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Derryn Hinch

Derryn Nigel Hinch (born 9 February 1944 in New Plymouth, New Zealand, now an Australian citizen) is an Australian media personality, best known for his work on Melbourne radio.

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"I now support it with certain cases," says Derryn Hinch on capital punishment, believing Adrian Bayley should have gotten the death penalty
I have contacted Derryn Hinch and thanked him for the sacrifice he made, home detention, due to him making known publicly where convicted pedophiles are living. I am sending him a copy of Hollow Points and let's hope he likes it. It is unbelievable that pedophiles are given 'privacy' rights and Derryn, in my opinion, did us all a wonderful service. How about the rights of victims, and those next innocents that they will most surely violate. Pedophiles, in my opinion, have no privacy rights. They prey on the innocent and those unable to defend themselves. I believe that 'once a pedophile, always a pedophile'. Castration is certainly an option, in my opinion, of course, the best option. I must add, that pedophiles are not always men. There are women violators out there too, and they deserve the same exposure and punishments. Thank you for sharing this, Gillian Munday
Jill Meagher's killer Adrian Ernest Bayley had an extensive criminal history but was allowed to back on the streets despite a parole board review.
let's not just lose the Burqa. It is time we followed the 1950's policy of banning Communism,we need to ban Islam in Australia
A magistrate shouldn't have to talk to a letter box. Derryn hinch. He has some intestinal fortitude.
Goodwood Park Hotel is creating new problems for me. I've had wi-fi issues, shower problems, rooms not ready at check in ... Today it's the TV on the blink. The typical response from management is to give me a free bowl of fruit. Guava and bananas just won't cut it anymore.
I wasn't employed by Derryn Hinch because I was dumb.
I got the nod quoting Derryn Hinch responding about me to a troll account "Even I cannot believe that of who I suspect."
Jess learning the Macedonian way in the kitchen
Derryn hinch hit the nail on the head about our parol board. Fukn weak.
Just heard Derryn Hinch on Today Tonight. Couldn't agree more, it's about time the parole board becomes accountable for letting life long criminals out on the streets
Dear channel 7, Please do not give Derryn Hinch time on tv! He's a spud!
I always feel like Derryn Hinch when I say something is a disgrace. It is not a comfortable feeling plus facial hair doesn't suit me.
Another under reported crime I wonder how you would feel if this was you...
COMING UP: Paul Murray speaks to Derryn Hinch about revelations surrounding the murder of Jill Meagher 954AM
. Where in the world is Derryn Hinch ?
Is Derryn Hinch going to deliver his sermon on the mount about the Jillian Meagher case 'from NZ??' talk about the cowardly blogger monster
Derryn Hinch cannot make wild accusations either. Today a Crown Prosecutor conducted a case in accordance with laws that provide fair trials
Derryn Hinch can't publish 'certain detail' about the Jillian Meagher case, it's distressing & its suppressed still. There's no confusion.
. Day of reckoning for disgraced Derryn Hinch too. He's in good health now, he can go to jail this time
Is it just me or is everyone else getting advertising on their FB feed?
On June 11 Derryn Hinch in Supreme Court to answer charges. His media mates are silent, they're too busy stalking Ricky Nixon
Ra ta ta ta! Tomorrow disgraced Derryn Hinch appears in court again :)
3 day weekends should become a constant thing. 1 day for rest. 1 day for play. 1 day for chores. It just makes sense. I'm Darren Hinch.
Derryn Hinch in Supreme Court tomorrow? Media silent on charges Hinch faces for breaching suppression orders in Jillian Meagher murder case
Just saw my best friend Derryn Hinch!
Ever spotted a celebrity on your cruise? Tell us who, and send us a pic if you managed to get a sneaky one in!
Is Abbott really as disliked as the opinion polls keep showing?
Derryn Hinch's media mates silent about his day in court. But the HS throws a 2-page spread bc Nixon's car was impounded
. No Sunday Herald Sun two-pages spread talking about impending jail for Derryn Hinch.
seriously, why would we care what Derryn Hinch thinks or any of those AFL Niff Nuffs, origin was awesome!!
Apparently , tis fact makes dogs dangerous . Animals and humans feel FEAR when their survival is threatened in any way,
Tomorrow night, I will be exposing a pedophile on my page. He's slipped away from the law too many times. I'm just going to think about it for a day to think if I should give out his details or not because who knows how messy things could get for him. and more importantly this page. Stay tuned. I might treat this issue like a girl and just have some fun and then decide to pull out at the last minute.
3 days till Derryn Hinch fronts to be formally charged with contempt of court for breaching suppression in Victoria over Jill Meagher case
See? Derryn Hinch projected on Ricky Nixon the jailbird inside him. Dr. Diver is never wrong.
I don't see why disgraced Derryn Hinch couldn't be jailed this time. He's in good health, and he did it again !
Derryn Hinch faces contempt charges for blogging about Jill Meagher’s killer Adrian Bayley
Derryn Hinch's take on the Paul Gallen incident will almost certainly fire up NRL and Origin fans...
Hinch's "no neck monsters" jibe at NRL players given context in the latest blog...
Derryn Hinch talked evil about you for going to court, and look at him now: making a trip to court surely to be jailed later
. Derryn Hinch talks evil about Ricky Nixon's appearing in court, and look at Hinch, again in court, LOL Put him in the cage
yeah you're pretty right there. although there are some muppets who spring to mind as being worse eg Derryn Hinch
5 days till Derryn Hinch faces court for breaching suppression orders in the Jillian Meagher murder case, 3 days of which are a long weekend
Derryn Hinch calling The Janoskians *** is the best thing to hear in the morning.
"I don't think they should get one cent of taxpayers' money" - Derryn Hinch
AWU Scandal - Sorry Gillard, but this issue hasn't gone away
Some serious consequences for Derryn Hinch if the police & court prove he interfered with Jill Meagher's murder investigation since OCT 2012
Almost home, just sitting in the airport shuttle bus heading back for the car. Got to do some celebrity spotting at Sydney airport, Paul saw Derryn Hinch and I saw one of the male singers from the Voice. :)
The Today Show you are a disgrace! You and your reporters have no shame, no conscience and no ethics! On the one hand you feign concern for those with eating disorders & bring in experts to tell us how to deal with the growing obesity crisis, then happily give a free plug to one of our fast food chains for its latest, totally useless piece of crap, masquerading as food. No matter how disgusting, harmful and probably addictive this rubbish is going to be, to those who'll be devouring it, it's treated as great fun and gets the hearty blessing of all those concerned. To quote Derryn Hinch - shame, shame, shame!!
When will Australia follow states like California and legalise cannabis, at least for medical purposes? One little girl’s plea.
I thinks Pell's denial may be more than protecting the church and even protecting himself...perhaps he doesnt actually have the capacity to care, or hes a brilliant actor. Might sound harsh but the stories of these children are devastating to hear and he has heard them all before even met them and/or the families...
I liked a video from Bob Irwin interview on Today Tonight with Derryn Hinch .
- so I'm walking through the park and a girl runs up to me all excited yelling "Derryn?" I look at her blankly and she yells again "Derryn?" Either she had the wrong person or my steady decline into looking like Derryn Hinch has begun..
why is it when a 13 year old girl makes a comment to a black AFL player it is a racist slur but when billionaire Eddie Maguire says something far worse about same player it was a slip of the tongue!? Also, love her or hate her Julia Gillard is our prime minister, how disrespectful was it to have not one incident of a teenager throwing a sandwich at her but two? Shame, shame , shame Australia as Derryn Hinch would say! Time Australia grew up!!
Bob Irwin interview on board the STEVE IRWIN on Today Tonight with Derryn Hinch the Humanheadline ,courtesy of the Sea Shepherd Australia and Jeff Hansen
Excellent video from Today Tonight re Bob Irwin interview with Derryn Hinch yho... -
Bob Irwin, the dad of the late conservationist, STEVE IRWIN, has lost contact with his well-known grandchildren, BINDI and BOB JUNIOR because of a family feud with the children's mother, Terri Irwin. We just saw Bob interviewed by Derryn Hinch on Melbourne's Today Tonight. Although he was very careful what he said in response to Derryn Hinch's probing questions, Bob did say there are "certain things that hurt very deeply" but he "doesn't hold grudges". This man is so proud of his famous son, Steve, the "wildlife warrior", it seems so unfair that he is denied contact with his equally famous grandchildren. How I wish we could get a high profile grandparent such as Bob Irwin to speak out about their experience!
yes I got Cher, Evan Rachel Wood, Bobby Lee, Derryn Hinch and eonline
KD Lang performing 'Crying' on Australian TV 'the Midday Show' around 1993, with host Derryn Hinch. Just wanted to add, thanks everyone for watching, i have ...
Only just realised that Jackie Weaver & Derryn Hinch are the fighting parents in the You're the Voice film clip
Derryn Hinch facing contempt charges over Jill Meagher murder case | The Australian:
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in separate attacks on April 5 in Elwood & July 15, 2012, in Balaclava. {2} did Derryn Hinch have leaked info on this
Derryn Hinch vows to fight contempt charges over blogging about Jill Meagher's ... - Herald Sun (b... -
Former talkback radio host Derryn Hinch says he will fight contempt of court charges over the Jill Meagher case.
Human headline Derryn Hinch again exploits legal system for a bit of self promotion of
Hinch to fight Meagher contempt charge: DERRYN Hinch has vowed to fight contempt of court charges for allegedl...
I'm curious... What did Derryn Hinch blog about that has him charged with contempt? Specific details about the Jill Meagher case?
HUMAN Headline Derryn Hinch will face contempt charges in the Supreme Court for blogging about Ji... via
Broadcaster Derryn Hinch faces contempt of court charges over Jill Meagher case
Derryn Hinch to be charged with contempt of Court in relation to blog post about Adrian Bayley
Derryn Hinch could be facing jail, after a judge ordered contempt of court charges over claims made on the broadcaster's blog
ON THE BLOG: Derryn Hiinch to face contempt of court charges...
Expat New Zealand broadcaster Derryn Hinch is set to be charged with contempt of court for a third time
Derryn Hinch in my opinion, is the only Journalist that has the guts to alert the Public to the REAL news. Good on you Derryn, take care.
Supreme Court justice G.Nettle orders Derryn Hinch be charged w/contempt for publication of article on his blog over Ms.Meagher's Murderer
Its a national disgrace that Derryn Hinch is being charged with comtempt. Bayley should be executed and he admitted it himself. Free speech!
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
VIDEO: Derryn Hinch facing new contempt charges for allegedly breaching suppression orders about Adrian Bayley
Now I want to know what Victoria Police are going to do about the "senior Policeman" leaking from inside Sexual Crimes Squad to Derryn Hinch
Derryn Hinch facing contempt charges over blog
Derryn Hinch faces contempt charges over the Jill Meagher case - The…
Is Herald Sun going to publish what it knows about Derryn Hinch, his sham lifestyle & sex with a 15yo child. Why can't the public be told
Looks like Derryn Hinch is focussing on his criminal career after leaving his wife Chanel, to focus on it.
Derryn Hinch is a *** would actually be disappointed that my liver got transplanted in to that hack.
Hinch tells News he plans to fight contempt of court charges facing him over Bayley case
Sacked 3AW Derryn Hinch broadcaster hit with contempt of court charge over comments about Jill Meagher case:
Hinch faces charges over Bayley blog: UPDATE: HUMAN Headline Derryn Hinch will face contempt charges for blogg...
Derryn Hinch (facing another contempt charge after blogging about Jill Meagher murder case
No wife to hold Derryn Hinch's hand this time. Also hope Victoria police insist on the Sexual Crimes squad senior police leaker being sacked
should be toasted rather than roasted in the courts. Your courage and honest reporting is refreshing.
Thanks heavens Derryn Hinch is there to jeopardise the proper execution of justice. You go, fella.
Derryn Hinch you are officially my hero!. Well done for AGAIN standing your ground. ill be quiet happy to come and do your time with you! xo
Poor Derryn Hinch 'Broke again looking for free accommodation & maybe true love !
Derryn Hinch facing contempt charges over blog.
Derryn Hinch should be charged with contempt after breaching two suppression orders covering Adrian Bayley, who is still facing rape charges
The fact that Jacki Weaver married Derryn Hinch on two separate occasions is really a fiction, no?
SBS National: Hinch contempt hearing in Meagher case: Broadcaster Derryn Hinch is to appear in court for a con...
Hinch faces contempt over Meagher case: A JUDGE has issued contempt proceedings against Derryn Hinch for breac...
Derryn Hinch faces contempt charges after allegedly breaching suppression order over Jill Meagher case
Derryn Hinch (to be charged for contempt of court in Jill case:
Derryn Hinch facing contempt charges for blog comments on Jill Meagher killer Adrian Bayley
Rupert Murdoch went with it earlier today, Derryn Hinch naming him too
Richard Wilkins is reporting that Derryn Hinch has jumped the shark.
Did any of you guys see the wax model of Derryn Hinch interview Jacki Weaver on the telly last night. It was amazing how they got its lips to move.
The understatement of the year Jacki Weaver in last nights interview with Derryn Hinch... Being in love with a *** man is never easy!
Derryn Hinch take a look at the case of the bus driver and the mobile phone.
Derryn Hinch gives you the chance to pass judgement on real court cases.
These articles from Larry Pickering are not just his opinion as some have suggested, on a daily basis I listen to ABC Radio National which broadcasts parliament sitting, I download onto my iPod several current affair style talkback radio shows including John Laws, Allan Jones, Ray Hadley and Derryn Hinch before he was fired for speaking his mind, all of these programmes, in their own style and diplomacy, confirm the basic details in all of these stories, of course they lack Pickerings the colourful rhetoric but the facts remain, no matter how much or for what reason some of you still think Gillard and her merry band of thieves are ok in you book, these commentaries and the facts revealed within are undeniable.
or Henry Rollins, Christopher Pyne or Derryn Hinch. All scary but for different reasons.
The antics of radio DJs have been under the spotlight of late: Alan Jones, Derryn Hinch, other shock jocks. Why are they not held to account
Chris Mitchell - Advocate for Tony Abbott - Derryn Hinch, just a bloody ***
Derryn Hinch has been sacked 15 times, but he is always welcome at a Melbourne Press Club gig.After half a century in just about every form of journalism, Hinch talks about his 13th book, The Human Deadline, on his near-death experience with liver cancer, his house arrest and other recent chapte...
won't be true. Derryn Hinch won't hv been leaked homicide murder information on Jill Meagher. He's targeting Dept of Justice~
I hope Leigh Sales also asks John Laws what he thinks about Bob Rogers and Derryn Hinch.
Having lunch at Riva with Derryn Hinch and Jane. Lovely food and an oyster bloody mary shooter to get me chatty.
Derryn Hinch has returned to Channel Seven but not as host of a replacement for Today Tonight. Instead he'll be used as a reporter and commentator across Seven's public affairs platforms Sunrise, Sunday Night and Today Tonight.
Derryn Hinch is returning to television with Channel 7 - Herald Sun
does anyone else think that its a big coincidence that the week Derryn Hinch gets sacked so does Brett Ratten? Old Hinchy to coach Carlton maybe?? makes me wonder :)
'The PM has not fully explained what she did' Posted by: Derryn Hinch | 23 August, 2012 - 5:22 PM DERRYN HINCH: Prime Minister Gillard went on the front foot today over the AWU/Slater&Gordon/slush fund story. She did not make a personal statement to Parliament. Instead she held a media conference that lasted more than 40 minutes. Took every question and said this was it. There would be no further comment. She described recent events by saying 'For many months I have been the subject of a very sexist smear campaign.' She had a good springboard today because the Australian newspaper wrongly reported she had set up a trust fund for her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson, from the AWU, 17 years ago. They had to admit they were wrong. It was an association not a trust fund. The Prime Minister did admit that in hindsight she should not have called that association a 'slush fund' and in hindsight she probably should have set up a case file at Slater & Gordon. That’s still the problem. Every lawyer knows that Prime ...
Political cartoonist Larry Pickering has caused a stir with his soap opera-type stories which Derryn Hinch has described as akin to ‘Days of Our Lives’, forecasting the end of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Derryn Hinch hinting at the Pickering information but even he isn't prepared to expose our AU media & why a Leveson style inquiry is feared
why is Australian media protecting certain media who have sex with 15yo kids~Eg James Ashby & Derryn Hinch
Photo: k.d. lang playing tourist after her interview with Derryn Hinch. Picture taken beside the Dame Edna...
Diva TV - The Midday Show with Derryn Hinch, featuring Monique St John and the cast of Les Girls, John, Wanda, Lisa Jackie and Lyndelle .
Derryn Hinch: The Government-commissioned expose of the Defence Department casts shame on the Australian uniform. BLOG:
here I go again... was thinkin' about the media, people like Derryn Hinch, and many others, Kyle Sandilands, a young woman on JJJ yrs ago nearly lost her career, they can stuff up and sometimes get in trouble.. so can much of it is polished and fake, this is live, dynamic, living, growing, organic...and changing fast
We're celebrating the re-opening of Harris Scarfe with discounts on offer throughout the Centre on Thursday 10th May, 2012. Plus Harris Scarfe will host a live broadcast by 3AW radio personalities Denis Walter and Derryn Hinch. There will also be loads of exclusive opening specials and discounts as ...
Derryn Hinch=Hero it is time our society protects not the identity of criminals but the innocent children lives they destroy.
check out the real Derryn Hinch. Just like the real Julia Gillard.
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