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Derek Willis

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Because Derek Willis got worked all night and UNC exposed his lack of defense
Contemporaries of the Allmans like Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are what gives me hope. Here's to the true blueslingers.
I hope so I really like foster he has the potential 2 be like Willis was
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5 - Huddersfield have won all five of their previous penalty shootouts in the play-offs - no other team has won more than one.…
Dominique Hawkins & Derek Willis graduate today. They have 4 wins over UofL. Nobody who's ever played for UofL has more…
Shaquille O Neal stops Derek Willis on the way out of the arena and says "Good Game Big Homie"
Based on the forecast: soccer, rain, & soaked DDubs
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The guys were working with students at and ran into one of our city's finest: Hope to see him out a…
On this day in 1999... "Beckham... into Sheringham... and Solskjær has won it!".
| FT. 🇺🇸USA sensation Josh Sargent scores his third in two games to move them to the top of Grp F
Don't forget the U20's are about to kick off on FS1!
GET IN . Bit of luck with the finish but so well worked in the build-up. Pogba on it from the start
I think the perception of Derek Willis, the shooter, exceeds his ability as a shooter.
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Thought you was interning for Louisville City. I was at training yesterday there.
half expected to see you at Thurman Hutchins this morning.
Awesome morning getting to work with the gk's and watching training. @ Thurman…
UVU's Zac Willis receiving praise for his defense and his bat via
What a day for academy. A picture paints a thousand words.
Ryan Anderson is like an NBA version of Derek Willis. Great shooter, no one on one defense
Derek Willis says Sacha Killeya-Jones has the most potential of anyone on next year's team:
I really want a "That's so Bullitt County" t shirt that Derek Willis was wearing. But I need mine in purple and Gold!
Derek Willis recalls the time Dominique Hawkins told Russ Smith he was gonna steal his girl while guarding him. h…
Sorry...Derek Willis's fiancée pulls the solid April Fools' Day joke on him
EXCLUSIVE: Derek Willis thanks Big Blue Nation for being there for him
EXCLUSIVE: Derek Willis sat down with me to craft a letter to Kentucky fans about what you've meant to him.
Derek Willis is the real life Nathan Scott
Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins and Mychal Mulder talk about the reception they have had in Memphis.
Derek Willis: "It's safe to say I was the best Willis today" 😂😈. Wichita State's Willis had 2 points and 1 rebound
Marcus Lee, Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins recall UK's turnaround and run to the 2014 Final Four, by
Kentucky is undefeated ever since Derek Willis got engaged.
VIDEO || Derek Willis proposes to his girlfriend, Keely Potts!
Dominique Hawkins the trash talker? Derek Willis remembers his favorite Dom memory. 😂😂. Check out the full interview h…
Bond with will make tonight especially emotional for Derek Willis:
Julius Randle, the Harrison twins, James Young, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, Derek Willis & Dominique Hawkins for this year
Lost in last night's defeat was the stellar offensive game of Derek Willis, who scored a season-high 18 pts. Story: htt…
Derek Willis missed a costly rebound, and it came against the player he stayed up all night watching.
A couple of injuries here. Grant Williams first, then UK's Derek Willis.
Derek Willis blocks Lew Evans at the rim after a beautiful pass by Grant Williams. Then, Willis finishes an and-one on the other end.
Derek Willis knows Bob Knight as a chair rearranger.
STORY: Malik Willis decommits from Virginia Tech during Belk Bowl, less than 24 hours, commits to Auburn.
Briscoe says Derek Willis helped him get the last rebound to get his triple double: “Shoutout to Derek, for real" https:…
Derek Willis intentionally missing the FT to get Briscoe's 10th RB was awesome.
Watch Derek Willis give Isaiah Briscoe the "look", before intentionally missing this free throw on his side to give him…
Derek Willis intentionally missed a free throw so Isaiah Briscoe could get his triple-double via
Derek Willis with the greatest intentionally missed free throw in UK basketball history since Eric Bledsoe in the 2010…
Derek Willis taking selfless to a new level
There's talk of naming a street in Mt. Washington after Kentucky's Derek Willis
John Calipari says Isaiah Briscoe and Derek Willis are Ready to Go
John Calipari says Isaiah Briscoe will have MRI on injured back, Derek Willis has sprained right thumb:
I was thinking more Derek Willis. All offense, no D
Derek Willis with the block on one end and then is rewarded with a fabulous lob pass from Malik Monk on the other.
Kentucky is second in the SEC East in football and Derek Willis is leading the basketball team in dunks just like every…
A conversation with Derek Willis on learning from his arrest and leaving UK with a championship ring.
Derek Willis at the Justin Bieber concert is so Bullitt County.
we will have experience if Briscoe, Marcus Lee, Dominique Hawkins, and Derek Willis stay and they all are figured to stay.
Derek Willis is a world class Yu-Gi-Oh is video of him doing his thing
and we'll probably have briscoe Marcus Lee and Derek Willis back
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Just walked past Derek Willis and he has super cute socks on
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Surprised you didn't discuss Derek Willis's absence in Saturday's game during your show yesterday. The impact was devastating.
Derek Willis is wearing socks with cats on it. Can we be bff's?
And, what you said about defense is why Derek Willis will not be on court as much as people want. Cal will never trust his D.
why's there always a guy on Cals call-in show bringing up Derek Willis?Always from Louisville. Makes me wanna punch kittens.
UEFA do check, but with so much corruption in the game I'm not sure how much they care
glad you're out of Belgium. Safe travels home (if you're still in France).
In case there was any speculation, I can confirm through a very good source that Derek Willis WILL be back next year.
Congratulations and hope this is not the only trophy is going to win this season...
I'm nothing but a proud dad tonight. has just been voted Player of the year in Denmark. ❤️
Did Derek Willis seriously ask "who is Bob Knight?" Plz tell me he was being sarcastic and not for real.
Derek Willis back to 5-10 minutes a game? Or did he do enough to earn more playing time?
Looks like I'll another year to 'tweak' my new song; "Where There's A Willis There's A Way.
ICYMI: Derek Willis was not pleased with his late-season performance and has a clear goal for offseason
once Derek Willis and Skal started spacing the floor we really started clicking. They just picked the wrong game to go cold
In reply to Derek Willis's question about Indiana & who is Bob Knight...this made me laugh
One more than Derek Willis threw up yesterday.
2 things I just saw at Kroger:. 1) Derek Willis (cool). 2) A car with an Indiana sticker on the back (not cool)
Congratulations to with beating the record of not conceding in Serie A today!
New Story | Derek Willis knows he needs to improve his defense to continue his progress in the offseason
I have a real bad feeling that Derek Willis will not be a wildcat next season from transfer
WATCH: Rashford opens the scoring for in the
Derek Willis just chilling on a bench in front of Euclid Kroger. Groceries cheer me up too pal.
A solid inside scorer would really help Derek Willis. Teams were cheating out on him near the end.
Free evaluation from NBA Scouts will be huge advantage for players like Derek Willis & Isaac Humphries. Feedback invaluable.
Something Kentucky fans need to be thankful for is Derek Willis. Because he wanted to transfer after his freshman year
Happy Birthtime to moon lightening BRUCE WILLIS! 98 today! Happy Birthtime Bruise! Sim City!
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yea lots of growth room for him. If Derek Willis steps up in leadership role that could be key too
. I think I could get used to watching in this environment!!
Where there's a Willis there's a way.
Derek Willis shot 44.2% from 3 this season, the best by a UK player (min. 100 att.) since Doron Lamb in 2011-2012 (46.6%)
Derek Willis shot 88.9% from the free-throw line this season, the best by a UK player since Jodie Meeks in 2008-2009 (90.2%)
Having some major DeJaVu with Derek Shepard right now.
UK-Indiana postgame video: Derek Willis talks about breakdowns
anything from Cal on why Derek Willis shot the ball twice?
you don't think it's on him at all with Derek Willis going (0-2)? Having Lee out there too much? That's on Cal.
And someone thank that other Derek Willis. He had a great sense of humor and you know blew up his tl
Derek Willis on UK Loss to IU - DES MOINES, Iowa -- Kentucky junior forward Derek Willis talks about ...
Today's shot total of 2 for Derek Willis was his lowest amount of FG attempts in a game since he became a big factor in early January.
Derek Willis to the Lakers first ballot hall of famer 20x NBA champion
I'm convinced UK lost today b/c 1)Derek Willis didn't play enough, and 2)UK didn't make it a point to get him going offensively
I think the biggest stat for this UK loss was Derek Willis going 0-2 from the field.
Derek Willis proved what many had been saying for 2years now. He could start on most other D-1 teams. Waited his turn & didnt waste it.
unfortuntely for Derek Willis was the last Kentucky player Tyler Ulis looked to give the ball. . …
Crean said taking away Derek Willis 3s was a major emphasis. Willis scoreless in 15 minutes today.
How about Derek Willis?! No word could describe how proud I am of that kid. He had a heart for UK. Thanks man.
Kentucky's Derek Willis is one unique guy via
Being Native American myself I absolutely LOVE this piece on Derek Willis & his heritage
Great article on Derek Willis' contribution to the team, his Native American heritage, and, of course, his former …
Matt, you do know that Derek Willis actually grew up in Louisville. Didn't move to Bullitt County until he was at least 13
In the two games since Derek Willis got hurt, Kentucky players not named Jamal Murray are 0-for-13 from 3-point range. Mu…
Derek Willis walking into the practice gym in the protective boot still. Cal says no update.
Derek Willis' scoring total in his first 48 games played at UK: 122. Derek Willis' scoring total in his last 11 games played …
Calipari forced to tweak offense again without Derek Willis via
John Calipari said UK "had to play different" without Derek Willis. A look at how UK's offense changed vs. Alabama: htt…
Derek Willis's ankle. He needs to go see the same doctor who healed Chris Jones after his near fatal broken jaw. https:…
“He made us a totally different team.". You already know is talking about Derek Willis. Story:
Derek Willis > Kevin Love. IF we're being serious
That's just like Bill Rafferty saying today on the broadcast that Derek Willis really changed the "complexion" of the game.
Derek Willis is good offensively but almost as effective as Kyle Wiltjer on D
Derek Willis is the best player on the court tonight by a landslide.
Derek Willis is everywhere. Hits a 3 in the corner and then blocks his third shot.
Lex area GK's/strikers, still time to sign up. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.
Based on this simple principle, the muscle injury chaos at Liverpool was not very difficult to predict last month. htt…
Derek Willis and Charles Mattews on Camp Cal and the start of SEC play. . Video:
A UK fan just called the UofL pregame radio show and asked What they thought of Derek Willis.
maybe I'm not convinced yet with Humphries, Tai, Wenyen, Jones, Bam, Derek Willis why would anyone want to join that no PT
Thanks coach! Maybe a birthday ball tomorrow if I can squeeze it in.
📷 Derek Willis (Arapaho Tribe) Scores 8 Points for Kentucky who open SEC play with Win over Ole Miss
"SS Games & Age Group Changes: A Discussion of Youth Soccer in the US" Fri, 10:30 CC 337-38 Honored to speak on this panel
spot on about changing the style at the wrong time, but Klopp kind of had too
📷 Kentucky Falls at LSU; Derek Willis adds 6 Points for the Wildcats
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Sound like a hater but people are hyping up Ben Simmons 2nd half surge when he was being defended by Derek Willis & Humpries. Com'on now.
Derek Willis has played some very quality minutes. Has UK's best +/- of the night (+3). No turnovers. Efficient.
Derek Willis had a good defense possession. He stopped Brisco on a drive to the basket
I think 4 games in 11 days may have some cause on it, Klopp has been used to the break too.
I would suspect Mister Ancelotti is busy immersing himself in German lessons & Bayern to be bothered to work with Madrid.
Derek Willis should come in at the 3. We give up too much with him in the post.
Derek Willis needs to carry some scoring because we can't rely on 2 guards.
If you're wondering why Derek Willis doesn't play more... .
nope, he had Derek Willis guarding him.
better yet, let's see if supreme athlete Derek Willis can stick with him 35 feet out
This has not been an ideal one minute stretch for Kentucky's Derek Willis.
Poor Derek Willis...has no business being on the floor, but has to be. Should be playing for Transy, but found his way into a UK uniform
Derek Willis can't guard his own shadow. He's Wiltjer part 2 when it comes to defense. Concrete blocks for feet.
Ben Simmons vs Derek Willis is the equivalent of Shaq vs Ryan Sheckler
Derek Willis is useless unless he's catching and shooting. Anything else just forget it.
Ben Simmons it is such a badass when he scores on Derek Willis and Isaac Humphries
Derek Willis really competes down there.
i could watch Derek Willis attempt to guard Ben Simmons for hours, straight comedy lol.
Derek Willis was all over that mini-highlight reel of Ben Simmons. Need Lee, Poythress to win.
Not sure Derek Willis is the guy to check Simmons, Coach
I could do what Ben Simmons is doing against Derek Willis. He's good, but I'm not that impressed.
Derek Willis gaurding the best player in the country. Who would've thunk it??
Jesus, Ben is doing this against Derek Willis. I could do that against Derek Willis. Get off his sack.
Wow. Can't believe the team just quit. Derek Willis, Humphries, Poythress, Briscoe should not play Saturday.
then again tho, why in the *** is Derek Willis guarding Ben Simmons
Derek Willis is BBQ chicken on defense
Why is Derek Willis guarding him anyways
I said it two years ago and I'll say it now..Derek Willis is awful
That's what happens when you have Derek Willis guarding Simmons...not a great matchup
This should be stopped Derek Willis trying to guard Ben Simmons isn’t right. Hopefully all the children are in bed.
We are not going to be a successful team with Derek Willis having to play 20+ minutes a game
I'd have to imagine Derek Willis guarding Ben Simmons isn't an ideal situation for Kentucky.
If make a player run 5 miles every time he left his feet to guard a player. I'm looking right at you Derek Willis.
Even Derek Willis crashes the glass harder than Skal & he's even weaker. Seriously, its getting pathetic. . Been patient w/ him, but man..
Derek Willis might be the worst defender ever
Only the realist can feel us Derek Willis out here clogging up the lane.
Derek Willis doesn't play near enough. Briscoe and Skal play way too much. Briscoe and Matthews never need to see the floor at the same time
Calipari says he'll play Marcus Lee solely at the 5. Poythress and Derek Willis, "if he'll rebound," at the 4.
This is how I imagine Derek Willis does post game press conferences
with 6'9 Brandon Ingram on the wing and 6'9 Amile Jefferson in the post, I see Derek Willis and Marcus Lee at the 3 and 4
You are just feeling the swag today after Derek Willis bragged on you and last night
At VaughtsViews: Talk with father and two high school coaches helped inspire Derek Willis
Praise for Derek Willis (career high 14 points), wincing about 20 turnovers from John Calipari after UK opener.
There are lots of 5* out of HS playing now but UK's Derek Willis is trending nationally. Kentucky Effect
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Looking over latest Big Board and not seeing Derek Willis' name anywhere. Must've been a mistake.
Derek Willis looks like he's going to make John Calipari find minutes for him.
John Calipari just choked on his popcorn because Derek Willis took a 3 point basket. He made it
John Calipari came out nearly to halfcourt screaming at Derek Willis to shoot the ball after DW hesitated, the traveled while open for 3.
Derek Willis making a strong case to become a regular fixture in rotation via
Cal says Derek Willis "took some minutes" tonight. Says this weekend's practices will be huge for him to show he can build on it.
.on Willis: Derek is a typical college player. Struggle first couple yrs and break through third year. I'm proud of him.
Calipari said during one of the huddles that he told the team 'Derek has four deflections,' Willis corrected him: 'I have 5 deflections.'
Cal: Derek Willis stole some minutes tonight.
.on Derek Willis: He took minutes tonight. Now he's like the first guy you want to put in. So is Alex.
Cal on Derek Willis: "He took minutes today. He took minutes."
Derek Willis leads team in assists with 5, 9 rebounds, 2 steals and 6 points. put me in coach. fun game
Derek Willis to Jamal Murray is a thing of beauty:
Derek Willis just played his best game at Kentucky. Welcome to the rotation,
Bet the first thing Cal says tonight is "how about Derek Willis"
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I like that Derek Willis is working hard and what not but...that skull tattoo? What the heck?
Strong game from Derek Willis, who finished with six points, nine rebounds, five assists, two blocks and two steals in 21 minutes.
Derek Willis is hustling. Nice sequence for him. He's got three points, two boards, a block and a steal. UK up 27-15. | 1H…
Derek Willis to Jamal Murray for the dunk
Strangely enough, I find myself pulling really hard for Derek Willis. ...
For 2 yrs, people have questioned why Derek Willis picked UK. This is why. He's allowed to be a basketball player, not just a post player.
The secret to Derek Willis's play so far has to be the tattoos right?
Rupp Arena erupts as Derek Willis throws a bullet 3/4 court to Murray for a monster slam. The lead is 52, 5:45 to go.
Derek Willis blocks shot, grabs ball, fires length-of-court pass to Jamal Murray for tomahawk slam. Another wow moment.
I kicked my brother & sister-in-law out of the family for running over Derek Willis' foot with a stroller at Fayette Mall.
Cats returning to Lexington: EJ Floreal, Dominique Hawkins, Alex Poythress and Derek Willis were already in Le...
Kentucky's roster as of RN is Marcus Lee, Alex Poythress, Tyler Ulis , EJ Floreal, Dominique Hawkins, and Derek Willis . Dakari Johnson maybe
Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis check into the game.
Boyne City beats Iron Mountain 54-51 on a late trey by Derek Willis. IM had a chance at the buzzer but Kyle Johnson's attempt was in and out
Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins, Sam Malone, Brian Long, and Tod Lanter are getting in this game
Water cooler guy at office is on a roll today. Said UK Fball to win sec east, he could hit an 80mph fastball, and mentioned Derek Willis.
"Hillary Clinton, and Names Fit to Print" by DEREK WILLIS via NYT
Mother Centre says he's as handsome as ever!
Hey! stopped by practice today after a signing at Boyle Co. HS.
Video: Derek Willis drains it from midcourt: It’s Day 2 of practice. Derek Willis is getting rea...
on PLEASE ask what are Derek Willis' plans after college.
on PLEASE ask what is Derek Willis plans after college.
Work brought me to Danville today, so I got to stop by the alma mater & see
Video: Derek Willis drains it from midcourt - Kentucky Wildcats Basketball - Nation of Blue
Today’s shootaround ended with Derek Willis from halfcourt via
"Derek Willis drains it from midcourt. @ Bridgestone Arena
Derek Willis drains it from midcourt. @ Bridgestone Arena
UK stages half-court shooting contest. Derek Willis wins with two-handed shot that swishes.
“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” - Confucius
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The U-17s will face either Mexico, Costa Rica or Canada. That will be determined tomorrow when the other group wraps up.
Want to thank the for this amazing gift sent to Buschy. Never forget our soldiers!.
exactly. He's just so smug and negative.all the time
I would never dare tag Wynalda or he'd track me down and explain to me how he scored the first MLS goal for the millionth time
that's worded poorly, you're not included in the group. It's a Lalas vs Wynalda matchup. Sorry about that
Who's more annoying Lalas or Wynalda? I keep going back and forth
that one time Patrick Willis killed a Jets player
he's such a slick jerk. He's the Ric Flair of modern day soccer
I have a feeling that sooner than later, Costa is going to be on the end of a Keanesque tackle.
"Hillary Clinton’s Email and the Challenges of Data Storage" by DEREK WILLIS via NYT
Derek Willis checks in for the first time tonight with 10:24 to play.
Derek Willis puts a bow on this one, taking a Dominique Hawkins feed in for a dunk. Final: 116, Pikeville 68.
Derek Willis about to check in at 9:04 mark.
Mark Story: The one thing Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins absolutely need John Calipari to know
My favorite highlight from the practice: Derek Willis to Aaron Harrison to Derek Willis.
Looking forward to our road trip tomorrow for a tourney at
For Nerds is back! and preview all Wk 1 games and answer fan q's
If you are kayaking & sea seals, go the other way. . Why people haven't sorted this out is beyond me.
Tashianna & Derek, Willis Tower, 99th Floor - May 16th, 2014 - Tashianna and Derek were just gorgeous on...
over/under on chances the water in the visiting locker room at Lynn stadium will have a malfunction on Friday?
unless something extreme I am always a call it at the field coach. By the way, got a senior who may be interested in GC.
wow. I've been trying to play weatherman all day in order to figure out prac looks like we will avoid it at 4 for training
it seems so. It was Woodford's principal who called it. Canceled all outdoor activities.
Why Manchester United fans will be gutted Danny Welbeck has left the club. Local boy.
Superb . “Came across this gif on Uniteds transfer signings. It's genius
When you think of Hernandez, think of when he scored after a few seconds against Chelsea at the end of 2010-11 season.
definitely thinking about it, depends if we train on our turf Tuesday night (pushes practice time back).
Good relaxing day off, ready to get back at it tomorrow training with
“Big happy birthday to former captain and current Marine, Wes Jones (12)!”
Tough loss tonight to open the season, but really proud of my guys. The never quit the fight. Onto the next one.
good luck tonight. Just keep one thing in mind...
"To me, data journalism implies an empirical approach in which the data helps guide the reporting." - Derek Willis |
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Good interview with on doing data journalism in the NYT and its challenges:
Derek Willis new play by play radio announcer for the ...Mr. Willis, all the best to you! Won't lie, some mighty big shoes to fill!
So, Derek Willis is the new pbp guy for Calgary Flames Sportsnet radio broadcasts. I'm so happy for you.
"Two Senators Willing to Defy the Party Line" by DEREK WILLIS via NYT
Full transcripts of Kidd-Gilchrist, assistant John Robic, Marcus Lee and Derek Willis after another UK blowout:
Two guys who can play on Kentucky that NO ONE talks about? Dominique Hawkins + Derek Willis. Both would play major mins a…
Calipari will unveil a team next year that arguably will be the most talented college basketball team ever to lace up sneakers. This team will be comprised of (9) McDonald All Americans, (3) seven footers who are guaranteed first round NBA draft picks once they leave Kentucky, and a backcourt that will be the deepest in the land. I am looking forward to the 5 9 waterbug Ulis hailing from Chicago pushing the ball down the floor while either Poythress, Lyles, Lee, and Harrison's are filling the lanes. The athleticism this team will possess will be off the charts. Also I would be remiss not to mention Devin Booker, who is considered one of the top shooters coming into the college game next season. *** I forgot to mention defensive stopper Dominique Hawkins and 6-9 Derek Willis. This team will be scary good!
I am glad to see the twins are also staying at Kentucky. With what's coming in, UK will be loaded. I feel bad though for Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis.
So think about this. First game next year, John Calipari, who relies so heavily on uber talented freshmen, probably won't start a single one. (I believe no matter how good they are, he'll be starting the twins, Alex, Dakari and Willie. Could change later. We'll see.) So you have a basic starting lineup of McDonald's All Americans, only with experience in Cal's system. On the bench, guys who were already being seen as heavy duty contributors... Marcus Lee, Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins and. His USUAL top three recruiting class consisting of four players in the top 30 in the country. The prospects are frightening... (if you're everybody else)
“UK's got 9 McDonald's All-Americans, Willie Cauley-Stein and Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis ✊” and still won't win it all
Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis too fam. Dominique mostly
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If Kyle Wiltjer is good enough to play w the 2012 group, I feel extremely confident Derek Willis is good enough to play w THIS group
You may not hear about it, but other Kentucky players scored today besides Jon Hood, Jarrod Polson and Derek Willis combining for 6 points.
THERE is something Kyle Wiltjer could NEVER DO. Derek Willis coast-to-coast, sea to shining *** sea.
Derek Willis is a much more athletic Kyle Wiltjer
John Calipari wants Derek Willis to be ready
how is Marcus Lee & Derek Willis progressing? Is their lack of playing time due to other players stepping up?
Kyle Wiltjer would be playing tiddlywinks on the sideline with Derek Willis if he stayed
and the future for Marcus Lee and Derek Willis once they put on some more weight is going to be great at UK. Cal is building for experience
Derek Willis wishes he was anything like Kyle Wiltjer.
“Derek Willis is a willing passer, that's what I love about his game.” Great passer at Bullitt East. Teammates stay ready.
Curious to see how much Derek Willis is going to play. And, if he does, how quickly he can relax. I'm still convinced that if Kyle Wiltjer stayed, he still wouldn't be playing a lot. So, it was good for him, for his career to leave. But, Cal of course would have liked to have him stay.
BBN News: Where'd ya go, Derek Willis? - After an impressive preseason, many expected Derek Willis to play an active role in the team's rotation. Yet, through seven games, Willis has averaged the second-least amount of minutes on the team. Some were comparing Willis to a more athletic Kyle Wiltjer after his 21 point performance in the Blue-White game. But Willis has failed to []
No offense to Kyle Wiltjer, but Besides 3 point shooting, what skill does he have better than Derek Willis? Kid is going…
Derek Willis may be the main reason Kyle Wiltjer transferred. From what I've seen so far...I don't blame Wiltjer for transferring.
The first thing I think after watching Derek Willis? He could fill Kyle Wiltjer's 2012 role for UK off the bench. 6-9 stretch 4/3.
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Derek Willis 1000x upgrade from Kyle Wiltjer
So is Derek Willis like the new, improved Kyle Wiltjer?
Picking up Derek Willis was like picking up a Kyle Wiltjer that can actually move. He will contribute.
Derek Willis is filling in where Kyle Wiltjer left. Only BETTER!
Derek Willis is like a Kyle Wiltjer that can play defense.
If you missed the Blue/White game last night... Geeezus H. Krist! First of all...the two teams combined for 53.6% shooting... FROM THE THREE POINT LINE. 15 of 28.good god these guys can shoot! Home grown Derek Willis led the way..he was 5 of 6... he is Kyle Wiltjer..only quicker, more athletic, and with a MUCH better inside game. I have said it before... it was proven last night, James Young is the second best player on this team... the Harrison twins caught a ton of hype.. and they should have, they are both great players... but James Young, is stupid good!!! Andrew Harrison didn't play much...he is nursing a bruised knee...but Aaron Harrison pretty much proved that when Andrew is out of the game...Aaron will slide over and play point guard, you couldn't even tell he wasn't the point guard of the twins. My projected starters based on what I saw... PG-Andrew harrison SG-Aaron Harrision SF- James Young PF- Julius Randle C- Willie Cauley-Stein Major minutes off the bench (15 to 20) Alex Poythress Dakari Joh ...
Derek Willis got that old-man, Larry Bird game.. I'm gonna need him to wear some Horace Grant specs on the court to complete the retro look
The Wildcats basketball team is LOADED. Watching the game last night it was hard not to be impressed with the talent. Julius Randle is so good it's hard to describe, James Young, the Harrisons-awesome. And how about that Kentucky boy, Derek Willis?? He's the real deal--he can def. shoot plus he seems to have a good court sense for a freshman. Goona be a great year!!!
Derek Willis isn’t just the “Kentucky boy.” He’s going to contribute.As impressive as Julius Randle was, Derek Willis may have been the hottest topic in all the cars leaving Rupp Arena Tuesday night. Willis scored a team-high 21 points for the White team on 8-of-13 shooting, including 5-of-6 from downtown. The impressive night, though surprising to fans, wasn’t anything new to Willis’ teammates. Aaron Harrison said, “Derek is amazing in practice. He may be the most versatile scorer on the team. We weren’t shocked tonight because he does that all the time.” Julius Randle agreed. Randle said regardless of what the outsiders think of Willis, his game is well-respected by everyone in the locker room. Coach Cal said Willis has no conscience at all, he just goes. One thing is for sure, seeing Willis do it all, on both ends of the floor, softened the blow of losing Kyle Wiltjer. If Willis is consistent with what he did Tuesday night, Kentucky fans would take him over Wiltjer any day of the ...
Derek Willis will get drafted before Kyle Wiltjer
Who needs Kyle Wiltjer when you got Derek Willis!!?
For those who worried about the unathletic, overrated shooter Kyle Wiltjer leaving...I think Derek Willis will more than replace him
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