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Derek Elston

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I have a matching shirt with Derek Elston.
Derek Elston just flashed 8 tattoos at that guy and he fled real quick from the IU bench .
Congratulations to IU alumni Jordan Hulls and Aubrey Wathen on their special day! (And happy birthday, Derek Elston!) ht…
I served Cody Zeller, Jordy Hulls and Derek Elston today and it was quite possibly the greatest day of my life.
Derek Carr cleared for minicamp, Alex Boone at 49ers OTAs and more NFL News
Get ready for another edition of THE PICKET FENCE PODCAST. Coming up shortly, our talk with Derek Elston!
Will Sheehey and Derek Elston are my best friends
Crean talking Derek Elston being back in Bloomington this week. "I know you can't recognize him with that Flock of Seagulls haircut."
Will Sheehey, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston literally walked into Village Deli and sat down next to me and Keri. IM FREAKING OUT
Landon Turner, Matt Roth, Will Sheehey, Derek Elston, Daniel Moore, Tom Pritchard among the former at today's game.
Well, I would consider Derek Elston and Will Sheehey for whitest tattoos, but not whitest knees.
Derek Elston has 9 points, Jordan Hulls has 6 points, Devan Dumas has 3 pointd and Daniel Moore has 2 points.
Derek Elston tore his meniscus and was only out like two months. C'mon D.Rose.
Derek York strip and fried taters in the fridge!! Just in case your hungry!!
Jeremy Hollowell is my new Derek Elston and Tom Pritchard
Today November 19th I am thankful for my daughters Ashley Elston Danielle Elston and my son Derek Elston!! Don't know where I would be without them!! They are my life!! They are the only thing that kept me out of trouble!! I knew I had responsibilities and I had to own up to them!! Thankful that god put them in my life!! He saved mine!! Not to mention I love them with all my heart and soul!! They showed me what true love is!!
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The You Shop We Ship basketball player of the month for October is Derek Elston. For the Floriana Royce player, this was his first success in the monthly award contests for top players in the national competitions, having made his debut this autumn and leaving a very good impression after his...
"We're going to be the team people talk about for a long time, the ones that brought Indiana back." - Derek Elston
I would like to invite everyone to help support my B-TV students by attending our annual chili supper and auction this Saturday, Tickets are $5.00 for all you can eat chili, sides, and soft drinks, We start serving at 5:00 in the Batchelor Middle School cafeteria. The auction will begin around 6:15. We have theme baskets, tickets to shows, services, crafts, and autographed sports memorabilia including a Team USA Olympic basketball jersey signed by Larry Bird (Steiner Sports Certificate of Authenticity); a Bob Knight autographed basketball; a basketball signed by Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, Jordy Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston; a Cal Ripken Jr. autograph; and a Rudy autograph - plus much more! Also, we have donation jars out to have my hair dyed a ridiculous color (last year it was neon green). If we get a total of $2000 in the jars by the time the auction starts - my hair will be dyed and I will have to keep it that way for two weeks. This event is always a lot of fun and will go to buy neede ...
Throw in the marker Jordan Hulls used to draw on Derek Elston's tattoos before every game?
The most amazing tour of IU's Cook Hall today! Got to meet Derek Elston, Peter Jurkin, Yogi Ferrell and got to say hello again to Noah Vonleh! Thanks IU coaching staff for making me feel so welcome and so special!
Congrats to Indiana's awesome basketball players. Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, Christian Watford, Maurice Creek and Victor Oladipo all graduated (three bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees)!
this thing in Indy where IU senior bball players are. Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston. 🏀
I'm just a little turned up that Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford will be in Marion at my old HS tomorrow night.
A Will Sheehey and Derek Elston sighting while canning with night made.
any truth to the rumor of Will Sheehey leaving for USC? A friend of mine said that Derek Elston told him it was happening
We lost Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston, Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, and now Remy Abell. Time for the youngsters to step up.
Well farewell to Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Victor Oladipo. Thank you for staying faithful and for all your hard work
Peter Jurkin, Raphael Smith, Maurice Creek, Hanner MP, Derek Elston most of the time..
Jordan Halls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston, and have taken from "who who who Hoosiers?" to "HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!"
players such as our senior leaders Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston, is a source of great pride for the university.
. seniors Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls & Derek Elston featured on at 8pm ET following NU/MSU on
to show appreciation for seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston. We will never forget what you did to rebuild
Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston - the only 3 in NCAA history to play on two 20-loss teams and two 20-win teams.
Jordan Hulls, Victor Oladipo, Derek Elston and Christian Watford have been through *** at IU. They absolutely deserved that win.
On Senior Night in Bloomington, Ind., the Indiana Hoosiers would have a little gathering. Seventeen thousand of their closest friends were invited. The agenda was simple. First, the Hoosiers would go out and do what they usually do in Assembly Hall: They would win, and easily so, and in the process would become the first IU team to win the outright Big Ten title since 1993. Then, in the hazy postgame afterglow, Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston would walk onto the floor with their parents and hug their coaches and give their heartfelt senior farewell toasts, and very few eyes in the building would stay dry. For sheer symbolic weight, the Hoosiers couldn't have planned the night better if they tried. Which is right about when Ohio State barged in the door, shattered the speaker system, flipped over the beer pong table and, before anyone knew what was happening strutted out the front door, smiling all the way.
Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford addressed the crowd at Assembly Hall on Senior Night, and we have a complete transcript of their comments.
Well we didnt get it done i hand it to ohio st. they did what they had to do.but i guess i wouldnt have it any other way to outright win the Big 10 we have to get it done at michigan it makes for a wild finish.:-) I love Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, and Christian Watford.they have done a lot for this program and I am proud to have them join the great family of Indiana University! :-)
Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston and Christian Watford all I have to say is.. THANKS YOU!!! Thank you for bringing IU Basketball back! Thank you for beating Kentucky!! Thank you for EMBARRASSING Purdue the last 2 seasons! LOL! Thank you for not letting us fans down!! And Thank you for proving the world that IU is the best team in college basketball!
Four years ago I watched IU beat Pitt @ MSG, but then had to watch them lose 20+ games the rest of that season! For the freshman that year, Derek Elston, Jordy Hulls, and Christian Watford to think you would finish as B10 champions 3 yrs later is unthinkable! You laid the foundation for the resurgence of our program! Awful loss tonight but hopefully a lot more bball to play in the next 5 weeks!
Happy Senior Night to Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston. Hope it was a great one!
Hey, I had mania classes with Derek Elston. He is playing down his intelligent. Kid volunteered ALL the time.
Derek elston got his masters degree in 4 years ! Dangg
Ain't even mad about the loss. Watching Derek Elston get emotional makes up for it 😘😢
"When I first got to college, I never thought I would graduate." - Derek Elston on Senior Night.
Derek Elston is a lot more eloquent than anticipated.
Derek Elston is a class act.. Always has been!
"my upper body is you know. pretty big" - Derek Elston
Now that I have vented. A Huge THANK YOU to our Seniors Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford. Who chose IU when IU wasnt cool. You brought us back to the mountain top. Now lets go beat Michigan, Win the Big Ten tourney. And hang another Championship Banner in Assembly Hall.
"My upper body, is pretty, is pretty big." - Derek Elston
Thank you Derek Elston. Thank you Jordan Hulls. Thank you Christian Watford. Some of the best players to ever go through this program. You will truly be missed. IU pride.
"My upper body is... well... pretty big." - Derek Elston on Senior Night.
Derek Elston is a fun guy to listen to.
Derek Elston thanks on Class act, the both of them.
Brb falling in love with Derek Elston
Derek Elston thanking Tom Crean for being a father figure/replacement for him. The two hug. Special moment.
Indiana's Derek Elston is getting to me with his words...sounds like an absolutely great young man.
Derek Elston is making me cry. Getting more sentimental than a man with tattoos can usually do
Always saw Derek Elston around town in Bloomington. Always seemed like a great kid.
Derek Elston is a genuine dude and one of the nicest guys I know...glad I can call him a friend
It is amazing how a Senior Night can change everything you've thought about a player. Derek Elston is a well-thought out, intelligent guy.
Derek Elston could talk for days. That's why I like him!
What Derek Elston said about Tom Crean >>> wow...what a man!
Derek Elston's speech is making me cry right now
I am so surprised by how well spoken Derek Elston is.
Derek Elston is my boyfriend. He just doesn't know it yet
Derek Elston the first senior on the mic at Assembly Hall.
"We've got a lot of basketball left." (Assembly Hall crowd cheers) - Derek Elston
Derek Elston: "We've still got a lot of basketball left." Indeed.
"We've still got a lot of basketball left" - Derek elston you better believe it
"The sweet part is, we still have a lot of basketball left," - Derek Elston.
I'm going to miss looking at Derek Elston.
The Resurrection of IU Basketball, starring Derek Elston, Jordy Hulls, and Christian Watford. Directed by Tom Crean.
BLOOMINGTON, IN - Victor Oladipo fouled out and the Hoosiers lost 67-59 on Senior Night to the Buckeyes in a fast break and tough defensive game. That Ohio State 11-2 run in the second half killed any comeback Indiana could muster as the Buckeyes also rebounded and defended better than the Hoosiers. Despite plenty of screaming by IU Coach Tom Crean, the Hoosiers could not mount enough offense as Oladipo and Cody Zeller struggled in foul trouble. The Senior Night ceremony after the game for Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls and Derek Elston was bittersweet, but it was their leadership and play that helped bring the Hoosiers back to a championship team. The Hoosiers now go to Michigan to try again to win the Big Ten Championship, a first in 20 years. But it will be much harder and the NCAA tournament will be no cakewalk with the likes of Gonzaga, Duke, Kansas and Georgetown in the top 10 AP ranking.
"If you're gonna write a chapter on perseverance, you're gonna start with Derek Elston."
my oh my Derek Elston, you're are too *** fine!!!
If you're gonna write a story on perseverance, you're gonna start on a story with Derek elston...
Crean: "If you're going to write a story about perseverance you're going to start with a chapter on Derek Elston."
I love our seniors! Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, and Maurice Creek
Ladies and gentlemen, the senior members of the Indiana Hoosiers. Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls, and…
Derek Elston ranks in the top 10 all-time in history in 3-point field goal percentage, via Chuck Crabb. Really?
Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls, and Derek Elston recognized prior to their Senior Night speeches
To Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston, THANK YOU for returning Indiana Basketball to it's rightful place.
I dunno about the but I will cry my eyes out tonight for and Derek Elston. True Hoosiers right there.
Derek Elston will rank in the top 10 all time at Indiana in 3 pt % all time in his career
Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford AND DEREK ELSTON...You three have given us IU faithful so many great memories over the past four years! Keep those heads held high and just remember one thing... Hoosier Nation LOVES EACH ONE OF YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HARD WORK, DEDICATION AND EXTREME PRIDE IN INDIANA BASKETBALL!
I don't care that we lost. I'm super proud of my fellow seniors Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, and Christian Watford for playing phenomenally. Their freshman year was the worst IU season in forever and they helped bring us back to the top and the longest of any team this season. So proud to be a Hoosier!!! Can't wait for March Madness!!
Tough loss to Ohio State on Senior Night. IU 58 Ohio State 64 Thanks to our Seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford & Derek Elston!
The fact that tonight is Senior Night for our Hoosiers.. Christian Watford; known for the buzzer beating 3 point shot against UK and reclaiming the name for Indiana University in 2011. Jordan Hulls; known for his 3 point shots and dominating moves as a last year point guard and half time point guard this season. And last but not least Derek Elston; also known for his dominating moves, and a huge part of the team. Needless to say, even though we have many other Hoosiers to take over after this year, our team will never be the same. It's time Indiana; lets win this game and finish out this season like we own it, and get a new (2013 NCAA Championship) banner on the wall. Indiana University Senior Hoosiers; you'll be greatly missed. We love you all. -Go Hoosiers!
When I see Derek Elston and Deshaun Thomas play against each other it reminds me of there high school days!
Can't believe this could be the last home game for Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller. Makes Senior Night for Jordy Hulls, Derek Elston, and Christian Watford very bittersweet!
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Tonight we get to watch the final home game for Jordy Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston. These 3 players started the rise from the ashes for the Hoosiers. What a perfect way for them to go out by clinching the first out right B1G championship in 20 years! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoosiers!!!
Thanks a huge thanks to all the seniors hulls Watford and Derek Elston so so much for these last 4 years they have great even the dark times you will always be remembered for bringing indiana basketball back to the go out there and get this win and get the real B1G TEN championship! HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!
I will always hold these guys in the highest regard for their sacrifices and hard work bringing IU basketball back to prominence! GO IU! Thank you Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston.
Tonite Assembly Hall says goodbye to 3 good Seniors. they will be missed Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston. Good Luck Guys!..Go Hoosiers!!!
The Hoosiers are on the air tonight...It's Senior Night at the Hoosiers host Ohio State at the Assembly Hall...Thanks Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston and for your outstanding commitment to Indiana University and it's basketball program. We are proud to be your station for Indiana University Athletics...tune into FM 94.5 tonight for "LIVE" coverage with Don Fisher, Joe Smith and Royce Waltman...Tune in weekdays at 4:20 p.m. for IU Sports Today.Go Hoosiers!
Big thanks to seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston for helping to put IU basketball back on the map. But let's not kid ourselves, there are two other guys that'll be putting on the candy stripe pants for the last time in Assembly Hall tonight and they deserve just as much credit. What a special team. Wish I could have been there tonight to see the Bloomington portion of this crazy chapter of IU basketball close... But it's not completely over yet. After tonight, the way I see it, we still have 10 more games to win in the next five weeks.
A big shout out to Jordy Hulls, Derek Elston and CWat for sticking it out and hopefully winning the outright Big Ten Championship and maybe the NCAA Championship. Go Hoosiers.
3 IU seniors will play their last home game tonight. So glad they are having the kind of season they are having this year. All IU fans appreciate them so much as they could have bailed on us when things were so bad. Derek Elston, Jordon Hulls and Christian Watford.Thank You!
Derek Elston has always been a character, according to his teammates, but in his final season, he's filled an important leadership role for Indiana as well.
4 years ago Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston committed to a 6 win team with no scholarship players. They committed to nothing but Tom Creans word that if they trusted him and believed in the system that they could resurrect Indiana basketball back to the powerhouse it once was.. Everyone laughed and blew it off.. Who's laughing now?? Thanks to the seniors who stood through the battles and the test of time! Hoosier Nation is proud!
Four years ago, three high school seniors decided to honor their commitment to IU after the worst season in school history. Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls, and Derek Elston stuck through IU during one of their worst stretches, so it's great to see them at this Senior Night with a chance to win the B1G conference title in front of their fans. Go Hoosiers, win it for the seniors!
Senior Night tonight for the Indiana Hoosiers! As an IU fan for almost 30 years, I remember very clearly how tough the first 3 years for Crean were. I as many other Hoosiers can say the same, stuck with them and supported them each and every game. We are back and in a big way. I want to personally thank Derek Elston Jordan Hulls Christian Watford Let's finish strong with a Big Ten Championship and end with banner Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!
To Jordan Hulls Derek Elston and ChristainWatford , Thanks guys for all the memories. Good luck on Senior Night,GO HOOSIERS
Although the college basketball season is far from being over for my Hoosiers,tonite will be bitter sweet. I have been a big fan for as long as I can remember and this senior class is my favorite. Not because they are the best, but because they came to IU to leave it a better place than what they found it. Jordon Hulls, the new poster boy of what it means to be a Hoosiers. Christian Watford, who took a step back to be a team player and not the star. Derek Elston, a guy who has battled injury,but has helped all of his teammates get better even if it means less playing time for himself. Maurice Creek, who after three injuries has come back to help in anyway he can. To those four they will always be known as the class that brought Indiana Basketball back to the top.
Jordan Hulls came from Bloomington South to Indiana to help rebuild IU basketball. Four years later, he's done that, and proved plenty of people wrong in the process.
Can't believe that tonight I will watch Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, and Christian Watford, (and probably Oladipo/Zeller) play their last games at Assembly Hall. Those seniors experienced more pain than most college athletes. Their hard work and determination is the reason why Indiana University Men's Basketball is back on top where they belong. They absolutely deserve to be where they are, and attempt to make a career in the professional ranks. So from me, and im sure thousands of other Hoosiers; Thank you for the service you gave to Hoosier Nation, its been a *** of a 4 years. The foundation you guys laid will pave the way for greater success in the future. Now take it to Ohio State. Congratulations.
Gonna be an emotional night. Had so much fun watching Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford through the years. I guess Derek Elston also lol
Got tickets to the IU game tonight. Looking forward to sending out seniors with a Big Ten title. Win or lose, Christian Watford, Jordy Hulls Derek Elston deserve a high five for rebooting IU basketball.
Go Hoosiers! Last game at Assembly Hall for Jordy Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston.
Last game in the Hall tonight for Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston, and probably Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo. Thanks guys for coming to Bloomington and saving Indiana Basketball. We'll miss you! Oh, and one more thing before you go. Could you hang one of those NCAA banners on the way out? Thanks!
Senior Night in Bloomington: Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, and Derek Elston. The Blood, Sweat, and Tears that these guys put into IU basketball will pay off tonight with their 1st outright Big 10 Championship since 1993. Indiana will decimate 14th ranked Ohio State behind a spirited, and raucous crowd 95-71.
We're so grateful for our seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, & Derek Elston
It's Senior Night for Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston tonight against Ohio State at 9:00pm on ESPN! Thank you guys for for committing to IU and help Tom Crean turn this amazing basketball program back on the right track! It was a great 4 years! Banner HERE WE COME!!! GO HOOSIERS!!!
Congrats & Thank You to Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, & Christian Watford for all your hard work!! You definately made I.U. & "Hoosier Hysteria" PROUD!!
these 3 seniors for IU will not leave with the best class record but will have done somthing just as special as any class before them. thanks to Jordan Hulls, derek elston and Christian Watford. so pumped for tonights game.
Tonight we celebrate IU Senior Night! Big shout out to our Senior Men's IUBB players: Christian Watford, Derek Elston, and our hometown favorite, Jordan Hulls!
Best of luck to our FAVE BBC regulars...yes we have their orders memorized...Big UPS to Derek Elston and Jordan Hulls!
Leaving work just a tad early tonight for Ohio State at Indiana Hoosiers TONIGHT at 8:00 PM on ESPN. We already share a piece of the Big 10 Title, but a win tonight at Assembly Hall would give us the title outright! If so, would be first outright title since 1993! Will be an emotional game as well, as it will be Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls, and Derek Elston's last game at Assembly Hall, as they are seniors. Senior Night can be seen tonight on Big 10 network after the game, or ESPN 3, via Web App.
I shared this on Jordon Hulls page and just want my FB friends to know my feelings as well!! I'm 52 and have been a Hoosier fan all my life!! thru-thick and thin!!! have seen many Indiana Mr. Basketball's come to IU and have loved them all, but I don't know if there has ever been one more important! then Jordon He came when things were upside down, but I look at him and think he has been the seed to the likes of Cody and others coming and bringing our program back from the ashes ( and yes Coach has somethings to do with that as well ) Jordon Hull's will always be in this fans conversations when IU Basketball is the subject!! Thank You Jordon!! Also would like to thank Christian Watford, Derek Elston , Maurice Creek and Jeff Howard for hanging in there as well, to me this senior class has worked harder than any other class i've seen!! ... And Thanks to Coach Crean Incredible Job in such a short time ! And would like to throw out one more thanks. To my older Brother Dennis Mockler ( being one of six kids ) ...
Hoosier BB Fans! The last home game of the season will be played tonight with the Buckeyes. Today's H~T had full page spreads on each of the seniors...Derek Elston, Jordy Hulls, and Christian Watford. It will be a bittersweet (and very late) night at Assembly Hall. Watch the game on ESPN at 9pm EST...also on IU Radio Network.
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Two days of lying around with ice on my elevated ankle = cabin fever!
Mimi...PROGRAMMING UPDATE: The BTN/BTN2GO, along with ESPN3, will have live coverage of Indiana Men's Basketball's Senior Night festivities, following the Hoosiers' game vs. Ohio State, which airs live on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET. I will make sure to record for you in case you don't get to see it all.
Tomorrow is Senior Night at IU. There is a kid on the team from my hometown named Derek Elston. Derek committed to IU when Kelvin Sampson was the coach. After that debacle he could have changed his mind but he didn't...he honored his commitment. He played during those lean years and, like most college athletes, struggled with playing time, injury, etc. But he stuck it out. He's not a star...but he's universally regarded as a leader and a good teammate. After playing through one of the toughest periods in IU basketball history, he can end his home career tomorrow night with a win and a Big Ten Title. Go Hoosiers.
Of the seniors to be honored Tuesday evening in Assembly Hall, Derek Elston has neither the statistics nor signature moments of Christian Watford or Jordan Hulls. He has missed more than a third of this season and plays a fraction of the other two’s minutes.The senior forward’s place on the…
Faced with a career full of obstacles, Elston still found ways to contribute By Justin Albers Derek Elston and the rest of his class stepped onto campus in
For all you IU Basketball fans, there is a real nice article about Tipton's Derek Elston on Inside the Hall website. I tried to post the page to FB but couldn't. If anyone smarter than me (which would include everyone) can post it to FB, I'm sure many Tiptonians would enjoy reading it.
I want to drift back to four years ago and the Indiana basketball program was in shambles--Christian Watford, Maurice Creek, Jordan Hulls, and Derek Elston committed to Indiana and finished their first 2 seasons in the bottom of the Big Ten--now they are Big Ten Champs and can claim the title outright on Senior Night--Their work ethic is a lesson to us in life that with hard work--you can finish on top even if you are at the bottom. Taking it a day at a time and improve everyday leads to a big improvement overtime--They are very deserving of a National Championship--but even without the 6th title they already have became IU legends.
Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, and Christian Watford endured a 10-21 season as freshman at IU and now with a win against OSU on Tuesday they will get to hoist the Big Ten trophy as outright champions on Senior Night
Somewhere inside the locker of Indiana basketball player Austin Etherington, his cell phone was ringing.
Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston can hoist a Big Ten Championship Trophy on Senior Night.
ICYMI: Tom Crean and Derek Elston preview tonight's game with Iowa:
HD Video: Crean, Elston preview Iowa: Tom Crean and Derek Elston met with the media Friday evening to pr...
Thank you BRETT GARDNER! Most exciting play in all of sports the bases clearing stand up triple!
What happens when two *** have access to the university Telecom lab. This.
I meet Derek Elston last night. Don't slap a strange 6'8" man on the back and say, "you're really not that tall and...weren't you a Sampson recruit?" The compliments don't seem to flow after such an introduction.
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Only three Hoosiers were alive -- Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston and Maurice Creek.
Of the current Hoosiers, only Jordan Hulls, Maurice Creek and Derek Elston existed.
This has to be SWWETT!! for Jordie Hulls and Christian Watford, Maurice Creek and Derek Elston after some tough early years at IU. A great group of seniors who helped lay the foundation for this great Hoosier team. . . ALL THE WAY HOOSIERS!!!
I.U. over Purdon't BIG time!!! Three observations: A.J. Hammons had a breakout night, Love watching a Matt Painter team down by 30 and still playing tough as nails, and Derek Elston...dang man it is great to see a guy who survived some of IUs worst times have a big night! Oh, and Oladipo went unrecruited? You gotta be kidding me!
What's going on with Derek Elston?Thought he could have helped off the bench last night.
is Derek Elston hurt?? Why hasn't he coming off the bench for some experienced energy!??
What crap have I missed so far in the IU game... down by 7?? Ugh!
Indiana could use Derek Elston tonight. Crean trusts him significantly more than Hollowell or Perea, and Badgers tough inside.
Derek Elston did warmups. Could he play tonight after tweaking his surgically repaired knee? IU could use him vs. Wisconsin.
Derek Elston going through warm ups looking like he could play tonight. Mo Creek in street clothes.
Still 20 minutes away from tip at Assembly Hall. Derek Elston looks more active in warmups but still not sure if we see him tonight.
Derek Elston was looking pretty good moving around in uniform in warmups.
Derek Elston moving around better this evening as judged by my untrained eye
Derek Elston, however, is warming up and looks unhindered. I'd guess we see him at some point tonight.
Shout out to dalton and Derek elston for getting to sign this shirt for me because of my knee injury!!
shout-out to Aubree and Derek Elston for the package...Jake will love it!
Indiana's Derek Elston, Mo Creek are able to do some things in practice but are not full go, IU ast coach Tim Buckley said.
Derek Elston and the Hoosiers move to
Gostkowski should get tripping lessons from Derek Elston. :)
When Derek Elston comes into Smith's to shop.
We ran by Derek Elston on our run downtown and didn't say hi...
I WOULD love Derek Elston. He's 6'9. I have a weakness for tall boys. But I'm
They just showed my hubby Derek Elston on tv!
Derek Elston is good to go tomorrow, per Crean.
I'm scarred for life. I cannot say the word "boom" without following it up with Derek Elston!
I missed an opportunity to pinch Derek Elston's *** last night because of our intense eye contact. I'm salty.
just high fived Derek elston and said good game
Attention all: Derek elston bought a bday shot!
(Indianapolis Star) Indiana Basketball: Derek Elston thrilled to be back on court for Hoosiers:
2 weeks! So excited! Dec. 15! , Hanner Mosquera-Perea, and Derek Elston come in. You think IU is good now? Oh you just wait.
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what warmup is Derek Elston wearing? I want one.
Derek Elston is fun to watch even when he's on the bench!
If white trash tattoos were considered a stat, Donnie hale and Derek elston would be first team all Big Ten
I would marry Jonny Marlin, Derek Elston, or Will Sheehey in a heartbeat.
God I dread the day when Derek Elston is healthy enough to play
Derek Elston is way ahead of schedule. He broke it down at KOK and blew that place to the ground Tipton Tornado style.
and I just spotted Derek Elston... at Total Tan.
yea you are right Derek Elston should be back by then
Me & Derek Elston are twins now with our torn meniscuses
Watching the UNC game on BTN for the 3rd time in the last 24 hours. I want a mic on Victor and a reaction cam on Derek Elston.
A house debate has arisen. How long before Derek Elston's Sweet 16 ring ends up on Pawn Stars? I said at most 10 years.
soo my sister chilled with verdell jones and derek elston when she went to IU last year, nbd or anything.
IU basketball coach Tom Crean said senior forward Derek Elston is on schedule for his return from injury. Could be back after Christmas.
Scary thing is, right now, is missing the likes of Hanner Perea, Derek Elston and Peter Jurkin. Zeller is only big man on roster now.
I haven't heard one time any of these IU fans mention Elston coming back. It's been all about Hanner and Peter when Derek has the experience
If I could kick it with anyone on IU's team it would be Derek Elston. Dude looks like he's a clown lmao
But what about Jonny Marlin or Derek Elston? They're pretty attractive too
Derek Elston can get in my pants right now. 😋
While watching Indiana, rememeber, it gets 6-8 Hanner Perea, 6-9 Derek Elston and 7-foot Peter Jurkin back shortly.
5-0!!! It wasn't pretty but that was a hard fought win against arguably a top 5-10 ranked team. Remember it's only November and IU will get back Hanner Perea, Peter Jurkin, and Derek Elston in the next 2-3 weeks. Scary
“I just wanted to give a little tribute to Derek. He has definitely been with me from the beginning. He’s endured some tough times. He’s out, and he’s just one of us. I just wanted to bring him out on the court with us.” - Christian Watford on wearing No. 32 for the injured Derek Elston.
How cool for Christian Watford to wear for Derek Elston since Elston is injured. AWESOME!
Senior Christian Watford will wear Derek Elston's jersey on Friday night to honor his fellow classmate who is out w/a knee injury...If you've ever played a team sport and appreciated it and understood it, you get goose bumps when you hear stuff like this.Go Hoosiers!
Christian Watford is wearing 32 in respect for Derek Elston. That's some family right there
Taking the time to honor the 3 seniors for IU. Its the last Hoosier Hysteria for Christian Watford, Derek Elston and Jordan Hulls.
Standing ovation for seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Derek Elston when Sage Steele mentons it's their last Hoosier Hysteria.
The fact I'm in line to get Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, Will Sheehey, and Jeremy Hollowell autographs!
Did Jay Williams say yogi won mr basketball? Wasn't it Gary Harris? Also, will Derek Elston see any playing time this season?
this would be my starting line up.PG-Jordan Hulls, SG-Will Sheehey, SF-Victor Olidipo, PF- Derek Elston, C-Cody Zeller
Saw Jordy Hulls and Derek Elston at Moe's tonight. So starstruck right now.
Derek Elston, Jordy Hulls and Jeremiah rivers are in a KU math book?
Derek Elston was compared, by his coach, to Brian Scalabrine and Matt Bonner. If that happened to me, I'd automatically transfer.
I swear the picture Derek Elston posted on Instagram looks like Cody Zeller is pregnant & getting an ultrasound.
No one knows how much i want to meet Derek Elston and Christian Watford. Like it's unreal.
The Hoosiers figure to be in the national title picture in the upcoming college basketball season, and here's another reason to be pleased about the direction of the program. From WDRB: Two Hoosiers – seniors Jordan Hulls and Derek Elston – have already earned their undergraduate degrees. Five others – Christian Watford, Maurice Creek, Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey and Cody Zeller – are on track to earn their degrees in 3½ years or less. Tom Crean's players have earned perfect APR scores from the NCAA in back-to-back seasons.
I also share a birthday with Derek Elston?! Is this real life??
Spotted Cody Zeller and Derek Elston already today. It's going to be a good Friday! 147 days...
In addition to all 5 of seniors, Jordan Hulls & Derek Elston graduated 3 yrs.
One shining moment featured a drunk Derek Elston but had no Robbie Hummel?!?! Worst one shining moment ever.
The shot of Derek Elston on One Shining Moment made my night
I'm satisfied with the Derek Elston assist where he doesn't even watch Cody's dunk, instead celebrating like a goon.
Remy Abell, Derek Elston checking in for IU. Abell talked this week like he was ready for the NCAA Tourney. Now we'll see.
Derek Elston on not having facemask: "Everyone keeps telling me I'm cuter with it." Jordan Hulls: "No comment."
Derek Elston talks health, Hulls’ leadership: Derek Elston met with the media on Thursday afternoon and reveled ...
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