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Dennis Wise

Dennis Frank Wise (born 16 December 1966 in Kensington, west London) is an English former football manager and player, and former Executive Director (Football) at Newcastle United.

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Rise of the fittysomethings: how Dennis Wise and Co. keep in shape in middle age
Never forget that Dennis Wise and John Terry did it the very next day - in case you needed another reason to loathe…
Who knew Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas were hiding abs like THESE?
We get Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear, Steve McLaren. We get relegation. We flip the bird at cup competiti…
My favourite part of has to be Dec talking about how small Dennis Wise is
Dec’s Dennis Wise gags are my absolute favourite bit of this year’s
Jesus where did they find Dennis Wise!?
If Amanda Staveley buys this week and Dennis Wise has to suck a Kangaroo off on I’d take that as a g…
Amir Khan is going to come back and tell Dennis Wise they’re only having rice and beans to eat because he failed the chall…
I bet Jamie Vardy is over the moon it’s Dennis Wise in the jungle and not John Terry 😂
Bet Jamie Vardy had a right party last night, whilst his Mrs was getting hammered down croc creek by Dennis Wise 😂
I bet Jamie Vardy is made up it’s Dennis Wise in and not John Terry... 😐
Gonna be a nightmare for ITV when Dennis Wise & Boris Johnson’s Da have a drink and start talking quietly about how Amir K…
You watch I'm a celeb to see a horrible nasty little 5 foot reptile and Dennis Wise turns up
Will never forgive Dennis Wise for trashing the Blue Peter garden.allegedly
Best ever golfing term is still a 'Dennis Wise' - a nasty little five footer!
4/1 for Dennis Wise to smash Becky Vardy in the hammock
I once heard that Dennis Wise wrecked the Blue Peter sunken garden when he was a teenager. I suggest camp…
Dennis Wise looks like he’s holding a mirror in the middle of his face
Dennis Wise's first bushtucker trial will be Gerry Taggart
Is it wrong to find Dennis Wise hot? 🙈
Dennis Wise & Amir Khan gonna stick out like a sore thumb with the rest of these lot. Never heard of half of them.
Can't they just drop Dennis Wise in the forest and then set it on fire
Dennis Wise is a rank outsider for Amir Khan is 10/1 to tkae the crown:
Dennis Wise in is seriously scraping the barrel.
Dennis Wise in the jungle.I’ll be voting for that horrible little *** to do everything!
how do we vote for Dennis wise to be covered in meat and threw in a swamp with crocodiles? If we have…
. We as toon fans will never forget what the rat Dennis did to our club. So lets get him eating crocodiles…
Every word true pops and hope I’m still your favourite 😁😜 see you Saturday mate, a long weekend for yo…
Also but:. Dennis Wise - could fall out with his own shadow.
Im a celebrity get me out of here starts sunday. Remember rat face Dennis toon fans and how he tried to screw our c…
Thank you to Dennis Wise and Frankham Group Charitable Trust for officially presenting us with our new minibus.
Or we make him pay for spawning that waste of a foetus we call Boris. My hate for Dennis Wise is o…
Vardy's missus can become the people's hero she's so desperate to be. Stick the nut on Dennis Wise on live TV. Do i…
Dennis is headed into the jungle! 🕷🐛👀 Account manned by friends and family ✌
Oh Dennis Wise. Ate a kangaroo's ball. In the Aus jungle . 10 minutes to go
So there's a chance that both Amanda might buy the club and Dennis Wise eats kangaroo *** on telly this week. . Hold me.…
Please give the snake that is Dennis Wise some feedback. Hope you win, hope he does most of the trials.
I assume you’ve all downloaded the I’m a celeb app ready to vote for Dennis Wise to scoff kangaroo *** aye?
My good friend Dennis Wise is bricking it. First bushtucker trial is trying to win a game with Xisco and Nacho Gonzale…
It’s always disappointing, the term ‘celebrity’ is so easily banded about nowadays, there’s only Dennis…
'I want 52000 geordies to ring up every day to vote for Dennis Wise for the bushtukker trials. I for one cant wait to see hi…
Proper excited for the unlikely bromance of Boris's dad, Amir Khan and Dennis Wise
Well apart from Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Fizz from Coronation Street I have no clue who the people are.…
Dennis Wise and nobody else I know. Where’s Dave Lister?
Ex-Chelsea and England ace Dennis Wise signs up to enter I’m A Celeb jungle
Hearing John Terry, Dennis Wise and Frank Lampard chants...amazing! Simply amazing! No one loyal like the blue faithful 💪👍
Chelsea legend Dennis Wise became a Blue on this day in 1990! 🙌
Next leeds manager? For me, one of Grayson, McAllister, Redfearn, O'Leary, Wilkinson, Clarke, Eddie Gray, Dennis Wise or Peter Reid
Dennis Wise! What a joke. Did he enter through the Nigel Spackman entrance?
Chelsea legend Dennis Wise will carry the Premier League trophy onto pitch ahead of title celebrations on Sunday.…
Chelsea hero Dennis Wise to carry league trophy on Sunday [Daily Mail]
Dennis Wise for me. Jumped up little c*** he was/is.
Dennis Wise is the man for the City
A REMINDER:. Chelsea won the last Final at the old Wembley. Roberto Di Matteo scored the only goal of the ga…
wasn't that long ago Dennis Wise had them in a final.
Dennis Wise Does some great work. Fred Luechter destroyed the Gas chamber lie inn The Zundst case
"You are sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves". (Dennis Lehane, Gone, Baby, Gone)
Dennis Wise probably still has nightmares. Memories.
And i also think that attitude wise also dennis is better then olof.
there is no No.6 like thiz one after Dennis Wise of Chelsea.
LIVE Radio with Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise & Messerschmitt in 15 minutes on Radio Aryan
please tell me you've got Dennis Wise in there
The following was shared by a wise Pastor friend, Pastor Dennis Rabineau, but applies to me. Thanks for sharing...
I don't think it was the 2 losing yrs as much as Dennis Smith and so much overhype for this year talent wise, then the result so...
Dennis Wise took Millwall to the FA Cup Final + Europe. Millwall not Barcelona. In real life not on FM. Made our dreams come true.
"You never transition from Greys Anatomy to Dennis" wise words from my boyfriend
lol I remember that. Oh and the time Dennis Wise punched a teammate 😒.
you need the Dennis Michael Lynch App. He reports real news. He has so many wise recommendations for you. He's Christian.
Dennis Wise was SO good, had it all.
new ep with of Great chat. Very wise.
unless that man is Dennis Wise though Al
"The wise person understands that his own happiness must include the happiness of the others" . (c) Dennis Weaver
Wise words from Ronald Reagan, the trouble with liberals is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that…
Dennis Wise lifting the FA Cup in 1997. Before Russian money.
because it rarely works I dont think a manager is going to enjoy having someone above him . Dennis wise at newcastle perfect eg
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Listen to wise advice to this is deep state, get a hold of your intel apparatus
Dennis Wise without a doubt. Sole contribution. A fight off the pitch...
Dennis wise without a doubt crap player got sacked then tried to sue us horrible little . person 😀
Please pick Dennis Wise. Though I say that as a supporter.
The fearful four leading the way so far for worst-ever player: . Junior Lewis, Dennis Wise, Josh Low and Lee Marshall.
In history? Surely that time Newcastle and Dennis Wise starting signing players they'd never even seen play was a bit worse...
If Yakubu is 34 yo he is not even in the 10 oldest debutants. Dennis Wise was 39!
Anyone else think that PSG are singing "Oh Dennis Wise"
It's Dennis Wise. He came for a highly paid career warm down and didn't put in any effort at all for a whole season…
All 3 are cult heros. Dennis Wise, Wayne Brown, Sergio Hellings and Savage for me
Lee Marshall for me. Although Dennis Wise was dreadful in the few games he played and then got sacked!
I doubt that buddy, they were a good side before he came along. The Dennis Wise, Hasslebaink, Zola, Lebeouf, Desaill days
Riley Dennis made a shirt that says "There Are More Than Two Genders", but you can only select two genders at checkout :…
Ah Graham Taylor has died. For he who gave us Carlton Palmer, Andy Sinton, Dennis Wise and Tony Dorigo in an England Shirt.
I heard we have been linked with Dennis Wise, Paul Warhurst, Nigel Clough and Martin Allen.😕
Oldham defender Sean Garnett leaves Chelsea captain Dennis Wise on his *** at Boundary Park in the 1999 FA Cup 3rd…
Terrible Alfie. I was at that game. Also remember us playing Chelsea. Vinny Jones, Dennis Wise etc.
What an awful line up. Dennis Wise, Richard Wright, Barmby thrown wide left. Penalty liability Phil Neville at left back...
My attitudes towards you depends on how you treat me.
been getting scouting tipa from Dennis Wise Lee ;-)
the only positive fantasy-wise is the kings were the only team I looked at and thought Lawson could sign and start
.Thank you for sharing this Deron. So heartbroken for the loss of our wise young friend Arshell Dennis. He was such a light.
Dennis Wise scouting time! We haven't done this one yet. Christian Atsu! (Bless you)
I remember it well. And the rest of the Heskey money was wasted on rubbish like Dennis Wise. Sigh.
Dennis wise is of course a good choice. I tend to think after 88. Gary Elkins and Stuart castledine?
Personally, my 2nd would be Dennis Wise. Older fans may suggest Glynn Hodges?
Looks like you've got a Dennis Wise there.
Its impossible to find someone who never hurts you, so go for the one who's worth the pain.
well he was released for being "too small" by that well known giant Dennis Wise...
Brain feels like its been slide tackled by dennis wise
At golf the other day: 'Ah u've got a Dennis Wise - a nasty little 5 footer!'
You gotta watch it...I'd compare it to the DENNIS system episode funny-wise
Dont lose hope. When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. Keep the faith
see Dennis you really for start watch Ter Stegen proper. You go barb he's waaay better than bravo decisions wise
Dennis Wise Part 13. Watch this, specially pay attention to min 12 onwards. I love Dr Wickstrom ! No messing w him. .
Some Dennis Wise style Lazaar gear if you're interested. That first goal...woof.
On this day: 1990 - Dennis Wise was sent off for the 1st time in his Chelsea career (vs Crystal Palace).
Early to bed and early to rise,. makes a man about as interesting as Dennis Wise.
captained hazard, seems like a wise decision. But I don't have any of those two.
I think it was Alex Ferguson who described Dennis Wise as a man who could start a fight in an empty room.
Daily Trad, Grandpa Lampshade, Dennis Wise, Zeiger, Harold Covington, The Voice of Albion & more at Radio Aryan.
I remember early Gerrard ferociousness being key to winning trophies. His treatment of Dennis Wise for example. Hendo needs to add steel.
I think this is the most red Chelsea has been since Dennis Wise and the boyz. Since the PG Auto Glass sponsor.
Doing a Dennis Wise on Daryl Murphy. I like this goal.
and I've just paid £3.30 for a sandwich, taking the absolute Dennis wise
we do need a blend of experience in there as well, mixed with some toughness. A modern day Dennis Wise would be ideal
But forget Chelsea, City or Spurs - the biggest shock of the day is Dennis Wise's hair on
Dennis Wise gives us the inside story on the man in his avatar.
I messed this up, should be Dennis Wise Wide Shut
LIVE Radio with Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks on Radio Aryan in 15 minutes
Safe to say I didn't like Dennis Wise as a kid!
I liked a video from Dennis Wise Reflects on Communism by the Backdoor" Part 6 Satanic
Lifters | Leaners wise consider Access UNemployable. "Flush within an empty club"my
New Daily Trad with Ben Raymond & TWO Radio with Dennis Wise, plus Subal, Covington, Voice of Albion & M-Woes today.
Chelsea are just unlikeable. How you ended up following the team of Dennis Wise and John Terry is beyond me 🍆
I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream
Communism by the Back Door by Dennis Wise Part 11 - the history - the plan - how far they got. The future. .
Dennis Wise looks like someone put John Terry in the wash on the wrong temperature.
Knowing to *** defeat from jaws of victory ... Attn: Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear and Keith Harris. You may soon have a call
can you ask him to comment on rumours that Dennis Wise and John Fashanu have been seen walking down Friargate
He looks like Dennis Wise - not sure Josh Warrington would like my Mrs observation
LIVE radio with Dennis Wise in 30 minutes, looking at Otto Skorzeny & episode 17 of CBTBD
Taking a closer look at David Irving's reversal on revisionism and the gas chamber hoax in general with Dennis Wise.
Can you honestly imagine Kerry Dixon and Dennis Wise wishing WroeToShaw a happy birthday? If that happens I hope we as a species go extinct.
Jordan Ayew elbow was nasty, but. Did Creswell nip him? Nicky Butt and Dennis Wise springs to mind.
Brilliant charity set up by Dennis Wise (footballer)!
bumped into Dennis Wise in cafe at Loro Parque, Mallorca.daughter wearing Leeds shirt, couple weeks later, he was manager
Keith Weller, Frank Sinclair, Dennis Wise...the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei. "Leicester sign the Sultan of Brunei’s nephew from Chelsea"
we've met before at av's listening party but yup. Didnt know world was so small. Guess u used to fck w dennis music wise 2
The fact is that not only do people get more wise and more conservative as ...
It is wise to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final. - Roger Babson .
he was agent of Dennis Wise who we sacked months before for breaking jaw of one of our players over a card game!! He gave…
and Dennis Wise is neo-nazi propagator. Enjoy your hate, seems like you need it to live. Sad.
works for proud white ppl that got erection from Dennis Wise or word Islam. Not 4 me.
A. A Kensington copper, he had to grab. Dennis Wise who was giving it the gab.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
28 Aug 1998: Chelsea captain Dennis Wise lifts the trophy after leading his team to victory in the European Super...
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, nd lean not on your own understanding
The Democratic party, if it amounts to more than a cabal of cronies, would be wise to embrace the movement
Dennis was my favourite star wars character right next to wise puppet
Rayne Dennis picks up the win as St. Benedict baseball defeats TRA, 9-7 in the season-opening Lewis Harris Memorial Tournam…
free pub education Is wise investment. Univ healthcare is more complicated to justify.
hazard isnt in the same league as Zola.pity Dennis Wise wasnt about today to give him a good kicking in training.
think he's great as Corky. Nasty short bloke. Inspiring to me. As was Dennis Wise!
Dennis Wise one of the sponsors tonight at ? good
Steph Curry is objectively a good player. "The game done changed" - Dennis "Cutty" Wise.
Dennis Wise is definitely not all there in the head
I couldn't believe it, still fear that it's Dennis wise wearing a Benitez mask, he must be desperate for work!!
Never underestimate yourself. You can do better. You can do more
Wise confining the fight to a single front and, as a huge motivator of her base, Trump must remain unchecked during the primary.
...should be around Monday lunchtime that Ashley brings in Dennis Wise to supervise Rafa...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Diego Costa seems to inhabit that special category of unlikeable footballer that includes such giants as Vinnie Jones and Dennis Wise.
"I'm just gunna keep blowing up her phone" -wise words from Dennis
see the problem is that luxury-wise my car is really nice, but the transmission is dying so I need to get rid of it asap.
they never admitted it about Dennis wise so can't see it happening with Costa
once described Dennis Wise as being like the kid at school who'd spit at you thru his teeth, same with Costa I reckon!
I recon it's about time they parted ways with Dennis Wise now. Surely he's had his time.
Dawn is a Computer Engineer,and she is representing team Olive Dennis
I don't fight ... To old to tired to wise ! Lol like Dennis say stop your fighting ...
'Dennis Wise failed to return the YEP's calls.'
From my kind of time. Harris, Dennis Wise, Cahill and Sheringham. Manager: Jackett
So... Is that a change of policy or will Rafa leave after 2 games muttering "f**king Dennis Wise"?
The one in the right is either Dennis Wise or Julie Walters, but I don't know who the other guy is.
The most exciting appointment at since Keegan returned. Hopefully, this time we'll manage to avoid giving Dennis Wise a job too...
. I have it on good authority that it's Dennis Wise
And definitely not as good as the JFK and Dennis Wise combo! 😜
Oh, he's gone. Dennis Wise as an interim, until they secure Rafa?? 😂😂😂
BREAKING: Dennis Wise appointed as Newcastle manager with Jimmy Nail as his assistant.
Words fail me. Wise up loony lefties
I finally had a chance to chat to Dennis Wise of TGSNT last night a bit. Was good.
he does look like Dennis Cutty Wise LMAO I can't breathe
At 9 years old, Catherine's sexual awakening was to Dennis Wise. My god...
This three men are wise.Great words they are speaking
The good old days of lying on your belly from 12pm watching Dennis Wise telling you his teammates nicknames.
going to Oldham away years back and met loads of players after - Dennis Wise, Frank LeBouef, Ed De Goey…
it all started from listening to a Chelsea steward & Dennis Wise instead of Kevin Keegan 🙈
4. Herrera's turning into Robbie Savage (or a rich man's Dennis Wise), n Schneiderlin's looking like the average French CM he really is.
Chelsea trio Roberto Di Matteo, Eddie Newton and Dennis Wise with the in 1997.
Live radio with Dennis Wise, plus podcasts from E Michael Jones, Harold Covington, Jim Rizoli and more at RadioAryan
Amen, sister! The best part is people are starting to get it. Thank you also to Dennis Wise and !
I have an excuse, I lived there for 2 years. Supported them thru Administration, League 1, Dennis Wise!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dennis Farina.good for the heart. Ya solo falta Wise Guy.
Dennis Wise's documentary is based upon primary research.
The big lad lol. Dennis Wise. Marcel. Melchiot. Zola. Jimmy Floyd. No am an Arsenal Fan 😁😂
Doing some standard Dennis Wise Scouting. Search on youtube
7th leading goalscorer in premier league era, Dennis wise with 76.
leader would be wise to question of Dennis Wiley of
Dennis Wise lol dirty little player. Btw gotta ask, what did you think of Alli yesterday? My fave goal in years
lool it just doesn't add up, Dennis wise days, it's bizarre I know
quite a statement in a world that includes John Terry, Dennis Wise and Cashley Cole. Hmmm, there may be a theme here.
Absolutely titanic cup game for tomorrow - gutted to have picked up a niggle but will be Dennis Wise-esque player-manager
As Dennis Wise in The Advisor. Not sure who'd play Keegan though.
Celestine Babayaro, Dennis Wise and Gianfranco Zola after a game in 1997.
you can add Dennis Wise to that , I'm sure Keane respected him
Trust Dennis to be getting amongst the shenanigans!
Because he looks like Dennis Pita body wise
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
look it isnt going to change the fact that Dennis Wise made . Maldini look like Zapata.
Oh Dennis Wise, scored a 'king great goal, in the San Siro...
It was a wise man who said there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals - F Frankfurter - Dennis v US
Mass starvation due to Communism, occult societies in ancient Greece and how it all fits in today, with Dennis Wise
Live radio with Dennis Wise later on today, along with all the usual favourites in the Radio Aryan …
This squad top six but needs strengthening with a dominant centre half and 6' 4" forward. Best loan player, Dennis Wise. Chris
And this is Dennis Wise, the producer who made "The Greatest Story Never Told".
Is it just me or is Mignolet at corners as tall as Dennis Wise?
Ah, Pat Sharpe above racism...I wonder who wrote this list? Dennis Wise?
JAN: Dennis Wise appeared on Setanta, after applying his hair with Microsoft Paint.
Chelsea and Aston Villa captains Dennis Wise and Gareth Southgate ahead of the 2000 FA Cup Final. .
Just a few more out of work names who may well be interested: . Lee Clark, Stuart Gray, Paul Jewell, Stuart McCall, Dennis Wise.
I recall Grobbelaar doing the same as Hart against Wimbledon in 1989/90, letting Dennis Wise score.
A very interesting study. Make sure to watch the video where Dennis McKenna shares some wise words!
Coutinho translates as 'little coot' which is very similar to how Dennis Wise was often described
The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet.
Dennis Wise will assist and Mikel finishes it 🙆💋
you are intelligent if you know what to say but only wise if you know WHEN to say it.
What a wise man sees while seated, a fool can't see from top of the tallest mountain.
Ruud Gullit, Dennis Wise and Gianfranco Zola of Chelsea with the FA Cup
"Dennis wise to delay pay-as-you-throw vote" The town of Dennis has indefinitely postponed the pay-as-you-throw pr…
When humans feel like they don't have enough resources—love, money, time, food— they are less likely to make wise decis…
You can watch the film and decide for yourself. or talk to the filmmaker Dennis Wise.
We could be the Dennis wise and Gus poyet combination!
Nah guff. I'm taking the Dennis Wise son.
Team Frankham at the Great South Run for the Dennis Wise & Frankham Group Charitable Trust
i dunno, the side that went down to league one with Dennis wise was pretty *** poor
yep we still do from time to time. That was Dennis wise, Paolo. I think if possible we should go to that. Gareth Barry ?
We don't know that yet, but reputation-wise, Jose isn't doing well is he
If the fandom doesn't wise up and reform after THIS there's no hope left and they should be exiled to l…
KCB will go down C.Stars will Survive the chop kudos to Dennis Wise Okoth
A word in thine ear, Tis not wise to provoke a large, unusually clever rabble the week before Guy Fawkes.
Join me after the news when I'll be chatting to Dennis Wise about the polite way to do garden fencing.
there's one home made shortbread cookie left and I'm reserving it for Dennis wise. ;)
here's something to make you smile,former captain Dennis Wise sporting a rather dapper hairpiece
It's strange how things turned out for me. Prior to watching Dennis Wise's ground breaking "The Greatest Story Never
sure! We should bring back Dennis Wise and Gianfranco Zola to!
16 years ago today. Oh Dennis Wise. Never see an away end celebrate like the one behind the goal here. Incredible. https…
C.Stars will Survive Dennis Wise has done great as a player coach
Wise man☺ "Dennis Beckett has just agreed with everything said.
I think Dennis Wise is doing great job considering his status not a qualified coach
16 years ago today Dennis Wise scored a f***ing great goal at the San Siro
I know he's a totally different player, but I've got a feeling Joe Cole could do what Dennis Wise did in terms of galvanising!
He was positioned next to my poster of Dennis Wise
. The version of WW2 history we get in the UK is abysmal. . Watch Dennis Wise's 'The Greatest Story Never Told'
just seen Dennis Wise at Newark Northgate Station. Notts County Job? Or off to the races at Southwell
A wise man told me tonight 'you can't live a life of happiness without bearing the willingness to feel pain'
"Enjoy every second of your life. I don't care if you're sixteen or sixty. Don't take it for granted." -wise words of Dennis Daly
I think that's Dennis Wise in the foreground too.
I remember Dennis Wise playing for Chelsea he ran up to the corner I shouted rent boy at him. He blew me a kiss
My child, listen and be wise: Keep your heart on the right course. Proverbs 23:19
Apparently I was sat next to Dennis Wise on Saturday night. My colleagues have told me that it was wasted on a person like me.
I'm the Dennis Wise of the pod. Fearless. Energetic. A leader of men
Let us be wise pls. Not everyone that is of marriage age and single has problem,some are not just ready. People have all sorta priorities
Though of course I'd rather have Dennis win with his Entermages over the mega boring Anqitue Gear, though I understand it plot-wise.
V wise words from Ron Dennis. about innovation. Let them test and develop. Sport FAR too restricted by silly rules and ideas
Meeting Dennis wise brings back so many memories, used to see this mans face plastered all over my…
Ronnie O'Sullivan was an interesting read as was Dennis Bergkamp. Novel wise. Before I Go To Sleep.
Dennis Wise on steroids definitely England's best player
There's a rugby player for England who looks like Dennis Wise on steroids.
massive loss for the team, but good luck in your new adventure. Thanks for the memories. Dennis Wise. ⚽️
that does sound about right. I imagine Dennis Wise does as well but that's about it.
Kicking lumps out of us, bring back Dennis Wise
Learn about the successful evening with legend & PG10 next up is Mark Lawernson & Dennis Wise
check these wallies out,why has Sean got a Dennis wise Lego hair cut 😭😭😭😭
Dennis wise, Bobby Charlton Kings of their day
That's so Dennis Wise can get a drink.
you seem to forget dennis wise, jfk, pardew, lambias... There is a theme!
Dennis Bergkamp of Arsenal and Michael Duberry of Chelsea clash. Dennis Wise and Ray Parlour in the background
Dennis Wise | Spingola Speaks. Listen to the latest interview with Dennis Wise & Deanna Spingola
I think you now need a bad wall too. Dennis wise - breaking a teammates jaw when he slept.
On this day: 1995 - Dennis Wise played his 200th game for Chelsea.
Costa no 1 wind up merchant in PL since Dennis Wise,Stuart Pearce(Psycho),Vinnie Jones,El Hadj Diouf?Wind up tactics part & parcel of game?
Described as the original and best-known Elvis Presley tribute artist, Dennis Wise is also a campus monitor at NWCTA!
Dennis Wise pinched Nicky Butt whilst on the floor causing Butt to react and get sent off. Wise was just as bad as Costa.
did Dennis Wise not nip Nicky Butt's leg to get a reaction?
what a prat Dennis Wise was. The world celebrated when Nicky Butt's gave him a swift MMA knee in the rib
we had di matteo, Peter osgood, Dennis Wise and one of the best ever Centre backs Marcel desailly
Drogba, Ballack, Paulo Ferreira, Di Matteo, Dennis Wise, Cech, Joe and Ashley Cole etc right up there.
need to sack Ed woodward & hire someone more competent at handling transfers like Gerry Francis or Steve Kean maybe even Dennis Wise
Was a huge Zola fan but my favourite Chelsea player was Dennis Wise
Tommy Hatcher, Dennis Wise and Neil Harris your boys will take one *** of a beating tomorrow!
The Iran Nuclear Deal by Dennis Prager. A wise man, indeed.
"Your eyes look heavy, wise, and sad yet hidden with so much love for life. Hold onto that.". The best compliment I EVER received. 😭
come on the villa from the northern Dennis Wise
You may be brimming with creativity today, but it's wise to le... More for Virgo
that's probably how Dennis wise and Joe Kinnear's interviews went as well 😉
Whenever I don't want to go to school i just think of the wise words of Dennis Prager
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