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Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson (born September 14, 1995) is an American football quarterback for the Clemson Tigers. His hometown is Gainesville, Georgia.

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•Mia Khalifa is gonna be Deshaun Watson's pregame meal for the remainder of the season. •Marcus Mariota & Derek Ca…
Can or or someone re-explain to me how we need Solomon Thomas more than Deshaun Watson?
Deshaun Watson is the 3rd rookie QB with 3 pass TD & 1 rush TD in a game in the last 15 seasons (Cam Newton, Marcus Mari…
In the 1stH: QB Deshaun Watson is 14 of 20 for 196 yards and 2 TDs with a pick. Marcus Mariota is 6 of 10 for…
No disrespect to Solomon Thomas but its fair to say the 49ers should've taken Deshaun Watson. Loved him coming out of Clemson too.
5 total TD for Deshaun Watson. Rook is ballin’ 🔥.
What's the deal with Deshaun Watson? Doesn't Thomas have enough cricks? Who ARE these people?
Could have had Deshaun Watson instead of Solomon Thomas and I'm never going to get over this.
Deshaun Watson is gonna be the Isaiah Thomas of football
In 2006, Warrick Dunn gave Deshaun Watson's (in black sweatshirt) family a home. Watson just gave his 1st NFL check to h…
Deshaun Watson gave his first game check to Texans employees who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. There wasn't a dry eye in…
Deshaun Watson donated his first NFL game check to stadium employees who were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. (via
Here are some of my Week 4 QB waiver targets:. Jared Goff . Carson Palmer (plays SF). Deshaun Watson . DeShone Kizer
Jared Goff & Wentz are good. Paxton Lynch is a back-up.Vernon Adams is a CFL back-up. Deshaun Watson & Kizer suck. Bless
Kelly Bryant's offense put up more points (47) against a ranked team than a Deshaun Watson offense ever did against a ra…
Deshaun Watson has high expectations for Kelly Bryant.
For to go from Deshaun Watson to Kelly Bryant (who looks even better) just don't seem fair
"He was a leader. He was a warrior.". Deandre Hopkins talks Deshaun Watson. 📹:
Deshaun Watson is the first rookie quarterback to win his first start on the road in a prime-time game since Eagles’ Joe Web…
Does NFL Network think I care if Deshaun Watson is a Republican? Just stick to sports
Deshaun Watson vs Andy Dalton, I guess somebody had to win. Both should be benched. Go get Moore or Kaep.
Deshaun Watson out here looking like Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl
Deshaun Watson looks like a young Colin Kaepernick.
As I was saying Deshaun Watson is the real Savage
Five bold predictions for NFL Week 2, inc a disastrous debut for Deshaun Watson and another huge upset! -
Not going to be suprised when Deshaun Watson gets 2 rushing TDs tonight
Texans expected to stick with Deshaun Watson as starting QB, per
Deshaun Watson didnt look so hot yesterday. 1)Kizer betterN CLE 2) DW might just not be ready; that's what u get when QB is Tom Savage
At this point, the expectation is that the stick with rookie Deshaun Watson vs. the Still evaluating, but t…
"Come on, man. Deshaun should've been starting the whole game. Come on." - DB Jalen Ramsey on if he was surprise…
Bill O'Brien Cost the Texans a Chance to Beat the Jaguars Because He Started Tom Savage
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Dante Fowler Jr. with a sack on Deshaun Watson. Sack fumble, recovered by Yannick Ngakoue
Hear from QB Deshaun Watson following today's game. 🎥:
Sloane Stephens won the U.S. Open, Deshaun Watson took over as a starter...Black Excellence
Make that nine sacks for Sacksonville today. gets in on the sack party with his fourth quarter sack of Deshaun Wat…
Deandre Hopkins on Deshaun Watson: 'Him and I have some things we need to work on to improve, but I think we did some…
Texans have first-rounder Deshaun Watson at QB. Would replacing him with K…
Deshaun Watson’s ability to move around will help the offense, and you’re already seeing it. The line played bad…
Deshaun Watson throws his first career NFL TD pass for the Houston Texans and it goes to another Clemson product, DeAndre Hop…
And it's Deshaun Watson's time now. . Watson. Hopkins. Tiger to Tiger, Texan to Texan. https:…
I didn't expect Deshaun Watson to throw his first touchdown pass let alone see action so early in his rookie year.
Jags up 19-0 on Texans & Hou benching Savage for Deshaun Watson after one 1/2 of football is biggest surprise of 1st NFL Sun…
It only took rookie Deshaun Watson one drive to get his first career TD Pass.
Deshaun Watson now has more career passing TDs than Tom Savage.
DeShaun Watson is in for the Texans! And he already has 35 yards!
Why is Deshaun Watson on this list.
Im a homer too but I can see Cook winning rookies of the year but it looks like Deshaun Watson might…
The first TD pass for QB Deshaun Watson goes to Deandre Hopkins. Will not be the last, per source.
That was fast. First-round QB Deshaun Watson is in for the Bill O'Brien makes a quick change.
what was the point of pretending for even a second that Tom Savage was better than Deshaun Watson? who did that help?
[Fox Sports] - PHOTOS: Texans turn to DeShaun Watson in loss to Jaguars
Only took 1 half. Deshaun Watson's job now.
Deandre Hopkins scored once in his last 11 games last season. One score in 6 minutes of Deshaun Watson.
Our offensive line is so bad that I don't even want to see Deshaun Watson starting no time soon.
Deshaun Watson is now in at QB for the
Now in at QB for the Texans: Deshaun Watson
Alabama holds off Deshaun Watson, Clemson to win National Championship
I couldn't care less about Houston Texans football. But do they know they have Deshaun Watson on the Bench? 🤔
Jonathan Meeks, Travis Blanks, Rashard Hall & Deshaun Watson all back home today!
If Tom Harmon was still our offensive coordinator, JT would of put up Deshaun Watson numbers last year...maybe better
It looked like Deshaun Watson had Dres Anderson open in the end zone on third down. The Texans settle for a...
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Deshaun Watson is playing with the top (available) wide receivers: Jaelen Strong, Dres Anderson and Bruce Ellington.
Two former national champs, Deshaun Watson and Cam Newton meet on the field after Watson's first NFL game
Bill O'Brien says Deshaun Watson was '50-50' on knowing Texans' offense: 'There's a lot to build on' - ESPN
Bill O’Brien on Deshaun Watson: A lot to build on, a lot to correct
Deshaun Watson shows poise in NFL debut:
Deshaun Watson looked pretty good in his first NFL action
Deshaun Watson rookie situation reminds me of Russell Wilson. Dude is just a gamer and he’s going to win that starting job
My quarterbacks are Andrew Luck, Brian Hoyer, and Deshaun Watson. Woops. At least my skill players are good!
We won the gold cup. Deshaun Watson looks good. I had a good workout this morning.
Texans\' Deshaun Watson adjusting to speed of NFL one day at a time(ESPN)
Grabbed Corey Davis, Kareem Hunt, Deshaun Watson, and Adam Shaheen in this rookies draft for my dynasty league. Happy with that.
Words ACC opponents don't want to hear: The U has a QB similar to Deshaun Watson. Wouldn't it be something if FSU l…
"In the Clemson/SC game, Deshaun Watson had a QB rating of 92.9 and Jake Bentley had a QB rating of 2.7. Time to shut up." -
My rookie-soaked draft continues with Deshaun Watson and Jamaal Williams, rounds 12/13.
Bruce Arians on QB Deshaun Watson & his story on being held up at gunpoint.
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Bruce Arians on Deshaun Watson: I love Deshaun, a proven winner and a leader.
NFL Draft: Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes and the most confused quarterback class in years
QB Deshaun Watson is embracing the rookie learning curve. 📰:
Just wanted to say happy Father's Day to my dad, Deshaun Watson. love you dad
Watch: Deshaun Watson told to leave Tuscaloosa bar
Oh so NOW you're saying you'd take Deshaun Watson over Hutson Mason? Sure, okay
"... and that doesn’t even include rookies Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer and Da…
Texans head coach on Deshaun Watson: ‘He’s gotten better every day’
Patrick Mahomes should be an Arizona Cardinal. . Reuben Foster should be a New Orleans Saint. . Deshaun Watson is exactly where he belongs.
So what if they’re rookies?. Deshaun Watson and Zay Jones among dark-horse fantasy football sleepers
Deshaun Watson is the Texans' best choice at QB and he's ready for the challenge
Clemson fans thinking Deshaun Watson should win the Golden Spikes award over Brendan McKay.
"Deshaun Watson on Texans playbook: Like 'learning Spanish,' will 'take time'" via { } (by Will Brinson)
History indicates Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes II and Deshaun Watson are more likely to fail than succeed https:/…
Exactly. Deshaun Watson was the gold standard last year before he returned to Clemson. Thin…
Days after being drafted by the Texans, Deshaun Watson bought his mom a car for her birthday 🙏
Head to work with rookie Deshaun Watson on his first day at the office.
When you go from Brock Osweiler to Deshaun Watson
So let me get this straight. Ohio State had three first-round NFL draft picks in its secondary and Deshaun Watson lit the…
Gainesville High School (Ga.) coach Bruce Miller on Texans rookie Deshaun Watson: 'He was special, a once-in-a-lifetime player and person.'
Deshaun Watson has more wins in the College Football Playoff (3) than Mitchell Trubisky & Pat Mahomes have vs ranked opp…
if Deshaun Watson is better than Mitch Trubisky & Patrick Mahomes
Deshaun Watson essentially beat an NFL team in the National Championship game and got drafted after guys named Mitchell…
The last time Deshaun Watson was on the field...
What a great pick by the Texans. Deshaun Watson is the missing piece to their puzzle, man. Houston we solved a problem
The Titans not getting Jamal Adams looks really, really bad now that they'll be playing Deshaun Watson twice a year for a dec…
Deshaun Watson picked by Houston, 12th overall in NFL draft
When Texans fans realize Deshaun Watson will be the 1st true QB we have had since Matt Schaub. .
Deshaun Watson, on joining the Texans: "I'm excited to join the destination I've wanted all along: anywhere but Clevel…
Congrats to Deshaun Watson, but to the night defeated his Gainesville High team in 2012.   10% Off
Houston Texans select Gainesville High School's Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick in the ht…
With the 12th pick in the 2017 the select QB Deshaun Watson. Welcome to Houston!.
Tahj Boyd just took a break from stocking shelves at Winn Dixie to salute Deshaun Watson
WELCOME TO HOUSTON!:Texans trade up to No. 12 to draft Clemson QB Deshaun Watson!
Trade! Texans move up, grab Deshaun Watson at No. 12
The champ is heading to Houston!. Texans take Clemson QB Deshaun Watson with the No. 12 overall pick.
With the 12th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select Deshaun Watson.
Deshaun Watson can do for Houston what Dak did for Dallas. He's not quite as poised/consistent as Dak but he's clutch…
connections run strong with the Deshaun Watson is off the board at No. 12 overall! http…
Dabo Sweeney said if you pass on Deshaun Watson you are passing on Michael Jordon. So Dabo, he'll be best football player ever. OK Thx Dabo
I'd say Houston won out getting Deshaun Watson, but I'm still salty af about the natty game a few months ago 👍
Texans FINALLY address the QB position with Deshaun Watson. 🏈Houston just got a big time performer at the premier position in the NFL. 🔥
No way Deshaun Watson is available for the Texans at 25. GM Rick Smith needs to trade up to get Watson.
@ 8! Fred Smoot's idea for the skins & why they should take Deshaun Watson... &
"Dave - that Deshaun Watson pass here to Mike Williams was the 47th greatest play in the history of Clemson football"
"There are two players in this draft that I think are culture-changing individuals: Jamal Adams and Deshaun Watson.". -Tod…
[CSN Chicago] Ryan Pace focusing on 'best player available,' at No. 3: Could that be Deshaun Watson?
Deshaun Watson enters the NFL Draft with one goal in mind: Being better than Tom Brady
"Deshaun Watson wants to be better than Tom Brady"
would you rather Deshaun Watson or Mitch Trubisky for the Browns? Or is there another QB you like?
Deshaun Watson: ‟You're gonna have to live with the consequences that come with [passing on me]‟…
c Ryan Pace must go bold with No. 3 pick: Deshaun Watson
I really hope the 49ers draft Deshaun Watson
..Is the next fsu was named a top...
If the Jaguars drafted Deshaun Watson with the No. 4 overall pick, how would you feel?
Last Chance:Clemson QB Deshaun Watson warned teams against taking Trubisky ahead of him
Deshaun Watson isn't and shouldn't be a smokescreen
. Hopefully, Cleveland selects Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick. That would be a perfect place for him. He'll wear orange.
How eager are QB-needy NFL teams to draft Mitchell Trubisky or Deshaun Watson?
When all hope is lost but then the Jaguars are on the clock and you hear, "With the fourth pick, Deshaun Watson." https…
Deshaun Watson warns teams they'll 'live with the consequences' if they .. Related Articles:
Deshaun Watson graduated college in 3 years, so lets just not even go there that verbiage is going to be an issue for hi…
And lastly, I think that Arizona is a lock to go QB at 13. Either Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. I've got Mahomes
Please draft deshaun Watson or Christian mccafrey on Thursday please
Deshaun Watson admitted that he put himself on a number of teams in Madden.
I like Deshaun Watson's mindset, that all or nothing mindset.
View from the Moon: Deshaun Watson is the one situation where a reach has epic upside -- (
Draft week thought: I'd be more interested in Bears' rationale for not drafting Deshaun Watson than their reasons for dr…
NFL scout: Deshaun Watson is better than Cowboys QB Dak Prescott
Ryan Pace must go bold with Bears' No. 3 pick: Deshaun Watson
The biggest ? I have in Top 10 is who is taking Deshaun Watson . I believe the might. Not sure who the 2nd t…
NFL Nation mock: Didnt plan to take Deshaun Watson for Saints at 32, but couldnt let him sit in greenroom overnight! http…
"Then I'll pull a Derek Carr." - Deshaun Watson on what would happen if he fell out of the first round
Deshaun Watson explains his success against Alabama to Dan Patrick.
Deshaun Watson likes how he looks in a Cardinals uniform in Madden
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I don't believe I was talking about Deshaun Watson but ok.
If you think Deshaun Watson has an INT problem, I encourage you watch this. Really insightful, from https:…
DeShaun Watson to Chicago might not be bad at all
Time for to do something borne of inspiration, not trepidation: Draft Deshaun Watson at No. 3. Column
Deshaun Watson: If you pick Mitchell Trubisky before me, you'll need to 'live with the consequences'. h…
I'm confident the Bears pick Thursday will be either Deshaun Watson (hopefully 🙏) or Jamal Adams (who I'd also love depending on QB)
Deshaun Watson believes the results will speak for themselves.
The new talk yourself into Bortles is Deshaun Watson = Blake Bortles with a weak arm. lmao. Whew.
Can't wait till we have Mitch and Myles and Myles KILLS DeShaun Watson for his comments about us paying the price for no…
I am stunned so many analysts actually think Mitch Trubisky should be drafted higher than Deshaun Watson. WHAT???
Dan Patrick: What happens if you fall out of the first round?. Deshaun Watson: No big deal. I'll just pull a Derek Carr.…
www dot CharlotteFor dot me Selection of Mitchell Trubisky or Deshaun Watson could mean a Panthers draft bonanz...
Grossi: "Today, I'm believing that either Mitchell Trubisky or Deshaun Watson will be a Cleveland Brown."
Deshaun Watson & Patrick Mahomes are a full year younger than Mitchell Trubisky. Each also started at least 16 more game…
Deshaun Watson says there will be 'consequences' for taking Mitchell Trubisky over him
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Patrick Mahomes, Brad Kaaya, & Deshaun Watson probably my favorite QBs in this draft
Dabo Swinney: If Browns 'pass on Deshaun Watson, they're passing on Michael Jordan'
I'm told the are scheduled to visit with QB Deshaun Watson at Clemson on Friday, per sources.
My top 5 QBs:. 1. Mitchell Trubisky. 2. Deshaun Watson. 3. Patrick Mahomes. 4. Deshone Kizer. 5. Brad Kaaya. How does this compare to your's?
I wouldn't assume QB target in the top-10 is Deshaun Watson. One source I spoke to yesterday believes their QB…
THE guy at this point last year was Deshaun Watson. Or Brad Kaaya. Give it time, folks will tear down Darnold too
Bucky Brooks compared Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith yesterday. it was a Christmas miracle.
Bucky Brooks compared Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith. Do you agree with this comparison?
Just saw Bucky Brooks compare Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith (exactly who I think as well), yet he has Watson as the No. 1 QB on his board. 🤔
In his latest mock draft, Matt Miller has the Giants taking QB Deshaun Watson 23rd overall... 🤔interesting
Over the last month, worked out at least 5 of the top QBs: Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, Mitch Trubisky, Davis Webb, P…
On the 'NFL Show,' joins to analyze Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, and more
Former Alabama star Ryan Anderson didn't tell Deshaun Watson to leave Innisfree, he even offered to pick up his tab…
Former Alabama LB gives his side of the story in reported controversial interaction with Deshaun Watson
OJ Howard, Deshaun Watson,Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas...any of those at I'm good with. OJ or Adams preferably..
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Alabama fans forcing Deshaun Watson out of a bar in Tuscaloosa is actually the first time Bama has stopped him in the last tw…
Deshaun Watson forced out of bar in Tuscaloosa:
Saban tell them people to play an area. That's why they struggle with Running QBS, ie Chad Kelly, Deshaun Watson
WATCH: Deshaun Watson throws some serious shade at Lamar Jackson
Choosing between James Harden or Russ for MVP is like choosing between Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson for Heisman
QB's who beat Alabama in the last 3 seasons: Nick Marshall, Trevor Knight, Bo Wallace, Cardale Jones, Chad Kelly, Deshaun Watson
Jon Gruden asked Deshaun Watson what more he could've done to win the Heisman.
Spoiler alert: He has Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson going back-to-back. latest Mock Draft ($): https…
Odd that Deshaun Watson gets credit for "beating" Alabama, but Chad Kelly played them just as well in his 2 starts (2015…
An amazing and special young man ESPN Interview with Deshaun Watson | TigerNet
Dabo Swinney on Bears draft target Deshaun Watson: 'He makes everybody better day one'
coach John Fox, who could consider drafting Deshaun Watson, spending a lot of time alongside Dabo Swinney today.
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney explains why he compared Deshaun Watson to Michael Jordan--and doesn't back down from it. http…
We already know Bama can't stop Deshaun Watson to Hunter Renfrow on the pick and roll.
Did a couple more games on Deshaun Watson. Absolutely no problem with his velocity. When he wants to rip it, he can. Can also…
In 2006, Warrick Dunn presented Deshaun Watson's (boy in black sweatshirt) family with a Habitat for Humanity home (H/T…
NFL Network should lead with the Ben Miller trolling Deshaun Watson story! Huge need! I mean c'mon man!
6'5" 270 lb DE Myles Garrett just posted a 4.64 40 time! Faster than the top 2 QB's Pat Mahomes = 4.84, Deshaun Watson = 4…
Deshaun Watson proves critics wrong with sizzling Combine workout:
QB Mitchell Trubisky and QB Deshaun Watson both finish with the same unofficial 40-yard dash time: 4.67.…
NFL Combine: Deshaun Watson reveals what sets him apart, clarifies Cowboys joke -
Deshaun Watson explains to Josina Anderson how his mother's battle with cancer made him grow up q... - via App
The Chiefs met with Deshaun Watson. Probably because they love torturing their fans by getting their hopes up.
As of now, Kelly Bryant is Clemson’s top candidate to succeed Deshaun Watson at QB.
Orange Bowl: vs. Deshaun Watson an historic quarterback showdown
If the Browns offered the Dolphins their first pick and you could pick up Clemson QB Deshaun Watson and you give them Ryan Tannehill
.is doing a 6-part series, “One Shot,” with QB Deshaun Watson, following him thru the draft. It begins t…
QB1. Guy is going out of his way to show teams that he's bad. If only Deshaun Watson could've shown the same drive…
Man first Myles Garrett now Deshaun Watson begging to come to Americas Team! 😂 Jarette Scott Holly DeLargy Amber...
Which incoming Rookie QB would you rather have?. RT: Deshaun Watson. FAV: Mitch Trubisky
Deshaun Watson is one of the most interesting players in this NFL draft. Greg Cosell breaks down his strengths...
Don't know why we would need Raekwon but I'd be down. My perfect (probably). Myles Garrett. Solomon Thomas. Deshaun Watson. Tre White
Let's all take a moment to appreciate Reuben Foster's A gap pressure and Deshaun Watson getting up from this hit.
Greg Cosell compares Deshaun Watson's game to Alex Smith... Also says Trubisky is not a high level talent…
Deshaun Watson is No. 2 in McShay's Mock 2.0. He was not in the 1st round in version 1.0. Full Mock 2.0 (Insider): http…
ESPN's pegs QB Deshaun Watson to in latest mock (
Congrats to Deshaun Watson, Ben Boulware, Christian Wilkins & Dexter Lawrence for being named to All-Academic Team.…
Deshaun Watson, two others to Bills in SB Nation mock draft
When you hear Deshaun Watson getting day two grades for the draft
Is there a showdown coming between Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown on Deshaun Watson?
Deshaun Watson's National Championship campaign boosted the stock of the '14 QB class, but we've seen better...…
Dabo Swinney: Browns not drafting Deshaun Watson like passing on Michael Jordan – USA TODAY
Dabo Swinney on Browns:. “I’m just telling you if they pass on Deshaun Watson, they’re passing on Michael Jordan.”.
Today Dabo Swinney compared Deshaun Watson to Michael Jordan. Let's hope his comparison was about Jordan's years as a…
Dabo Swinney thinks Cleveland passing on Deshaun Watson with the No. 1 overall pick would be like passing on Michael Jord…
Dabo Swinney loves him some Deshaun Watson praise. Clemson's head man heaped it all on his former QB today.
[Akron Beacon Journal] - Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says Browns passing on Deshaun Watson in draft would be akin t…
right - it's not you. It's the institutions. Fortunately guys like Deshaun Watson will benefit going forward.
Dabo Sweeney says If Hue Jackson passes on Deshaun Watson at 1 he's "passing on Michael Jordan" https:…
Interesting note from The Browns asked Deshaun Watson to play in the Senior Bowl.
Andy Dalton is headed to the Pro Bowl; if 2 more AFC QBs drop out then Deshaun Watson will be also be headed to the Pro Bowl.
Deshaun Watson declining a Senior Bowl invitation after Browns asked him to play is interesting on a few levels. https…
SMU coaches have recruited Herschel Walker (Cavan), Johnny Manziel (Rossley) & Deshaun Watson (Morris). Just not for SMU. Cha…
Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson elects to pass on the Senior Bowl
I have Deshaun Watson as the best QB prospect to come out since Andrew Luck.
(Continued). FanRag - Jarrad Davis. 3 more for Charlton and 2 more for Howard. Walter Football - Deshaun Watson.
Deshaun Watson went to Gainesville. North forsyth beat Gainesville. North forsyth is better than Alabama.
Deshaun Watson with one of the most humble National Championship interviews 🐐
Deshaun Watson's career passer rating of 157.47 edges Tajh Boyd (155.2) for the highest in school history.
"if RGIII, Vince Young and Marcus Mariota can go in the top few picks, there's no question Deshaun Watson can." .
Clemson had 4 recievers with 5 rec/90+ yds in the Natty... Deshaun Watson knows how to use weapons when he has them!
What would Deshaun Watson bring to the Cleveland Browns? Here it is as Tajh Boyd tells it.
Rueben Foster's late hit on Deshaun Watson. Should he have been called for targeting?
Brown's are a terrible team but they got a star Wr with terrelle Pryor him and Deshaun Watson could be the start to them rebuilding
A live look at downtown when Deshaun Watson tip-toed into the end zone in the first half! . h…
Before hoisting the trophy, Deshaun Watson went through the spin cycle. by via
Do you think Deshaun Watson decided to go pro after one too many cheap shots to the head from the Bama D?
Who I want the Browns to take at 1. 1. Myles Garrett. 2. Jonathan Allen. 3. Deshaun Watson. 4. Reuben Foster . Id be happy with any.
Oh my goodness this hit on Deshaun Watson
but Deshaun Watson is a way better QB. & the star of the team. Jalen hurts isn't the leader of that team
He came up just short in one title game and was denied in two Heisman races. Deshaun Watson was not denied Monday.
Next year in a commercial, do Deshaun Watson and Vince Young room together in a really, really nice condo next to the…
Congrats to Deshaun Watson, who grew up in a home, for leading to the National Championshi…
Deshaun Watson says he's ready to take his game to the next level
Deshaun Watson has accounted for 3+ TD vs Alabama twice over last two seasons; all other QBs have done it 3 times combin…
Deshaun Watson: 40 touchdown passes this season, tying Jameis Winston's ACC record for most in one season.
News: Clemson QB Watson heading to NFL draft -…
Dabo grew up in a home of alcoholism and domestic violence. Deshaun Watson in govt housing. That "God" talk was about m…
It doesn't get any better than this for Deshaun Watson. And by that I mean in four months he could be a Cleveland Brown.
Deshaun Watson: "I smiled when they scored. They gave us too much time."
Remarkable candor by QB Deshaun Watson: "All we needed was a good pick," on winning TD pass.
Deshaun Watson in two games against Alabama:. 66 of 103 for 825 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, and 116 rushing yards.
Deshaun Watson after beasting Alabama and winning a National Championship: "Growing up, Florida was my dream school. Loved…
But shout out to my lil cousin Deshaun Watson n dem lol 😂
QB DeShaun Watson confirms he will be entering the &
I wish deshaun Watson cj spiller Deandre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins could've all been together 😳 filthy
Deshaun Watson foreshadowed his championship heroics for Clemson in an eerie…
NFL - "With the first pick in the 2017 Draft the Cleveland Browns select Deshaun Watson QB Clemson " . Me-
"It's not just for me it's for my city in Gainesville"🐐-Deshaun Watson
Just gonna leave this right here. Deshaun Watson. SALUTE!
Deshaun Watson tried to fly a helicopter for a 1st down.
That was one *** of a National Championship game. My goodness. Deshaun Watson was a man on a mission.
"Maybe now everyone will understand when I say Deshaun Watson is the best player in the country." - Dabo Swinney
People gotta chill with the DeShaun Watson/Browns memes... no way in *** he goes 1st overall and even the 10th pick is a stretch
And people thought Lamar Jackson was better than Deshaun Watson
After hearing Jerry Reese talk about finding the next QB, it makes me wonder if the Giants will try to get Deshaun Watson in the draft
Who else could it be?. Deshaun Watson is your Offensive MVP.
Deshaun Watson just doesn't have it tonight. Badly missed 2 deep throws that were there. That 3rd-down pass wasn't eve…
you think DeShaun Watson becomes a Bear??
QB Deshaun Watson named as the Offensive MVP of the National Championship game.
Deshaun Watson is the first Heisman runner-up QB to win the National Championship since Texas QB Vince Young in 2005.
Imagine if Deshaun Watson had Martavius Bryant, Sammy Watkins, AND Deandre Hopkins at Clemson like Tajh Boyd did.NIGGG…
Deshaun Watson overcome with emotion. Man if you don't root for this guy, you have problems. Please don't draf…
Just imagine if Deandre Hopkins Sammy Watkins and Deshaun Watson played together
Think if Deshaun Watson would have been at Clemson back with Sammy Watkins, Deondre Hopkins and Martavis Bryant😳😳
Clemson QB Deshaun Watson confirms intent to enter 2017 draft. "Clemson was the best three years of my life.".
Deshaun Watson confirms that he will enter the 2017 NFL Draft after winning the National Championship.
"Deshaun Watson didn't lose out on the Heisman. The Heisman lost out on him." - Dabo Swinney
Deshaun Watson is now tied with Tajh Boyd and Rodney Williams for most career wins as a starting quarterback in Clemson histor…
Deshaun Watson, seen here being spun like a dreidel
CLEMSON ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! This is how Deshaun Watson's winning TD pass sounded on (Sean McDonough and Tod…
Why Deshaun Watson look like he got hit with the meanest sweet chin music of all time
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