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Derek Jacobi

Sir Derek George Jacobi, CBE (born 22 October 1938) is an English actor and film director.

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Brian Heatley from looks a bit like Derek Jacobi's portrayal of Bill Oddie
I think Derek Jacobi should mount a one-man show reciting the lyrics of all songs using Shakespearean intonation
Yep, Derek Jacobi as the Master. I still think RTD nicked that from Shalka.
one of my few Derek role models. Alongside Jacobi, Jarman, Trotter and And The Dominos.
The lost Agatha Christie novel, read by Derek Jacobi. Available to purchase on audio cassette at long last!
91% done with The Adventures of, by Arthur Conan Doyle: I could listen to Derek Jacobi's n...
Beautiful film! Great direction! Loved Derek Jacobi as the Prince's father.
Great for getting in the mood! The Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon No Mans Land bit may be the best Pinter I've seen.
Er.dunno. That young one who's name I can't remember?! Surely not Derek Jacobi 😣
Laughing tons to Ian McKellen and Stuart Derek Jacobi in vicious - click to read full story.…
Though Derek Jacobi's narration of In the night garden is the best thing about it...
If Ian McKellen is playing Cogsworth, can we get Derek Jacobi to play Lumiere?
If you could get Derek Jacobi to do a dramatic reading of a song, what would you pick?
Who are you referring to...Derek Jacobi?
Day of the Jackal always worth a watch. Esp for Michael Lonsdale and Derek Jacobi also. For its age never feels old.
"Most actors have a degree of apprehension about going onto the stage and performing in front of people.". - Sir Derek Jacobi.
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Haven't seen that yet, but I really liked movie version of the play Breaking The Code, abt Turing. Derek Jacobi played him.
Same for Derek Jacobi. Marvellous on stage as Richard II and Kean, but a bit creaky on TV. Apart from I Clavdivs, of course.
Actually Derek Jacobi should play Cogs worth and Ian McKellen should play Lumiere
Dead Again. Just found myself reciting the opening of In The Night Garden when Derek Jacobi tries to hypnotise Emma Thompson
Saw Cinderella today 💪 Congratulations ! to be in the same room as Derek Jacobi , Stellan Skarsgård and Lily James😍 Well done👌
Every time someone says the words "CAD file" in the office, I think they are talking about Derek Jacobi.
I, Claudius is worth watching for his Sejanus, as well as other Hamlet alumni like Derek Jacobi and Brian Blessed!
If Yous want a laugh be sure to check out starring and Derek Jacobi. I never stop laughing at it! Brilliant!!
This is a reminder that Bill Nighy, Derek Jacobi, Michael Sheen and Wes Bentley have all appeared in the Underworld series.
I said that once, with Derek Jacobi in the room
Quick review: Lily James lovely, Cate Blanchett delicious, wait is that Stellan Skarsgard? Derek Jacobi? Is this PBS?
A Bunch of Amateurs: Hilarious film about amdrams in an English village. Fab cast! Burt Reynolds, Imelda Staunton, Derek Jacobi, Sam Bond...
is brilliantly funny! Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi hilarious in a superbly clever comedy!
Catch up with The Black and White Club, read by Derek Jacobi on iPlayer!
I still think Derek Jacobi would've made an amazing Master. He was so perfect from what we got to see of him.
"Derek Jacobi minces on every possible level, like a camp lasagne." Grace of Monaco is now on NOW TV. Our review:
Researching for my uni assignment - 2003 film adaptation of Revengers Tragedy with Chris Ecclestone, and Derek Jacobi
Revengers Tragedy is a full on Who-fest, too, w/ Derek Jacobi, Eccleston&Marc Warren for some, my catching it for back then.
what if I meet derek jacobi just so I can ask him what he thought of hamlet
ok but not fabulous. Def not one you need to see @ movies. Cate Blanchett, Derek Jacobi & Richard Madden brilliant. Lily James 👍
Sometimes I fantasise that Derek Jacobi is inside the Iggle Piggle costume
Kenneth Branagh: I need another actor, CALL DEREK. Derek Jacobi: *crashes through window* I don't know what it is but I'm in.
Just don't give me Derek freaking Jacobi! He isn't even Welsh for freak's sake!
I watched Cinderella, and for some reason, i saw that will look like Derek Jacobi in 36 years 😂
Just a casual day in the office at hosting theatre legends Sir Derek Jacobi and Ian McDiarmid!
Derek Jacobi with his length near some drains
I was being deliberately facetious; am still in shock that Derek Jacobi supports the de Vere camp tbh
The Afasic Radio 4 Appeal with Sir Derek Jacobi raised over £4,500. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Trusting Mark Rylance or Derek Jacobi on authorship would be like trusting Martin Clunes to be your doctor.
Going to see Branagh's Cinderella tonight. Secretly hoping that it takes a cue from his Henry V and has an angry Derek Jacobi as the chorus.
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For those that missed it here is the link to The Black & White Club by Alice Hemming being read on CBeebies...
Super excited to see Vicious (the Brit comedy with and Derek Jacobi. On M-Net Edge. See on Monday folks!
Lush piece from Lee Hall on how a school trip to see Derek Jacobi play made him fall in love with theatre
I would go with Ian McShane and Derek Jacobi myself
I loved Especially that Brannagh put a Roman emperor statue in Derek Jacobi (the king's) room!
Catch up The Black and White Club on on iPlayer! Fantastic reading by Derek Jacobi
I just love Both and Derek Jacobi are just so funny together. Can't wait for the new series!
Derek Jacobi & Timothy West star in the turbulent tale of John Ruskin's marriage to Effie Gray h…
Enjoyed The Black and White club read by Derek Jacobi last night? Get your copy here!
Listen to the awesome Sir Derek Jacobi read Black & White Club on Cbeebies
We loved Derek Jacobi's reading of The Black and White Club last night on We lovedhis George voice!
Miss The Black and White Club on last night? Catch Derek Jacobi reading story here
Did you miss Derek Jacobi on last night? Listen to him read The Black and White Club on iPlayer!
Watching 1980 BBC Hamlet on starring Derek Jacobi and with a grayfro!
Derek Jacobi reads The Black and White Club for Cbeebies Bedtime stories! «
Just watched Derek Jacobi reading The Black and White Club by Alice Hemming and Kimberly Scott on CBeebies. Brilliant Cbeebies
I just found out that Derek Jacobi narrates the audio edition, so I think now my evening's sorted.
Derek Jacobi as Richard II and John Gielgud as John of Gaunt in the 1978 BBC Television production.
Check out "Two Down", written/directed by Matthew Butler, produced by Stephen Fry and Derek Jacobi…
At 18:50 tonight on hear Derek Jacobi read The Black and White Club!
Don't forget to tune into Cbeebies at Bedtime tonight: Derek Jacobi will be reading 'Black and White Club' by Hertford's own
Derek Jacobi is reading The Black and White Club on tonight! Don't Miss it!
Art Malik Anthony Andrews Derek Jacobi Tenko OMG they're doing Colin Firth's first series Lost Empire on PBS costume dram…
the pbs movie from years ago based on hodges, with Derek Jacobi, is good! Breaking the Code.
Watch Derek Jacobi play I Claudios! plays the simple fool, they make him boss and he became a leader
Review: "The Imitation Game" vs.Hugh Whitemore’s Breaking the Code with Derek Jacobi as Alan Turing, ht…
Just got home from watching I loved it! That's so awesome Sir Derek Jacobi was in it! There's always a guest actor to spot!
Breaking the Code w/Derek Jacobi - Never witnessed such pure raw commitment on stage, energy in lobby after was electric!
Yay! I totally agree. It's so fairytale and fun. Also, I was so surprised that Derek Jacobi played the king. :-)
If it is me, I'm going to be like Derek Jacobi when Claudius is unexpectedly made emperor: do a lot of holy-fool staring into space
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I like Derek Jacobi’s comment on RICHARD II: “—the great dichotomy of playing Richard is that he is always his own audience.”
Cinderella: London Premiere - Derek Jacobi: . Watch the london premiere titled "Derek Jacobi" for the film Ci...
Cheap if you can do imported dvds Sir Derek Jacobi CHARLES DICKENS'S ENGLAND 2 dvd set UK import via
How does Derek Jacobi still look so good in Gladiator?
Sir Derek Jacobi at the UK premiere of
The Sirs have arrived in Kenneth Branagh & Derek Jacobi
my mate Tom directed that - Monday's ep was the ep where he asked Derek Jacobi to perform his line with "more feeling"!
Was "In The Night Garden" written specifically for Sir Derek Jacobi or did his agent see a script and think "here's the next I Claudius"?
remember that time when Russell made do with 1-ply in series 3 after they cacked the budget on getting Derek Jacobi in?
Ian Mckellan doing a grand impression of Sid James, and Derek Jacobi just screams Mr Humphries
if I was to do any it would be to sound like an English Shakespearian actor. Think Derek Jacobi in Gladiator.
Was that Derek Jacobi as the cat scientist?
Another cool set of mysteries that's new to me: I've just seen my first Cadfael & really enjoyed it! Love Derek Jacobi and :D
The Black and White Club will be read on by Derek Jacobi next Tuesday!
New - wow. Derek Jacobi and made magic, stunned. Many great moments from
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Mystery Monday! Trying new-to-me series 'Cadfael' on for size. Episode 'The Raven in the Foregate' (1997). Stars Sir Derek Jacobi.
Olivier is good so far, but Derek Jacobi (Cassio) and especially Frank Finlay (Iago) are fantastic. Finlay is quiet in his menace.
yeah it's really good. Derek Jacobi plays him and Daniel Craig plays his fella. Called love is the devil I think
You're all going for Derek Jacobi, but I'm gonna go left field and say my answer is Paxton Whitehead
Post-CINDERELLA thoughts: No more comedy goose. No more CGI landscapes. No more Derek Jacobi in wigs. More Ferretti/Blanchett/Powell movies.
Derek Jacobi - Breaking the code *Mathematics*: for those who love logic and math
I knew there couldn't be a human being out there who had a problem w/ my complimenting Derek Jacobi!
also Derek Jacobi in that movie is exactly Dame Judi Dench.
Guess it's fitting then that I'm watching "I, Claudius"! Though set after Caesar's death, it's close enough :P (& I adore Derek Jacobi)
Derek Jacobi was the grown up little boy, right? Son of the maid or something, maybe a maid who had designs on the guy?
"Have courage and be kind" . - Cinderella's mother. (Kenneth Branagh & Derek Jacobi reunited yet again -certainly a little Bard flavor to it)
Oh, yes. Derek Jacobi is talking Shakespeare on ABC.
The inner nerd was also pleased to see Derek Jacobi playing the King in a Kenneth Branagh directed film. :D
who: custom for the yana master jacobi collectors item, LINK:.
Shakespeare Uncovered just started on ABC, is about Richard II as played by Derek Jacobi, also wishaw, gielgud, mckellen etc
Though now I'm picturing Derek Jacobi in satin pants and a bald cap.
If you don't want Prince Charming's father to be the most interesting character in Cinderella, don't cast Derek Jacobi.
Saw the new Cinderella today. Pretty good. Had good people in it. Can't go wrong with Cate Blanchett, Derek Jacobi and Helena Bonham Carter
Derek Jacobi is phoning this narration in on tonight's episode of In the Night Garden.
Surprised at how much we all enjoyed CINDERELLA. Branagh brings classical gravitas to most of the story, & Derek Jacobi as king def helps.
I'm certainly not going to go out and see it but I do love Derek Jacobi.
Roger Allam best Falstaff, joint top Prospero with Derek Jacobi (Rylance: Ariel, Peck:Caliban) '82 htt…
Cinderella is a movie again *** who cares dull ::finds out Derek Jacobi is the king:: WELL OF COURSE. ::cries tears of dissonance::
.However, I suspect Sir Derek Jacobi had something to do with the Audie. It was an audiobook…
Loving the Muse of Fire interviews on Alan Rickman, Sir Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox, ... Wow …
Good stuff, huh?!!! We all loved it. And what a great cast. I mean, hello... Derek Jacobi as the king? And Cate was flawless.
Among those providing voices for this film were John Hurt, Brian Blessed, and Derek Jacobi -
Took the boy. Better than I expected. I could stand seeing more Derek Jacobi.
So Cinderella was directed by Ken Branagh??? That explains why it was SO GOOD and also why it had Derek Jacobi in it
What a fine actor is Derek Jacobi. Wow. He and Anne Reid really shine here. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Derek Jacobi, Samantha Bond, Richard Clifford and Noma Dumezweni will be performing passages from Shakespeare's...
LOVED Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid singing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend in
How charming are Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi at the piano!?
For some reason I can no longer retain Derek Jacobi's name. He has become 'that actor who isn't John Gielgud'.
The TV film on Alan Turing starring Derek Jacobi has a go at talking about hard maths, it was on YouTube last time I looked
Another film linked to is Breaking the Code (1996), engrossing biopic on Alan Turing w/Derek Jacobi:
While I was home for the holidays, my parents turned me on to "I, Claudius" a BBC mini series from the 70s starring Derek Jacobi : Amazing.
And he looks a bit like Derek Jacobi too! Am about to catch up with episode 2.
The best bit was when it actually showed Derek Jacobi as Daedalus redirect boiling water into King Minos' bathtub.
Vicious (old queens) with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi - brilliant, just brilliant. I think I need Stuart and Freddie as roomies :D.
Did you miss Sir Derek Jacobi presenting the Afasic Radio 4 appeal? You can catch up here:
Last Tango In Halifax | Lancashire's on the set of the third series of Last Tango In Halifax, a show she believes h…
You can find the complete Derek Jacobi BREAKING THE CODE, about Turing, here:
Last Tango In Halifax | One of the BBC's top love stories returned to the screens this week - and ensured the corpo…
Some good reading: & Derek Jacobi. SUCH FUN. Love you all x
Confronting society's view of ageing Challengers in typology …
Confronting society's view of ageing Challengers in typology via
Adding this one to the lineup. Evil post-apocalyptic Derek Jacobi & Eddie Izzard...
from in the night garden, narrated by Derek Jacobi no less. You need to be high for it to make sense.
Derek Jacobi: "Hamlet? You can never get a handle on him." Video:
. I loved the way Derek Jacobi said Huddersfield Town, sounded like he'd never heard of them.
Derek Jacobi can act into an egg cup
Derek Jacobi: 'Last Tango in Halifax proves older people can be fun'
Derek Jacobi: 'Hamlet? You can never get a handle on him'
Embarking on first run of 2015 to the pumping soundtrack of Hound Of The Baskervilles as read by Derek Jacobi.
Derek Jacobi is sad to find that he is a porcelain shepherdess as Judi Dench dusts her mantelpiece
Delighted with his victory on Celebrity Blockbusters, Derek Jacobi celebrated with *** and cheese
A young Derek Jacobi discovers his trousers now no longer fit properly.
Alone and frightened, Derek Jacobi realises far too late that he is trapped in Spar's freezer section.
But if you read Derek Jacobi you wont be wasting your time.
Derek Jacobi in Loved Donmar Othello -- thought “the boy playing Cassio was extremely good.” :)
Only because the first scene was him and Derek Jacobi... Credits are in order of appearance.
Breaking the Code: Biography of Alan Turing (Derek Jacobi, BBC, 1996): via The whole 90' movie.
Just love "Last Tango In Halifax" great story lines beautifully acted by the wonderful Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi
I'm in love with Derek Jacobi myself.
Top drawer acting from Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi in enthralling tonight
Catching up on "Last Tango in Halifax", Derek Jacobi's Alan Buttershaw is one of the great fictional Yorkshiremen.
I've only just started watching Last Tango. Beautifully written & I love Derek Jacobi & Anne Reid.
Last Tango In Halifax. Not my cuppa. But delightful acting from Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi.
I keep seeing Nicola Walker being great whenever I come across it and Derek Jacobi as well.
I'd love Togo for a coffee with Derek Jacobi, I think he'd be really interesting to chat to.
The little baby on Last Tango In is a comedy genius! The way she looked at Derek Jacobi to Anne Reid and back again was brilliant!
Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi are giving an acting masterclass tonight!! Just superb!!
Argh i can't bear it. Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid are smashing it
Anne Reid is an exquisite actress. This scene with Derek Jacobi is sublime.   10% Off
Last Tango in Halifax on Do yourself a favor - watch it!! Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, Derek Jacobi.. I mean! Why would u not!
is so good, so well acted. Derek Jacobi is so good struggling to tell his secret.
There's a Rupert Graves, Robert Graves, I Claudius, Derek Jacobi thing going on in my head.
Derek Jacobi and Rupert Graves making my birthplace look like the Italian Renaissance!
I love the portentous BBC ORIGINAL BRITISH DRAMA sting being followed by Anne Reid bringing Derek Jacobi breakfast in bed.
I saw Derek Jacobi in King Lear in Glasgow. I missed most of the play ...
Derek Jacobi: ’Last Tango in Halifax proves old people can be fun’
don't say a word Derek Jacobi: Celebrities forced to ''put on an act'' on Graham Norton Sh... RT
Derek Jacobi: Celebrities forced to "put on an act" on Graham Norton Show
Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Richard E. Grant, Eileen Atkins, Clive Owen and Steven fry all in one film 👌
Derek Jacobi, Actor: Gladiator. Preeminent British classical actor of the first post-Olivier generation, Derek Jacobi was knighted in 1994 for his services to the theatre, and, in fact, is only the second to enjoy the honor of holding TWO knighthoods, Danish and English (Olivier was the other). Mode…
Listen to radio 4 tomorrow at 7:55am (if you’re an early bird) or 9:26pm (if you’re not) to listen to the Afasic BBC Radio 4 appeal with Afasic Vice President Sir Derek Jacobi.
Tune in to the Appeal for presented by Vicious star Sir Derek Jacobi at 7:55am or 9:26pm tomorrow.
Sitting down to watch Anonymous. Expecting rage. Then Derek Jacobi rocks up and I'm like "wo this is great".
Tune in to theAppeal for presented by Doctor Who star Sir Derek Jacobi tomorrow at 7:55am or 9:26pm.
Q: What's Next?. a: Derek Jacobi ...Well we start on Vicious in a couple of weeks.
Has anyone seen comedy show yet? Him and Derek Jacobi are such a hoot.
Having just watched the first hour of "It's a Wonderful Life," I think you may be right. Also, Derek Jacobi>Everyone else.
5 straight hours of Last Tango In Halifax. Derek Jacobi’s sweet little face is burned into my retinas.
Where is the awards campaign for Derek Jacobi in Grace of Monaco?
'Emma Thompson brought me Chinese food in hospital!' says Last Tango.. star Derek Jacobi.
TV Club: Vicious: “Christmas Special”: At the beginning of the Vicious Christmas special, Derek Jacobi’s Stuar...
"Ian McClellan, he's *** stood up for Patrick Stewart, who isn't *** at his wedding. Derek Jacobi is terrific, also *** in real life" -mom
Derek Jacobi was fifth choice to play Claudius behind Charlton Heston, Michael Gambon, Alec Guinness and Ronnie Barker (think Arkwright).
When Derek Jacobi was offered title role in I Claudius he was due to play Hamlet for first time and thought he was being downgraded in that.
Don't forget to tune into Xmas special tonight starring and Derek Jacobi at 9:30pm on
Derek Jacobi as a flamboyant count/agony aunt. GRACE OF MONACO, the comedic gift that keeps on giving
he is playing in the honorary Derek Fisher position in Scott Brooks' offense.
Do you love M.R James' Ghost Stories? Listen to Derek Jacobi reading them. His performances are peerless. > Sample:
Derek Jacobi and his borrower mates?
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have you seen Derek Jacobi's performance in Vicious? Brilliant theatrical actor.
PREVIEW: & Derek Jacobi are back with a 'Vicious' Holiday Special, 10.30pm tonight on KQED 9! Video:
The Christmas special starring and Derek Jacobi airs December 25 at 9:30 pm on
The Father that gave the Midnight Mass service sounded exactly like Derek Jacobi. It was very entertaining. Happy Christmas everyone! 🎄
Happy Christmas to derek Jacobi and all the cast on see you all soon
.& Derek Jacobi have a holiday greeting for you Be sure to watch the Holiday Special tomorrow.
Derek Jacobi, Julie Walters and Roger Moore in the first 5 minutes. Classic.
TV TONIGHT: & Derek Jacobi return for a festive dose of 'Vicious.' 10.30pm on KQED 9...
Fun day filming on the next series of This is Jinsy - Sir Derek Jacobi and Dame Eileen Atkins also guesting.
I'm just about to watch Derek Jacobi fling Julie Walters into a grandfather clock... (From the days when Victoria Wood was funn…
Sir Derek Jacobi on 'Last Tango in Halifax' and being just an ordinary fella ...
Try Breaking The Code the BBC drama with Derek Jacobi from a few years ago. Absolutely superb.
In retrospect, Derek Jacobi's make-up for the Emperor Claudius is pretty awful. Apart from that it's a great programme.
(striver): 3 civil questions about Sir Derek -- and a dinner invitation
Watch our short video of Sir Derek Jacobi talking about his 30 years supporting Afasic:-.
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So I got tickets to see with and Derek Jacobi on Sunday! Super excited. Two of my favourite actors on one stage.
Tune in to Radio 4 on the 28th December to listen to the appeal presented by Sir Derek Jacobi at 7:55am & 9:26pm
I saw Enigma on stage in London, where the amazing Derek Jacobi, starred in the leading role. It was brilliant!...
I was surprised that Derek Jacobi wasn't on your arm I think u do make a lovely couple & I'm not being vicious!
Free to watch in interview with revered actor Derek Jacobi will be available on the today.
Derek Jacobi: I'd gone into that restaurant and sat down and the waitress had taken my or...
Garner,Hal Linden, Rita Moreno, Hal Holbrook, as well as Sting, Derek Jacobi ,Metallica and 100's of others treat me kindly?...
OMG I didn't know Derek Jacobi was in this ... love him!!! :D
Sarah also love you in Last Tango In Halifax with Derek Jacobi, I hope it's also coming back. Love your Character. Cheers
watch the Derek Jacobi version, it was handled well. Yes, we should have seen Turing enjoying one *** encounter, not nec sexual.
We could have seen a romantic encounter. We NEVER saw one *** interaction, & I don't mean sexual. Derek Jacobi version was better.
Patriots up by 18 points and the Frasier episode with Derek Jacobi in. Sunday is trying to redeem itself.
which stars playing the new silents ? my vote goes to Gillian Anderson + Derek Jacobi ...
Wah, Derek Jacobi just made me cry. :-(
Need to see THE IMITATION GAME (2014) with that Benedict Cummerbund or whatever his name is. Derek Jacobi was great as Alan Turing too
Katherine Parkinson, Derek Jacobi to perform at Shakespeare’s Globe and I got tickets!
Really want to see this film… “And it turns into The Karate Kid but with Derek Jacobi and a parakeet”
do you mean Derek Jacobi master in utopia?
Derek Jacobi on this show is the cutest thing ever.
Jail Caesar starring Derek Jacobi, Alice Krige and a supporting cast of prisoners is available now! Watch here 🎥
and for benefit: Patrick McNee (creepy CCTV uncle) was Derek Jacobi's dad in Frasier where Jacobi can't act.
Derek Jacobi joins Folger Consort, ensemble in residence for The Merchant of Venice-Music & Poetry
. Since when was Derek Jacobi in the line-up?
That guy in the audience rocking the whole Derek Jacobi Cadfael look.
(striver): 3 civil questions about William and Edward De Vere for Sir Derek Jacobi
They both look like they could be Derek Jacobi's brother.
Someone please do that. Please. And make Derek Jacobi Uncle Vernon.
In 400 years scholars will debate whether or not Derek Jacobi narrated In The Night Garden.
“A real-life Ned Flanders if he was played by Derek Jacobi" says
My audiobook on theatre for blind and partially-sighted teenagers with the fab has its first narrator: Sir De…
1980: Derek Jacobi (who's played Alan Turing & examines the many interpretations of the role
how can you write off Sir Derek Jacobi? He owned it.
If I ever meet Derek Jacobi, I'm going to ask him what made him take the night garden gig?
here's the pic of the baby and an interview with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi.
They should've got Derek Jacobi on too because their story always breaks me
Sherlock star to play Doctor Strange. Wasn't bad in Imitation Game but thought Derek Jacobi's Turing compelling!
Especially one that's been played by Derek Jacobi.
Extra special treat in the today! Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas, read by Derek Jacobi
Great night at the Steels Xmas fair last night. Hats off to Derek Jacobi's make up artist who managed to transform him into Billie Piper!
...but, to me, it pales in comparison to Derek Jacobi's Turing on Broadway in BREAKING THE CODE years ago.
Listening to House of Silk by read by Derek Jacobi. What a performance!
It's about a medieval monk who solves murders. Derek Jacobi plays the monk - called Cadfael.
I'm watching Cadfael. Derek Jacobi is so good in it.
Hehe! It's number 22 now - the road was renumbered. Derek Jacobi unveiled the plaque, but I haven't walked up to see it.
Judi Dench as a man looks like Derek Jacobi
Apparently he got up on stage & when asked his name replied "Derek Jacobi and I'm from Leytonstone"
very wise choice. Though sadly you seem to be experiencing a Derek Jacobi-less Cadfael
Derek Jacobi was in a great 1996 piece about Turing called "Breaking the Code"
Last night Sir Ian McKellen competed in a "best tupperwave" contest and pretended to be Derek Jacobi:
Sir Derek Jacobi - My Shakespeare, on I'm so happy about this series!
Hamlet has many faces in my mind as I read his play, but Claudius will always be Derek Jacobi for me.
This is more like it! Derek Jacobi's little-known sideline as a beefcake model for pulp sci-fi covers.
Anyone else think that Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen look more and more similar? :-)
A short, sharp masterclass from Derek Jacobi and Sir Gandalf. The inflections are everything.
Press night - rly loving Jack&the Beanstalk.Tonight featured a surprise performance from Sir Derek Jacobi with his Tupperware
why did he do that unfunny and embarrassing comedy with Derek Jacobi?
Just realised that St Tone is turning into Derek Jacobi 😱😱
there was a film, Breaking the Code, starring Derek Jacobi as Turing. wasn't bad at all
Well look who found on his way to Derek Jacobi & Sir Ian McKellan busy filming!
Derek Jacobi is one of the best Shakespearean actors I have seen! :) Love his acting talent.
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Derek Jacobi wins 1985 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play
Years before Cumberbatch, in 1996, Derek Jacobi gave an excellent performance as Arthur Turing, which aired on PBS.
Derek Jacobi & Frances De La Tour filming for second series of 5 mins from my house.
Do you know about the scandalous true story that Shakespeare's Richard II is based on? Derek Jacobi reveals all.
Catching up with TV and learning all about Shakespeare's Richard II with Sir Derek Jacobi and the fabulous
The Imitation Game was really good, although in my head Alan Turing still looks and sounds like Derek Jacobi, not Benedict Cumberbatch.
Oh no, Derek Jacobi's a Shakespeare denier. It's amazing how the privileged just can't accept a middle class actor wrote the stuff
I've not seen it but I would think he'd be perfect. Although he'd have to go some to beat Derek Jacobi's portrayal of him.
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi play lovers on PBS' new comedy:
Derek Jacobi on Richard II was good still he started banging on about Edward de Vere. Rubbish.
Your name isn't Iggle Piggle it's Derek Jacobi I call shenanigans on this whole farce
My acting heroes include Derek Jacobi, Judy Dench and Emma Thompson. Who are yours?
I am an actor and I live in the world of pretend in my working capacity. I live in the world of my imagination. -Derek Jacobi. 0
Derek Jacobi - such a great actor! Been a big fan since I Claudius in the 70's.
Oh, who to vote for! Stuck between Roger Delgado and Derek Jacobi! :-(
Good news Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi fans - Vicious s2 to start filming in January
Sir & Sir Derek Jacobi have found time in their busy diaries to film Series 2 of Vicious in January.
Second series of Vicious to start shooting in January
Good news for Vicious fans - S2 to start shooting series in January
I just finished listening to The Daughter of Time narrated by Derek Jacobi.
Sir Derek Jacobi's plea for mumbling actors to speak up:
Good news Ian McKellen fans - Vicious to start shooting series two in January
| “s2 of ITV's Vicious starts filming in Jan
Did you read what Joanna Read said in response to Sir Derek Jacobi?
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