Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director and film producer. Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actor, film director, aviator and narrator. 5.0/5

Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman Samuel L. Jackson Matthew Broderick Will Smith Samuel L Jackson Tom Hanks Sidney Poitier Halle Berry Jamie Foxx Tyler Perry Al Pacino Civil War Wesley Snipes African American Samuel Jackson Jack Nicholson James Earl Jones Alex Cross

my uncle at thanksgiving lunch: Denzel Washington is like a young Morgan Freeman ...
I got Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman with alt. Samuel L. Jackson?
Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, any of the Wayans, Tracy Morgan, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman do i need to continue??
Yes like John Boyega, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman; wait a minute there already loads in big movies!
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and more honored at the AARP Awards
My brother thought H&R Block was an insurance company & I thought Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington were the same person LMAO
Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, & Morgan Freeman are the Best Actors.
A couple ppl I'd love to meet before I die are Denzel Washington, Al Pachino, Drake, Amerie, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Morgan Freeman
Terrance Howard, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington top 3 best male actors ever
I never said you looked like Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman. That ain't right. Be respectful at least.
"Our movie has Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher, but Matthew Broderick should be the star."
Does anyone else notice. The picture of the young Morgan freeman in Shawshank Redemption is actually Denzel Washington?
My greatest actors of all time:. Clarke Gable. Johnny Depp. Humphrey Bogart . Christian Bale . Denzel Washington. L Jackson and . Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington won two times, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox, Olivia Spencer and others have won too.
Morgan Freeman,Samuel L.Jackson, Denzel Washington,James Earl Jones,etc-as to why?Their reps precede them,Google it
Denzel Washington is the Best Actor along with Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy, Samuel L Jackson & James Earl Jones are the 5 I'd pick - it's a time for the big guns.
Steve Mcqueen, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman. If the academy had been racist, they wouldn't have won.
really? What about Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Sydney Poitier, Will Smith, Danny Glover? Not a breath of scandal
Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Kurt Russell were considered for the part of Qui-Gon Jinn.
probably Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, John Cusack or Morgan Freeman. Probably Ryan of them all
RMD is our Denzel Washington, Olu Jacobs is our Morgan Freeman. Nollywood's on the way
That's because he, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman split every black male role that isn't a Tyler Perry film. http…
If Sam L Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman made a movie together, I would die happy
The movie Glory is pretty good. I mean Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman in one movie, hello.
watching the equalizer. Anyone else notice that Denzel Washington sounds like m. Morgan Freeman doing an impression of Joe Pesci
Matthew Broderick, Oscar-winning Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher star in the absolutely superb Glory: 11:35pm on BBC2
Dillard University got Denzel Washington for commencement. Can we get Morgan Freeman?
Thanx for suggesting Bucket List. Gr8 movie. Morgan Freeman is the actor not Denzel Washington.
so Denzel Washington isn't black, Lawrence Fishburne isn't black, Morgan Freeman isn't ablack ? Cuba Gooding Jr isn't black ?
Two words: Denzel Washington "My man." - Frank Lucas (American Gangster) Personally, Denzel Washington is my father of acting for the current generation. However I also do give props to greats such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Sidney Poitier, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman etc.
Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Leonardo DiCaprio are the GOAT. (In no specific order)
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and Will Smith are the finest Black Actors we can have on screen.
Idk what Yall mean black people don't star in quality movies. Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman..they don't exist😐
My favorite movie is on the Sundance channel. Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are excellent in the movie,...
Any movie with Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, or Denzel Washington is bound to be great
A movie with Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith would be amazing.
I'm pretty sure Denzel Washington is what you get when Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson do the fusion dance.
Saturday Night, Movie Night. Tonight's movie, Glory with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. Time to ease into my easy chair.
since we are rewriting history in moron pictures ( i meant, motion pictures) I want to see the following biopics Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Morgan Freeman as Shakespear, Halle Berry as Queen Elizabeth Zoe Saldana as Margret Thatcher and Shia Labouf as Malcom X
YESTERDAY IN HOUSTON's MacGregor Park, in the TREY (Third Ward, TEXAS), a great day as we unveiled a statue in honor of Martin King, Jr., and his son Martin Luther King III, was only ONE of the many celebrities in the huge crowd ! I hung with my old buddy Michael Jackson, talked about the video shoot I did with him in 1987 at the Houston Summit, and had some yuks as I showed him my new break dancin' moves. The statue is BEAUTIFUL and I will be posting more 'faces in the crowd' pictures soon, lots of history with Dr. King here in H-Town, going back to his 1967 visit. I got to see some wonderful people and hear some stirring talks, as Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem, and Opra, Spike Lee, Eddie Murphey, Chris Rock, Lebron James, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Morgan Freeman, Al Sharpton, Denzel Washington, Levar Burton, Gary Coleman, Cedric the Entertainer, and many more CELEBRITIES graced the park with only one ugly incident when Lil' Wayne insulted me and threatened to kick my *** ! He is a worthless cow ...
Joe Louis Clark (born May 7, 1938 in Rochelle, Georgia) is the former principal of Eastside High School in Paterson, one of New Jersey's toughest inner city schools. He is also the subject of the 1989 film Lean on Me, starring Morgan Freeman. Clark gained public attention in the 1980s for his unconventional and controversial disciplinary measures. He also partly inspired Denzel Washington's character in the film Hard Lessons about contemporary Los Angeles high school principal George McKenna. Clark is also the father of the Olympic track athletes Joetta Clark Diggs and Hazel Clark Riley, and the father-in-law of Olympic track athlete Jearl Miles Clark. ***Clark's style as principal was primarily disciplinarian in nature, focused on encouraging school pride and good behavior, although Clark was also portrayed as a former social activist in the film Lean on Me. "Clark's use of force may rid the school of unwanted students," commented Boston principal Thomas P. O'Neill Jr., "but he also may be losing kids wh ...
A special Thank You to Mrs. Eva M. Doyle for inviting me to the Cheektowaga Senior Center on Broadway St. this morning. Mrs. Doyle gave a presentation on African American soldiers serving their country in the Civil War. These soldiers made up the 54 'Colored' Regiment out of Boston, Mass and was commanded by an officer named Robert Shaw. The presentation was largely based on the movie, Glory, starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. Denzel won his first Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for this role. Thank you, Mrs. Doyle for continuing to educate, inform and enlighten us.
I just watched "Glory" with Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman ... probably the 4th time I have seen it over the years and still cried like a baby !
I've decided that from here on out, all audio books should be narrated by Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Chris Hemsworth. That is all.
Annie Brooks gets confused between Morgan Freeman and 'the other one' (Denzel Washington).
I would love to see a movie with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding Jr. Ehh. Or with Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Lawrence Fishburn(?). Someone's missing.
Michael B. Jordan is going to be one of the Actors that carry the torch on from Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman.
If you want to inspire/motivate me you're going to have to do so in the voice of: Tim Tebow, Marco Rubio, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington or Howard Dean from his psychotic "we're going to take back the whitehouse" rant in 2004. Otherwise, it's going to go right over my head.
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Will Smith are all better than Chris Tucker lol
You're whipped like Denzel Washington in Glory, Morgan Freeman in Unforgiven and Levar Burton in everything he ever does!!!
Here are some of the most debatable topics right now Who is the Best Actor? Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Neal Patrick Harris Who is the best Wide receiver? Calvin Johnson, Victor Cruz, Santonio Holmes Who is the hottest? Kate Upton, Tom Brady's wife Gisele, Alex Morgan Comment below who you think wins each category
Okay, let's see if anyone can answer this seasonal trivia question, about a specific accomplishment: Clark Gable, Shirley Maclaine, Diane Keaton, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, and Colin Firth are among the select group of stars to have done it three times. Sir Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, Ben Affleck, Danny De Vito, and Leonardo DiCaprio are some of the larger group to have pulled it off twice. Audrey Hepburn, Sidney Poitier, Natalie Wood, Woody Allen, Sly Stallone, Donald Sutherland, Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jodie Foster, and Elijah Wood are among the many who have managed it a single time in their careers (to this point, at least). Katherine Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Sissy Spacek, Denzel Washington, and Daniel Day-Lewis have NEVER done it. Got it? Or need more hints? Here're a few more anecdotal facts: Gable, Streep, Sir John Gielgud, Russell Crowe and John Goodman are among the very small handful of people to accomplish this twice in a row. Ma ...
Morgan Freeman as Petruchio in Taming of Shrew, Denzel Washington as Richard III, James Earl Jones as Benedick in Much Ado?
Most Trustworthy Celebrities People trust Betty White. Just not as much as Michael J. Fox. White ranks fifth on Forbes magazine's list of the most trustworthy celebrities. Fox is one spot ahead of her in fourth. Tom Hanks tops the list and Carol Burnett is second, followed by Morgan Freeman. The rest of the stars in the top ten are Bill Cosby, Robin Roberts, Denzel Washington, Maggie Smith and Ron Howard.
...about to watch "Glory" starring Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Matthew Broderick -via- the BOUNCE cable network. .
So today I watched Ferris Bueller and the Dread Pirate Roberts train an army regiment that included Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. What did you do today?
okay so billy and i were talking about why does morgan freeman always play God in movies.this is our Genesis cast God-Morgan Freeman; Adam and Eve-Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Lilith-Jennifer Aniston; King Rameses-Arnold Vosloo; Cain and Abel-John and Joan Cusack; Noah-Josh Gates; Lucifer-John Travolta from Faceoff; Gabriel-Sting; Michael-Denzel Washington; Moses-Sam L. Jackson; Abraham and Isaac-Jay and Silent Bob; Samson and Delilah-Dwayne Johnson and Paula Patton; King David-Channing Tatum; King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba-Laurence Fishburn and Angela Bassett; Will Ferrell-Job Stay tuned for more cast listings
FILMS RECENTLY FILMED IN Cape Town & South Africa Yes! South Africa is a popular destination for international film makers, not least of all because of the reliable weather, unrivalled variety of spectacular locations, stunning scenery and great value. If you're coming to Cape Town, a few noteable movies in recent years that you might want to watch are Safe House (with Denzel Washington), Blood Diamond (with Leonardo DiCaprio) and Lord of War (with Nicholas Cage) as these include many shots of Cape Town and the surrounding area. Here is a list of some of the better known movies and series filmed in Cape Town and South Africa... Cape Town Dredd (2012 - Karl Urban, Lena Headey) Safe House (2012 - Denzel Washington) Dark Tide (2012 - Halle Berry) Chronicle (2012 - Dane DeHaan) Invictus (2009 - Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) Amelia (2009 - Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, Ewan Mcgregor) 24: Redemption (2008 - Kiefer Sutherland) Cavegirl (2008 – Thora Birch) Doomsday (2008 – Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins) Oliver Cromwe ...
Watching Glory - this movie gets to me every time. Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Andre Braugher, Matthew Broderick - just stellar!! Especially poignant on MLK day.
Sat watching unstoppable... I don't no who I love more... Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington?!! 🙈
Matthew Broderick leads the Civil War's first all-black volunteer company with Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman in tonight at 9
Imagine a movie where Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman stared in...
Good morning!!! I am shooting four families holiday Christmas photos this week. Have you shot yours yet? I love taking photos . I have been doing this since 1986. Looking back I have had the pleasure of shooting Jasmine Guy, Louis Gossett Jr, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, John Singleton and a host of other celebrities however they have paled in comparison to capturing that MOMENT for a family ..I am also very honored that many of the photos I have taken recently have been old school friends . Make sure you get your family together and CAPTURE the moment . If you want a professional let me know if I am booked I can refer you to some great Professional photographers. Have a VERRY Merry Christmas!!!
How in the holy *** can you call ME racist when many of my favorite entertainers are black ? Here's the list ;Jami Fox ,James Earl Jones ,Dennis Haysbert ,LL cool J ,Morgan Freeman ,Samuel L Jackson ,Denzel Washington ,Wesley Snipes ,Will Smith ,Martin Lawrence ,James brown ,and Otis redding among Many many more .
I might get in trouble from the diversity police for this, but I think my lib credentials are firmly enough established enough to question: There is a new version of "The Sound of Music" that is to be aired live on network TV in a week featuring a number of Broadway Stars and Carrie Underwood as Maria (that is another story.) But here is my problem. The Mother Abbess is being played by Tony award-winning actress Audra McDonald, an African American. Now, call me racially insensitive, but the character she is portraying is the head of a convent in 1936 Austria. Huh? How many black folks were even IN Austria in 1936? You know, the country joined at the hip with Hitler's Nazi Germany? What's next? "Denzel Washington, starring in the new biopic, 'Napoleon!'" "Morgan Freeman, as George Washington, in '1776!'" Or how about, "Nathan Lane, as Martin Luther King, in 'Selma: the Musical!'"
If these names are associated with a movie, I'll advise you sit your *** down and watch that movie.Now read carefully:- Charles Novia, Oliver Stone, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman. I'll let you know if I remember the rest.
I believe we have come up with the single best movie of all time. Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L Jackson all playing bad guys doing bad guy stuff. The plot doesn't even matter.
If DC were to reboot Green Lantern, what Black actor should play John Stewart? Lance Gross, Idris Elba, Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman?
And Pete Edochie, our own Morgan Freeman "So Richard Mofe Damijo is our own Denzel Washington?"
Please can Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington come and read some Wuthering Heights to me?
holli berry is da best female actress hands down.but Who's da best blk axtor of all time? Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker Samuel L Jaxkson?
Morgan Freeman, Andre Braugher and Denzel Washington in the same movie - can't get any better!
I've always been immensely fanatical about Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Paul Newman, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Afleck, Sylvester Stallone, Tommy Lee Jones, Heath Ledger, and Christian Bale, but never was I fanatical about George Clooney. I never liked George Clooney that much for no reason, not until I watched the movie 'The Descendants' in which he portrays a rich lawyer-businessman who is the trustee of a family trust that administers a huge acres of land in Kauai, but the trust is gonna expire in some years according to the rules against perpetuities. So his brothers(also the legal heirs) decide to sell the land, but only his decision will be the deciding factor in selling the property because he is the trustee. In the midst of all that, while he's away from his home on a business tour, his wife has a boating accident and she falls into ...
Tevin Burston, I have this crazy idea of getting, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Morgan Freeman, Terrence Howard, and Phylicia Rashad in the same movie.. BUT this script will have to be THE BEST...
A session with each for an hour,separately, then all together for two: Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Phylicia Rashad, Kerry Washington, Cicely Tyson, Sydney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee and Viola Davis. I would be one OVERLY stoked artist.
tryn to think who will be our next Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett?... remember how we felt when we saw their names on the billing - it didn't matter the film, we went to see it to support them & their craft
if i could be black, i cant decide if i'd rather be Will Smith, Jamie Foxx or Denzel Washington...what you saying Dominic Garnham
Three best voices of African American actor,,Denzel Washington,Samuel L. Jackson & of course Morgan Freeman~
MORGAN FREEMAN PERFF. Ugh. I can't pick Matthew Broderick because I love him. WAIT. Denzel Washington
"I would sleep with John Legend. Or Morgan Freeman. Or Denzel Washington" -
Any movie with Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Clint Eastwood, or Bradley Cooper is guaranteed to be great
Morgan Freeman, Pete Edochie & Denzel Washington can't peak. Thank you.
hello fb family I have a proud moment Id like to share with u and its the African Americans that received oscars as follows: Denzel Washington 2002 Training Day, Forest Whitaker 2006 The Last KIng of Scotland, Sidney Poitier 1963 Lilies of the Field, Jamie Foxx 2004 Ray, Louis Gossett, Jr. 1982 An Ifficer and a Gentleman, Cuba Gooding, Jr. 1996 Jerry Maguire, Denzel Washington 1989 Glory, Morgan Freeman 2004 Million dollar Baby, Whoopi Goldberg 1991 Ghost, Halle Berry 2001 Monsters Ball, Mo'Nique 2009 Precious, Hattie McDaniel 1940 Gone with the Wind, Jennifer Hudson 2006 Dreamgirls, Octavia Spencer 2011 The Help, now look at our black heritage at its best God is good! Amen?
GLORY-1989 If you haven't seen it, please do. Mathew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington (he won his first Oscar). It is a MASTERPIECE! God Bless...xo Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Good morning gentlemen, I am Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. I am your commanding officer. It is a great pleasure to see you all here today. It is my hope that the same courage, spirit, and honor, which has brought us together, will one day restore this Union. May God Bless us all.
Here is my solution for the next Oscar telecast: pay attention, Hollywood! Have Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep, Jaime Foxx, and Salma Hayek host it. All are fabulous actors, all have a wonderful sense of humour, all seem to be innately kind, intelligent, and gracious individuals. Other options would be to have any (or all) Redgraves, Liam Neeson, Sally Field, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Judy Dench, Denzel Washington, Helen Mirren, etc. This is not supposed to be a Friar's Club Roast, or a Don Rickles set.
Sidney Poitier was the first African American to win Best Actor, then Denzel WAshington won in Training Day. Four African American men have won in the Best Supporting Actor category Lou Gossett for an Officer and a Gentleman, Denzel Washington for Glory, Cuba Gooding for Jerry McGuire, and Morgan Freeman i 2004.
Denzel Washington & Samuel L. Jackson are disciples of Morgan Freeman
i also have fresh...see joyce filor thay one... "Glory" (1989) Amazing war flick done by Edward Zwick that garnered Denzel Washington his first Oscar win in a supporting role. The stunning flick traced the first all colored regiment in the Civil War. The Oscar winner also starred Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman ("The Shawshank Redemption," "Driving Miss Daisy") as well as Cary Elwes ("The Princess Bride," "Saw"). Grade: A "In the Heat of the Night" (1967) OScar winner for Best Picture that paricular year also saw a Best Actor statue for lead Rod Steiger. I should note that co-star Sidney Poitier starred in two follow ups with "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" and "The Orginzation." Grade: A- "Boyz N the Hood" (1991) Talk about greatness. With his first movie writer-director John Singleton assembled a strong team with the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube and Laurence Fishburne as patriarch Furious Styles. At the time, Singleton was the youngest African American nominated as director. Grade: A "Coole ...
Magic Lantern Film Society presents "Glory" on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the CETES Conference Center. "Glory" is based on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first formal unit of the US Army to be made up entirely of African American men, as told from the point of view of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, its commanding officer during the Civil War. Starring Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington - who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of an ex-slave turned soldier. A don't miss film!
Just saw "Alex Cross" the other day with Tyler Perry. Um. . .Tyler stick to comedy. Your dramatic acting skills are terrible. I can understand them not bringing back Morgan Freeman because he has gotten too old for the part. What about Sam Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith?
Movie this Saturday! The Friends of the J.V. Fletcher Library are excited about bringing you this latest event in the WESTFORD READS! program. "Glory," a film about the all-black Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry -- starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman -- airs in the library meeting room this Saturday, Feb. 23. The movie won 3 Academy Awards in 1989. This event is free! No registration is required. Popcorn and light refreshments will be served. Please note that the movie is rated R.
It's Black History Month and off the top of my head thinking of great people. Thank God for Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Jamie Foxx, the Wayans brothers, Michael Jordan, Kerry Williams, R Kelly, Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Woopi Goldberg, and all the great black people I grew up with in the south and all the great ones I've met on my path through life :)
Hattie McDaniel, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Halle Berry, and I think Morgan Freeman for best supporting
Honoring the elite'13' Black actors who have coveted the elusive 'Oscar'...Hattie McDaniels, Sidney Portier,Lou Gossett, Whooping Goldberg, Cuba Gooding,Jr, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington (+2), Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Monique, Jennifer Hudson, Octavia Spencer and Halle Berry who is the only black woman who has ever...ever won for best actress! We have not come that far...My sistahs!
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick.what a team.
The movie 'Glory' is very good recomend seeing it Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, and Denzel Washington give award winning performances
GREAT MOVIES TO WATCH ON VSB TV11 - EACH FILM WILL BE AIRED AT 9 AM AND 9 PM EACH SCHEDULED DAY. Fri 8th Feb UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: Documentary of the story of William Still who helped runaway slaves make their way to Canada. Mon 11th Feb INVICTUS: starring Morgan Freeman. This is the story of how Nelson Mandela inspired the South African Rugby team in the 1995 World Cup that united a country. Wed 13th Feb THE GREAT DEBATERS: Starring Denzel Washington. How a small southern black college challenged the Mighty Harvard University to a debate and won. Fri 15th Feb GLORY: Starring Denzel Washington. The story of the 54th Black Regiment during the American Civl war that St. George’s own Sergeant Robert John Simmons served in. Mon 18th Feb GIFTED HANDS (The Ben Carson Story): A Black brain surgeon overcomes obstacles to become one of the finest in the world. Wed 20th Feb WILMA: Starring Shirley Jo Finney. The story of Wilma Rudolph who overcame handicaps to win 3 gold medals in the 1960 Olympics. Fri 22nd ...
Well excuse me, here are my picks for my top tier actors/actresses !! & they are Lorretta Divine, Nia Long, Lela Roshon, Angela Bassett, & Kimberly Elise !! The men are Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones. women who have passed away were Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe !!
Just watched the movie "Glory" with Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington. Awesome movie! And we think times are hard now, watch that movie and be thankful of all our veterans and their families.
This week in the war: Sunday, February 1, 1863: Frederick Douglass, was a former slave, but now a free man and leader of the abolitionist movement in the North; becomes a recruiter for the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, the first regiment will be made up of “Northern Freed - Slaves.” His sons Lewis and Charles join the regiment and eventually his oldest son Frederick Douglass Jr. becomes an army recruiter also. The story of the unit was depicted in the 1989 Academy Award winning film Glory starring Matthew Broderick as Shaw, Denzel Washington as Private Tripp, Morgan Freeman, Cary Elwes, Jihmi Kennedy and Andre Braugher. The film re-established the now-popular image of the combat role African-Americans played in the Civil War, and the unit, often represented in historical battle reenactments, now has the nickname The Glory Regiment. About 180,000 African Americans served in the Civil War on the Union side. While in the South, the Confederate Army was mainly dependent upon slave labor for support. Sla .. ...
Vanilla Sky ( Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz ) Catwoman ( Halle Berry ) Se7en ( Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman ) Devil in a Blue Dress ( Denzel Washington ) Friends with Benefit ( Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ) Casino ( Robert De Niro, Joe Pescy and Sharon Stone ) only on HBO OKEVISION subscribe now :)
THE 44th ANNUAL NAACP Image Awards We have a new show that we just acquired for our seatfillers, a show that has been around for many years and now we have it. Its the 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards, awarding the best of the best within the African American Community. This is a highly sought after show to attend with many A Listers in the Hollywood Community guaranteed to be in attendance. With nominees such as Glee, Modern Family, The Game, Jamie Foxx, Anthony Anderson, Hosea Chanchez, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Scandal, Hill Harper, Kerry Washington, Regina King, Joy Bryant, Loretta Devine, Kristoff St John, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Bruno Mars, Trey Songz, Usher, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott, Ne-Yo, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, Viola Davis and so many more, the list just goes on and on. Plus with some of the hottest musical performances straight off the charts, this will be one show not to be missed. Come join us Friday, Feb 1st in Los Angeles, CA and lets have a fun and really enjoy ...
I just want Morgan Freeman to play Sherlock, Denzel Washington to play John Watson and Samuel L Jackson to play Moriarty. Please. PLEASE.
Just heard Ben Affleck do an impression of Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Al Pacino on NPR. All were horrible horrible horrible. I'd probably be worse, but I have the good sense never to try...
The ultimate TV series would star Minnie Driver, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Helen Hunt, Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon, Scarlett Johansson, Tobey Macguire, and Denzel Washington's teeth, be directed by David O Russell, and narrated by Morgan Freeman. Hopefully the series would keep them all too busy to do anything else, and I be able to avoid all these "talents" all at once.
Training Day has been topped as my favorite Denzel Washington movie... That title now belongs to The Hurricane. Awesome movie.
SATURDAY JANUARY 12th 8pm - FILM NIGHT This month's film chosen and presented by Pat Toner is "Glory". This ground breaking film set in the American Civil War tells of an all black regiment determined to fight for their country. Based on a true story the events had an influence on American policy regarding slavery at the time. Starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, the film won three Academy Awards and is listed among the best 100 films ever made. Admission is free, there is a late bar and you may bring your own nibbles. SUNDAY 13th JANUARY AND EVERY SUNDAY 8.30pm - FOLK NIGHT. We welcome the Wallasey Folk and Acoustic Club every Sunday Evening for an entertaining evening of not just folk but music of all varieties. This group have a good following in the area and we are fortunate that they have chosen our Club for their permanent venue. Please come along and support them and the Club - if you attend please bring your Membership card to avoid paying. The group often have guests ...
I wish I was black and had a cool black dad like Obama or Morgan Freeman or Bill Cosby or Will Smith or Denzel Washington
Top Ten Movies of all time 1. The Shawshank Redemption Andy Dufresne was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife and her lover, but he was inoccent. Came to shawshank prison a quiet and lonely man, with the words "get busy living, or get busy dying" Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman 2. American Gangster Based on true events, this dramatises the life of one Frank Lucas, An affrican American Drug lord who bought Pure coke from Vietnam straight and shipped it with the bodies of dead soldiers during the Vietnam war. It also talks about Richie Roberts, a Federal Narcotics Officer who tried to take down the drug lord of Harlem. Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe
I AM SO GRATEFUL!!! I want to thank everyone who has helped me in my acting career so far. We are just getting started but we got a huge jump! Over 40 tv and film projects in only 5 years! A kid born and raised in Omaha, NE and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, who would have thunk it! Crazy!! To have worked with and learn from Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Garner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Caine, Jill Scott, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Queen Latifah, Tyler Perry and John Goodman already is BANANAS! It kills me when people reach heights in their careers and don't thank the people behind the scenes who believed in them and open the doors for them. I will like to name a few, and a few should be obvious (which I know I shouldn't do, because you always forget someone) but I will anyway. Thank you to my mother Judy, my father John Beasley and my brother Tyrone Beasley for bu ...
Braata - The Lifestyle Magazine joins with CodeBlack Entertainment in saying...Kudos to Halle Berry (Cloud Atlas) & Denzel Washington (Flight) for their NAACP noms. Denzel returned w/ his signature swagger! Join us in saluting ALL of the nominees, including Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis, Sam Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Taraji P. Henson, Don Cheadle, Loretta Divine, Tyler Perry & more. Great acting! What is your fave movie starring these actors? — (CE)~~Anmour
would love to see Edward Norton, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington in one movie
I've come to a conclusion. My top 5 favorite actors are: Jack Nicholson, Edward Norton, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Larenz Tate
Happy Black Friday to Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, the dude from Sevendust, Chris Rock, Obama, Oprah and any other I might have missed
There needs to be a movie with Morgan Freeman, Jason Statham, Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washington... That would be by far the greatest movie ever
don't have a Best Actor. but I have my faves; Pierce Brosnan, Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan.
God's Grace is ALWAYS sufficient!! I was sitting in the steam room at the gym and reflecting back over my life and all my blessings and how God brought me from Moss Point, Missississpi to Los Angeles via New York and New Jersey. I remember arrving in New York with $100, a kitchenette and a childhood friend who turned her back on me the second day I arrived, I was barely eighteen. Be careful whom you entertain, it just maybe an angel!! I remember Denzel Washington saying get an education so Hollywood can't say you're uneducated, Morgan Freeman said, "go to Hollywood get what need and get out" and Danny Glover was encouraging to pursue your dreams and introduce me to the Master Cleanser. Embarking on my third one person show has been a journey. My first show, Lou Coles, director of Fences, advise me to do a one person show on Fannie Lou Hamer. I dismissed it and later found myself writing and performing it for years all over the Country. Secondly, while traveling with this show at a university, a profe ...
I love Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Danny Glover. I don't think i need to say anything else.
If there's a black Gym Leader and he's not played by Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, or Denzel Washington it's a waste
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Tyra Banks, and Beyonce are my favorite black people. OH AND OBAMA.
I went to see "Flight" starring Denzel Washington lasr night. That Denzel is one acting fool. This is one movie not to be missed. Don't sleep on Don Cheadle in a supporting role. here is an unscientific poll: Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith or Samuel L. Jackson. These guys, and several more , have redifined the African-American actor over the past two decades. Just wondering what you think.
- random thought ' but i wonder if Morgan Freeman , Denzel Washington , Queen Latifah , Diddy , Jayz , & Beyonce Are Actually Voting rather than just promoting it !
Who is better actor,Samuel L Jackson,Will Smith,Laurence Fishburn ,Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman ,put in order?
Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman support the President. Where's Denzel Washington maaan. Must be a Romney supporter.
It's 1:56 am ~ I am watching one of my favorite movies with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd...Kiss the Girls based on the James Patterson novel. I am real interested in seeing the new movie coming out "Alex Cross" staring Tyler Perry. I think he will do it justice for several reasons. However, I think if there are going to be more movies made based on James Patterson's books, the Alex Cross series, they need to have Denzel Washington play the role of Alex Cross just one time...just one time. He would be so awesome in that role as he is in every role he plays.
If you do not go by the names of: Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman, Barrack Obama and Denzel Washington then PLEASE keep your cockiness at bay
Ok no Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross...but Tyler Perry? Why not Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle???!
Kofi Annan was in a village in Commo and a man walks to him and shouts "Morgan Freeman, please sign me an autograph" and kofi duly obliged. i hope someday someone will run to me and say 'Denzel Washington,please give me a hug" you guessed right.
How you place Idris Elba in the same acting category as Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman?!? Idris don't even believe that
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Kimberly Elise, and Samuel L. Jackson are the truth in acting.
So what you think about Tyler Perry taking Morgan Freeman place as Alex Cross? Also Denzel Washington is not in the movie.
Top 3 picks for president: Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington. And every presidential speech should be given by Liam Neeson.
I would LOVE to see Hollywood do a movie with some of the dopest Black actors/actresses to ever do movies! The all-star cast would include people like: Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry, etc. And NO. Tyler Perry would NOT be allowed to work on the project! :P
I need opinions. Who is the better actor? Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, or Samuel L. Jackson?
Directed by Edward Zwick. With Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, Morgan Freeman. Robert Gould Shaw leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices of both his own Union army and the Confederates.
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I have a sudden urge to collect and have a watching party of all the movie with these following actors: Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.
I believe that Morgan Freeman's best movie performance was "Lean on Me". Denzel Washington's best movie performance was "Malcolm X". Eddie Murphy's was "48 Hours". Martin Lawrence's best movie performance was "Big Mama's House''. Jack Nicholson's best movie performance was "One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest". Wesley Snipes's best movie performance was "Passenger 57". If you disagree with my choice tell me exactly what you think the best movie performance was for that particular actor.
Krispy Kreme just said that his new song will be called Denzel Washington. Not to be confused with Jay-Z's Morgan Freeman.
Glory w/ Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick is an excellent movie
Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington. Any of these three men in a movie, should be a good movie.
People have been spreading rumours about celebs dying - Rhianna, Morgan Freeman, Wesley Snipes, Carlton from Fresh prince, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington. Why? Is it cos they is black?
I don't think there to many Morgan Freeman movies that I haven't seen.The first time I remember seeing him was in "Brubaker" Great movie with Robert Redford.and of course the last one was "Red" awesome movie.I have both movies...and "March of the Penguins" Him,Denzel Washington,Sidney Portier ...some of our finest!
Dammit, I forgot how much the movie 'Glory' chokes me up. So many powerful scenes... Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington have never been better, in my opinion. And the score is note-perfect, hitting on every emotional crescendo.
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Matthew Broderick in the same movie. Fantastic.
Denzel Washington acted as Steve Biko. Morgan Freeman acted as Nelson Mandela. I think Bill Cosby should act as Desmond Tutu now.
If I had Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington or Michael Holding's (cricket commentator) voice I would sit in a corner and talk to myself for days.
3 best black male actors of my lifetime...Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel Jackson you one bad Dude. Every role he consumes it, he's into character. This movie is one of his best yet. To me He get's overlooked when it comes to the awards. Somebody needs to put together an All Star Cast Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington. Oh yeah Forrest Whitaker. All Great ones.
Who was the first African American male to win an Academy Award for Best Actor? o Denzel Washington o Morgan Freeman o James Earl Jones o Sidney Poitier o Paul Winfield
Comedian - YouTube: Comedian Does an impression of Denzel Washington, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, and more...Gre...
In my opinion, the two Best Actors of my lifetime are Morgan Freeman and Health Ledger. Morgan Freeman is a talented actor with an even more legendary voice, while Heath Ledger played arguably the most compelling and unorthodox role (in comparison to the rest of his career) that I've ever seen, while (though tragically) never having to let us down after that. Honorable mentions go to Denzel Washington for being a perpetual badass, Tom Hanks for pretty much every movie he was ever in, and Jack Nicholson for being such a lovable *** Feel free to weigh in.
I can't wait until they do a remake of Harry Potter. My bet goes as follows: The role of Voldemort will by played by Arnold Schwartz. The role of Hermione Granger will be played by Anne Hathaway. Ronald Weasley will be played by Morgan Freeman. Albus percival somethin' Dumbledore will by played by Denzel Washington. And Finally, Harry Potter will be played by Patrick Stewart.
Okay, my favorite actors that I wish would like... Never die, would be; Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Adam West and... There was like one other person, and I can't think of him. Isn't that funny? They're only guys.
I am the next Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lopez, and Denzel Washington all in one!
if you respect: Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Eddie Murphy
What do Terrence Howard, Paula Patton, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman have in common? . Well they were all in my dream last night. That's right my very own all-star BET movie dream. The breakdown: Patton was married to Denzel who had cancer and had gone mostly blind. Freeman was his doctor and Terrence was his good friend that was trying to keep his spirits up. Freeman came over to tell Denzel that his cancer was in remission and that with surgery his sight would most likely come back. They all busted out doing the stepping in the name of love and the love slide to Beyonce's "put my love on top" .then I woke up.
Glory...this muvi will always b awesome...Denzel Washington,Morgan Freeman and Mathew Broderick
Comcast has The Best of Channing Tatum out right now, because when I think of great Actors' it's like Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Channing Tatum.
Man what movie doesn't have Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, or Denzel Washington? Every movie I've seen today has at least 1 of them.
I can understand when they say Tom Hanks acts, Robert De Niro acts, Morgan Freeman acts, Denzel Washington acts...But when they said Dileep acts, what exactly did they mean by 'acting'??..or are they being sarcastic?,i suppose a jury can't be..
Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, (lol) Morgan Freeman . I love them there are others but I cant think of them right now :/
Me: "who's Denzel Washington?" Allison: "He played God in Bruce Almighty." Me: "That was definitely Morgan Freeman... you're retarded."
*** 3 major fails in this pic 1. the pic is of Wanted and the quote is from Snakes on a Plane 2. Thats Morgan Freeman not Denzel Washington 3. Samuel L. Jackson said the quote not Denzel Washington SMH failed! xD
Denzel Washington is an amazing actor. He's up there with De Niro, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Johnny Depp
There is quote by Samuel Johnson that says, “A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.” When the film adaptation of Kiss the Girls was released in 1997, I wasn’t pleased with the casting of Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross. I had alway envisioned someone like Denzel Washington in the Cross role...
*talking about Adam Sandler movies* Mom: He was in that one with..not Denzel Washington. Me: Samuel L Jackson? Mom: no Me: Morgan Freeman? Mom: No Me: Don Cheadle Mom: yes! Him. Me: Oh good I was running out of black guys
Me and Danny Chen watching Safe House--Danny: Morgan Freeman is such a good actor. Me: Danny...that's Denzel Washington.
Movie Night tonight. what too watch? Project X, Sherlock Holmes, Big Miracle, Magic of Belle Esle with Morgan Freeman, Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd, Ghost Rider (Spirit), Man on a Ledge, This Means War, Red Tails, Safe House with Denzel Washington, Chronicle, Underworld Awakening, New Year's Eve, Haywire, Born to be Wild, Contraband, Jack and Jill, or Real Steel... ... some decent ones... hhhm .. Anyone? Bueller?
Denzel Washington, Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, Will Smith, and Samuel L Jackson in a movie narrated by Morgan Freeman.>>>>
My favourite movie at the moment is Glory with Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, & Denzel Washington. :)
Ok heres a ? for ladies and have your own poker game...besides yourself you need 6 guys.who are your six? They can be deceased or living.Mine are Walter Payton, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Charles Barkley, Morgan Freeman and The Rock.who would yours be...?
Tom Hanks in with Denzel Washington in with Morgan Freeman in with Steve Carell
Gene Hackman, Danny De Vito Denzel Washington, Al Pacino Rob De Niro, Morgan Freeman... Jason Statham & Vin Diesel... Recipe for one gud movie day!
Afro American actors have a special intensity in their eyes. Be it Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington. Philadelphia was the first DW movie I saw. That was largely because of Tom Hanks. However, DW impressed me like anything. His subtle performance had an everlasting impact on me.
THE 100 GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, GLORY (1989). I always love when movies tell true stories that I hadn't read or heard about, and this was one of those in 1989. Telling one of the most important and moving true stories of the Civil War, GLORY is the story of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the first all black regiment to fight in that bloody conflict. At a time when the country was divided with each other, the 54th was struggling with even more, and were made up of men who simply wanted to fight. When they finally get their opportunity to be the regiment to lead others into a huge final battle, it is a deeply moving sequence, made especially powerful by James Horner's incredibly moving score. The performances are first rate, particularly Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, here in the role that won him his first Oscar. Matthew Broderick is also very good in a rare dramatic departure at the time as the white officer who faces his own battles to fight for the regiment. An extremely importa ...
Never realized Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Morgan Freeman and Wesley Snipes all hustled together in NY.
Are you particular about the movies you watch? I like watching Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Shah Rukh Khan... I performed with him in Durban early last year... It was quite an experience and I found him to be so humble. He’s a tremendous guy - AB DE VILLIERS
I swear Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Robert Dinero, and Al Pacino are the Koolest old dudes alive lol
Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman & Denzel Washington. three people this world will always remember.
Idris Elba isn't Denzel Washington's age and he already looks like Morgan Freeman
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Ving Rhames is definitely one of my favourite "not Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington" black movie guys.
'Glory' is a spectacular movie which tells the story about one of the first African-American regiments, 'The 54th Massachusetts' led by a young white colonel and their courage during the American Civil War directed by Edward Zwick and featuring some spectacular performances by Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, and Morgan Freeman... It's a real heart-wrenching story of courage and honor.
Adam Sandler will always be my favourite actor, followed closely by Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Morgan Freeman
I want to have a hard down argument with Denzel Washington , Samuel L Jackson & Morgan Freeman ! It would be EPIC!
"Denzel Washington" the great actor: Philadelphia Man on Fire ? Bone Collector ,L'Affaire Pélican ,Uss Alabama The best with Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Edward Norton one of my fav actors
In response to Jonathan Arix Horvath's holy trinity of Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Denzel Washington, I have chosen my own holy trinity: Ralph Fiennes, James Woods, and Jeff Bridges
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington or Samuel L. Jackson. Who is the greatest?
evet bu iyi : git is Wesley Snipes, mercurial is Denzel Washington and svn is Morgan Freeman
Just arrived home from Berlin, where I had the most AMAZING weekend! Me and my producers travelled there to get the Goldene Kamera Award for Best Music International. What an event!! I've never experienced anything like it, red carpet, screaming fans and even louder screaming photographers!! Sitting front row with international stars like Scarlett Johansson, Dionne Warwick, Michael Bolton, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. Thanks everyone for all the sweet messages and congrats, and a special thanks to the fans who waited outside for hours in the freezing cold at the red carpet to get my autograph. I feel like a true star now!
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