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Designing Women

Designing Women is an American television sitcom that centered on the working and personal lives of four Southern women and one man in an interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Actually, that "Rice Cakes!" clip from 'Designing Women' cheered me right up.
I was minding my own business, watching Designing Women, when I was assaulted by the first holiday commercial of the season.
I added a video to a playlist New 20/20 Designing Women. Hit man, A Bank Heist and Teacher Sexual
"Women aren't capable of designing a violent video game, duh."
If you this weekend, watch: Designing Women E. P. Phone Home: via
Which was better, the Golden Girls or designing women? Incorrect. The answer is both
Now e is sayin they are 20 women are designing a nuclear submarine
Ok, change that to men or women designing characters in a harmful way. Same argument.
Condo design: What women and men want:
There is a difference between a woman wearing what she wants and men designing women in a (cont)
Vanities and Kitchens can be custom designed by California Closets of the Texas Hill Country along with those undeni…
Just met a few of the very nice Designing Women at the Cotuit Library- hoping to find a local sample knitter or two!
Attention *** men: I wrote this Designing Women quiz for
Last weekend for 'Designing Modern Women' at Check out my post on it:
Lupane women venture into designing
thank you for designing NASCAR women's fashion. I just got my dale jr sweatshirt and love it! Feminine, comfy and fits great!
In Princeton today to share the process of designing the Princeton University Women*s Center's new visual identity.
Not to be mean, but that would be a blanket on me. lol She obviously isn't designing for petite women. lol
Women's Forum Global Meeting 2014: Designing the educational service of tomorrow - Capgemini
I added a video to a playlist Designing Women
I saw you in an episode of Designing Women this morning now Scandal! Thank god for a double dose of
Panelists successfully reject the notion of women designing with a feminine aesthetic.
we need more women involved in designing pinball. Please don't put this in an arcade near me -
Designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne discuss the difference between designing for men and women, the...
Working with a majority of women, I'm learning how important presentation and interior designing applied to work and life is important.
Did you ever see the Designing Women episode where Julia's house gets placed on one of those stately Southern home tours?
"Women can't have possessions, they are possessions" - people designing pockets for women's fashion.
Thanks to for designing this amazing poster for the story slam in my power color.
that show and Designing women always make lmao still
Jan Hooks: Designing Women S1: The mark of a great sitcom is whether the jokes and tone stand up to time, despite any
BMGF Pamela Anderson highlighting the importance of designing technology and programs to serve women smallholder farmers
You're in New York now Flex hangs in Designing Modern Women exhibit
I am convinced that these guidelines apply when designing for all genders, not just women
In honor of Friends coming to Netflix, here are other things that need to come to Netflix:. Designing Women. M•A•S•H. Will & Grace. The Simpsons
I KNOW!!! Also need to see Designing Women ad Love Boat.
It's astonishing how inept the writing is—and it was created by the people who brought you Designing Women.
have you ever watched Designing Women? It has some great storylines about women. Though I worry so little has changed since.
RIP SNL's Jan Hooks. Good on "Designing Women", but great on SNL. UR Sweeney Sisters duo w/Nora Dunn always made me smile & laugh
Secretly hoping for a Delta Burke cameo for all of us Designing Women fans.
Former Saturday Night Live and Designing Women star Jan Hooks passed away. She was only 57.
RIP - Designing Women was my favorite show growing up
Wow, from and Designing Women died. She was 57. I loved her as Tammy Faye
SAD...REST IN PEACE..."Saturday Night Live" star Jan Hooks died yesterday in New York at the young age of 57. She was on "SNL" from 1986-91 and played some incredibly funny roles. Jan also appeared on "Designing Women", "Third Rock From the Sun" and you may remember her as the tour guide at the Alamo in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". 98Q Rich Minor In The Morning
(New York, NY) — “Saturday Night Live” alum Jan Hooks has died. TMZ says Hooks, who appeared on the sketch comedy series from 1986 to 1991, before taking on the role of Carlene Dobber on “Designing Women,” passed away in New York City Thursday. She was 57. Sources tell the website Hooks had been bat…
OMG! I loved her on SNL and Designing Women! She was so talented! My favorites included her and Nora Dunn...
She cracked me up on Designing Women... and playing Jenna maroney's mother on 30 rock
Sad news: TMZ reports that Jan Hooks -- a former cast member on SNL who also appeared on Designing Women, The Martin Short Show, 30 Rock, and more -- died in Ne
Jan Hooks was a cast member of NBC's "SNL" from 1986 to 1991 and later appeared in television shows including "Designing Women" and "30 Rock."
I'm good. Golden Girls, Designing Women and Sex & and the City - I will out quote everyone. And possibly Cosby Show. :-)
Coaching prohibition era has be renewed-online a better place schools, designing, dean of women and account fif...
That is surprising.Loved her in that show Designing Women.I fell in love with my baby's name (Julia) because of that show.
Pretty sure I love Designing Women marathons as much as I love Will and Grace marathons. What would I do without
LISA McINNES-SMITH will be with us at DESIGNING WOMEN. Lisa is enthusiatic & vibrant - she will challenge you to...
Lawd help me,watching a Designing Women marathon on logo & crushing *** Annie Potts in an Annie Hall hat & hunting vest.Random o the day
If I see an actress from Designing Women in something.I end up watching Designing Women.
Meshach Taylor from Designing Women dies at 67 - Fox News
yes I'm watching a marathon of Designing Women
Designing for women is to provide real, helpful information without hiding behind stereotypes. via
So odd to see and NOT credited for "The New Normal" and "Designing Women" respectively (DUH)
Interesting article regarding designing “for women” by period app creator cc:
Photo: People designing technology fail to account for women again.
Fil-Am Fashionista: "I didn’t have role models of strong, women of color designers" .
Watching Season 1 of Designing Women is a better idea than me going to my high school reunion.
I want to thank LOGO for the Goldens and Designing Women. Great shows.
"Ermanno Scervino has an incredible instinct for designing women’s clothes"
I wonder if women in clothing catalogs will ever have, you know, breasts or hips again. I'd like 2 think men aren't designing for other men.
The future is female – five women artists are designing a revolution:
Come and see at the Girls Zone, NY Festi for your DESIGNING WOMEN brochure & free lollipop. AND we have two...
Whatever Happened to Alice Ghostley (Aunt Esmerelda) of Bewitched and Designing Women Fame? - Bubblews
LAST DAY: help make Boston better by designing for women and girls impacted by poverty.
Designing software is for everyone but needs to recognize women and minorities w/t
Think about as much as Julia ranted on Designing Women.
From designing to sourcing, to sampling to production. . LUCCI LU, a women's formal wear clothing collection.
These women simply loved or designing new tools and processes. 10 Women Who Broke Ground in Engineering
By designing facilities with women's needs in mind, we can create more responsive buildings for everyone:
designing some fabulous 'birth' cards for the women we support. All thanks to a chance meeting at
Designing a career ladder for women postdocs in science: (w/ free tutorials for
Annie Potts, 'Designing Women' actress, asks $6.495 Million for her California Home.
And yet more designing women and men:
Oh, I had plans to remodel my ugly house, Romo, and have women meetings for Christ. I had planned on training Sadie Baby for Nursing Home work, I had plans, Alabama, and Alexander City. So, if I had've been left alone, Steve Haynes and Posse, including the Designing Women of Right of Way, I would've had a ministry. What you wanted, you have clung to and Worshiped.
When designing a future, women have to make sound choices about work, love, children. And sacrifices have to be made.
I hate ugly women Darcy! I'm now designing a line of clothes specifically for the ugly woman.
love this piece on Bacall, and the singling out of DESIGNING WOMEN- "unfailing sense of command" YEP
Every time we go deep into the woods, I think of this. Designing Women Nightmare from Hee Haw Pt 1 2 YouTube
Designing women and chipotle. I love being home
While other women were wearing one piece suits with built in girdles, Bettie Page was designing and making her...
Feel like one of the women on Designing Women
What’s the one colour you should avoid when designing websites for women?
MT Successful Designing with not for them
I'm sure these 3 will end up chickening out and sitting around watching Designing Women instead.
All I'm in the mood to watch is Designing Women.
The designer that designed all the women's popstar outfits is designing popstar outfits for the men too
This really makes me want to ditch work for the day and play Designing Women with you. Though I will ONLY be Julia.
Designing loads of trans women characters in Sims 4 editor and uploading them to the gallery. 3=)
Alice Ghostley played memorable characters on Bewitched and Designing Women, today would have been her birthday!
Designing a tri-suit range for women which is bright and colourful...any ideas of manufacturers who might be interested?
Tomorrow: the history of women's jeans, 80 years since Levi started designing them. Are they a wardrobe staple or do you avoid at all costs?
You could be potentially designing the West Indies Men's and Women's next kit!
Can I just spend today watching Designing Women and Grey's Anatomy please?
you're just mad I'm not bringing you another birthday card and Designing Women Season 2.
seriously has some of the best shows airing. Living single, Designing women, Will & Grace
For my project, 'm designing a mag for young black women in Sthrn Africa. Who would you like to see on a cover?
am i the only 90s baby that watched TV with their mom & grandmom?! "Heat of the Night", "Walker Texas Ranger", "Designing Women"?!
Designing Women isn't as good as It's A Living
Watch Designing Women, or The Big Wedding before bed? Hm. Maybe I'll watch both.
The best part of dogsitting for (apart from the great dog!) is that he has about 37,428,934 DVRed episodes of Designing Women.
A1:: Hi! My name is Margo and my passion is designing for women in business and blogging!
*** couples can start marrying in VA. Related: Designing Women themed weddings on the rise
And Designing Women should've been on there.
Designing Women & Full House “Q4. What is the one thing that you wish was still around?
This look is from The Olsen Twins are women designing for women.
Lauren Bacall. Class with a capital "C" (here with Gregory Peck in "Designing Women."
I believe he was also on designing women.
ah, that's ace! I loved her in Designing Women too.
Designing Women was pretty bad too lol
We need more GOODS comedies on T.V. Like "Designing Women" & "Murphy Brown". They were and are still hilarious.
I want to take this time to thank for my new found obsession with designing women and julia sugarbaker!! 😊💕
Watching Designing Women highlights on YouTube. Forgot how superb the writing and acting was on that show.
Designing the invite for the annual Black Business Women Rock event coming up soon! Stay Tuned for info...
So sad to hear of the passing of . Designing Women one of my all-time fav movies
Ladies, if you mention CPC when donating items to Designing Women, CPC will receive 25% of the profits! 1226 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
'I think that my men's clothes look as good on women as my women's clothing …When I started designing,…
SEED project Self-employment courses designing a new tomorrow for many women.
I'm really excited for Same writers from Family Matters, Living Single, Full House, Designing Women, and Perfect Strangers.
.is FINALLY designing women's workout clothes:
Hey that's super rad that more women are designing jeans. Too much to ask for one who recognizes women are short sometimes too?
Taylor was best known for his role as Anthony Bouvier on the TV sitcom Designing Women
"And I Was Given My Sketching Pad Today :D" so wat re u gonna be or women's cloths?
just finished designing session on for 80 senior women. Excited to see what happens!
He's going to have a hard time finding male models to try on those pants. Clearly he is used to designing for women's body types.
This is just as true today as it was then!!! Love this clip from Designing Women
OMG just found this Designing Women clip & halfway through in walks -- totally unexpected surprise!
We've studied apps for our Designing a Safer Woman Project. They have a ways to go. cc:
If I could make dressing like Delta Burke from Designing Women popular again, I would be able to say I lead a fulfilling life.
Reuben Ruel - A unique up-and-comer in designing for bold women, including
Thoughts on Monograms from custom stampmaker --Three Designing Women.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Designing Google Glass You’ll Actually Want to Wear - Leslie Muller, VP of Design at Marchon, talks to Women 2...
Blame it on the hoodie / Two women create hooded sweatshirt that sends text messages
TV News: Hieroglyph has been cancelled before it made it on the air, Meshach Taylor (Designing Women) has…
It's just a month for the competition so visit and start designing West Indies Men's & Women's next ODI/T20I kit.
Lmao I'm on my designing women kick!
Meshach Taylor dies at 67; actor known for Designing Women role - Los Angeles Times
"Of course I'm going to be fine. I survived wars, disease and two seasons of Designing Women." -- Sophia Petrillo,
Designing Women of course but I loved her as Rosanna Remmick on Harry's Law.
WWD: G-SHOCK GOES FEMME: On the heels of its 30th anniversary, G-Shock is designing its first collection for women. http:…
Designing Women is on! I haven't seen this show in years...
I think that "Designing Women" might be one of the top 20 funniest sitcoms ever.
I just saw Maxine Fortenberry on an old episode of Designing Women. Neat.
Julia gets "fired up" over AIDS, Designing Women: via character fighting against AIDS
Love it! Makes me think of Dash Goff, the writer, from Designing Women. Probably before your time.
Designing women is funny to me with their county ***
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Anthony just gave directions via the Big Chicken on this episode of "Designing Women."
Designing Women marathon and wine. Perfect Saturday night!
Going to read for the rest of evening...also, watching old episodes of Designing Women. So funny!! :)
This woman on PR designing clothing for Muslim women but shading women who show skin. Girl bye
she'll be thrilled. To be clear, Lie to Me seems rad, I just thought she was gonna say, like, Designing Women or something.
"I'm Delta Burke.. 'Designing Women'??.. Yeah, that's right. I'm the fat one in the group." - Famous J'Doher quotes
Designing Women, take your big knockers and hit the road, coming up on LOGO.
👑Happy Birthday Delta Burke!👑 I love watching reruns of Designing Women. DW was a technicolor dream…
Perhaps after the watch all of the original Dallas, I'll get into Knots Landing. Also need to get the rest of Designing Women.
Happy Birthday, Delta Burke! You need to bring Designing Women back ok thanks bye!
Born on July 30, 1956 - Delta Burke . Delta Burke Facts:. ABOUT. Designing Women star and former beauty queen who...
Delta Burke is 58 years old today! She played Suzanne Sugarbaker on the TV series "Designing Women"
If you think her desk is big, you should see her Rolodex. It looks like a Ferris wheel. - Anthony on Designing Women.
What a sweet tribute! I just loved Meshach on "Designing Women" and I didn't know what an interesting family and...
Thing was, they were doing that with shows like "Designing Women" and "Murphy Brown".
Spotted: Patrick Warburton as Rhett Butler on an episode of Designing Women.
New York — The First Wives Club will convene in Chicago en route to Broadway in a new version penned by Designing Women writer Linda Bloodworth-Thoma...
is better-known for Designing Women, but for me he stole the show in Mannequin
So sad! I loved watching him on Designing Women, because he was so funny! Teaming him up with Delta Burke was...
Meshach Taylor dies at 67; actor known for 'Designing Women' role
*** “Meshach Taylor, the Emmy-nominated 'Designing Women' actor, has died at 67:
'Designing Women' Fave Meshach Taylor Dead At 67: Meshach Taylor, best known for his role as ex-co...
"Designing Women" star Meshach Taylor died Saturday night ... after a long battle with cancer.Taylor's family says he passed away at his home in…
Meshach Taylor, the actor best known for playing Anthony Bouvier on "Designing Women," died on Saturday, June 28 after a battle with cancer. His agent confirmed the news to the Hollywood Reporter. He was 67. Taylor died in his family's h...
Meshach Taylor, who played a lovable ex-convict surrounded by boisterous Southern belles on the sitcom "Designing Women" and appeared in numerous other TV and film roles, has died at age 67.
LOS ANGELES — Meshach Taylor's agent says the actor who appeared in the hit sitcoms "Designing Women" and "Dave's World" has died. He was 67. Agent Dede Binder says Taylor died of cancer on Saturda...
Beloved actor Meshach Taylor has passed away at the age of 67. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Designing Women” star died in his family’s…
Meshach Taylor, an actor who was beloved for his role in Designing Women, passed away last night in his home outside of Los Angeles after...
Meshach Taylor, Actor on TV’s ‘Designing Women,’ Dies at 67: In the CBS sitcom, Mr. Taylor played the Emmy-nom...
Meshach Taylor, who played the lovable assistant Anthony Bouvier, who worked at the Sugarbaker interior design firm in the CBS hit sitcom Designing Women, ...
Hamilton Collection
Emmy-nominated actor Meshach Taylor, who co-starred on the hit CBS sitcom “Designing Women,” has died at the age of 67. Taylor was in hospice care at his family's home in Altadena, Calif. He was surrounded by his wife, children and mother when he died Saturday at 10:47 p.m., according to his son Ta…
Famous for his roles on Designing Women and Mannequin, actor Meshach Taylor passed away on Saturday night at age 67.
Logo TV looked out and put on a Designing Women marathon dedicated to the passing of actor Mesach Taylor !!! I always found his character on the Show odd and now that im older im still a little confused of what he do on the Show !! Is he their Man servant or confidant or what ? Lol
He and Delta Burke had great chemistry. 'Designing Women' co-star Meshach Taylor dies Taylor
RIP Meshach Taylor, best known as Anthony on Designing Women. Loved the shades he wore in Mannequin w/Andrew McCarthy & Kim Cattrall
Atlanta (GA) CBS46: Meshach Taylor of 'Designing Women' dead at 67. More -
Meshach Taylor of 'Designing Women'. Some of his scenes with co-star Delta Burke were quite touching.
Sad news. Meshach Taylor, star of the popular Atlanta-based sitcom "Designing Women" has died at 67.
'Designing Women' Star Meshach Taylor Dies at 67: He played Anthony on the 1986-93 sitcom about Atlanta interi...
'Designing Women' Star Meshach Taylor Dies at 67: Meshach Taylor, who starred in sitcoms 'Designing Women' and...
Designing Women star Meshach Taylor was an important figure in TV history as the first character everyone mistakenly remembers as ***
"Taylor is known for his role on “Designing Women.” where he played Anthony Bouvier, an assistant...w/ Delta Burke" Sad
Loved Meshach Taylor on Designing Women and sad to hear he is reported to be making his transition. -->
There are reports circulating that "Designing Women" star Meshach Taylor is on his death bed. Sending our...
Every show.! Meshach (Anthony) on Designing Women just passed away - he was so good with Delta Burke.
Little Giant Ladders
Watched an old episode of Designing Women on Logo today. Wow. Quality of show really went down after Jean Smart and Delta Burke left...
Look, Dixie Carter & Annie Potts are great and all, but they expected us to watch Designing Women without Delta Burke or Jean Smart?
Meshach Taylor, who is best known as Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women, is terminally ill and surrounded by family, RumorFix is reporting exclusively. His family released this statement late Friday: “It is with love and gratitude that we sorrowfully announce that our darling, amazingly brilliant an…
So sorry to tell you about the death of your Designing Women co-star Meshach Taylor. He was a gem. RIP
RIP Meshach Taylor. I loved him in Designing Women, he was soo funny.
Meshach Taylor, thank you for showing me a fierce "Queen" via "Mannequin" one of my favorite movies and "Designing Women"...
Known for his Emmy-nominated run as Anthony Bouvier CBS hit sitcom Designing Women (1986-1993),RIP Meshach Taylor
RIP Meshach Taylor of Designing Women. A wonderful actor. what am I the bad news bear ?? no, just giving honor...
Designing Women's Meshach Taylor is terminally ill with cancer. Prayers for him and his family
R.I.P. Meshach Taylor from TV's Designing Women who also played Hollywood Montrose from the movie Maniquinn.
I loved him. I was just watching Designing Women tonight. He will be missed
RIP Meshach Taylor...I really enjoyed him on "Designing Women". And don't forget "Mannequin" & "Mannequin 2". He was great.
Just found out that we have lost actor Meshach Taylor. He was a part of the CBS hit series 'Designing Women'. RIP.
R.I.P. Meshach Taylor! I will always have good memories of you in Designing Women and as Hollywood in the Mannequin films!
I'm bout to start marathoning Designing Women, man. Somebody call Delta Burke and see if she's alright
I almost made one about episodes of Designing Women.
Oh, also it'd be great if you'd get Designing Women streaming, too. More Denzel and Sugarbakers'nem. Please and thank you.
The black guy from Designing Women is on CriminalMinds playing a hobo. Considering I hvn't seen him since DW prob. not that far of a stretch
Re-laxing in the Re-Imagined garden by derrolmurphy before Re-Designing Women…
If you are joining us this evening for 'Re-Designing Women' make sure you hang out after the show for a special Meet & Greet with the...
to Kerrie Smith & Evelyne Noraz. Members can contact L798 for comp tix to NYWIFT Designing Women event.
So proud of my talented wife...check out her interview.
After being shunned by high-end designers, Melissa McCarthy is designing a line for plus size women (via
Looking at these photos and it's like looking at the sets from Golden Girls, Designing Women, Family Ties and...
i'm gonna have to watch like 15 episodes of Designing Women to de-barf
Members only jackets and Designing Women-esque power suits.
Designing an article about women and feminism. Came across this great quote...
1/2 OFF tix now available for Diversionary Theatre's "Re-Designing Women"!
I'm designing women's clothes .😻 Starting my own online boutique , it's taking me some time but patience... And breatheee
Respectfully requesting only/mostly Delta Burke Designing Women episodes.
How can an entire story about designing/finding "the perfect t-shirt" not address the obvious re: women, bras, etc.?
Tomorrow is last day to grab tickets NYC - "Designing Modern Women 1890-1990" exhibit at the MoMA. Open to guests.
Does anyone remember Designing Women?? I loved that show. I wish we had shows like that now.
Graphic designing. All clients are like women; they really don't know what they want.
Such crap.. If I had another me.. I would start designing and making high fashion clothes for curvy women... I am...
I watched Designing Women on DVD and almost every Julia rant was still relevant
Designing Women is an amazing show that gives white trash girls false hopes
I wish there was a Golden Girls or Designing Women or Cosby Show of today - such great messages week after week
I mean...The Cosby Show or A Different World would never be made today. Nor Golden Girls or Designing Women.
Designing Women -- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia: via
Vans could have done SO much better at designing cuter women's shoes for the Star wars collection. I am so disappointed.
Did you know? Andrei Arshavin has a degree in fashion design and spends his spare time designing women's clothing.
I was leaning more towards Anthony from Designing Women, but you're a Yankee and undeserving.
congratulations. Send me your Amazon info so I can order you the celebratory gift of season 2 of Designing Women on VHS
I'm "Designing Women". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Designing Women is my favorite show that gives white trash girls false hopes
I've worked with too many men who think pink is THE color when designing for women. It's NOT.
RE-DESIGNING WOMEN, a parody-play written by Jamie Morris, is being performed by at 4545 Park Blvd thru …
I've eaten all the pasta and re-runs of Designing Women are on an endless loop. Somebody is home alone.
Opening Night for Re-Designing Women at the Diversionary Theatre is this Thursday! |
The 'Designing Women' episode that followed the game must've gotten huge numbers.
Lol! We haven't been like Gone with the Wind for over 100 years. It's more like the tv show Designing Women! 😉
Recommendations for good women/minority-owned clothing companies designing & manufacturing locally (USA)?
Video highlight of my 2014 CHI paper on designing technologies w/ immigrant women to manage their health & wellness:
omg there's a which Designing Women are you quiz.
So I love Designing Women. I can watch it all day, but it's slightly racist.
Yeah I'm watching a designing women marathon and eating candy on my day off, so what?
"Designing Women" has been added to the lineup. In other words, all I will be watching on television is Logo.
Forget the Designers Republic documentary - where's my Designing Women documentary?
I don't need a hashtag to define me unless it's -->Designing Women (TV Series 1986–1993) Quotes -
Agreed, although I do like "Char-lanta." Sounds like the name of a character from "Designing Women" or something.
Designing Women changed my life forever, not sure where I would be without it
On Menstrual Hygiene Day, designing a better period for women and girls - by
not only wins, but just made me sad about Harold Ramis again. (Seriously? Designing Women over Ghostbusters?)
Ernesto. you're getting close to the Designing Women quotes. Not good.
Ernesto, don't make me bring out the Designing Women quotes.
I've been a loyal fan since you were on designing women. Much love from North Carolina 💋🙏❤️
Thanks to am now trolling youtube for Julia Sugarbaker tirades Why isnt Designing Women on Blu Ray? And WHY is it still timely?!
I'm still designing. Women's underwear. Yes we having women clothing also. We just getting ready.…
Awww. I love designing women. I should download it.
Awww Dolly. I just watched an old episode of Designing Women and she was Charlene's Guardian Movie Star.
se, I'm already in bed watching Designing Women that I recorded all day long...
First my Logo channel with Designing Women goes bad, now my Centric channel with Cosby Show is all fuzzy. hates blacks & ***
Can't believe mine came out Suzanne. Love that show.
Thinking about designing plus size clothing. The monstrosity I see for plus size women needs some tweaking.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
you know what the perfect show to follow designing women would be? Murphy Brown! Get on it!!
Tonight? Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Designing Women, and Buddusky. Bar open at 6, doors at 8.
Monokini 2.0 - Social art project on designing swimwear for women who've undergone mastectomy for breast cancer.
2nd movie w/Spader & McCarthy. Kim Catrall at the apex of her hot/cute phase. Meshach Taylor pre-Designing Women. What's not to love?
Invites are in! Join us at Designing Women to honor hair, makeup, costume designers
Steve and Katie Beth are at the gun range having daddy-daughter date; George is napping; Designing Women...
a lot of cool things happened this month but let's be honest Logo deciding to air reruns of Designing Women tops it all
makes watching Designing Women more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
There's fixing to be a throw down at Designing vs. the boys and I ain't going to be the one crying when we leave.
Can we talk about how I just stumbled across Designing Women on TV?!?!
I'm watching Designing Women and earning great rewards from
Dear I would like to write a Golden Girls/Designing Women ongoing, that takes place in space. Let's talk.
I was once asked "Which is better: Golden Girls or Designing Women" and I still haven't finished sketching out my answer three years later.
Come OUT for a night at the theater. "Re-Designing Women". Friday, July 25th. An Event!.
When u walk by a cafe and you see women designing or producing on they laptops>>> instant turn on
White House focuses on women at annual science fair: Girls were involved in designing robots to assist search-...
I recently discovered that some of the episodes are available On Demand. That show and Designing Women shaped my worldview.
Every time that I hear the song Georgia I can't help but think of the show "Designing Women". And when I hear...
Dressing up women and designing is my passion 💖
Love to turn you onto our style. Designing for women over 40.
Never thought designing and coming up with new ideas for our women line would be as difficult as they…
Mom and sis are in the bedroom watching the sequel to Flowers in the Attic while I'm watching reruns of Designing Women in the living room.
"It's because I was up late watching a Designing Women marathon."
Designing Women marathon today.laughing out loud at some of these shows.still love Suzanne Sugarbacker the best.
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