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Dennis Eckersley

Dennis Lee Eckersley (born October 3, 1954), nicknamed Eck , is an American former Major League Baseball pitcher.

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IMHO Todd Walker ought to be the new permanent analyst with Jerry Remy and Dennis Eckersley. He's got the knowledge and the delivery.
if David Price succeeds in the playoffs fans will go nuts & Dennis Eckersley will choke on his own spit! Can't wait!
Oh boy. Are you 16 years old? Do you even know who Dennis Eckersley is?…
"Others in the game" is an outrageous claim. Lou Merloni & Dennis Eckers…
Dennis Eckersley has been watching the Pedroia faceplant foul blooper on replay all day
Welcome the Dennis Eckersley to the today!
An evening In May watching Dennis Eckersley pitch a no hitter. Storming the field and running the bases. I was 9
how about a photo shoot of Fred, guy from machine, Dennis eckersley and jerry remy?
I know of at least 3 HOFers who voiced their strong support for Dennis Eckersley.
I've been a fan of Dennis Eckersley since the mid 1970's.
You may be interested to know that the just named a huge part of their stadium after Denn…
One of my All-Time Favorite players is DENNIS ECKERSLEY, the HOF Pitcher. This is t…
Why is Todd Walker on but Dennis Eckersley isn't?
He does a good job, but talks too much. Perhaps Dennis Eckersley can be a football color man as he k…
I could trade you for a Dennis Eckersley hat that I got on Sept 4
tell him to stop yelling at The great Dennis Eckersley. Adams for ND is legit. Dayton hiring Grant Great!
My boyfriend (who has been mistaken for Dennis Eckersley), just took a picture of you in the restaurant downtown here. Cool!
I like Dennis Eckersley. But of course I miss I do like Dave O'Brian of course. Saltalamachia is funny…
The Red Sox are confident that Price will be ready for the Playoffs to fight with Dennis Eckersley. via
Buster, true or false: David Price will ask Dennis Eckersley for advice on transitioning from starter to reliever.
Dennis eckersley is the definition of LOBBYIST - so what I would like to help her.
David Price, for a guy who hates Dennis Eckersley he sure is trying to be just like him. Starter who turns into "ace bullpen" guy...
Maybe Dennis Eckersley can teach him about relief pitching.
At least he won't have as many opportunities to get dissed on the air by Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley.
David Price going to pitch out of pen rest of Red Sox season. Wonder what Dennis Eckersley will say after first blown save or whatever.
Time for David Price to show that he can match Dennis Eckersley.
Will it remain Rickey Henderson Field and will there be a Dennis Eckersley Gate?
Dennis Eckersley says his beef with David Price won't change his broadcasting style.
sportingnews​.com >> Dennis Eckersley on David Price incident: 'I can't just be here with flowery-type
It's been less than 20 minutes since Dennis Eckersley said this foolishness live on air. Doug Fister has given up 4…
I get that Dennis Eckersley is completely butthurt about the entire David Price situation, but that doesn't mean he has to lie on air.
"You couldn't expect this, necessarily, from David Price.". Dennis Eckersley on Doug Fister's last seven starts.
Cowards on your team. Punk Price; 'Humiliated' Dennis Eckersley breaks David Price silence via
Like Kirk Gibson off the bench walk off homer in WS against Dennis Eckersley. Gibson was only 31. What a moment for…
Dennis Eckersley gets huge standing ovation when shown on big screen at Fenway .
David Price wants Dennis Eckersley to treat him and the Red Sox with little league gloves.
Bradfo Sho: Dennis Eckersley opens up for first time about David Price, calling it like he sees it, and life as a…
Dennis Eckersley is desperate to get out from under the David Price scandal in first public comments
On the latest Sho, Dennis Eckersley opens up about the David Price incident for the first time. Listen:…
Dennis Eckersley says that he was humliated after the incident with David Price
The fact that rick wise was traded different times for Steve Carlton. Reggie smith. And Dennis eckersl…
Dennis Eckersley is back at the Coliseum. Old friends Mike Moore, Carney Lansford, and Terry Steinbach are with...
It's obviously Dennis Eckersley with shades on
Dennis Eckersley's on stickers, shirts, device cases & more!
For a window into Dennis Eckersley's own accountability, humility, self-deprecation and grace, this is worth a read: https…
Johnny Gomes is TERRIBLE. Where have you gone Dennis Eckersley? A (Red Sox) nation turns its lonely ears to you.
Be one of the first 15,000 to this weekend's vs game for you Dennis Eckersley bobblehead…
are you more Mitch Williams or Dennis Eckersley?
My dream team in the booth would be Don Orsillo & Dennis Eckersley.
In the immortal words of Dennis Eckersley. "Yuck"
announce will not be allowed a Dennis Eckersley hat on Night.
will David Price be apart of Dennis Eckersley boblehead night?
NESN should get rid of Dennis Eckersley and just keep Johnny Gomes
NESN can even run their mobile app appropriately! Why does anyone believe what they say? Let's ask Dennis Eckersley!
Tim Hudson vs Dennis eckersley in Baltimore today lol
Free on 2012 Topps tribute Dennis Eckersley autograph card Oakland athletics Get it here -
On this Day in Sports History: August 23rd. Favorite memory of Dennis Eckersley on the mound? Oakland Athletics
Aug 23, 1992—reliever, Dennis Eckersley of with record for most consecutive saves (40), is 1st…
Looking good! I'm going to Oakland on Sunday, disappointingly missing out on Dennis Eckersley bobbl…
"Dennis Eckersley was one of the South's most heinous generals" - David Price
Bowman now has more pitching appearances as a Cardinal than Dennis Eckersley, Jeff Suppan, Michael Wacha, or Tyler Lyons
When will Dennis Eckersley be back announcing games?
David Price says he and Dennis Eckersley will talk, believes confrontation got him "on board"
Gonna try to get me one of those Dennis Eckersley bobbleheads! Also very likely goi…
As much as I like Jonny Gomes as a person and a player, man this game is boring without Dennis Eckersley!
Because the espn commentators show no bias, unlike Dennis Eckersley.
Jonny Gomes is Dennis Eckersley but 100 times more legendary
I had a dream that I was somewhere and Dennis Eckersley was also there. That was the dream. 10/10
and now here comes the moon to pinch hit against Dennis Eckersley...
"Here he is — the greatest pitcher who ever lived!" What happened between David Price and Dennis Eckersley:
I also unexpectedly had dinner with Dennis Eckersley back when he was a pitcher with the Cubs.
Dennis Eckersley back at it again. Listen closely at the end as he says "he stinks" about th…
Disagree. Red Sox lack leadership to me. What David Price did to Dennis eckersley proved that
Dennis Eckersley: Chapman needs to throw his slider more. . Also Eckersley: Kahnle throws 99mph, but he likes to throw his changeup.
Why is Dennis Eckersley such an *** He adds nothing of value. Such a horrible commentator
Dennis Eckersley Hat Night? Did the Red Sox clear that with David Price?
Dennis Eckersley might be the worst sports commentator ever
Will they do that for Dennis Eckersley down the road
he's gotten into it with beat writers, even Dennis Eckersley who does color or the team broadcasts.
Dave Dombrowski gives OMF his take on David Price/Dennis Eckersley incident via
By the end of all this, Dennis Eckersley will be more popular around Boston than when he played for the
Here’s the narrative of what went down between David Price and Dennis Eckersley via
Dennis Eckersley just called out David Price over Thursday's confrontation. "Think we can get a happy flight after this series?" 😂😂😂
"You think we could have a happy flight?" - Dennis savage Eckersley
Dennis Eckersley throwing a pitch during his no hitter against the Angels, 1977
I don't have many thoughts about this Dennis Eckersley controversy but he does need to let his hair go gray he looks ridiculous
Dennis Eckersley is so good in the booth
My take: David Price is a baby but Dennis Eckersley is a tool anyway.
. to David Price: 'You don't take on Dennis Eckersley in this town' -
The half-inning after David Price came out of Thursday's game, Dennis Eckersley summed it up by calling it a "beautiful nigh…
Jim Palmer has been one of Dennis Eckersley's closest friends for over 40 years.
Results are in, and in a Landslide Victory the Winner is HOF Pitcher DENNIS "ECK" ECKERSLEY!
Terry, What in the *** is up with David Price and Dennis Eckersley??
My col: What insufferable David Price and other players could learn from Dennis Eckersley.
Dennis Eckersley has no idea how hard baseball is.
David Price said "Some people just don't understand how hard this game is" after verbal spat with Dennis Eckersley. Pretty sure Eck knows. 😐
David Price adds to his Boston media... via washingtonpost
This report from kind of lines up with my Price/Eckersley theory that I wrote about earlier today:
David Price had words for Dennis Eckersley after Thursday's win - via App.
David Price's disagreements with the Boston media have extended to a Baseball Hall of Famer.
Buckley: Instead of being angry at Dennis Eckersley, David Price should be learning from Hall of Famer
Trying to make sense of the David Price confrontation with Dennis Eckersley:
Report: David Price confronted Dennis Eckersley on a team flight
Sources: David Price's argument with Dennis Eckersley resulted from something Eckersley said about another player, n…
David Price adds Dennis Eckersley to his Boston media hate list
David Price, Dennis Eckersley have confrontation on team flight via
Report: David Price had confrontation with Dennis Eckersley on team flight
Dear David Price -- You can't win a fight with Dennis Eckersley
Report: David Price confronted Dennis Eckersley on RedSox team flight.
Rick Manning doesn't remember his first home run over the fence. . He doesn't remember stealing Dennis Eckersley's wife either ...
Dennis Eckersley just dropped more knowledge in 10 minutes than Jessica Mendoza will all season. And there was no mention of the Cookie Zone
I love Dave Stewart. I'm a huge A's fan. Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley, and Dave Stewart are my 3 favorites.
John Smoltz and Dennis Eckersley were both starters who then closed as was Righetti. It can be done.
When I started finishing games and coming off the field shaking ...
BOS members and with Dennis Eckersley. Great Dinner!! https…
Dennis Eckersley entertains at the Mass Municipal Annual meeting.
I'm giving away something for you on 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Dennis Eckersle. Get it here -
TEXAS! Great & JEFF BAGWELL will be signing autographs SUN,FEB12!
Rivera, Smith, and Hoffman in that order. Most people would say Hoff was second best. Dennis Eckersley was my 2nd fav closer.
They developed a platform for me to put up another 12 years, an...
No! Dennis Eckersley is the way to go! Steve Lyons is better than Remy as well
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On this date in '77, 22-year-old Dennis Eckersley threw no-hitter for Indians against Angels early in his HOF career.
Here I thought that Steve Lyons or Dennis Eckersley would replace him. This ***
carried the torch alongside Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, & Dennis Eckersley to make closers relevant. He is a
Two pitchers born from 1951-1960 had at least 60 bWAR: Bert Blyleven and Dennis Eckersley.
I guess you've never heard of Lee Smith, Dennis Eckersley, or Mariano Rivera.
The thing that got me over the hump was accepting that I had to...
I was a starter and did some good things there, and then I got ...
But through experience I learned to control my body and locate the...
bringing back a cpl of classics 2 play in the classic? That is rich. Next year's A list: dennis eckersley and frank viola
Just hearing Dennis Eckersley try to pronounce Jose Quintana's surname for the first time. What a joy. Quinn tanna. *** tay na.
I can't recall too much about pitching, but I do remember that...
Two key Bash Brothers teammates (Rickey Henderson and Dennis Eckersley) waltzed right in to the Hall.
Later, I could take something off my slider and I could make my fa...
Click the verification link in our listing - Then click in menu autograph tickets...hope th…
Jerry, he will be in Texas on Saturday, Feb 11
It took me a few years to realize that throwing harder wasn't al...
I always had the attitude that I wanted to throw a no-hitter eve...
But more important than personal awards is winning the World Series...
Chris Mullen is the Dennis Eckersley of Baskeball. Same look since 1988.
Pitching... sometimes I did so poorly, it brought me to tears.
Sounds like how Kirk Gibson & Dennis Eckersley have made such positive, professional appearances since '88
If anybody should get their own statue at the new A's ballpark, it should be Catfish Hunter, Dennis Eckersley or Rickey Henderson.
Good catcher only played 2 games for Red Sox before being traded in Dennis Eckersley deal.
I like him being Dennis Eckersley. (A's fan here.) Marc "Eck" Elias.
Dad: Hey, Dennis Eckersley said he would sign a jersey for you if you brought it to my work. Me: How the *** do you see all of these guys?
Sooner or later you learn that you belong in the big leagues, an...
Sure it is, Willie Hernandez and Dennis Eckersley both won AL MVP as closers.
. Is that Bill Buckner in the top row, far left? Or maybe Dennis Eckersley?
I was in good control of my body, and I kept my head still.
You aren't going to stick around long with just two pitches.
MLB Hall of Famer 5x Jersey Autograph /10 under $14 with 5 left
Meanwhile, as I sit in empty theater watching Sully, am amused that a scene featured a comment about Dennis Eckersley as best reliever ever
the last reliever to win the AL Cy Young was Dennis Eckersley. That doesn't make any sense.
By the way, Dennis Eckersley and Francisco Rodriguez were the only others to go 40+ with a sub-1.00 ERA. Both +1.000 WHIP
Dennis Eckersley (will be Friday dinner speaker at 2017 MMA Annual Mtg & Trade Show.
Then you figure out that if you don't throw it as hard as you can, y...
Hall of Famers Dave Winfield and Dennis Eckersley were born on this day...
Steven Adams looks like Dennis Eckersley's son from a wild night in 1976.
Matt Stafford throws the football like a drunk Dennis Eckersley.
I totally agree that Kirk Gibson's HR in 1988 World Series vs. Dennis Eckersley and was the of The Best.
Buddy was trying to join the Club 37, occupied by Dennis Eckersley, Dave Stieb, Kenny Rogers and Henderson Alvarez.
ICYMI - Dennis Eckersley talks about autographs, Kirk Gibson and more
Whenever a player does anything at all good, Dennis Eckersley sounds as amazed as he must have been when Kirk Gibson took him yard.
Francisco Rodriguez now has 389 saves in his career and is 1 save away from tying Dennis Eckersley for 6th in MLB history.
Career save for Francisco Rodriguez. 2 shy of tying Dennis Eckersley for 6th on the all-time list.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
when I was a lad we had McGwire, Canseco, Dennis Eckersley, Ricky Henderson
Every single radio team who’s faced the Dodgers has compared Jack Murphy to Dennis Eckersley.
Wait is that Dennis Eckersley up at bat?
Yes! and I were just talking about him. He's Rollie Fingers + Dennis Eckersley to me - J
he looks like Rollie Fingers meets Dennis Eckersley to me - J
Runnin outta room fast but got HOF pitcher Dennis eckersley today
Goose Gossage: now more of an *** than Jack Morris. Is the only sane old pitcher Dennis Eckersley?
I just realized I've been getting Goose Gossage mixed up with Dennis Eckersley and now I feel bad
he played with Jose Canseco, Ricky, Mark McGwire, Dennis Eckersley. Team with PED users, show offs & he is complaining now?
Oh, and the Dennis Eckersley finger guns didn't bother me either. These guys aren't robots! Show you care!
did you just put a picture of Dennis Eckersley next to a picture of Josh Beckett or
to and meeting my boy Dennis Eckersley
Watching the interview w/ Goose. What about Alomar raising his hands on Eckersley? Dennis pumped his fist on big Ks. Goose, GMAB
I would love his opinion on Dennis eckersley fist pumping after every K
Those were the good old days. I hope Dennis Eckersley’s hair came up in the discussion.
Finally figured out who Jack Murphy reminds me of...Dennis Eckersley.
What the? ... Dennis Eckersley is playing for the Dodgers. What year is this?
I just said he's channeling Dennis Eckersley
Angels, you blew the lead to Dennis Eckersley.
Did Dennis Eckersley just get a spring AB for the
Dennis Eckersley knew how to close, though.
High cheese? always had some in store for batters.
When I first came up, the bullpen was pretty much where they put the guys w...
I had never been to the playoffs, and it was exciting. The fans went throug...
you put in Bruce Sutter and Dennis Eckersley you should put in Lee Smith
Matt Cassel has the same throwing mechanics as Dennis Eckersley, which is a problem bc, well, a football is not supposed to slurve
Matt Cassell throws a football . like Dennis Eckersley used to throw . a baseball.
Try to take away my energy, save it like Dennis Eckersley
The toilet's going to look like Dennis Eckersley threw a chocolate lava cake at it
Aaron Rodgers and Dennis Eckersley have the two GOAT sidearm throws in sports
I like that George Brett pick, and of course, David Ortiz. Freddy Lynn, Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley.
This new rap song I'm listening to in 2015 has a Dennis Eckersley simile
Gary Matthews, Kerry Wood, Rick Sutcliffe, Dennis Eckersley, last one has me stumped
Dennis Eckersley. Jeff Reardon. Mitch Williams. All mounted on our wall.
Joe Simpson, Brian Anderson, and Dennis Eckersley in a booth together is my "Amy, this is your life" version of baseball announcing
Did you miss HOF pitcher Dennis Eckersley on The Drive on ESPN 980? Hear it now right here
Coming up this hour on The Drive on ESPN 980: 4:30 Caps goalie Braden Holtby and at 4:45 HOF pitcher Dennis Eckersley
Brian Anderson, Dennis Eckersley, Joe Simpson and reporter Matt Winer have call of Cards vs. Cubs or Pirates N.L. Div. series on TBS.
He's the only pitcher w/ 100 saves and 100 complete games. to Dennis Eckersley!
Dennis Eckersley/Troy Percival come to mind off the top of my head as divergents.
ICYMI, new article in my of Fame series: Dennis Eckersley
gotta go with the eck Dennis Eckersley is my favorite throwback player
Newest article in my of Famers series: Dennis Eckersley
New article in my of Famers series: Dennis Eckersley
Wow! I just won this for free, Dennis Eckersley - 1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature
you look like Dennis Eckersley off of the '92 Oakland A's.. you agree??
delivers a LOT like Dennis Eckersley. His delivery is similar, not to be confused w/ his performance. Good, but not the Eck-show
News Win-Win Trades: Dennis Eckersley was worth 10.8 wins over his 82 starts with the Cubs...
I for one welcome our lord and savior Dennis Eckersley
One reason I will always have respect Dennis Eckersley - he got a haircut in 1978 and has stuck with it ever since.
Dennis Eckersley career save ticket stub; Cardinals at D... |
As far as Dave Ortiz being a HOF'er I compare him to Dennis Eckersley. Eck wasn't a HOF starter but was as fireman.
Listening to Dennis Eckersley talk about pitching id always a fun time. Cheese, hair, Johnson, etc
I was wondering if Tony La Russa was having Dennis Eckersley flashbacks while trying to get Chapman
Donating some suits with Steve Lyons, Dennis Eckersley, and Tom Caron, all for a great cause!…
Me too... and Bonds and McGwire... Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan... Will Clark and Matt Williams.. Dennis Eckersley and Randy Johnson
It's hard to have a dialogue about baseball when someone has never heard of Dennis Eckersley or Rollie Fingers...
Dennis Eckersley went all in on Red Sox P Wade Miley after not wanting to leave the game
Dennis Eckersley's reaction to the Wade Miley-John Farrell dust-up is classic Eck.
Dennis Eckersley on Wade Miley blowing up on John Farrell: "Are you on acid?"
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
With his 67th career save, Trevor Rosenthal moves past Lindy McDaniel and Dennis Eckersley for sixth place on all-time list.
Rosenthal’s 67th save breaks a tie for 6th with Dennis Eckersley on the all-time saves list.
Have you tried out Dennis Eckersley? It so is he any good?
Hall of Famer and one-time Dennis Eckersley has his number, 43, retired at the Oakland Coliseum…
Just passed Dennis Eckersley walking by the grandstands squee for the stash of greatness
Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley has dropped by the dugout pregame
In the 80's the Cubs could of potentially had a three headed bullpen monster of Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter & Dennis Eckersley.
Opponents batting .308 vs Rodney. I'm no Dennis Eckersley, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you're looking for out of your closer...
Trevor Rosenthal earns his 66th career save, tying him with Lindy McDaniel and Dennis Eckersley for sixth all-time among
If u were a 90's baseball pitcher would you sport a Rollie Fingers mustache or a mullet like Dennis Eckersley?
I'm not saying he is/was Dennis Eckersley, but he also isn't a negative on this roster, like some folks act like.
just trying to give Dennis Eckersley a run for his money on the mound and on mustaches
My daughter's impression of after hitting the home run off Dennis Eckersley.
I think that Rick Manning and Dennis Eckersley should buy the they had a good relationship.once
Salmon on the cedar. You aint do the job, and then they calling a reliever. Me, Dennis Eckersley. Rhyme flavor like my grandmas book of recipes
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Dennis Eckersley 78 and 79 topps baseball cards
I already know about you brother. You close like Dennis Eckersley
National treasures buttons of Dennis eckersley and pee wee Reese both BGS 9
1979 baseball card from my collection: Dennis Eckersley
The girl working at this Dunkin Donuts is giving Dennis Eckersley a run for his money in both mustache and tanning. .
Is there more to Gibson's '88 World Series home run off Eckersley than meets the eye?
For the evening crowd, I dissected game one of the '88 World Series in, oh, just 3,500 words for
Saw a thing about Avila changing his stance and remembered this. Kinda up your alley
It's Friday which means it's Truth Machine time NEXT w/ Jim Harbaugh, Dennis Eckersley, Colin Kaepernick & Klay Thompson going through it.
Revisit the 9th inning of game 1 of the '88 World Series on to find a moment no one's ever mentioned:
Catchers take note: Your importance to the team is immeasurable. But statheads are trying very hard to do so. See:
The Affluent Rabbits (59-45) extended their lead in AL West with a 3-1 Win vs. Cincinnati on Tuesday Afternoon. WP Russ Ford (16-8, 3.28 ERA) went 7 IP. Dennis Eckersley got the Save ( LHP 1906 Jack Pfiester (12-11, 2.36) went the distance for Cin, but Lost. AR lf Willie Horton had RBI (46) Singles in the 4th and 6th. PH Buck Freeman added a SF (RBI in the 8th. This was a 2-3 Round for my teams. Beaten Oatmeal also won. The Card-Carrying Aerialists scored a Run in the 9th, but Left the Tying Run at Third in a 5-4 Loss, but remained 4 Games Ahead in NL East. BO remains 8 GB in AL Central. 1st Place Minnesota won to reduce their Magic Number to 11. The Halcyons (1-4) after a 7-3 Loss to St. Louis of NL East. Already Last in NL West, 3 GB, and with the botom third of the Lineup unproductive, Hal made a major trade on the Waiver Wire. They parted with 3b Tom O'Malley, ss Ollie O'Mara and Pitchers Billy Milligan, Kason Gabbard, Terry Adams, Jack Katoll and John Curtis. Hal's key pick up was 20 ...
Maybe if Stafford stopped throwing the football like Dennis Eckersley, he'd start completing more passes? Just a thought.
Only Padma Lakshmi could get away with telling Dennis Eckersley he "should've played for the Yankees" while sitting on the field at Fenway.
Dennis Eckersley : I always had the attitude that I wanted - Attitude…
Wilson's sidearm delivery is reminiscent of Dennis Eckersley. Except it ***
Dennis Eckersley Autographed Oakland A's... Reply w/ to add this via
Love to see great photos around Fenway Park. Its not mine was just out on the Net. Dennis Eckersley at
Bob gibson like I can go on and on about so many great pitchers cant forgot about Dennis Eckersley
if you could have one throwback jersey of a former A's player... — Mark Ellis, Dennis Eckersley or Rickey Henderson
Day 21 Dennis Eckersley. Man and mustache both in Cooperstown on a statue. What a stache.
cont...AL since reliever Dennis Eckersley in 1992, and the first starting pitcher to do so since Roger Clemens in 1986*. .
Dennis Eckersley would be proud the are participating in Great promo What about hometown
Dennis Eckersley looks like the good guy in a 1-star 80s action movie
Throw in a World Series ring and some Dennis Eckersley mustache hair and you got a deal.
Today's opening day starting line-up blast from the past. We continue our series for the baseball season of 1988. Winning the American league West and the pennant would be the Oakland A's. The A's win a MLB best 104 games, under skipper, Tony LaRussa. They knock off the Boston Red Sox in 4 straight in the ALCS, but fall to the Dodgers in 5 games in the fall classic. The A's draw 2.297 million, which is good for 7th in the American League. Leading the A's in homeruns (42) and rbis (124), would be outfielder Jose Canseco. He also leads the team in steals with 40. Dave Stewart is the ace with 21 wins. Closing the door would be the future Hall of Famer, Dennis Eckersley with 45 saves. The A's open the season in front of 45, 333, against Mark Langston and Seattle Mariners. They get 8 1/3 innings of 2 hit 1 run baseball from Dave Stewart. They knock off the M's 4-1 Tony Phillips -2B Carney Lansford-3B Jose Canseco-RF Mark McGwire-1B Dave Parker-LF Dave Henderson-CF Don Baylor-DH Terry Steinbach-C Walt Weiss-SS
Among highlights, Greg Holland became 2nd pitcher in LCS history to save all 4 games (Dennis Eckersley, A's, 1988
and the nasty pitching of Dave Stewart and Dennis Eckersley...ah good ol' days.
Trevor Rosenthal has 3 career Division Series saves. Tied with Dennis Eckersley and Jason Isringhausen for most STL saves in the DS.
Puig had no clue. Dodgers made this Pat Neshek guy look like Dennis Eckersley in the 8th. Wish I was still camping so I couldn't watch.
For a sec it look like the Dodgers put in Dennis Eckersley? Who btw could have been a teammate with Randy is he still playing?
Dennis Eckersley was always one of my favorites.
The state of baseball announcing during the MLB playoffs has been terrible. Only Dennis Eckersley has shined, imo
My first class partner, HOF pitcher Dennis Eckersley
your doing a good job on Tbs. Do you like Dennis Eckersley?
Dennis Eckersley is a pair of yellow-tinted aviators and a polyester suit away from being Ron Burgundy's co-anchor.
tell Dennis Eckersley the 80's wants its mustache back!
Dennis Eckersley leaving the game tonight
During Tigers game, Dennis Eckersley was advocating the use of closers before the 9th inning.
Dennis Eckersley lied to me. This day keeps getting worst... McCann should be starting for the Tigers.
What does that have to do with anything Dennis Eckersley?
"The park keeps the ball in the yard." Well, yes Dennis Eckersley, yes it does.
This is a playoff game! They should learn how to pronounce names. MT Brian Anderson, Dennis Eckersley & Joe Simpson
announces that Dennis Eckersley will become their closer announcer and only be allowed to do the last 3 outs of the broadcast
Dennis Eckersley and I quote."He throws that little sweeping thing...and make ya look bad" Slider by definition Eck.
do you have access to duct tape and Dennis Eckersley? ...just asking...
"Never pitched well" Dennis Eckersley that is the correct usage
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