Des Plaines & Ray Kroc

Des Plaines is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It has adopted the official nickname of City of Destiny. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 58,720. It is a suburb of Chicago, and is next to O'Hare International Airport. Raymond Albert Ray Kroc (October 5, 1902 – January 14, 1984) was an American businessman who joined McDonald's in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world. 5.0/5

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fake news, first one was in San Bernadino, first 1 Ray Kroc opened was in Des Plaines, IL Burbs of Chica…
Des Plaines is the home of the first franchised McDonald's opened by Ray Kroc in 1955.
Apr 15 1955- McDonald's restaurant dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc, in Des Plaines, Illinois
"Apr 15, 1955: Ray Kroc acquired McDonald's and opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Ill.,."
44. The first McDonald's franchise restaurant, owned by Ray Kroc, opened in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines in 1955.
who am I? (businessman) I opened my first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Ill after I was over 50 years old
Tim and I at the first McDonalds Ray Kroc opened in Des Plaines, IL.
1940 The first McDonald's was built in 1940 by the McDonald brothers *** and Mac). 1950s 1954: Ray Kroc became the first franchisee appointed by Mac and *** McDonald in San Bernardino, California. a955: Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois (near Chicago) 1960s 1961: Ray Kroc opened a Hamburger University in Elk Grove, near Chicago.And sold 1billion hamburger 1967: The first restaurants outside of the USA opened in Canada and Puerto Rico. 1970s 1975: The company's first Drive-Thru opened in Sierra Vista, Arizona. 1980s 1981: The first McDonald's in the Philippines opens, in Morayta, Manila. 1985: Founder Ray Kroc dies.And 50 billionth hamburger sold. 1990s 1992: On April 23, the world's largest McDonald's opens in Beijing, China (over 700 seats). Along with adjacent buildings, it is later demolished. 1992: On April 28, seven McDonald's restaurants are bombed in Taiwan, killing one policeman and injuring four. 1993: The company launches its first seagoing restaurant aboard the Fi .. ...
My grade school buddy, Marty, and I would ride our bikes about 5 miles to eat at the first McDonald's in Des Plaines, Illinois. (pic in the middle). it is now a museum. This was the first place I ever saw that wrapped its food. There was no seating. There were just a few items on the menu: hamburger, cheeseburger, orange drink, coca-cola, milk shakes, fries. The plain hamburger was actually 15 cents. I think the cheeseburger was 20 cents. Fries were probably 25 cents. The pic on the left was the very first McDonald's in California before Ray Kroc entered the business. (pic 3 is the announcement flyer for the Grand Opening in 1955.
Famous brands started or saved by life insurance McDonald’s Working as a milkshake machine distributor in 1954, Ray Kroc (1902-1984) took notice of a successful hamburger stand in San Bernardino, Calif., which he called on, intending to sell brothers *** and Mac McDonald more Multimixers. He learned they were interested in a nationwide franchising agent. Kroc, 52 at the time, decided his future was in hamburgers and partnered with the brothers. He opened his first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Ill., in 1955 and bought out the McDonald brothers in 1961. Kroc did not take a salary during his first 8 years, and to overcome constant cash-flow problems, Kroc borrowed money from two cash value life insurance policies (and also his bank) to help cover the salaries of key employees. He also used some of the money to create an advertising campaign around emerging mascot Ronald Mcdonald. Using a progressive franchising arrangement and striving for consistency and standardization throughout the chain, McDonald’s ...
Good Afternoon & Happy National Apple Betty Day! On this date in 1582 If you lived in Italy and many other Catholic countries, this day and the next 10 days did not exist due to the Gregorian Calendar Adjustment (it corrected an accumulated 11 day discrepancy). The day following Thursday, October 4, 1582 was Friday, October 15, 1582. It was effective in most Catholic countries. The old Julian calendar continued in use in Britain and its colonies until 1752, in Japan until 1873, in China until 1912, in Russia until 1918, in Greece until 1923, and in Turkey until 1925. In 1902 Ray Kroc is born in Oak Park, Illinois. Ray Kroc sold blenders for milkshakes, and one of his customers was a restaurant in San Bernardino, California owned by Maurice and Richard McDonald. Kroc set up a chain of drive-in restaurants based on their efficient assembly line production kitchen. He opened his first restaurant on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. By 1961 he had 228 restaurants and he bought out the McDonald b ...
I lived in Des Plaines, Illinois from 1959 to 1966. Home to Ray Kroc's first McDonald's. I use to go there as a kid. 15 cent hamburgers!
1955 The first franchised McDonald’s was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, by Ray Kroc, who bought the hamburger restaurant owned by the McDonald brothers. On opening day a 2 patty hamburger was 15 cents and French Fries were 10 cents.
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