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Denzel Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director and film producer.

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Denzel Washington to produce August Wilson plays for HBO
'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington
'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington via
ICYMI: 'Fences' coming home to Pittsburgh with Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington's hot son John David stole the show at Golden Globes
Pray for John David Washington, Denzel Washington's son. Ain't nothin wrong with him. He's just a blessing to us all htt…
Congrats Tony winner Denzel Washington on the award!
Cookie and Earvin Johnson. Pauletta and Denzel Washington. Judy Dlamini and Sizwe Nxasana. Michelle and Barack Obama ♥♡♥
Denzel Washington was honored with the Golden Globe lifetime achievement award
Denzel Washington trivia: The only Oscar Best Picture nominee he's ever appeared in was A SOLDIER'S STORY, 31 years ago.
A new favorite: 47 Much Ado About Nothing (w/ Corey Glover) by Denzel Washington is... on
Let them say that to Oprah or Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Denzel Washington, etc. etc.
In The Pelican Brief, Denzel Washington took a role written for a white man. Jodie Foster also did that, in Flight Plan.
I think John Boyega and Denzel Washington should make a Father Son movie, something Deep
Ancient Rome and Little Italy, in the Bronx: Alumni like Denzel Washington, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Alan Alda an...
really? What about Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Sydney Poitier, Will Smith, Danny Glover? Not a breath of scandal
Film Industry Showcases Area Towns and Venues: ... Denzel Washington, about the famed Wiley College team from Marshall; and TV episod...
Watching 2 Guns for the first time. Feel like I've seen Denzel Washington and Paula Patton together before. Must be Déjà Vu. Ha…
No they're not. Denzel Washington, Idris Alba, Will Smith, Lebron James, Lenny Kravitz, Ice Cube should I continue?
wish movie star Denzel Washington a Happy 60th Birthday!
I think John Boyega looks like the love child of Denzel Washington and Matt Damon? What do you reckon?
Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Kurt Russell were considered for the part of Qui-Gon Jinn.
Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes honor Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards
I liked a video from EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - Claim Your
Best idea I've heard all week, from and Denzel Washington as Reed Richards.
Denzel Washington playing Steve Biko was fire tbh
Denzel Washington should've starred in 10 Rawlins films instead of 1. If you love noir, you have to read Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins series
Denzel Washington as executive producer and HBO, brings August Wilson's plays to television
Flight Academy Award winner Denzel Washington stars in this riveting and powerf...
Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington... they aint got nothing on Aaron Rodgers.
probably Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, John Cusack or Morgan Freeman. Probably Ryan of them all
Hamilton Collection
Denzel Washington in Antwone Fisher!!! Lord bless these black people!
This Antwone Fisher movie seems like it's worth the watch plus it features Denzel Washington.
RMD is our Denzel Washington, Olu Jacobs is our Morgan Freeman. Nollywood's on the way
That's because he, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman split every black male role that isn't a Tyler Perry film. http…
also get Denzel Washington and the Pierce Brosnan… *** Dolph Lundgren and Ice T could get in the action… Henry Rollins, too.
There was an adaption of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in 1993 featuring Michael Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington.
calls himself because he combined his name with Denzel Washington
Yrs ago interned at Denzel Washington's production company Mundy Lane Entertainment, Now DW is directing an episode of
Hey did you see they tried to give a "Man on Fire" quote to Putin?
Denzel Washington will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes
.'Malcolm X' was released 23 years ago today.
When the pilot starts to fly the plane like Denzel Washington in Flight...
before that it was attributed to US General and prior to that to Denzel Washington (movie- Man on Fire) :)
I vaguely remember a Denzel Washington movie in which something similar happens
Denny's is not named after Denzel Washington.
Entertainment(!) about white privilege. Better if you love Denzel or watch Greenlight.
Ratings: 2.5/8.5M Viewers. WOW Now bring on 12x09 with Meredith in every scene, directed by Denzel Washing…
A wise woman knows the importance of speaking lyf into her man. If you luv him bliv in him encourage him and be his peace -Denzel Washington
Everyone can't be a Denzel Washington or a John Coltrane.
he didn't say that. That quote is by Denzel Washington from Man on Fire. Many ppl falsely att…
my favourite Denzel Washington movie is Man On Fire Good music🎶 man!
Denzel Washington experience has to be John Q,training day and Inside man.he is the best
... that song in the background, ke Ya mang? It's a hit baba!!! My favourite denzel Washington movie has to be safe house
In my books, Denzel Washington and Nicholas Cage are the G.O.A.T.
my favorite Denzel Washington movie is John Q .
"If you have enough time to hate someone you don't know, you have enough time to improve your own life." - Denzel Washington
The Proper Name is Denzel Washington, Amy said Denzel WaRshington. The R added is NOT the Proper Name for Denzel!!! Faulty Game!!
Listen To My Guest Podcast Appearance on Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor Ever Period with…
Putin does a Denzel Washington, vows to send terrorists to God
"Your career is based on the things you refuse to do" - Denzel Washington
Let's roll like Denzel Washington off of flight!! 🍸🍺🍾
Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley and Denzel Washington were voted the stars with the best ...
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me' via po_st
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me': The New York native first made...
The pastor said "thank God for your boyfriend, he might not be a Denzel Washington, but he is an Eddie Murphy" 😭😭💀
I really miss ms. Smith and her love for Denzel Washington
"I thought Denzel Washington was the president" ... *** kendra
Hi I'm Denzel Washington and I have DirectTV and I'm Dennis Haysbert and I have cable.
wait wait wait.. Denzel Washington and Robert Dinero in a Movie Called I actually started working on these in jail yall.. u want more
On set: Denzel Washington lighting the candles on Jim's bday pie w/Kevin & Jesse in the back h…
you look like Denzel Washington with downs syndrome
American Gangster (2007): Badass act by Denzel Washington, brilliant background score, and an unexpected climax.
It goes Denzel Washington then Forest Whitaker as far as black male actors go
I added a video to a playlist EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - Claim Your Dream!!
Why everybody mad age but bet one of these young pigeons love them some Denzel Washington and would be with him if they could
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Someone just told me I look like a white Denzel Washington. . I don't have time in my life for this confusion.
Can someone tell me why I had a dream I was coaching a jr high volleyball team with Denzel Washington.
Denzel Washington sighting. Didn't have the heart to tell him that his last good movie was Remember the Titans
Going to meet a man described as Denzel Washington mixed with idris Elba so I'm expecting a flavor flav 😂😂😂
.Morgan Burns channels his inner Denzel Washington at Big 12 Media Days! https…
Leo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors along with Larenz Tate and Denzel Washington
I think Denzel Washington should consider acting Chris Hani. They look alike.
Today at 2pm ET - Antwone Fisher with Denzel Washington.
Denzel Washington needs to come out in another badass movie
Denzel Washington and Tony Scott made the best combination ever and came up with some of my favourite movies.Then Tony Scott killed himself!
in honour of me circa 2002 with Denzel Washington talking Antwone Fisher on a sweaty red carpet
.Denzel Washington, and the lovely Dame Maggie Smith: we all share a birthday.
If there's another person on Earth who remembers the Bob Hoskins-Denzel Washington non-classic "Heart Condition," I'll be very surprised.
Denzel Washington as Steve Biko in CRY FREEDOM, 7:30pm at International Lens:
Ever watched the movie called Flight by Denzel Washington? I think I also need that pick me up he got the time he...
Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, and George Cloony are all my favorite actors
Michael Jai White as the Moor and Denzel Washington as Imhotep, this year may not be beyond salvation from incorrect racial casting.
Antwone love the movie. Another excellent performance of Denzel Washington and Derek Luke. I cry my eyes out with this one..
(Mine are Hillary Swank in Boys Don't Cry, Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, Maureen Stapleton in Reds,...
Delroy Lindo (X) acted with Denzel Washington, who has played a Jamaican cop (The Mighty Quinn) and British soldier (For Queen and Country).
If Sam L Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman made a movie together, I would die happy
Viola Davis Says She Will Star in a Film Adaptation of 'Fences' Directed by Denzel Washington
Viola Davis to Team Up with Denzel Washington for Film Adaptation of 'Fences'
Joss Whedon is farting. Zeus and Pon are visiting King Tut. Katy Perry and Denzel Washington are doing email in the farting hut.
If really wants too up his views on xfactor he should employ David Attenborough or Denzel Washington as the new voice over man
Fan-Casting! Denzel Washington as the new James Gordon! With Jena Malone (Barbara Gordon) as his step daughter!
2 Guns is one of my favorite movies 🙌🏻🙌🏾 Mark Wahlburg and Denzel Washington couldn't be a better duo.
SNL’s Jay Pharoah tells us puberty perfected his Denzel Washington impersonation
John F. and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned here. John Travolta and Denzel Washington have both escaped t
Photos: Denzel Washington chats with Tony Romo, huddles with Cowboys before practice Saturday http:/…
Prophetic words that also show you how much Denzel Washington was ripped off of the Academy Award in 1992.
Denzel Washington on Much Ado About Nothing and Kenneth Branagh, 1992 -- Film 90014 - YouTube
Most iconic behind the scenes footage ever of Denzel Washington and Whitley Gilbert on A Different World 😭👏
Is he Denzel Washington levels of Man on Fire? Or just Scott Glenn levels?
Denzel Washington delivers words of wisdom at Cowboys camp
Entertaining but needs better writing. I mean the show has Denzel Washington's son and Jane Fonda's. Come on
Denzel Washington talking to Jason Garrett and Tony Romo at Cowboys practice. You wanna go to jail or you wanna go hm h…
But if you go back to the nineties A list you've got Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Ed…
Denzel Washington, in town filming Magnificent Seven, visited the Boys and Girls Club of Baton Rouge this weekend!
Denzel Washington speaks at Greater Baton Rouge Boys and Girls Club event
Denzel Washington took the time to address city leaders on starting a stand alone Boys and Girls Club. Why? MORE>
My fav actors definitely Robert Deniro and Denzel Washington. Al Pachino, Will and Tom Hanks up there too
J. Cole was in Park Slope today, Denzel Washington in Crown Heights last week, Brooklyn is THE place! Follow us on Instagram to see it all..
John David Washington . Didn't know Denzel Washington had a son but gosh darn . 👀
I liked a video Sidney Poitier salutes Denzel Washington on his Oscar® win
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Watching " The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington in it as Rubin Carter. . Great movie!!
The ESPY awards are about sports. Caitlyn Jenner winning is like Denzel Washington winning a country music award
EXCLUSIVE: Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington to reteam on
Anthony, Dave and Denzel Washington at yesterday's Lakers game.
me and Denzel Washington through the years. Worked with him in the movies The Great Debaters,…
Imagine Quentin Tarantino directing a movie with Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks starring in it. That's already the best movie ever...
Josh Brolin in Tim Thomerson's role, Denzel Washington in Louis Grosset jnr's!
Just joking. Im not that emo. Im watching Equalizer. Denzel Washington is a monster.
she going say samuel L jackson was denzel Washington 💀😂
Tyrese Talks Working w 'Hero' Denzel Washington for New Film Bring on the Oscar Buzz! |
I just don't understand why they haven't made a movie with Denzel Washington & Liam Neeson yet.
happy bday to my Denzel Washington 💘
Something must be really really happening. thank you!! Wow
Ain't even gonna lie Denzel Washington in the Equalizer had me weak too.
Who would win in a fight between Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington?
Great message to share with the kids, from Denzel Washington, about starting on your knees!
This Jordan clip reminds me of a scene in He Got Game 1998. (Denzel Washington VS Ray Allen Scene)
Ain't nothing wrong with a little Denzel Washington in the morning
"Thank God in advance for what's already yours" commencement speaker Denzel Washington
"I will not scratch my head unless it itches. I will not dance unless I hear music. I will not be intimidated" - Denzel Washington
Don't aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference. - Denzel Washington
Lordy about to watch that denzel Washington movie " the equalizer" on starz on demand" THIS MOVIE GOOD YALL?
I always get told I look like Denzel Washington idk it's kinda weird
Q: TV/ Movies: 1989 - Denzel Washington - starred in this movie:. A: For queen and country
also the only time in history that Denzel Washington and Howie Mandel had equal billing...for six years.
Girl1: Is that Denzel Washington approaching us?. Girl2: Nah, its Vho-KK smh
I believe denzel Washington is top 5 greatest actors ever
Just watched 'Fallen' starring Denzel Washington. And it sucked didn't end the way I thought it would be. 😭😭😭 . I just wanna cry😭
Denzel washington.. grt actor. Prbbly the best
Denzel Washington returns to the creepy cabin.
"Remember The Titans" is such a great movie. I love it. Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors.
This one that booboo can't rescue our invincibles.tell him to contact Sylvester Stallone,Denzel Washington,Tom cruise or fadeui oloro
Moment you see Denzel Washington in a film you know it's a sick film
Fallen. That film with Denzel Washington where he gets stalked by a demon that sings that song.
If Denzel Washington's in it, you know it's good.
after the voice on GEM theres a horror with Denzel Washington and Joghn Goodman called Fallen
I liked a video from Top 10 Denzel Washington Performances
Same sex marriage is legal everywhere now! I call dibs on Denzel Washington!
Mark Wahlberg is the greatest actor of this generation after Denzel Washington and Nicholas Cage!!
Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson are the New ‘Ike and Tina’ In “Shame” (Directed By Denzel Washington) via
Deja Vu w/ Denzel Washington was a great movie
Denzel Washington is the realist niqqa every hands down 🙌🙌
Leonardo Di Caprio's story is just like that of Denzel Washington who took almost 20 years to get a Best Actor Oscar.
Photo: soph-okonedo: Leon and Denzel Washington attend a basketball game between the Denver Nuggets and the...
Steven A. Smith's is also from Spike Lee's X. It was one of Denzel Washington's speeches.
lets watch a movie tonight... i suggest Antwone Fisher featurng Derek Luke and Denzel Washington
although Denzel Washington is great, I think Will Smith is a better actor
If a movie has Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Bruce Willis in it, I automatically have to watch it.
Kenny porter is a cross between Jay Z and Denzel Washington lol
Also -- "Carbon Copy" starring Denzel Washington as a black teen searching for his white biological father. Hilarity ensues obviously.
itsgabrielleu Tyrese Starring iamJHUD prod by Denzel Washington li…
“SHAME” Movie Trailer - Denzel Washington is producing the short film starring Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson.
plz starring prod by Denzel Washington link!
My big bro Starring prod by Denzel Washington link! ht…
The Great Debate the movie is best work by Denzel Washington alongside Forest Whittaker.
I'm like Denzel Washington in Flight. I can finesse any situation loaded
I’ve always liked Denzel Washington. Last month he gave the commencement address at Dillard University. And I...
The movie Glory is pretty good. I mean Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman in one movie, hello.
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