Designing Women marathon (Delta Burke then?) voice.
"Delta Burke Tendencies" would be the perfect name for a hardcore band that only does Designing Women covers.
It's like nobody even wants to read my "Designing Women" Fan fiction.
Jean Smart is superb in I loved her in Designing Women (one of the great mid-80s to early 1990s sitcoms IMO).
Seats are going fast! Do not miss An Evening With Elizabeth Smart, abduction survivor & more on how Selah Freedom & Designing Women.
Who has the meme of Designing Women where Suzanne Sugarbaker says you will never see a homely Miss Mississippi?
As Suzanne Sugarbaker once said on Designing Women "there's no such thing as an ugly Miss Mississippi" (or AL/GA/SC...)
Rap game Lewis Grizzard guest spot on Designing Women.
Delta Burke: Then and Now: An update on the "Designing Women" star, Delta Burke.
Speaking of Julia Sugarbaker, can we get Designing Women on ?
Any other Easy Speakers going to SoCal UX SHOULD get their carpools or party buses on & make sure to ping https:…
Designing characters women and girls are excited to dress up as is a great step away from designing characters intended for men to stare at.
designing life for Possible do you think?
Thanks for designing jeans for real women with curves.
I'm not designing plus size clothes because it's "trendy or popular". I simply want to be other option for plus size women.
Our first event hosting the Designing Women's Group. As you can see, we had a blast!
Watching Fox 28's talk about Mr. Ed, Lassie & Arnold the pig reminded me of Noel, the pig on Designing Women. Loved that show!
. and built this device and integrated women needs while designing the whole system. Would be great if we can talk further on this.
r u still designing bandannas, do u donate any to women that lost their hair to cancer? Just inquiring. I'm a BC cancer patient
Designing Women has to be one of my top favorite shows!
love watching The Golden Girls. Can you get Designing Women?
I just surprised myself with a Designing Women reference.
thanks for the follow. Hope you can make the next event.
TVLand to pull all Designing Women reruns immediately.
A day with women designing the moving of a bed. With trailer lent by landlord. Was awful. Managed to hury my back right at the start too.
I remember watching about it on Designing Women! Not sure why I was allowed to watch that.
Being in Atlanta makes me want to watch Designing Women
If I was designing an office, I would put one urinal in the women's bathroom just to cause confusion.
Looks like Rusty on Designing Women! HA! Those barstools are awesome!!!
New routine: Sleep at 10pm, wake at 5am. These days are full of designing menswear + women's…
Our Morvelo blog gives the inside track on designing for women. It's simple..involve women!
I'll be showing at . Women Fine Art & Crafts Manchester Show on the 22nd with some wonderful women...
There was a Designing Women marathon i couldn't break away from.
My parents in the 90s looked like and someone from Designing Women, respectively.
This was styled by Suzanne Sugarbaker from Designing Women
any intent on designing women's cycling shoes? They're just *so* dreamy!
Yes.. just start by designing for women in a size above 0. (argh)
It's fixed by bringing in real everyday plus sized women while designing. Good feedback=great bras!
the only fan convention I've attended was the 1993 QL event in LA. Have adored since "Designing Women."
Dig Golden Girls, Designing Women, or SATC? Check out how they spurred the success of Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Is there a Designing Women vs. The Golden Girls *** culture war happening that I can join and then drink lots of wine?
Good news! and I are capable of quoting Designing Women at each other.
Keeping Up With the Kardashians succeeded because of the archetypal precedents of Golden Girls and Designing Women:
The story seems like an episode of Designing Women where a *** bar alone like why am i alive?
Elizabeth Smart's abduction captured the nation. Come hear about her experience, and learn why Designing Women...
Design some Fashion by EasySeams: Looking for person who has good knowledge of designing Indian women…
Designing Women video recap: Gretchen Mol presents the award for hair styling to Francesca Paris
I'd go with "Designing Women." Just swap Dixie for Dixie Carter and put Delta Burke's face on a bunch of belt buckles.
Breakdown of male preferences for the Designing Women is tougher, but I bet Potts takes a plurality. Delta Burke has way too much baggage.
"Mamma Mia" costumes by NYWIFT Designing Women honoree Ann Roth at last night's Gala
Why does no one ever talk about the fact that Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest looks so much like Dixie Carter in Designing Women?!
watching a 1984 Love Boat with three Designing Women alum Delta Burke, Doug Barr and Julia Duffy.
no wait CBS should reboot Designing Women with Jennifer Beals as Julia Sugarbaker
Wait, so Designing Women isn't a documentary about creationism? I thought it was Southern!
I'm choosing to believe Kristen and Dax named their baby after Delta Burke, the best lady on Designing Women.
I kinda think of the Williams sisters like the Sugarbaker sisters from Designing Women . Venus is Julia and Serena is Suzanne.
A camera operator for Designing Women is named *** Wimpy". On paperwork, that puts his name in order as "Wimpy, *** .
I grew up a Designing Women addict but I've recently gotten into . Great tv! The character Sophia reminds me of my nonna.
Actually, that "Rice Cakes!" clip from 'Designing Women' cheered me right up.
I was minding my own business, watching Designing Women, when I was assaulted by the first holiday commercial of the season.
I added a video to a playlist New 20/20 Designing Women. Hit man, A Bank Heist and Teacher Sexual
"Women aren't capable of designing a violent video game, duh."
If you this weekend, watch: Designing Women E. P. Phone Home: via
Which was better, the Golden Girls or designing women? Incorrect. The answer is both
Now e is sayin they are 20 women are designing a nuclear submarine
Ok, change that to men or women designing characters in a harmful way. Same argument.
Condo design: What women and men want:
There is a difference between a woman wearing what she wants and men designing women in a (cont)
Vanities and Kitchens can be custom designed by California Closets of the Texas Hill Country along with those undeni…
Just met a few of the very nice Designing Women at the Cotuit Library- hoping to find a local sample knitter or two!
Attention *** men: I wrote this Designing Women quiz for
Last weekend for 'Designing Modern Women' at Check out my post on it:
Lupane women venture into designing
thank you for designing NASCAR women's fashion. I just got my dale jr sweatshirt and love it! Feminine, comfy and fits great!
In Princeton today to share the process of designing the Princeton University Women*s Center's new visual identity.
Not to be mean, but that would be a blanket on me. lol She obviously isn't designing for petite women. lol
Women's Forum Global Meeting 2014: Designing the educational service of tomorrow - Capgemini
I added a video to a playlist Designing Women
I saw you in an episode of Designing Women this morning now Scandal! Thank god for a double dose of
Panelists successfully reject the notion of women designing with a feminine aesthetic.
we need more women involved in designing pinball. Please don't put this in an arcade near me -
Designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne discuss the difference between designing for men and women, the...
Working with a majority of women, I'm learning how important presentation and interior designing applied to work and life is important.
Did you ever see the Designing Women episode where Julia's house gets placed on one of those stately Southern home tours?
"Women can't have possessions, they are possessions" - people designing pockets for women's fashion.
Thanks to for designing this amazing poster for the story slam in my power color.
that show and Designing women always make lmao still
Jan Hooks: Designing Women S1: The mark of a great sitcom is whether the jokes and tone stand up to time, despite any
BMGF Pamela Anderson highlighting the importance of designing technology and programs to serve women smallholder farmers
You're in New York now Flex hangs in Designing Modern Women exhibit
I am convinced that these guidelines apply when designing for all genders, not just women
In honor of Friends coming to Netflix, here are other things that need to come to Netflix:. Designing Women. M•A•S•H. Will & Grace. The Simpsons
I KNOW!!! Also need to see Designing Women ad Love Boat.
It's astonishing how inept the writing is—and it was created by the people who brought you Designing Women.
have you ever watched Designing Women? It has some great storylines about women. Though I worry so little has changed since.
RIP SNL's Jan Hooks. Good on "Designing Women", but great on SNL. UR Sweeney Sisters duo w/Nora Dunn always made me smile & laugh
Secretly hoping for a Delta Burke cameo for all of us Designing Women fans.
Former Saturday Night Live and Designing Women star Jan Hooks passed away. She was only 57.
RIP - Designing Women was my favorite show growing up
Wow, from and Designing Women died. She was 57. I loved her as Tammy Faye
SAD...REST IN PEACE..."Saturday Night Live" star Jan Hooks died yesterday in New York at the young age of 57. She was on "SNL" from 1986-91 and played some incredibly funny roles. Jan also appeared on "Designing Women", "Third Rock From the Sun" and you may remember her as the tour guide at the Alamo in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". 98Q Rich Minor In The Morning
(New York, NY) — “Saturday Night Live” alum Jan Hooks has died. TMZ says Hooks, who appeared on the sketch comedy series from 1986 to 1991, before taking on the role of Carlene Dobber on “Designing Women,” passed away in New York City Thursday. She was 57. Sources tell the website Hooks had been bat…
OMG! I loved her on SNL and Designing Women! She was so talented! My favorites included her and Nora Dunn...
She cracked me up on Designing Women... and playing Jenna maroney's mother on 30 rock
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Sad news: TMZ reports that Jan Hooks -- a former cast member on SNL who also appeared on Designing Women, The Martin Short Show, 30 Rock, and more -- died in Ne
Jan Hooks was a cast member of NBC's "SNL" from 1986 to 1991 and later appeared in television shows including "Designing Women" and "30 Rock."
I'm good. Golden Girls, Designing Women and Sex & and the City - I will out quote everyone. And possibly Cosby Show. :-)
Coaching prohibition era has be renewed-online a better place schools, designing, dean of women and account fif...
That is surprising.Loved her in that show Designing Women.I fell in love with my baby's name (Julia) because of that show.
Pretty sure I love Designing Women marathons as much as I love Will and Grace marathons. What would I do without
LISA McINNES-SMITH will be with us at DESIGNING WOMEN. Lisa is enthusiatic & vibrant - she will challenge you to...
Lawd help me,watching a Designing Women marathon on logo & crushing *** Annie Potts in an Annie Hall hat & hunting vest.Random o the day
If I see an actress from Designing Women in something.I end up watching Designing Women.
Meshach Taylor from Designing Women dies at 67 - Fox News
yes I'm watching a marathon of Designing Women
Designing for women is to provide real, helpful information without hiding behind stereotypes. via
So odd to see and NOT credited for "The New Normal" and "Designing Women" respectively (DUH)
Interesting article regarding designing “for women” by period app creator cc:
Photo: People designing technology fail to account for women again.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fil-Am Fashionista: "I didn’t have role models of strong, women of color designers" .
Watching Season 1 of Designing Women is a better idea than me going to my high school reunion.
I want to thank LOGO for the Goldens and Designing Women. Great shows.
"Ermanno Scervino has an incredible instinct for designing women’s clothes"
I wonder if women in clothing catalogs will ever have, you know, breasts or hips again. I'd like 2 think men aren't designing for other men.
The future is female – five women artists are designing a revolution:
Come and see at the Girls Zone, NY Festi for your DESIGNING WOMEN brochure & free lollipop. AND we have two...
Whatever Happened to Alice Ghostley (Aunt Esmerelda) of Bewitched and Designing Women Fame? - Bubblews
LAST DAY: help make Boston better by designing for women and girls impacted by poverty.
Designing software is for everyone but needs to recognize women and minorities w/t
Think about as much as Julia ranted on Designing Women.
From designing to sourcing, to sampling to production. . LUCCI LU, a women's formal wear clothing collection.
These women simply loved or designing new tools and processes. 10 Women Who Broke Ground in Engineering
By designing facilities with women's needs in mind, we can create more responsive buildings for everyone:
designing some fabulous 'birth' cards for the women we support. All thanks to a chance meeting at
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Designing a career ladder for women postdocs in science: (w/ free tutorials for
Annie Potts, 'Designing Women' actress, asks $6.495 Million for her California Home.
And yet more designing women and men:
Oh, I had plans to remodel my ugly house, Romo, and have women meetings for Christ. I had planned on training Sadie Baby for Nursing Home work, I had plans, Alabama, and Alexander City. So, if I had've been left alone, Steve Haynes and Posse, including the Designing Women of Right of Way, I would've had a ministry. What you wanted, you have clung to and Worshiped.
When designing a future, women have to make sound choices about work, love, children. And sacrifices have to be made.
I hate ugly women Darcy! I'm now designing a line of clothes specifically for the ugly woman.
love this piece on Bacall, and the singling out of DESIGNING WOMEN- "unfailing sense of command" YEP
Every time we go deep into the woods, I think of this. Designing Women Nightmare from Hee Haw Pt 1 2 YouTube
Designing women and chipotle. I love being home
While other women were wearing one piece suits with built in girdles, Bettie Page was designing and making her...
Feel like one of the women on Designing Women
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