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Derek Ramsay

Derek Arthur Ramsay is a Filipino-British model, actor, host, and former VJ in the Philippines.

Coleen Garcia Lovi Poe Kiray Celis Anne Curtis Meg Imperial Jennylyn Mercado John Estrada Solenn Heussaff Paolo Ballesteros Kean Cipriano Regal Films Piolo Pascual Kris Aquino Dunkin Donuts Xian Lim Dennis Trillo Tom Rodriguez

Derek Ramsay in a blockbuster movie! "English Only, Please"! pa more!
I may be completely wrong and just missed it but have they removed the warning gunshots in derek ramsay's piracy ad?
so, I was downloading a movie from the internet... ...then Derek Ramsay suddenly appears and goes "Pare, pulis ako"
belated hbd, Sir!! 😛🎉 sorry I always slept in your class but hey here I am! we all miss the Derek Ramsay of Hijas 😢🤘🏼
Congratulations to Derek Ramsay on passing his final PGA exams and now becoming a fully qualified PGA...
Petition to bring back Derek Ramsay's piracy commercial to theaters everywhere.
Derek ramsay has that versatility as a very credible actor in projects like defin…
derek ramsay: piracy is stealing stealing is against the law piracy is a crime. me, torrenting: PiRácY iS sT3alìng stEaLiNG iZ…
Love is more about sacrifices. Ex with Benefits was great. Galing ni Coleen Garcia at Derek Ramsay 💘
"Pain is my enemy but its not the end" -Derek Ramsay
Dad, thank you for being you! This is Derek Ramsay and Dunkin’ Donuts wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day! :)
Derek Ramsay showing some love to his full Lee ensemble.
😂😂 that's probably what big Derek said.
Regardless of the dire state of Sunderland. Derek staying with us rather than choosing them is a big statement for Scottish Football.
See how Lee Ambassador, Derek Ramsay, lead a double life pursuing his professional career and passions outside of...
Everyone's pick is Derek Ramsay but he's not attending!!!
Derek Ramsay, John Estrada win Jack Nicklaus tournament, earn meet-up with golf legend
Derek Ramsay and John Estrada, amateur golfers, this week won the Jack Nicklaus…
Next thing you know we'll be watching government-sponsored "trailers" involving Derek Ramsay and too many...
Decheol ramchoi is the official ship name of Derek Ramsay and Choi Seungcheol as deemed by
"If there is no healing... There is no pain.". —Adam Castrances (Derek Ramsay in Ex with Benefits)
Derek Ramsay happy to be on good terms with ABS-CBN via
Unlike Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Tanner Mata (surname!), Derek Ramsay, Tom Rodriguez who are obvs of indigeno…
"I got really drunk with derek ramsay and thats how i ended up with my tattoo"
Alan Cassidy Derek Ramsay June Ramsay get them down for the Engerland game
Watching a movie where Dennis Trillo and Derek Ramsay are in a brawl. And Dennis locked Derek in his legs. Shet ako rin please. Lels.
Alan Cassidy Derek Ramsay June Ramsay absolutely love this place. Seen this many a time.
Spotted at Parmigiano Molito. Actor Derek Ramsay and family. Thank you for dining!. Ci rivediamo…
Reposting this photo to Congratulate you John Estrada & Derek Ramsay for winning
you should have a meme ala Derek Ramsay's Pare, Pulis Ako :)
Meet and Greet Derek Ramsay. This is brought to you by Dunkin Donuts
Derek Ramsay uwi na, may bago nang Derrick. . Derrick-tor why u do this?
Derek Ramsay trying to join an org:. "Pare...palist ako". :(
Lee Jeans, together with Derek Ramsay embraces the curious mindset and exploration of new avenues of professional...
derek ramsay: pare, pulis ako. victoria justice: i think we're ALL pulis
IMHO, Derek Ramsay / Robi Domingo would have done better vs Xian Lim tonight.
I mean, I admire how Toni G. lessen the kaba of the candidates when she hosted the pagent tapos mas be…
The best parin Coronation Night parin ni Shamcey Supsup with KC Concepcion and Derek Ramsay as hosts. Close fight pa sila ni Janine Tugonon.
Ever wonder if Derek Ramsay buys pirated DVD's?
wala pa lang gif si Derek Ramsay eating doughnuts. Must I right the wrong in this world? 😄
It was when I was taking a shower just moments ago that I understood your Derek Ramsay joke. 😒
Serious question: Why is Derek ramsay always naked/shirtless?
Derek Ramsay found out his parents are originally from Poland. . "Pare, Polish ako."
Customer walked up to the kitchen and asked our sous chef:. "Strict ba kayo dito? Mala Derek Ramsay?" . Uhm...
My friend said it got rebranded as sumo d…
When you post an article about Derek Ramsay and can't help but put "Pare Pulis Ako" in the tag list.
My amazing friend Derek Ramsay is fundraising for Accord Hospice. Donate to Derek's JustGiving page
If Derek Ramsay dubbed Iñigo's voice in Ignacio de Loyola, the first thing he'll say is "Pare, Santo ako."
Roses are red. Voilets are blue. Cam recording is illegal. Derek ramsay :
Special thanks go out to my most recent collector, esteemed actor, DEREK RAMSAY, for trusting my…
.wishes he had the body like Derek Ramsay
Tale as old as time... Stealing is a crime... Derek Ramsay: Pare, pulis ako.
When you see Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsay, and all the other celebrities, athletes, etc., who promote fitness and...
Paolo Ballesteros set to do an action-comedy film with Derek Ramsay | via PUSH©
I am watching My Candidate and I fail to see how a Derek Ramsay can be so un-charismatic. 😂
[CHIKA MINUTE] Paolo Ballesteros, Derek Ramsay team up for new movie | via GMA News
Another Paolo Ballesteros movie in the works! This time with Derek Ramsayhmm interesting.
who doesnt love chocolate. what even is an assaholic... WHO'S DEREK? (RAMSAY?)
Thank you Derek Ramsay for visiting KCC Mall de Zamboanga!
SCOOP:. Paolo Ballesteros is set to do an Action-Comedy film with DEREK RAMSAY. Congratulations
Who's excited for Derek Ramsay later? See you there!
Breast Cancer Awareness
"pare, pulis ako.". "are you?". (Derek Ramsay, confused, continues to ponder on the question). *fade to black* 👁‍🗨
He looks like Derek Ramsay nga lol daming time mag-compare.
Derek Whibley of sum 41 looks like a pop punk Gordon Ramsay
Derek Ramsay and Sam Milby are daddies too
Young Derek Ramsay talking to his inspiration, John Ramon Aboitiz. If they didn't meet would Derek still be the man…
This is how ridiculous our exams was way back in I.N. 😂 May Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay pa plus latest Star Cinema…
Hosted by Derek Ramsay feat Christian Bautista to serenade the complete contestants of Ms. Universe . Congrats…
The New Year calls for a Derek Ramsay treat! Kidlat is on
So Derek Ramsay viewed my IG story. What a good morning! 😍
I mean did Derek Ramsay see the ending of English Only Please?
*videos about Mental Health Awareness play*. Sasha: That's nice. . *Derek Ramsay's anti-camcording video plays*. S: My cue to go to the CR.
Look who's supporting ! Derek Ramsay supports his friend Paolo Ballesteros!
Most movies of Derek Ramsay involves having an affair
Smart and rugged at the same time? Derek Ramsay makes it possible with 101+ distressed denims.
When your Grab driver looks like Derek Ramsay. HOT DADDY!
DEREK RAMSAY | The only remaining star with a guaranteed contract from TV5: via
Jean Garcia admits she doesn’t want to watch her love scene with Derek Ramsay -
These pairs made us kilig! Who among these one-time love teams do you want to see together again? Feature:
Mr. mark my words among derek ramsay 😂😂
For how long can we pretend Derek Ramsay is an attractive man
Real talk, I would watch every trash Derek Ramsay movie ever if he was replaced by Satan
no hate on the mainstream films but come on, too many movies with "wife" in title. permi lang may kabit which always involves Derek Ramsay
and someone will report me and get 5k for making sumbong to Derek Ramsay and the other girl
Ex with Benefits: Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay's daring movie - Issue! - Read more!.
Look at Dennis Trillo, Derek Ramsay, Tom Rodriguez, Coco Martin, they grow so much as actors even w/o perm. loveteams.
ICYMI: On the cover of Speed's October 2016 Mobile Tech II issue is the tough but sweet guy every man wants to be:…
Derek Ramsay is this Alan Cassidy after the fives?
Gordon Ramsay reveals he has been banned from parents' evenings after taking a selfie via
so. I dreamed about our media laws and guess what, si derek ramsay lang naman ang prof! oha
Sizzle it up with Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay in THE ESCORT. Opens Oct 26 in PH cinemas.
The Escort starring Derek Ramsay, Lovi Poe and Christopher De Leon is a must watch. 👌🏻😅
Watch: The Escort movie teaser starring Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe
Excited for their upcoming movie this September, shoot at Kandaya Resort , Cebu! . Derek Ramsay. Lovi Poe
I had the other day and I felt really bad after, like I was cheating on Derek Ramsay.
Be the first to watch The Escort teaser. Derek Ramsay, Lovi Poe, and Christopher de Leon together. Coming soon in...
Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe in The Escort this October from Regal Films
Derek Ramsay, Lovi Poe, and Christopher de Leon coming out soon in The Escort! Watch the teaser…
Still no results of the quiz in accounting today... . DAFAK DEREK RAMSAY?? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US ALL???
Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe together! Directed by Enzo Williams for Regal Films. Coming soon!!!
Catch the teaser of launch of tomorrow starring Lovi Poe, Derek Ramsay and Mr. Christopher de Leon. Comi…
Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay go daring for their upcoming film "The Escort," which is produced by Regal Films.
Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay shoot steamy bed scenes for 'The Escort'
and shoot steamy bed scenes for The Escort via
Suicide Squad now. Derek Ramsay 's anti - piracy ad playing. Sooo... rules of engagement?
Derek Ramsay lends hand to meaningful cause
Oh, the trailer for "Smaller and Smaller Circles" played earlier! Would've taken a picture, but Derek Ramsay might've come out and chased me
Help Habitat for Humanity + Derek Ramsay: Thank you for subscribing at Earth...
While on a run.Derek Ramsay just flew straight at me. Was too tired to realize 😱.
Visit to watch For Love Or Money, starring Derek Ramsay, Ritz Azul and Alice Dixson.
Derek Ramsay speaks today about . to support better housing in the .
Yup!! 70% diet and 30% exercise! Century Tuna TV ad go Derek Ramsay hehe
Recent searches on youtube... derek ramsay kamatis
sometimes I stay up late at night thinking about Derek Ramsay stepping on that poor tomato every time people watch a movie
When are they changing the "piracy is a crime" bit too just have Derek Ramsay shoot the guy and leave a cardboard note?
Throwback to that awesome day when Derek Ramsay and I were magka-level😝. Thanks again VISA and BPI!
Derek Ramsay criticized by netizens for wearing a rosary
.got the chance to hit the beach for her new movie "The Escort," which also stars
Oh wait, do you know derek ramsay? 😂 okay no. I read derek as valak. Somehow. Idk.
can we finally get rid of that dumb MTRCB commercial with Derek Ramsay that plays before movies
It's really funny! Ramsay is Ian and Derek's neighbor. Ian and Derek play a bitter *** couple it's great
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
It's a show on PBS they actually just had their series finale. It has Ramsay, Ian McKellen, and Derek Jacobi
Alan Cassidy Derek Ramsay Bill Leckie Des McKeown John O'Neill John Quinn tell it like it is 󾌴
Undercover is now available on Sign up to watch this action drama starring Derek Ramsay.
LOOK: Derek, girlfriend tour Europe: Actor Derek Ramsay is currently vacationing in Europe with his girlfrien...
Weird to see Ramsay Bolton in a PBS sitcom with Sers Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as a bickering but loving couple
.and girlfriend Joanne Villablanca are on a holiday in the United Kingdom and Montenegró! Photos: .
IN PHOTOS: Derek Ramsay and girlfriend in Europe: Derek Ramsay and Joanne Villablanca are on a holiday in the...
IN PHOTOS: Derek Ramsay and girlfriend in Europe | via GMA Network
not really. Just that 'The Janitor' movie as it sounded interesting.. plus Derek Ramsay's there 😅.
. "Imitation is stealing. Stealing is a crime. Imitation is against the law.". - Derek Ramsay
At the set of with Derek Ramsay Reunited after two years. 😁😁😁 💪🏻😄
OMG I saw Derek Ramsay in the airport going to japan!! He's short and isn't as buff as he seems on TV 😂😂
'Ex with benefits' is such a nice movie. Derek Ramsay looks 😛😛😛
MASTERS: Derek Ramsay finds Matthew Heibel and the PH is up 2-1!
So done seeing Derek Ramsay step on tomatoes when I watch movies
MASTERS: Jason Lopez ends Denmark's 4-goal run with an assist to Derek Ramsay, and the PH pull back at 5-3!
Jo N Cherry, with the eyes of Derek Ramsay and lips of Dingdong Dantes, you look like John Lloyd Cruz!
Derek Ramsay reveals current girlfriend's daughter looks like...
Coleen Garcia compares her love scenes with Piolo Pascual and with Derek Ramsay
Geoff from is literally worse than Ramsay Bolton.
The admins of the Derek Ramsay fans clubs are planning for a Grand Fans day, may we know who's interested to come...
think we should have a 3-way super selfie with Derek, Vardy & Ramsay!
Derek Ramsay in a Dunkin Donut ad:. "I'm not faking this guys.". LOL
I know you guys like a mountain stroll but.󾍁 Alan Cassidy Derek Ramsay John Quinn
"I want her to be my healing, not just a painkiller." nc1 Derek Ramsay
Guys, which film should I watch first? I have a choice between James Reid, Enrique Gil, Sam Milby or Derek Ramsay.
I added a video to a playlist Love is Blind 2016 Derek Ramsay, Solenn Heussaff, Comedy, Romance
I liked a video from Derek Ramsay, Cristine Reyes and Anne Curtis (the love triangle we
How Derek Ramsay conditions himself for all his sports | Health And Family | Philippine Star
Derek Ramsay says Shaina is full of surprises | via Philippine Showbiz Republic
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
ENTERTAINMENT: Shaina Magdayao and Derek Ramsay face Cebu media for upcoming movie 'My Candidate'
shaina_magdayao with Direk Quark Henares and Derek Ramsay
Ramsay Derek is a new person on my 2016's crush list!
wah Derek Ramsay 😍 I'm so behind now on Filipino films. D; I've been itching to watch a pinoy for a while now lol
who gave Derek Ramsay the idea to grow his hair? He should always be bald and hot! not filthy but hot!
speaking of, my crush and i held hands in last night's dream & unlike the Derek Ramsay Nightmare™, i hope that this one actually comes true
When Derek Ramsay says, "you're so *** hot." I automatically laugh cause it's not corny. 😂 👍🏼 💗 ∞
Got a random death stare from Derek Ramsay a while ago. He should be thankful I love Dunkin Donuts. . Or else...
Derek Ramsay's movie are so awesome!♥
The anti piracy ad just teaches me that all i have to do is take videos of movies in cinemas para habulin ako ni Derek Ramsay
APO DIOS KABUNIAN MEGWAYEN BERNARDO CARPIO: ancient precolonial pilipinx God of the sun, lgbt, good harvest [photo of derek ramsay w filter]
Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay to reunite in new movie
Y2J on Smackdown last night looked like Gordon Ramsay had sex with Derek Zoolander
Catch and meet Derek Ramsay in person on March 11 as he visits Dunkin Donuts SM City Marilao at 2pm. See you...
Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay will team up once again on the big screen after 4 years... abANNEgan ko yan! :)
8 March 2016 (Tuesday). 16:03. Medics 1 and 5 along with Derek Ramsay from EmerGmed as well as GPG responded to a...
John Estrada and Derek Ramsay pay respects to the late director Wenn Deramas. @ Arlington…
*looks for photographer* "just look for the guy shooting derek ramsay" DEREK?! RAMSAY?! HELLO YES I LOVE COMM ARTS
Yes and yes. British, starring Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, and the guy that plays Ramsay Bolton on GoT.
| Derek Ramsay at Bianca King, magtatambal sa Wattpad Presents: My soulmate is from another planet
This girl w/ Ronnie Alonte and Derek Ramsay is one of the GirlTrends. =>
. teamed up with Derek Ramsay in the 11th episode of…
Derek Ramsay as alien? Abangan sa Wattpad Presents My Soulmate is from Another Planet this Saturday, 9PM KSA,...
Kiray Celis says Derek Ramsay is the best kisser among her leading men
along w/ Anne Curtis & Derek Ramsay, launches the as part of its 10th anniv.
I added a video to a playlist Kris Aquino talks about Derek Ramsay
I added a video to a playlist Cristine Reyes Talked About Rayver Cruz and Derek Ramsay
I added a video to a playlist Ang ganda ng mga love scenes namin dito - Derek Ramsay
GOOD FRIENDS: Senatorial candidate Martin Romualdez (left) and movie actor Derek Ramsay (right).
I added a video to a playlist Derek Ramsay to work with Bea Alonzo in 2016   10% Off
I added a video to a playlist Kiray describes her kissing scene with Derek Ramsay
We do crazy things kapag infatuated tayo for someone. -Derek Ramsay
I added a video to a playlist SIDETRIP Teaser Video Hosted by It's Showtime Kalokalike Derek Ramsay &
Love is Blind, the rom-com movie starring Derek Ramsay, Solenn Heussaff, Kean Cipriano, and…
Are you a fan of Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay? It is your chance to watch English Only Please on Feb.4! 🎥🎥
In Iriga City 4 years ago, with Derek Ramsay and Xian Lim, Crispina Belen and Dindo M. Balares.
Congratulations Derek Ramsay on his new Toyota Corolla, welcome to the IMX family.
Derek Ramsay's anti-camcording law video is the most annoying thing ever 🙄
set visit with Solenn Heusaff, Kean Cipriano, Derek Ramsay and Kiray Celis. Showing on February 10 na!
Kiray Celis recalls the kissing scene with Derek Ramsay: via
Kiray Celis talks about kissing with Derek Ramsay and Kean Cipriano in "Love Is Blind": via
Thank you Ms. Regine Velasquez and Derek Ramsay for supporting
I voted for to win Best Girl Group Award 2015! RAMSAY, DEREK
sometimes, its better for two people to break up, for them to grow up---Mark (Derek Ramsay---One More Chance)
Si Bea a movie w/ Derek Ramsay while John Lloyd a movie w/ Sarah G maybe the 4th installment of AVSL.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Some awesome feedback on Emer-G-Med and Derek Ramsay. Well done Derek. You are a Rock Star. Listen to the podcast...
The ultimate make-up artist. Ejay falcon, jake cuenca and derek ramsay are among his regular clients. Thanks for...
NEW MOVIE in the works entitled starring Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay. Coming soon this 2016.
ex girlfriend of mark herras and I think derek ramsay also! un lng alam q, very close friend ata cla, no worry guys!
Realized how natural Derek Ramsay acts even before
Derek Ramsay in this movie is so triflin lmao. 🙄🙄🙄 getting so irritated watching this
Derek Ramsay the finest Filipino actor I've ever laid my eyes on 😭😭😭 God bless
Recognized? Or directed by Bergevin or Ramsay or someone with better hockey intelligence?
Watching popoy wanting to fight Derek Ramsay. Carla: ugh that is so Filipino. Me: this elitist.
Belated Happy Birthday to our resident athlete and heartthrob, Mr. Derek Ramsay!.
Derek Ramsay denied allegations that he turned down a project with Claudine Barretto
DEREK RAMSAY: " I feel sexy when I'm competing in sports." ♡
Celebrating the 39th birthday of Derek Ramsay! #
Derek Ramsay celebrates his 39th birthday
Derek Ramsay receives 'the best birthday gift ever'
Get your iPhone insurance today!
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1979, Derek Ramsay was born on this date
I added a video to a playlist Hotspot with Jhai *** Episode 116: Derek Ramsay, may bagong love life
Derek Ramsay will be playing frisbee at Emperador Stadium tomorrow night. USA vs Philippines. It's free.
Solenn Heussaff on Derek Ramsay: "He'll always be a part of my life. Kasi first love ko siya.": via
Did he talk about Derek Ramsay's hot body with your class?
Derek Ramsay in Ex with Benefits just bom 💣😍💣😍
Derek Ramsay can't shoot a frigging jumper in n tries.
And as of lastnight i became totes inlove with Derek Ramsay 😭😍 God bless his parents for blessing earth w such a hot looking son 👅❤
I added a video to a playlist Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay Sex Scene
I liked a video Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay Sex Scene
is he the man of my dream or the man who can make my dream come true? . lol adik!!! . 143445254 DEREK ARTHUR BAGGAO RAMSAY
Solenn Heussaff reveals why she finally agreed to work with ex-bf Derek Ramsay | via GMA News
Finally confirmed! KimXi will be joining Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsay, Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion in We're excited!
Who wouldn't want to see Derek Ramsay and Colleen Garcia live today, 6PM at
EX With Benefits movie nila Derek Ramsay at Coleen Garcia... hehe... yun ang themesong... thanks for playing... :)
Periscope party with and Derek Ramsay 3pm today | photo via Star Magic
Wanna see Derek Ramsay, Coleen Garcia and Meg Imperial? Catch them live at on August 30, 6PM!
Vice Ganda checks out Derek Ramsay abs via
Insta Scoop: Derek Ramsay Thanks ABS-CBN and Star Cinema for the Opportunity to Star in 'Ex with Benefits'
Derek Ramsay on kissing scene with Coleen Garcia: "Nirerespeto ko siya. Kissing somebody younger...
Video: Derek on kissing scene with Coleen: "Nirerespeto ko siya. Kissing somebody younger is a lot harder."
EX with Benefits' starring Derek Ramsay, Meg Imperial and Coleen Garcia. Directed by Gino M. Santos. September...
Derek Ramsay calls on Pinoys to promote their hometowns by joining Smart's contest!
Derek Ramsay describes sexy scenes with Coleen ...
Derek Ramsay plays Adam, a successful man who seems to have everything except for the one that got away. . Will...
What will you do to make the love of your life stay? Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay will be at SM City Dasmariñas...
Can't get enough of the benefits? Catch Derek Ramsay and Colleen Garcia as they go deeper beyond their...
Derek Ramsay and Coleen Garcia at SM City Dasmariñas, Event Center tomorrow 󾍁 5pm
Trailer palang grabe na. 😃😁 I must say that Derek Ramsay is really good at sex scenes 🙊👌
All i can say is, Derek Ramsay is good with sex scenes.
Derek Ramsay admits not seeing his son for the past eight months:   “Ayoko nang mag-isip ng negative, basta keep on…
Ex with Benefits blogcon with Coleen Garcia Derek Ramsay Direk Gino Part 9: via
Yeahh! Ex with benefits starring Derek Ramsay, Colleen Garcia and Meg Imperial.
Derek Ramsay just arrived at the Century Tuna pesscon in makati. His favorite is the hot & spicy!
in has me in kinks.. Can't believe Iv never watched this before.. you are a genius.
Im reposting my list of stars who r a joy to work with - Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres Gomez, Aga Muhlach, Derek Ramsay, Anne Curtis...
"Huwag kang susuko. I don't wanna lose you. Please, don't." Derek Ramsay, No other woman.
Coleen Garcia is looking like leading lady material in formal wear with Derek Ramsay tonight.…
Side profile pa lang ulam na! So nice to see Derek Ramsay back in the Kapamilya network doing…
Derek Ramsay seems at home again at his pictorial for movie coming soon. Welcome back D!
Coleen Garcia looks so happy at the movie pictorial with Derek Ramsay and their…
We arrived just as Coleen Garcia's bf Billy Crawford left her at the pictorial with Derek Ramsay
Now happening: movie pictorial with Derek Ramsay, Coleen Garcia and director Gino Santos
We're here at pictorial with, of course, the lead stars and Derek Ramsay!
I don't like Derek Ramsay. He plays two timing husband/boyfriend well 'coz that is him.
In my eagerness to teach what "pandesal" is. I pointed to a billboard of Derek Ramsay's abs IN FRONT OF PARENTS!
Gordon Ramsay said this on last week's ep: "Derek take your apron off and say bye to Christopher...and head up to the balcony"
guys check out Derek Ramsay's official website
To achieve a fit and fab body, you have to give 100% commitment, just like our brand ambassador, Derek Ramsay!
Derek Ramsay will forever be my man crush
Omggg i just saw Derek Ramsay and he is super duper hot
I really can't stand this 'Derek Ramsay anti-corruption' thingy they show before the movies. It's so so so bad it's almost winning.
What did Derek ramsey say about his 'English Only Please' leading lady Jennylyn Mercado?. admin JC
[Kapuso Updates] Derek Ramsay on Jennylyn Mercado: 'She’s a star, and she doesn’t even try' . What did Derek say ab… http:…
.on 'She's a star, and she doesn't even try'
.kingderekramsay on MercadoJen: 'She's a star, and she doesn't even try'
Derek Ramsay knows the right combination to get 100% abs. Watch our new TVC and know his secret
PEP Roundup: Derek Ramsay + Julia Barretto + Shamcey Supsup + Rhap Salazar + Wendy Valdez on showbiz news this week!
MANILA, Philippines - Actor and product endorser Derek Ramsay is seen during the Tanduay Select rum launch held...
Derek Ramsay reveals he has no contact with son Austin since last Christmas | via PEP Alerts
Our Very Select guest, Derek Ramsay, invites you to join the party.
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose? — DEREK RAMSAY! 😍
Watch out for Derek Ramsay's first ever appearance starting this Monday night at 9pm on
The new love team of Derek Ramsay & Jasmine Curtis 4 TV5 Wattpad Presents: Unwanted girlfriend July 20, 9pm
[News] Jasmine Curtis-Smith on Derek Ramsay: "He knows how to humble himself down and make sure he relates to everyone." …
Hosting a special event with Derek Ramsay after her Eat Bulaga stint.
Derek Ramsay hoping for "happy ending" with girlfriend Joanne Villablanca: Derek on his lovelife: "Right now, ...
Derek Ramsay finds Jasmine Curtis-Smith more attractive than her sister Anne | via PEP Alerts
Two of the Kapatid Network's brightest stars--Jasmine Curtis Smith and Derek Ramsay--will star in a…
makes request for Wattpad project with "Wala kaming kissing scene"
Derek Ramsay said to be paired for Jasmine Curtis-Smith on "Unwanted Girlfriend" is…
Happening right now: Unwanted Girlfriend with lead stars Derek Ramsay & Jasmine…
Good Evening Looking forward for your projects this year! Wattpad Series,TV Shows and movies! DEREK RAMSAY OVERLOAD indeed!
Your GIRLFRIEND should never feel unwanted. "UNWANTED GIRLFRIEND" soon on starring Derek Ramsay Jasmine Curti…
Looks like they are having a great w/ Derek Ramsay at Dunkin' Donuts SM Center Las Piñas!
Derek Ramsay and Meg Imperial on the set of their new film! Repost from ramsayderek11. "Second day of…
BREAKING NEWS | Derek McInnes and Tony Docherty extend their Pittodrie stay: For more see:
Dat Derek Ramsay booze commercial telling us to drink our problems away XD
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be? — my mom, Cy and Derek Ramsay
That should have been a straight red. Even without Ramsay's acting. Any relation to Derek?
"Filming on a personal device is prohibited". Derek Ramsay: Piracy is stealing. Stealing is against the law. Piracy is a crime.
Ian and Derek, don't look behind you now, but Ramsay Bolton has somehow managed to sneak undetected into yr kitchen http:/…
Tell me why Derek Ramsay was in my dream. Lolol
Forget the SEA Games, TV5 is showing a tagalized version of XMen the animated series. Finally, something without Derek Ramsay in it.
He's in that show with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi and that character is so so SO different than Ramsay it's alarming
RAMSAY: Derek died on 5th June, aged 86. Son of the late John and Bridget Ramsay and brother Jack. Sadly misse...
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