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Denzel Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director and film producer.

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Denzel Washington is the Best Actor ever.
The Equalizer, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, and Chloe Grace Moretz.
Martin Sheen as DJT, Denzel Washington as BO, Streep as Hillary, Jack Nicholson as Ross, Tim Robbins as Sessions...
Denzel Washington has had 5 Best Actor noms in the span of his stellar career of over 40yrs, Jennifer Lawrence has received…
Denzel Washington recently visited the troops at Brooks Army Medical Center...
I'm thinking of the work of people like Denzel Washington, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, CP III, etc.
Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, and Andrew Garfield are still winners to me
White mediocrity is Casey Affleck (sexual harasser) winning an Oscar over Denzel Washington's work in Fences.
And if you saw Fences, you know Denzel Washington deserved that award
Denzel Washington is one of the Best Actors of all time. I've seen Casey Affleck in one movie and he sucked what tf does that matter?
Me at Casey Affleck beating Denzel Washington at the
by Denzel Washington Some people build fences to keep people out - and other people build .
When you flashback in a haze & realise Casey Affleck won an ACTING award over Denzel Washington. 🤔🤔
I will never accept Denzel Washington losing to anyone when he's nominated.
Denzel Washington scores his 8th nomination for the film adaptation of 'Fences' — which he also directed.
They should probably check to make sure Denzel Washington isn't really the actual winner of the
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I'm white & I'm upset that Denzel Washington, lost to Casey Affleck, "Hollyweed" is racist and are living in "La La Land" 🤷…
Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time, period.
The fact Denzel Washington has only won two Oscar awards in his entire career is blasphemous.
Can you imagine just how many Denzel Washington would have won had the Academy been as inclusive as it is now when he'd peaked?
"If you don't read the news you're uninformed, if you do read the news you're misinformed". - Denzel Washington
Can we talk about hilariously uncomfortable Denzel Washington looked when Casey Affleck mentioned him in his speech?
Viola Davis just became the first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony
"did Casey Affleck really win over Denzel Washington?!". Lol I love Anthony Anderson
Denzel Washington is a success. I've never met Mr. Washington; yet often had his name mentioned by a waitress in...
Casey Affleck wins Best Actor: "One of the first people who taught me how to act was Denzel Washington... thank you." http…
Peoples reaction when Casey Affleck won Best Actor at the over Denzel Washington .
people are so tight Casey Affleck won over Denzel but at the end of the day who tf is Casey Affleck compared to DENZEL WASHINGTON
Denzel Washington just lost, which means we all lost. 25 years and counting of disrespect, by https:/…
Mahershala Ali says Denzel Washington has always been the actor who inspired him
Casey Affleck over Denzel Washington in Fences?? GTFOHWTBS. How does Denzel get an for Training Day & not Fences? How…
A tearful thanks Denzel Washington during her acceptance speech.
Nah. I refuse to believe that a groundbreaking iconic actor like DENZEL WASHINGTON could be overlooked by human trash Cas…
Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar over Denzel Washington, *** is going on?
People who deserve the Oscar for Best Actor more than Casey Affleck:. Denzel Washington. Viggo Mortensen. Hot Archie. Amy Ad…
The Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel brings tourists into awards show to meet Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling
Did Casey Affleck really win or did the envelope actually say Denzel Washington? Asking for a friend.
Much respect to Denzel Washington and his accomplishments. His body of work exudes excellence and greatness. Your the GOAT.…
You know it's real when an incredible actor like Denzel Washington ain't even trying to fake it
How all of us would react if we got to interact with Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling
Denzel Washington thinks it's going to be a big night for Viola Davis
Michael Beach is MUCH more frightening in it, than Denzel Washington is in Training Day. His heartless intelligence in the fil…
'Hacksaw Ridge' star Andrew Garfield is up against Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck and more for Best Actor.
My life gonna be a movie not a short film. Big budget Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Scarface, Al Pacino, Godfather, Marlo…
Day 18: I still have such a soft spot for this film. Denzel Washington's directorial debut - ANTWONE FISHER
I would like someone to make a Nancy Meyers-esque movie that's just hours of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis flirting and looking great.
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The Dark Knight or anything with Denzel Washington or Daniel Day Lewis.
“Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” - Denzel Washington
if you believe Denzel Washington deserves to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards instead of Casey Affleck
Just watched Antwone Fisher. Cracking film, true story. Denzel Washington only makes good films.
I thought Will Smith, Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington have saved the world many times. Proud of race-baiting?
Fences might be Denzel Washington's finest hour as an actor, but it's Viola Davis that really elevates it. Riveting.
You guys watch The Siege with Denzel Washington, Tony Shaloub and Annette Bening.
Denzel Washington & Viola Davis star in , arrives at local cinemas this week —
I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it. - Denzel Washington via
Watch Denzel Washington try to remember his own movie quotes.
Denzel Washington appeared on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss the Oscar-nominated "Fences," his wife and...
QUESTION: Who, in their right mind, has any doubt that Denzel Washington will win the Oscar? That was a STAR powered performance. Phenomenal
I liked a video Denzel Washington Used to Be a Garbageman
I just wanted to say no matter how old Denzel Washington gets he will still b fine 👍
Never *** off Denzel Washington. Just don't do it
Every episode of should be a Denzel Washington theme.
Denzel Washington has trouble remembering his famous movie lines (VIDEO)
Come with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis to 1950s Pittsburgh in the film adaptation - review 6pm…
Fences is a really good movie. A real tear jerker surprisingly. I should of known its "Denzel Washington" the man.…
Denzel Washington and deliver powerhouse performances in In select UK cinemas TODAY.
Denzel Washington talks to about August Wilson and more
I love me some Denzel Washington! I admire him as a man of values and for his incredible acting ability! Thank you!
mom just called Denzel Washington daddy.. Remember the Titans gives girls al the feels ig
Isn't it weird that Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling are both nominated for Best Actor, and they were both in Remember the Titans?
Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L Jackson are my favorite actors tbh
Don't aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference. - Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington's first date with his wife...…
Denzel Washington: 'We're not here because of – video interview
Denzel Washington kilsss it in The Book of Eli 🙌🏽
Denzel Washington recruits co-stars from the 2010 Bdwy revival of FENCES & moves the magic 2 the Big Screen! (Mykelti Wi…
Denzel Washington's first date with his wife almost ended in disaster:
Denzel washington is a really good actor !!
How well does Denzel Washington remember his movie lines? I quizzed him to find out.
They're all playing Denzel Washington characters, but dude in the suit sounds JUST like him 😂😂 this is dope
Denzel Washington recalling his famous movie lines on Jimmy Kimmel is a fine tribute to his work in film.
"Without commitment you'll never start, and without consistency you'll never finish." - Denzel Washington
Let's put her in more context. She's the same age as Oprah. John Travolta, Ron Howard, Denzel Washington, and prime ministe…
Constanza Romero Wilson on how Denzel Washington brought "Fences" to life via
"Hidden Figures," "black-ish," Taraji P. Henson, and Denzel Washington were winners at the NAACP Image Awards.
Denzel Washington received an Image Award then delivered a speech that was worthy of another..
We should have hired Denzel Washington to protect the White House like he did in The Magnificent 7. Well done remake, we need more westerns
Denzel Washington: Are you using your phone or is your phone using you?
Keanu Reeves, Whoopi Goldberg and Denzel Washington ?? this is some line up.
On the Show tonight... Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves, Jamie Dornan and Denzel Washington with music from Rag'n'…
Hey everyone, going through old stuff I found this drawing of Denzel Washington from Training…
Fences review – Denzel Washington steps up to the plate | Film | The Guardian
Denzel Washington named his favorite rapper of all time.
GLORIA CAMERON - Black History Month Events go here>>. Denzel Washington on fake news a...
Denzel Washington on fake news and information overload - He's been the victim of fake news, so what does Denze...
Denzel Washington on fake news and information overload. (
Oscar Best Actor nailbiter: Denzel Washington ('Fences') just moved ahead of Casey Affleck via
Hear Denzel Washington’s emotional advice to a father who is having trouble sending his son off to college.
wh...why would you expect your dog to recognize Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis detail their three favorite 'Fences' scenes
Directed by and starring two-time Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington, book your tickets to see
I liked a video from DENZEL WASHINGTON - Before They Were Famous - Fences
Denzel Washington on fake news and information overload by via
Denzel Washington on fake news and information overload
Denzel Washington on fake news and information overload -
"Are you using your device, or is your device using you?" - Denzel Washington on
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Yes like John Boyega, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman; wait a minute there already loads in big movies!
Just watched FENCES. Absolutely breathtaking performances by Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. The whole cast was flawle…
Fences review: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis make for a sensational double act via
See the awards film critics are raving about! Starring Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. in cinemas February 9 ht…
Vote on a Have you saw the movie "Fences" with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis?.
Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and more honored at the AARP Awards
And the award for best Male Actor in a leading role goes to Denzel Washington!
My brother thought H&R Block was an insurance company & I thought Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington were the same person LMAO
MONKEY OF THE UNITED STATES so just like the Good man Denzel Washington said "ALL YOU MEDIA WANT TO DO IS GET IT OUT FIRST"
Nominated for 4 Academy Awards®, see winners and Denzel Washington in next Tuesday. https:…
And Jamie will be at Graham Norton on Feb 10th with Keenou Reeves, Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg!!!
😂😂😂 Lemme stop. Congratulations to Denzel Washington and the Hidden Figures' Queens too. Plus your fave enginga mbizanga 😂.
The always smooth Denzel Washington has arrived!
Denzel Washington upsets Casey Affleck and wins Male Actor in a Leading Role
Denzel Washington. Winner of Best Actor for his role in Fences. 💛💛💛
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so happy that Denzel Washington beat Casey Affleck for Best Actor! Bring on the
Denzel Washington accepts his award for Male Actor in a Leading Role during the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards.
Denzel Washington won his first tonight after four nominations ht…
This scene of guys portraying Denzel Washington in various roles is pure gold.
The SAG Awards are in the books, and Hidden Figures, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’ performances in Fences, and…
Denzel Washington is an acting GOAT and will be FOREVER.
Denzel Washington (finally!) wins his first for his powerful performance in 'Fences': https:…
Congratulations to Denzel Washington and on their wins for their outstanding performanc…
Surprise wins by and Denzel Washington shake up predictable awards season.
FULL LIST: Denzel Washington wins top prize at SAG Awards
This term is prominently used by Denzel Washington in the movie "Glory"
Denzel Washington wins Outstanding Male Actor in a Leading Role - Film for htt…
Yes! Congrats to Denzel Washington for his win for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
& win big, Here are the winners of 2017!
regrann from fencesmovie Congratulations to Denzel Washington and…
Denzel Washington takes home the Actor® for Male Actor in a Leading Role! 🎭
Safe to say that a few people were excited for Denzel Washington!
Part 2 of the Denzel Washington Reel don't fight me I can't get everything, some scenes just too good to just be cutting off…
And a standing ovation from Denzel Washington in support of
Since it's Denzel Washington's birthday I did a montage of my favorite monologues and scenes that I was able to fit!
Denzel Washington takes home Male Actor in a Leading Role at the
Mahershala Ali, Taraji P. Henson, Denzel Washington, Lily Tomlin & via Nobody cares what you think.
Denzel Washington, Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis winning the Oscar on the same night will be incredible. http…
Denzel Washington dedicates his award to "the guys who don't get recognized" (and Viola Davis)
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis both win for their powerful work in "Fences"
Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and the Hidden Figures ensemble won at the SAG Awards:
Denzel Washington ("Fences") wins Male Actor in a leading role at the
Denzel Washington gives a joyful acceptance speech & an appreciative shoutout to his co-star Viola Davis
Congrats to Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Ruth Negga, Octavia Spencer, Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali on their 2017
Ryan Gosling, Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep are up for an Oscar! Here's the full list of nominees:
That time when Denzel Washington went to Obamas inauguration really really early 🤗❤🙏🏿
Just finished watching Fences by Denzel Washington & Viola Davis and it left me speechless! Such a beautiful movie. I high…
Quality film. Denzel Washington at his brilliant best! Edward Woodward would have loved a nail gun I bet!
My mum asked if Denzel Washington and Peter Sarsgaard are twins? What ?
They're all trying to impersonate . Denzel Washington. This is dope AF!
Younger daughter in audience at today's Kelly Ripa show with Neal Patrick Harris and Denzel Washington as guests. I am at work. What gives?
I would love to have Denzel Washington or Idris Elba as John Stewart and Armie Hammer or James Marsden as Hal Jordan.
Will the ever learn to nominate poc? Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, the cast of & etc deserve awards
The continued education of and Denzel Washington
I haven't seen the 2004 version but Denzel Washington is in the Frank Sinatra role & Meryl Streep in the Angela Lansbury part.
In my opinion, in the play 'Fences', Denzel Washington played the role best & Im glad that they chose him for the movie
I'll believe it when Julia Roberts actually marries Denzel Washington in The Pelican Brief part deux
So we've had Kobe Bryant and Denzel Washington on today's episode is doing it big in 2017
Actress Viola Davis says actor Denzel Washington is an extraordinary leader.
"Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do" - Denzel Washington 💜
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"Denzel Washington" s one of the best movie is 'Training Day'
JimmyColema1060: Don’t miss Denzel Washington and ViolaDavis in “One of the Best Films of the Year.” -RollingSt…
Denzel Washington facial expressions at the '16 and '17 This man has had enough.
Denzel Washington has a face that makes you want to tell the truth.
WHAT??? You've got to be joking. Without a doubt Denzel Washington is one of best & most versatile actors…
Pharrell looks VERY unimpressed after interviewer mixes up name of his movie with Denzel Washington's
I swear Denzel Washington was actually supposed to be my dad
"I remember Denzel Washington got up here and said, 'God is love.' Well... I agree. Thank you Denzel." - Casey Affleck
"Hidden Fences" - brilliant black women use math to launch Denzel Washington into space where he plays professional baseball…
"Making movies isn't difficult. Send your son to Iraq. That's difficult.". Love me some .
Denzel Washington takes on Fences from the stage to the screen and serves not only as its lead but as its director. https:/…
I like these people but how did Jodie Foster, George Clooney, & Denzel Washington get the Cecil B. DeMille before Meryl Streep?
Denzel Washington was great as usual in Fences, but Michael T. Williamson was amazing.
Leo DiCaprio, Doug, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, D-Wreck. This is a list of dudes that DM'ed me for nudes last week
“Thank you for saying trust me, and remember the love.” -Viola Davis to Denzel Washington
Bill Pullman is a DEFINITE upgrade over Denzel Washington.
Philadelphia. Great movie, great performances from Tom Hanks & Denzel Washington. Moving story. 8/10
And the nominees for Best Actor are...Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Viggo Mortensen, Andrew Garfi…
Yes! The Photo,she was on the Morning Today Show a week ago, Blair Underwood (Actor) ; Denzel Washington also
Denzel Washington has frequently said that Detective Alonzo Harris is his favorite character among t…
.takes on Denzel Washington in this hilarious spoof.
Scott Glenn's Creasy or Denzel Washington's Creasy: an eternal question.
Another problem was the combination of Antoine Fuqua as director with Denzel Washington was expectations were high, given their
Antoine Fuqua opens up about Denzel Washington, new documentary | UNDISP... via
Happy birthday goes out to Denzel Washington who turned 62 today! 🎈
The Equalizer [Blu-ray] [2014] it's ok got it on now but Denzel Washington not Edward Woodward, Netflix
Forget the Denzel Washington version. The original with Scott Glenn is much better.
By the way, Stephen Biko was expertly portrayed by Denzel Washington in CRY FREEDOM. A Denzel film performance not often m…
Denzel Washington was killing Jimmy Fallon with his dramatic...
This ‘Fences’ actor is an awe of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis - [ad_1] Stephen McKinley...
Jimmy and Denzel Washington read greeting cards dramatically
I think of George Clooney as the white Denzel Washington
“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.” ― Denzel Washington This quote just summed it up for me.
"Do whatcha gotta do so you can do whatcha wanna do" Denzel Washington on Love that guy!
"If you're looking for an excuse, you're gonna find it." – Denzel Washington
Looks like the product of a Chandler Parsons / Denzel Washington fling
America just had an election stolen by the Russians, and 60 Minutes is airing a profile of Denzel Washington.
"You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part of it". -Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington on diversity and the Oscars - 60 Minutes - CBS News.
we learn to do by doing. Denzel Washington .
That boy Denzel Washington can act sumn serious. Couldn't do business w him he might try to finesse me. A lil convincing 😂
Denzel Washington talked about peeing his pants in a Reddit AMA
Just saw the "Fences" - directed by Denzel Washington ... must see movie👍🏾
In his "fourth quarter" of life, Denzel says he's focused on a project more important to him than any work he's done h…
Always liked Denzel Washington Now like him even more as he puts media in their place about writ…
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Person : don't listen to rumors . Me: lol duh . Denzel Washington: don't listen to rumors . Me :
Catching the last ep. of & I don't know if you see & hear it, but ... Trai Byers has a lot of Denzel Washington qualities 😳
No matter if it's a movie, or an interview... I stop in my tracks and can't take my eyes off Denzel Washington. That dude.
Denzel Washington and will leave you astonished. Watch the new trailer for Fences, in theatres 12.25.
Uh.did I just hear "My *** televised on air during Denzel Washington interview? 😲😲
I think I'll still be attracted to Denzel Washington when he's 80 🙈
This is pretty spectacular from Denzel Washington. All-time great actor. Calm. Composed. Smart. .
anything you practice you'll get good at.. including BS - Denzel Washington
"I don't have to think about it. I've lived it," the Oscar winner said. read more
Q&A with the crazy talented cast of Denzel Washington's incredible, moving
.. Denzel Washington is my fav.. If you haven't, see the movie TrainingDay ..this is one of his best, if not the best.. Bad *** bad.guy!
If you looking for an excuse you're gonna find one. -Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington talks Oscar's diversity issues on
and Denzel Washington together in movie. What you say Rock
NOW: Denzel Washington has been acting for over 40 years; now at 61, he’s bringing the works of Pulitzer-winning August Wils…
"We're having the same problem as Denzel Washington when he had to fly & land that plane upside down so we're going back to the terminal.."
"Anybody ever tell you you look just like Denzel Washington??"
NY: Denzel Washington & cast will be introducing the film at the 7:10PM show TODAY - Regal Union Square. Get tickets https…
I wonder if Denzel Washington is watching the game 🤔
I said hi to Denzel Washington and he said hi back 😍😍😍😍
Denzel Washington is bringing to the screen the works of one of America’s greatest playwrights, tonight
Denzel Washington says Lakers-Clippers is not a true rivalry until the Clippers get a ring:
Exclusive: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis are a magnificent match in 'Fences' clip
The pelican brief stars Julia Roberts & Denzel Washington.. this should be great.
Denzel Washington visits childhood librarian for her 99th birthday in metro Atlanta
Last week Denzel Washington visited his childhood librarian in Marietta to help her celebrate her 99th birthday.
Denzel Washington destroyed this reporter with straight knowledge!
These photos from Fences are stunning 😍 Viola Davis & Denzel Washington look amazing.
I want to like this Baseball Movie starring Denzel Washington & Viola Davis…. But the vague title of is making me feel otherwise.
Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and the cast of the tremendous
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Denzel Washington discusses the importance of a black director making
Enter for a chance to win a pair of advance screening passes to see Fences starring Denzel Washington & Viola Davis!
Denzel Washington reveals it took 7 years to convince him to direct
Denzel Washington wins on and off the screen. As he blasts the media, and fake news stories.
Denzel Washington and Paul Mooney are two of the rawest truth speakers of all time...
Amo a Steve Mc Queen, a Denzel Washington and so on...)
Today, a new generation of fans learned of Denzel Washington's affinity for Red Raiders. The story repeats i…
Denzel Washington, Ruth Negga, Emma Stone and Ashton Sanders grace the covers of our Great Performers issue (full package goes…
Denzel Washington blasts media for selling "BS".
Denzel Washington and will leave you stunned in coming to Showcase Cinemas Christmas Day.
What do the Modesto Nuts, Grayson Kennedy and Denzel Washington have in common?
Jennifer Hudson,Idris Elbar,Denzel Washington,Naomie Harris,Terrence Howard etc. Neva have they even cracked the "s…
few yrs n i'll join the league of Denzel Washington,Dwayne Johnson,Common,Michael Jordan,Tyrese,Vin Diesel,Jason Statham,Neyo,Dmx lol
Viola Davis and Denzel Washington sit down w/ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to talk race, family and their new film 'Fences.' https:/…
Add Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, & Halle Berry and it'll make the Oscars literally explode 😂
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Do you know the name of this 2002 movie that starred Derek Luke, Denzel Washington and Joy Bryant?
FENCES Trailer: FENCES is directed by Denzel Washington from a screenplay by August Wilson, adapted……
NEW 'Fences' trailer is an acting showcase for Denzel Washington and Viola Davis: ht…
Fences review: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis set to convert Tonys to Oscars | Film | The Guardian
Review: Viola Davis and Denzel Washington are sensational in
Denzel Washington is looking set for an Oscar with his new film.
Viola Davis and Denzel Washington are certainly heading for Oscar nominations. Our review: h…
Viola Davis & Denzel Washington on the cover of the December issue of Essence magazine. 🙌🏾
Updated Oscar predictions, with my ears still ringing from the cheering for Denzel Washington, Viola Davis + FENCES. https:…
Robert de niro, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, & Morgan Freeman are the Best Actors.
Rydee as Trump win, Denzel Washington go dey set plus kwaku manu wey we go see J.Cole den atom for rapper of the year
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis become instant Oscar frontrunners with
He said Obama went in looking like Denzel Washington, now he looking like Morgan Freemen... 1 more year he gonna look like Fredrick Douglas
Ray Allen is Hall of Fame eligible in 2019. We have three years to make sure Denzel Washington is the one introducing him…
I'm going to see that Denzel Washington western movie! Super excited most likely our last night before we welcome another to…
And you'd apply this to Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington?
A couple ppl I'd love to meet before I die are Denzel Washington, Al Pachino, Drake, Amerie, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Morgan Freeman
Terrance Howard, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington top 3 best Male Actors ever
Peter Berg surley loves Mark Walhberg, just like Tony Scott and Denzel Washington or Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson.
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis will win awards for this
Not as good as Vladimir Putin getting busted in a Publix but Denzel Washington choked Aretha Franklin
Denzel Washington rounds up 'strays' in 'Magnificent Seven' movie trailer…
Denzel Washington is No. 1 again with Western remake ‘Magnificent Seven
ICYMI: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis will leave you speechless in trailer
So hype for this adaptation of Fences x August Wilson
Watch Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in the debut trailer for Fences:
Magnificent Seven” cast on how diversity helped make a Western .
Denzel Washington is a national treasure.
Denzel Washington is the only man who I want to be my husband and my father at the same time.
Instantly entering the conversation, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis (with the ugly cry) in "Fences." https:…
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Denzel Washington and give chilling performances in the first trailer.
I think Denzel Washington should run for president
Denzel Washington stars in and directs the new drama Fences. Check out the new trailer here:
The Titans haven't played this well since Denzel Washington was coaching them.
is there enough Denzel Washington on a horse
intense performance from Denzel and Viola...directed by Denzel Washington. They deserve Oscars just for the trailer!…
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis are powerhouses in the debut teaser
Watch Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in the powerful first trailer for 'Fences'
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