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Derek Jeter

Derek Sanderson Jeter (born June 26, 1974) is an American baseball shortstop who has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees for 17 seasons.

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"Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods never spoke out about political issues."
There are not many men who can say they interviewed Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter, but Bob Wolff was one of them.
Looks like the group led by Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman has won the bid for the (h/t Miami Herald)
owner Jeffrey Loria agrees to sale team to group led by Bruce Sherman & Derek Jeter (& Jordan) for $1.2B
Derek Jeter's ownership group has reached a deal to purchase the Miami Marlins. The Captain's dream of owning a team w…
The Miami have finally been sold, to Derek Jeter's group, according to for $1.2 billion
Miami Marlins plan to sell to group that includes Derek Jeter
What Derek Jeter was doing when he was 30:
Breaking news: will be sold to Derek Jeter group
The Marlins have been sold to Derek Jeter's group! August 11th, 2017
There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do. - Dere…
Derek Jeter is back in Major League Baseball. Jeffrey Loria will sell the Marlins to a group led by Jeter and ...…
A group including the former Yankees star Derek Jeter is said to have reached a deal to buy the Marlins
Report: to be sold to Derek Jeter group for $1.2 billion
ICYMI: Loria agrees to sell to group led by Sherman/Jeter. Story:
Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan co owners of the Miami Marlins
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⚡️ “Marlins agree to sell team to Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman”.
Tomorrow's front page. Meet the new boss... CAPTAIN HOOKS THE MARLINS
Marlins Man, like most fans, giving sale to Derek Jeter thumbs up.
Loria is finally letting go of the Marlins.
Derek Jeter is one of the Marlins new owners. To help fill the stadium he will offer discounted tickets to all his ex-…
Derek Jeter brings passion for baseball to Marlins’ ownership box.
Jeffrey Loria agrees to sell Marlins to Derek Jeter group
Man I still love watching the beat the Gregorious has basically shrugged off replacing Derek Freakin Jeter, Unreal!
Marlins sale to Derek Jeter ownership group approved by Jeffrey Loria, per https:/…
If Derek Jeter can do this after toiling in obscurity and struggling for years to make ends meet, so can you.
The Derek Jeter-Bruce Sherman group has won the bidding for the sources confirm to me and First:…
Derek Jeter will be prepared but will he succeed as an owner?. By Larry Brooks We know...
Michael Jordan is part of Derek Jeter's Marlins ownership team. MJ bought majority share of Bobcats in 2010 at $275M val…
-- derek jeter will be the CEO of if deal is inked
Reportedly set to become the new CEO of the Marlins, Derek Jeter has his work cut out for him (by
Derek Jeter has money to invest into his "dreams". So try again.
Derek Jeter's first act as Marlins minority owner?
Derek Jeter was 40 when he launched his own digital site. 3 years later, he's part owner of a baseball team. Never give up o…
Once approved, add this to Derek Jeter's achievements: First African-American to run business and baseball ops of a majo…
Derek Jeter:. 3,000+ hits . Future 1st Ballot HOF. 5-time WS Champion . Married to Hannah Davis. Baby girl on the way . Owns…
Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is finalizing an agreement to sell team to group including Derek Jeter for $1.2 billion. http…
LUPICA: Derek Jeter puts his winning reputation on line by becoming Marlins boss
It's official. Derek Jeter can now add "MLB owner" to his resume. Details here:
A group that includes Derek Jeter has agreed to buy the Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion
Group including Derek Jeter purchases the Miami Marlins -- Ken Rosenthal has the details
Derek Jeter's group agrees to buy the Miami Marlins for $1.2B.
Derek Jeter will have a tough task in trying to turn around the dysfunctional Marlins
BREAKING: Marlins will be sold to Derek Jeter's group
Report: Jeffrey Loria to sell Marlins to group including Derek Jeter - Larry Brown Sports
Didi Gregorious is now only 3 off tying Tony Kubek's 49 HR for the 2nd most all-time as a shortstop on the Most: 255- Derek Jeter
Carlos Peña, my first luv. Ben Zobrist, all-around guy. Kevin Kiermaier, heart & hustle. Derek Jeter, career. Rocco Bal…
I still think Derek Jeter is a loser for giving his last pitch ball to You play for the fans, not Spike Lee. Sellout.
Bob Baffert, Derek Jeter and Terry Bradshaw shows for me. is the best.
With the bidding on the Marlins still taking place, Derek Jeter has brought Michael Jordan onto his team.
Michael Jordan to join Derek Jeter-led ownership group that is pursuing Marlins, per ht…
Former fringe prospect Chris Taylor now has more career grand slams than Pete Rose, Derek Jeter, and Rickey Henderson.
FIRST TEAM ALL-AREA: Cam Robinson from whose favorite athletes are Derek Jeter and Aaron Judge
The time Jay-Z and Derek Jeter came to watch Sebastian Telfair play, thread: "straight to the league, I ain't waiting…
Mo Rivera, Jorge Posada support Derek Jeter's 'dream' to own team
Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada hope one birthday present Derek Jeter receives is the ownership keys to the Marlins…
43 years ago today, a legend was born. Happy birthday, Derek Jeter.
Brett Favre, Derek Jeter, Darius Rucker and Andy North. Now, that's quite the foursome.
One time at there were some guys named , Derek Jeter, Brett Farve, and Andy North who pho…
My knowledge of baseball doesn't extend past Jackie Robinson and Derek Jeter...part of that is due to Jay Z
recounts moments of the 2001 playoffs, personal anecdotes about Kevin Youkilis and praises Derek Jeter
All purpose parts banner
[Dallas Morning News] - How Jason Garrett has invoked Derek Jeter and arcade-style games into Cowboys' mini-camp m…
I honestly can't believe you are comparing him to REAL role models like Tim Duncan, Derek Jeter, and Tom Brady...
BIG NEWS: Derek Jeter, Andy North to play in celebrity foursome. STORY: https:…
Chris Taylor has as many career grand slams as Robin Yount and Evan Longoria. More than George Brett, Jackie Robinson, and Derek Jeter.
Jeb Bush reportedly drops out of partnership with Derek Jeter on bid to buy Miami Marlins
Jeb Bush reportedly no longer interested in buying Marlins. Derek Jeter is still exploring bid with other investors. http…
Jeb Bush bails on Marlins after Derek Jeter dispute -
Didi Gregorious doesn't get enough credit for coming to NYC, replacing Derek Jeter, and (so far) improving each season.
HBD, I love you more than Derek Jeter and Jim Boeheim combined. Ty for keeping us alive all these years…
Derek Jeter stopped by to talk Monument Park, Aaron Judge and ... beef jerky?
With Mike Trout arguably the new face of baseball, he's taking a page out of Derek Jeter's book htt…
Mike Francesa loses his mind when a caller says that Derek Jeter was better than Lou Gehrig.
guarantee u, Rob Parker comes on the show in 2020 explaining why he doesn't vote Derek Jeter into the Hall of Fame!
Derek Jeter's little nephew is the saddest that he can't wear for the
For every Derek Jeter hater, there is a 90's kid from the New York area willing to fist-fight you in defense of Jeter's…
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Jordan Brand created a navy suede Air Jordan 11 in honor of Derek Jeter's being retired yesterday by the Yankees and it…
Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah Davis walk off the field after the retirement ceremony of Derek Jeter's number..
you made the LLOD for sports illustrated am links. it is the 4th one down on this page .
ICYMI: Derek Jeter returned to the Bronx for his jersey retirement ceremony.
Unsurprisingly, Derek Jeter is woefully unprepared for fatherhood.
Derek Jeter on his relationship with the media and how it inspired The Players' Tribune
As Yankees honor Derek Jeter, the success of their youth movement is on full display
Pretty sure that Derek Jeter didn't care about this. Nor did 60,000 at Yankee Stadium. Or millions anywhere.
Derek Jeter​ made everybody around him better, says Joe Torre.
"I learned that time flies, memories fade, but family is forever." Derek Jeter
Congrats to Derek Jeter on having his number retired and his 🐐 status solidified. Proud to have had No. 2 in the re…
Astros' Alex Bregman asked to change his number to honor Derek Jeter, but homered as tribute instead… Sports
Derek Jeter's nephew, Jalen, was devastated when he found out he can't wear No. 2 for the Yankees (htt…
People forget, Derek Jeter had a lot of sex
There will never be another Derek Jeter
Tigers Links waves goodbye to the West Coast
I'm not a Yankee fan by any stretch, but Derek Jeter's greatness as a player and as a leader is untouched during my lifetime.…
Tournament FINALS: Which is the greatest Derek Jeter moment?
Derek Jeter thanks fans as Yankees retire his number via
Jonathan Holder greets the Yankee Captain, Derek Jeter, in the dugout at tonight's number-retiring ceremony at Yankee Stadium
Jalen Jeter Martin has a very important question for Uncle Derek.
I thought Derek Jeter had long retired. . I vote for Top Social Artist
No one like No. 2: Text of Derek Jeter's speech Sunday:
"I felt like crying between games.". Derek Jeter remembers his first games wearing pinstripes.
For Derek Jeter day... Here's his base hit spray chart from 2001 to 2014.
Derek Jeter's personal W–L record was 511 games above .500, the highest mark by any position player in MLB history. now o…
Alex Rodriguez skips Derek Jeter ceremony, goes on date with Jennifer Lopez in NYC.
It's not surprising that Derek Jeter is being revered like Jesus considering he played defense like he was nailed down
Derek Jeter really got his number retired last night.. wow where has the time gone?
Didn't know Derek Jeter was 1/2 black til this moment. Always thought he was just Italian for some reason.
Derek Jeter's dating resume is the equivalent of a 90 HR, 300 RBI season. (pic via
Jordan Brand celebrates Derek Jeter with an exclusive "Navy Suede" Air Jordan 11
Derek Jeter's off the field accomplishments are even better.
Derek Jeter​ delivers his speech to the Yankee Stadium crowd.
Derek Jeter was a selfish player. Don’t ever forget it.
Michael Schur's Jeter rant was the best: He fooled som.. via
Here's the Derek Jeter Day roundup you've been looking for via
Today on the guys talk about how humble Derek Jeter was at his retirement ceremony yesterday!
Even though we lost the second game. We won the first game and I got to see Derek Jeter retire his number. Best $50 I've ev…
Give the Yankees credit, the inscription on Derek Jeter's plaque is 100 percent honest
The Astros are putting a damper on Derek Jeter night. 👀
I feel bad for young kids that never got the chance to see Derek Jeter play baseball.
Derek Jeter reflects on his No. 2 being retired Sunday night.
"The man that today is all about" as Derek Jeter stands there next to his mom, grandmother and pregnant wife on Mother's Day
Hannah Davis has to be Derek Jeter's biggest play. Man she is on a whole other level of beautiful.
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Derek Jeter drops by to discuss impressions of Aaron Judge & family life with Hannah:
Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis's baby is bound to be perfection in human form
the truest thing ever said by Derek Jeter is that Derek Jeter looks like the Rock had sex with a muppet
So, do they have a Derek Jeter night every year in New York? Every month?
In honor of Derek Jeter night, every third fan sitting in the bleachers receives a souvenir baseball off the bat of an As…
Surprised you would put Derek Jeter over Chipper Jones since as a Mets fan you would have seen him…
Kalamazoo's Derek Jeter, left, and his wife Hannah Jeter stand beside his Monument Park plaque…
AJC: Meet Hannah Davis, the wife of baseball legend Derek Jeter
Chipper Jones > Derek Jeter. And it's not particularly close
EAT UP!: Here’s how Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis ended up with a lifetime supply of beef jerky htt…
Yankees legends salute the 'dream' that is Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter took his rightful place alongside fellow Yankee legends in Monument Park
Honestly Hannah Davis did it so right with Derek Jeter. That girl should write a book on how to hook a Major League Baseball player.
Hannah Davis> than Giselle ill give you that. But if you think Derek Jeter is better looking than Tom Brady your insane
Mariano Rivera . Jorge Posada . Bernie Williams . Derek Jeter . Were the reason I grew up watching & are gone 😕
Derek Jeter and pregnant Hannah Davis have NYC date night
However many home runs Derek Jeter has needs to be subtracted by one bc of Jeffrey Maier. Also the 1996 WS championship is voided.
Derek Jeter is the real winner here for marrying Hannah Davis
Costas calling Derek Jeter's walk-off 1B in his final home game. Remembering a special moment today.
Derek Jeter was a very good baseball player. Derek Jeter is one of the most overrated baseball players of all time. Both…
Loved everything about that ceremony. Derek Jeter man. 2️⃣🐐
If you don't like Derek Jeter or have something bad to say about him then you are an absolute loser... the Dude is ama…
Derek Jeter is introduced to the Yankee Stadium crowd.
I think Mike Gallego was the last Yankee to wear before Derek Jeter.
Pretty cool seeing in the dugout for the Derek Jeter ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Ref wore No. 2 for…
Even with the incessant trips up and down Scranton, It's cool that was called up on Derek Jeter day
Fun fact: the only good thing Derek Jeter has ever done forgive Mark Wahlburg at the end of The Other Guys. That's it.
Mackenzie: "I save a life at work, nothing. Derek Jeter.plays baseballs.national praise...". Mom: "you work for Jesus!"
I can't believe Derek Jeter is trying to ruin Kevin Pillar Day.
Watching this incredible interview with Derek Jeter and . Great job Jack, salute JETER!
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I really can't be the only person out there that didn't think Derek Jeter wasn't that great of a player.
Don't let Derek Jeter's number retirement today distract you from the fact Chipper Jones was absolutely the better play…
Like 99% sure Pat Tabler carries Derek Jeter's scouting report around in his wallet every day
Derek Jeter is the only player in MLB history to play 20+ years without experiencing a single losing season . via
Derek Jeter farewell will leave fans with a lifetime of memories
Do you know if Hanser Alberto wears to honor Derek Jeter?
Do you know if Jean Segura wears to honor Derek Jeter?
Derek Jeter credits the Michigan/Ohio St. rivalry as one of the chief reasons he developed a close relationship wit…
.congratulates Derek Jeter ahead of his jersey retirement at Yankee Stadium tomorrow.
will Jeffrey Maier be there to honor Derek Jeter?
Derek Jeter honored with emotional ad before number retirement.
Derek Jeter number retirement reaching epic proportions in terms of merchandising.
Michael Jordan shares a special tribute to Derek Jeter before jersey retirement. .
Yankees game rained out Saturday, will play DH on Derek Jeter day
Karl Ravech sits down for an in-depth conversation with Derek Jeter as he prepares to have his nu... - via App featured in NBC s Science of Love
Michael Jordan honors Derek Jeter and his legacy in heartfelt letter.
Baseball is so weird with Chipper Jones, Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter. It's like I don't even recognize this new era anymore.
On May 14, Derek Jeter will become the 22nd player in Yankee franchise history to have his number retired in Monument P…
Video: Budweiser releases chilling tribute commercial for Derek Jeter
According to Baseball Prospectus and Baseball-Reference, Derek Jeter cost his team more runs defensively than any other player in history.
Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith were better SS than Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter pens a heartfelt thank you to New York ahead of jersey retirement.
Another perfectly executed Derek Jeter commercial. Hats off to This beautiful sendoff will give you a wide…
Derek Jeter recalls great memories & lessons learned from late icon Yogi Berra:
Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones...I'll always respect them. The ones I hate are the Luis Sojo, Eddie Perez scrubs that kill us
To be fair, his ceremony and "Derek Jeter" night at Yankee's stadium is on Mother's day 😓
Derek Jeter, according to Elias Sports Bureau, is the only player in history to have never played a losing season in 20 yrs in
Derek Jeter explains why he waited to become a father.
Need to get a Derek Jeter, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Kobe with the 8 jerseys
Ozzie Smith had 485 more career defensive runs saved (238.7) than Derek Jeter (-246.3).
Dan Le Batard says Derek Jeter was 'beside himself angry' over viral interview because he d..
Dan Le Batard says Derek Jeter is furious about his Interview with ARod and I don’t buy the reason…
3 days til The countdown continues with ... "Derek Jeter, where fantasy becomes reality! Did you have any doubt?!…
"He's not going to [college]. The only place Derek Jeter is going is Cooperstown.". The scout who shaped NYY history: htt…
This got me. I mentioned Derek Jeter every 3 sentences as a kid
On Sunday, the will retire No. 2. Derek Jeter's thank you to New York:
Derek Jeter shares the greatest life lesson he's learned on his journey from Kalamazoo to the Bronx.
Someone should ask Matt Harvey if he plans to attend Derek Jeter's retired number ceremony.
Derek Jeter reportedly 'angry' over CNBC interview with A-Rod
“A legacy is built by more than what is seen”. - 🙌. Thank you Derek Jeter for setting the standard 5.14.17…
Group Led by Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter Wins Auction to Purchase Miami Marlins - Breitbart
Derek Jeter was 'beside himself angry' after joint interview with A-Rod
Well, we can't have the Great Derek Jeter angry, can we?
.The RE2PECT region's No. 2 seed: OF COURSE Derek Jeter walked off in his final game at Yankee Stadium
Jeter 'beside himself angry' after interview with A-Rod via Jeter it is for charity and ego takes over?
What baseball player so you want to be like — No question Derek Jeter reason why i wear 2
It looks like Derek Jeter really wasn't happy about that joint CNBC interview with Alex Rodriguez
Yankee fan my whole life. Gonna say it and gonna mean it. Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankee of all-time. Don't care what yo…
Hinch thrilled to pay tribute to Derek Jeter
"What he was able to do in NY speaks for itself.”. Don Mattingly dishes on another former Captain, Derek Jeter. ht…
Okay, what do we have today. One guy wants Noah Syndergaard to throw knuckleballs. Another wonders if Derek Jeter will…
Derek Jeter chose Sunday for a reason: "It was a great opportunity to do something special for my mom."
I'll forever be in love with Derek Jeter 🤤
Dude, I love Derek Jeter, but the MLB hagiography is ridiculous.
Working on a big baseball deal with Derek Jeter. As amazing as Derek was as a baseball player, he's a Hall of Fame human…
Dear Media.Derek Jeter is still not going to bite to u're Bill shut.Never did and never will so please stop trying
*** I really miss watching Derek Jeter play.
Derek Jeter was 18 years old the first time he visited Monument Park.
you guys called it first: Jeter 'beside himself' after joint interview with A-Rod
1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie Card BGS 9 MINT With 9.5 SURFACE GRADE . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
“If I wanted to be like somebody, it would be to be like [Derek Jeter].”
Derek Jeter reportedly 'beside himself angry’ he had to do CNBC interview with A-Rod
I just re-read... and it's still lovely. Ready for Sunday.
"You have to be confident, if you're not confident you might as well go home" - Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter was reportedly 'beside himself angry' that he had to do the CNBC interview alongside A-Rod h…
Derek Jeter's farewell speech to the Yankees on Derek Jeter Day
Derek Jeter never consoled a crying Joey Cora, so of course I was always in the A-Rod corner.
You think Derek Jeter even lost a wink of sleep after he and Adriana Lima parted ways?
Would you rather trust Derek Jeter or queue Jamie Campbell Bower
Ortiz had a better career than Derek Jeter don't @ me
Derek Jeter is the king of overexaggerating his above average defense to leverage gold gloves. Pokey Reese catch >>…
Franny Manny Luna our left fielder- such a sweetheart and is comparable to a young Derek Jeter :) http…
Getting ready to enter Monument Park, the Shortstop, Number 2, Derek Jeter, Number 2
[Fansided: Marlin Maniac] That time we thought Derek Jeter owned the Marlins
Carlos Correa now has seven career go-ahead RBI in extra innings. One more than Derek Jeter had during his ent…
Derek Jeter these days is starting to look like someone found him in a New Mexican crash site
Alex Rodriguez reportedly turned down chance to bid against Derek Jeter for Marlins.
Here is an early look at Derek Jeter's plaque for next weekend.
For some reason, Jennifer Lopez dating Alex Rodriguez doesn't make sense to me but Jennifer Lopez dating Derek Jeter would have.
Wire: A-Rod reportedly passes up a chance to bid against Derek Jeter for the Marlins
Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez conducted an awkward interview together.
Jeb Bush confirmed my report in Sunday's Miami Herald that Derek Jeter will oversee the Marlins' baseball operations dep…
I can't wait until Jeb Bush/Derek Jeter take over Need to do major makeover & build a winning culture. This set up isn't working!
Report: Derek Jeter would be in charge of Marlins day-to-day baseball operations.
Jeb Bush optimistic he and Derek Jeter can close deal for Marlins
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter moving ahead on Marlins bid
Derek Jeter is stupid to get into business with Jeb Bush
How NOT to conduct an interview with Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter . Interviewer was clueless!.
It almost sounds blasphemous. But Yankees may have found the next Derek Jeter with Aaron Judge. He may be that good in ball & life.
This interview with A-Rod and Derek Jeter is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Just gets better and better https:/…
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Sorry we're making fun of your boyfriend Derek Jeter
So earlier today Joe Girardi compared Aaron Judge to Derek Jeter and Judge responded "There is only one Derek Jeter" what does ever1 think?
there can only be one Derek Jeter, sorry Girardi
Yankees: Aaron Judge says "there is only one Derek Jeter" in response to Joe Girardi's comparison of the two (ESPN)
Derek Jeter mixed-media art for Small Traditions' digital and print marketing and advertising,…
Aaron Judge on Joe Girardi comparing him to Derek Jeter: "There is only one Derek Jeter. It is a great...
You couldn't find someone less like Derek Jeter.
Joe Girardi compares Aaron Judge to one of the most revered players in franchise history: Derek Jeter.
Derek and Hannah Jeter were a big miss on the Met red carpet.Most beautiful on there for the past couple of years
"There's only one Derek Jeter. It's a great compliment and an honor to be in the same sentence." - Aaron Judge
If Jeter was all about doing the right thing, he'd have moved off short & given it to A-Rod who could actually field h…
Never forget that Derek Jeter literally has the worst defensive runs saved in MLB history
Now this is tragic. Friends swore he would be the next Derek Jeter. Now Brandon Martin is charged in three killings https:/…
Episode 2 is up, joined by special guest and travel channel host to discuss and Derek Jeter.
Top 100 players of all time Tom Brady segment narrarated by Derek Jeter.
Unlike us regular folk who Gone Fishin', Derek Jeter reeled in a big one. .
Martavius bryant reinstated, marlins sold to Derek Jeter. Uh *** is happening today
Marlins expecting to finalize $1.3B deal to sell team to Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter group
The news is next on CBS4. Hear from the reporter who broke the story about Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter buying the Marl…
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter win auction for Miami Marlins baseball team: report
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have won the auction to buy the Miami Marlins.
Derek Jeter & Florida governor Jeb Bush purchase the Miami Marlins for 1.3 Billion. Jeb Bush promises team will not be l…
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush group reportedly reach agreement to buy Marlins for $1.3 billion http…
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter reportedly agree $1.3bn deal to buy Miami Marlins - the guardian
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush win bid to purchase Miami Marlins
Jeb Bush-Derek Jeter group reportedly has agreement to buy Marlins - via App
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter just bought the Marlins. And the yearbooks oddest couple goes to.
. Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter group has purchased the Miami Marlins. Name will be changed to Marlins!.
The Jeb Bush-Derek Jeter group has won the auction for the Miami Marlins, source says
No he's not. Listen. I'm having a difficult day. The greatest baseball player of all time, Derek Jeter,…
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Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush reportedly have an agreement to purchase the
$200 STUBHUB . must follow . RT+Answer=1 entry . Q25: . Derek Jeter lost to the Marlins in what years Wo…
Derek Jeter and a Jeb Bush group have reportedly won the bidding to purchase the Miami Marlins.
Jeter, Jeb Bush win auction for Marlins via
What's caused the Marlins' value to increase 8x since '02?! Cf S&P 500 has about doubled in the same time
Derek Jeter/Jeb Bush team win Marlins bid, says Agreement is principle is $1.3 billion, says
Derek Jeter-Jeb Bush group to purchase the Marlins for $1.3B, per
$1.3 billion. Just thinking of my own Mr. Sam Price...
Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush win ownership bid for writes:
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter are buying the Marlins!
Jeb Bush & Derek Jeter. Now that's a team I can get behind.
- This is how Derek Jeter's weird baseball return had to happen -
From and me: Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have a window of exclusivity to purchase the https:…
The have agreement in principal for $1.3 billion: Jeb Bush will be control person,Derek Jeter w active role, rep…
The 2022 - World Series is going to be super awkward
Report: Derek Jeter-Jeb Bush group win auction for for $1.3 billion
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