Denzel Washington & Tyler Perry

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director and film producer. Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry, Jr.; September 14, 1969) is an American actor, director, screen and playwright, producer, author, and songwriter. 5.0/5

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That's because he, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman split every black male role that isn't a Tyler Perry film. http…
If I put uh movie together I would have Denzel Washington of course, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence,Sandra Bullock, and Tyler Perry
Think Like a Man 2 is like a black version of Hangover movies.A good movie none the less,But black people what happened to creativity.Similar to Tyler Perry movies wich a a repetition of what u've seen before.Props to Legends like Spike Lee,Richard Pryor,Denzel Washington,Forest Whitiker,Martin Lawrence,Eddie Murphy.Larence Tate.Sydney Potier.Samuel L Jackson 2pac Shakur .Who act or part of Productions wich show the depth and creativity of black actors and film directors.The r alot I did not mension but My top of the list is Denzel Washington a living legend Artists who break barriers in Film and don't take roles for being typical.I mean Jamie Fox acted in roles when he was not even a first pick.Tyler Perry for me is just a token.But Props to those Black artists who r making a difference for other black people
And I know Tyler Perry can write him a show. Isiah Washington is the best black actor just like Denzel Washington.
R.I.P Ann Davis (Alice of The Brady Bunch). A wonderful talented lady that won our hearts when I was growing up. I loved Barry Williams statement, a lady that lived for herself and the Lord. Have you noticed the actors that seem to have it together, that balance stardom, family and life seem to always credit our Great Lord---perhaps a few of the reality stars, the Justin Beaver types, the Lindsey Lohans of the TV world the other rich lost so called stars could take a lesson or two.. My favorites, Tyler Perry, Mark Harmon, Denzel Washington, seem to last quite a while, I wonder why?
I wonder how many poor people are still struggling in the community that Oprah, Tyler Perry, Jay Z, Beyoncé. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordon, Denzel Washington or Hallie Berry grew up in. I wonder how many charities and fund raisers they have attended that doesn't help the people in their old community versus how many that does. They all earned their money and fame but do they have a caring heart for the communities they were once in?.I am just curious.
Jaren Davis once told me, "Every time you say someone mistook you for Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry writes another movie script... False! Don't put that evil on me.. Every time a Heat player flops is when Tyler Perry writes another script.
Denzel Washington would've been a much better Alex Cross than Tyler Perry
There's more than you might think: Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington, Ralph Winter, Angela Bassett, K. Chenoweth.
My future... 1. To become one of Ms. Winfrey's favorite writers. 2. To have Tyler Perry movie produce Never Blend With The Wind. 3. To have Denzel Washington movie produce my life story.
About to watch DJango Again, I can never finsh watching it because of work. Probably watch some of it again &just watch all of it this weekend along with Breaking Dawn Part 1 & Breaking Dawn Part 2 & Flight with Denzel Washington & Alex Cross with Tyler Perry. Hopefully this weekend I don't get called in again, & I can have some me time. :-)
Movie night... Flight with Denzel Washington or Alex Cross with Tyler Perry?
Just saw "Alex Cross" the other day with Tyler Perry. Um. . .Tyler stick to comedy. Your dramatic acting skills are terrible. I can understand them not bringing back Morgan Freeman because he has gotten too old for the part. What about Sam Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith?
It's Black History month and off the top of my head thinking of great people. Thank God for Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Jamie Foxx, the Wayans brothers, Michael Jordan, Kerry Williams, R Kelly, Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Woopi Goldberg, and all the great black people I grew up with in the south and all the great ones I've met on my path through life :)
Tyler Perry should stick w/ comedy movies & leave the action flicks to Denzel Washington 👎
Uhhh i can't sleep rented flight with denzel Washington and a Tyler Perry film and watched flight now the other freaking one won't play guess ill read.a lil bit
Which black man is more widely accepted by white culture - Tyler Perry or Denzel Washington?
Movie: Alex Cross Cast: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Edward Burns, Carmen Ejogo Date Movie Came Out: 10/19/12 Time: 101 minutes When I first found out that Tyler Perry was going to be Alex Cross, honestly, I was skeptical about it at first. I was thinking about all of the actors that could better suit this role. (Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, etc.) At best I thought that Tyler Perry did an okay job. They tried to make him out to be this highly intelligent man that has above average intellect and I just didn’t feel it. Plus there were times were he sounded like Madea and that just threw me off. I think they should have picked someone else different to play this role. Nothing against Tyler Perry, I am a huge fan of his work. Now, I thought Matthew Fox did an excellent job playing the villain! I’d even go far as to say that he exceeded expectation! He made me believe that he was one of the craziest villains to ever hit the movie screen. I just felt it. He gave me the impression of a guy you wouldn’t wan ...
We have new VOD movies for you to see! Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Henry Fonda; Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox; and Flight starring Denzel Washington.
Morning all blessed for the wake up cant believe im just getting up but I had a long night with Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington didnt go to bed till 4 am but it was worth it both movies were great one of the best dates I ever had Me, Tyler and Denzel. Enjoy your Hump Day everyone.
Did I mention I had a really busy day yesterday? Here is a list of the new movies that were out yesterday: *Disney's Peter Pan (Diamond Edition) -always a favorite *You May Not Kiss the Bride *Monster High Double Feature - includes Friday Night Frights and Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love? *Madea Gets a Job *Alex Cross - Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox *Celeste and Jesse Forever *Deadfall - a sexy crime thriller. Wow! *Flight -Denzel Washington *Harvard Park *Here Comes The Boom - Kevin James is hilarious! *A Late Quartet - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and Christopher Walken *So Undercover - Miley Cyrus *Officer Down (now in from last week's release) *For a Good Time Call.(from last week)
I think that Denzel Washington should have played Alex Cross and not Tyler Perry. James Patterson should take note and go and see Flight.
new moviez lined up: 1.Alex Cross(Tyler Perry) 2.Bro'z(Danny Trejo..the Machette dude) 3. Flight (Denzel Washington) 4. Taken 2(Liam Nelson) 5.Upside Down.(this movie is wierd...imagine a world where people walk Upside Down.)
I AM SO GRATEFUL!!! I want to thank everyone who has helped me in my acting career so far. We are just getting started but we got a huge jump! Over 40 tv and film projects in only 5 years! A kid born and raised in Omaha, NE and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, who would have thunk it! Crazy!! To have worked with and learn from Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Garner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Caine, Jill Scott, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Queen Latifah, Tyler Perry and John Goodman already is BANANAS! It kills me when people reach heights in their careers and don't thank the people behind the scenes who believed in them and open the doors for them. I will like to name a few, and a few should be obvious (which I know I shouldn't do, because you always forget someone) but I will anyway. Thank you to my mother Judy, my father John Beasley and my brother Tyrone Beasley for bu ...
Braata - The Lifestyle Magazine joins with CodeBlack Entertainment in saying...Kudos to Halle Berry (Cloud Atlas) & Denzel Washington (Flight) for their NAACP noms. Denzel returned w/ his signature swagger! Join us in saluting ALL of the nominees, including Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis, Sam Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Taraji P. Henson, Don Cheadle, Loretta Divine, Tyler Perry & more. Great acting! What is your fave movie starring these actors? — (CE)~~Anmour
Confirmed for Saturday in-studio on The Mo'Kelly Show - Author, screenwriter, Navy veteran and motivational speaker Antwone Fisher, discussing the ongoing importance of mental healthcare and the Upside Down nature of Hollywood and its imagery (i.e. Tyler Perry). His life story was featured in the 2002 movie starring Denzel Washington and Derek Luke. It's a special 3-hour Mo'Kelly Show...5-8pm PST Saturday on KFI AM640 and
Who's your favorite actor? — Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Tyler Perry.
Why do i always seen dudes in dresses nowadays to think it's cool or funny for what reason? For example: Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawerence, The Wayans Brothers, Tyler Perry & etc... Have some dignity & Be a man for God's sake & put on em *** and be proud of being a "HONORABLE MAN" like Denzel Washington. I know you guys were born males & known as males, NOT fairies. I know my dad raised a boy to an man tho. I'm proud to have a great father in my life. Put the "PANTS" back on & stop wearing the "Dress" & be assertive & demanding.
At work thinking about when I move to LA to pursue my acting career .I thought am I gonna be the next Denzel Washington ,Tyler Perry , or Idris Elba? No imma be the next Brandon J.Sullivan
Sitting here watching Flight...Denzel Washington can act his black butt off!! He can play anybody in any movie any day!! He shouldve played the role of Alex Cross...I mean it was good and I love Tyler Perry too...but Im just saying
Standing ovation for Flight. Denzel Washington is AMAZING as usual! Great mainstream movie that was not afraid to mention the greatness of God. I would recommend it to my Mom if it wasn't for the sex, drugs, nd cursing...oh well she can stick to Tyler Perry movies lol
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Well both Flight with Denzel Washington, and Alex Cross with Tyler Perry were great movies. Cried on both of em lol... Wow... Phenomenal.
I have been thinking about all the Black Actresses and Actors. Because Tuesday in Film class my teacher who is of fair skin only said Will Smith, Halle Berry, and Denzel Washington, oh yeah and Tyler Perry. Needless to say i have named more then 20 off the back today without looking them up, except Michael Ealy.
Can't wait to check out the new Denzel Washington movie "Flight." I saw "Alex Cross" starring Tyler Perry. It was good...but it just seems like a movie or two I've seen before.
just went to see the Alex Cross movie. For me it was odd to see Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. After reading all the James Patterson books on Alex Cross, I just figured it would be Denzel Washington in that role. Matthew Fox, I think that's his name, was an excellent villan!!!
Patty was featured today in the "Daily News" Keep up the good work! Patty Jackson: WORKING HARD, ON & OFF AIR Patty Jackson, WDAS’ “Queen of Midday,” is hardest-working woman in radio T HERE WAS the time in 2008 Tyler Perry showed up in the lobby of the WDAS radio station in Bala Cynwyd asking to see on-air host Patty Jackson. ALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Radio personality Patty Jackson, pictured doing her Oct. 15 midday show, has been on air for 30 years. She’d met him years earlier when he was still producing stage plays and only dreaming of getting into the Hollywood scene. But Jackson hadn’t seen him in ages. When Jackson walked out into the lobby, Perry greeted her and explained, “I had to come by and see you because you were there for me from the beginning. You talked with me when nobody else would talk with me.” Her stunned reaction: “You hang with Oprah and Gayle, and you remember me?” Or the time when Denzel Washington was in town filming the iconic 1993 film “Ph ...
I tried to keep from commenting on this subject. I am sorry Felicia Moon I know I promised to shut up about this!!! Madea as an ACTION HERO? That was the worst fight scene I have ever seen in my Life. Everytime Tyler Perry threw a punch, they would make the camera shake violently so you could not tell he didn't know how to fight. It looked like Barney fighting Bruce Lee. Denzel Washington would have Rocked this Movie!!
Was taken on a date to go see what may as well have been "Tyler Perry's: Alex Cross," and let me say this; Ice Cube should remain in Gangster Movie's, Will Smith does great in the Hancock/MIB territory, Denzel Washington rocks as a bad cop, and Tyler Perry does just fine dressing up as a woman. Action movie and playing a cop ARE NOT his thing. Every role is not for everybody. It is clear that he worked to get Cicily Tyson in the movie as I was forced to listen to several of her mini-monologues. Some of the usual monikers from the Madea flicks were very present, watching him fun like a hero is quite comical, and his inability to not smile while trying to be serious. Cinematography, ehhh.yeah just ehhh. Anyways, save your money, Denzel has a new film called 'Flight' coming out Nov. 2, thats gonna be GOOD.
The trailer for Alex Cross would look ten times better with Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Idris Elba or Jamie Foxx instead of Tyler Perry.
Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx even Samuel L Jackson= Actors that should be Alex Cross before Tyler Perry
Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Tyler Perry. (In your Big Bird voice) One of these things is not like the others, which one is different, do you know, Can you tell me which thing is not like the others, and I'll tell you if it is so.
I totally love Tyler Perry and I have enjoyed reading the Alex Cross series over the years. Somehow, in my mind, I never pictured Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. Will go see it and hopefully enjoy it, but I always pictured Denzel Washington in that role. Any body got an opinion on this?
So after seeing the preview for "Alex Cross", I've come to a couple conclusions. First, when the dramatic voice-over guy says, "Tyler Perry as you've never seen him before", I guess by that he means seeing Perry wear men's clothing. Secondly, am I alone here in assuming that Denzel Washington and possibly Will Smith passed on the title role in this flick?
I don't like Tyler Perry playing Alex Cross?? Where was Denzel Washington?
It's 1:56 am ~ I am watching one of my favorite movies with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd...Kiss the Girls based on the James Patterson novel. I am real interested in seeing the new movie coming out "Alex Cross" staring Tyler Perry. I think he will do it justice for several reasons. However, I think if there are going to be more movies made based on James Patterson's books, the Alex Cross series, they need to have Denzel Washington play the role of Alex Cross just one time...just one time. He would be so awesome in that role as he is in every role he plays.
As a longtime fan of the James Patterson Alex Cross Books, I'm glad to see that another movie hits the big screen. But to be honest, I'm not sure if Iwould have picked Tyler Perry as Alex. After years of thought, I'm thinking Idris Elba or Denzel Washington.
Can't wait to see Tyler Perry's new movie, Alex Cross & Denzel Washington in Flight.
Just because a man is grown it doesnt make him a man. I often say alot of males go through their Peter Pan stage. Were they look like a man but have selfish boyish ways and behaviors. Denzel Washington is one of the finest black men a live . He has been married for 29 yrs. Just imagine how many *** through themselves at him. Yet he remains loyal to his wife that has stood by his side from the start. Tyler Perry wrote and directed Why Did I Get Married one and two. Try to education males who are suffering from the Peter Pan disorder about the 20 , 80 rule. Ladies if God has blessed u with a real man. Praise God first for your blessing and then shower your good man with praise , hugs and kisses. Gurl make his bath water and rubb is feet after a hards day of work. And if your not a nature Marie Calendars kinda cook. Betty Crocker it or something . So he can have something hot and yummy for his belly. And be a laddie in the street and a freak in the sheets lol. A good grown up man is hard to find .. ...
Ok no Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross...but Tyler Perry? Why not Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle???!
Just saw a commercial with Tyler Perry starring as Alex Cross. A action movie ?? Really ?? He is no Denzel Washington or Will Smith. IJS
Looking forward to seeing two movies that I hope are great "Alex Cross" with Tyler Perry and "Flight" with the charmingly handsome Denzel Washington.
So what you think about Tyler Perry taking Morgan Freeman place as Alex Cross? Also Denzel Washington is not in the movie.
Lawd hammercy, Tyler Perry tryna be the next Denzel Washington effing
Oh wow. Just saw the trailer for Alex Cross. It's a must see for me. Playing Oct. 19. One of my most favorite characters in James Patterson's novels. But I always pictured Denzel Washington as Alex Cross. But it's Tyler Perry in the movie role. Can't wait though.
I love you Tyler Perry but I wish you had let Denzel Washington or Dennis Haysbert play Alex Cross.
I would LOVE to see Hollywood do a movie with some of the dopest Black actors/actresses to ever do movies! The all-star cast would include people like: Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry, etc. And NO. Tyler Perry would NOT be allowed to work on the project! :P
Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. Personally, I only ever envisioned Denzel Washington.
Just finished watching "Safe House". As usual Denzel is awesome. I've been waiting on that movie to hit the stands. Best movie I've seen this year behind "Mr. Deeds" and "The Ides Of March". As far as "Deeds" is concerned, its Tyler Perry's best along with "Colored Girls". All due respect, you can shut-up now Spike. Anyway,if you like action and suspense and of course Denzel Washington, "Safe House" is excellent. I'm getting ready to watch it again.
Fame, success and money is a good thing. Just ask Oprah, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee and Tyler Perry.
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