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Denzel Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director and film producer.

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American gangster with Russell Crowe & Denzel Washington. Crazy heroine movie.
Denzel Washington without the finger thing
I was discovered on the Sony lot through an audition by Denzel Washington.
Listen to 73 Gary Whitta of The Book of Eli by Denzel Washington is... on
do you know Cry Freedom? Where Denzel Washington potrays Stephen Biko?
Denzel Washington raised $17M for National Museum of African American History and Culture: http…
Listening to 70 Jesse Williams of Grey's Anatomy on Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor
"Our movie has Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher, but Matthew Broderick should be the star."
probably wondering why he had Dennis Leary for his head coach when Denzel Washington and or Craig T Nelson were available.
Watched Training Day. It reminds me of the Politics of the Election. Hillary is the Denzel Washington and Bernie is Ethan Hawke character
whoops Denzel Washington playing Lucius Fox, and Michael Keaton playing Harvey Bullock. A leaner version for the DCEU movieverse
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis will reprise their Tony-winning roles in
Guns are blazing in new 'The Magnificent Seven' trailer with Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt
COLD CASE’s Kathryn Morris and actor Johnny Messner (next seen in the upcoming Denzel Washington feature THE...
Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt ride into town in the first 'The Magnificent Seven' trailer:
Get the first look at Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt's
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt are doing a movie together. I like it
Denzel Washington looks badass in first look at Antoine Fuqua’s
and I'm not a rockets van, but come in blood. let em play...*insert Denzel Washington scene from Remember The Titans*
Casting call for Adults and children to be in a movie with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis
Denzel Washington & Viola Davis team u for the movie version of Fences w/Denzel directing
I love Denzel Washington he played my father Rubin hurricane Carter in the movie The Hurricane
Denzel Washington to star & direct 'Fences' with Viola Davis as costar
If you want someone to play you on a movie who would it be?. Rian: George Clooney. Alex: Denzel Washington. Jack: Scar Jo. Zack: Channing Tatum
Listening to the Edi Gathegi episode of the Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time from a few months ago...
Jay z is the Denzel Washington of rap.
Actors in the image: Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, Byung-Hun Lee, Martin Sensmeir (not in that order)
Hot Fuzz, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Hemsworth. Directed by Peter Weir, music by Neil Sedaka. Budget: $100,000
Yahoo? [ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Poll: Am I the only one who likes Denzel Washington in "The Hurrican...
Villanova's coach is the Don Draper, Sean Connery, Denzel Washington of college basketball. Dude is cool
Does anyone else notice. The picture of the young Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption is actually Denzel Washington?
Hamilton Collection
When you pray for the rain you have to deal with the mud too. -Denzel Washington
If my doc looked like Denzel Washington, I'd take him up on his offer to the movies😙
Is it really? I haven't noticed that trend. I think of Denzel Washington in Man on Fire and Wesley Snipes in Blade.
The best male actor is Denzel Washington. Don't @ me.
Whitney Housten especially should have been with someone like Denzel Washington. Only God knows WHY she settled for... Bobby Brown. Ugh
The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Gene Hackman, Denzel Washington and Jason Robards -
Today in 1990 Denzel Washington won Academy Award for role in Glory Has honorary degrees from
Avvistavip with the winners of the Oscar. Denzel Washington
I don't have a type per se.. It can vary from Dan Campbell to Don Draper, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, D. Wade, etc
Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz celebrate Sidney Poitier's birthday in Los Angeles...
Eddie Murphy is good. Denzel Washington is good. But there are also white men who're good. John Goodman, Guy Pierce, etc.
What an exciting surprise in Pittsburgh. Thanks you for your support Denzel Washington!
Here's Ethan Hawke getting very existential about hanging out with Denzel Washington.
Miss my city... August Wilson Monologue Competition crowns three; Denzel Washington cheers them on via
Denzel Washington's character in the movie "Antwone Fisher" is a reflection of the type of man and Therapist I want to be.
Idris Elba, Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood, I can keep going lol
I liked a video Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in 'Fences'
Little brother: (talking about Ted Cruz) "is it like Tom Cuise?". Dad: "yep Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Trump"
Denzel Washington or Jeffrey Wright for my autobiography's audiobook.
I love Tom Hanks..Denzel Washington...jonny depp...If they are acting...I'm watching.
My greatest actors of all time:. Clarke Gable. Johnny Depp. Humphrey Bogart . Christian Bale . Denzel Washington. L Jackson and . Morgan Freeman
today I learned to things. . 1 How much I love Hill Harper . 2 How much I hate Denzel Washington
My helps me understand that circumstances don’t dictate my my inner peace – Denzel Washington
For me, success is inner peace. That’s a good day for me.- Denzel Washington.
Denzel Washington won two times, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox, Olivia Spencer and others have won too.
The following statements are true:. 1) Denzel Washington was in John Q. 2) Christina Ricci was in Casper
Denzel Washington as Rubin Carter in 1999 film 'The Hurricane'. Washington lost 40lbs in preparation for this role
I didn't realize Will Smith lost the best actor Academy Award for Ali because that was the year Denzel Washington won for Training Day 😣
Watching Man on Fire. Excellent film by the late Tony Scott with a superb performance by Denzel Washington as the bodyguard Creasy.
Morgan Freeman,Samuel L.Jackson, Denzel Washington,James Earl Jones,etc-as to why?Their reps precede them,Google it
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Am I the only one that used to get Dennis Haysbert and Denzel Washington mixed up lol??
I never realized how good Denzel Washington had to be in The Pelican Brief. Great job countering Julia Roberts overacting.
role of the late Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko was portrayed by Denzel Washington. Mama Winnie by Naomi Harris !
Denzel Washington, Bradley cooper, Ryan Reynolds men of my dream😔
Denzel Washington is the best actor along with Morgan Freeman
📷 mariah-do-not-care-y: Denzel Washington and Cynda Williams by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US 
. Death of a Salesman with Denzel Washington and John Boyega.
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy, Samuel L Jackson & James Earl Jones are the 5 I'd pick - it's a time for the big guns.
Denzel Washington won an oscar on his role as Steve Biko and Jungle fever by Spike Lee. I was old enough 2 remember watching the movies
Watching A Soldier's Story for the umpteenth time. Denzel Washington, Howard Rollins, David Alan Grier, Robert Townsend
Not only would I vote for anything Denzel Washington starred in I would spend a month one a deserted tropical island with him Will Smith NOT
We need to see an action movie with Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, Idris Alba and Zoe Saldana
Never watched Prince of Bell Air but I really Like Will Smith,hes my fav actor together with Clint Eastwood&Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington didn't win an Oscar for John Q, Man on Fire, Malcom X, Antwone Fisher, Philadelphia. He won it for a thu…
I realized just how good Denzel Washington is when I met Rubin Carter.
The Great Debaters is one of Denzel Washington's greatest performances.
Training Day is on Great movie, solid work by Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.
Interesting to note: Will Smith was nominated twice, he lost to Forest Whitaker and Denzel Washington
Jamie Fox, Forest Whitaker & Denzel Washington earned the Oscar for best actor ... sounds more like jealous tantrum
Denzel Washington was too fine in Training Day 😭
Have Denzel Washington have a tv show or something a meaningful person atleast
If it's about our military I'm there. Unstoppable with Denzel Washington was a thrill a minute. I'll Diesel Locomotive nut!
Tom Hanks' intro speech for Denzel Washington was so well-written.
Only 4 black actors have won an Academy Award for 'Best Actor'. Sidney Poitier. Forest Whitaker. Jammie Fox. Denzel Washington
But why Denzel Washington's son so fine tho??
Cause Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, or Zach Efron haven't asked me to be their girlfriends yet 😩
Can't wait till a filmmaker smartens up and casts John Boyega as Denzel Washington's son in a movie.
all the old cougars love them some Denzel Washington
You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. -Denzel Washington-
bday's in two days and all I feel like doing is ordering chinese food and watching Denzel Washington movies.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
My goal for 2016 is to have the same savage level as denzel washington in Training Day
Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient Denzel Washington shows us how faith can help us achieve our dreams.
I liked a video Tom Hanks Speech on Golden Globes 2016 about Denzel Washington
Steve McQueen, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman. If the academy had been racist, they wouldn't have won.
"Soon the earth will consume you en route to its own glorious consumption." - Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington is actually the smoothest *** alive still to this day
He is not better than Denzel Washington tho
Man on Fire with Denzel Washington has got to be one of my favorite movies
That moment when you realize you and Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli wear the same backpack
Denzel Washington family on stage to Accept Cecil B. DeMille Award at the
Denzel Washington look good af in Training Day
I legit get mad when people got something to say about me liking Denzel Washington 🙄😑
Maybe the taxpayers owe reparations to Will Smith or Denzel Washington ?
I'm probably late as *** but Training Day with Denzel Washington is a badass movie!
That period followed the historic year in which Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won the two top prizes and seemed to c…
Just watched "The Equalizer" and *** how can Denzel Washington be so hot at that age
Denzel Washington to produce August Wilson plays for HBO
'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington
'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington via
ICYMI: 'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington's hot son John David stole the show at Golden Globes
Pray for John David Washington, Denzel Washington's son. Ain't nothin wrong with him. He's just a blessing to us all htt…
Congrats Tony winner Denzel Washington on the award!
Cookie and Earvin Johnson. Pauletta and Denzel Washington. Judy Dlamini and Sizwe Nxasana. Michelle and Barack Obama ♥♡♥
Denzel Washington was honored with the Golden Globe lifetime achievement award
Denzel Washington holds the record for most Academy Award nominations for a Black actor with six nominations and two win…
Denzel Washington trivia: The only Oscar Best Picture nominee he's ever appeared in was A SOLDIER'S STORY, 31 years ago.
Once, I was looking for Denzel Washington's son on FB and I discovered we had a mutual friend who was trying to hide it. Life is weird
A new favorite: 47 Much Ado About Nothing (w/ Corey Glover) by Denzel Washington is... on
Let them say that to Oprah or Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Denzel Washington, etc. etc.
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In The Pelican Brief, Denzel Washington took a role written for a white man. Jodie Foster also did that, in Flight Plan.
I think John Boyega and Denzel Washington should make a Father Son movie, something Deep
Ancient Rome and Little Italy, in the Bronx: Alumni like Denzel Washington, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Alan Alda an...
really? What about Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Sydney Poitier, Will Smith, Danny Glover? Not a breath of scandal
Film Industry Showcases Area Towns and Venues: ... Denzel Washington, about the famed Wiley College team from Marshall; and TV episod...
Watching 2 Guns for the first time. Feel like I've seen Denzel Washington and Paula Patton together before. Must be Déjà Vu. Ha…
No they're not. Denzel Washington, Idris Alba, Will Smith, Lebron James, Lenny Kravitz, Ice Cube should I continue?
wish movie star Denzel Washington a Happy 60th Birthday!
I think John Boyega looks like the love child of Denzel Washington and Matt Damon? What do you reckon?
Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Kurt Russell were considered for the part of Qui-Gon Jinn.
Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes honor Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards
I liked a video from EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - Claim Your
Best idea I've heard all week, from and Denzel Washington as Reed Richards.
Denzel Washington playing Steve Biko was fire tbh
Denzel Washington should've starred in 10 Rawlins films instead of 1. If you love noir, you have to read Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins series
Denzel Washington as executive producer and HBO, brings August Wilson's plays to television
Flight Academy Award winner Denzel Washington stars in this riveting and powerf...
Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington... they aint got nothing on Aaron Rodgers.
probably Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, John Cusack or Morgan Freeman. Probably Ryan of them all
Denzel Washington in Antwone Fisher!!! Lord bless these black people!
This Antwone Fisher movie seems like it's worth the watch plus it features Denzel Washington.
RMD is our Denzel Washington, Olu Jacobs is our Morgan Freeman. Nollywood's on the way
That's because he, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman split every black male role that isn't a Tyler Perry film. http…
also get Denzel Washington and the Pierce Brosnan… *** Dolph Lundgren and Ice T could get in the action… Henry Rollins, too.
There was an adaption of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in 1993 featuring Michael Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington.
calls himself because he combined his name with Denzel Washington
Yrs ago interned at Denzel Washington's production company Mundy Lane Entertainment, Now DW is directing an episode of
Hey did you see they tried to give a "Man on Fire" quote to Putin?
Denzel Washington will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes
.'Malcolm X' was released 23 years ago today.
When the pilot starts to fly the plane like Denzel Washington in Flight...
before that it was attributed to US General and prior to that to Denzel Washington (movie- Man on Fire) :)
I vaguely remember a Denzel Washington movie in which something similar happens
Denny's is not named after Denzel Washington.
Entertainment(!) about white privilege. Better if you love Denzel or watch Greenlight.
Ratings: 2.5/8.5M Viewers. WOW Now bring on 12x09 with Meredith in every scene, directed by Denzel Washing…
A wise woman knows the importance of speaking lyf into her man. If you luv him bliv in him encourage him and be his peace -Denzel Washington
Everyone can't be a Denzel Washington or a John Coltrane.
he didn't say that. That quote is by Denzel Washington from Man on Fire. Many ppl falsely att…
my favourite Denzel Washington movie is Man On Fire Good music🎶 man!
Denzel Washington experience has to be John Q,Training Day and Inside man.he is the best
... that song in the background, ke Ya mang? It's a hit baba!!! My favourite denzel Washington movie has to be safe house
In my books, Denzel Washington and Nicholas Cage are the G.O.A.T.
my favorite Denzel Washington movie is John Q .
"If you have enough time to hate someone you don't know, you have enough time to improve your own life." - Denzel Washington
The Proper Name is Denzel Washington, Amy said Denzel WaRshington. The R added is NOT the Proper Name for Denzel!!! Faulty Game!!
Listen To My Guest Podcast Appearance on Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor Ever Period with…
Putin does a Denzel Washington, vows to send terrorists to God
"Your career is based on the things you refuse to do" - Denzel Washington
Let's roll like Denzel Washington off of flight!! 🍸🍺🍾
Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley and Denzel Washington were voted the stars with the best ...
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me' via po_st
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me': The New York native first made...
The pastor said "thank God for your boyfriend, he might not be a Denzel Washington, but he is an Eddie Murphy" 😭😭💀
I really miss ms. Smith and her love for Denzel Washington
"I thought Denzel Washington was the president" ... *** kendra
Hi I'm Denzel Washington and I have DirectTV and I'm Dennis Haysbert and I have cable.
wait wait wait.. Denzel Washington and Robert Dinero in a Movie Called I actually started working on these in jail yall.. u want more
On set: Denzel Washington lighting the candles on Jim's bday pie w/Kevin & Jesse in the back h…
you look like Denzel Washington with downs syndrome
American Gangster (2007): Badass act by Denzel Washington, brilliant background score, and an unexpected climax.
It goes Denzel Washington then Forest Whitaker as far as black male actors go
I added a video to a playlist EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - Claim Your Dream!!
Why everybody mad age but bet one of these young pigeons love them some Denzel Washington and would be with him if they could
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