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Designated Hitter

In baseball, the designated hitter rule is the common name for Major League Baseball Rule 6.10, an official position adopted by the American League in 1973 that allows teams to designate a player, known as the designated hitter (abbreviated DH), to bat in place of the pitcher each time he would otherwise come to home plate, rather than letting the pitcher bat.

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Has the same effect as arguing about the Designated Hitter.
I assumed he meant *** If it was designated hitter, he's blocked.
Five Star Scale is the Designated Hitter of film criticism.
I'm sorry if you are hitting .132 you are not a Designated Hitter. You are a Designates Swinger.
The curious case of Matt Holliday's contact percentage
Matt Holliday isn’t making as much contact as he usually does. The shouldn’t be worried, though.
Matt Holliday’s contact rate is down, but he still has 80-grade forearms. 💪
LSU searching for consistent play at designated hitter spot
Sincerely thought this was about the Designated Hitter for a good five seconds.
I put all the MLB teams in a conversation and told them to ban the designated hitter
Designated Hitter: Hoops on the way locally in coming years...
Steven Sensley went long twice and Evans Guillory pitched 4.1 scoreless innings for UL on Friday night:
Designated Hitter: Hoops on the way locally.
I always forget how much I hate National League rules until the Orioles go on the road in interleague play. Give me my designated hitter.
A designated hitter who's 9 for 45 with all singles? Historically awful on the base paths? Yikes!
Hey, whatever works. Lol. They got a title with that designated hitter showing up in the big moments. Somethi…
Even though Kyrie is a designated hitter and not really a point guard
When Kyrie learns how to defend & run a team then @ me about it. Lowry has a balanced, nuanced game. Ky…
The Yankees should exercise patience with Chris Carter - Pinstripe Alley
The Yankees should exercise patience with Chris Carter
What the designated hitter rule is really just a victory for Communism?
Chris Carter is off to a slow start. That shouldn’t deter the from getting him at-bats, though.
.catcher / designated hitter JT Thomas has been named the player of the week! 📝
So real talk for you support the designated hitter IRL? (think it was a good choice for the game for sure)
Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals. Sent with At Bat
Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals #
[MLB: Giants] Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals
Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals [
Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals: The Giants activated Buster Posey just prior to Tuesday's game……
Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals
Wire: Posey returns as designated hitter vs. Royals
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First they ruin baseball with the designated hitter, now they ruin Ullamaliztli with the no-human-sacrifice rule.
Buster Posey is back in the lineup tonight! He'll be the designated hitter in the opener at
I'm at this dang game and Tim Tebow is the DESIGNATED HITTER. are you kidding
Designated hitter Ethan Bernhard smacks it, but right to the second baseman. 1-0 Twinsburg, middle of the second.
Bottom of the first. leads off with designated hitter Ryan Mitcheltree. Flies out to left. Center fielder Nolan Laughlin up.
I didn't even notice the were playing NL rules and have no designated hitter; 3-1 odds Mancini get…
I'd start with getting rid of the Designated Hitter. Sure, it probably won't win new fans, but it's a dumb rule.
.thanks! I'm like Big Papi, designated hitter.
Warning Holly. The Designated Hitter is an abomination before almighty God. . Other than that, we're cool.
Batter up! takes his to the and writes the post!!! .
James Harden has revolutionized the game as basketball's first Designated Hitter
What do you call a designated hitter whose batting ninth with no speed and a .111 ba. Ji Man Choi!
I get that Upton has a designated role on this team: power hitter/run producer. But he refuses to change his approach while struggling.
Red Sox president Sam Kennedy weighs in on interleague play on NESN's "Red Sox Gameday."
A former American League baseball pitcher is accused of beating his wife...he's pleading not guilty saying that he had a designated hitter
One last chance to vote. The designated hitter: Good idea or bad idea? . Weigh in:
Designated hitter? Nah - Top 6 teams in runs scored so far are NL teams (Boston 7th) - 3 from Central (CHI, STL PIT) and West (ARI, SF, COL)
Ted Cruz just announced that after much prayer that he believes the National League should adopt the designated hitter rule.
I definitely think the National League will use the designated hitter within the next 2 years.
Should the NL adopt the designated hitter? Read the debate and chime in. VOTE:
Well, I was going to say ___ ... But since EVERYONE has said that so far, I'm going with 'Designated Hitter'.
should the NL incorporate a designated hitter
I have never found a way to use the designated hitter rule in a theatre review.
Tuesday's Dunkin' Poll asked fans if the NL should adopt the DH. Find out the results here.
Manager who is in a league with a designated hitter wants to ban shifting because it's unnatural.
Joe Girardi said that he would ban the shift because it takes away from the original intent of the game. So does the designated hitter.
Drinks & Dh (designated hitter) Native Sun once Again . You have to check it out.!!!It got Me…
"I believe there should be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing AstroTurf and the designated hitter." Truer words were never spoken.
Another chance to weigh in... DH or no DH — which is the right way to go? . DEBATE:
For me saying "Designated Hitter" feels so unnatural. I am used to saying "Designated Player."
Should the National League adopt the designated hitter?. Text 1 for yes or 2 for no to 536536.
I question the sanity of people who hate the designated hitter.
Recalibrating Oakland A's playing time with Coco Crisp healthy and Billy..
Tate strikes out. Designated Hitter, JD Taylor is up to bat with 1 out and no one on base.
Try Casey McGehee! for when your designated hitter's legs are made of those really thin crackly breadsticks, you know, what's their name
John McGraw pondered the designated hitter in the 20's. Having the pitcher hit is like having the QB play linebacker.
Don't expect the DH in the NL anytime soon; plus some Dodgers spring notes
Sports News - MLB Commissioner Manfred on DH, Trump, more: The designated hitter likely isn’t coming to the Na...
MLB's Designated Hitter Should be All or Nothing via /r/Nationals
Good to know that a designated hitter couldn't swing most of last season. Thumbs up, Tigers!
Should the National League adopt the DH (designated hitter) rule?
A designated HITTER who batted 4th almost all year ADMITS he couldn’t swing last year. And the Tigers writers laugh
Can Sox's Adam LaRoche revert to form after dismal start at designated hitter?
Look coach they pitching at me underhand, but I'm a designated hitter I adjust so fast.
They secretly like the designated hitter rule.
He served as the designated hitter, going 1 for 2 with a walk as the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays 1–6.
Schwarber may be best reason to institute designated hitter in much as I hate idea.
it turned out alright. Team got whooped but I didn't play a fielding position. Designated Hitter role fam.
Charlie Finley brought the designated hitter into baseball. ...
If you thought the designated hitter was bad, how about orange baseballs? .
Okafor would make an incredible Designated hitter
Will david give any advice to any players maybe taking over as designated hitter?
Rob Manfred had busy first year, but DH in NL won’t be happening soon (by Tom Verducci)
Adam LaRoche on offseason, Robin Ventura on LaRoche rebounding in 2016: White Sox designated hitter Adam LaRoc...
The AL & NL should really come together on this. Why the designated hitter should be standardized - . ht…
Final line for Luken Baker: 6 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K. He remains in the game as the designated hitter.
Major League Baseball, Commissioner Rob Manfred: Stop the Designated Hitter - Sign the Petition! via
"Designated hitter-- is that the hitter who isn't drunk?"
Yankees 13, White Sox 6: White Sox designated hitter Adam LaRoche pitches in the ninth inning against the New ...
The only White Sox pitcher to have a 1-2-3 inning tonight was our Designated Hitter who struck out a guy on a 51 MPH curveball :)
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Our designated hitter is pitching right now and doing the best job so far xD
Designated hitter Adam LaRoche into pitch for the White Sox. He's bringing the heat with a 80 mph fastball.
Who said Kendrys Morales is JUST the designated hitter?
Mariners call up touted prospect Marte, Montero: Infielder Ketel Marte and first baseman/designated hitter…
MLB, The Braves, and the Designated Hitter via /r/Braves
The Tigers have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with catcher/designated hitter Victor Martinez.
After watching Cruz in the Senate w/ Monis,Kerry&Carter,I think we've got a designated hitter
glad we're using Pagan as a Designated Hitter. We're better off defensively with Blanco as CF.
Excuse me? It was the advent of the designated hitter in the American League that split the leagues
15-11 final in this summer college league baseball game. Or, an extreme argument against the designated hitter.
Designated Hitter? Pfft. I want a *** Designated Fielder for my pitcher. Geez.
Designated hitter, in American League this player bats in place of the pitcher, in National League pitchers bats
does DH stand for Designated Hitter or David Holmberg? :)
because they have so few hitters?? Personally I feel sinema should have been their designated hitter
"...I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter ...". Me too Cras…
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Thanks! Pinterest makes as much sense to us as the designated hitter but we still appreciate it!
Twins lineup has Miguel Sano at third base, Jorge Polanco at shortstop, and Eduardo Escobar at designated hitter. That's ... interesting.
Whoever the new GM is, if their entire opening press conference is "I will only employ one designated hitter" we've done it.
The have designated Daniel Nava for assignment. Career .247 hitter when removing his strong 2013 season. 32 years old.
Everything is political now. Lions. Ham sandwiches. The designated hitter. Everything.
You worked off the bat for the govt? Were you designated hitter for the Blue Jays 2005-2008?
Is Bourjos the Cardinals designated strikeout hitter? Why is he on THIs team? Awful hitter !
Unfortunately there's no designated hitter in the National League..
Congratulations to Seth Leuz on being named to the Courier Times Golden Team as a designated hitter (DH)!
The lesson, as always: the designated hitter is for sissies.
Shouldn't a Designated HITTER have better than a .234?
designated hitter dodger was my nephew in law, who was married to the sister of Miles Simon my nephew.
The Boston Red Sox designated hitter snapped a photo with Pedro Martinez during the Hall of Famer's jersey…
I'm going to have to bring up the designated hitter rule in the American League, again.
it is 1:08 and I haven't eaten yet designated hitter
Greatest pitcher of all time. Greatest designated hitter of all time. And they brought the WS back to Boston together …
Us NL fans will respect the AL when they play baseball the way it was meant to be played - without a designated hitter.
Mark Trumbo plays in the American League, which has the designated hitter position available.
Hey Salty your the Designated Hitter emphasize on Hit so let's get a hit
I don't and both my interest and patience just died. keep on being Chu's favorite designated hitter
The designated hitter tonight is hitting .196. How is that even possible?
Jarrod Saltalamacchia serving as the designated hitter tonight.
Carlos Sanchez remains in the game as the designated hitter.
In the past two seasons, Dodger designated hitters have come up clutch at the plate, batting .333 (25-for-75) with 13 extra-base hits. This season, the Dodgers’ .290 (9-for-31) clip ranks second among National League clubs (Giants - .313). SPEED DEE-MON: Dee Gordon collected his 31st multi-hit game of the season last night and is batting .328 (22-for-67) in his last 16 games since July 19. Gordon continues to lead the Majors in both steals (51) and triples (10) and is looking to become the seventh player in MLB history to lead the big leagues in both categories: * Gordon leads the Dodgers and ranks fifth in the National League with a .341 batting average with runners in scoring position (30-for-88).
Original caption: 10/21/1976-New York, NY- Needing just one more victory over the Yankees to repeat as World Champions are the Cincinnati Reds. Pictured (L to R) are: manager Sparky Anderson, third baseman Pete Rose, right fielder Ken Griffey (second baseman Joe Morgan (first baseman Tony Perez (designated hitter Dan Driessen (left fielder George Foster (catcher Johnny Bench (center fielder Cesar Geronimo (and shortstop Dave Concepcion.
. AL ERA'S should be about one run lower because of the designated hitter. Or inflate NL pitcher's ERA by one.
Another .200 hitter, Schierholtz designated for assignment. The roster is finally starting to look good. All the scrubs almost gone.
KCR [Fansided: Kings of Kauffman] - Royals Seeing the Future at Designated Hitter Now
Royals Seeing the Future at Designated Hitter Now: At the beginning of the year, Ned Yost stated his preferenc...
She said she wasnt. Said her dude had a medical condition that wouldnt allow him to put it down. I was designated hitter.
I'll always face a designated hitter that's outta my league... switch hitters are the best. Oh boy.
Conflicting calls coming in on whether or not baseball's new Commish should keep the Designated Hitter. Are you a fan of the DH?
batting Leadoff today vs the GCL Astros. Designated hitter.
I can't think of a better Yankees career for Rich Hill if he gets designated for assignment after only facing one hitter and hitting him.
The Ravens have a designated hitter on their roster this year.
Dunn on the Mound: How bad was last night's Sox game against the Rangers? Bad enough that designated hitter Adam...
LRT: Any time a designated hitter pitches in a game, it's must see tv.
Just make sure there is a Designated Hitter for the drive home.
and DH is designated hitter which is a player the AL league uses to bat in the pitchers place.
National League pitchers bat. American League they use a Designated Hitter (DH). All pitchers are capable of batting dependin
Although I am an Angels girl at heart, I emphatically, with all my heart, disagree with the designated hitter.
Raul Ibanez age trivia, pick one: He was born before the Designated Hitter existed. Also, he was born when Arizona had two teams in the PCL
“The Sox lost 16-0 LMAO wow they're bad!”😔 I know they put Adam Dunn their designated hitter to pitch 😩😭
My White Sox got beaten bad by the Texas Rangers 16-0 and the best thing of all is that Adam Dunn was pitching and he is a Designated Hitter
IMO, the designated hitter is the dumbest thing in baseball
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Designated hitter Adam Dunn pitches 9th inning for White Sox in 16-0 loss to Texas Rangers. Gives up a run. May have a future as pitcher
Having the designated hitter pitch is still better than having the pitcher hit.
Adam Dunn is the third player (J. Canseco & C. Davis) in history to pitch in a game in which he started at designated hitter.
is pitching? Seriously? The first basemen/designated hitter? If I hadn't yet seen it all, tonight goes down in history.
This game is a joke 😂😂Adam Dunn the designated hitter is pitching
Sox have officially given up...designated hitter now = pitcher
“Dodgers don't have what it takes to beat an American League team” a designated hitter?
LEAGUE NOTES 2014 May 15 Hartford captured their first series win of the season by besting USMC 4-2. Game # 3 was a 20 inning affair with Hurricane Pitcher Randall Delgado, a C-Z, the last man standing in the "Cane" bullpen, throwing 10 innings, allowing just one run and emerging as the winning pitcher on David Ortiz's walk-off single. The Cowboy's Designated Hitter, Pedro Alvarez, belted three HR's in Game # 5, en-route to a 8-3 Union Station victory.
Congrats to Senior Angel Morales for being named 1st Team Metro West Conference at Designated Hitter.
My daily summary of the 40 man roster of the Cleveland Indians: Player 19A of the Cleveland Indians 40 man roster - Jason Giambi - Designated Hitter was signed as a free agent prior to the 2013 season. He was originally drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 2nd Round round of the 1992 baseball draft. He has played in the majors from 1995-2013 for the Athletics, New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies and the Indians. His major league stats are BA .278 OBP .400 SLG .519 HR 438 RBI 1,436 SB 20 Runs 1,224. Listed as 19A since he was added to the 40 man roster and Frank Herrmann was released
Going forward, Don Baylor will be the Designated Hitter during ceremonial pitchers.
What about Vernon Wells for Rangers as a Designated Hitter?
Maybe this is just self-justification, but... I think that if you do not feel like a failure a lot of the time, then you are probably not doing it right. If you never feel like a failure at all, then you probably are not doing much of anything. I like baseball because the metaphysics of the sport mirrors life. I may be a part of a team, but I have stand up, walk out, and face the pitcher all by myself. No one can bat for me! (And the Designated Hitter does not undermine this because I do not get his stats when he bats -- he bats for himself in place of me.) The thing about baseball is that it is a marathon. There 162 games in a season and in most of those games, even the best player will fail more than he succeeds -- and the successes that come in baseball are the ones that are needed at the right time. Being successful and hitting four home runs in a game is impressive, but still somehow not as impressive or important as when you are down by three runs, it is the bottom of the ninth with two outs, bases ...
Lets play the free agent game, who's still available(I'm only going to list the guys with respectable stats to save time)! Starting Pitchers: Bronson Arroyo, A.J Burnett, Matt Garza, Tommy Hanson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Paul Maholm, Jeff Niemann, Ervin Santana, Johan Santana, Masahiro Tanaka. Left Field/Designated Hitter: Nelson Cruz, Travis Hafner, Kendrys Morales, Lyle Overbay, Mark Reynolds(hehe), Delmon Young, Michael Young. I know a lot of you want a closer too so here are the closers on the market: Jose Valverde, Fernando Rodney, Ryan Madson, Joel Hanrahan, Rafael Betancourt, Andrew Bailey. As you can see, there are still some good free agents available at positions that we could use to improve, this post may be a waste if the Orioles dont plan on pursuing any free agents but its worth noting who is still out there. -Gregg
Tune in for a look at the 40-year history of the Designated Hitter and its effect on baseball in Behind the Seams: Decoding the DH with Bob Costas at 12pm ET.
Just watched - I'm pretty sure SeaWorld is behind the national deficit, all natural disasters, and the designated hitter.
I don't often re-promote stuff, but then again, I don't often plumb the depths of my own psyche, either:
Sado-Masochistic Designated Hitter. This is why a lot of folks prefer the National League game...
Will Fielder play first with the Rangers, or will he be the designated hitter?
• C. Trask: Hannah Sweet is a widow and a mom, and a graduate student. She is also the sniper in Designated Hitter.
coming from the guy who likes the designated hitter? That's a disgrace to the game.
I laughed a little when I heard that the 2013 World Series MVP was a freaking designated hitter...what a joke
I don't see how ANY designated hitter can be voted to the hall of fame.
Seriously tho, how does a designated hitter(someone who doesn't play the field) win the MVP?
I was slated to be the designated hitter for Boston, if the series went 7.
Even as a HUGE Mariners fan, I find it really hard to that Edgar is the best designated hitter of all time. It's got to be Papi...
The designated hitter rule is dumb.
Boston first basemen/designated hitter David Ortiz the 2013
But mostly the designated hitter thing.
Our difference of opinion on the designated hitter rule is why and I can never be together. Well, and also she's straight.
At least our designated hitter has never tested positive for roids...
You know how much I detest the designated hitter. So for me to admit David Ortiz is the unquestioned MVP makes me want to ingest poison.
Ortiz is just the third designated hitter to win World Series MVP.
How can a designated hitter win the World Series MVP?
He's the designated spokesman,he's the designated hitter,he's the designated Papi! He's a World Series champion & the MVP he's
Really amazing. Sox best player was a 38-year-old designated hitter.
What does it say about Boston looking at the fact that they're chanting MVP to their designated hitter... he does nothing but hit.. how hard
David Ortiz poised to become only 2nd designated hitter to ever win World Series MVP (Hideki Matsui, 2009, Yankees)
Now batting, the designated hitter number 34. DAVID...ORTIZ
National League fans: see how much better this is with a designated hitter? Wake up already!
Papi being considered the greatest Boston athlete is a complete joke. Dude is super clutch but he's a DESIGNATED HITTER! All he does is hit
BREAKING: introduce new Designated Hitter for the 2014 season...David Ortiz
"I HATE it when they walk Papi! What's the point of having a designated hitter if they're just gonna walk him.-."
Ironic not letting the designated hitter hit.
If it wasn't for the American Leagues stupid Designated Hitter rule Ortiz wouldn't be here and Cards would win 😌
Alright, time for Pablo Sanchez in for the designated hitter.
A designated hitter making the Hall Of Fame would be like voting a kicker into the football hall of fame.
You sad little monkeys. Intentional walks and bunts are as pusillanimous as bunts and the designated hitter rule.
What if we talk about the "The Etiology of Public Support for the Designated Hitter Rule"
Maybe the 6,7,8 and 9 hitters have confused the Designated HITTER with Designated OUT. Seems reasonable. Someone clue them in!
I've always hated the designated hitter rule in American League. Play or play not, there is no play half.
I just had to explain to the roomy what a designated hitter was...god help me.
you can try to tell me that DH stands for designated hitter but it doesn't it stands for ***
Now batting, the designated hitter number 34. DAVID.Ortiz
Finally! The designated hitter is back. Watching a pitcher bat reminds me of me trying to hit.
Thank goodness, back to the designated hitter.
"Big Papi" Dominican-American professional baseball designated hitter (DH) with the Boston Red Sox
For the record, I'm sick of the cardinals. Go Red Sox! But I still hate the designated hitter.
SOURCE: Tony La Russa just e-mailed Mike Matheny about a little known rule requiring David Ortiz to be all-time designated hitter.
So happy we can have Ortiz, Victorino, and Napoli all bat tonight, I think the no designated hitter rule is stupid
I don't believe in everything, like the Designated Hitter or that diamond rings will make love last forever.
Designated hitter cold split the transistor
Next to the designated hitter, getting 1 point for losing an overtime game in hockey might be the most idiotic and illogical thing in sports
I thought he was the designated hitter for the Utah jazz
Being back in DC after a great trip to St. Louis has me wondering why we can't accomplish anything in this town. I was meeting with Democrats and Republicans this morning, and if there's one thing I'm sure about, it's that the NL needs a designated hitter. Watching pitchers bat is horrible.
My brilliant solution to Red Sox no-Designated Hitter dilemma: let David Ortiz pitch... You're welcome, Nation.
I don't think the Designated Hitter is ever going away. It keeps guys like Jason Giambi in the league. If anything the NL adopts the DH.
David Ortiz didn’t play Designated Hitter last night, but he did play Designated (Baby) Sitter ->
I'm solidly against the designated hitter
I disagree D.W. That would take away from strategy. It would be like the designated hitter of NASCAR.
The Aeros have 18 hits. The designated hitter (Chris Wallace) is 0-for-5. Pretty sure that wasn't the intention of the DH.
The are like the but with a designated hitter.
I think the Designated Hitter spot needs to make its way over to National League, watching these pitchers hit is down right horrible
| | Scott's trio of RBIs lifts Rays in comeback win: Designated hitter Luke Scott...
Designated hitter bunting for a hit.
| | Why so much gusto for the designated hitter?: Did you hear the news? When David...
Why so much gusto for the designated hitter?
National League goes designated hitter, I'm officially done with baseball !
I was left field. And designated hitter a lot.
The downfall of society started with a sinister invention known as the designated hitter.
David Ortiz is being voted best designated hitter of all time
If I could go back in time, the one thing I would probably change is...removing the designated hitter from baseball
Designated hitter for the Detroit Tigers, Victor Martinez, has a 14 game hitting streak batting .453 during hitting streak.
That would be a designated hitter . Your welcome .
Five-run fifth inning dooms Hops in 6-4 loss at Tri-City: Designated hitter Yogey Perez-Ramos has three hits, ...
Girl you so sexy my name is Blake, im a designated hitter
Uhh what if you're a designated hitter
Yeah cause the league's leading designated hitter is better.
The Twins designated hitter is really more like a designated out
Jumbotron displayed "DH Billy Butler" for the royals designated hitter. Ashley thought his name was "Duhbilly butler"
Not sure what is more of a joke. David Murphy's AB or the fact David Murphy is the designated hitter.
Tonight's beer batter will be designated hitter and player Beau Day. Things should get interesting.
Pitchers in tonight's Pirates/Mets gave are a combined 0-31 this year. And they say the NL doesn't need the Designated Hitter...
Anyone know what Reynolds' magic number is to break the single season strikeout record? Designated hitter tonight? Really?
DH stands for Designated "Hitter".When is the last time Reynolds was any kind of hitter?
Since the inaugural season of the designated hitter in 1973, for players with the most career hits as a DH (min 500)
Five rules to determine if what you're watching is a sport: Is Round Rock Express designated hitter Manny Rami...
Ya know, I keep hearing about strategy in the NL because you don't have the designated hitter...whatever...if you...
Ya know keep hearing about strategy in the's better with no designated hitter...if you want to observe...
I don't believe in everything like the designated hitter and the diamond ring.
Designated Hitter was invented for fat kids in America
Soriano's career numbers as a designated hitter.
:shoehorns a comparison of Twizzlers to the designated hitter:
Edgar Martinez has 4 of the 10 best seasons ever by a designated hitter:
Daily Madden: Jeter’s Short Return To The Yankees: Derek Jeter returned to the Yankees as a designated hitter...
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With a double in the 2nd, becomes the all-time hits leader for a designated hitter:
No I hate it when people pretend to like baseball and they're like what does RBI mean or when they ask about why the Designated hitter etc
I'm assuming you mean the Designated Hitter? I'm curious to hear your take on that.
I don't like the designated hitter and I don't like the getting a jumbotron.
i thought you had some commentary to share about the designated hitter now that your team is in the AL
I was the designated hitter. Only made it when it counted lol
I completely agree with the baseball legends, the designated hitter ruins the game..
Before it's over, happy 40th birthday to the designated hitter. Without you many greats would not have been
News Alarm: Lance Berkman (1B - Tex) Designated hitter Lance Berkman said that there has been no noticeable impro...
David Ortiz passed Harold Baines with his 1,689th hit to become MLB's career leader in hits by a designated hitter.
check again. Greatest designated hitter of all time. Save the PED comments. MH ouch my blister! place
So Kieschnick is the designated hitter, instead of being in outfield. Yeah have your best RF sit out half the game
Teammates congratulate David Ortiz Thursday on becoming MLB's all-time leader in hits by a designated hitter.
"The designated hitter rule isn't real baseball" Bob Walk says "Ban the DH" all the time
Evan Gattis scheduled to begin a rehab assignment tomorrow night with Gwinnett at Durham as designated hitter.
Also, we'd like to extend a happy birthday to tonight's G1 designated hitter.Luke Guarnaccia!. The slugging... htt…
I may have to turn in my Seamhead card. Looking at the 5 players in the AL being voted on for "last man in" for the All Star game I do not know the names of any of them. Guess I'm just a NL guy. To quote Crash Davis in Bull Durham, ".I don't believe in Astroturf or the Designated Hitter."
Did McCarver just say that David Ortiz is the best DH ever, but Edgar Martinez was the better hitter? DH is a "Designated Hitter" right?
Pujol's now Designated Hitter for now till he is better and be back on to first baseman you hide and watch... Then we have Trumbo First Baseman and Outfielder awesome guy and then last but not least Trout who is also outfielder who has peeked my interest with Angels and which I show my favoritism too. And the Twins Catcher Joe Mauer well he his days but he is what pulls the weight of the team I think...
Question: Can you be friends with folks who disagree with you on something about which you are passionate? No, not the Designated Hitter rule. (Evil, pure evil!) Or best pizza toppings (mushrooms and spinach, or I wash my hands of you!) ;) I mean, folks who vote Teabagger but are perfectly--even extremely--sweet in person. Or folks who are liberal but will pull a "Bradley Manning must be convicted as a war criminal" out of nowhere. I take a lot of lumps for this. Maybe it's immature. But I just can't. These "different opinions" speak to a different worldview or temperament or SOMETHING that I can't put my finger on exactly, but something fundamental and big. In short, I'm not Bill Maher. I can't be friends with Ann Coulter. EVER. ;) What about you all? -- Cindi
It was proposed to me this weekend that I should write a baseball blog for women. Explaining the general ins and outs (hehe) of the game and some more complicated concepts (ie why a team has so many pitchers and what a "Designated Hitter" is). A general guide to help my fellow ladies understand the game a bit more so they can talk to their husbands and boyfriends about this great topic. Thoughts?
The Kiss Cam is the worst sports invention ever; just in front of the Designated Hitter.
Why an Everyday Player is NEVER the Designated Hitter (via
As much as I hate to admit it... And anyone who knows me knows how much I have badmouthed this rule and thought it should be abolished... I think the time may be at hand for the National League to adopt the Designated Hitter as well. Now before all you purists hang me out to dry and tar and feather me, hear me out. I have hated this rule my entire life. I do think pitchers should hit. But I think the DH has already killed the concept of hitting pitchers. Pitchers hit atrociously... even in the National League. And the days of the pitcher getting a sacrifice bunt or a sacrifice fly to advance the runner have all but disappeared. My Cubs just had a bunting tournament among the players... They had a position players bracket and a pitchers bracket. The pitchers were so amazingly bad at this, that they let a guy who works in the video room fill in for an injured pitcher, and he got the finals of the pitchers tournament. This guy doesn't even play baseball. In the final between the position players it ...
"MLB Roundtrip" with Rich Herrera and Kevin Kennedy is on until 1 pm ET today, join the guys at 866-MLB-ON-XM/866-652-6696. MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner said yesterday that the National League could add the Designated Hitter after seeing the impact of season long Interleague play, would you be in favor of that move?
TODAY IN BASEBALL HISTORY: 1971 Satchel Paige becomes the first *** League star to be selected to the Hall of Fame. The right-hander, the oldest player in the majors to make his big league debut, became a legend during his professional career, which lasted from the 1920s until 1965, playing in several different *** Leagues and with the Indians, Browns, and A's. 1976 The Hall of Fame Special Committee on the *** Leagues selects Oscar Charleston, considered by baseball historian Bill James to be the fourth best ball player of all time. The outfielder made The Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players and was nominated as a finalist for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1999. 1980 The late Yankee catcher Thurman Munson is inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame of Kent State University. The young college outfielder was taught to play backstop by Hal Schoonover, a coach and benefactor of the Golden Flashes baseball program. 1981 At the age of thirty-seven, Joe Morgan inks a ...
For those that don't know about history ... Here is a condensed version Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter. The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: 1 . Liberals 2. Conservatives.. Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed. Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beg ...
I recently reread the Constitution and couldn't find the section on the designated hitter or why I couldn't have a rocket launcher.
Baseball is truly where the money is! Travis Hafner signed a $2,000,000 one year contract to be a designated hitter. Yes that says 2 MILLION
What the Mariners really need this year is a designated hitter.
Extra Bases: Ortiz should be ready for start of season: Designated hitter David Ortiz is still recoverin...
I wish I could professionally do just opening and closing statements. Like a designated hitter but for court.
Designated hitter and assistant coach Eddie Fonseca taking part in hitting fungo to the outfield.
Baltimore Artist DH with some HEAT for the winter. First Check.
News Alarm: Jim Thome (DH - Bal) The Twins have not considered bringing back free agent designated hitter Jim Tho...
Cleveland doesn't want to commit another roster spot to a designated hitter.
Love the Designated Hitter!! Need those extra points in fantasy!
I feel like I have what it takes to be a designated bomb hitter
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