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Denver Bronco

The Denver Broncos are a professional American football team based in Denver, Colorado. They are currently members of the West Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

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Congratulations to iFLY Denver!!! Fantastic ribbon cutting with guest fly-in appearance by the Denver Bronco Sky...
Cupcake Party Platters! Ninja Turtle and Denver Bronco Themes available now. Many other themes available for order.
You'd look great in a Denver's Bronco jersey. Come back to Denver, Chase!! You and your boys rocked the Grizzly Rose!!!
appreciate the love for our song as a city. . "IMMA DENVER BRONCO" ft. LOB3$, RoDeem, J.G., ENDZO…:
If Rex Ryan is getting that collection of talent to play *** a weekly basis, I would love for him to come to Denver as DC next year.
There's only one thing I love more than Denver bronco is my amazing girlfriend Allyssa I love my Princess!
same reason we hate KC and Oakland. AFC west belongs to Denver
Does he? In Indy he was the OC and has a similar role in Denver for game day prep. He does seem to bend to Fox on 4th downs
When the niners land in Denver,Bronco fans be like.
My first stop is Denver. Prolly finna be nothin but high Bronco fans lol
Broncos' Peyton Manning not focused on TD record: 'We've concentrated on important things': Denver Bronco...
The Bronco doubles team of Brian Foley and Toby Mitchell defeated Denver's David Fox and Diogo Rocha in a tie-break 8-7(5)
Hey Denver, anybody have an extra ticket to the Bronco's game Sunday night? I'll give ya free tickets to my show...
Throwback to when Robin Williams was a Denver Broncos cheerleader
I think it's pretty cool that NMSU's Pride Band will be playing @ the half time show for the Bronco's Vs 49ers game in Denver this weekend 👏
While I'm at it, The Denver Bronco *** sucking train continues.
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My fave Denver Bronco ever is Craig Morton for the record (most will say John Elway) Google them both &
TD 509 will be your first as a Denver bronco. I'm calling it now
Thats right pick your posion denver Bronco fans
Just thought I'd share this article with all my DENVER BRONCO fans. A recent poll reveals that the Dallas...
it would be pretty dope if your first TD as a Denver Bronco was Peyton Manning's 509 TD pass!
The Cowboys are no longer America's team thanks to Peyton Manning. Denver Bronco's rank per the Harris poll. agree?
“The NFL's most popular team is no longer the Dallas Cowboys. It's the Denver Bronco"
"It is a big deal to be a Bronco in Denver, Colorado". Yes Skip Bayless! You're absolutely right!
Congratulations to the thousands of Bronco fans who love our Denver Broncos!
great article in today's Denver Post about my favorite new Bronco - Thanks!
I've been wearing this Denver Bronco headband for 2 hours now.
Yes we're bronco fans. Have been...
Move over Dallas, because for the first time in 16 years its the Denver Bronco's not the Cowboys who are America's team, via the Harris poll
Denver the new Americas team? Says who.South Park! GTFOH! I don't see Bronco jerseys everywhere like Cowboy jerseys.
Thank you very much. I was Bronco before it was cool!!!   10% Off
Correction... A former IU player who is now more importantly a Denver Bronco lol
Randle has made every Denver bronco fans day.
it is Denver bronco the American football teams I think, roger.
obviously we are not the end all that be all, but I don't see many bucking bronco decals on cars or Denver jerseys
Todays Poll Question- A new poll says the Denver Bronco's are "America's Team" but who do you think should hold...
All the best. Huge Bronco fan here wishing you were back in Denver and a speedy recovery.
As if there was any doubt! - New poll shows have replaced Cowboys as America's favorite team -
Ireland surely move ahead of the Denver Bronco's and Tiger Woods in the World Rankings after that?
Cowboys fall from top spot to 4th SportsCenter
America's Team? Not anymore. . Broncos top Cowboys as the most popular NFL team:
oh that *** I'm coming for Bronco /Miami game. Was looking forward to seeing him come back to Denver.
Hella Good Morning Bronco Country Drink up your Coffee. Rise & Shine! It's A Great day 2 be Denver Broncos Fan!!
can a Denver Bronco get suspended for smoking weed in Colorado where it's totally LEGAL *** backwards rules
It is pure coincidence that the enemy in this pic is a Denver Bronco. 😉
So we pick up our countdown at number 12. Joe Montana making his first appearance on this list. In 1989 the San Francisco 49ers have already established themselves as the team of the 80s. The nucleus of Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott Roger Craig and the great Jerry Rice were all still in tact. After their last second victory in the Super Bowl the year before Bill Walsh what are the greatest coaches in football history walked away from the game on top. Many people wondered if the loss of Bill Walsh would be the end of the San Francisco dynasty. But the 49ers Prestone hiring defense of coordinator George Seifert to run the show the 49ers also made several key moves in free agency. One of the main moves being the acquisition of linebacker Matt Millen from the Los Angeles Raiders. This was the move that would clearly keep the 49ers on top both defensively and offensively. And on the bench there was a star in the making a left handed quarterback from BYU who stepped in and played amazing football in the absence of t ...
Here is our latest position-by-position 2014 Denver Broncos training camp preview with a look at the running backs.
Longtime Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has transferred control of the NFL franchise to the Pat Bowlen Trust as he deals with Alzheimer's disease...
After providing extraordinary leadership to the Denver Broncos organization for three decade, Pat Bowlen's legacy continue on through those that he mentored.
Everyone knows the first rule of Denver Broncos training camp: Do not tackle Peyton Manning . Try telling that to Peyton's three-year-old son, Marshall Williams Manning...
Denver Broncos' DeMarcus Ware has extra value as a mentor The Denver Post Even when he doesn't participate, Denver teammates remain aware of DeMarcus Ware, who brings a presence befitting a potential Hall of Famer. Ware returned to action Thursday, his 32nd birthday, after missing two practices because of a bruised calf.
Broncos RB coach: ‘I love what Ronnie Hillman has done’Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman is doing whatever it takes to work his way back to the top of the depth chart, and its showing in training camp. “I love what Ronnie has done,” Studesville said, via Jeff Legwold of “From when we started this spring in April forward, he has been unbelievable. He’s a completely different guy in the best possible way and I’m just excited about what he’s doing, how he’s approaching it, how he’s making plays on the field. It’s been great. It’s been there the whole time, but we’re finally seeing the maximum side of it. … I didn’t do a good job of bringing it out, but now we are, he’s bringing it out.” Hillman, a third-round pick in 2012, played in just 10 games last season for the Broncos. According to Legwold, Hillman has been solidly No. 2 in the rotation, behind Montee Ball. “Give a lot of credit to him,” Studesville said. “For … sitting back and looking at tw ...
Broncos owner Bowlen steps down due to Alzheimer’s disease Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, 70, has given up control of the NFL team to focus on his battle with Alzheimer's disease. We can fight Alzheimer's together. Visit the following link and help get the Alzheimer's Association to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro Every dollar gets the Association higher.
You mean louder than the Booing for the Denver Bronco's last Superbowl? WOW, that's gonna be intense.
You don’t get why everyone thinks it’s weird that there’s a crazy, red-eyed bronco outside the Denver International Airport.
Proud of my boy Jerrell Harris.. He made it big!! He's a Bronco!!
Goodbye to Denver. View of Bronco Stadium from our room. Great time meeting with good friends from all over the...
Great, the Bronco fan who gave the 97 Super Bowl to Denver.
In fact, I'll do you one better. I did a breakdown of him back in May.
me too. I'm a Bronco Fan and Elway lured Manning to Denver to WIN IT ALL. Didnt happen last yr, maybe this yr. Go For it Rays!
Later tonight will get to take a photo with Denver Bronco Rod Smith. One very classy guy!
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Out here shinning with former Denver Bronco and Super Bowl champ Gerald Willhite. Your are the company you keep
Ex Denver Bronco Eric Decker? I'm assuming this stems from his reality show?
In case you missed it - check out my article last week on the going into training camp.
Bricks be coming pronto. Girls scout cookies New York Knicks hat blue w/ the orange like a Denver Bronco.
just got incredible news your coming to Indy ! u better not cancel on us again for a bronco game like Denver lol less travel 4 me
I am READY to watch some BRONCO football:: .
Denver Training Camp: When it rains, it pours
Calling all female Denver Bronco Fans! (males too- we don't judge)
panthers d gonna fall of a little. Denver just need Harris healthy and it's a wrap
if we don't lose to New England 😐. And nicks stays healthy. I'm looking for Emmanuel sanders to go off for Denver doe!
If only me and didn't graduate this year I could remind him of how the colts beat Denver when we do week 1
Blue with the orange like a Denver bronco
I am on a mission to find MORE Denver Bronco fans.
On sale now! for a limited time custom Airbrushed Seattle Seahawks, and Denver Bronco T-shirt, or...
EA Sports revealed the top-ranked OLBs in today. Denver's is tied with Aldon Smith at No. 1. http:…
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NFL Denver Bronco Peyton Manning words the the future youth
Denver Bronco Orange on Ice – Mesa Verde Bar and Grill, makes a great bourbon!
DENVER, Colo. - Denver Bronco's Quarterback Peyton Manning put his ego on the sidelines when he broke out into a dance at training camp. As an alumni of the University of Tennessee, Manning and Bri...
After his Denver Bronco career Mark "Stink" Schlereth had a recurring role on "Guiding Light" as Det. Roc Hoover.
Denver Bronco's QB Peyton Manning shows off his dance moves during training camp.
A video of Denver Bronco's quarterback Peyton Manning dancing at practice is going viral
Got my Cardinal fans following me. Now to get my Denver Bronco fans on the boat.
Went to the Denver Broncos training camp. it was weird to see DeMarcus Ware in Bronco colors. It's always great to see the Sheriff.
Here's how much the prospered under owner Pat Bowlen
Check out this post from about the Denver running game!
I just saw someone try to say that Brian Dawkins was more of a Denver Bronco than he was an Eagle...
do you have any denver bronco cases for iPhone 5s??
breaks it down to Rocky Top during this morning's Denver Bronco's practice -
Denver Bronco colors click on the link in my bio
Denver Colorado Bronco QB Peyton Manning rated top QB in Madden NFL 15 via
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VIDEO: NFL Denver Colorado Bronco Peyton Manning shows you how to dance to Rocky Top via
also do you get a lot of Denver stuff?
who is a better Denver Bronco, Payton Manning, John Elway.Or the one and only Craig Gall?
I have never been a Denver Bronco fan, but now is the time to pray for Pat Bowlen who has Alzheimer's. He is turning the team over to Joe Ellis. May God be with Pat and this horrible disease!!
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In light of the 50 US Senators who wrote a letter to the NFL to urge the Washington Redskins to change their name, I propose the following list to help these elected officials continue to waste their time on affairs that do not concern them by going all the way and changing every NFL team name: Buffalo Bills: Sexist, named after a man Miami Dolphins: Dolphins are horrible, murdering, rapacious creatures New England Patriots: Too jingoistic New York Jets: What about those who have lost loved ones to plane crashes? Baltimore Ravens: Ravens are symbolic of death Cincinnati Bengals: Bengal tigers are terrifying to small children Cleveland Browns: See Buffalo Bills Pittsburg Steelers: What about other workers like teachers and mailmen? Houston Texans: Too pro-Texas Indianapolis Colts: What about people who have died and been paralyzed in horse accidents? Jacksonville Jaguars: Jaguars are hunted for their pelts, shame on you for trivializing their plight Tennessee Titans: Titans ate their children Denver Bronco ...
Ran into a former Dallas Cowboy/Denver Bronco player at King Soopers this morning. You know...just a typical Sunday Morning.
Congratulations Taylor Lewan now a Tennessee Titan and Mike Schofield now a Denver Bronco! Go Blue!
Here is the perfect charm for every Denver Broncos fan! We used the image of the Denver Bronco on our 2-sided disc and selected great beads in
Tim Tebow, the one-time Denver Broncos wunderkind who is now an ESPN commentator, may end up back in the Mile High City, suited up and ready to throw a football. Only not as a Denver Bronco. Teb
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — According to a couple of players, there’s something fishy going on up in New England. No strangers to accusations of controversial practices, the Patriots were taken to task this week by a pair of former players over what the team reveals to the public on injury reports. Linebacker Brandon Spikes, now of the Buffalo Bills, was put on injured reserve with a knee injury prior to the Patriots’ playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts. However, it was reported the move was really made because he was late to a team meeting, ESPN Boston reported. “I heard they put me on IR and stuff like that,” Spikes told WGR, a Buffalo radio station. “That was just a false report. That’s just how things go there. Almost like what happened with (Aqib) Talib and his hip.” When cornerback Talib missed three games last season the Patriots reported him as having a hip injury, something the now-Denver Bronco said wasn’t the case, the NY Post reported. “The Patriots have their way of report ...
This may be a week late, but hate finding out that Eric Decker is no longer a Denver Bronco. :(
Only Miami Dolphins fan in a house full of Denver Bronco fans YIKES! LOL
Erick Decker is no longer a Denver Bronco. He signed with the NY Jets for 36 million dollars over 5 years.
In other news can we talk about how the Dallas Cowboys released DeMarcus Ware and now he's a Denver Bronco. I am NOT in any way shape or form okay with this!
I can't believe my favorite player is now a Denver Bronco 😪😭 I will never come to terms with this. I never thought Jerry Jones could make a dumber decision than extending Romo's contract.
My biggest non fear is that Jared Allen becomes a Denver Bronco.
In 1984, the Broncos started their Ring of Fame honoring former Denver Bronco greats. The first four inductees...
The TRUE Bronco fans are In Denver , why don't you have celebrity functions in Denver , as you are in Florida ??
When the free-agent period starts in the NFL next Tuesday, one of the most interesting teams to watch will be the Denver Broncos ...
Thanks for the RT. Let's forget about that whole Denver Bronco thing. Forever
After two big seasons catching passes from Peyton Manning, Eric Decker is ready to cash in in free agency. The four-year veteran had a breakout year for the Denver Broncos in 2012, totaling 85 catches for 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns. A year later, he posted even better numbers, with 1,288 yards...
Can’t believe I just now noticed the super creepy giant bronco with red eyes at Denver airport! Eeeek
Number Five is alive! I lost my phone...Possibly in the bottom of a 12 foot ravine where I almost drove right into, taking a nice cruise before I hit victory at hitting the top...I have the form in my pocket that allows me to play any sport I want at all, at any time I want. In all reality, I have become the beast everybody has been afraid I would become, But I have learned to use the Chi within, the Spirit, or the Holy Spirit so to say. I have seen death now 5 times...I have conquered it and I will continue to defeat it. I guess i'ma start with playing a year or two with the Denver Broncos. Walk on, walk off.Walk hard, like the Dewey Cox story. And I will thrash my body till the day I drop on the field of battle...Sports is my game, sports will earn me my freedom and my victory. With My God by my side...I will become invincible, but I will never be able to stop a bullet, nothing says I can not dodge it though. I've been training my body to do so, unconsciously and subconsciously, I am a war machine creat ...
Free-agent middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu will work out for the Denver Broncos on Tuesday, Ian Rapoport reported. The three-time Pro Bowl selection last played in the NFL in 2010.
You know you are nuts when you and the one you love are pricing out 8 Denver Broncos leashes and collars for the dogs before 6 am.
Breaking News, Jamie Lyon replacing Peyton Manning at the Denver Broncos. Refs 10, Melbourne 0. Im turning off
IN FOOTBALL, MENTAL FORTUNES CAN TURN AROUND INSTANTLY From a mental standpoint, football is a game that can turn around on you in a heartbeat. You can go into a game with all of the confidence in the world and have the most powerful offense the game may have ever seen during the regular season. Because the first offensive snap of the game results in a safety, everything the team had mentally prepared for fell apart. We saw this during the NFL’s Super Bowl a month ago. Who could have foretold Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco's failing on such an epic level. Was Seattle's defense that great? It didn't seem so during the regular season when the Rams came up within a second string quarterback missing three attempts from inside two yards of upsetting them. They had the league's best defense, but on paper, they were nowhere close to Denver's offense. So what was the difference? I saw it as a complete collapse in the mental attitude of the Bronco's. The offense lost it on the first play of the game and ne ...
Omg!! I must not be feeling 100% right now! I'm covered up with a Denver Broncos blanket!! I am a Dallas Cowboys fan!! Oh well its warm!!
Are you a Denver Broncos fan?Then get this limited edition "Buck 'Em Broncos" shirt for $10 off today.  Normally $29.99, now only $19.99.  Don't delay, limited time offer.  Get yours now and you will have a collector's item.100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.All materials designed, printed a...
I checked in at The DIA Giant Blue Bronco on
Made it to Denver ... Court thinks a bronco is a moose
Unique, occasionally off the beaten path, and even adamant perspective's on the greatest football team in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. Might just be another group of average John & Jane Doe's that does not even claim to always be correct, exceptional, or even smarter than any others perspectives. On...
Champ Bailey no longer a Denver Bronco. I wonder why? Stiff arm to the ground by a 2-year pro QB? ☺️✌️
Get the NFL Denver Broncos Laundry Hamper at an always low price from
Last two seasons have left me feeling like the boys left two Super Bowls on the table... and with that it just leaves me with a need to get next season rolling... I have never been so excited to watch the free agency period, the draft, and the many changes that I hope will help us finally get over the hump. I am a Thoroughbred Denver Broncos fan and I believe that 3 times a charm and we finally make the necessary moves to bring that in which eludes us... Go Broncos!!! "LIKE" and "SHARE"
Denver once had a fight song called "The Mighty Bronco March." Here are the lyrics:
The Denver Broncos have tendered an offer to exclusive rights free-agent CB Tony Carter. Carter will make $730,000 next season.
Does anybody in BM know where I can get a personalized Denver Broncos BIrthday cake??!! I need it by tomorrow around 12ish.I know it's a bit last minute but any ideas would be helpful 😔
Shop Peyton Manning Denver Broncos 8'' x 24'' Framed Signature Player Print from your favorite team at the official online retailer of the NFL! Browse for the latest NFL gear, apparel, collectibles, and merchandise for men, women, and kids.
Knowshon Moreno, RB, Denver Broncos, stats and updates at
Denver Broncos.. Heads up. Darren Sproles is available. Just sayin'.
I'm indifferent on Sproles.. He's been great but I don't think Denver needs to send Bowlen's jet to New Orleans
Enterprises is proud to announce that Sonia Park is the new Chief Technology Officer, Agent, Publicist and Public Relations Director for former Denver Bronco, Reggie Rivers. “Sonia is super talented and wonderful to deal with,” said President Reggie Rivers. “She has a lot of experience in the industry, and I’m very fortunate to have her on our team. She’s really going to add a lot of depth, experience and growth to our business.” Sonia brings to the CTO position, vast experience in website design, development, hosting, maintenance, graphic design, project management, online marketing and search engine optimization. As a Publicist, Sonia has worked in the industry for 12+ years, developing and maintaining a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system, negotiating contracts and scheduling speeches, appearances and book signings all over the country. She is the primary point of contact for all of the companies who seek to hire Reggie Rivers.
Former Bronco, LenDale White recruiting Chris Johnson to Denver, takes shot at Montee Ball..
If anybody I know is walking the Butte and see somebody facedown on the trail in a Denver bronco coat that's me help me up
you would make a great Denver Bronco. Hopefully they are smart enough to contact you.
I have 2 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys for sale! Sizes Medium and Large. Brand New with tags $50 a piece.
The Saints released Darren Sproles who should, in my opinion, instantly become THE top offensive free-agent option for the Denver Broncos.
Thanks for all your amazing work as a Denver Bronco. You were a class act and one of the best. All the best!
The 2013-2014 Denver Broncos season is coming up so we decided to create a hype video! RMSports does not own any of the audio, video, or images in the video ...
If this game weren't a business, Bailey would retire, go out a hero, and finish his career as a Denver Bronco.
Eric Decker out of the Denver Broncos 😭😤😡😢 NO baby come back! 😓😔
Seahawks fan Chuck McGowan brings us a look at his '12th Fan View' video series, as he documents the Seahawks victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII from his seat in the upper level at MetLife Stadium.
Denver Broncos just released Champ Bailey thursday. No he's not retiring but has become a free agent. Not to happy there he is one of the best players I've seen and nows he gone. Next football season should be interesting
To my Denver Bronco Fans, Rod Smith is currently on stage at the Organo Gold Convention.
I don't think the fact that Champ Bailey is no longer a Denver Bronco has actually registered in my head.
Want to meet NASCAR King Richard Petty (sponsored by Marathon Petroleum) and Denver Bronco Captain and Pro Bowler...
FanSided The Denver Broncos releasing Champ Bailey hurts this fans heart, but it is ... Mile High Report (blog) Trindon Holliday is not going to be a Denver Bronco in 2014 and I am pretty much okay with that. I loved his enthusiasm for the game, but I hated his terrible football acumen. Add that...
I'm so bummed that Champ Bailey isn't going to be a Denver Bronco anymore. It's crazy, he's honestly the first football player I remember rooting for as a little kid. Yes, I'm sad about a football player. Go ahead and laugh.
Thanks Champ for your years of service to Denver. You will Always be a Bronco Great in my book .
Saying good bye is never easy. Especially when it's a Bronco.
Eric Denver is great man. Lot different than Nola. All bronco talk so far here.they r worried about Von Miller contract next yr
1/3 of my life Champ Bailey has been a Denver Bronco. Quite absurd, really...
Would love for Denver to bring in Devin Hester on a 1-2 year deal
Hey you need to come to Denver and run for 2000again as a bronco
Awe so sad to see your leaving Denver :( U will always be one of my favorite Bronco's!!!
Champ Bailey will always be a Denver Bronco
rather build a strong team to win for years then a bunch of has Been's for a Denver bronco win it now kinda team.
Thank you Champ Bailey for your ten great years as a Denver Bronco!
People who Betted on the Denver Bronco Superbowl be like..
Champ Bailey being a Denver Bronco for 10 years.
Heart broken about Denver's release of Champ Bailey! you'll always be a in the hearts and minds of
Football is a business. The Bronco front office is going to do what they need to do to bring the Trophy back to Denver
It's official: Broncos release Champ Bailey: One day after meeting with cornerback Champ Bailey, the Denver...
officially release says 'Champ will always be a Bronco'
Champ Bailey is no longer a Denver Bronco.? Be right back guys, but don't worry about me. I'll just a be crying in the shower.
John Elway says: "This was a difficult decision for our team," about releasing Champ Bailey:
John Elway calls Champ Bailey one of best cornerbacks to ever play game. 'You couldn't ask for more in a player.' http:/…
Kentucky native, Denver Bronco tight end Jacob Tamme to be guest speaker at 2014 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast...
quote of the night. "Jack Swagger is gonna beat Big E like the Seattle Seahawk's beat the Denver Bronco's!" -Zeb Colter
Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander Delight Super Bowl Viewers. Ever wonder what the affect of commercials has on your conscious and unconscious mind or on your energy and your cells? 2014 Super Bowl commercials aired during the Denver Bronco ~ Seattle Sea Hawk game changed you, for better or worse.…
now folks with heavy hearts   and sorrow in yer hands   we feel the pain of loss   of Denver Bronco fans   the night was not to be   for Peyton and his bunch   when they hit New Jersey   they forgot to pack a lunch   The Seahawks brought a saddle   pulled the cinch real tight   and rode the Broncos   right from the gate tonight   there wern't much buckin from beginning   till they rang the final bell   ain't never seen a SEAHAWK   break a horse so well   but now the ride is over   and it's out too pasture time   and Peyton and his ponys   have 8 months to cry  Derek Anderson Duncan The Texas Tumbleweed ©copyrightFeb. 2, 2014 LillyCreek Publishing
Behind barbed wire and armed guards, squares off a Seattle Seahawk and a Denver Bronco. Halfway across the world from the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the site of Superbowl XLVIII, two intelligence analysts assigned to the 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team will watch their…
I think the romantic in all of us wants Peyton Manning to win tomorrow, so Denver Bronco's it is
Grorious Reader Kim Jong Un announced today that his friend Dennis Rodman is going to stop back by on Sunday for decadent 48th Annuar Super Bowr Game, featuring the Seattre Seahawks praying against the Denver Bronco's in beautifur New York City, financiar mecca of America and home of three recent ba...
Chris Christie has offered his services to the Seattle Seahawks. He's got a big mouth, knows how to block things, and can run pretty fast when he has to. Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has made the same offer to the Denver Bronco's: he's high most of the time, hits out in all directions, and refuses to be benched.
ATTENTION ALL REAL FOOTBALL FANS! In two days we will witness that great American spectacle: THE SUPERBOWL! To the thoughtful observer this game is about more than the score. I waited for fifty years to see a black quarterback in professional football. And it is interesting that we have a black family in the white House - the pinnacle of politics - as the black quarterback is rising to the pinnacle of the quintessential American game. Sunday's Super Bowl will feature the Denver Bronco's quarterback Peyton Manning - a wily and brilliant veteran who just had the greatest season in the history of the game - vs. Russell Wilson, a second year quarterback who is a model of the new duel threat - meaning he can run and pass with equal skill. "Duel Threat" is another way of saying "Black quarterback." This does much to explain why there has been so much talk about the superiority of "pocket passing quarterback." From listening to them talk one gets the feeling that there is a whole lot more at stake than a ...
This is for All of the Denver Bronco fans in my Life!! Especially Uncle Joe, Travis Allen, Tina Bardwell, Aunt Kathy Allen, Rebecca Earley, J D & J'Lynn Bell Allen
University of North Dakota alumnus and Denver Bronco offensive lineman Chris Kuper escaped relatively unscathed from his first Super Bowl media day experience Tuesday.
nah he plays for New England Patriots. They lost to Denver Bronco's in semi's
New Jersey Taxes Could Eat Up All Of Peyton Manning's Super Bowl Earnings This is a guest post from K. Sean Packard, CPA, who is Director of Tax at OFS. Peyton Manning has the opportunity to pull a John Elway and ride off into the sunset as a Denver Bronco after winning his second ring, not that he wants to retire. His career will hinge upon an offseason exam on his surgically-repaired neck, according to ESPN ’s Chris Mortensen. Obviously, the most important implication of the exam will be Manning’s health. But whether his career continues will have an effect on how much tax New Jersey can collect from him for his appearance in the Super Bowl XLVIII. Should the Broncos beat the Seahawks, Manning—and the rest of his teammates—will earn $92,000. The loser’s share in the Super Bowl is $46,000. So why does Manning’s future beyond February 2 matter to New Jersey? It would seem logical that the Garden State would apply its tax rates on the $92,000 or $46,000 Manning earns for his week in East Ruther ...
Rob Ford wore a Denver Bronco's sweater today. When he similarly supported the Argos and the Bills, both teams lost. TAKE SEATTLE!
Superbowl Predictions of How Seattle Seahawk Corner Richard Sherman will drive Denver Bronco opponents absolutely mad, Bro. By Will Lloyd. 1/22/2014 1) He will secretly style the Bronco mascot's horse tail hair to match his own dreadlock braids. 2) He paid Nike and Boeing to co-develop him special football shoes incorporating vertical boosters, downfield radar, and Michael Jordan jump springs. 3) After pass interceptions Sherman's end zone victory dances will be performed by him and every ex-girlfriend of Peyton Manning, marching choreographed field formations, and spelling out the words "Ya Mad Bro?". 4) Sherman will hack the Instant Replay video screen to show naked baby bathing pictures of the Bronco Receivers. 5) Richard will wear a boom box backpack that blasts out the words "OMAHA OMAHA OMAHA" during Denver hikes. 6) Sherman has hired Lady Gaga to redesign his uniform. 7) Every time he intercepts a pass, he'll sign it and ship to Peyton's brother Eli Manning with the inscription, " Ya Mad, Bro?" 8 . ...
We have Denver Broncos Pride here at Cake Crumbs Bakery, order your Denver Bronco themed cake or cupcakes NOW! Show the world that you are United in Orange - GO Broncos!
Country singer Jessie James and Denver Bronco husband Eric Decker recently did a provocative photo shoot for GQ. We have the pictures at What is your opinion?
Big Big Week off NFL coming your way, Our tip is for the Denver Bronco's to win it all... but first they have to overcome Tom Brady and the Patriots! It's gonna be a great weekend, pop on down to Sammy's Sports Bar for all the great action :)
Peyton Manning's first start as a Denver Bronco
Was just thinking how smokey the Denver Bronco's mile high stadium was after yesterdays victory!!! New meaning to mile high, lol
Another round of NFL Divisional Play-Off's with San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers at 5.30pm, followed by San Diego Chargers @ Denver Bronco's at 9pm!
So proud of my beautiful niece, Lisa M. *** who was a Denver Bronco's Cheerleader the last time the Broncos went to, and won, both Super Bowls!!! Funny thing, she is just as beautiful today as she was then, and her body is just as fabulous as it was then too!!! She received a Super Bowl ring from Pat Bowlen for EACH Super Bowl too!!! She was able to take her parents with her to both Super Bowls!!! What GREAT memories!
As a Denver Bronco season ticket holder we sometimes get calls from Bronco players. First game of the year the call was from Eric Decker (saved it) next call from Julius Thomas (saved it) and today from Chris Harris Jr (yes saved it too). Their message is Unite in Orange, cheer loudly and arrive early to the game. I got fired up and went and put on one of my Bronco shirts and will wear one from now through Sunday. Go Broncos!
Spirit Day on Friday 1/10: Wear Bronco's Gear or Orange & Blue to show support of the Denver Bronco's going to a playoff this Sunday!
I knew you were a Denver Bronco fan at heart!! Ha ha. Can't wait to see you back in competition!!
Do I happen to have any little Denver Bronco fans here that wear a size 2T or 3T?
That was my Denver bronco impersonation lol
Just because my husband is an OU Sooner and Denver bronco fan doesn't mean I'm going to be a fan too✋
I'm the biggest bronco fan of all time but just looking at it objectively, there is no way San Diego loses to Denver.
"Denver Broncos fans are the Miami Heat fans of the NFL" the biggest bronco and HEAT fan
Working on a special pair of Denver Bronco mittens for a new baby due in my family!
Have you wondered why the Broncos are doing so well this season? Check out this Denver Bronco get adjusted and...
Denver Bronco vs. San Diego Chargers Playoff tickets for SALE!!! Section 522 row 24 Seats 1 and 2 (aisle seats) Located in the North side of the stadium with a perfect unobstructed field view. Will sell to the highest bidder!
Since the packers lost..major sadness...Cash and I are digging out our Denver Bronco shirts etc. Go Broncos!
Wolfe, Phillips don't practice for Broncos - ESPN (blog): Denver PostWolfe, Phillips don't practice for Bronco...
John Fox talks about taking on Chargers: With less than a week to go before the Denver Bronco...
Ok my friends who are San Diego Chargers fans and who are Denver Bronco fans out there. Come on now raise those hands in the air. Lol.
So the Chargers go into Denver & beat the Broncos, I wonder if will ask themselves if Reggie hired the wrong Bronco assistant?
I was just about to check out at wallyworld when i noticed a Denver bronco head on the trashcan, left it sitting at the register
Playoffs going to get crazy this week BRONCO NATION
Pre-emptive strike on the inevitable Bronco choke job. "Patriots didn't have to go through Denver!!!"
Can it be Friday yet? Tattoo time with then Denver Saturday night and bronco game Sunday with my mama!
Here's something the Denver Bronco fans should ponder.their record this year was 13 wins verses 3 losses. The 3 losses came from the 3 AFC teams remaining in the playoffs! Even though the AFC goes through Denver.It's not going to be a cakewalk as some of you fans think! Remember when Jacksonville came into Denver when we had the number one seed and spanked us! Denver "D" needs to pick it up!
If anyone is a Denver bronco fan and is rolling with the broncos this weekend give me a *** yea
Ok so Green Bay lost so now it is time to cheer for C=Denver Bronco
No bandwagon here... we live that Denver Bronco life... we placed this bet before the season even…
is now a Denver Bronco fan. Just thought the world should know
Mrs McGirt was notified yesterday that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Denver. All kinds of Bronco fans living in central KY.
For all my Denver Bronco fans and Friends (?)...think about this when your talking about next Sunday's play-off game. Peyton Manning has NEVER beaten the Charger's in a play-off game... he is 0 and 2. he,he,he,he.
Denver bronco bolo ties distributed for game this weekend? Shoot I would buy one
Ok Denver Bronco Fans. A little Stat I heard this morning. "The team that beats the Philadelphia Eagles on opening day has won the last 4 Super Bowls." This year the San Diego Chargers beat the Eagles on opening day. Let's hope the Denver Broncos puts an end to that trend next weekend.
Omg way to go 49ers another game under their belt that much closer to the playoffs and superbowl for those Denver bronco fans thinking the cold and snow will slow us down if the packers couldn't do it you won't either I'm just saying niner nation whoo we
Be ready for the big game! Have 2 Denver Bronco outfits left. $20 each. Order on line today and get in the mail in plenty of time.
I want both Denver Bronco. Yup. My hubby like the 49er. Hmm
Welcome to Denver next Sunday! Just be on the Bronco's sideline or I'll NEVER use a Calloway club!! :-) go Denver!!
Q: What's the difference between the San Diego Chargers and a dollar bill? A: You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill. Q: What do you call 53 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl? A: The San Diego Chargers. Q: If you have a car containing a Chargers wide receiver, a Chargers linebacker, and a Chargers defensive back, who is driving the car? A: The cop. So sayeth a Denver Bronco fan. ;)
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Can we all just be from Denver and be Bronco fans and be friends seriously get high stop the violence
I think it's highly unlikely they get past a determined Bronco team in Denver. If they should Colt or Pats await.
NFL: Chargers book play-off clash with Broncos: The San Diego Chargers booked a meeting with the Denver Bronco...
My moms ordering tickets for the charger-bronco game😭👌 Denver bound
Two Denver bronco fans on my league team I should intentionally feed
The only two teams I have any slight doubts about the 49-ers covering is the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Bronco"s. The latter being my sissy's team, and if she beats me, its OK cause I will love her no matter what. And that's the only reason.
Thank you I heart my Denver Broncos I heart u too my Bronco fam :)
oh yeah you live in Denver and have to deal with those arrogant Bronco fans. lol. I feel for you.
Bricks be coming blanco. Girl Scout cookies.. New York knick hat, blue wit the orange like a Denver Bronco!
As I am both a long time Denver Bronco fan and Peyton Manning supporter I REALLY hope Denver & Indy win next week so they play in the AFC Championship, giving Peyton the chance to keep the Colts out of the SuperBowl ... lol
I'm not 100% ruling them out! I'm just saying Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco's are very good
Since my friend, the Denver Bronco fan, is so up on downing my Lions, heres an.update.. Your not a good team just cause you win 12 games in the regular season.then.drop your HOME playoff game. All the records, espn highlights, the best team talk and. still gonna lose! No better than my Lions... Wasted potential. The diffetence.. Iam expected to lose.. Whats your excuse?
how many Super Bowls does Manning have to win in Denver to go into HOF as a Bronco?
Well. It's time to become a Denver Bronco fan for the rest of the season.
I've been a Denver bronco fan since 1995-96 I just wish I was a rich fan so I could go too one of there playoff games.
Jay is faster tho Keith. Jay would look good in denver bronco blue and orange
For Sale: Orange Denver Bronco Von Miller Nike Jersey size 52 XXL This jersey was only worn once and the only reason I'm selling it is because it's too big and I bought myself another smaller one! It is honestly in excellent condition! asking $55 OBO I paid quite a bit more for it so this is a great deal!
And this means what next week, against a determined and rested Bronco team? "Denver's three losses this season."
*** think I'm from Florida and a bandwagon, I was born an hour from Denver and been a bronco fan since I watched football
The chargers look ready to whoop some Denver Bronco ***
Philip Rivers looks like his transportation to Denver next week is a Bronco.
I just want to live in Colorado and go skiing and snowboarding everyday and go to denver bronco games and live in the mountains. PLEASE🙏
One thing i want to do before i die is go to a bronco game in Denver. 😌
Why is there a Denver bronco fan at a greenbay game
That Denver Bronco fan in those Bud Light ads is going to be spending a lot of time in his basement next weekend.
HC FFA kids: lets just go to the Bronco/Charger game in Denver next weekend while we're up there.
Phil likes it in Denver js Bronco fans
I just want the chargers to beat Denver cause is a bronco fan
Did you know? Tim Tebow has more playoff wins as a Denver Bronco. then Peyton Manning does as a Denver Bronco.
Well from here on out im rooting for Denver, half my fantasy team is a bronco
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As a Bronco fan, allow me to be the first to welcome the Chargers to Denver next weekend.
Rivers is 1-1 in Denver against Manning's Broncos.
come to Denver, I'll take you to the Bronco game🏈🍻💕
Relax folks, most of Rivers wins in Denver came against Cutler. In fact if not for Hoculi's messup, he'd be 7-1. Only loss to Manning.
Shannon Sharpe is slowly transforming into the Denver bronco
I've just become a Denver Bronco fan
So Next Sunday I will be showing the Denver Bronco Game at my house for anyone that wants to show up!!!
Denver Bronco universe's reaction to the Bolts coming to town next weekend: Oh 💩…
SD @ DENVER i like dem odds. A Bronco W and a Pats Loss would do me just fine.
Since my team it out. Going for the denver bronco to win superbowl. Afc baby
It will always be Denver Bronco Nation over here
Lt... Now everyone is a so called denver bronco fan .
Lived in Denver when I was a kid so am a die hard Bronco fan, grew up in LA so am a die hard Kings fan.
Denver Co! Cheering for the green and gold from bronco country hoping to see both feb 2nd!
Tina Balderrama , Bobbie Jean, Danny we're playing San Diego in Denver Bronco country
We love you Cinn. but are very happy Charger ' s are on to play Denver Bronco.
Denver fans like to pull this Peyton is 1-3 Vs the chargers as a bronco stat. But they hate to hear the 0-1 in playoffs stat?!?
TD Yes, lighting can and did strike a Bronco the first time they played in Denver. So you have a week to sit on & worry!
Well Denver Bronco fans get ready the Chargers bout to get in y'all aAGAIN next week !
I'm rooting for the San Diego Charges today. Here's why. As a Denver Bronco fan, the only team in the AFC that worries me is the New England Patriots. The team with the best chance of beating New England is the Indianapolis Colts (or us). So I would rather have the Charges win today so we play them next week - and the Colts play (and hopefully beat) the Patriots next week. If they Colts were to beat New England . . . then Indy must come to Denver and see the new Peyton Place! :) So for today only . . . go Chargers! :)
Played pool all night with a Denver Bronco starter, I love this town!
Let's go Denver bronco game in Colorado who wanna join? Ahem
before the season started I predicted a DENVER BRONCO SUPERBOWL WIN sticking too it ! helpful hints .. a few more shootings and a major flood = Denver Happy dance of inspirational victory ...
It would not be me if I didn't! To those Denver Bronco fans y'all have one more weekend to celebrate then y'all will be finding ways to describe how and why he lost the game again' Brandy SosoSweet Brown Chikita Bubby and those hiding fans stop peeking y'all haven't lost yet!
Ok I get it the eagles lost at least they made it to the playoffs and I'm gonna be an eagles fan till the day I die I ain't gonna be like these fake people and join the Denver bronco band wagon!
I told my mom if I get to go to the Denver Bronco game I will wear Denver Bronco gear!!
Welcome Everyone!! I look forward to meeting and talking to Denver Bronco fans from all over the world. Lets connect and cheer on the best team in the NFL.
Loving the fact that there is not a single Kansas City or Colts status I guess everyone is just saving it for the Denver Bronco game next week!
Jennifer Wood Natalie Scroggin indy did it thanks from denver bronco country. Took out the cheifs still making the broncos numeral uno
With friends getting ready for eagles game. Headed over to downtown for the game. Making eagles fans outcof my denver bronco friends
Ricky Williams would have been a good Denver Bronco. After all, he thought smoking weed was more important than a NFL contract a few years back And since weed is legal in Colorado,... just saying Aubrey Mayberry
Whenever I see someone wearing any Denver Bronco stuff. I want to punch them in their face and throw their stupid hat in the fire.
Oh Baby! This game is starting to remind me of those John Elway Denver Bronco Super Bowl blow outs- Who could forget Joe Montana, Phil Simms, and Doug Williams lighting it up till Denver quit. Broncos gotta be hoping for a Charger win tomorrow.
Have 2 prime tickets to the Denver Bronco game January 12 against the Chiefs in Denver. Message me if you are interested.
I hope Kansas City wins the Super Bowl so all these Denver Bronco, Peyton Manning bandwagoners can bandwagon to another team lol go ALEX
Want to be featured by 9NEWS & the Denver Broncos? SUBMIT your SUPER FAN video and you may be chosen! Click here: to show off your Broncos pride as a LIVE guest during 9NEWS Mornings? EMAIL: mornings
Correction (and apologies!) to our Fantasy Football league champion, Nick Wight! Our only youth member came through with a victory for his Arctic Stampede. Congratulate Nick when you see him - you'll recognize him by his Denver Bronco gear!
Where Denver bronco *** riders at watchout for kc I told you Pedro Orozco
Neone that knows me knowz I am a denver bronco to the core and if anyone is like me id love to see peyton meet luck n the playoffs. Manning against his former team who let him go. REVENGE! like finkle tried to get his against marino and the dolphins..but the laces were in!! FINKLE AND EINHORN ... EINHORN AND FINKLE! LMAO! CLASSIC CARREY
Happy playoffs to all! Especially to my fellow Denver Bronco fans!
It seems i have way to many denver bronco fans. : ) - my niners play green bay. who do u think will win. Its at green bay
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