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Derrick Rose

Derrick Martell Rose (born October 4, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Magic is about to trade Russell, Ingram and Randle for some combination of Carmelo, Rondo, Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose. 😔
Derrick Rose sits out a third-straight game, while Jimmy Butler gets good news
This summer when Derrick Rose comes into Phil Jackson's office looking for a max contract
I'd like to see Malik here too Bc joe Haden has Derrick Rose syndrome
Joe Cowley said the dysfunction was old news and that the Bulls were much better off without Derrick Rose and yet
And Ron Harper in his prime is better than Derrick Rose if we wanna be real
Traded him for a 1st rounder that ended up being Jerian Grant, who they traded with Lopez for Derrick Rose and then signed Noah. Ineptitude.
But the said it was Derrick Rose's fault.
As expected, Derrick Rose is out today with a sprained left ankle.
I might take Ron Harper over Derrick Rose honestly.
Derrick Rose on meeting Allen Iverson lastnight: "That was hood love right there. We didn't have to say anything."
Subtract Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau from the Bulls history and you have Sterling's Cli…
Isaiah Thomas head to head with 2010-2011 MVP Derrick Rose. Yet everyone wants to laugh when we put Isaiah in the MVP t…
Drake said he would take Anthony Davis>>KAT. Also said he would take Wall>>healthy Derrick Rose.
ahh ok I thought I remembered Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose not playing in it when they made the all star team. Good to know
Blue Bell and Derrick Rose had the same kind of return. Just a shell of what they used to be 😪
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Derrick Rose and Colin Kaepernick are more like my little brothers. But Taraji P. Henson is my girl, my lady, my main squeeze.
Bell said he's the Steph Curry of the NFL? More like Derrick Rose fam 😒
I got the John Wall for the Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant for the Harrison Barnes, & the Isaiah Thomas for the Zach Randolph.fwm!😬
Derrick Rose was fined for not showing up. How come the Green Bay Packers were let off the hook?
leveon bell🙄, be a monster in the regular season but turn into Derrick Rose when the playoffs start😂
Is Leveon Bell the NFL equivalent of Derrick Rose? Unreal talents but .
Le'Veon Bell is the Derrick Rose of the NFL. Smh
Derrick Rose with the little crossover and reverse lay-up! 🔥🌹.
2012-13 Panini Prestige East all stars Lot of 2 (Carmello Anthony/Derrick Rose)
Reggie Miller blasts Phil Jackson for hanging Jeff Hornacek out to dry with the media after Derrick Rose went AWOL. [T…
Bill Walker and O.J. Mayo v Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon in last year of Sonny Vaccaro's Big Time in Vegas was prob…
League confirms Derrick Rose not fouled on potential go-ahead layup in final seconds of Monday's loss to Atlanta
Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony miss on Knicks' controversial final possession against Hawks (video) -…
I need to see along with Lupe Fiasco, Dwayne Wade & Kanye. I look at Chief Keef & Derrick Rose & something's not adding up
Ben Simmons went from New Lebron to new Derrick Rose in a sec
Listen to Derrick Rose, Lebron, and Ignant Friends by Willie Lynch Jr. on
The Texans will beat new england if tom Brady goes to Chicago to visit Derrick Rose's mother
The Texans will beat the Patriots if Tom Brady and Bill Belichick pull a Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose is slowly morphing into Stephon Marbury
Derrick Rose's lack of maturity makes his bizarre disappearance not a huge surprise. . --
Is guard Derrick Rose hindered by a lack of maturity?. LISTEN -->
Derrick Rose can say he's sorry, but he knows he shouldn't have gone AWOL. Got off easy with a fine. Here's why:
5 players i dont want on my team: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Joakim Noah, Mario Chalmers& Mike Dunleavy.
Strange goings on with Derrick Rose. We're joined now by who fills us in with the latest.
Derrick Rose's recent two 4th-quarter benchings: Did those have anything to do with him going AWOL? Via
Derrick Rose faces a suspension, but there are bigger questions about his future with the Via ...
So I'll get to watch Knicks-Bulls on Thursday without Jimmy Butler or Derrick Rose?
Sources: There are team officials, teammates and close associates unclear of reason for Derrick Rose's absence for Kni…
Joakim Noah spoke to Derrick Rose and says Rose is OK. But Knicks players sound like they went into game really not knowi…
Derrick Rose pulled a no show where he's getting paid millions?
I would like to thank Derrick Rose for bringing about an early death to the hot-takes
Sooo is Derrick Rose really missing or..?
BREAKING: New York Knicks sign two veterans to investigate the whereabouts of Derrick Rose.
Sources: At tip-off, Knicks still hadn't been in contact with Derrick Rose. Unclear if they've reached him -- or kept t…
BREAKING: Sources say Derrick Rose traveled back in time to 1982 to play on the Colts thus explaining his absence in tonight…
Derrick Rose is M.I.A., and the Knicks are falling apart.
Turns out that Derrick Rose was at Madison Sqaure Garden the entire time. 🤦‍♂️
Derrick Rose, who missed tonight's game vs Pelicans for an undisclosed reason, was unreachable before the game.
Derrick Rose straight just ditched the Knicks game just to fly to Chicago. I guess he misses home 😩
MY prayers go out to Derrick Rose, i HOPE EVERYTHING IS OK, Please be well.
If Derrick Rose is in Chicago I'm thinking it's a family emergency or something of that nature
Might pull a derrick rose for work tomorrow
Day 213 of being a Knick. . Derrick Rose sitting at computer. . Googles "furthest place on Earth from the New York Knick…
LOL !! Like Derrick Rose still matters anymore with his stumpy knees.
Derrick Rose's 30 for 30 will be a legendary documentary.
The Knicks have reportedly discussed multiple Derrick Rose trades in the last few days.
Joakim Noah says he's spoken to Derrick Rose after the game and that Rose is OK.
Close friend of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, confirms Rose is "OK". Still no definitive reason as to why Rose was a no sh…
OBJ "There's no way the NY media lets this boat situation go anytime soon, is there?". Derrick Rose: "Hold my beer"
New York officials reportedly don't know why Derrick Rose didn't show up to tonight's game and don't currently know his whe…
Knicks: Yo Derrick Rose, we got a game tonight against the Pelicans. Derrick Rose: Word? Imma see what I can do, I migh…
Derrick Rose did not show up to Knicks game tonight in NY & team officials, teammates, or his close associates do not kn…
What?! Derrick Rose is missing. Who else knew?
Report: Derrick Rose has alerted the team he left for a "family issue" . (
On the Sports Weirdness Scale, this Derrick Rose saga has been like a 9. On the Knicks Weirdness Scale, it’s like a sof…
Derrick Rose somewhere pushing on a door that says "pull", he'll turn up eventually
New York officials and associates reportedly don’t know why Derrick Rose isn’t at the Knicks-Pelicans game
Re Derrick Rose: Sources tell ESPN he left w/out permission but has subsequently been in touch with team officials.
There are strong indications that Derrick Rose returned to his hometown of Chicago.
Derrick Rose has gotten in touch with Knicks officials, he told them he had a "family situation", per
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Derrick Rose informed Knicks officials he has a "family situation" (via
Anyone ever think that maybe Daniel Stern & Dan Aykroyd kidnapped Derrick Rose and they're filming Celtic Pride 2?
Update: Derrick Rose reportedly had a huge blowout with head coach Jeff Hornacek following the Pacers game. .
The fall of Derrick Rose is one of the saddest sports stories in recent memory. His mentality & his talent back in 201…
"As a teammate I can't be mad, Ron works his *** off" Derrick Rose on The God, Ron Baker...
VINTAGE Derrick Rose 👀🔥Many people won't understand how much work this dude probably put in over the last 4 years. (Via…
CGI Is getting insane these days. They've made it look like Derrick Rose can dunk again.
Derrick Rose testifies in rape lawsuit: "I feel I didn't do anything
Derrick Rose balling in New York, Rajon Rondo getting benched in Chicago. . This is what the Bulls organization deserves, hope it continues
Jimmer Fredette, Derrick Rose, Jon Scheyer, Frank Kaminsky, Glen Big Baby Davis. Had a very tough time with this.
For me: Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose, Durant, Jay Williams (Duke), Rodney Carney... idk, got to think of a 5th one
Derrick Rose need a statue outside the United Center.
Throwback to Derrick Rose in high school 🌹
Them shots ringing youngin' squeezing clip empty. That's when Paulie rose like Derrick, put six in him
Derrick Rose said he doesn't care if he makes the All-Star game, he'd like the week off. But he also said he will vote f…
D-Rose, Melo think the big 3 can do big things.
"She's like the Derrick Rose of deepthroat.". Lmaoff 😂😂
team with michael jordan, derrick rose, spider-man, ross teeter, and Tim duncan
Derrick Rose on Knick fans who turned away in down years: "We’re going to bring them back.”
Jimmy the bulls number 1 but uhhh he ain't derrick rose
Derrick Rose stans are still a thing, I see lol. Guy isn't good. I'm sorry
This season Derrick Rose will be an Allstar & Odell will get a ring. 😴
Calipari, teach your players to practice free throws. You would think after Derrick Rose and others you would realize the importance.
Being a assist point only in the NBA don't cut it they trade derrick rose for rondo😂
If my life were a person right now it would be Derrick Rose, slowly falling apart.
current russel Westbrook and 2010 Derrick Rose are and were more athletic. I'm saying we have seen more athletic players.
The bulls can't pin this on derrick rose now
For people who say "Derrick Rose is washed.." there's no way you actually watch him play. You just read the stat sheet & lis…
Bulls I thought derrick rose was the problem
Honestly he's hit more clutch shots than Derrick Rose if you go look at the number. Granted that's because Rose's p…
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Meanwhile in New York.Derrick Rose is playing great 👌🏻
Knicks can do without Joakim Noah, prob better when he's out. Knicks can't do without Derrick Rose, they are clearly worse whe…
And who's performing awesomely in fourth quarters in New York? Oh yeah Derrick Rose.
omg. Derrick Rose rule. Stretch is what they did with josh smith contract
and Derrick Rose was the youngest MVP ever. Yet Bulls fans call him a disappointment
Melo would never in his life get locked up by a point guard Paul George on the other hand got locked up by Derrick Rose…
Derrick Rose not walking through them doors
Knicks' Derrick Rose says he'll vote for himself to start in the All-Star Game -
"Let me tell you. I DO NOT miss Derrick." . 92-year-old grandma resenting Derrick Rose on a first name only level.
Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Derrick Rose have chance to be a dangerous Big 3
Derrick Rose looked good tonight, leading Knicks to come from behind win over Indiana. Rose showing that extra gear tha…
Being from Chicago I'll never get over Derrick Rose not reaching his potential
Brian Scalabrine: When I played with Derrick Rose, he was great | THE HERD. This is so True. Scal right on
Knicks practice notes: Carmelo Anthony will play Saturday, Derrick Rose still questionable
Every year there's a scapegoat for failure. List goes on from Keith Bogans, Boozer, Derrick Rose. This season it's Nik…
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Derrick Rose (back spasms) and Carmelo Anthony (sore shoulder) both practiced today after missing Thursday's loss to GSW, th…
Both Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose participated in practice today in Denver.
De'Aaron Fox has a heck of a list of comps: Derrick Rose, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Dejounte Murray, and Nigel Williams-Goss
"Last time Derrick Rose played at Oracle, he went 13-for-33, had 11 turnovers & 1 assist. Ugh. Bulls won."…
Derrick Rose and Thibs returned to Chicago and beat them. Fitting.
team with derrick rose, Nick young, blake griffin, John Wall, and justin riley
He may not be as athletic as he once was but Derrick Rose can still finish the incredible acrobatic layups! 🔥😨
'Derrick Rose says he could be 'better' than MVP season, was a 'd...' via
Over his last six games, Derrick Rose is averaging 20.0 points while shooting above 55% from the floor.
Can you google for me if Derrick Rose made the playoffs last year? mine is broken :'-(
Derrick Rose's 34 points tonight are the most he's scored in a game since March, 2012.
Derrick Rose will not return to the Suns game due to back spasms. He missed two games last week due to back spasms.
Derrick Rose is literally always in some way hurt. *** is as reliable as my iPhone charger.
you was my but um you ain't Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose started off a perfect 8-for-8 from the floor against the Lakers!
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If Derrick Rose didn't get back spasms (again) the knock would have won the game
"ladies & gentlemen this is the man who played Derrick Rose after back spams up in Milwaukee while up 25, Tom Thibodeauuu" lmfaooo
Derrick Rose was injured after 9 minutes? Melo shot 20%? Knicks missed two big opportunities to win on the buzzer? Oh dear :-/
Derrick Rose's back spasms got so bad he said he "couldn't move"
Angered Porzingis gets into first NBA scuffle and was brilliant, but Knicks can't hit shot when it really mattered
Derrick Rose exits with back spasms: 'I couldn't mo..
Have an idea for the way the Derrick Rose case was handled. "Justice Served." a song.
Derrick Rose tearing his ACL the first time
"Derrick Rose has left the game with an inju--
melo can't even shoot. Derrick Rose actually plays defense not like melo. you saying h…
Derrick Rose is one of the most resilient athletes out there. He will come back strong.
Derrick Rose has sacrificed personal stats in a contract year for the better of the team. But you won't hear about that. Smh
Derrick Rose exits with back spasms: ‘I couldn’t move’
Player A: 28 y/o Derrick Rose for $20M. Player B: 25 y/o Langston Galloway for $5M. Rose has been better so far, by a lit…
Derrick Rose exits with back spasms: 'I couldn't move'
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Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Thibs all came back to Chicago and beat the Chicago
Knicks say G Derrick Rose is most likely out for Friday's road game against the Kings due to his back injury (ESPN)
Knicks PG Rose back ruled out for Cavs game
I need someone to pull a Derrick Rose for me on my anatomy final
Alam mo na ba this?. The last First Overall pick to make the playoffs in his Rookie year is Derrick Rose. . Rose...
Aannnddd its begun lol THIS JUST IN: Derrick Rose (back) is out tonight vs Cavs.
MRI reveals no structural damage to Derrick Rose's back - via App
S/O to Derrick Rose for being out otherwise I would've never cashed 😂
Derrick Rose prescene was absolutely missed tonight.
Derrick rose did this in his prime but in traffic🔥
Derrick Rose sat out Wednesday night's 126-94 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers due to lingering soreness in his back.
we need more pieces that's all. Derrick Rose didn't play tonight but he'll be back. We just need to cut Noah he's USELESS.
I swear if derrick rose was playing it wouldn't have went down that way
I didn't watch the game cause I knew without Derrick Rose, it would be ugly. Y'all still riding with KP? Jennings should sta…
I almost teared up a lil today watching a old Derrick Rose game winning step back against the Bucks. That man was cold
I love eating it - grilled chicken, pasta, rice, and other foods th...
Loud lik church folk heavy like work load how you like miracles. Never sang Kirk F bang like Kirko. Ankle lik Kurt came back like Derrick Rose
Jimmy yelling at Derrick to pass the ball, passive aggressive Rose game six?
derrick rose goes the whole court in 4 dribbles, Lebron can probably make it from the 3 point line in 1
Derrick Rose was supposed to be Russell Westbrook
I'd be mad too if I wasn't making millions and I was on this earth longer than derrick rose
Derrick Rose's MRI showed no structural damage, will travel with the team & is day to day. (ESPN)
Tomi, Charlamagne, Trevor Noah, Pence *** neighbors,Derrick Rose petty and more https…
shut up Derrick rose is better than lebron james
Derrick Rose with the nasty reverse lay-up. 🌹🔥.
Jeff Hornacek said Derrick Rose is getting an MRI to confirm that there is nothing structurally wrong with his back.
An MRI of Derrick Rose's back revealed no structural damage. He is day-to-day & is expected to travel with team on its upc…
When Derrick Rose is healthy, he's LeBron's son. But when exactly is that?
Derrick Rose had a graduation to attend today.. Bulls fans know. lol
I'm proud of the one we got. Derrick Rose got you one cause he didn't hit a FT in the last 2 minutes😂
REPORT: Derrick Rose shifting from point guard to his more natural position wearing a suit on the bench scheduling MRI a…
If Geno Smith wasn't the Derrick Rose of football I feel like he would be great
why is no-one talking about how good Derrick Rose has been
Derrick Rose wants to end his career with the New York Knicks: "I want to play the rest of my life here."
New York Knicks: Potential Derrick Rose replacements in free agency
With eye on future, Derrick Rose driving Knicks in the present via App
I liked a video from Derrick Rose: 'False Prophets' (New York Knicks Highlights)
Derrick Rose says he'd 'love' to re-sign with the Knicks; he'll wait until the end of the year to figure things out: https:/…
Derrick Rose just keeps on having has way with yall favorite pgs.. Geesh, what if he was given a franchise and the green light to score 🤔?
No disrespect to Derrick Rose but i think Jimmy Butler is our best player since Michael Jordan. He's come a long way
Derrick Rose blocks Kemba Walker to give Knicks victory
90% of Bulls fans miss Justin Holiday more than Derrick Rose and the other 10% are just retarded Rose *** riders.
Good. He has really been the steal of the Derrick Rose trade:
Bulls. Derrick Rose mainly, and before that, the general look on Scott Skiles face.
REPORT: Carmelo Anthony refusing to pass any condiments to Derrick Rose at Thanksgiving Dinner. Crowd getting restless.
Derrick Rose is back. He did whatever he wanted against the Blazers last night, and came up CLUTCH. This guy worked so…
Derrick Rose with a clutch jumper but Phil Jackson out here sleeping. 😂.
Derrick Rose making great decisions for the Knicks in this fourth quarter vs the
Derrick Rose invited himself to Carmelo's for Thanksgiving and he's showing up empty-handed.
Derrick Rose invited himself over to Carmelo Anthony’s Thanksgiving dinner and isn’t bringing anything
Derrick Rose breaks free for the SLAM!
The woman who lost her lawsuit against Derrick Rose has appealed the verdict. .
Woman files appeal in Derrick Rose civil rape trial
Derrick Rose currently has negative win-shares
I've watched Jerian Grant play these last two games and I'm thinking the Bulls easily won the Derrick Rose trade.
Derrick Rose\'s accuser appeals defeat in rape lawsuit
BREAKING: Derrick Rose’s accuser files notice of appeal with the Ninth Circuit.
Derrick Rose: Sets season high with 27 points -
I liked a video from Derrick Rose Full Highlights 2016.11.17 at Wizards - 27 Pts, 4
Yeah. I mean Derrick Rose said it would take about 20 to 25 games into the season.
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nope. four years of Joakim Noah. derrick rose was an MVP.
Derrick Rose injuries are Robbin us of seein the real him day in day out he still got some speed jus not as much every play
Derrick Rose with the big dunk against the Wizards!. 📽: (DefPenHoops)
Derrick Rose with the crossover and Carmelo Anthony with the fake pass and jumper! 🏀🔥.
Derrick Rose Sues Woman for $70K That Claimed He Raped Her After Him & his Homies Ran a Train on her
Derrick rose dropped 27 tonight could we be witnessing the old rose?
Derrick Rose message to his fans: "Stay patient...I've been working my *** off...I love and appreciate the support." ht…
Derrick Rose can still get up, with ease 👀🔥. The Washington crowd loved it.
After Knicks loss to Wizards, Derrick Rose says need to come together as a team when things aren't clicking . https…
Watching Derrick Rose's highlights from his MVP year makes me emotional 😭
Woman appeals defeat in rape lawsuit against Derrick Rose
team with jerry lucas, derrick rose, jahlil okafor, Vegeta, and Deandre jordan
I don’t know. That story about that Anthony Davis-Derrick Rose trade rumor does make a lot of sense.
Just like Derrick Rose and the Bulls both needed a fresh start so to does Jay Cutler and the Bears. Inexcusable if he is bro…
I liked a video from Anthony Davis traded for Kristaps Porzingis + Derrick Rose! -
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Next to Kyrie injuries Anthony Davis is just frustrating as *** He's one major injury away from being Derrick Rose.
Derrick Rose zooms by and scores. Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo collide with one another
New look with the New York Knicks with Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis.
Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah get best of former Chicago Bulls teammates - Chicago Bulls Blog
The Chicago reunion for Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah was weird, cathartic and everything in between (by http…
Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah make their return to the United Center as Rose finishes with 15 points and...
Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah come back to haunt their f..
Derrick Rose alone tops Grant and Lopez's stats.
Chicago stupid asf, how you boo Derrick rose if he got traded
Thanks for the memories, Derrick and Jo.
Derrick Rose is playing in Chicago for the first time since he left the Bulls. He plans on tearing his ACL for old tim…
Shoutout to Derrick Rose, Kristaps Porzingis and Jeff Hornacek to listening to the podcast
Knicks ball movement still a work in progress when Derrick Rose is out there. Kristaps Porzingis has taken ONE shot so f…
Derrick Rose is off to the races for his first bucket back in Chicago!
Derrick Rose helped bring the Bulls back to relevance & is wearing a number in tribute to Chicago, but sure let's boo him.
Derrick Rose 1st half stats: 6 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast. The 5 ast are more than he's had in any game this season
I was missing these acrobatic shots man, glad to see glimpses of Derrick Rose's pre-injury finishes
Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah leave the game together.
In his return to Chicago, Derrick Rose put in WORK: finishes with 15p/11a/7r to help the get the W on t…
VIDEO: Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah get emotional celebrating homecoming win over Bulls.
Derrick Rose silences the haters as Knicks earn big win over Bulls.
That moment u realize Derrick Rose's son has been a cubs fan longer than
I am tripping. I didn't know Derrick Rose got traded to the Knicks 😲
Derrick Rose leads the Knicks to a win in his return to Chicago, going for 15/7/11.
Derrick Rose with a huge drive and 1.
Easily one of the prettiest finishes I have ever seen Derrick Rose make
I can't believe Chicago is booing Derrick Rose g..
You know this game meant a whole lot to former Bulls Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah...
Shoutout to Derrick Rose, man that *** nice 🗣
.get 117-104 win over the behind strong performances from Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose
When Chicago fans boo at Derrick Rose 😑 P.S he was traded
If you're booing Derrick Rose, despite all he did for the Bulls, you're trash.
Derrick Rose takes it all the way to the rim and finishes over Jimmy Butler.
Check out the moving tribute to Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.
And people always look at me crazy when I tell them my favorite player is Derrick Rose.
Joakim Noah and Derrick rose share a moment when leaving the game together.
Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah bring happy memories in return to United Center - Chicago Tribune
Up at - Let's talk about this whole Derrick Rose coming back to Chicago thing going down tonight.…
POLL: It's homecoming night for Derrick Rose in Chicago, will the Knicks pull of the upset against the Bulls in D-Rose's first game back?
Derrick Rose: "I'm still shocked I got traded (from but my one biggest regret is that i didn't win a championship in Chicago."
Derrick Rose says there's "no bad blood" between he and the Bulls as he returns to Chicago tonight:
GAMENIGHT! . Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah return to Chicago as the play the Bulls.
Derrick Rose on the Bulls and growing up in Chicago
Jimmy Butler: 'Lots of love' for Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah in Chicago return
Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah return to Chicago in need of a win for New York Knicks
Derrick Rose's Chicago homecoming on Friday night can go many different ways.
Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will be returning to Chicago Bulls tomorrow, for the 1st time as a member of New York Knicks. . Red Mist
Tomorrow night, Derrick Rose returns to Chicago as an opponent for the first time. . Rose on the Bulls and the city: http…
The return of Derrick Rose tomorrow to Chicago, don't care about anything else other than a win, get that W.
Derrick Rose knows it's a wonderful life as he has his own sentimental journey in his return to Chicago. .
Derrick Rose said Tom Thibodeau came to the Bulls and "changed the culture there and changed our identity. We can do that h…
Derrick Rose said need to develop an identity, similar to the one Tom Thibodeau brought to Chicago:
With a team this good, no wonder Derrick Rose thought they could win every game. (Vine via
Will Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler co-exist better than Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler did?
Derrick Rose put Mike Conley on ice skates 👀.
Derrick Rose hits Mike Conley with the double crossover 👀🔥
And then take Derrick Rose out the game as soon as he gets to the basket... Melo and Jeff Hornacek is gonna make this a long season 🙄
Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings and Courtney Lee all getting plenty of court time in their debut.
Derrick Rose is a turnover machine. Thank god the Knicks have their first round pick!
Jadeveon Clowney vs. Derrick Rose: Who gets injured more?
porzingod, melo, and the free of all charges Derrick Rose duh
Derrick Rose is the only one saying this was ok
Rose eager to move on from civil trial. Derrick Rose talks about rejoining the Knicks and putting his civil...
And I blow it from the jump, Derrick Rose knee
Derrick Rose got on the stand and said he doesnt know what consent is and still won the case. Then took pics with the jury.…
You was my numba 1 but ain't Derrick Rose!
I liked a video from News: Derrick Rose Cleared of Civil Charges In Rape Case
Wrote about sports, ants, and life:
derrick rose is a rapist. KB is more than deserving and will have a better career.. so yes
"Do Rose and Noah Have Enough Left in the Tank to Help the Knicks?" via App:
Shout out to Derrick Rose, man that nicca nice
Derrick Rose rejoins Knicks, glad to put civil trial behind him
Not trying to get crossed like Derrick Rose🏀 I'm just trying to meet my Derrick 🌹
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