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Derek Jacobi

Sir Derek George Jacobi, CBE (born 22 October 1938) is an English actor and film director.

Ian McKellen Anne Reid Kenneth Branagh Lily James Richard Madden Meera Syal Hayley Atwell Mark Rylance John Simm Ramsay Bolton Last Tango Bernard Cribbins Imelda Staunton Garrick Theatre Stellan Skarsgard Sarah Lancashire Stephen Fry

Loving all the theatre chat with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi especially about King Lear
We lost some great *** icons this year but who's still with us to love & cherish? Cher, Stephen Fry, Jane Lynch, Derek Jacobi -- who else?
Last Tango in Halifax stars Anne Reid and Sir Derek Jacobi are keen to make a fourth series
Ah, I'm going to miss & Derek Jacobi are fantastic. and are hilarious. It was a good run!
ITV's Vicious came to an end but not even Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi could send it off on a high - review
What a fantastic and touching episode. The perfect swan song - and Derek Jacobi were hilarious. You must watch it NOW!
Aw that was brilliant! gonna miss it Freddy(& Stuart(Derek Jacobi) . Bravo darlings and a merry Christmas to you 🎄
*** you Derek Jacobi and why would you make me bawl my eyes out like that
Watching the last episode of crying with laughter 😂😂 and Derek Jacobi are amazing!
Derek Jacobi and are as brutal and fabulous as ever in
An absolute masterclass in silent teacup acting by Sir and Derek Jacobi. ☕ ☕.
Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen are back in my life and I'm so happy
Huzzah Derek Jacobi, its Brilliant comedy luv it
I love Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen so much
Is Derek Jacobi actually *** . I know Ian McKellan is. But is Jacobi? Because he's married to a woman in that Halifax show
Tonight at 9pm Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi & Frances de la Tour return for one last episode of comedy Don'…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
🎄 Huge thanks to our final guests of 2016! Anne Reid, Sir Derek Jacobi and of course the girl with an angel's voice…
Derek Jacobi promises a gentle conclusion to sitcom
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi return for final swansong in ITV's Vicious Christmas special
Wasn't it lovely to see Sir Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid on The One Show this eve?
How gorgeous was Derek Jacobi on The One Show! I'm ecstatic there's going to be a Christmas 👏🏻😀
I love Bob Mortimer. Took me ages to grab this clip from ages ago when he talks about meeting Derek Jacobi
New dramatization of A Christmas Carol, with Derek Jacobi,Roger Allam,Jenna Coleman-free for all members
i'm praying the Grim Reaper doesn't come for Angela Lansbury, Derek Jacobi or Maggie Smith.
Derek Jacobi & Anne Reid's album is out in a week!. Pre-order the CD on now, why not choose a signed copy?…
Derek Jacobi & Anne Reid have signed 1000 copies of their album, out next week! Pre-order here:
On their album, Derek Jacobi & Anne Reid sing 'How about you?', a lovely tune about the precious things of life. https:…
Listen to Roald Dahl's tales of craving, read by Gillian Anderson, Derek Jacobi and more. https…
KQED's Chloe Veltman and her wonderful piece on the Fall Arts Scene - featuring Derek Jacobi and Measure + Dido...
//of course Derek Jacobi is the bad guy. He's either the camp funeral director or the evil creepy guy
To be with Derek Jacobi and Stellan Skarsgard, it's a master class in acting every day.
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Kenneth Branagh's production of Romeo and Juliet, with Meera Syal and Derek Jacobi 😃
Back from seeing Branagh's very elegant production of Romeo & Juliet at the Garrick. Loved watching Lily James, Meera Syal & Derek Jacobi.
It's a show on PBS they actually just had their series finale. It has Ramsay, Ian McKellen, and Derek Jacobi
Weird to see Ramsay Bolton in a PBS sitcom with Sers Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as a bickering but loving couple
Lily James & Richard Madden as Juliet & her Romeo 😭 so so so good. Derek Jacobi as Mercutio was GENIUS.
When Romeo and Juliet meets Dolce&Gabbana. Well... The music was good..and I'm fond of Derek Jacobi. Basically that's all.
how actor can do so much with just eyes is amazing. Derek Jacobi is the same when he becomes the Master and turns around :D
Derek Jacobi is stealing the show at tonight's performance of Romeo and Juliet
When I discovered that Derek Jacobi & Mark Rylance support this, it was like finding out they were scientologists or something.
Aw... I had egg and chips with Burt once at Teddington Studios (at a table with Nigel Hawthorne and Derek Jacobi!)
Derek Jacobi, Julie Christie, and Kate Winslet (still my fave Ophelia) are all amazing in it
It's too hard a life for me. I could only do it - check out in that se...
I'm completely flabbergasted to learn that Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance doubt Shakespeare's authorship. Blimey.
Just what were Derek Jacobi and Meera Syal doing - apart from dying of embarrassment?
I've been a professional actor now for 38 years. A long time. And it's...
Yep. That's us. Ten years ago it was *** as Folk", and now we're "Vicious". I'm Derek Jacobi.
Meera Syal & Derek Jacobi are worth going to see for. Jacobi has the moves!
Tickets booked to see Sir Derek Jacobi and Richard Madden in a Kenneth Branagh directed play next week *sque*
Reputation is fine but you have to keep justifying it. In a sense, it ...
IDEA: drop Ewan, shift Sir Ian to Lumiere, have Derek Jacobi rerecord Cogsworth's dialogue, give up, go home, and watch VICIOUS.
Looking forward to Romeo and Juliet tomorrow... Quite excited to see Derek Jacobi! 😊
I truly don't know why it was ended, though. It was suddenly decided t...
Originally they wanted it to be bigger, but I pleaded and pleaded and ...
I also got Frankenstein as read by Derek Jacobi after a fit of guilt for not doing Gothic wider reading
Still don't know how you /cancel/ a show with two huge stars like Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. And such a hilarious show at that.
i laugh so much with you and Derek jacobi. In canada we get it from Maine pbs. Not frequently enough
Previews for Romeo and Juliet start tonight. Starring Derek Jacobi, Lily James, &
I don't think he's permanently affected me except in the sense that I ...
I think my parents were happy that I'd gone to university and gotten a...
Sir Derek Jacobi has been an inspiration to so many actors and audienc...
You can watch and Derek Jacobi's cameo again right here
Next year can we just enter and Derek Jacobi chatting on a sofa
I just bought starring and Derek Jacobi, so excited!
Actors, I don't think, ever really grow up. I'm hoping that that rejuv...
A scene stealing performance from Derek Jacobi as Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet
Remember how Billie Holliday sang 'strange fruit' about Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi? Oh wait.
Have just seen Romeo & Juliet at The Garrick Theatre. Derek Jacobi and were brilliant. was very easy on the eye 😂
a long way from my favourite Shakespeare but lots about the production to love. Derek Jacobi especially.
Hotfooting it back from Have you seen it? So much Derek Jacobi love. X
Oh no! What didn't you like? Not sure all the performances are great but really enjoying . and Derek Jacobi, wow. X
Tennant and Co., THE line of Hamlets: Loads of fun! (But where is Sir Derek Jacobi?)
Special Offers on our favourite titles starring Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi and -
One of the last episodes was all about a flood. We were working in the...
I see Sir Derek Jacobi signed four times!
Wonderful production of Romeo and Juliet The cast were amazing - Derek Jacobi...incredible!💫
Can't help hearing 'soap opera' in the disdainful tones of Derek Jacobi.
Did someone retyoe celeb list in as Sir Derek Jacobi on there 3 times does no one check or proof read these days
enjoy! The first Shakespeare play I saw. Stratford with Derek Jacobi as Prospero. 1982.
I'm not sure why the `luvviews list' includes four people who are all called Derek Jacobi, and two called David Yates?
But Derek Jacobi. I want to see him as Friar Lawrence!
Millers & other illustrious literati last night walked past Derek Jacobi then ended in style on 68 to Camberwell
I will not watch films with any of these luvvies in again. Sad, as I loved Patrick Stewart and Derek Jacobi. All sin binned now👎
Sir Derek Jacobi was clearly very passionate when he signed open letter supporting Britain's EU membership
Patrick Stewart, Derek Jacobi, Helena Bonham Carter, Benedict Cumberbatch back Remain! Who have Leave got? Rustie Lee and Jon Gaunt! LBC
Is there any reason why Sir Derek Jacobi appears on the list 4 times?
Too early for me, read that as Derek Jacobi rising to be held in Elephant and Castle.
Romeo and Juliet: . Richard Madde, Lily James and Derek Jacobi star in Shakespeare’s love ...
Sir Patrick Stewart as Claudius , Derek Jacobi as Hamlet, Claire Bloom as Gertrude & Lalla Ward as Ophelia (she may be
Heard Mark Rylance & Derek Jacobi badmouthing on this morning and I'm like, dude, he just died.
Brilliant voices from Jim Carter, Imelda Staunton and Derek Jacobi - I want the audio book
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Watching Anonymous with Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave and Derek Jacobi .. Shakespeare rocks
have you read Rupert Everett's autobiography? He did one with Derek Jacobi. Also Alexei Sayle fired from the Golden Girls spin off
And I'm not just saying that because Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are the lead role 🙈
Hate reading aloud. Only way I can get through it is to pretend I am Derek Jacobi on CBeebies bedtime story
Yes and yes. British, starring Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, and the guy that plays Ramsay Bolton on GoT.
John Simm was perfect for the role in terms of modern series after Derek Jacobi, but gotta give it to my boy Delgado. RIP, sir
Bernie has u covered. Try Derek Jacobi in "I Claudius" v Campaign Hillary as scandalous excess in fall of Rome. :)
when you take notes of Derek Jacobi playing Hamlet...
I had to think long and hard about what it would imply, what it would mean.
There is so many people who have met Sir Derek Jacobi and my only dream is to meet him but I have no opportunity to meet him 😢😢
He was somebody who made me think, I suppose, about the contemplative life.
The Martian Chronicles - out now from and starring Derek Jacobi and Hayley Atwell!
hi spoke at the Bafta for Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen check out my blog page I've got an ebook coming out soon
Derek Jacobi as the awful actor on Frasier... Wonderful.
Wow! Derek Jacobi he is almost a leyend!
The New Testament: The Gospel of Matthew the Gospel of Matthew: Derek Jacobi Reads St Matthew's Account of the Life
Schools OUT UK thrilled at the support from DEREK JACOBI and BONNIE GREER helping us Educate OUT prejudice thanks
I bought this Medieval Britain mint stamps. and it is signed by Derek Jacobi!!!
tv show feat. Ian Mckellan and Derek Jacobi as two queens. Constantly sniping at each other. Fantastic
emotional manipulation. And waiting for Derek Jacobi to pop up
I would love it if Sir Derek George Jacobi, John Simm and Michelle Gomez have a multi Master story alongside...
It was wonderful - starred Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi and Sarah Lancashire in a very different role. You'd love it !
There's nothing better than listening to Derek Jacobi reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes while I work 😍
And you call yourself Vicious! (Btw, have you seen the Ian McKellen Derek Jacobi series Vicious? Good retirement protips there.)
. "He will play to the mob.And they will love him for it!" - Derek Jacobi, Gladiator 😋
Last tickets remaining for Derek Jacobi tea party on Sunday 14th February - if you want some, call soon! Lesley 01432 36…
WANTED!!!. Cakes for our afternoon tea with Derek Jacobi. Could you make us a few cakes for our Afternoon Tea this...
love being said goodnight to by Derek Jacobi!
Met Sir Derek Jacobi at an event for LGBT history.
Great to see that Ben Cohen’s is supporting Derek Jacobi is reading his kids stories. https:…
And would you believe that Derek Jacobi- yes HIM! - read books selected by us yesterday to a roomful of families. Lord Derek Jacobi to us!
Derek Jacobi appears in the opening scene of this 2011 film, and acts as its narrator -
you can't top Bey so all future halftime shows are cancelled
I don't know why Aqib following you.
Breaking news: Sir Derek Jacobi becomes patron of Schools OUT UK
First 'proper' (not kids) theatre I took my son to see: Derek Jacobi as Prospero at Sheffield Crucible. Stunning.
Very exciting to see Derek Jacobi reading picture books today!
Blimey listening to Sir Derek Jacobi reading 10 000 Dresses makes me want to be read to again!
Another pic of Sir Derek Jacobi reading at the BIG thanks to &
Have just been chatting with Sir Derek Jacobi about how Claudius incorporated the rights of Attis into Roman state religi…
Well it's only Sir Derek Jacobi reading us a book! '10,000 Dresses' by for https:/…
Albert Finney & Derek Jacobi in Black Comedy,which then transferred to https…
Derek Jacobi in Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theatre, May 2016!
💣 A surrealist, black comedy with Derek Jacobi, Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate + Paul Merton. What's not to like?
Derek Jacobi, Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate, Paul Merton in a surrealist, black comedy:
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Thinking further I'd love to hear books read by Alan Rickman, Frank Langella, Derek Jacobi, Matthew Macfadyen
Guys,you must see Richard II.I saw it yesterday,with Derek Jacobi &John Gielgud.I'm still drunk on words. Can't wait for Henry IV Pt 1 today
Mice :) in May :) Derek Jacobi as Mercutio and Judi Dench :) but another play I will sadly miss :(
An new full cast adaptation by and Bev Doyle starring Derek Jacobi, Hayley Atwell,
Derek Jacobi and John Bercow are doing readings. The speaker will hopefully enjoy a nice break from the house...
So has suggested that she and John Simm and Derek Jacobi should all dance in black leather
Birthday shoutouts go to Brian Boitano (above), who is52, Derek Jacobi is 77, Jeff Goldblum is 63, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is 40, and Catherin…
not really LOL The best Macbeth I saw on stage was Derek Jacobi, RSC :) I doubt there was ONE Scot in it :D
Derek Jacobi on why sex is the secret to Last Tango in Halifax's success via
At Gypsy. It's fab! Derek Jacobi and Frances de La Tour are sitting in front of me. They are loving it too!
Also this means I saw the Master (John Simm) and Missy within a few days. Anyone know where Derek Jacobi is hangin' out?
I love this British comedy with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi but I'm a little confused with Ramsey Bolton as their funny upstairs neighbor.
The first one is Derek Jacobi, the second Oliver Reed and the third George C Scott...did you find the book or have you just been looking at
But really, Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid and Sarah Lancashire and Tony Gardner are perfect.
Everybody is in this... Ben Chaplin, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon, Derek Jacobi, Helena Bonham-Carter, Rob Stark from GoT... 😂
Next episode: 27 August: Derek Jacobi what will we find out about The King's Speech star?
Dead Again is on EPIX right now. Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Wayne Knight, Robin Williams in peak '90s form.
1978 BBC TV production of aired. Directed by David Giles, with Derek Jacobi.
shared audio space w/likes of David Tennant, Hugh Laurie, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi;to be a fly in those halls
You have all seen this, haven't you? Derek Jacobi's best bits from Charles Dickens's England.
Dear, Derek Jacobi and is brilliant and be my parents. Love,.
“Celebrating marriage equality with and Derek Jacobi!!
Watching Last Tango in Halifax ep where Derek Jacobi is swing dancing and it made me realize it'd be so fun to dance with him.
Much loved series with awesome and Derek Jacobi
Bizarre hearing Sir Derek Jacobi's voice coming out of my friend's daughter's "In The Night Garden" Igglepiggle toy today.
Texting while the Pinky Ponk flies on TV. Thought for a moment that Derek Jacobi had soiled himself.
I would watch them all, esp. Mark Gatiss, Sir Derek Jacobi, Paul Hollywood, and Jane Seymour.
Derek Jacobi's gold outfit for same Bjornson design performance of tempest
Derek Jacobi has the best voice, I wish he had more apparent control over it.
Derek Jacobi would have that tripping off his tongue
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I love audiobooks. Like I'm a little kid, being read to.
Hope it goes swimmingly Derek Jacobi & I will do NYCPride. Show us your outfit http:…
Sir Derek Jacobi (born Leytonstone 1938) to feature in new series of Who Do You Think You Are:
Loved seeing & Derek Jacobi at Stream free, to celebrate S2 coming in August:
Derek Jacobi, who insists he still feels like a teenager, will join his fellow Cinderella film stars Lily James and Richard Madden on
Don't miss the meet and greet with Derek Jacobi, and
if I could have one more thing from Big Finish it'd be a Derek Jacobi master story. Pre ordered DC 2, cannot wait!
Hung out with Sir Derek Jacobi while shooting for PBS during NYC pride
Photoset: guardian: Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi were the grand marshals of New York City’s Pride...
Celebrating marriage equality with and Derek Jacobi!!
Derek Jacobi waving to the crowd at the March.
well we've had everything from man to woman to snake to Derek Jacobi so dug's possible too
Derek Jacobi replaces ailing John Hurt in Montreal-shot ‘The History of Love’
Derek Jacobi is one of the Grand Marshals at the NY Pride March
When Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, both 76 and *** come sailing down New York's Fifth Avenue in convertibles at...
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are grand marshals of Sunday's *** Pride March in NYC
Originally posted on The New York Times. When Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi come sailing down Fifth Avenue in...
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, in a *** pride march debut
Derek Jacobi, Ewan McGregor, Max Beesley.most of the English National Ballet! .and they are such Gems! Fabulous!😃
He's in that show with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi and that character is so so SO different than Ramsay it's alarming
I hope Sian Phillips does something with Derek Jacobi again soon
I hope there is more series I think two more cast members should join Siân Phillips and Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi to play Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theatre
Started watching Vicious the Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen show. It's so funny check it out!
Brian Heatley from looks a bit like Derek Jacobi's portrayal of Bill Oddie
I think Derek Jacobi should mount a one-man show reciting the lyrics of all songs using Shakespearean intonation
Yep, Derek Jacobi as the Master. I still think RTD nicked that from Shalka.
one of my few Derek role models. Alongside Jacobi, Jarman, Trotter and And The Dominos.
The lost Agatha Christie novel, read by Derek Jacobi. Available to purchase on audio cassette at long last!
91% done with The Adventures of, by Arthur Conan Doyle: I could listen to Derek Jacobi's n...
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Beautiful film! Great direction! Loved Derek Jacobi as the Prince's father.
Great for getting in the mood! The Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon No Mans Land bit may be the best Pinter I've seen.
Er.dunno. That young one who's name I can't remember?! Surely not Derek Jacobi 😣
Laughing tons to Ian McKellen and Stuart Derek Jacobi in vicious - click to read full story.…
Though Derek Jacobi's narration of In the night garden is the best thing about it...
If Ian McKellen is playing Cogsworth, can we get Derek Jacobi to play Lumiere?
If you could get Derek Jacobi to do a dramatic reading of a song, what would you pick?
Who are you referring to...Derek Jacobi?
Day of the Jackal always worth a watch. Esp for Michael Lonsdale and Derek Jacobi also. For its age never feels old.
"Most actors have a degree of apprehension about going onto the stage and performing in front of people.". - Sir Derek Jacobi.
Haven't seen that yet, but I really liked movie version of the play Breaking The Code, abt Turing. Derek Jacobi played him.
Same for Derek Jacobi. Marvellous on stage as Richard II and Kean, but a bit creaky on TV. Apart from I Clavdivs, of course.
Actually Derek Jacobi should play Cogs worth and Ian McKellen should play Lumiere
Dead Again. Just found myself reciting the opening of In The Night Garden when Derek Jacobi tries to hypnotise Emma Thompson
Saw Cinderella today 💪 Congratulations ! to be in the same room as Derek Jacobi , Stellan Skarsgård and Lily James😍 Well done👌
Every time someone says the words "CAD file" in the office, I think they are talking about Derek Jacobi.
I, Claudius is worth watching for his Sejanus, as well as other Hamlet alumni like Derek Jacobi and Brian Blessed!
If Yous want a laugh be sure to check out starring and Derek Jacobi. I never stop laughing at it! Brilliant!!
This is a reminder that Bill Nighy, Derek Jacobi, Michael Sheen and Wes Bentley have all appeared in the Underworld series.
I said that once, with Derek Jacobi in the room
Quick review: Lily James lovely, Cate Blanchett delicious, wait is that Stellan Skarsgard? Derek Jacobi? Is this PBS?
A Bunch of Amateurs: Hilarious film about amdrams in an English village. Fab cast! Burt Reynolds, Imelda Staunton, Derek Jacobi, Sam Bond...
is brilliantly funny! Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi hilarious in a superbly clever comedy!
Catch up with The Black and White Club, read by Derek Jacobi on iPlayer!
I still think Derek Jacobi would've made an amazing Master. He was so perfect from what we got to see of him.
"Derek Jacobi minces on every possible level, like a camp lasagne." Grace of Monaco is now on NOW TV. Our review:
Researching for my uni assignment - 2003 film adaptation of Revengers Tragedy with Chris Ecclestone, and Derek Jacobi
Revengers Tragedy is a full on Who-fest, too, w/ Derek Jacobi, Eccleston&Marc Warren for some, my catching it for back then.
what if I meet derek jacobi just so I can ask him what he thought of hamlet
ok but not fabulous. Def not one you need to see @ movies. Cate Blanchett, Derek Jacobi & Richard Madden brilliant. Lily James 👍
Sometimes I fantasise that Derek Jacobi is inside the Iggle Piggle costume
Kenneth Branagh: I need another actor, CALL DEREK. Derek Jacobi: *crashes through window* I don't know what it is but I'm in.
Just don't give me Derek freaking Jacobi! He isn't even Welsh for freak's sake!
I watched Cinderella, and for some reason, i saw that will look like Derek Jacobi in 36 years 😂
Just a casual day in the office at hosting theatre legends Sir Derek Jacobi and Ian McDiarmid!
Derek Jacobi with his length near some drains
I was being deliberately facetious; am still in shock that Derek Jacobi supports the de Vere camp tbh
The Afasic Radio 4 Appeal with Sir Derek Jacobi raised over £4,500. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Trusting Mark Rylance or Derek Jacobi on authorship would be like trusting Martin Clunes to be your doctor.
Going to see Branagh's Cinderella tonight. Secretly hoping that it takes a cue from his Henry V and has an angry Derek Jacobi as the chorus.
For those that missed it here is the link to The Black & White Club by Alice Hemming being read on CBeebies...
Super excited to see Vicious (the Brit comedy with and Derek Jacobi. On M-Net Edge. See on Monday folks!
Lush piece from Lee Hall on how a school trip to see Derek Jacobi play made him fall in love with theatre
I would go with Ian McShane and Derek Jacobi myself
I loved Especially that Brannagh put a Roman emperor statue in Derek Jacobi (the king's) room!
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Catch up The Black and White Club on on iPlayer! Fantastic reading by Derek Jacobi
I just love Both and Derek Jacobi are just so funny together. Can't wait for the new series!
Derek Jacobi & Timothy West star in the turbulent tale of John Ruskin's marriage to Effie Gray h…
Enjoyed The Black and White club read by Derek Jacobi last night? Get your copy here!
Listen to the awesome Sir Derek Jacobi read Black & White Club on Cbeebies
We loved Derek Jacobi's reading of The Black and White Club last night on We lovedhis George voice!
Miss The Black and White Club on last night? Catch Derek Jacobi reading story here
Did you miss Derek Jacobi on last night? Listen to him read The Black and White Club on iPlayer!
Watching 1980 BBC Hamlet on starring Derek Jacobi and with a grayfro!
Derek Jacobi reads The Black and White Club for Cbeebies Bedtime stories! «
Just watched Derek Jacobi reading The Black and White Club by Alice Hemming and Kimberly Scott on CBeebies. Brilliant Cbeebies
I just found out that Derek Jacobi narrates the audio edition, so I think now my evening's sorted.
Derek Jacobi as Richard II and John Gielgud as John of Gaunt in the 1978 BBC Television production.
Check out "Two Down", written/directed by Matthew Butler, produced by Stephen Fry and Derek Jacobi…
At 18:50 tonight on hear Derek Jacobi read The Black and White Club!
Don't forget to tune into Cbeebies at Bedtime tonight: Derek Jacobi will be reading 'Black and White Club' by Hertford's own
Derek Jacobi is reading The Black and White Club on tonight! Don't Miss it!
Art Malik Anthony Andrews Derek Jacobi Tenko OMG they're doing Colin Firth's first series Lost Empire on PBS costume dram…
the pbs movie from years ago based on hodges, with Derek Jacobi, is good! Breaking the Code.
Watch Derek Jacobi play I Claudios! plays the simple fool, they make him boss and he became a leader
Review: "The Imitation Game" vs.Hugh Whitemore’s Breaking the Code with Derek Jacobi as Alan Turing, ht…
Just got home from watching I loved it! That's so awesome Sir Derek Jacobi was in it! There's always a guest actor to spot!
Breaking the Code w/Derek Jacobi - Never witnessed such pure raw commitment on stage, energy in lobby after was electric!
Yay! I totally agree. It's so fairytale and fun. Also, I was so surprised that Derek Jacobi played the king. :-)
If it is me, I'm going to be like Derek Jacobi when Claudius is unexpectedly made emperor: do a lot of holy-fool staring into space
I like Derek Jacobi’s comment on RICHARD II: “—the great dichotomy of playing Richard is that he is always his own audience.”
Cinderella: London Premiere - Derek Jacobi: . Watch the london premiere titled "Derek Jacobi" for the film Ci...
Cheap if you can do imported dvds Sir Derek Jacobi CHARLES DICKENS'S ENGLAND 2 dvd set UK import via
How does Derek Jacobi still look so good in Gladiator?
Sir Derek Jacobi at the UK premiere of
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The Sirs have arrived in Kenneth Branagh & Derek Jacobi
my mate Tom directed that - Monday's ep was the ep where he asked Derek Jacobi to perform his line with "more feeling"!
Was "In The Night Garden" written specifically for Sir Derek Jacobi or did his agent see a script and think "here's the next I Claudius"?
remember that time when Russell made do with 1-ply in series 3 after they cacked the budget on getting Derek Jacobi in?
Ian Mckellan doing a grand impression of Sid James, and Derek Jacobi just screams Mr Humphries
if I was to do any it would be to sound like an English Shakespearian actor. Think Derek Jacobi in Gladiator.
Was that Derek Jacobi as the cat scientist?
Another cool set of mysteries that's new to me: I've just seen my first Cadfael & really enjoyed it! Love Derek Jacobi and :D
The Black and White Club will be read on by Derek Jacobi next Tuesday!
New - wow. Derek Jacobi and made magic, stunned. Many great moments from
Mystery Monday! Trying new-to-me series 'Cadfael' on for size. Episode 'The Raven in the Foregate' (1997). Stars Sir Derek Jacobi.
Olivier is good so far, but Derek Jacobi (Cassio) and especially Frank Finlay (Iago) are fantastic. Finlay is quiet in his menace.
yeah it's really good. Derek Jacobi plays him and Daniel Craig plays his fella. Called love is the devil I think
You're all going for Derek Jacobi, but I'm gonna go left field and say my answer is Paxton Whitehead
Post-CINDERELLA thoughts: No more comedy goose. No more CGI landscapes. No more Derek Jacobi in wigs. More Ferretti/Blanchett/Powell movies.
Derek Jacobi - Breaking the code *Mathematics*: for those who love logic and math
I knew there couldn't be a human being out there who had a problem w/ my complimenting Derek Jacobi!
also Derek Jacobi in that movie is exactly Dame Judi Dench.
Guess it's fitting then that I'm watching "I, Claudius"! Though set after Caesar's death, it's close enough :P (& I adore Derek Jacobi)
Derek Jacobi was the grown up little boy, right? Son of the maid or something, maybe a maid who had designs on the guy?
"Have courage and be kind" . - Cinderella's mother. (Kenneth Branagh & Derek Jacobi reunited yet again -certainly a little Bard flavor to it)
Oh, yes. Derek Jacobi is talking Shakespeare on ABC.
The inner nerd was also pleased to see Derek Jacobi playing the King in a Kenneth Branagh directed film. :D
who: custom for the yana master jacobi collectors item, LINK:.
Shakespeare Uncovered just started on ABC, is about Richard II as played by Derek Jacobi, also wishaw, gielgud, mckellen etc
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