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Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller (born November 3, 1953) is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator, actor, sports commentator, and television and radio personality.

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Dennis Miller called, he wants his joke back.
c'mon Dennis Miller is only one person
Who are you, Dennis Miller? What's with the pop culture references, WaPo??
I still laugh at Dennis Miller saying, "Claude Rains (The Invisible Man) on the tackle" when a player tripped over his own feet.
Gosh, haven't heard James Woods or Dennis Miller say that people shouldn't have access to healthcare.
Very high Dennis Miller quotient on this one.
Another great G-File. It's amazing how you can simultaneously channel William F. Buckley and Dennis Miller.
Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers...yes, it used to be very funny.
I think you could sell this one to Dennis Miller. I need to Google Edward Furlong.
The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy. ~Tommy Chong
Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, and Steven Crowder. So yeah, no comedians.
In a triumph of meta cannibalism, Dennis Miller himself is now an obscure reference.
Dennis Miller, pre-lobotomy: "Do you really want your fate to be decided by 12 people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty?"
And, that Dennis Miller impression is brutal.
Yeah, the only thing that really came close to a conservative variant of The Daily Show was Dennis Miller's various shows.
I love that the Dennis Miller Quotient is an excellent example of the Dennis Miller Quotient.
Kung Fu reference was so stale, not even Dennis Miller would use it.
"Recount has commenced in Wisconsin and they just turned up a Fidel Castro vote for Hillary filed today.". -Dennis Miller
We are happy to announce the Dennis Miller Collection is now available at the Showroom.
Because Tomi Lahren is a troll trying to be a comedienne in the vein of Dennis Miller, but lacking the intellect
. alex jones maybe?. tho if its a commedian, it is probably Dennis Miller
If you hadn't heard, visited with our own for nearly an hour on episode 201! Check it out!
What is guilt? Guilt is the pledge drive constantly hammering in our...
Dennis Miller said it best. If Obama does something that works he gets an A. If he fails Bush gets an F
I Rant Therefore I Am by Dennis Miller (2000) - for sale at Wenzel Thrifty Nickel ecrater store
I used to do some freelance for the station back then. Dennis Miller was still there & Allison Highbrrger was a producer.
The movie 'Idiotocracy' was supposed to be satire. thanks a lot, DNC.
Do you still write jokes for Dennis Miller?
goals were scored in that 8-1 ladies hockey win against Liggett by (2) (2) Hanna Miller (2) and Carson Dennis (2)
Most Americans will let liberals and conservatives play their games...
I miss the 90's before he became a Republican sycophant. Watching old Dennis Miller Live episodes.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Dennis Miller might have legitimately been a better hire
With short hair Shane looks even more like Dennis Miller. 😂
Shane looks like a younger Dennis Miller
This is cool. Dennis Miller spends an hour talking to his old Producer Christian. .
Please let him, Learn from Dennis Miller. Fall off the left cliff
She looks like shes watching the Hindenberg explode 24/7 😨. Dennis Miller quote😂😂
Come out and support at Lucas Cricket Club, a charity event to aid cricket coach Dennis Miller…
I'd kind of like to trade Bill away, too. He's descended to Dennis Miller-level.
Or, like Dennis Miller in the ‘80s, you could wear two at all times—“Like swinging two bats in the on-deck circle.”
"He speaks so stupidly, I'm surprised the NFL hasn't put him in the concussion protocol.". -Dennis Miller 11/30 O'Reilly Factor
Big thanks to for joining on the to talk & more! If you missed it:
"Why's everyone complaining about GWing ? I always felt it's a little cold out".-A once revered for intelligence Dennis Miller
My Westworld fan theory is that Tomi Lahren is just Dennis Miller in an elaborate disguise.
Not even President yet and saves 1000 Jobs.. GO TRUMP and PENCE! via
Well only has Dennis Miller. Not Libs' fault the Right have no sense of humor. I too listen to both sides.
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Dennis Miller killing it abt Pelosi in 2014
You know there is a problem with the education system when you rea...
There are a lot of people out there with love in their heart that wish you dead if you don't have the same love in your heart.-Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller, " Roger Goodell acts like he cares about football players health, but lets them play on Thur nights". 10…
You'd think Liberals wouldn't want to burn flags because it's bad for the environment. -- Dennis Miller
I'm v liberal but uh,Dennis Miller, Bill Burr, Adam Carolla? None of them on trumps level of ignorance but..
I've figured out who reminds me of! Dennis Miller! You gotta bring Doug to STL he's great!
Would LOVE to see you moderate a debate between Dennis Miller and Bill Mahr! Will try(?) to get to Tacoma dome?? Good times!
CELEBRATING _ Anna Wintour is 67. Roseanne Barr is 64. Dennis Miller is 63. Adam Ant is 62. Dolph Lundgren is 59. Colin Kaepernick is 29.
"Nice to be in Chicago where a death certificate counts as a voter I.D." ~ Dennis Miller
It seems Scott Adams is destined to join Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, and Chachi among people I used to think w…
I wonder how someone as funny as Scott Adams can be such a putz. Then I remember Dennis Miller. Question answered.
My interview with Thad Forrester . "Dennis Miller called Michael Yon the “Premier Combat Journalist”. You want...
People we thought were cool at first:. Dennis Miller. Scott Adams. Notch
Scott Adams has learned so many words from Dennis Miller.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ok you got me there. I'll go with Dennis Miller. But Norm def better than Colin Quinn.
, can you bring back kornheiser... Dennis Miller . Sean Salisbury ... Anyone . Give gruden some help . This guy ***
"As Warren Christopher once said to the Dalai Lama, 'Don't eat the red rope licorice, babe.'" - Dennis Miller
could it be I actually MISS Mike Tirico? . Monday Night Awful in the broadcast booth...anyone have Dennis Miller's phone number?.
One of my favorite Space Ghost episodes is the one where Dennis Miller calls Zorak "Tom Servo" by accident
I thought it was just Dennis Miller and Al Michaels- don't remember Fouts with them -I could be wrong like usual😀
The night before Dennis Miller was making Congressman Gary Condit jokes on Monday Night Football. I just thought it was going to be another
It's like a Dennis Miller way of saying drink bleach.
All they have is Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Richards. Crowder is an F-list hack.
And we then recall that Jeremy Northam was once a thing, not to mention, Dennis Miller.
Ahh Jan 1990 Dennis Miller on the Nagorno-Karabakh War drama. Watching SNL start to 2000.
Dennis Miller and Kim Coslett are playing tonight at 7:00! Make sure to stop by tonight. Its whats going on in...
TONIGHT Dennis Miller and Kim Coslett. This will be fun! Kim is one of the lead singers for Prairie Rose Rangers...
Dennis Miller and Kim Coslett are joining us tonight!
Someone please get Michael Keaton or Dennis Miller or Billy Gardell to explain "jagoff" to the media. They're in a tizzy of confusion!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
where is Dennis Miller? My main reason for watching Bill O'REILLY. My favorite no spin zone
Just ran into Dennis Miller and Ted Nugent wandering the streets of Cleveland. Show's over, ***
Scott Baio? Plz complete the trifecta w/ Kirk Cameron & Dennis Miller. They can cross the streams and summon Stay-puft Limbaugh.
Precious. Get a frame of reference. Dennis Miller was ranting before Yahtzee was a bead of sweat on Charlie Brooker's ***
Dennis Miller voice:. Kevin love is more fragile than a glass floor patio at prince fielders house
(Dennis Miller) this JJ Watt logo is a bigger flop than LeBron James, chip chip.
fox news: Miller Time: College kids and gender: Dennis Miller reacts to some students thinking there is no di...
I think Janeane Garofalo is incredibly funny, and I love Dennis Miller...
Worst to 1st: From OJ to Dennis Miller + Frank Gifford, we rank every 'Monday Night Football' announcer for 46 years
Curt Schilling seems to think that my Dennis Miller parody account is the real thing. HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE.
Hillary has been on more private jets than Trump, she's just never paid for it herself. -Dennis Miller
If only everyone who opted to 'rant' on camera were first required to watch Dennis Miller, The Belz, and both seasons of Fawlty Towers.
I'm so tired of preppy little boy boy Colin Jost on Weekend Update. What happened to rebels like Dennis Miller and Chevy Chase?
ah Mr. Baio you've arrived, we kept you a seat. Here you are in between Victoria Jackson and Stacy Dash and Dennis Miller.
I was probably just trying to be Dennis Miller, but without the vocabulary ...
HBO used to be 🔥 growin up. It's so 🚮 now. Def Comedy Jam, Tales from the Crypt, Dennis Miller, Spawn, Sopranos, Chris Rock, Oz. Smh 😪
I love being a dem. The RT. have Stephen Miller & Dennis Miller. I will take our Stephanie Miller any day. The world is just better when dem
Dennis Miller: I thought I knew Mitt Romney this is epic!! via
Hitchens lays into after Dennis Miller and Christopher Hitchens 1 via
conversely, I was a total HBO kid--Larry Sanders Show, Dennis Miller, The Kids in the Hall, and Dream On warped me permanently.
We had Paul Stanley in 100 and Dennis Miller in 200. Any plans for Episode 300?
Man, Dennis Miller was great on The Dan Lebatard Show. Wish he didn't exist in the Far Right/Bill O'Reilly/Fox News bunker.
Robert Smigel told Howard Stern that Dennis Miller is funny. Two weeks ago. I can't let go of this.
Bulli replaces Miller in Scorpions squad: Spinner Dennis Bulli is set to earn his first national senior cap af...
We used to have Dennis Miller, but he was too smart for the audience.
Dennis Miller is a RWNJ but he's right. It is rigged and undemocratic and reason to take on the DNC
"I always wish Obama would be as nasty & arrogant with our enemies as he is with fellow citizens who just disagree with him.…
Gary Johnson and Dennis Miller, both outspoken in their support of Sanders's ticket-splitting.
Dennis Miller is a rabid right winger. Doesn't have Democrats' interests at heart.
Am I wrong in thinking Dennis Miller still gets gigs outside of talk radio is that enough people mix him up with Dennis Leary?
Sean Miller already needs a new shirt
Dennis Miller's concern trolling is transparent as it is stupid.
This assumes you are ignorant enough to get your news from RWNJ Dennis Miller.
We stopped listening to Dennis Miller about anything when he took that Monday Night Football job for two years.
i know i know..its Dennis Miller...but still...he is right.
Dennis Miller is a widely known ultra conservative. He's obviously trying to stoke divisiveness among Ds. U just took the bait
Gutfeld is just a Dennis Miller wanna be minus the funny.
If he didn't I don't think I understand why you shared Dennis Miller's post.
Websters and Dennis Miller think Duerr is the king of references.
Or that Dennis Miller hasn't been funny in a good long while.
I meant that Dennis Miller's opinion is not relevant to BS's chances of winning the nom. (And neither is mine!)
Pilgrimsprog has a show on 03/19/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Dennis Ray MIller and Pilg... in Derby, KS
That one time I agree with Dennis Miller just happened. Who would have thought? Is he
Dennis Miller saved WU. Seth got it, the girls Zzz, don't get me started on Fallon or Norm. Intelligent writing! Not Wiener
No one is going to buy propaganda from right-wing madman Dennis Miller.
I liked a video from Dennis Miller Weighs On Election 2016, Trump, Clinton S…
Donald, Megyn is B team. Shaun, Rush, Gretta, O'Reilly, & Dennis Miller like you. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Dennis Miller justifies because the “knockout game.".
Flip The Superdelegates. Common ground with Dennis Miller?! Never would have guessed it.
"Never have lives less lived been more chronicled" - Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller just wants to see them in Chaos for the fun of it. He doesn't really like Bernie.
Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller are at the Nokia theater and causing traffic. Jerks.
Ross the Intern, musical guest Dwight Yoakam, host Jay Leno and comedian Dennis Miller on May 25, 20
Y'know, I skipped Scalia's funeral and I won't be at Nancy Reagan's either. Where's my bad Dennis Miller joke?
Obama skipped Scalia funeral, now Nancy Reagan's. If the guy was any more low rent, he'd be a Spring Break destination -Dennis Miller
Adam Carolla & Dennis Miller had a joint podcast. Which sounds about as funny as "American Psycho" with a laughtrack.
greg, you have the most annoying voice since hillary. It's like Gilbert Gottfried & Dennis Miller had a devil child
Dennis Miller "I haven't seen a knife buried like that since Chris Jones on Lucas Oil Field, babe"
Dennis Miller is a California
As soon as Bill Mhar's racism started to come through, I stopped watching him. Same thing regarding Dennis Miller.
In 1986, when Ronald Reagan turned 75, "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller had a bit of fun at the e…
That's one of maybe five bits I can remember from Dennis Miller, BWHWSR.
trailer for TFTC: Bordello Of Blood. Chris Sarandon as a televangelist! Dennis Miller as a PI!
"Nancy Pelosi is thicker than a Charlie Sheen Pre-nup"-Dennis Miller
Watching - '93 Dennis Miller introducing Jim Kelly, each from Cool to see Tim Russert, too.
It depends how you define celebrity. Do Chuck Woolery, Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson count?
(Dennis Miller on Carson Palmer) I haven't seen balls bounce like this since I watched Magic Mike XL in Imax 3D.
Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller blame American decline on Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Melissa Etheridge
Pete Gillen dropping Russian Revolution references like he's Dennis Miller.
Come to think of it.both Glenn Beck and Bill O' Reily's servant, Dennis Miller, fit that same demographic.
Dennis Miller on OReilly?How can this be bro's?He holds no braincapacity close to Bill
Hey Chris. I'm a fan of you and the show but this Dennis Miller episode *** Cheeseburger would have been much better.
"Remember when I told you it wouldn't get weird? It got weird." Dennis Miller
Like him or not Dennis Miller hit it out of the ballpark
- That explains the demise of Dennis Miller.
The time is 11:50 and I am now on a hunt for the perfect Dennis Miller GIF to throw back at
I don't hear it ☺ I'll have to pay close attention 👂 I'm a big fan of Dennis Miller from SNLs Weekend Update. :)
you think he sounds like Dennis Miller? lol
So 'the other guy' is the one that sounds like Dennis Miller, then. Got it!
"Farm to table" Hah! Good one. NE1 ever tell u that you are like the Dennis Miller of poker commentary?
Best podcast week ever-Mark Schultz on Kevin Sullivan on Dennis Miller on & on
down it comes off a lot worse, and I ultimately think it's flawed, Dennis Miller Lite (7)
I'm going on a beer run. Miller High Life makes everything better.
Bill Maher's Comedy Career is on the same glide path as Dennis Miller's, and it's being powered by the same jet engines.
...and Dennis Miller WAS funny then switched to conservative. Now he's as funny as a kidney stone
The number of times early HBO played Beastmaster beats it. Dennis Miller called it Hey Beastmaster's On.
This month marks 35 years after the death of so recommended 12 great books about him
isn't he an tired atheist Jew? Just like we're tired listeners. Did he replace Dennis Miller? Monday Night Football?
.When you look in the mirror, do you see Dennis Miller?
Congrats to 200 episodes Dennis Miller was an excellent guest. Been along for the ride since 1 looking forward to many more!
is becoming Dennis Miller. Expect him to speak at Republican National Convention.
McDonalds is serving breakfast all day because the whole country is asleep - Dennis Miller
Bill Maher is morphing into Dennis Miller he'll be on Fox Soon.
Dennis Miller is a complete *** .. nobody should ever listen to anything he has to say ever
Does Bill have Dennis Miller’s old office If so, someone should really check out that office.
is currently two clicks off full Dennis Miller status.
Him and Dennis Miller, both of turned into reprehensible, disgusting people. Must be an old, irrelevant white guy thing.
DMS (Dennis Miller Syndrome) symptoms: . You get scared & throw out the entirety of what you know & stood for.
Bill Maher is morphing into Dennis Miller. Unfunny and politically wrong
I'm convinced Bill Maher and Dennis Miller are the same person.
Bill Maher is slowly, but surely becoming the next Dennis Miller. He'll have a spot on the O'Reilly Factor soon...
Newest Über-fan Dennis Miller weighs in on our new album at ProgArchives (where you too can say a few words about...
reminds me of Dennis Miller, who was actually pretty funny at one point, then lost his mind/heart
Dennis Miller. I think a closer analogy for Maher is Richard Dawkins.
Just listened to with Dennis Miller. Great episode keep them coming.
The American education system couldn't be more badly directed or poorly funded if the Secretary of Education were Ed Wood. ~ Dennis Miller
no, We are all going to Miller's Ale House
Got to see my favorite professor for a sec today. Always a pleasure when a Dennis Miller sighting occurs.
Dennis Miller also tells a story about Noel Gallagher wanting to confront him at MTV awards but once Noel saw Mike Tyson in Dennis' dressing
Under questioning by defence lawyer Gary Miller this morning Dennis said he didn't recall 3rd trip until few days after police statement
Dennis Miller announcing Catherine Wilson as FDU Ctr for Excellence Emerging Nonprofit Leader award
I read that in Dennis Miller's voice and it made it sound... better?
Now through December 31st, check out the 2015 Holiday Invitational at Miller White Fine Arts in South Dennis, MA!
. Because the world is full of evil mother fBLEEPkers and sometimes you just have to thin their herd - Dennis Miller
Some things just truly change people, like what 9/11 did to Dennis Miller, or Gary Busey's car crash, or Brendan Fraser's divorce
However Miller argued that Dennis Oland's financial issues were nothing new
sweet literary careful.'tis what got Dennis Miller fired from Monday Night Football.
Sounds like Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. (Wait, is that reference too old?)
Dennis Miller to Bill O'Reilly: President Obama won't get "nasty" with ISIS because Obama has "Islamic sympathies"
As usual, Dennis Miller sums it up. Click is the face of the “caring” left. Much like them, she screamed for someone else to fix it.
Beware the jack booted violent pacifist . -Dennis Miller on radical left journo professor Melissa Click
Oh shut up Dennis Miller you 'has-been'. You need some new joke writers.
myop...dennis miller's rant on o'reilly is "vintage MILLER"..Give this man a stage&a microphone.politics aside,the Words comeFast&Hard
"Beware the jack-booted dogooder, the violent pacifist." - Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller described her perfectly. Violent pacifist
This is great. Dennis Miller College chaos and the redheaded loon of a "professor."
Dennis Miller cracks me up. I can't believe this was a journalism professor at MU denying freedom of the press. FFS
Help. "Must be Alligators with Uzis." - Dennis Miller and on Indonesia's Crocodile Prison Island. I can't stop laughing, sic.
LOL @ Dennis Miller and his "Jackbooted Do-Gooder" description of the Missouri journalism professor.
"Everyone knows crocodile prison guards are a bad idea. What we need are alligators with Uzis."—Dennis Miller
Good god. Dennis Miller is so annoying.
Hey -- when we hang out can I call you Robbie like Dennis Miller calls Bill O'Reilly Billy? We'd be as hip as them!
pros to the O'Reilly show: . Dennis Miller. Jesse Waters. sometimes Laura Ingraham fills in . cons to the O'Reilly show: . Bill O'Reilly
I can't stand him but I like to watch on Wednesdays cause Dennis Miller is on lol
You pompous *** makes me feel like I'm watching Megyn Kelly; don't ever lose Watters & Dennis Miller, you'd be washed up!!
This checks out Tim explains coffee shop young people rants. You're the Dennis Miller we deserve.
"Say what you will about baseball, but LOOKING for thing to be bothered about is the REAL big American pastime." -Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller We need anything politically important rationed out like Pez small sweet and coming out of a funny plastic head. ):
I'm as annoyed as anyone that Corden is being quite good. He's doing vintage Dennis Miller rants that have clearly been...
Dennis Miller analyzes Nancy Pelosi’s on-camera demeanor
Jason Kontos Goes Behind the Scenes as Jiun *** Inc. and Dennis Miller Associates Celebrate the Designer's New...
A funeral mass was held on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church for Larry Dennis Miller of...
Visitation will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Evans Miller Guinn Chapel for Dennis Moffitt of...
"But the term "Racist" has been so overused that it's become the new, "DOODIE HEAD!" Comedian Dennis Miller
And with the word "profligate" Rand Paul just became the Dennis Miller of the race.
Your jokes are about as funny as Dennis Miller's .
Hey, stick to *** jokes. What are you, Dennis Miller now? 😏
Cruz would do a pretty good Dennis Miller if he wanted to, cha-cha. .
Honoring Army Pfc Dennis J Miller Jr, died 11/10/2004 in Iraq. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
he makes the post 9/11 Dennis Miller look more like the San Andreas Fault on a Monday after Kristallnacht babe
Remember that killer Dennis Miller barb about how his writing the Satanic Verses made him Salman Rush(to)die?
Because of your recent video, I've been listening to Dennis Miller and Bill Hicks all day. Thank you!
Dennis Miller, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Wallace, David Limbaugh and Newt again & again!
Sure New York, you may have Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Mahar, Dennis Miller, and Michael Moore, but we have Paul Rudd, and that's all that matters
According to Corey Feldman, Dennis Miller was a nightmare to work with on set.
It took Dennis Miller to explain it to O'Reilly.
Instead of being butthurt, why don't GOP just roll out their own celeb endorsers?. *Live for Jeb Bush- 1 hour of Dennis Miller stand-up*
GOPer "humor" just goes over my head. I don't get Greg Gutfeld or Dennis Miller either. Too cerebral.
don't you have a Dennis Miller cd to go listen to?
Remember when Tim Heidecker sabotaged Dennis Miller's Reddit AMA and the mods did nothing at all
Here is pt 2 of my uncensored interview with Dennis Miller (for the Seth Davis Show on
Dennis Miller is the worst segment on The O'Reilly Factor. It's annoying to watch their buddy buddy chit chat.
I love Dennis Miller!!! On The Factor with Bill O'Reilly now " Bernie Sanders & Nantucket sleigh Rides! Hilarious!
From the Seth Davis Show on Dennis Miller (discusses the gig. Pardon my shvitzing.
All I want for football commentary is Terry Bradshaw. And Dennis Miller, I always enjoyed him on MNF
MNF had Dennis Miller and Tony Kornheiser, it didn't work they weren't a good fit! If he was that bad ESPN would hire someone else
MIke Tirico has been absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to MNF since Dennis Miller and Uncle Tony Kornheiser...and I like them.
Dennis Miller on the eagles: sheesh I haven't seen a coach that bad since Craig t Nelson was on tv chip chip chip
[Dennis Miller voice]: Listen, Skippy. That commentary was so out of left field it decapitated Lyndon LaRouche."
*** NFL MNF: A podcast analyzing the short-lived, poorly planned run of Dennis Miller as the color commentator on Monday Night Football
Satire definitely works, can be effective, be both successfully comedic and political. Bill Maher, John Fugelsang, and Dennis Miller do not
Dennis Miller is pretty funny. Kennedy and Greg are pretty ugly and pretty passive aggressive
This great photo of Victoria Jackson and Dennis Miller is hanging on the wall at SNL. One of my very favorites.
Awesome handstand by Victoria Jackson! The great Dennis Miller too!
Seeing off my buddy Dr. Dennis Miller as he begins his 10,000 mile bike ride to Alaska on behalf of Imagine No...
Ladies and gentleman it's the Dennis Miller of MMaa
People. Who think diss records have to be complex to be good must think Dennis Miller is the true king of comedy.
Hey man that's Dennis Miller's bit, respect the craft
What do I have to do to call you mine Objects in the Mirror by Mac Miller ♫
false. It treats Dennis Miller like he's a person people would talk to.
I'd hate to be the geriatric doctor who'll have to determine the moment Dennis Miller stops making sense
Judy who is that introing you during the "club" intro to the podcast ? I swear it sounds like Dennis Miller
mY honorary crackerz-aka katey perry,a jonas brotha,dennis miller,denise miller not related but sum weird azz chic that went condo back/day!
is right, Dennis Miller and South Park's Parker & Stone were media darlings until they came out as conservatives.
Dennis Miller has said it repeatedly, the country has gone insane! Total insanity! We are totally leaderless!
Chris Miller top 5? Not even top 10. You still got Musgrave, smith, Danny oneil, Dennis Dixon, Bob Berry.
welp i am viewing houses by myself to day.. Dennis Miller is taking a While to load trucks, so i am on my own on...
well played by you sir (golf clap) lol. I remember once you on Dennis miller and he was pushing for an opinion and you said…
2016 Dennis Smith says there's a "great chance" he could package with Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum at Duke ...
Adam wants Dennis smith to go to duke
i wish POTUS was as nasty to Dennis Miller as he was to bin Laden!
Dennis Skinner names George Osborne as a cokehead:
Loving my favorite painter Dennis Miller Bunker! He painted this in Medfield MA!
Time to start speculating about possible Trump VP candidates. Gotta be Dennis Miller, right?
He is your enemy. wake up Dennis Miller. See reality, I see this as a out sider. You are a citizen yet you do not see reality.
Breakfast with the Bishop send-off for Dennis Miller's 10,000 mile "Arctic Imagine Ride" on 8/1
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller 1998 best guest ever via
As I flee from this Procrastination Machine, here's Concrete Blonde doing "Joey" on Dennis Miller's show in 1992:
BRCC Foundation host reception today for Dr. Andrea Miller and Dr. Dennis Michaelis.
Tom Arnold talked about it on Dennis Miller's HBO show. Not fun.
Once again, the quest for a different standard for the left. Suppose Sean Hannity or Dennis Miller did Cain's voice that way?
tonight on wbz 4, laughter is contagious, Dennis Miller presents "Dr Giggles" as part of our pre halloween movie night lineup
I'm like a liberal Dennis Miller. Random bits.
"Allow me to recall a Dennis Miller rant, where he mentioned he could say 'I'd rather be in a gas chamber than watch this movie again'...
And the funniest Stand-Up Comedian born in Pennsylvania is Dennis Miller! Do you agreed?
Dennis Miller will become funny again while using his "magic wand" to resurrect Sam Kinison.
Imagine paying to see Dennis Miller. Now, imagine paying to see them both go on stage and kiss for 90 minutes.
Basketball recruiting with Editor Mark Miller on the Dennis Krause Show. Premieres tonight at 6 and 10 on
Tickets for the Dennis Miller Jamboree of Champions and the Founders Federal Credit union Jamboree are now on...
A recent police study found that you're much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run. -Dennis Miller
Mike Miller goes from NBA Finals to no playoffs next year
Is it just me, or did Chuck Todd recently pull a Dennis Miller. What do you think ?.
Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Gary Shandling, David Cross, & John Oliver all went on to better, fresher more innovative stuff
- For example, Lewis Black seems to keep it fresh and non-annoying. Dennis Miller? Tired and repetitive.
/Dennis Miller is bombing as the host of the ESPYs . "I see Dwyane Wade is here, there he is. It's, uh, like Hillary's emails in here?"
From: Dennis Miller, RPh to Fred Mayer, PPSI: I absolutely agree that state boards of pharmacy need to become ...
needs to actually be funny so not Dennis Miller or Jim Norton. Funny
Dennis Miller,...I know I'm funny,it just only the top 2% that is smart enough 2 get my jokes. Viva America School System.
For me it was Dennis Miller but MacDonald's a very close second.
Why not invite Dennis Miller to be a guest for the next season of Norm Macdonald Live?
Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller all access pass expired
I liked a video Norm Macdonald on Dennis Miller
Video: Bob & Dave get interviewed by Dennis Miller just before the start of Mister Show, and long before...
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