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Derrick Rose

Derrick Martell Rose (born October 4, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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So wait, y’all can make fun of Derrick Rose for tearing his ACL every year, but not Gordon Hayward
NCAA couldn't prove Memphis did anything wrong re: Derrick Rose. It couldn't prove there was systemic fraud at UNC. But,…
Derrick Rose may not have taken his SAT, has entire season vacated. UNC players don't go to class for 30 years, no puni…
Hubie Brown: Most people forget Eric Gordon was rookie of the year. Actually Hubie, Derrick Rose was ROY. Remember him?
On the stand today color-blind Derrick Rose says he recognized the vibrator was pink because, "I’m only brown and red color…
Pray for Derrick Rose (have a happy birthday and a healthy, blessed year
Seeing Derrick Rose and Lebron on the same team is weird. DRose was supposed to be next 😭
Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose are going to be tough to play together .
New story: D-Rose hints that Bulls FO hung him out to dry by allowing story that he didn't recruit LeBron to linger
Derrick Rose says he tried to recruit LeBron James & Dwyane Wade in 2010
Derrick rose 2.0 oh wait he never won the mvp
Man I’d love to see Derrick Rose get a ring this season
NBA is so weird. If you told me in 2011 Derrick Rose & Isaiah Thomas would be on the same team-Thomas would be better I'd never believe it.
Derrick Rose made a video to recruit LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to Chicago in 2010.
Derrick Rose says he tried recruiting for the Bulls.
Everybody's still counting out Jeff Green and Derrick Rose. On a LeBron James led team. Time will tell...
Derrick Rose flashes former MVP form in Cleveland Cavaliers' preseason loss to Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose goin be the best PG in the NBA
Unfortunately, writing “Derrick Rose should start over Isaiah Thomas when he comes back” articles is…
My favorite thing from this Cavs game is every time Derrick Rose messes up and LeBron looks over to bench to see if IT i…
Here's a clip of Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas working out pregame 🔥🔥
D-Rose is confident he'll rebuild value with the Cavs: "Next time you've got to pay me, you've got to pay me double" ht…
And based off the way Derrick Rose looked tonight, he could have a GREAT year. Made some awesome plays
Derrick Rose looking explosive in pre season
Derrick Rose crossing over his son.
Update: Derrick Rose is still fast as ***
Derrick Rose says he has no bad blood with Bulls - Larry Brown Sports
Derrick Rose & Dwyane Wade combine for 29 PTS in the 1st half for the
Ya'll think Derrick Rose gonna take a knee this season?
Chicago connection Dwyane Wade & Derrick Rose get introduced in Cleveland!
Derrick Rose is moving past his days of "revenge basketball.". Full story on his new beginning:
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my *** Derrick Rose will be the starting PG in Cleveland, WATCH!
watch how bump Derrick Rose overall up to a 89 when the playoffs start
The Cavaliers signed Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade for a combined $4.4M. The Knicks are paying Joakim Noah $17M this upcoming s…
The cavs ended up moving Kyrie and getting Derrick Rose, IT4, Jae Crowder, the pick and Dwayne Wade this offseason. That’s…
Who would have thought 5-6 years ago that LeBron, D Wade, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose would be on the same team... and…
Tristan Thompson focused on his future with Derrick Rose, not past with Kyrie Irving.
LeBron James, Dwayne Wade & Derrick Rose are on my favorite basketball team!! 🤘
D-Rose seeks to find his old self with new role in Cleveland. STORY: via
Derrick Rose going back to that dog this year mark my words
Still don't know how Derrick Rose pulled off this dime.
Kyrie: "I want out". Koby: "K". (Proceeds to acquire Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose)
On AmicoHoops: Derrick Rose continues to garner praise. By
DERRICK ROSE says wearing means he's back to Savage Mode
me and Derrick Rose picking on KK in practice lol
LeBron James has Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, and Isaiah Thomas on his team and role players tailor made for…
Derrick Rose when he tries to guard Kyrie
Derrick Rose says going back to means he's going into Savage Mode 😈.
When LeBron see Derrick Rose touching his knee
Seeing Derrick Rose, Wade and IT run around trying to Guard Steph and Thompson is going to be magical.
Lebron, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick rose and now wayde. Gah dam
(2011) Derrick Rose with the TOUGH finish on Lebron and Wade!
Derrick Rose: "I'm back to MVP I'm back to SAVAGE MODE." 🌹😈.
Tyronn Lue says that Derrick Rose will start at PG for the Cavaliers until Isaiah Thomas returns (
Isaiah Thomas. Dwayne Wade. LeBron James. Kevin Love. Tristin Thompson. With an MVP coming off the bench in Derrick Rose https…
Before Nick Anderson, Derrick Rose, & Jabari Parker at Chicago Simeon, there was Benjamin "Benji" Wilson. One of the C…
Derrick Rose was spotted in the United Center rooting for the Bulls. His loyalty to Chicago is strong.
6. No coincidence that Derrick Rose played for the worst 2 Head Coaches in the NBA eac…
A Big Four of Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love could definitely challenge the squad in Oakland for seven games.
Derrick Rose with the best back to back dunks of all time? Derrick putting on for Simeon at the state championship.
Cameron Payne is making more money than Derrick Rose
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Kevin White has earned his Mr. Glass moniker. Stop comparing him to Derrick Rose, that man was an MVP before his injuries.…
There goes Derrick Rose...I mean kevin White for the season.
Every former MVP ever going to the Hall of fame or already in it ... besides Derrick Rose ... smh
Derrick Rose will be the first MVP to not make the hall of fame
Throw in Derrick Rose if they wanna part with Boogie Cousins too
Even with Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas and Demarcus Cousins...I still have in 5 or 6...…
But Kyrie can play good defense when he tries between IT Derrick Rose and Jose Calderon NONE of they *** CAN even when they TRY
(2009) Derrick Rose blocks Andre Miller's layup to the seats!
Derrick Rose gonna be hurt by thanksgiving and Cavs fans gonna have to rely on Jose Calderon lmao
IT out till all star break and Derrick Rose can get hurt if the wind blows to hard...Bron about to be left with Jose Calderon as his pg
If the Cavaliers win a ring this season is that all Derrick Rose needs to be in the hall of…
Terrifying thought: Cavs are one Derrick Rose knee tweak away from using 36-year-old Jose Calderon as the starting point gu…
Derrick Rose is going to be the only MVP to not make the Hall of Fame.
Former Bulls guard Derrick Rose looks to reinvent himself in Cleveland
Derrick Rose tearing his knee apart in 2012
Derrick Rose tearing his ACL in an already won game against the Sixers
team with stephen curry, derrick rose, jerry west, justin riley, and Deandre jordan
Derrick Rose thought things were 'craziest' on the court last season
6 years ago today Derrick Rose showed out against the Heat. Song: Khrysis - Pardon You Instrumental
Derrick Rose on the Knicks: "On the court was when it was the craziest to me..." (1/2)
Derrick Rose talks fame, fatherhood, Cavs and redemption via Love this brother -he never quits!
Hit it and show no emotion, like I'm Derrick Rose.
*** Derrick Rose are you implying that I'm always injured lmao and September 9th b edhn Illah
Brandon Roy was another Penny Hardaway/Derrick Rose, top tier superstars who got major injuries in their prime that cha…
"I can still play.". Derrick Rose talks fame, fatherhood, joining the Cavaliers and redemption.
Derrick Rose says season with Knicks was craziest, most confusing when on the court
Former guard Derrick Rose on redemption and more.
Derrick Rose has some secrets. But here’s what he hopes people soon know.
Derrick Rose: 'When I get on a good team & I’m still hooping the same way what are you going to say then? I can still play.'
Derrick Rose talks fame, fatherhood, Cavs and redemption with
Derrick Rose is going to thrive in Clevelands fast pace offense. Still one of the best finishers in the league.
Derrick Rose says Knicks season was craziest when on the court:
Derrick Rose says Knicks season was "craziest" on the court. "Some of the strategies... I didn't understand" ➡️
S/O to 2 of my favorite players of all time Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony hope you have a *** of a season and shut the haters up.
Cavs roster has Isaiah Thomas wearing No. 3, Derrick Rose wearing 1 (no for Crowder/Zizic yet) H/T .
The 2011 NBA MVP, Derrick Rose, is now the back-up for the last pick in the 2011 draft, Isaiah Thomas. 6 years is a lo…
Derrick Rose may be opening night starter at PG for Cavs. Backcourt rotation of Rose, J.R., Shumpert, & Isaiah is intrig…
Derrick Rose is a Cav. . Gordon Hayward is in Boston. Carmelo Anthony...still hasn't been moved.
Derrick Rose when Isaiah Thomas walks into the Cavs locker room
Finally! I get to use the MVP Derrick Rose again😫😁! I almost forgive 2K for destroying his rating this year!
ICYMI on AmicoHoops: Radio chat on Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and more.
Derrick Rose reportedly commits to sign with Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers
Cavs really tried to get Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Melo & might end up with just Derrick Rose & Jose Calderon
Derrick Rose gonna have the best 30 for 30 off all time
Bobby put some respect on Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler name
Derrick Rose x Michael Jordan. Spent a crazy amount of time on this, rt's and likes greatly appreciated!
Allen Iverson pulled a Derrick Rose and didn't show up to a BIG 3 game without notice.
Marty Jannetty knee gave out, he probably went to see the same knee doctor as Derrick Rose.
Former Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose may be the first NBA player that had to settle for teaming up with LeBron...
Dan G says has been as helpful as he has ever been, and was key in Derrick Rose coming here.."his hunger is as…
I remember I said I would trade Derrick Rose and roll with Nate Robinson in short term and got laughed at. He got hurt like 2 weeks later
Derrick Rose agrees to sign with the Cavaliers, but what does this mean for Kyrie? Tune in now to or here:
Derrick Rose and Kevin Love back in high school playing in the McDonald's All-American game
LeBron James when he sees Derrick Rose holding his knee.
Derrick Rose has committed to signing with the Cavs, already completed his physical (Y!)
So Joakim, thoughts on Derrick Rose heading to the 😅
Free agent Derrick Rose has reached an agreement on a one-year, $2.1 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, league so…
How did Derrick Rose go from being the future of the Chicago Bulls to a stand-in for LeBron?
When Derrick Rose returns to 2011 form with the Cavs and plays a key role in their title run
.breaks down how LeBron James and Derrick Rose went from doing battle as the faces of their hometown franch…
Derrick Rose will forever have one of the worst athlete rants of all time.
Sources confirm that Derrick Rose will sign with the Cavaliers (first). One year for veteran minimum.
Derrick Rose to the Cavaliers. That's wild. I hope he chooses number 12, then he'd be a dozen Roses, man. Think about that…
More: Rose is expected to sign his contract as early as Tuesday.
I wish Derrick Rose the best of luck in Cleveland. He did great last year at New York.
When LeBron sees Derrick Rose show up to training camp with a cast and crutches already
Kyrie Irving's reaction to the Cavs signing Derrick Rose
When you get derrick rose but you lose Kyrie
Derrick Rose joins JR Smith, Derrick Williams, Jose Calderon, Channing Frye & Iman Shumpert as ex-Knicks who are on the curr…
Derrick Rose does not belong with the CAVS
LeBron to Derrick Rose in the meeting right now
Remember when Derrick Rose was acquitted in the rape trial and then posed for photos with the jurors?
Could you imagine telling someone in 2012 that Derrick Rose will sign a deal for 2.1 million in 5 years. Man
LeBron when he sees Derrick Rose reaching at his knee
Stop telling me Derrick Rose is washed 😂
When Lebron thinks Derrick Rose is a good enough replacement for you
Breaking: Derrick Rose has committed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, per
Holy I havnt been on here in a min. Derrick rose goin to cle, kyrie wants a trade, Conor thinks he gonna beat Floyd world has lost it lol
Lebron when he sees Derrick Rose holding on to his knee
Breaking: Derrick Rose has signed a 1-year, $2.1 million deal with the Cavs, per and https:…
Behind the scenes video of the Cavs getting Derrick Rose ready for the Cavs' 2017-18 season. (Video via http…
Just when you thought Derrick Rose might be done...
When LeBron sees Derrick Rose grabbing his knee
Don't get it twisted.. Derrick Rose still a good player... but he's not Kyrie Irving
The Cavs and Derrick Rose discussed how to reach the NBA Finals without Kyrie Irving, per
Trading in Kyrie Irving for Derrick Rose?? 🤔 who's trying to make this deal... Lionel Hutz?
Happy for Derrick Rose. I said he, Nate Robinson and Danny Green off the bench would be Raw...but Kyrie Irving Trippin bruh 😣🔥
The have agreed to sign former MVP Derrick Rose to a one-year, $2.1 million deal.
Please bring Derrick Rose or Nate Robinson back~ We need them to help out when they can. We can then win games! Trade Niko!
Why NOT Nate Robinson? Way better option than Derrick Rose. At least Nate can play D & aggressive on both ends.
Derrick Rose will reportedly decide between the Cavaliers and Lakers next week
Can we forget about Derrick Rose and sign Nate Robinson. A real spark plug 👌🏽
Guys my cousin owns a falafel stand in Haifa and he said that the coach there is having some "hectic texting" with Derrick Rose
I wish Derrick Rose never got injured 😢
.reaction to Derrick Rose in talks with the Cavs:. "I don't want him. That 'Rose' ain't blossomed in a lon…
Latest ESPN story on Derrick Rose and the bidding war that's developing for him between the Cavaliers & the Lakers:. ht…
BREAKING: Derrick Rose met with the Lakers today for about three hours. (Haynes)
Derrick Rose at that bargain price to be your backup PG. That's highway robbery!
Derrick Rose completed approximately a 3-hour meeting with the Lakers. Both sides felt good about it. (via
Derrick Rose and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious talks of a 1-year deal. (via
Derrick Rose met with but if he wants to reestablish himself as winner, he'll pick By
Story posting shortly with on Lakers pitch and meeting with Derrick Rose today
Today's kids will never know how cold Derrick Rose was 😪
Posts SpongeBob and distorts letters "don't you like Derrick Rose"
Derrick Rose considering returning to Bulls in free agency, per
Cavaliers talking contract with Derrick Rose, says source | via
Is Derrick Rose really with the CAVS now?
Derrick Rose isn't done yet! Let's make a run at him for backup! .
Lakers and Cavs could be in a bidding war for Derrick Rose, per
SHARE if you want to see Derrick Rose in Cleveland!
The Lakers and Derrick Rose have reportedly completed a three hour meeting. Both sides feel good . (Via
Derrick Rose signing with Cavs would mean every NBA MVP winner from 09-16 would be on either Cleveland or Golden State.…
Derrick Rose went from MVP to almost being a sixth man. James Harden went from sixth man to almost being MVP. Life is cra…
If Derrick Rose joins Cleveland, the MVP winners of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016 would be on the Warrio…
Cavs and Derrick Rose in serious talks on a one year deal:
Derrick Rose played well last season. 👀🌹.
ESPN Sources: Derrick Rose completed approximate 3-hour meeting with Los Angeles Lakers. Both sides felt good about it. D…
Derrick Rose is in serious talks with Cavs on a 1-year deal, per and
Derrick Rose sends Andre Miller to the floor. 😳 (2008)
Knicks get rid of Jose Calderon to acquire Derrick Rose. . Knicks let Derrick Rose walk. . Cleveland signs Calderon and Rose…
Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James will give Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant problems!
The Lakers are joining in the pursuit of Derrick Rose. Rose will be meeting with Lakers today in Los Angeles. (via
Finished lunch early so will answer questions, if any, about the Cavs sign Derrick Rose parade that wasn't
Derrick Rose, Pete Rose, Rose from Golden Girls, I don't give a *** Cavs in 7 ...
1. Why is Derrick Rose undershirt so big?. 2. Why did Derrick Rose average 9 points in summer league?
Friday Insider is up! Stories about Jose Quintana, Derrick Rose, Leonard Floyd, Paul Zipser & Vincent Praplan:
Dennis Smith Jr. has looked great, but before putting any player on par w/ a young Derrick Rose in terms of explosion/athlet…
CHI has Barrack. CHI has Derrick Rose. CHI has Kanye West. CHI has Jessie Williams. CHI has Jennifer Hudson. CHI has Dwa…
Used to be a Bulls fan because of Derrick Rose, then Jimmy Butler but now they're both gone so I could care less
Tim Hardaway Jr. was traded for Jerian Grant who was traded for Derrick Rose who was renounced so NYK could sign Hardaway…
New York will need to renounce the $29.7M FA cap hold of Derrick Rose to sign Tim Hardaway Jr. with room.
"Dallas Mavericks emerging as "serious contender'' for Derrick Rose."
Clips re-signed Blake Griffin, signed Gallinari, and are looking at Derrick Rose to play point guard. Highlights ne…
Derrick Rose would've easily averaged 10-12 Assist per game if he played with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.
Even in 2012 a Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin wouldn't work
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Derrick Rose is meeting with the because Blake Griffin wants a physical therapy buddy that will also keep him company on the bench
If the Clippers can get D Rose, the lineup will be:. PG: Derrick Rose. SG: Patrick Beverly . SF: Danilo Gallinari. PF: Blake Griffin. C: Jordan
Clippers really signed Blake Griffin to that contract now are after Derrick Rose.give my Lakers 2 more years it's a wrap
Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin on the same team? That operating room is gonna be busy!!!
Free agent guard Derrick Rose will meet with the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, league sources tell ESPN.
If the Clippers get Derrick Rose, he's going to look good next to Blake Griffin and Gallinari on the injury reports.
Lmao Austin Rivers, possibly Derrick Rose, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Raymond fat man Felton, and some other 🗑. What a wonderful team
Running the pick and roll with Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin is going to be less effective seeing as Rose can't shoot 3s and JJ gone
Derrick Rose took 32% of his shots from midrange last year and also shot 21.7% from 3.
Chicago Bulls fans may get to see Derrick Rose again soon since majority of Bucks seats are filled by Bulls fans: http…
Would Derrick Rose be a good . fit in Milwaukee?.
If Derrick Rose can magically become good the bucks are going to the ECF
Knicks GM Steve Mills is reportedly opposed to re-signing Derrick Rose.
aww man now how is *** Sporting goods gonna get rid of all these Derrick Rose Knicks Jerseys htt…
NBA free agent rumors: Derrick Rose to the Bucks makes no sense for either side - SB Nation
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Live footage of Gregg Popovich running to save Derrick Rose after hearing Chris Paul traded to Houston
GameTime: Point guards that still need a home. VIDEO:
Derrick Rose > Matthew Dellevadova. It's kinda that simple to me. You don't NEED a PG to facilitate for Giannis he does that ON HIS OWN..
Some with the Knicks are open to a Derrick Rose return, but it certainly isn't unanimous --
Derrick Rose will meet with the Bucks on Monday. #
Derrick Rose to meet with the Bucks where he will fracture his wrist signing the contract. Poor guy.
Derrick Rose, unlikely to reunite with Knicks, meeting with Bucks
OT,,,Bucks may have interest in Derrick Rose
if you want Derrick Rose to the Spurs
Derrick Rose is meeting with Milwaukee this morning. Expect a deal to get done
(2011) Derrick Rose with the TOUGH finish against Lebron and Wade.
Derrick Rose is meeting with Milwaukee Bucks today. Expect to get a deal done. (Via
D-Rose is meeting with the Bucks today, per
Derrick Rose, unlikely to reunite with Knicks, reportedly meeting with Bucks on Monday report https…
Derrick Rose is meeting with the Bucks today. (via Woj)
Knicks shop deals as PG may be down to George Hill, Derrick Rose - New York Post
When you hear the Timberwolves are interested in Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin to the t-wolves ? 👀
Remember when Phil Jackson could've flipped Derrick Rose's expiring in February for Ricky Rubio and inexplicably turned it…
Blake Griffin to OKC. . Gordon Hayward to Boston. Derrick Rose to San Antonio. . Lets just wait and see. 👀
NBA Rumors: Wolves target Derrick Rose after picking up Jimmy Butler.
I like Derrick Rose. I'd re-sign him short term but idea KP's missed exit meeting is a capital crime & Rose going AWOL is o…
Since hitting on Derrick Rose, the Bulls have drafted/traded for/signed Marquis Teague, Jerian Grant, Cam Payne, Kris Dun…
Sources: New York Knicks is sending Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to Flamengo for Olivinha.
June 22, 2016: Bulls trade Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. June 22, 2017: Bulls trade Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota…
Tom Thibodeau is gone. Jimmy Butler is gone. Joakim Noah is gone. Derrick Rose is gone. How quick things have changed.
This is an important reminder that the Bulls' front office has chosen Fred Hoiberg over Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau and n…
Dennis Smith Jr. compared himself to "Derrick Rose with a jump shot" during a pre-draft interview with the Mavs.
Bulls players that broke my heart being traded: Ben Gordon, Derrick Rose, and now Jimmy Butler😭 lol
So for Jimmy Buckets, the Bulls got Jamal Crawford with Derrick Rose knees, Jrue Holiday, and Ryan Anderson. Stellar. 😑
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Good reminder of how great 2010 Derrick Rose was. At workout with KD, Love, Russ, Wall and more, he was top 2:
JaVale McGee has more rings than Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Russ Westbrook combined
Spurs need either Chris Paul, or Derrick Rose. Cavs need to get rid of J.R, Shumpert, and Korver and try to go for Paul…
So let me get this straight... . Zaza has a ring, but Derrick Rose, Melo, PG, Russ, Harden, and AD don't...
Derrick Rose will be the only player in NBA history to win an MVP award and not be inducted into the HOF. His knees have forsaken him.
The last five point guards to be drafted first overall:. Magic Johnson. Allen Iverson. Derrick Rose. John Wall. Kyrie Irvi…
Malik Monk and Derrick Rose backcourt knick fans. Sleep on it.
Derrick Rose, Cordarelle Patterson to name a few would disagree but it sound good though. Talent is
I tore my ACL I ball so hard like Derrick Rose!!
Bruh, just saw a video of NBA overrated players the top 5 were. 5.Kevin Garnet. 4.Scottie piipen. 3.Derrick Rose. 2.Kobe Bryant. 1. MJ
Trending stories: Derrick Rose absence, Paul Millsap rumors, Marvin Williams' college degree and more
Derrick Rose has 2 teams interested in his service next season Minnesota & San Antonio Hmmm Interesting...
You, a casual fan: Derrick Rose is a good fit for the Spurs. Me, an intellectual: Dejounte Murray is already better than Michae…
The Timberwolves view Derrick Rose as a potential free-agent target this summer, according to league sources:
Favorite pgs in no order Isiah Thomas, Damian Lillard, Derrick Rose, Kemba Walker, and cp3
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Carmelo Anthony to Clippers Team up With Cp3 . Blake Griffin To Thunder . Gordan Hayward to Celtics . Derrick Rose to Spurs . 2017 Offseason
MVP Derrick Rose the most explosive point guard (at the time) shot 6.3% when guarded by LeBron James in the 11 ECF https…
Derrick Rose got blocked in 2011 ECF game 5, Kobe got blocked Christmas Day against the Bulls, LeBron got blocked b…
Derrick Rose in the 2011 ECF 😐🔥 People forget how deadly of a force he was at just 22 years old. His explosiveness was sh…
Dom Kennedy is like the Derrick Rose of rap & it hurts.
Derrick Rose received a huge ovation from Bulls fans at Game 4 of Chicago-Boston.
Do not forget the Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose for Jerian Grant. Then traded Taj Gibson & Doug McDermott for Cameron Payne 😫
That makes absolutely no sense. Derrick Rose pla…
Tiger Woods is having another back surgery. Your move Derrick Rose.
Back-to-back 3s from Kirk Hinrich give Bulls 96-91 lead over Cavs with 1:15 remaining. Derrick Rose in locker room with ankle sprain.
Shame we never got a healthy Derrick Rose with Jimmy Butler.
Derrick Rose talks fame, family, injuries, the trial, free agency - and people who say "he's dumb." .
Ramiz, some of these analysts said Micheal Beasley was a better pick than Derrick Rose. lol some sai…
Derrick Rose underwent successful left knee surgery today, expected to recover in 3-6 weeks.
REPORT: The Sixers want to add Derrick Rose this summer to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to form "the best big 3 any ***
04-03 The Jimmy Butler-Derrick Rose backcourt has to continue coming together
Another knee surgery ahead for Derrick Rose, who may have played his final game as a Knick.
Derrick Rose's knees might be the best use of Crying Jordan and I say that as someone who once made this:
Derrick Rose 100% deserved his MVP. Stop crying about it.
Derrick Rose knees about as strong as a 14 yr old girls self-esteem
"Sore legs" Derrick Rose is an embarrassment to his family, his friends, and himself. With Obamacare imploding, he's g…
time for Derrick Rose to retire, no shame in it, he just can't stay healthy and Jokim Noah should go period.
Derrick Rose is my fav player and I still want him back . if you got a problem with that unfollow me and stfu .
If anybody knows Derrick Rose personally tell him I said Hold his head high N keep FIGHTING. Rehab is just another kind o…
Derrick Rose got iPhone charger cords for ligaments.
Derrick Rose suffers another serious knee injury Maybe he shoulda been restin
The Derrick Rose injury got me feeling real sad for that man smh. One of my fav players
BREAKING: Derrick Rose out for season with torn meniscus. In other news, water is wet.
Derrick Rose needs to invest in some bionic knees. *** Hate to hear that brotha is hurt again.
Remember that time when Derrick Rose had a cameo on SpongeBob?
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Derrick Rose is one of the greatest players ever, to then have his career destroyed by injuries
It's so sad to see how bad Derrick Rose's luck is, he showed he was really healthy until his torn meniscus. He just can'…
Derrick Rose is officially out & needs a 4th knee surgery. He needs just one more knee surgery for a free Subway sandwich.
I really dont wanna see any Derrick Rose jokes. Im so sorry for this man😢😔
Derrick Rose is going down as the most impactful "what could've been" in sports history idc what anyone says!
"I could get hurt 10 more times. I'm never going to stop". -Derrick Rose.
The Knicks confirm that the latest Derrick Rose knee injury (torn meniscus) will require surgery ...
Breaking: Derrick Rose is out for the season with a torn meniscus, per
When you trade Robin Lopez for Derrick Rose and Rolo is the one headed to the playoffs. .
Derrick Rose must've sold his soul to the Mormon devil or something cause regular Satan wouldn't be doing him like this
Derrick rose is made of bubble wrap
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