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Denny Duquette

Grey's Anatomy is an American television series created by Shonda Rhimes, and is broadcasted by ABC. The show features an ensemble cast of regular characters, with nine main characters in its first season.

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This scene reminded me a lot of Izzie Stevens & denny duquette 💔😭
Denny Duquette's case on grey's never fails to break my heart 😪
Finally getting to the Grey's episodes with Denny Duquette. 😍
The Denny Duquette episode gets me every time
Denny Duquette just died and here I am crying over a television character 😥
So sad Denny Duquette is a bad guy on The Walking Dead! I can't not think of Grey's Anatomy...
Watching season 7 and loving as always - so handsome, but it my mind he will always be Denny Duquette
Rewatching the Denny Duquette episodes and my heart is literally going to burst I cannot believe Shonda would do this
I've rewatched Greys Anatomy 3 times and every time Denny Duquette dies I ball my eyes out😭
I will always be bitter over Denny Duquette
I know everyone who dies down the line 😂 I'm dreading it. Right now it's Denny Duquette & Izzy is like tearing my heart apart so
The greys episode where Denny duquette dies messes me up everytime lol
Everytime I see Negan on all I can think of is Denny Duquette from 😭😭😭
There truly was no heartbreak like the Denny Duquette heartbreak 😪
I can't listen to Chasing Cars without sobbing about Derek Shepherd and Denny Duquette
The episode where Denny Duquette dies is absolutely brutal. I am an emotional disaster right now
If you don't cry when Denny Duquette dies on Greys, then you have no heart
When Denny Duquette said "I'm here for you Izzie Stevens" he actually meant he was THERE for her
Did you know this was a character note for Denny Duquette?:. "he has a quality that makes you want to lick him."😲😬
What I choose is you. You're who I want to wake up with, and go to bed with, and do everything in between with. -Denny Du…
I don't understand how Jeffery Dean Morgan can go from Denny Duquette on to Negan on 🤔🤔
I have to be prepared for these emotionally draining episodes. Denny Duquette, the shooting, the plane crash...there's a few more
Didn't appreciate seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan like that. It almost tainted my memory of him as Denny Duquette and John Winchester
When you find out that Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) is married to Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) !!!
Everyone knows Denny Duquette right? Well he is married to Peyton Sawyer.
When Alex Karev scoops Izzie Stevens off of Denny Duquette on greys I am never okay tbh
“Moments. That's all you get with the people you love.” -Denny Duquette
just want a guy to love me like Denny Duquette loves Izzy Stevens
Denny Duquette just died I cannot. breathe.
The whole Denny Duquette thing really puts me on my *** when I watch greys
Crap. They just said something about Denny Duquette and I'm crying
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The thing is, life is too *** short to be following these rules. - =Denny Duquette
Denny Duquette was just admitted to the hospital for the first time. My heart is already breaking 😭
If you know the name "Denny Duquette" you have cried over TV at least once
oh no. I can never watch an ep of that show with him in it then. He'll always be Denny Duquette to me
Where is the Denny Duquette in my life that leaves me 8 million dollars
"I believe in heaven. I also believe in *** I’ve never seen either but I believe they exist." - Denny Duquette
it is May 2016 and I am still emotionally wrecked by Denny Duquette's death
Denny Duquette makes me cry. Always. Every time
Denny Duquette died and resurrects as Negan
In my body pumping blood unlike Denny Duquette
Denny Duquette ruined my entire life 😢
so apparently Denny duquette is Sam & Dean's dad or supernatural, batman's dad (I think), and he was izzie's fiancé. coincidence??
Izzy Stevens and Denny Duquette are so annoying
Watching Denny Duquette die at 9 am on a Saturday was a little more emotionally draining than I expected.
do u ever just think about Denny Duquette and cry? because i do.
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Just aeeing the season finale of and all i can say is wow. WOW. Whatever happened to sweet Denny Duquette.
am I the only one who didnt know that Denny Duquette from Greys is married to Peyton from One Tree Hill in real life https…
why is Denny Duquette terrorizing people on the walking dead
ISTG Shonda, you better not turn Kyle Diaz & Edwards into the new Denny Duquette & Izzie!!!
Peyton gets to kiss Nathan, Lucas, Jake, Pete Wentz and she's married to Denny Duquette. . How does one "Peyton"?
Denny Duquette has entered Grey's and so that's how I know I'm about to die
can you add Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the list? the man who plays John Winchester, Denny Duquette and now Negan should be there❤
when you find out real life Peyton Sawyer and real life Denny Duquette are married ! ***
when I think of Jeffery Dean Morgan I think of Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy. Soon to be villain?! Can't be..
Oh my goodness, my surgeon is so attractive. Let me be the Denny Duquette to your Izzie Stevens
I'm turning into Izzie Stevens after what happened with Denny Duquette
I want a man looks at me the way Denny Duquette looks at Izzie Stevens
Can I have a supernatural and Grays anatomy crossover where John Winchester checks into Seattle Grace Hospital under the name Denny Duquette
Mistakes are painful, but they're they only way to figure out who you really are. -- Denny Duquette
*** is this show omg. It has Ellis grey & Denny Duquette. Who's next, mcdreamy?
Denny Duquette is the most depressing part of Grey's Anatomy
So no one wanted to inform me that Peyton Sawyer is married to Denny Duquette in real life?
Denny Duquette and Izzy Stephens do nothing but make me cry stop
I will always come back. I'm here for you.
You are my heaven but, but maybe.maybe I'm your ***
Of all the sad scenes in movies and TV, nothing will ever get me like Denny Duquette's death 😭😭
I wanna marry Denny Duquette why is he engaged and dead and a character on a TV is not fair
I'm for the candidate who brings Denny Duquette or George O'Malley back from the dead. That is a big issue in Dist of Rhimes!
Denny Duquette was the real McDreamy in this show
When Denny Duquette gets all teary eyed and sad I really wanna shoot myself.
uh anytime denny duquette shows back up on Greys I'm an emotional wreck
when Denny Duquette comes in for the first time (the third time around watching) and you can preempt the terrible terrible feelings to come
I hate the denny duquette storyline SO MUCH but I cant skip it because it spans over seasons... another reason why greys ruins my life
Emotional status: Izzie Stevens when she cuts Denny Duquette's lvad.
Every Grey's Anatomy fan wonders *** happened to the Denny Duquette memorial clinic
nothing more heartbreaking than the episode of Greys where Denny Duquette dies
I really wished Denny Duquette would've lived💔😭
When you're watching a different show besides Grey's and it has the guy that played Denny Duquette in it
" I'm sure you are my heaven. But maybe... maybe I'm your *** " -Denny Duquette. 5x13.
still wishing Denny duquette would come back
I'm completely in love with Denny Duquette.
I'll never get over Denny Duquette's death😭
Denny Duquette has to be the sexiest Grey's cast member..
I also shipped tf out of denny duquette & izzie from greys anatomy. Also think that merder is overrated.
Denny duquette from grey's anatomy is at the pougkeepsie train station right now 🆘
“Mistakes are painful, but they’re the only way to find out who you really are.” - Denny Duquette
I miss derek shepherd and Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey and george o'malley and Izzie Stevens and cristina yang and denny du…
Someone tell how to not miss Cristina Yang, George O'Malley, Denny Duquette, Izzie Stevens and Lexie Grey.
I will have a Phoebe buffay, a rachel green and definitely an Izzie Stevens and a Denny Duquette
Denny Duquette will always be my baby! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is baby!!!
Amber just told me that Denny Duquette is also John Winchester and it really messed my day up. I can't believe I didn't notice
did you know Hilarie Burton is with Denny Duquette from Grey's? 💔💔💔💔
I want a guy like Denny Duquette. Minus the congestive heart failure and the dying...
Denny Duquette was John Winchester before he was Denny.
Whatever happened to the Denny Duquette clinic? And why wasn't Izzie's alley stitching in the first episode revisited?
Denny Duquette when did u have such handsome sons
Wth why does the Denny Duquette actor keep in showing up on every show/movie I watch.
Denny Duquette and Izzy love story still gets me, even if Denny's gone...i could just die!!
Denny Duquette is still dead and so am i
I love Denny Duquette more than my own family
If I find someone to love me the way Denny Duquette loved Izzie I will be the luckiest girl in the world.
I want to have a never ending love like Izzy Stevens and Denny duquette❤️
Denny Duquette was one of my favorite patients on greys anatomy
wow I'm going to compare every guy I meet to Denny Duquette and he's a fictional character...why you gotta do this to me Grey's Anatomy
Denny Duquette dies in 4 episodes I should stop while I'm ahead and still emotionally stable
I can't handle Denny Duquette in The Possession right now
I will be depressed the rest of my life thanks to Greys Anatomy and Denny Duquette.
Denny Duquette should be a real person and marry me.
Whenever the dad on Supernatural comes on all I can see is Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy. I refuse to call him John. He is Denny.
Denny Duquette's death on Greys makes me cry every single time 😐
I still cry like a baby when denny duquette die in Grey's anatomy, and I've watched that episode at least 5 times..
I don't know which is sadder to watch, Fred or Denny Duquette dying
I will never recover from Denny Duquette's death
Denny Duquette's death gets me every time.
I'll be having nightmares of Denny Duquette tonight.
Denny Duquette ruined my life forever
have you been through Denny Duquette? Bc he will put you through the emotional wringer
Denny Duquette is by far my favorite character
I am not okay. I am consumed with Denny Duquette feels. Send help ASAP.
I saw an order for Bob aka Denny Duquette 😭
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I will never get over Denny Duquette's death, why why? He was my favourite. It's just not fair, I miss him :(
Oh did you cut Denny Duquette's LVAD wire, Izzie? I wasn't sure because you hadn't talked about it in like 5min.
I hope to someday have a love like Izzy Stevens and Denny Duquette
fictional deaths I will never get over.Denny Duquette
I love Denny Duquette. One of my favorite patients on grey's anatomy. Then he dies. 😭😔
As if Denny Duquette in Shameless wasn't good enough, I just found Scott Ballard in the second episode of Dawson's Creek.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette in the 2005 medical dramaGrey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, as The Comedian in the 2009 superhero filmWatchmen, and as Ike Evans in Magic City.
Whenever I see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, all I can think of is Denny Duquette no matter which role he's playing.
I think Denny Duquette is one of my favourite characters that's ever been on TV. ❤
Cool Fact: Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( Denny Duquette) are in a couple in real life 💕
I realised, Hilarie Burton is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Denny Duquette in Grey's Anatomy.
Hilarie Burton will appear in Grey's and is currently dating (and has a child with) Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Denny Duquette! Woah.
No matter what I watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan in now he will always be Denny Duquette!
list of people shonda killed in her shows: George O'Malley,Pete Wilder,Lexie Grey,Mark Sloan,Dell Parker,Denny Duquette,Ellis Grey +
I think Shonda Rhimes just tries to find excuses to bring Denny Duquette back to and I dont blame her.
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I want to have a love like Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.. Maybe even Izzie Stevens and Denny Duquette.. Or Christina Yang and Owen Hunt..
Happy that when Titi met Jeffrey Dean Morgan she told him I bawled my eyes out when Denny Duquette died on Grey's
Upper Box B Chasing Cars "Those three words Are said too much They're not enough" Before Chasing Cars introduced "eargasm" to my ears, the songs of the Celtic 5 piece band Snow Patrol (Run, Chocolate, How to be Dead) are not a stranger to my playlist; but after hearing it from the famous Grey's Anatomy "tearjerker" scene (Izzie Stevens laying beside Denny Duquette's dead body) it made me appreciate Snow Patrol more to a point that i would want to tattoo thier name on my chest. This song is so simple but so deep; it starts off with the most tender ways (thanks to Gary Lightbody's sensitive vocals) and gradually builds to an outpouring of beautiful emotion. It's a fantastic lovesong and makes me want to give the man (Gary Lightbody) a hug for his passion and honesty. Chasing Cars is a great crowd anthem and I am excited to experience it and be stupefied at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Aug 9. Pick me. Choose me. Love me Dayly.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Denny Duquette and Will from PS I love you went to see my grandma at work with his girlfriend,and she wasn't there.
First episode with Denny Duquette. I do miss Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Denny Duquette in Texas Killing Fields. Aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a B-rated movie about murders in Tejas.
Just relived the entire Denny Duquette season of Grey's Anatomy. Going to have to drink a lot of water or soon I'll be dehydrated from these irrational sobs.
It doesn't matter what role Jeffery Dean Morgan is playing, he will always be Denny Duquette to me.
This is a picture of Izzie Stevens with Denny Duquette :) I miss them a lot :( RT if you miss them too
I get a choice now. I get to choose. I choose you, Izzie Stevens. - Denny Duquette
My favorite Grey's Anatomy couple is Izzie Stevens & Denny Duquette. Even if one of them is dead.
The story of Izzie Stevens & Denny Duquette is the best love story of all times. Thank you so much
Here's my review of Magic City: Seconds before brain death, Denny Duquette can't decide if he's Don Draper or Tony Soprano.
Denny Duquette and Peyton Sawyer are married, can you believe this?!
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