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Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes is a craft brewery founded in 1988 in Bend, Oregon, USA. The company produces a range of beers which it currently distributes to eighteen states.

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Finally found a aged via tequila kegs (these are just two of my favorite things as the song goes). Apparently…
I love when two things I love are better together via
Black Butte XXVII by Deschutes Brewery found at JL Beers - South. Oo boy.
Superb American malt whiskey. MT Today and release the 2nd edition of Bl…
Anything from but especially Mirror Pond Pale and Pacific Wonderland Lager.…
Today and release the 2nd edition of Black Butte Whiskey. When this whiskey was first…
TAP TALKS – EXTENDING & SHARING THE HARVEST at on SW Deschutes St in Corvallis at 7pm -…
Planeté Bruin by Deschutes Brewery found at Chuck's Hop Shop - 85th. Your new favorite.
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Barley's Taproom. Can you believe it? Yes. Yes, you can.
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Cafe Benelux. Have a pint!
Work Reworked: Technology for better beer, now on tap at via
Mosaic Birdhouse,gift for him,red birdhouse,Deschutes Brewery…
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Brookland Pint. Get a pint while you can!
Jubeale Nitro by Deschutes Brewery found at The Garage (Hi Hat). A whole lot of delicious.
The Abyss (2014) by Deschutes Brewery found at The Brave Horse Tavern. And another?
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Deschutes Brewery obsidian stout xl men's . via…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bunch of great brews came in at While supplies last! Deschutes Brewery Abyss, 3 Floyd's...
all of the abyss . @ Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
Dig into a six course menu from our sushi chefs paired with local, craft beers from on 12/18 at Long…
Watch how Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon, uses cloud computing and to deliver better beer – and more of it.…
Black Butte Porter by Deschutes Brewery found at JL Beers - West. Stop in and try it out.
Jubelale (2017) by Deschutes Brewery found at the Dark Horse Bar. Drink up that tasty brew!
Deschutes Brewery will be bringing 2015 Dissident - Ssour brown made with cherries and oak aged for 22 months.
We hope you have a happy & delicious from the Deschutes Brewery family to yours…
Deschutes Brewery to open tasting room in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia
TOMORROW, SATURDAY 12.2.17 AT 9 AM...We will release our allocation of Deschutes Brewery 2017 The Abyss, as well...
Get in loser we're heading down to the brewery to buy some Deschutes Chainbreaker white nitro amber stout ale
Join us for First Friday at Cascade Sotheby's Realty as we host the artist behind this year's Deschutes Brewery Jubelale la…
Fresh Hop City by Deschutes Brewery found at Stub & Herb's. Raise a glass of that tasty brew.
I think I had one from Deschutes Brewery when I was in Bend Oregon, but can't remember the nam.
What a fun night at Raleigh Beer Garden with Deschutes Brewery. Welcome Deschutes and thanks Mark Lyons for an...
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Awww shoot yeah, Deschutes Brewery on tap this Thursday 🍺🍻 Come see Krystal Miller and Ashley Metcalf & check...
Some staff training needed here. Asked for the Deschutes & told they don't have any. Bar staff trying to tell us th…
Tomorrow night is our Evening with Deschutes Brewery & Stone Brewing from 7pm. . Meet the…
Bravo to Deschutes Brewery for billing their own water treatment plant!
Deschutes Brewery to build its own wastewater treatment plant
Remember how we told you motto is “do your best and next time do it better?” Well here you go!
Solid choice. Deschutes a favorite brewery of yours?
Deschutes Brewery to build wastewater treatment facility via Fantastic! Takes green to the nth degree!
Deschutes Brewery to build its own treatment plant .
Come join us Wednesday, May 17th for our Deschutes Brewery Tap Takeover! We will be featuring 10 different beers...
The Abyss (2013) by Deschutes Brewery found at JL Beers - Moorhead. Gotta love it.
Deschutes Brewery to build wastewater treatment facility
Pinot Suave by Deschutes Brewery found at Sugar Maple. Bring a friend!
Pinot Suave by Deschutes Brewery found at 7 West Tap House - Duluth. Have a pint!
The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery found at The Last Drop Bottle Shop. Don't wait til it's gone!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Old Chicago. And another?
You'll appreciate that I'm at Deschutes Brewery drinking a Mirror Pond Pale Ale.
East - West collaboration project with https…
Hmm then definitely Deschutes Brewery. There's a ton on the main strip in town. I think you can still…
The Abyss (2015) by Deschutes Brewery found at Brouwer's Cafe. Solid selection.
Lisa Fenderson takes us to Bend, Oregon for a behind-the-scenes look at this unique partnership.
Obsidian Stout by Deschutes Brewery found at Sir Benedict's. Stop in and try it out.
FINALLY some beer (@ Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House - in Portland, OR)
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Ray J's NE. Bring a friend!
Armory XPA (v2) by Deschutes Brewery found at The Rathskeller. Solid selection.
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at RFD. Bottoms up!
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Camino. Fluid ounces of goodness.
The board paid $6.8 million for the property in April 2015, but the brewery went to Virginia.
Fun times showing our Deschutes Brewery Hololens demo with OSIsoft!
The perfect way to end a long day is with a quality brew!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Stop in for Chicken Tacos. Pork n Pint. . Try one of our new Deschutes Brewery beers.
The Abyss (2016) by Deschutes Brewery found at Lucille. Go get some!
We are almost a week away from our Into The Abyss Event With Deschutes Brewery! Tickets are now on sale! We have...
Red Chair (nitro) by Deschutes Brewery found at Mo's Irish Pub.
Black Butte XXVIII by Deschutes Brewery found at Meridian Pint. A healthy diet choice, definitely.
Black Butte XXVIII by Deschutes Brewery found at Muddy Waters. Probably want to grab a couple pints.
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Tin Fish. Grab a glass with a friend!
I used the Deschutes Brewery pine-tinted IPA for the base, BTW, heresy but really good heresy.
To a few of my favorite things: Portland OR, Deschutes Brewery, and of course the Nike…
My second craft beer in Portland. I know I'm so into hops. @ Deschutes Brewery…
the DesChutes brewery has he most amazing Mac and cheese with fennel sausage. Worth a trip there for sure!
The Stoic by Deschutes Brewery found at Road 34. Not too shabby!
Hop Henge Experimental IPA (2016) by Deschutes Brewery found at Muddy Waters. Bring a friend!
Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery found at Ox Cart Alehouse. Stop by and grab a glass!
WHJB fans, the next Penn Avenue Brews Tasting Tuesday is MAY 17, featuring Deschutes Brewery! Stop by Penn Avenue...
I'm just at Deschutes Brewery right now watching some UCL 😃😊😍
I've probably taken this photo a hundred times.I may take it a hundred more. @ Deschutes Brewery…
The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery found at The Cooper's Tavern. Beat the deadline!
Oregon Beer News: Preview of Deschutes Brewery’s Burger Month: Once again this year, Bend-based Deschutes Bre...
Our newest member of the family. Deschutes Brewery
I might go to at Deschutes Brewery Street Pub in Philadelphia, PA - Jun 11
Staying in Lexington for the night! Tried a new beer Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Deschutes Brewery Portland Public...
Hop Henge Experimental IPA (2014/2015 Release) by Deschutes Brewery found at Dexter's Pub. Get it before it's gone!
Come to the Jug Shop May 13th for some divine brews from Deschutes Brewery and some good ole Jug Shop debauch.
Lazy Saturday on the Deschutes at Craft Kitchen & Brewery
The Stoic by Deschutes Brewery found at Three Four Beer Co. Get out there and grab a pint.
Just added Red Chair NWPA by Deschutes Brewery to my menu -
Solid beer from a solid brewery. One of my favs from Deschutes. - Drinking a Black Butte Porter -
Hello, my best friends @ Deschutes Brewery and Public House
I'm now the Duke of Deschutes Brewery - Bend Public House on
Update your maps at Navteq
Join us for Brewer's Night on Wednesday December 23rd, we will featuring Deschutes Brewery! The fun starts at...
Lunch an a Abyss with my beautiful wife. (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House - in Portland, OR)
Jubelale by Deschutes Brewery is damned good ale.
Latest on Deschutes Brewery - It won't be long before Oregon's highly regarded Deschutes Brewery decides where it...
We can finally say, "Yes, we have it in stock now." Deschutes Brewery's coveted Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, The...
Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA ~ Really amazing flavor with a bit of a bitter finish that is e
Brewery News: OR: Bend: Deschutes awarded "Oregon Sustainability Award" in Business at the 20...
Deschutes is my favorite brewery. I don't think they are in Australia. they might be i dunno
December 23rd Brewer's Night with Deschutes Brewery! Beer tasting, specials, and free stuff! The fun starts at...
Adios to Deschutes Brewery EHOP and hello to Bale Breaker Brewing Company High Camp Winter Warmer
Made it to Bend, OR! About to drink my favorite beer at Deschutes Brewery. WAY TOO STOKED.
Deschutes Brewery & Public House two days in a row, I must be on Santa's good list. Chasin Freshies Fresh Hop...
Deschutes Brewery famous Experimental IPA, Hop Henge, is back for 2015! This release is a double (8.9% ABV)...
Come on in for pint night starting at 6pm! Tonight we're featuring Deschutes Brewery's winter favorite Jubelale.
It's like meeting your heroes tbh @ Deschutes Brewery and Public House
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Drinking comp beer as we fly over mt Rainer. Deschutes brewery! I'm home
Join us TODAY for the 12 Beers of Christmas featuring by Deschutes Brewery and Urban...
Found it! Finally! In Columbus, Ohio of all places. brewery might have to grab the too
Check out this item in my Etsy shop brewery
Rebel continues his winter beer reviews with Jubelale -
mirror pond pale ale by Deschutes brewery
.Red Chair NWPA returns for the season! Info
Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR) Red Chair NWPA 6.2% ABV/ 60 IBU A hop-forward ale with that distinctive citrusy punch of an IPA
Deschutes narrows its list for new Eastern brewery
New on the shelf from Deschutes Brewery, Mirror Pond Pale Ale.
Roanoke, Asheville step up media push in race for Deschutes.
Deschutes narrows its list for new plant via -
A few Street Pub volunteer shifts have opened up for Sat. Looking for people who are TIPs certified. Sign up: Thanks
Asheville on short list to land Deschutes Brewery. Decision by year's end.
Asheville has its fingers crossed for Deschutes brewery.
Join in the rally for Deschutes Brewery to come to Roanoke! Like Deschutes 2 Roanoke and let them hear us be loud...
Portland, you make it easy to want to return. @ Deschutes Brewery…
Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Ale has a new look. Same yummy goodness, but new packaging!
Asheville eager to add Deschutes Brewery to booming beer tourism industry
The Deschutes Brewery event is this Thursday. 27th Anniversary Black Butte and Stoic are awesome this year! The...
Enjoying some Deschutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter (... and pretzels) while I work tonight.
.encourages Deschutes Brewery to come see what Roanoke is all about. Your move, Asheville.
Don't miss this! is invading the taps at tomorrow with 14 different brews. Info
Hello Deschutes! Build your brewery in Roanoke, Va and you will be the STAR in the Star City!
Hey ! and I are at Deschutes Brewery, come find us!
Monday just got a lot better!!. Alpine Brewery Hoppy Birthday & Duet. Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Anniversary 26...
Our first official event on our new patio! Pairing featuring Brewery and
Odell Brewing Co Isolation and Deschutes Brewery Jubelale are both Now Available in Topeka Liquor Stores!
What's going on? Deschutes Brewery STREET PUB Denver Get found ->
A pint of beer looks tiny in Mikes giant hand (@ Deschutes Brewery Brewhouse in Bend, OR)
Watching the Seahawks enjoying an Elk Burger & beer at Deschutes Brewery during
Deschutes Brewery Hop Trip Fresh Hop IPA is on the "green list" of fresh hop brews...get them NOW!
Virginia governor confirms he wants to land Deschutes Brewery: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has confirmed he'...
Governor Terry is always hustling. Up next: Bringing a Deschutes Brewery to Virginia.
Virginia governor wants new Deschutes Brewery site: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Gov. Terry McAuliffe has confirmed he...
Brewery Release: OR: Bend: Deschutes Brewery raises over $69,000 for Great Lakes and local schools
Black Butte Porter, Deschutes Brewery is on tap always at Tilted Kilt, Robinson, PGH in case anyone asks.
Be here Thu for Deschutes Brewery Tap Takeover! 4 beers on tap & Brewery reps will be here at 5:30. for more info.
The 4th annual Pup Crawl begins tonight at Deschutes Brewery & Public House from 4 to 8 p.m. Join the Humane...
maybe he's the Deschutes brewery of music: masses claim to LOVE him, but really far fewer have actually indulged.
The big diff between and on snow days is in Bend, we claimed them for skiing. It's what I miss most. And Deschutes Brewery.
coming soon, new music from a jingle for Deschutes Brewery :-D \m/~
Another feature implemented in Lasp while at the brewery! @ Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
I checked in at Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House on
Elk burger and an IPA... You hit the spot :) w Foxy (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House -
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Deschutes Brewery Night at the Fid Tonight 7pm. Featuring Abyss, 2010 Super Jubel, and other great beers. Stop by...
Portland craft brewery make the fine cold beer. Deschutes Brewery. Put down the Coors Light
Deschutes Brewery fresh squeezed IPA. I like a lot of Deschutes stuff
Heading to Bend? Stop for tour of Deschutes Brewery. Check out video and photos brought to you by Brent Drinkut
Check these sweet skis we're giving away on Superbowl Sunday! Come in, enjoy a Deschutes Brewery Red Chair Nitro...
Join up for Meet the Brewer with Deschutes Brewery tomorrow night from 6-8 pm.
Deschutes Brewery Brewer's Table tonight with Tish...releasing their new Zarabanda beer!!! Come check it out. Will go quick!!!
Who else is a fan?! We're stoked to see them lead the way in
Matt O. is drinking a Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery
In case you are not familiar with these guys Beer Review: Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes Brewery
BREWS BROS.: Popular Oregon brewery brings favorites to area: Deschutes Brewery, one of the great breweries of...
Kickin' it old skool with some new skool tools... The Dissident by Deschutes Brewery was the perfect…
The craft beer out there is insane. Make sure you sample Widmer Bros and Deschutes Brewery.
to be the Director of Operations with Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR. info @ :
Now serving on draught: Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter, a 5.2% sessionable porter with chocolate and roasts...
This week's growler of the week is Deschutes Brewery Red Chair NWPA for $14. . The...
Thanks to everyone for coming out last night! The beers covered last night were the Chainbreaker White IPA, Inversion IPA and Mirror Pond Pale Ale (all from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. The Liquor Lodge picked up a new shipment of these beers today plus another one from Deschutes called Twilight Summer Ale. Cheers! -John
American Craft Beer Weeks continues tonight as we focus on the hoppy offerings of Deschutes Brewery! We have three beers on tap tonight: Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Fresh Squeezed IPA & Red Chair Northwest Northwest Pale Ale. Available for $3 each until 6 pm!
Check it out. FREE Craft Beer tasting festival at MaMa Jean's Market on E. Sunshine this Thursday the 15th from 5-7pm. Over 80 beers from the likes of Piney River Brewing Company, Mother's Brewing Company, Springfield Brewing Company, White River Brewing Company, Schlafly Beer, Tallgrass Brewing Company, Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling, Core Brewing Company, Lagunitas Brewing Co, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Boulevard Brewing Company, New Holland Brewing Co., Deschutes Brewery, Left Hand Brewing Company and more. Also joining us will be the fine folks from Copper Run Distillery, who have just release a special Hopped Wheat Whiskey in collaboration with Mother's. Also delicious treats provided by Chef Daniel Stern of the Mama Jean's Deli. And if that is not enough we are launching our Mama Jean's Brewt Squad that night, a new incentive rewards program where you get sweet, sweet goods for buying your beer at Mama Jeans. FREE to Attend, bring a friend. All beer will be 15% from the start of the event t . ...
Brew tour stop three. Winter winter barley wine up in here! (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House -
Okay, correction, Merlo Family Vineyards has a Tasting Room in don't take this beautiful ride (to the Trinities) thinking of wine at the end of the road..unless u take your own! HAH! Thanks Andra for a great pour with some great wine and even greater company. I'll be pouring Deschutes Brewery come Friday 5-7pm so come on by and afterwards, check out the new Brew House next door. They've got music and brews...New place for hanging in Palo Cedro California. WIn WIn
Great brewery! We also hit Laurelwood, Deschutes, Widmer Bros., Rogue, Laughing Lab, and Full Sail while I was there last year.
“Hop Henge IPA from Deschutes Brewery. Good beer. you should try the fresh squeezed!
we moved to a wonderful huge house in a luxiourios golf course neighborhood,, close 2 the 3 canals and with a prize-winning landscaped yard.. all of the kids were employed at deschutes brewery.. we went 2 church the kids went to school and blittle league and i and jes ran ANGRYGRANMAS Pancake HOUse where even children get coffee with their pancakes.. the surliest service n town.. down with lovivin done right!!!
Just in "Class of 88" barleywine style ale. It's a collaboration between Rogue, North Coast, and Deschutes brewery!
Deschutes Brewery comes to Joe's in one week for a tap take over! One of the beers featured will be the Black... don't like Bud Light? “Hop Henge IPA from Deschutes Brewery. Good beer.
Deschutes Brewery Woody & Salts Cure Pig Roast tonight at Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park. Any beer and p...
You could win this Deschutes Brewery dart board! Join World of Beer for their 1st anniversary party April 26th!
Would you like to win this Deschutes Brewery dart board for your home? All you have to do is join us during WOB...
Deschutes Brewery in the house this Thursday 10th. Beers on tap will be: Mirror Mirror Barley Wine Fresh Squeezed IPA Hop Henge IPA Pine Drops IPA Obsidian Stout Red Chair on Nitro! Come enjoy an evening with the people from Deschutes Brewery and their awesome beer!
Now on tap: Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA! 6.4% ABV 60 IBU This mouthwateringly delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Don't worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer. Malt: Pale, Crystal, Munich Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Nugget
Congratulations Ben Schwerin for winning the Deschutes Brewery fire pit!!! Everyone...come in and celebrate with us tonight for some delicious 12oz hand cut Ribeye's and frothy PBR drafts!!
Attention homebrewers and beer geeks…come share your love for craft at Coronado Brewery Taproom for a collaborative event with Deschutes Brewery. Visitors can chat with the brewers from both Coronado and Deschutes while enjoying side-by-side samples of beers from both breweries (in your commemorati...
Did you try the Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA? Come try a pint and grab you some grub--maybe the Korean...
Kegs and Eggs Event at BrewRiver GastroPub is this Sunday from 10 to 3! Featuring Deschutes Brewery's Mirror Mirror, Bacon-Infused...
65 local, regional and national breweries are confirmed for the 4th annual Washington Crossing Brewfest, to be held May 3 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Washington Crossing Historic Park. They are: Allagash Brewing Company from Maine; Appalachian Brewing Company from Harrisburg; Avery Brewing Company from Colorado; Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits from California; Bear Republic Brewing Company from California; Bells Brewery from Michigan; Blue Moon Brewing Co. from Colorado; Boulder Beer Company from Colorado; Brooklyn Brewery from New York; Carton Brewing Company from New Jersey; Clown Shoes Beer from Massachusetts; Dark Horse Brewing Company from Michigan; Deschutes Brewery from Oregon; Dock Street Brewing Company from Pennsylvania; Dogfish Head Brewery from Delaware; DuClaw Brewing Company from Maryland; Evil Genius Beer Company from New York; Fegley’s Brew Works from Pennsylvania; Firestone Walker Brewing Company from California; Fish Brewing Company from Washington; Flying Dog Brewery from Maryland; F ...
No 91 / another Deschutes Brewery - "Inversion IPA" / I have to say this may be the best IPA I've had…
Sea Otter is on! Dinner cooking, Deschutes Deschutes Brewery beer is flowing, and camp is set for the show.
[NEW BEER ALERT]. From our friends at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. A very special beer previously released...
Deschutes Brewery announced today that its craft beers will be available in Pittsburgh starting April 21, 2014, just in time for Pittsburgh Craft Beer
Heading over to Deschutes Brewery with 30 of my closest friends from Standard
The Deschutes brewery tour is pretty awesome
Tonight's Bikes, Beer & Bites from Deschutes Brewery benefits Friends of the LA River (Atwater...
Just in time for Welcome to Pittsburgh Our sponsor is the wholesaler. featured in NBC s Science of Love
about to eat some of Bend's finest. Deschutes Brewery!
And.this is in. Deschutes Brewery fresh squeezed. Drink asap.
Deschutes Brewery will be having a free beer tasting this friday from 4-7 at our Richland location. Stop in for...
Big day for releases beerknurds! Come in and check out Rogness Brewing Company Bella belgian ale, Deschutes Brewery Fresh Sqeezed IPA, Real Ale Brewing Company Fireman's Cask, Full Sail Brewing Company IPA Cask, and Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Piper Down Scotch Ale. Did i also mention it happens to be Wednesday?! So don't forget about brewery glass night! Tonight we have Krombacher Weizen beer paired with the glass for only $7.25!
"Craft beer is at 8% market share right now but we want 20%." -Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery. Brewers...
If you haven't tried Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA come by Friday 5 pm - 8 pm. You can also try the Red...
Oregon's expands to in time for w/ distributor partner Frank B Fuhrer Wholesale Co.
"Hop Henge IPA from Deschutes Brewery. Good beer. is there such a thing as bad beer Stone Cold :-)
Deschutes Brewery announces Pittsburgh launch details, set to kick off in two weeks ..BeerPulse BeerBlogs
“Hop Henge IPA from Deschutes Brewery. Good beer. My kinda guy is Austin!!
Woah woah woah woah. Deschutes Brewery has clone recipes for all their beers on their website?
Five Pint Mary had an AWESOME time playing at the Tap Room at the Pub at Deschutes Brewery tonight! What an AMAZING crowd of St. Patty's revelers we had!! Will be back in the morning to play for & cheer on the St. Pat's Dash runners, ya'll! ~CHEERS!!
Tap Takeover Tuesday with Deschutes Brewery today 4-11p. Glass giveaways, swag and Patxi's Pizza!
Quick bite before heading to the airport! (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House - w/ 3 others)
Photo: Late night brews with my favourite. (at Deschutes Brewery & Public House)
Thanks to Google Now for bringing me here @ Deschutes Brewery & Public House
Joe I ate at Deschutes Brewery tonight it was outstanding!! Had to share with you man
Like it. Be back next time in Bend. (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House) on
Nice Alaskan fish and chips with Panko crust. Great brews in downtown Bend. (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House)
Don't miss our August "Flights of Fancy" Beer Sampling Party with Deschutes Brewery! Freebies fun & more! $10...
tomorrow on the blog I visit Brewery in Bend Read about the brewing process and employee quality control taste testing!
"Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops"
Try Deschutes Brewery downtown if you get a chance. And Powell's Books is just up the street.
As kicks off at Waterfront Park, we have a sneak peek at the newest brew from
Hey, PDX peeps! All of & is going to be at Deschutes Brewery tomorrow night at 8pm. Come join us!.
Must visits in PDX: Stumptown Coffee, VooDoo Donuts, Deschutes Brewery. All are within a few blocks of one another.
Startin' the day off right with in sensory tasting! @ Deschutes Brewery…
Deschutes Brewery Black Butte XXV made a surprise re-appearance. So if you missed out the first time (and I know...
Freezing hops may lead to a tastier beer; Deschutes Brewery is testing out the theory
Day 4. Deschutes Brewery Woody beer wagon. It's 8:00am. Let the good times roll.
Deschutes brewery is becoming one of my favorite breweries. Highly recommend the chai breaker white…
Liking how eateries now offer wider options of beers. The Little Diner's current Twilight from Deschutes Brewery.
Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops - News
Also back for a limited time is Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA. You know you want one. RIGHT NOW!!
Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops -
[Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops
Beer News | Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops: Polley said freezing the hops will pre...
Deschutes Brewery testing out frozen hops
Deschutes Brewery some free glasses too! (at & Cafe) [pic]:
Fresh today in beer: Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA. Come & get it!
at deschutes brewery in Bend of course!
Moved on to the Deschutes Brewery tour.
Big Muscat barrels for our collab w/ Deschutes Brewery.
Powell’s Books and the Deschutes brewery are my favorites.
happy birthday from all of us at Deschutes brewery out in good ole Bend oregon, we loved having you!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Drove to Bend with no air conditioning. Praising the Lord for Deschutes Brewery!
Come out tonight for Deschutes Brewery's "Brewery Olympics" at 8pm!!! Woody will be here along with prizes and...
Travel blog: We visit Powell's City of Books, Deschutes Brewery and Public House, and Ringside Fish House.
Now at the Deschutes Brewery sampling it up. Basically just being the annoying New York tourist in Portland.
Classic Six sample tray at Deschutes Brewery. Black Butte Porter is my fave so far!
A HUGE thanks to stage 5 sponsor Deschutes Brewery!
Could freezing hops lead to a tastier beer? S.D. man working on tests with Deschutes Brewery
Go Nutz: here is the recipe for Deschutes Brewery's famous beer nuts:
Frozen hops: The key to tastier Deschutes Brewery in Bend Ore. gives it a test.
Hello Everyone! Don't forget to come on out to the Sterling Bank Bite of Bend Presented by Barley Beef is Central Oregon’s largest food festival, celebrating the region’s unique cuisine and culture. This event is free to the public and includes activities for the whole family. Festival favorites include the live Top Chef competition, the American Family Insurance Music Stage, the beer garden by Deschutes Brewery, the 4th Annual Beer Run, the Northwest Spirits & Mixology Show, the children’s area, and of course the Marketplace, featuring “bites” from local restaurants and chefs. Join us for The Bite of Bend this summer and celebrate the fabulous cuisine and culture of Oregon! At each of the entrances to The Bite of Bend, a suggested donation will be posted. The proceeds benefit this year’s beneficiary, The Boys and Girls Club.
Today on myWindow, we have a beer at Deschutes Brewery & Public House with Gary Fish! Plus, a former Deschutes...
S had the Elk Stroganoff at Deschutes Brewery tonight.
i remember when this place was a small sushi bar (@ Deschutes Brewery & Public House - [pic]:
Adventure Galley and Electric Ill are setting up right now on the lanes! Get down here for a FREE CONCERT at 9pm with Deschutes Brewery for Portland Beer Week.
News - Deschutes Brewery enters Philly market with Muller on July 1st, Iowa-bound on July 20th
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Oh, it's gonna be a good one tonight. We'll be drinking whiskey and listening to The Duck Pond. Why? Because it's Wednesday and that means Bluegrass and Whiskey all night at Park House. It's their first time at Park House so let's give them a warm whiskey-fueled welcome. We'll also have Deschutes Brewery making a special appearance early in the night and we'll be showcasing their Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Come one, come all. Colfax and Madison.
Deschutes Brewery brings its beer to Iowa | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs via
A crane lowers a fermentation tank as R&H Construction workers guide it into place Wednesday at the Deschutes Brewery production facility in Bend. Five fermentation tanks are being added to complete a new, 10-tank system at the brewery. The new system has the potential to increase the brewery's capa...
Be sure to stop by Bond Street Market tomorrow night between the hours of 5-8pm to taste the newly released River Ale and the popular summer brew Twilight from Deschutes Brewery :) One of our girls will be pouring and you won't want to miss it!
Morning scorecard: Absinthe 10, Gabe -6 Midday: Homework and CD Major Project + Pickn' on John Mayer Blue Grass. Afternoon: Drive to Bend Evening + Weekend: Deschutes Brewery & Slightly Stoopid with Jeremy Holbrook, Devin Harrigan, Nicole Mintiens and all the fine folks of Bend. Riding Hoodoo tomorrow with the PSU Outdoor Recreation Program. Crashing Black Butte Ranch with Brent Butler and riding Mount Bachelor Sunday with Jeff Newman and most probably Danielle Lancelot Watson & Mark Derr. Sunday Night with Kristin Wolter & the Parental Units. Monday Morning: Back in Stumptown for class. Lovin every minute of it
Episode 43 may have been the ultimate beer episode. The featured Show Beer was a blend from Mainbrew consisting of one part Boneyard Beer's Hop Venom and one part Great Divide Brewing Co.'s Oak Aged Yeti. Other beers on the show were Firestone Walker Brewing Co.'s Abacus, Uinta Brewing's Sea Legs, The Bruery's Smoking Wood, Southern Tier Brewing Company's Back Burner, and after the show we toasted Mr. Jeff Futzer with a bottle of Deschutes Brewery's Abyss. Not only did Douglas answer all of our questions on home brewing, but he also brought a delicious bottle of one of his very own home brews. A big thanks to Adam and Marcus for joining us with their questions. What a day.
Oregon is in the running for best beer state in the union, but you wouldn't know if from watching The Beer Temple podcast. For too long, we've been neglecting The Beaver State, but that ends now. Today, Chris tastes three beers from the great Deschutes Brewery, located in Bend, Oregon. And as an added bonus, this is the first podcast filmed from the store!
Wednesday Specials at the Brick are from Deschutes Brewery. Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Green Lakes Organic Ale & Black Butte Porter!!
Pre-Santaland Diaries with my parents and Nat! @ Deschutes Brewery & Public House
Added The Dissident by Deschutes Brewery to my beer cellar -
3.2 mile run done. Now toasting those of honest good will with a chilled glass of winter ale brewed by Deschutes Brewery of Bend, Oregon.
Congratulations to Jan Verdoorn! You won the $25 Deschutes Brewery gift certificate for registering for the OSU-Cascades Snow Warrior Dash on Feb. 17th! We will draw for another $25 gift card on Dec. 19th, so make sure you register to get a chance to win!
Eli on stage tonight with his guitar, come on down for a Thinly Sliced Prime Rib Sandwich and crispy onion rings while you listen! Oh ya probably should grab a nice Nitro Jubel Ale by Deschutes Brewery.
to Celebrate 25 Years with "Class of '88" Series; collaboration with 4 other '88ers.
Deschutes Brewery to Collaborate with Great Lakes Brewing and others for Class of ’88 Series
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Was at yesterday, Brewery is coming!
We're pouring Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter for $3.00 all day with Lawrence's pulled pork sandwich for...
Deschutes Brewery makes great beer and great customer service.
Elfie found some of my Deschutes Brewery collection. Don't even think about it Elfie!
Deschutes Brewery and the Class of ’88: Earlier this year I was chatting with Deschutes Brewery... (via
Deschutes Brewery and the Class of '88 collaborations; I LOVE this idea
All out at the women's race at USGP in Bend.
Cyclocross and Mounting biking(MTB) Videos, Interviews of cyclers and competitions. Photos of cycling. Latest cycling News, Articles, Photos and results. USGP - Deschutes Brewery Cup - Bend, OR
Jake, sharing some tire pressure info. on his Kenda Kwickers before the USGP Deschutes Cup in Bend.
TGH had a great weekend in Bend at the USGP Deschutes Brewery Cup
In addition to our Deschutes Brewery specials for the month of December we are also now offering the Maritime Jolly Roger!
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