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Derek Fisher

Derek Lamar Fisher (born August 9, 1974) is an American professional basketball point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Derek Fisher was arrested on suspicion of DUI after crashing his car on the freeway, per
Derek Fisher was arrested for a DUI after flipping his car while driving with his girlfriend Gloria Govan:
Update on Derek Fisher: His rep confirms to that he and girlfriend Gloria Govan, are now home and safe.
Statement reads: "On behalf of Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan, they would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and p…
When Tiger Woods heard about Derek Fisher being arrested on suspicion of DUI.
JUST IN: Ex-New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher has been arrested for DUI after car crash htt…
Alex Bregman through 49 games in 2016 (AA): .314, 13 HR. Derek Fisher through 49 games in 2017 (AAA): .340, 13 HR
I feel like I'm capable of doing so many things to help people around the country and the world. Derek Fisher…
Dennis Rodman checking on an injured Derek Fisher.
he wasn't even drunk lol he's just transforming into sad Derek Fisher
And Reggie Jackson and ibaka and Adams and andre Roberson and derek fisher and seflosha a really good squad
Derek Fisher being the key for lakers. No Derek. No wins. Derek even defeated them with OKC (4-1)
Fisher reaches five times in Grizzlies' rout via
Juan Centeno with a single up the middle! He extends his hit streak to 18 games, a new club-high surpassing Derek Fish…
So I guess derek fisher is, Just as Good as Kobe,get out my mentions
I've never been the biggest Derek Fisher guy, but what he's doing this season is impressive.
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Derek Fisher is on a roll at Fresno; Chris Shaw belts his first 💣 at Triple-A.
Cedar Crest grad Derek Fisher with 3 hits, including a home run, and 2 walks in Fresno's romp Monday. Hitting .374…
Fisher reaches five times in Grizzlies' rout
LBJ winning titles with sharp shooters like battier, miller, allen, eddie House. Kobe got Sasha Vujecic 😭. And derek fisher as starting point
A strong April gave way to a scorching May for fourth-ranked prospect Derek Fisher of the
god do you talk to me too much that you talked about Derek Fisher as a Suns coach.
the Astros have a prospect named Derek Fisher and it never stops being weird
Derek Fisher is batting .362 his last 30 games, with 11 HR, 11 doubles, 23 RBI and 7 stolen bases.
Completely false kobe had Pau and Derek fisher
Derek Fisher (with a 3 run HR for his 12th HR of the season!
Derek Fisher (went 3-for-3 with 2 R, HR, 3 RBI, 2 BB in win for
Derek Fisher!!! Three-run home run deep to center makes the score 10-2 Grizzlies. His team-leading 12th homer.
"It's about being a leader in the classroom and on the court. It's about being mentally tough in life on and off the cou…
Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, Danny Ainge, Kenny Smith, Robert Horry again, this is
...also Tim Hardaway, Robert Pack, Sam Cassell, and Derek Fisher. Jerry Stackhouse and maybe Raja Bell some day if you expand out to SG
When Robert Harry and Derek Fisher was making "big shots" KOBE was giving them *** the rock
Must forgot Robert Horry and Derek Fisher has saved Kobe plenty of times he did have another scorer Shaq as a matte…
If he belongs in the HOF then so does Robert Horry and Derek Fisher.
What about when Steve Kerr hit clutch shots for Mike or Derek Fisher and Robert Horry
The guy that needed Robert Horry and Derek Fisher to bail him out when he wasn't being carried by Shaq? We're still di…
I agree with you but Derek Fisher and Robert Horry weren’t bad. Not big 3 good though
Tyler Carpenter, Derek Fisher, Chase Junghans and Brandon Sheppard win heats at Richmond. Consent Winners are Jason Jameso…
Stephen A missing the fact that Derek Fisher and Robert Horry saved Kobe numerous times.
Inspired by Kyle Taylor Steele. Favorite player in each sport of all time!. NFL- Deion Sanders. NBA - Derek Fisher...
13 years ago today, Derek Fisher hit one of the most clutch shots in Lakers history
yo Ross what another fat *** gotta do for a shot I'm just trynna be Derek Fisher on the squad
Andrew Aplin scored on a RBI ground out by Derek Fisher! The Grizzlies are trailing 2-1 after five.
Derek Fisher didn't have a problem with the night life here. Maybe he can…
Matt Barnes accuses SLC of having "no night life." . Derek Fisher accuses SLC of having "no ex-wife.". .
[Derek Fisher, Brian McCann, and Evan Gattis walk somberly into a police lineup]. Witness: *** is this - they're all the s…
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Love this Hunt- def my and Matt Barnes' favorite Derek Fisher in sports
Whole year failed experiment. Management is to blame. Mike Woodson and Derek Fisher deserved a better opportunity.
Among who attended the ceremony were former Lakers like Kobe Braynt, AC Green, Derek Fisher, head coach Phil Jackson and many more.
Shaq ceremony will be quite a reunion for Phil: ex girlfriend (Jeanie Buss), guy he fired (Derek Fisher) and guy he feuded…
Among the loudest ovations when Stu Lantz listed off attendees: Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Rick Fox and Snoop.
He's only 60 games behind Derek Fisher for most all-time, 14 behind Tony Parker for active leader. That records gonna be his.
smush Parker is a role player homie just like Derek Fisher what's wrong with u
Derek Fisher? The guy who got benched for Smush Parker?
You like Fisher right Halp? Would you do Whalen and Michael Santos for Derek Fisher in a dynasty league of course
Next Monday Brent Barry, Grant Hill and Derek Fisher will be calling Lakers/Nuggets game on TNT
How about Grant Hill, Brent Barry, and Derek Fisher broadcasting tonight??
It's a TNT coverage, so no Martin, Ready or Curry tonight... Brent Barry, Grant Hill and Derek Fisher.
Next time Derek Fisher does a broadcast I'd like Matt Barnes to be his partner instead of Grant Hill.
I could get used to Brent Barry, Derek Fisher, and Grant Hill doing games. This ain’t bad at all. Much more at ease and natural.
This combination of Lisa Leslie, Grant Hill, Brent Barry, and Derek Fisher is on point. Kudos,
Derek Fisher, Lisa Leslie, Grant Hill and Brent Barry on call for -
I can say got all 3 graphs of Brent Barry, Derek Fisher, and Grant Hill
Looks like Brent Barry, Grant Hill and Derek Fisher are working Rockets/Pacers for TNT
Oh no are the Rockets gonna get Derek Fisher
.. might as well just pick Derek Fisher as a rocket as well
He really looks like Derek Fisher if Matt Barnes smacked him
no that makes him a role player , like Derek Fisher , like Steve Kerr, like Mario Chalmers
Oh My Days! Derek Fisher! Is so unbelievable it's too good! Best tune right now everywhere I go! Absolute fire! So much Love🔥🔥
I remember those Antwone Fisher trailers. they made it a point to promote Derek Luke. I *** near forget thats Denzel's movie at times
WATCH: says it's time for the Knicks to go back to the drawing board
15 years ago after Antwone Fisher, u woulda thought Derek Luke would be where Viola Davis is at right now
I added a video to a playlist Marc Mavrick Ft. Corey Finesse - Derek Fisher
Wow, can't believe Derek Fisher got his championship rings stolen
Derek Fisher definitely needs to get that retired
can Derek Fisher help us is the real question
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and he fired Mike Woodson and hired Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher on the call for tonight. Time to bring in Matt Barnes?
Derek Fisher is up to bat in his debut. RBI DOUBLE DOWN THE RIGHT FIELD LINE! Sends Jon Singleton HOME, still…
Moonlight winning Best Picture over La La Land like that was kinda like Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot.
This reminds me of my celebration of a Spurs victory only to return to find Derek Fisher won it for the Lakers.
just had their Derek Fisher moment.
Let me win an oscar, I'm running off the stage like Derek Fisher after a buzzer beater
La La Land should've pulled a Derek Fisher and ran straight to the locker room. Don't let them check the replay.
Moonlight getting outta there like when Derek Fisher beat the Spurs
gotta run outta there like Derek Fisher did against the Spurs
run to the locker room like Derek Fisher
Other than the obvious choices? lol. Let's go with celebs only. Sid Vicious, Al Green, Derek Fisher, Corliss Willi…
Derek Fisher might have lost all his Lakers championship rings in home burglary
Would you rather have J. Kidd, Jason Terry and Caron Butler or Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol & Derek Fisher? Tough
Matt Barnes fined $35000 by NBA for comments about Derek Fisher
by that logic Derek Fisher was Smoosh Parker without hair, or Pau Gasol was Greg Ostertag with spanish rice.
via Trending stories: LeBron is angry, Derek Fisher, Nicolas Batum and more
It looks like Derek Fisher found the five championship rings that were stolen from his house this morning.
We're about to have:. Chris Brown vs. Soulja. Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes. LeBron vs. Charles Barkley. 2K17 Fight Card 😂
Derek Fisher's 5 NBA Championship rings were stolen from his house on Monday
Derek Fisher's home was burglarized & his 5 NBA rings were stolen (TMZ)
Guys like BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant, Steve Kerr, Derek Fisher those kind of not so big name players?
ICYMI: Francis Martes and Derek Fisher are among prospects headed to big league camp in Spring Training.
Are some fans you've talked to up in arms about "losing out" on the young guy? He could be Derek Fisher for all we know.
Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher help Kobe win the Title.
Sounds like Jeff Hornacek has that same look that plagued Kurt Rambis, Derek Fisher, Mike Woodson, Mike D'Antoni, Isiah, LB and Don Chaney.
I appreciate 30 Hours because I'll never forget that Matt Barnes drove 90 miles to whoop Derek Fisher's ***
Derek Fisher needs to see whats good with Jeanie Buss..I bet he plotting already
I think I can bring a lot to the triangle offense. Derek Fisher wasn't ...
Stop it with the beard Kobe. You look like a HS Basketball coach / Pastor / Derek Fisher's younger brother. 😂😂😂
LA had Kobe, Pau, & Lamar Odom. W/ spot help from Jordan Farmar, Derek Fisher, Sasha Vujacic, & Shannon Brown. Idk how they won back to back
Teoscar Hernandez, Nori Aoki, Derek Fisher, Preston Tucker, Jake Marisnick, and throw in David Paulino to Mao them…
What move to means for McCann, Reddick, Keuchel, Derek Fisher, outfield & more.
Corey Brewer made Derek Fisher become a coach.
Phil Jackson own "posse", Rambis, Brian Shaw, Derek Fisher, all failures as a coach, why? bec Phil is forcing the triangle!
Jason Kidd is just a glorified Derek Fisher when it comes to being an NBA coach.
11/3/2004 - Warriors players have voted Jason Richardson, Derek Fisher, and Cliff Robinson as team captains for the seas…
Matt Barnes gets cold-as-ice Instagram revenge on Derek Fisher...
Matt Barnes born in Monkey year, feuding with Derek Fisher born in Tiger year (enemy signs)
The "Derek Fisher" chants while Matt Barnes was at the free throw line was priceless.
But why are fans chanting "Derek Fisher" while Matt Barnes shoots a foul
They were saying Derek Fisher when Matt Barnes was shooting his free throws 😂😂
They screaming Derek Fisher at Matt Barnes lmfaooo petty
Derek Fisher costume comes with attachable Matt Barnes replica that chases after you.
Jeremy Lin banishing Derek Fisher to the shadow realm with a spin move
Jeff Hornacek spent more time today chatting informally with reporters than Derek Fisher did in his entire tenure as Knick…
Matt Barnes tells all about the day he jumped in his car to fight Derek Fisher. And, no, it wasn't a 90-mile drive http…
the part in this article about him fighting Derek Fisher is WILD.
Who remembers this CLUTCH layup from Derek Fisher? ❄️
So you'd rather be Derek Fisher over John Stockton?
I propose an expansion team for these "comeback" guys: Baron Davis, Ray Allen, Derek Fisher, Stephen Jackson, et al
Derek Fisher posted this last night on IG, keep in mind he's 41, possible NBA comeback
Derek Fisher is real life preparing for the NBA 😂
OK, now I really want to see 41-year-old Derek Fisher try to guard Russell Westbrook.
Derek Fisher is making an attempt to come back & play in the NBA. Let's hope this happens just so he has to play Matt…
When Matt Barnes heard Derek Fisher is considering an NBA comeback
should resign Derek Fisher so he could play withsnitch D'Angelo and Swaggy P. That trio would be episode!
Derek Fisher at 41 may try to make a comeback to the NBA (ESPN)
Derek Fisher posted this video on his Instagram page last night, with the hashtag:
Derek Fisher wants to be basketball's version of Julio Franco
41 year old Derek Fisher is thinking about returning to the NBA, as a player.
you all so need to add 2009 laker with Kobe Bryant Paul gasol rob Metra world peace and Derek Fisher and Andrew Bynum please
I remember playing 2K10 and always taking Derek Fisher out to put in Shannon Brown just so I can baptize *** 😂😂😂
“Derek Fisher has a higher rating in 2K than Terrence Jones. Let that sink in.
Derek Fisher, Tom Thibodeau, Karl-Anthony-Towns & Andrew Wiggins are all in the Cox Pavilion to watch the T'Wolves-Raptors.
Michael Jacksons favorite basketball player is Derek Fisher
Pau Gasol is also a hall of famer, Lamar Odom was sixth man of the year for a couple of years, Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum, squad.
2/2 Baron Davis, Adonal Foyle, Stephen Jackson , Jamison, Mike Dunleavy, Derek Fisher and all those guys Curry when he was drafted
Derek Fisher was clutch in a key playoff game against the Spurs
Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Derek Fisher, Kenny Smith etc. all won games
Knicks trying to eradicate MSG from the ghosts of Derek Fisher, Isiah Thomas, Steve Francis, draft picks, Eddy Curry, and Phil Jackson.
no more than Kermit Washington, Kurt Rambis, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest...etc
I've been wit the Warriors since 2005 when Derek Fisher, Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson and Michael Pietrus was on tht team
Baron Davis and Ellis. Derek Fisher played for them too at some point. Jason Richardson too.
any correlation between failed tenure of Derek Fisher and Willie Randolph ? Future article perhaps ?
Robert Horry isn't a HOF. He's been out of the league for 5+ years and hasn't been voted in. *** and *** no @ Derek Fisher
Vasectomy clinics should just hire Derek Fisher and Antonio Cromartie as spoke persons; business would surge!
Y'all think 109K a month is bad for Derek Fisher? Y'all must not know who Antonio Cromartie is 😂
When Matt Barnes heard that Derek Fisher has to pay $109K a month in child support for his divorce...
Derek Fisher wanted out of his marriage so bad he agreed to pay 1.3 million a year to move on with his life while in between jobs.
"Kobe did it all by himself" Shaq, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher have something to say about that.
Derek Fisher hits a game-winner against the Spurs with 0.4 seconds left on the clock.
Phil Jackson reportedly will allow Jeff Hornacek to tweak the triangle, an allowance he didn't give to Derek Fisher: https:/…
Matt Barnes: "I would beat Derek Fisher and Colin Kaepernick in a fight.":
Derek Fisher is 2-for-2 with a double, triple and an RBI. LHP Brian Holmes has struck out 6 thru 4 shutout IP. lead SA 3-0 T5
"Remember when Derek Fisher hit that game winner with 0.4"
12 years ago today, Derek Fisher stunned the Spurs with his infamous "0.4 game-winner"
Derek Fisher on this day made a game winning shot against the Spurs after Tim Duncan made a fadeaway.
Alex Bregman narrowly misses his 3rd homer in as many nights. Derek Fisher follows with his 2nd HR in last 3 at-bats. up 3-0 T4
George Karl...every nba player hates him lls...Then you get D'antoni, Mike Woodson, and Derek Fisher? lmao.
Derek Fisher when he was in Utah. Didn't derail him, Had an impact though
This can only end badly MT Derek Fisher took Matt Barnes' ex-wife & kids to see new Angry Birds movie https:/…
Yo Matt Barnes should be able to legally kill Derek Fisher for that Instagram. Those kids are legit Barnes mini me's https…
Matt Barnes gotta shoot Derek Fisher bro. Only solution at this point
Derek Fisher trolling Matt Barnes trying to up his stick game statis!
Pray for Derek Fisher ain't nothing wrong yet but when Matt Barnes see this picture it will
The Grizzlies should hire Derek Fisher as their coach and resign Matt Barnes so they can improve relations in their org.
Vogel, Mark Jackson or Van Gundy. It won't be George Karl. 😂 Sho won't be Derek Fisher!
Watching NBAtv and I keep waiting for Matt Barnes to come take a swipe at Derek Fisher.
That means on the other side Clinton has D'Angelo Russell, Delonte West, Derek Fisher as her guards though.
J.B. Bickerstaff, Brian Shaw, Jarron Collins (according to next one is Derek Fisher?
I still hold a grudge against Dwight Clark, Derek Fisher, Scott Podsednik and the 1975 Arkansas Razorbacks.
right about LeBron being MVP every year? Yes. Right about Derek Fisher being a key part? Yes.
Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher...that's not all by himself
you called Derek Fisher a superstar and you saying Kyrie, Bosh, and K-Love isn't one? 😂😂😂😂 FOG
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“Derek Fisher was not a Superstar 😂😂😂 Derek Fisher was like Patrick Beverly or Mario Chalmers
Do you think it would be a good idea to hire Derek Fisher as an assistant coach. He could also be a mentor to D. Russell?
nah b we had to deal with Derek fisher then rambis
Life for me outweighs the game of basketball.
ICYMI: My farewell to my friend on via
There'll be a day when the pitcher Matt Barnes pitches to the batter Derek Fisher and I cannot wait for that AB
he was a good roll player. Yes he won 7 rings but he was never a star on those teams. If that's the case then Derek fisher is too
president, coach, and the player like Derek fisher
Two of the three guys Phil Jackson wanted to hire - Steve Kerr & Luke Walton - turned him down. The other - Derek Fisher -…
Spoke with a "die-hard" fan on the subway today and he said the first thing should do this offseason is fire…
I'm the president , the coach , and the player like Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher's game-winner with 0.4 seconds left is No. 9 in Best Playoff Vines. (Vine by
So we can finally move past the "Brad Stevens is a better coach than Derek Fisher" sophism, right?
Derek Fisher : I'm interested in the lakers coaching job . The Lakers :
Coach Kobe with assistant coaches Derek Fisher, Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, and Pau.
Someone will argue with me "our coaching staff will fix him"...he plays for Steve Kerr, not Ty Corbin or Derek Fisher
Gary Payton, Horace Grant, Brian Shaw, Derek Fisher, DJ Mbenga, Shaq. Just a few of the former Lakers out and about tonigh…
Brian Cooke, Ronny Turiaf, and Derek Fisher...20 years man, amazing career
Matt Barnes about to crash the Lakers game to the Stone Cold Steve Austin music just for Derek Fisher.
Derek Fisher was really pushing Kobe around. Maybe Matt Barnes was right??
Yo! Derek Fisher would beat Tony Parker in a 1 on 1 B Ball Game.
Derek Fisher really the perfect example of a player who was made by the system he played in. Tony Parker right behind him.
The '96 Bulls should dress a Derek Fisher impersonator in GSW gear and sit him across from Memphis's bench to fire Matt Ba…
Robert Horry is the greatest player since Bill Russell idk why this joker keeps talking about Derek Fisher
It’s the same guy who hired Derek Fisher and wanted Brian Shaw as coach-in-waiting.
Three home runs help power the Hooks past the Drillers 6-0. Evan Gattis, Derek Fisher & Chase McDonald all homered.
Is it just me or did that anchor just say Matt Barnes played like Derek Fisher was on the other team li…
Really cool of Kristaps Porzingis to let Derek Fisher borrow his draft-day suit jacket.
why is Derek Fisher dressed like a valet? you gonna steal my girl and my car?
Hey at some point tonite on the air will you ask Derek Fisher his opinion about Deangelo Russell being a former Laker?
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Isiah Thomas and Derek Fisher talking Knicks basketball is the same as getting Matt Millen and Jim Schwartz together talking Lions football
Matt Barnes posts Instagram throwing shade at Derek Fisher in response to Lakers debacle - NBC Sports
I'm the one that wanted Phil Jackson to go after Jay Wright for the Knicks job over Derek Fisher. ...I guess not to be...
Brent Barry and Derek Fisher on the same studio set! And Shaq! AND a special appearance by Nick Young?! That's why they call it TNT, folks
Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to see wassup with Derek Fisher lol
You know, I have a responsibility to my team that if I'm going to be on the...
So Matt Barnes born 1980 married Gloria Govan born 1986 a and she cheated on him with Derek Fisher a
Really hoping that there's a surprise match between Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes
Got that Matt Barnes going to see bout Derek Fisher cut
Honestly, Derek Fisher is probably the best example of this. Screw over the NBAPA = nothing. Dirty macking = get out.
I could see a Derek Fisher-like hatred developing within me towards Clarkson.
I'd rather see Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher main event WrestleMania. Anything goes.
Kurt Rambis just did the Derek Fisher - running to midcourt - I mean the Knicks logo - to call a timeout.
Five Takeaways from NBA Monday: Derek Fisher is out, but is real change coming to Knicks?
- Al is the Derek Fisher of life coaches.
I been watching Kobe Bryant play mostly every game since the Derek Fisher 0.4 Shot. Thats the latest i remember watching him.Been a blessing
gotta be talking bout Derek Fisher lol
Derek Fisher retired and I'm just fine
I remember the Derek Fisher 0.4 buzzer beater against the Spurs
can't even compare Kobe && Derek Fisher. Give me Fisher any day!
If you fire a head coach mid season (example Derek Fisher) you take a guy on staff and he gets promoted. No interviews.
Derek Fisher is in shambles right now 😭😭😭
Did Mark Jackson really take a shot at Derek Fisher?!! Wow!!!
Every night, regardless of the score, it’s about finding ways to get better – Derek Fisher
Derek Luke as antwone Fisher was the one that got away
Derek fisher was supposed to be your Brad Stevens :(
Matt Barnes still on go with Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher is a guy I will be keeping an eye on.
Matt Barnes really drove 90 miles to whoop Derek Fisher bruh Lmaooo
Matt Barnes is foolish for that Derek Fisher pic 😂😂😂
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Coming up next: 'Three From One' on the Derek Fisher Show. Today with music by Toto. Enjoy!. RADIO CITY FM – Rhine & Ruhr, life pure!
"Don't leave ya girl around me. True playa for real."-Derek Fisher
I'm Derek fisher with my flow. Hit one three pointer the whole game, still got ya ***
I have how much blame AV is getting. He's not Derek Fisher or Kurt Rambis
Who has been the worst teammate of these 3? Derek Fisher, Tony Parker or D'Angelo Russell? 3 levels of bogus to me it's…
WRONG!!! . Derek Fisher is the best looking man in all of humanity!! 😍😍😍
features D'Angelo Russell, Derek Fisher, and guy code.
Rj Conley, Derek Fisher, James Williamson some of the late models already here at 201
Derek Fisher, Gloria Govan & Barnes. Melo, Lala & Maino. . Sad the Knicks Love triangles rumors are better than the Knicks…
Carmelo better keep lala away from Derek fisher
Somebody tell Melo he better watch Derek Fisher around LALA
What are the chances of Matt Barnes pulling a Jason Kidd on Derek Fisher?
Remember when we traded Bud Norris for LJ *** Josh Hader, and Derek Fisher? Ah, good times!
Brian Shaw makes a lot of sense as Derek Fisher's successor, but Tom Thibodeau would be the better choice.
Robert Horry and Derek Fisher saved Kobes *** multiple times too smh
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Mike Brown, Derek Fisher, Mark Jackson wants to coach that team.
Whatd i miss? Derek Fisher was at the Arkansas-Little Rock game today. He couldn't have been involved... OR WAS HE?
Derek Fisher out here scouting young talent
In his first outing of spring Luke Gregerson struck out Alex Bregman, the 2nd pick in the 2015 draft & Derek Fisher. Gattis up now.
First career triple-double for Matt Barnes tonight in a win over the Pelicans! Derek Fisher has zero triple-doubles.
Least favorite basketball players in the entire world:. 1. Derek Fisher. 2. Jason Terry. 3. J.J. Frazier
Derek Fisher sounds like Chris Farley "remember when I I got my *** kicked"
Derek Fisher speaks to set the record straight on that Matt Barnes thing via
I'm also loving the knicks and the Derek Fisher gossip... he and Tim Hardaway Jr. fell out over a woman, same happened w/ M Barnes
Who starts for the Jazz at point, Shelvin Mack or a returning Derek Fisher?
I enjoyed the Chris Bosh letter more than the Derek Fisher letter.
Derek Fisher wrote on his sexual escapades with basketball wives like Karrine Steffans nh nh
well if Chris doesn't work out Derek Fisher is available.
A fan yelled "Hey Barnes, how's Derek Fisher?" Matt turned around during possesion and said "He got his *** whooped, th…
We must also remember that BJ Armstrong, John Paxson, and Derek Fisher were not penetrators.
they keep hiring coaches like Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, Scott skiles just keep repeating the same mistakes.
Derek Fisher. Derek Fisher, former NBA basketball player and coach of the ...
it's really funny, Derek Fisher philanders his way right out of a job, and probably right out of any future job in the NBA..>
Trav...I wish it was hard for players to hate other people when they're sharing things!...Like wives. signed,. Derek Fisher
Wonder if Derek Fisher is pleading AR-Little Rock's case to make field of 68
Derek fisher got more rings then Wade, he better?
Derek Fisher rebounded quick. Just fired the other day from the Knicks. Good for him. .
and Derek Fisher will be a better head coach then Steve Kerr
I can't believe I'm seeing Brad Stevens compared to trash coaches like Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis
Derek Fisher is walking around in your bathrobe raiding your fridge right now.
David Blatt, Derek Fisher... Can Fred Hoiberg be the next one please ?🙄 🙏🏻
“Derek Fisher is divorcing his wife of 10 years. . smh this man is that salty
This is why we need a Derek Fisher figure in the locker room. smh. Goodnight
Idk what to do with life anymore. Okc *** *** can we get Derek fisher back?
randy foye getting some late game minutes makes me think of Derek Fisher and now I'm nauseous
Derek Fisher musta been at the game smh
Kobe has never won without Derek fisher lmao
The dude at the rec that looks like Derek fisher swears every game is game 7
Does Bellinelli not know Matt Barnes drove 2 hours to fight derek fisher or what?
Hey Matt Barnes. I hope Derek Fisher is spending time with your ex wife.
If derek Fisher could keep it in his pants, id say the bulls should give him a shot.
Getting rid of Derek Fisher was never gonna solve the problem. It all starts and end with one guy: Carmelo Anthony.
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