Derek Holland & Yu Darvish

Derek Lane Dutch Oven Holland (born October 9, 1986, in Newark, Ohio) is a Major League Baseball left-handed starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Yu Darvish (also spelled Yū Darvish) (full name Yu Darvishsefad; born August 16, 1986, in Habikino, Osaka) is a Japanese born starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers. 5.0/5

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Well yeah.. it's the only way Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Colby Lewis, CJ Wilson, and Matt Harrison wor…
Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, and Colby Lewis all in one staff is awesome.
The Rangers will pay Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, and Martin Perez a combined $22.9M this season. ($8.1M less than BOS will pay David Price)
[Massachusetts Blogs]Derek Holland may be on the mend, but staff ace Yu Darvish won’t be back unt…
when Yu Darvish is out for the year in spring training and Derek Holland is shut down 1 inning into his opener? Yeah.
[NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5]Of course, injuries to Yu Darvish and Derek Holland changed plans for Ma…
you're right. Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Martin Perez, Alex Gonzalez, Luke Jackson, etc. All suck.
Here's to hoping Derek Holland's Yu Darvish impression is as good as his Harry Caray impression to help the Angels clinch tomorrow
Yu Darvish . Martin Perez . Derek Holland . Matt Harrison . Alexi Ogando . Rangers opening day rotation Now all on DL hard times for Ranger fans.
Derek Holland just missed a line drive during BP and it hit Yu Darvish in the head. Thanks a lot Jon Daniels.
Get well soon, Yu Darvish (and Derek Holland, and Matt Harrison, and Colby Lewis, and Jurickson Profar, and...)
Has anyone else noticed that all the best fantasy pitchers are hurt? Clayton Kershaw, Yu Darvish, Matt Harvey, Kris Medlen, Brandon Beachy, A.J. Griffin, Derek Holland, Patrick Corbin, Jarrod Parker...The list goes on and on smh
Another gem: Yu Darvish did not have a "plus" season. Neither did Derek Holland. Can't wait for Monday.
He also says Martin Perez had a "plus" season, whatever that means, but Derek Holland and Yu Darvish didn't.
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well Rangers it was a tough season but with everthing that went wrong there are bright spots - Martin Perez is now a go to guy in the rotation - Yu Darvish is the ace we all expected him to be - Derek Holland is now an elite pitcher - Profar is up and will help next year - Rios is the best trade we made all year - one two punch of Scheppers and Nathan are as good as it gets - Nolan didn't leave AND THE BEST THING OF ALL IS THAT THE RANGERS WERE IN IT TILL THE LAST DAY EVEN WITHOUT HAMILTON, NAPOLI, CRIZ, HARRISON, LEWIS, FELIZ WE GOT YOUNGER AND WILL GET BETTER BE ON ALERT THERE ARE SEVERAL ROOKIES THAT WILL MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT NEXT YEAR LETS GO RANGERS 2014
Yu Darvish should have pitched tonight and Derek Holland should have pitched Sunday gotta have ur best pitchers in clutch games not scrubs
Yu Darvish and Derek Holland are gonna need some help next year.
Yu Darvish or Matt Garza or Derek Holland would've been a good matchup against Price. Or Colby Lewis against Price would've been fun
Texas Rangers moved Derek Holland up in rotation; Yu Darvish in line to start playoff opener
"Derek Holland, just like Yu Darvish, has great stuff, but is allowing more than a hit per inning." - Pat Tabler. Darvish: 95.1 IP, 61 H.
We'll take him here in can have Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, and Matt Harrison for him.
Four of the spots in the rotation are set -- Matt Harrison, Yu Darvish, Derek Holland and Alexi Ogando.
Getting excited about watching Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, & Derek Holland make big strides & solidify a young improving rotation
Nelson Cruz, Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, David Murphy, Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, Derek Holland, they're all popular now
Your team has Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, Geovany Soto, Adrian Beltre, and Nelson Cruz that's really good.
I mean, why would you bring in Derek Holland to replace a dealing Yu Darvish? Why? Why?
Why did Wash pull Yu Darvish for Derek Holland? And with Ogando and Koji available?
Josh Hamilton doesn't care about baseball. At least not in Texas he doesn't. How in the world do you freakin see 8 pitches in 4 at bats?!?!?! DON'T SWING AT EVERYTHING!!!. 2) Wash should have put Robbie Ross in the game for Yu Darvish instead of Derek Holland. Holland is not a reliever anymore. He doesn't have that reliever's mentality. 3) Michael young *** at corner infield positions. 4) DFW sports fans are garbage. Here I am sitting here with no freakin voice from yelling at the game, and half of the fans there were sitting there like they were at a golf tournament. (Cowboys fans or should I say "fans" are worse.. but that's a whole other topic) more coming later as I think of them
Ron Washington why the *** would you pull Yu Darvish after 91 pitches in favor of Derek Holland who cost us the Oakland game the other day. That move may have cost you your job
Derek Holland sucked out of the bullpen on Wednesday. Yu Darvish was pitching well. Makes perfect sense to make that move...
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I'd much rather have Yu Darvish face McLouth here than Derek Holland. I'd rather have Robbie Ross face McLouth than Holland for that matter.
Ron Washington said that Geovany Soto will catch Yu Darvish in Game 1, with Mike Napoli catching Derek Holland in Game 2.”
Yu Darvish to pitch for Rangers in Sunday's first game. Derek Holland to start game two.
Ranger Pitcher are a ?mark Yu Darvish neck is sore.Derek Holland can't get though 3,Matt Harrison had a rough nite.
What a Game at the Ballpark this evening. Derek Holland had a Rough Out and lasted only 3 Innings. But the Rangers middle relief kept them in the BallGame. Oswalt, Ross, and Uehara gave up only I Run between the 4th and 7th Innings after Oakland got 3 Runs off of Holland on 3 Innings. Rangers Offense came from behind. Moreland singled home the First Run. Then Hamilton hit a Solo Shot his 43rd of the Season. The Real Hero this evening was Adrian Beltre. Hit a 2 Run Homer to Tie the Game, and then with the Bases Loaded hit a Walkoff Single for the Game Winner. Both Adams and Nathan held the A's scoreless in the 8th and 9th Innings. Nathan picked up the Win. 43.000 Plus at the Ballpark Tonight. On a School Night. Rangers have come a Long Way. Rangers Won 5-4. Now 91-62 with a 5 Game Lead on Oakland. Magic Number now down to 5. The Lead over the Idle Angels goes to 7 Games. Magic Number down to 3. Yu Darvish pitches Tomorrow Night. Going for his 17th Win. Lets extend the Lead and Drop the Magic Number down to ...
...Matt Harrison is surely not our Ace. That job is between Yu Darvish and Derek Holland.
Matt Harrison, Yu Darvish and Derek Holland and maybe even Oswalt can win you games, it will be fun to watch.
Finishing strong: Derek Holland, Matt Harrison and Yu Darvish are 6-1 with a 2.30 ERA in September.
I am going to see the Rangers vs the Mariners on Sunday. Three of my favorite players are Rangers (Yu Darvish, Josh Hamilton, and Derek Holland). But it's also Kids Appreciation Day and they are having a pregame parade around the bases. This probably means the Rangers won't do any fielding practice (at least not when the fans are in the ballpark). *** Once again I will miss the chance of having Josh sign his book. And who knows where he will be next year? He has not played in the last few games. He didn't play at the last game I went to either on 9/1. *** *** *** !!
Derek Holland continues to mature: ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Derek Holland has admired Matt Harrison and Yu Darvish fo...
The way I see it right now Yu Darvish is 1 Matt Harrison 2 Derek Holland/Ryan Dempster 3 that's the way I see it. Later my Friends.
Pitching rotation as I see it Matt Harrison,Yu Darvish,Derek Holland/Ryan Dempster
Before the season began I did not want Texas to sign Roy Oswalt. I had all of the faith in the world that Colby Lewis, Derek Holland, Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison and Neftali Feliz would make for a great starting staff making Oswalt an unnecessary piece.
If the Rangers' playoff rotation has Monday's Yu Darvish and today's Derek Holland, the worry over October is...
Matt Harrison is the only guy you can depend on. Yu Darvish is just another guy at this point,so is Derek Holland and Roy Oswalt gone.
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Well my heart is broken yet again. Yu cut his hair (terrible, though I am glad the orange is finally gone). What the *** is going on with all these guys? They are turning into cookie cutter ballplayers, hair so short it looks shaved, no personality, no style? One after the other, Derek Holland, Brandon League, Yu Darvish just to name a couple of pitchers off the top of my head, but there are many more. This is the year of the clipper. UGH. Next year, guys, how about being a little unique? Bring back the personality! I want to see some curls showing under those caps, some flowing locks blowing in the breeze. Please!!!
Luis Mendoza has a lower ERA this year than Yu Darvish and Derek Holland. Clearly, we never should have gotten rid of him.
2 in a row! first Derek Holland, then Yu Darvish! How important is Ryan Dempster's start tonight!
Nothing says vomit like a Yu Darvish or Derek Holland start.
Got a Derek Holland, Ryan Dempster, Joe Nathan, and the infamous Yu Darvish signature.
If I was Washington my pitching rotation would be: 1st. Matt Harrison 2nd. Yu Darvish 3rd. Ryan Dempster 4th. Derek Holland 5th. Roy Oswalt
Right now, this is your playoff rotation: Matt Harrison, Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Roy Oswalt/Neftali Feliz.
starting to love the Texas Rangers due to Yu Darvish and Derek Holland
Add Lee into the rotation of Yu Darvish, a healthy Neftali Feliz and Derek Holland when they get off the DL, Matt Harrison and Roy Oswalt.
I meant there starting rotation. I don't think Derek Holland is that good. Inconsistent. Yu Darvish is good, Roy O is okay.
If Ron Washington gets fired, coach Taylor gets the job, and Derek Holland/Yu Darvish get paralyzed, would Matt Harrison get promoted to SP1
Ron Washington tells reporters that will skip Yu Darvish. Martin Perez, Derek Holland and Roy Oswalt to start against Twins.
Derek Holland signing my ticket. Just missed Yu Darvish
lol no, he sees Yu Darvish, Roy Oswalt, Derek Holland, Brandon McCarthy, King Felix, Verlander, Jimenez, Valverde, CC
weird. Yu Darvish and Matt Harrison are both 7-3 while Derek Holland and Colby Lewis are both 4-4. Harrison is overachieving. weird...
Yu Darvish followed Derek Holland up the tunnel after Derek left the game last night. To me that was impressive to see.
Yu Darvish on stomach ailment: "Maybe I caught it from Napoli." Derek Holland also a possibility. Lockers next to each other.
Top Move keeps Yu Darvish on schedule - ESPN
Derek Holland's next start is being pushed back to next Saturday. Its only to keep Yu Darvish on his regular rest.
Yu Darvish and Derek Holland they have the pitching but they gotta stay healthy ill give Kemp that. He's always healthy
Derek Holland on Yu Darvish: 'I'm not surprised; he's a legit, awesome pitcher':
The Texas Rangers are baseball's All Flow team. Derek Holland and Yu Darvish leading the team with some great salad on the mound.
A few weeks ago a couple of friends and myself agreed we were a little worried about Yu Darvish and Joe Nathan...Right now they are the best pitchers we have, not worried anymore..but what the heck is going on with Matt Harrison, Derek Holland and Neftali Feliz..they are getting bombed! Switch the "worry stones" to the other pocket and hope for the best.
Rangers P Derek Holland claims Yu Darvish throws 85-88 mph with his left hand… and he's right-handed
According to Buster Olney by way of Derek Holland, Yu Darvish can throw 85 left handed. He's a righty.
I know Colby had tremendous support the other day, but Yu Darvish starts are the run support starts of Derek Holland in 2011.
The Rangers lefties are now split. After LHP Derek Holland on Wednesday in Boston, RHP Yu Darvish starts the first ...
Colby Lewis announced as opening day starter followed by Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, Yu Darvish, Neftali Feliz.
Colby Lewis, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, Yu Darvish, Neftalí Féliz, rotation in that order, announced today by Ron Washington
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