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Derek Dooley

Derek Dooley (born June 10, 1968) is head football coach at the University of Tennessee. He is the son of former University of Georgia head football coach and athletic director Vince Dooley.

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If you can't win on the field, win the ticket game. Derek Dooley taught us that.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank god and Derek Dooley for my opportunity. Here is my top 5 is order:. UT, UT, UT, UT & UT.
Derek Dooley really screwed up but we on the rise and here to stay!!!
Just saw the Heron in the river asI crossed the Derek Dooley way into town. Amazing how the river quality has improved so much
it was almost as bad as some of Derek dooley's press conference quotes
Remember when we accepted Derek Dooley recruiting athletes like this
"He fits our system, we don't care about stars"- Derek Dooley to a half eaten sandwich
Thoroughly enjoying this interview! And eff Derek Dooley if he doesn't like Memphis players.
then you are more overpaid than Derek Dooley...
$15/hr for working fast food is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. They'd be more overpaid than Derek Dooley
The lyrics to Bad Blood were inspired by UT's relationship with Derek Dooley.
now that Derek Dooley's not there anymore you can go back to calling it the annual beat down.
Derek Dooley actually hosted recruits at this EconoLodge
Was there a HIGH POINT of the Derek Dooley era???
Two words that send your theory spiraling... Derek Dooley.
I managed to mention The Bachelorette and Derek Dooley in the same piece. Fortunately, no orange pants were involved
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My only wish is the new Florida coach will rival the abilities of our former coach Derek Dooley. ;).
yeah Derek Dooley getting away from Tennessee football rejuvenated me
then Derek Dooley must look like a 3rd grader
That being said Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley almost destroyed Tennessee football and I am so thankful to have the Recruiting God Butch Jones
Justin Hunter wants to know if playing under Derek Dooley will count as "time served".
I would have stabbed more than one person if I had to play for Derek Dooley.
I blame Derek Dooley for this Justin Hunter story.
Do you think Derek Dooley knows who Jalen Ramsey is yet? What a recruiting debacle.
MINOR Heavy traffic on A57 Sheffield Parkway in Sheffield at the A61 Derek Dooley Way junction.
it's like Derek Dooley tossing his headset when Lsu came back after the 14 men on the field penalty lol
Cowboys WR coach Derek Dooley: Terrance Williams made "big jump" this offseason
To be fair, Derek Dooley doesn't deserve all the blame. Mike Hamilton shares responsibility for hiring that fool and extending his contract.
4 yrs ago Derek Dooley had a Top15 signing class but it fizzled & today failed to have a player drafted for the …
Derek Dooley and Mike Hamilton is the gift that keeps on giving
Mike Hamilton and Derek Dooley strike from the grave
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Now Jalen Ramsey and vonn bell both have NC rings. In a weird way they have Derek Dooley to thank, that could be Vols 2 safeties
Your weekly reminder that if Derek Dooley had bothered to recruit, Vonn Bell and Jalen Ramsey would be our starting safeties.
“Losing games in awful ways like this is something that just follows Derek Dooley. He’s Eeyore.” Another truth!!
Byron devinner Fortunately we have Butch Jones in charge and not Derek Dooley! GoVols!
Our 9 yr old Cooper: "Didn't Jason Garrett go to Princeton? He should be smart". Me: "He hired Derek Dooley". Coop: "Nevermind"
It took 2 years, but Derek Dooley's got the right where Jerry Jones wants them
He's performed miracles with Dez Bryant this year & has father with influence MT Derek Dooley for
I sure wish Derek Dooley had bothered to recruit Jalen Ramsey. Imagine him opposite Cam Sutton at CB for TN. Thanks again, Dools!!!
From 1994 thru 2008, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Florida Gators won between them six of the fifteen possible national championships. Today those once-proud programs announced new head coaches--Mike Riley and Jim McElwain. Riley is 61 years old, and has a career college coaching record of 93-80. McElwain has only been a head coach for three seasons, and has a career record of 22-16 (at Colorado State, no less). Remember when ADs for major football programs felt the need to make a "splash" with their coaching hires? So who now is Michigan going to hire? Derek Dooley?
"If Georgia fires Mark Richt they should hire Derek Dooley as the next coach" .
3 weeks ago you said Butch Jones was Derek Dooley and now you're saying they'll win the East. Makes sense
In their first 21 games at Tennessee Butch Jones and Derek Dooley have the exact same record: 9-12 (3-10 SEC). Kiffin in one season 7-6 (4-4)
To my UT VOL friends from a Bama fan... 1. You have one of the top 3 coaches in the SEC 2. When Saban & Miles retire he will be the best 3. He is not trying to win a game or get to a bowl...he is rebuilding an entire program. 4. Saban lost to Monroe, in Tuscaloosa, on Homecoming, in his second year. 5. You have the weakest depth chart in the SEC other than Vandy thanks to Derek Dooley. 6. You have your best recruiting in school history thanks to Butch Jones. 7. Failure by fans to look longterm will cause your big time coach to leave for a bigger time program than Tennessee. GO VOLS!!! had nothing to do with firing Phil Fulmer then making a terrible hire in Derek Dooley. Kiffin brought in great talent
I don't know about that. Derek Dooley and Joker Phillips are still kicking, right?
Old skool cool RT"Bronco Layne and Peter Swan of Sheffield Wednesday with manager Derek Dooley
Lots of mistakes by lead to 13 points for On the bright side for VolFan, Derek Dooley isn't on the sidelines.
6 turnovers now. This makes Derek Dooley proud.
Americans have impeccable hygiene? Not the football players at Tennessee - Derek Dooley
Up next on our interview w/comments on Derek Dooley, priceless!!!
I can't help but laugh when I see Derek Dooley
Isn't Derek Dooley on the Dallas coaching staff???
We still get stuff like this from Dooley now that he's in Dallas
Is that a farmer talking to Derek Dooley in the end zone?
I just wanna take the time out of my day to say thank you to Derek Dooley for running that UT program into the ground. Thank you.
Dont u mean Derek Dooley wasted ? Offense that yr avg more than 38pts. per game in '12. Offense wasn't the problem, D was.
Then again they have Derek Dooley with Roid Rage as a coach.
Ya... With Derek Dooley talent. Our DL was SLOW, and as a result, LB's couldn't play fast
Loved having on the show today...he talked smack about other conferences AND Derek Dooley
Good piece by Reed, but he forgets, Saban and Spurrier didn't have to succeed a Derek Dooley who recruited abysmally.
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Where's Derek Dooley when you need him? - RT:Wando football dealing with outbreak of staph infection
I'll hazard a guess at Derek Dooley ?
Brandon Weeden is starting and Derek Dooley is still on the coaching staff, man I love the Cowboys
Quality joke. The football version would be, "No word on Derek Dooley's coach of the year chances."
I should never feel like a Derek Dooley UT football season during a season.
"better than being a derek dooley fan" I hear they hold Derrick Dooley fan club meetings in a shower stall
My favorite Vol coaches of all time: . 1. Phillip Filmed . 2. Derek Dooley. 3. Lane Kiffin. 4. Johnny Majors
when I die, I want Derek Dooley Lane Kiffin and members of the braves as pallbearers so let can let me down one last time. Lol
did Derek Dooley play for England when in 2nd division at Sheff Wednesday?
Legend! Possibly the only man to be equally loved by fans of & - hence the naming of 'Derek Dooley Way' in Sheff!
Derek Dooley. Scored 64 goals in 63 games for Sheffield Wednesday before having his leg amputated
I was a young kid at this game. Never in my life did I imagine the Derek Dooley years. Just look at this talent.
Coach Jones ain't playing. Mediocrity is for Derek Dooley. Not suitable for the
Street comes up limping. Receivers coach Derek Dooley told him to walk it off
Former Tennessee players take some veiled shots at Lane Kiffin, not-so-veiled ones...
If Alabama were to suddenly hire Derek Dooley the circle of hatred would be complete.
With Allan Carson's departure, 41% of Derek Dooley's 2011 signing class is now gone.
WR coach Derek Dooley on moving Dez Bryant around to create mismatches: "I think there’s really no limit on what we can …
But, Derek Dooley is his position coach. Got to be worth, oh wait. never mine.
Who IYO is The Worst UT Football Coach EVER?: I think Derek Dooley is pretty much in first place all alo...
"Kentucky Justice" - Derek Dooley thinks that's about Dave Hart farin' him.
Gil, you do remember Derek Dooley is his WR coach right?
Check out this show on your wide receiver coach Derek Dooley - A real quality human being.
"...You can either be an example in a positive way or an example in a negative way." - Derek Dooley, Dallas WR coach.
If I’m ever hired as a head coach of a football team, I’d want to make sure I’m following Derek Dooley.
Former Tennessee Vols players blast ex-coach: 'Derek Dooley was a. loser' Read more at
Derek Dooley is the worst head coach in college football history and nobody can convince me otherwise.
Ex-Vols, how do you really feel about Derek Dooley? OK then!
Climer: Butch Jones is no Derek Dooley when it comes to tough schedule.
Isn't it just mind blowing that Butch Jones can get more done on a Saturday than Derek Dooley could get done in three ye…
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How the crap did we go from Phillip Fulmer to Derek Dooley. 😐 smh.
Derek Dooley has hip surgery, will coach from press box on Saturday for Tennessee - Derek Dooley, the head...
just think - 2 years ago we were coached by Derek Dooley
No worries. Derek Dooley has everything under control. Super Bowl is a forgone conclusion for my Cowboys this season.
Report: Dooley out as UT coach at season's end - Derek Dooley is reportedly out as Tennessee’s head football...
Im out for the day then fireworks with derek tonight😛
Sheffield Wednesday boss Derek Dooley chats with his players
Yardbarker:WR coach Derek Dooley says Cole Beasley will have an expanded role in Cowboys offense via
If you stare at this long enough, you start to see Derek Dooley.
Derek Dooley sending 100 people on the field at LSU
Anybody out there made a pic of Tim Howard saving Tennessee from Derek Dooley?
if we gave Derek *** Dooley three seasons, Butch Jones deserves five ATLEAST.
If SEC football fans were as open-minded and easy going as US soccer fans, Derek Dooley would still be coaching UT
I feel like the is co-coached by Derek Dooley and Nick Saban. Moments of brilliance and moments of sheer stupidity.
I'm gonna run across the middle of Derek Dooley Way in a minute, just cos I can.
Tennessee's Dooley: No word on future with Vols - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee coach Derek Dooley said if a...
lol, Derek is a brilliant show, how to make your audience cry one minute and belly laugh the next, love it
Vols LB Maggitt out for season with torn ACL - Volunteers coach Derek Dooley announced Maggitt's condition at his...
And my question is what the *** happened to Gen. 2 of the Dooley family of coaches? Vince 1, Derek - 0:
Are we blaming Miss Tennessee's exclusion on Derek Dooley?
Derek Dooley and Todd Raleigh were both coaching at UT at same time. It's a miracle the entire campus didn't fall into the Tennessee River.
some yahoos on social media are now saying Holly Warlick is on the hot seat..."Derek Dooley in a pantsuit." UNBELIEVABLE!!!
To top it off, Butch Jones is going to take the Marquette basketball job tonight and Vols will re-hire Derek Dooley to stop paying buyout...
Is Holly Warlick just Derek Dooley in a pant suit ? . . . .bad coach
Yes, Leonard Little (just referred to Derek Dooley as "...that other coach before Butch Jones.". It was awesom…
UK's last two SEC wins are came against Derek Dooley and Houston Nutt.
Wait? No suspensions or discipline announced yet for arrested players? I totally woulda been on top of this sooner. Sincerely, Derek Dooley
I probably argued there was no way Derek Dooley wasn't going to win the East with all that offensive talent.
that's what Derek Dooley Way is for!!
remember when you hired Derek Dooley? LOL
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Chillin' with Joel Osteen, the only man with better hair than Derek Dooley...
Tony Romo seemed happy to spend a Thursday night at an SMU game w/Jason Garrett & Derek Dooley
Derek Dooley still gets a check from Tennessee for $105,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH.
I have an autographed Derek Dooley UT hat that I wear when I want to feel completely useless
Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, and Derek Dooley all here at the game. Oh and "Primetime" Deion Sanders.
Yes. They're sitting together. Derek Dooley is with them too. Deion Sanders is there too, but not sitting with them.
Just remembered that Derek Dooley said he wasn't excited about the Today Show coming to UT... Ugh, I hate him even more now.
Ladies are flocking around Tony Romo & not Derek Dooley during the hoops game. Weird.
Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Derek Dooley are at Moody watching take on Temple per
Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, Derek Dooley & are at the is the hottest ticket in town?
I remember all the Tennessee fans saying that with Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley. That's all UT is, TALK. Alabama actually wins
Yes and Derek Dooley was pretty bad also! ;)
Congratulations to the University of Tennessee for an outstanding 2014 football recruiting class---bested only by Alabama, LSU and Florida State. People forget that Tennessee averaged in the top ten in recruiting from 1980---2009 under Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer. I won't even count Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley as the last four years have been very trying on the Vol nation. Alabama will always keep the standard high as long as Nick Saban is there---Just hope Lane Kiffin doesn't destroy that program.
"I'm the only guy that has any sense of reality in this whole organization." -Derek Dooley 2011
I enjoyed that so much more thinking the Derek was in reference to Dooley.
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lol apparently ur moronic vandy troll self never saw a Derek Dooley recruiting class, looked like urs this yr for 3 yrs
Mike Hamilton hired lame kiffin derek dooley and cuonzo martin. However an arguement can be made that jimmy cheek has actually been worse
Martin is the Derek Dooley of basketball coaches. 3 years of disappointment is enough.
Do they get a trophy for this one? Butch Jones and Gus Malzahn are better coaches than Derek Dooley and Gene Chizik.
In 2012, Derek Dooley said Alabama "doesn't recruit, it drafts. And it has the first 25 picks." For proof, see: NSD 2014.
I sense that John Fox spent a lot of the last 2 weeks picking the brain of Derek Dooley.
Early indications from Titans GM Ruston Webster are that the team's Top 3 candidates to fill the coaching vacancy are: Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley & Phillip Fulmer.
lol I'd hope so. Y'all are talkin about a Lane Kiffin/ Derek Dooley team right now. recruiting class
'member when Derek Dooley was a preferred choice over David Cutcliffe.Doolish!
Great to see the whole Young Irish Film Makers archive going online! Here's a little seen gem for your Friday night viewing. Suckers is a comedy horror directed by John Doran and Chris Slack from a script by John Morton. It's basically The Breakfast Club with vampires, featuring a vintage YIFM cast where the students are played by John Doran, Peter McGann, Liadain Kaminska, Stephen Colfer, Peter O'Connor, Amy Hughes and Kevin Mooney and the staff room consists of David Thompson, Derek Dooley, Paul Young, Darragh Byrne, John Morton, *** McGrath, Tony Murray, Eddie Brennan and Simone Kelly. And it's got an R.S.A.G soundtrack! For more old YIFM gems, check out:
Derek Dooley, former coach of Tennessee/now Cowboys WR coach, participated in No Shave November
It pains me to say this but Derek Dooley>>Jim Schwartz.
For all this talk of James Franklin being a great coach, don't forget that he lost to a Derek Dooley coached football team.
Athlon named Derek Dooley the worse hire of all time in college football! So congrats to Hammy and Cheek
Derek Dooley tops the list of worst football coaches. Bet he's still laughing, seeing how he left UT with a $5million parting gift.
"“Website puts Derek Dooley atop 'worst coach' list who would've thought?
“"Feed the orange dog." - Derek Dooley Neyland - you know we must now Great pic BTW.
Website puts Derek Dooley atop 'worst coach' list: Athlon Sports has ranked Derek number one in their list of...
Derek Dooley is named THE WORST coach at one of the BEST programs by ATHLON SPORTS. I can't wait to hear your...
Derek Dooley was the greatest President of all time
Derek Dooley came in at for the first time in his life lmao
Derek Dooley: [Dez Bryant's] had some challenges the last few weeks, but he's handled them like a pro. I expect him to have a great finish."
Derek Dooley on criticism Dez Bryant received for his sideline actions in Detroit: "I think that was harder on him than most people realize"
Derek Dooley: "When you don't know Dez and you don't hear the words that are coming out of his mouth, his animation is really aggressive."
Cowboys WR coach Derek Dooley on Dez Bryant: "He's got an incredible passion about him and I think sometimes that passion is misunderstood."
WR coach Derek Dooley: "Our expectations [of Dez Bryant] are higher than anybody else we can coach. There's a lot more we expect out of him"
you have one and we have one. We also had Derek Dooley and you got the coward. Congrats.
11/12/13 is Derek Dooley Day. That's how many players he played on defense, depending on who he wanted to lose to.
Any other UT football fans getting at least some satisfaction from seeing the Cowboys struggle while employing Monte Kiffin and Derek Dooley. Only thing that would've been nicer would be if Jerry Jones had hired Mike Hamilton too.
I watch a lot of football and seem to never see position coaches on TV but Derek Dooley is all over my TV.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Is that where Derek Dooley ended up?
We just saw Derek Dooley on the cowgirls perfect fit
So if any UT fans are watching Sunday Night Football pay attention and you might see our old football coach Derek Dooley on the sideline on the Cowboys coaching staff. He just caught me totally off guard.
did anyone else notice Derek Dooley as the WR coach talking to a player on the Cowboys sideline?
And found out the scrub at wr coach is Derek Dooley ur dad is sorry so r u.bring in Michael Irvin as wr coach but we get what we pay for!!!
Why is it that I smile every time I see Dez Bryant giving Derek Dooley the business on the sideline? Dooley has that same here-we-go-again look I used to have when I had to go see him in his office.
"Why did the cowboys hire Derek Dooley?" - Savannah "The same reason Tennessee did. They both suck and apparently like losing" - Gordon
Is that Derek Dooley on the Cowboys sideline? Well there's you problem, Dallas. Dooley set the Tennessee Vols Program back five years.
I will admit that the only tiny little bit of respect that I have for the Dallas Cowboys lies solely with Mr. Derek Dooley.
I just saw Derek Dooley coaching on the Cowboys' sideline? Former coach at LSU and LATech - cant believe he went over to the dark side LOL!
Derek Dooley is on the coaching staff for Dallas, that explains it all
My worst nightmare... Romo talking to Derek Dooley before he goes out on the field.
Derek Dooley is the wide receiver coach for the Cowboys. Is it just a coincidence that they haven't had a completion to the wide receivers and it is halftime?
Derek Dooley gets a lifeless look in his eyes every time Dez Bryant speaks. Sort of like the look he used to get every time Tyler Bray was on the field.
Wait! Was that Derek Dooley who was getting "coached up" by Dez Bryant on the sidelines?
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Derek Dooley went from getting harassed by UT fans to getting harrased by Dez Bryant. What a joke!!
Even though Derek Dooley is a wide receiver coach. I still believe he is the reason the Cowboys are losing.
And Dez Bryant is on the sideline accosting Derek Dooley. LOL @ Dallas.
Does anyone else see the irony in Derek Dooley and Monte Kiffin coaching for the same team?
Weird that Derek Dooley and Monte Kiffin are on the same NFL team
As this college football season becomes more clear, here's what we know: Is Alabama very good? Why yes we are! Sorry to my UT friends, Butch Jones just put another brick in the wall. Just as a point of reference, Derek Dooley went 6-6 and took his team to a bowl game his first year. This team has a long way to go.
Anyone have extra sand I could use to bury my head in after losing to the Jags? Did the Titans hire Derek Dooley from the Cowboys without us knowing about it?
History of Coaching changes in my lifetime at UT: Bill Battle becomes youngest head coach in nation in '70 after Doug Dickey pulls a "Kiffin" in '69, Battle goes 53-17-2, (59-22-2 overall) and has a 6-5 season and has a moving van sent to his house by fans after a 6-5 season, and the HOT coach, fresh off a National Championship at Pitt Johnny Majors is hired in '77. Johnny is fired in '91 off a 9-3 season, and before then 11-1, 9-2-2, 9-3, 9-3 record because while in the hospital because the powers that be like the style of play of replacement Phil Fulmer at the helm. Fulmer is fired after the '08 season after a 5-7 record, and NO top 25 recruiting class. Lane Kiffin is hired bringing Tn. it's last winning season to date (then pulls a "Dickey"), then Derek Dooley is brought in as head coach, Tennessee's 5-7th choice, and fired before his contract is fulfilled costing 5 million plus cost of new coaching staff of Butch Jones (around 6 mill) a coach from C. Mich, and Cinn (that our fired coach beat by ...
Well i think its time to put tenn football team where thire thay I think that's all there is to it. another Derek Dooley era coming right up.tenn ***
I think the Gators are looking for a coach. I think Derek Dooley might be looking for work.
I stand behind coach Butch Jones because he is working with what Derek dooley left him . It will take a while to rebuid this program but i believe that we have got the right coach for the job.
Messege to all Vol fans and Bama haters.for a few hours tonight let us all become LSU Tiger fans.the scenerio we are hoping for is an Alabama question Nikki Satan...Nikki takes the Texas job and all the Alabama fans switch to Texas fans then they all move to Texas to be with their leader Nikki Satan! Then an added bonus Derek Dooley becomes the new head coach at Alabama with a lifetime contract and billion dollar buyout. ROLL TIGERS!
I hope Barbara Dooley's proud of her son. Even though Barbara said, "my baby inherited a mess". I hope she's proud of the absolute debacle that her little Derek has left the Tennessee football program in. I hate the very ground that Derek Dooley walks on!
And i thought Derek Dooley was bad tennesee and Florida now have the absolute worst coaches in the SEC it can't be the players they have talent just no brains to guide the talent
The ghost of Derek Dooley is still haunting Tennessee.
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Every single Tennessee football games i went to from 1997 to 2009 we won. Every single game I went to with Derek Dooley besides one (Montana) we lost. . Butch cant win with a bunch of Dooley's
Maybe one day we will exorcise the ghost of Derek Dooley but today is not that day.
I'd love to be Derek Dooley for a half hour.
Watching Romeo & Juliet and wishing Derek Dooley was sitting here beside me to interpret what they are saying. :)
We are back from SEMA and trying to recover after 3 solid days on our feet taking in the scenery! We will have more coverage for you soon, so stay tuned! Until then, back to our regularly scheduled program! Axial fan Derek Dooley washes his Wraith in the local creek! Thanks for sharing Derek!
Behind the SEC, I've gotten more involved in watching other NCAA conferences and learning how the leagues affect one another (coaching changes, etc...) plus the BCS & Nat'l Championship. I thought the ACC had a # of intruiging aspects - i.e. BC, Clemson (Dabo Swinney beating LSU, UGA, having that program be competing and the like...), Duke, FSU (an impressive program under Jimbo Fisher, our fmr OC under Saban & Miles & their current QB), UNC & NC State, Syracuse, Wake Forest... With changes to the Big 10 & Big 12 (Baylor held strong tonight too...), making them misnomered in that the former has 12 teams (then 14 come 2014) and vice versa (due to the 2 newest members of our conference defecting), they've been good for some chuckles if nothing else; and then there's the American (former Big East) being newly developed... Well, I've been looking forward to this Stanford-Oregon game for a few weeks now, not just for the upset of but after Oregon's comments against Mike Leach & Washington - c'mon, you're serio ...
5 head coaches have worn the headset since my last UT game: Phil Fulmer, Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, Jim Chaney (Interim), Butch Jones.
Researching my speech topic and I came across this. I'll admit, I lol'd a bit harder than I probably should have. Sorry Derek Dooley.
Funniest thing I've seen in a long time: Who are the Berry twins? Sincerely, Derek Dooley
Nearly a year since Derek Dooley was mercifully relieve of his duties as head coach of the Vols. When the report that was first leaked by became reality upon UT Athletic Director Dave Hart officially announcing Derek Dooley's firing on November 18, 2012, following the humiliating loss to Vanderbilt, nearly the entire Vol Nation was relieved and hopeful that under Hart, greener pastures lie ahead for the Vols football program. On December 7, 2012, former Central Michigan and Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones was named to the same position here in Big Orange Country. Onto the ash heap of history were the three years of humiliating defeats and sub-mediocre teams and recruiting practices instituted by Derek Dooley and in was a man with a vision for a return to dominance for Tennessee football. Tennessee became the eighth program in the history of college football to win its 800th game with his season opener victory over Austin Peay, 45-0. Since then, he has maintained this young and experienced . ...
We'll thank you Derek Dooley for the lack of talent that you left behind. Thank you!!
Can someone let Al Golden know the getup he's wearing looks foolish? At least he's not wearing Derek Dooley pants.
I thank the good Lord we fired Derek Dooley. If he was still at UT we wouldn't have any kind of future. Butch Jones is doing the best he can with what he has this year and has recruited a top 5 recruiting class. Not to mention the raw talent josh dobbs brings to the table. He's making mistakes a true freshman usually makes but is improving on each and every snap. The Future for the vols looks very bright!
All I can say is if your a Tennessee fan, just hold on until Butch Jones gets some more talent in here. Because right now we have Conference USA talent playing the toughest schedule in the country. It makes you wonder what Derek Dooley was doing during recruiting time? One thing is for sure Dooley was not a good evaluator of talent. Help is coming next year, but win or lose it is still GO VOLS!!
First Derek Dooley, then Zack Mettenburger, and now Will Muschamp. When you turn on UGA, you pay the price. GO DAWGS!!!
Tennessee getting the poo poo beat out of them by Missouri, that is embarrassing a non-sec team!!! Missouri 31 to Tennessee 3!!! I think Tennessee should have given Derek Dooley more of a shot!!! Maybe one day Tennessee want suck? Go Vols!!! Who Dat!!!
Apparently Derek Dooley called and got a temp job in Missouri today...
Has Derek Dooley been coaching UT the last two weeks? The players just seem to be going through the motion. Just like the last three years.
Win or lose, one thing is for certain for Vols Team they will not go down without a fight in this game unlike Derek Dooley's teams made a habit doing every week they played, win or lose.
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