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Denise Welch

Jacqueline Denise Healy (née Welch; born 22 May 1958) is an English actress, dancer and television presenter best known for her roles in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, and for presenting on Loose Women from 2002 onwards.

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Gio there looking more Denise Welch than Dusty
Preordered book about 1968 politics (Kindle) and here it is this morning ready for me! Guess what I’m doing today? So excited!☺️
Don't think any god has much to do with it. Rapacious colluding w/
Joining us tonight on are The Duke of Edinburgh and Denise Welch.
I’m having trouble seeing the pattern.
I really need a gif made of Denise Welch’s iconic half laugh/half smile she does after she makes a joke.
I do love them though! Hey, come to Denise Welch ball next Satdee. We can have a slowy to Agadoo! X
I wonder how much of Matt Healy's prestige is dented by Denise Welch
This just makes me sick. Donna Brazile WAS a good person.
Denise and Scarlett are really showing their support at our ball this Saturday! I wonder who will win them??
WT actual F? How do ppl that stupid get elected? SMDH
It's my FAVE! Denise Welch's husband heckled when I went and it was everything
Denise Welch's top tips for ageing gracefully via
I feel the same way about my 3 yo granddaughter who calls a spoon a foon. So stinking cute!
Denise Welch is said to be gutted at the news and fears she may have left Coronation Street too soon
Haven't checked but I'm confident that Joe McElderry and Denise Welch are going to be involved somewhere.
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WATCH! Proud mum Denise Welch dances to her son’s song in her BIKINI
Denise Welch almost spills out of busty bikini as she flaunts amazing figure in sexy clip
07-21 Denise Welch on Kyle's reunion with mum Alison
Denise Welch and Peter Hook lend celeb support to today's Great Manchester Run -
Denise Welch dances to The 1975 in bikini on holiday
Boris Becker, Nigel Farage, Bananarama, Denise Welch, Kate Garraway and Claire Sweeney are at birthday party tonight.
Denise Welch opens up about 21-year battle with depression for campaign backed by royals
Denise Welch, 58, flashes bikini body and plenty of cleavage as she dances to son's song
wait denise welch and Tim Healy are Matt Healy's mum and dad? i am shOOK
Much better result than the time Oregon blew up a dead beached whale...😂
That's why it says cut interest in half and able to refinance at lowest rate possible
Yeah, but let's pretend it isn't real, that'll work out great!
Help for older/disabled folks still paying off student loan debt? I'm 62 and still owe $40K.
Every freaking day, every freaking day.
Who knew Denise Welch was in the B52s?
Denise Welch, 58, celebrates 5 years of sobriety by flaunting her beach body in sexy bikini
Hope it's real and not an April Fools joke!
Denise Giardina showed me around many years ago when I was writing about McDowell and Welch for the…
AGAIN!! Denise WELCH is Matt Healy's mum! This continues to blow my mind on a bi-daily basis
Denise Welch gets angry over Jimmy Savile cover-up! - Loose Women 23rd O... via
Denise Welch shows off her bikini body as she celebrates being five years sober – The Sun
Thank you for celebrating an old bird in a bikini!!
Jane Hill, Denise Welch and Saara Aalto were all winners at the DIVA Magazine awards
It's like a cross between Julian Clary and Denise Welch.
wow this is something I need to see. thank you for making a discussion…
Parents: Who's Matty Healy?. Me: Matthew Healy was born on 8th April 1989, the son of actors Denise Welch and Tim Healy.
i just caught my dad watching Denise Welch interviews on youtube, same dad
I just found a picture of Matty's foot in Denise Welch's autobiography
Our favourite 'loose woman' Denise Welch visiting us today in Bastion with
I have just voted for Denise Welch for Celebrity of the Year Award at The National Diversity Awards -
Yes, Rachel is back on the air tonight. (Also, YES! Rachel Maddow is back on the air tonight!)
"I did not have international relations with that country."
Imagine ur mum being friends with Denise Welch and Matty complimenting me, lol I hate my dreams
People going into asking for the Denise Welch book from !! Job done!!
What the frick. I didn't know Denise Welch was Matt Healy's mom.. What
Sorry, but you've tagged me instead of the Denise Welch you meant. I'm a 62 yo grandmother in Washington State USA.
Denise Welch opens up about 'mental breakdown' and coping with depression
please follow/RT if you are a fan of denise welch x
Denise Welch opens up about 'mental breakdown' and using alcohol to deal with her depression
Mental illness can lead to homelessness & could happen to any one of us
Powerful story from the inspirational on her struggles with
I loved designing this for my great friend SBD
We are glad she is doing better now
This The 1975 song is about Denise Welch's postnatal depression
The iconic first novel by No.1 bestseller With an exclusive foreword by Denise Welch. Out now:
Denise Welch opens up about mental breakdown
Denise Welch opens up about "mental breakdown" and using alcohol to cope with depression
How is Denise Welch and Tim Healy the parents of Matty Healy? It's completely baffled my mind.
Lol so last night I found out Matt Healy was the Son on Denise Welch and Tim Healy... come again? 😧
couldn't tell you a song of theirs, but Tim Healy and Denise Welch are parents of one of the band
I rate them. He's the son of Tim Healy & Denise Welch
I literally just found out he's Tim Healy and Denise Welch's son. Did everyone else know this already?
lead singer is son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy isn't he. Looks like his dad!
Nee way is that Tim Healy and Denise Welch's bairn. Not having it.
Fun fact for you.The lead singer is the son of Tim Healy and Denise Welch
Thanks to for blowing my mind with the fact that Denise Welch and Tim Healy's son is in The 1975. Always learning.
I can't believe Tim Healy and Denise Welch created that fine a specimen
If you didn't know, the little Edward Scissorhands wannabe there from The 1975 is Denise Welch and Tim Healy's son.
still absolutely can't get over that Denise Welch & Tim Healy are Matt Healy's parents
I just found out that Matt Healys parents are Denise Welch from corro & loose woman and Ian Healy from Auf wiedersehen pet!!!
Someone said bring back Carol McGiffin & Denise Welch - Why spoil a good show!
Denise Welch slams Donald Trump following his row with Meryl Streep: The former Coronation Street actress has had…
Denise Welch slagging off Michael Madsen. Wasn't torturing him for a month enough? Witch.
That round, I had. John Craven as Paul O'Grady. Alison Steadman as Denise Welch. & Alice Levine as Kathy Lette.
Please help support Safety Pin of Solidarity, add a now!
The super talented artist Lincoln Townley with his lovely Wife Denise Welch presenting Peter with his portrait https:/…
Subscribed last week! Thank you, for your stellar reporting.
Just read Denise Welch's biography, it is honest, scary, humourous and deep
I am still not 100% sure Matt Healy is Denise Welch's son
Beverley Callard says Denise Welch saved her life via ... Well done Denise Patron…
Mind = Blown. Matt Healy, Lead singer of the is Denise Welch & Tim Healy's son!
omg sometimes I forget Matty has parents and one is Denise Welch
Remember last time I went to see the 1975 and everyone started freaking out over Denise Welch 😂😂😂
David Hasselhoff and Denise Welch among star-studded line-up for...
Slightly stunned to find out that Matt Healy is Denise Welch's and Tim Healy's son
Denise Welch would return to EastEnders ‘if there's a cracking storyline’
Carol McGiffin helped former Loose Women co-host Denise Welch bin the booze for good
Every1 at David Gest's funeral is every1 I want at my funeral. Gemma Collins, Dean Gaffney, Denise Welch, Kerry Katona, Daniella Westbrook
Denise Welch parties with Oscar winner Jared Leto at...
Defo impossible to get ma head around the fact that Tim Healy n Denise Welch are Matty Healy's parents
"Dad who is Matty Healy". "Ooh, lead singer of 1975s, son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy". gr8 knowledge dad
clue 3: the lead singer of this band is the son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy! Seriously! NAME THAT BAND!!
Assume everyone else also recently found out that frontman of The 1975's parents are Denise Welch and Tim Healy?
In case you missed it-Matt Barbet, Gaby Roslin, Denise Welch & Dave Spikey with Jason Donovan &our own Sandra Winter
Denise Welch and lined up for Durham charity ball...
Did not know Denise Welch was Matty Healys mum.. mind = blown
Bloody *** didn't know Denise welch was matty's mum
Denise Welch being on anything is reason enough not to watch
My favourite new quote from my fabulous friends new book. "Life is...
TV star Denise Welch & Dr Hilary Jones will be in Harlow this Friday at our head office in the business park. Come join us.
I'm loving getting into Harper's mind through your writing XX ==>
how tf is Matty Denise Welch's son omg
Cripes. This new song from The 1975 is proof that some good *can* (literally) come out of Denise Welch
Denise Welch on having to audition to record her own audiobook - cc
Thank god for that. Who'd want Denise Welch for a mother?
Find out more about our evening In Conversation with Denise Welch.
Improve your mental well-being with five tracks of mindfulness, courtesy of our Denise Welch. Track 4 - STOP
If They Could See Me Now by Denise Welch via different to what i normally read but what a great book
Read all about it!!! Surgery, bullying, horrible KHopkins, and more!!!
My interview with the wonderful in today's for
My favourite photograph by actress Denise Welch: SOAP star and presenter Denise, 57, recalls her late mother A...
+ Info: Katie Price, Sam Faiers and Vicky Pattison have changed so much! ... Denise Welch refuses to watch Kat...
thanks for sharing Denise Welch, have a great Saturday :) (Want this FREE? >>
Florence Welch is Gucci's new brand ambassador.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Denise Welch: 'I have no fear of looking older... I love my wrinkles'
Denise Welch reads from her debut novel via fantastic, congratulations
We chat to Denise Welch all about her debut novel, 'If They Could See Me Now', out today! https…
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Denise Welch, R...
unless you're; Chantelle Houghton, Shilpa Shetty, Ulrika Jonsson, Denise Welch, Charlotte Crosby or Katie Price, I guess.
Except for when Denise Welch won. And Jim Davidson. And Ulrika. And Charlotte Crosby. I could go on.
The KM 6th grade Learn to Ski Program Trip is underway!
love ya Chris your a lovely genuine person an Denise welch thinks your fab😄I will watch
Denise Welch and Brendan Healy lined up for charity ball
I fell in love with Denise Welch the very first time I saw her on Corrie ❤️
ant&dec, cheryl, HI Val, joe mc, Denise Welch and me. That's all we need for mackems
Paddy mcaloon, Barry venison, Denise welch, Freddie fingers lee, so did yours!! Well done lads, keep it goin!
Denise Welch's snoring is putting a serious strain on her marriage
Denise Welch snores so loud her husband Lincoln Townley has to sleep in another bed
- Can't really remember too many of female characters. Only other was Denise Welch (Mrs Tim Healey)
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First interview about my debut novel
Tragic story to report on today as I visit scene where grandmother was killed in house fire:
I still find it mental that Matty Healy's mum is Denise Welch from Loose Women and his dad is Les from Benidorm
Remember when Denise Welch lost the plot in the Big Brother house and starter shaking her *** in the pool.
“Seeing my name on the front of the book and holding it was such a big moment for me.".
Actress Denise Welch hoping for another bestseller as she gets ready to release her debut novel: The former Loose…
If you need to get your kicks that way Nige listen to some vintage gravel voiced Denise Welch, utter Geordie filth .
What've I done to her?! That's Nadine, Denise Welch and Christopher Maloney that have all blocked me! 😂😂😂
it really does, the moment a plumber comes in I start talking like Denise Welch
Had a weird moment at Euston. Stopped to check my phone, a lady walked past. Thought oh it's , realised it was Denise Welch x
Who would you rather have sex with, Denise Welch or Tina Malone? 😶🔫
I just liked "14th annual Denise Welch charity Ball" on
I have run out and refuse to google "famous Walsh's" I thought Denise but she is a Welch
greatest trick so far is convincing Denise Welch she's sober.
Is there any point watching CBB when it's never gonna beat the Frankie Cocozza / Kirk Norcross / Denise Welch series
I just found out Matt Healy's mum is Denise Welch
Wonder how many people know that Matt Healys mum is Denise Welch lmao
Denise Welch: Andy Murray’s mum Judy is a proud not pushy parent
Janet Street-Porter and Coleen Nolan... or perhaps Denise Welch and Carol McGiffen?
people like Denise Welch and some bint from TOWIE *eyes roll so much they detach
tell Denise Welch to go finger a young boy. I'd tell her myself only she's just blocked me. Now she is a kiddy fiddler
She's just found out Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mum
and she will go off on a rant about Denise Welch it's so funny
Last nights dream me and Denise Welch were online agony aunts only no one asked us anything so we sat on my bed and played with nail varnish
it just makes me happy that Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mum, means me and my nan have even more in common now.
Hi Lesley Saint John I like your television work how do you know Denise Welch? Do you have any signed photo?
Have not got rid of their crap DVDs yet, sick of Denise Welch advertising them
the fact Denise welch is Matt Healy's mother never fails to surprise me
Well I never know Matt Healy is Denise Welch's son
Why does David with Gail's face look like a mix of Julian Clary and Denise Welch
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Michelle Collins, Denise Welch, Kierston Wareing and Liz Carling are among VIPs at Martina Cole’s book launch in W1 this evening.
love how Gail's face with Dave's haircut faintly resembles Denise Welch...
Wait...why does Denise Welch always remind me of Did she respond to a hair comment once?
Interesting! opens up about her new transgender sitcom .
yeah great characters. I do love jaqueline from benidorm and Denise Welch too
TV rules: need a Geordie mum for a tv show, get Jill Halfpenny. If she's busy, Denise Welch.
Time for on despite Denise Welch being in it, I'm lookin forward to it
Exciting news Denise Welch who's new show starts tonight "Boy meets girl "...
Will you be tuning into sitcom tonight? .
More good stuff aboot . Excited for tonight. Can't wait to hear what you all think!!
The Denise Welch Charity ball is back again this year on 21st Novemeber with the theme 'Dancing in the Streets,...
Had a fabulous night last night at Tyneside Theatre watching Boy meets Girl with Denise Welch in - it was...
Lovely review of after the screening in Newcastle last night
.starts on BBC2 tonight but got a sneak preview last night
Denise Welch speaks to Female First all about her new sitcom Boy Meets Girl http:/…
Speaking about new trans comedy sitcom, joined this morning
We're still re-living the fun of our English Summer Garden Party see of wh…
Watching Denise Welch on Lorraine. She's been working on that tan.
How did I not know Matt Healy is Denise Welch's son?
That Boy meets Girls sound corny as *** And it’s got Denise Welch in it - not good.
Denise Welch is on my TV talking about matty 🙌🏽
Morning - looking forward to talking to Jerry Hall, Denise welch and Diana Vickers on the show today. See you 8.30am
I was thinking of watching Boy Meets Girl.until I saw that Denise Welch is in it. Now it's a definite no no.
You'd been thinking of Denise Welch while typing it! The Big Brother connection! lol I've made those errors many times too.
Boy Meets Girl: Denise Welch leads the cast of transgender sitcom for screening in Newcastle: T...
Canny catch up with Went to new *** Then Denise Welch stuck her *** in Hannah's face at the Tyneside Bar. Which was nice.
Great night at for special screening of
.lead said she felt "extremely lucky" to get the role of Judy and Denise Welch said she was "fantastic"
Denise Welch, in Waterloo Road was so hot.
A fabulous interview with talking all things
Looking forward to seeing in premiere at
Catch a back-to-school edition of the panel with Alex Reid, Denise Welch and Alan Fletcher on at 11pm
Denise Welch: Bigots like Katie Hopkins who mock mental illness are dangerous http…
Inspector George Gently nears the end of the 60s and the times they are a-changing: Denise Welch, Vic Reeves a...
Harry's mum, Anne, and Matt Healy's mum, Denise Welch, are friends and Denise has confirmed that The 1975 have written for 1D's 4th album!
Portly presenter Eamonn Holmes is punching well above his weight . with Ruth Langsford. Agony aunt Denise Welch would be much more. his level.
Cannot believe that Matt Healy is Denise Welch's son! Will never watch Loose Women the same way again
I only found out like last week that Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mother lmao.
I'm so shocked i didn't know Denise Welch was Matt Healys mum!!
'How's it going saggy t**s?' Helen Wood & Denise Welch at war over CBB grope
Robson wanted Denise Welch on the coaching staff but Green wasn't convinced
Denise Welch and Carol McGiffin to get 'loose' on tour? THIS we have to see...
- Loose Women quit trio to let rip on tour next year: Denise Welch, Carol McGiffin and Lisa Maxwell...
when I was younger my favourite loose woman was denise welch I didn't know in ten years time I'd be up at 2am crying over pics of her son
may I thank denise welch and Tim Healy for creating a very handsome and perfect boy
Still can't accept that Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mum ❔😰
“Do we pretend like our past never happen when we see each other.. Or speak on a made up future?”
The Appeal has almost reached an amazing £70,000! Thanks to all who've donated to the
Cool: appeals for support to mental health charities. A *whole* lot of ppl support:
Preview:. Famous faces are showing their support as readers continue to dig deep for the Guardian and Observer...
Thank you! The charity appeal has now raised £68k and counting...
Maggi Hambling, , and back the charity appeal …
Maggi Hambling, , and back the charity appeal
Keir Starmer, Maggi Hambling and Denise Welch back Christmas appeal on mental health – blog
I just emailed Denise welch about matty
I always forget just how strong Harry and Louis' industry connections were BEFORE they even got on TXF (Denise Welch - Matty Healy's mom -
Did Denise Welch really lose weight too fast? The experts verdict.
I hope to be as fab a Denise Welch someday tbh
Shut the front door and then the porch door Denise welch is matt from the 1975's MUM, HIS MUM
the only reason I would want Taylor and matty to date is so that there would be a possibility of a photo of taylor and denise welch together
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Denise Welch's diet ad banned after she loses weight too quickly
I find it easier to reconcile Taylor Swift dating Karlie Kloss than DENISE WELCH'S SON tbh
So Taylor & Matt are apparently 'a thing' meaning 1 day she may be related to Denise Welch. http:/…
Matt Healy's mum is Denise Welch. I don't think I can get my head round that.
I'd watch as long as they don't do a denise welch or a steverly
Refusing to believe that Lesley from Benidorm and Denise Welch spawned the devil that is Matty Healy
VIDEOS: Chris Kamara and Denise Welch among celebs who join ...
had no idea Matt Healy is Denise Welch's son
Jo from s-club 7 appears to have been replaced by Denise Welch from Loose Women
Didn't know Denise Welch was in S club 7
Shane Ritchie/Colleen Nolan/Jake from Rixton family beats Denise Welch/Tim & Matt Healy all day long
Always trying to spot famous people in London...all I got today was Denise Welch😂🙈
Denise Welch and her husband Lincoln Townley in our **NEW** promo for Antidote Art Gallery.
Good morning! Today we will be releasing a new video! Featuring former ITV presenter Denise Welch👌
Domestic bliss! LighterLife ambassadors and look amazing out and about in Cheshire http:/…
Our has firsthand experience with 90% improvement in her osteoarthritis thanks to …
Loose Women's marks 1st birthday of Trust.
woman opposite me on the tube is reading a book by Denise Welch. I feel like she's maybe my soul mate? How does one act in such a situation?
Denise Welch keeps it real with husband Lincoln Townley on supermarket shop
No matter how cool Matt Healy tries to be it'll never change the fact that his mum is Denise Welch
Also saying "Loose Women do the same thing" Denise Welch is always cracking out the casual rapey comment isn't she...wankers
'My friends would wake up with just a hangover but I was suffering blackouts' Denise Welch, Actress
'I am an alcoholic': Denise Welch admits she has addiction issues after toy boy fiance's heart . via
night wish you come back to Waterloo road you and Denise welch best one on there
Hi Denise Great to see paintings have been so well received x
He wasn't directly in front. 3 or 4 seats to my left. He was as drunk as Denise Welch at a wake
Just wondering if any celebrity types like Roy Walker or Denise welch would have a normal partner like me and you.
I'll rise higher than that Denise Welch wench any day
my mum loves /loved Loose Women so whenever I talk about the 1975 I always have to say the band with denise welch's son lol
Still can't believe Matty Healys mum is Denise Welch 😵
just told me that Matt from The 1975 is Denise Welch's son ... I don't know why but I found this VERY funny ..
Still not over the fact that Matty Healy's mum is Denise Welch
Yeah. But overly relying on Denise Welch and Carol "Men-Bashing" wasnt working, so they had to do something.
I don't live too far from Alderley Edge & sometimes go out there. Footballers & Denise Welch standard fare.
Denise Welch will take some topping, she went nuclear that day.
On the train with Denise Welch. Nearly told her I'd seen her *** but backed out HA! Reckon she'd do it for a can though.
Denise Welch flashes temporary tattoo on Loose Women
I know!! All the big names. Tony Blackburn, Denise Welch Etc 😂😂
and Denise welch, so maybe a mention on Loose Women?
Boss I'll be round shortly. Can we watch the Kerry Katona & Denise Welch episodes as well?
The reason Denise Welch chose LighterLife was simple: the group work! Join a local group today
Why am I only now finding out that Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mother???
I'm pretty sure Denise Welch is on the third treadmill to my right!
Thanks to everyone who entered our Giveaway! CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS: Kerri Poling, Denise Welch, Cheryl...
I haven't seen that series, I came in when Denise welch was in it
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
started a rumour Matt Healy was dead so his mum Denise Welch got the lawyers on me so I got her with harassment
spot on. Sky Sports news has very fit women presenting. Soccer AM has Denise Welch's love child presenting. Awful T.V
I didnt know Matt Healys mum was denise welch
"The girls are killin' it at the GQ Awards! Since when did Rita Ora model herself on Denise Welch... :/
Denise Welch, Ross King and more have too. X
whit, Matt Healy's maw is Denise Welch from Loose Women
Denise Welch's son has it as does mine. Diagnosed a 2 days - sounds like we were lucky
pmsl. Used to be married to Denise Welch
So, Denise Welch is still a thing, apparently.
Just to clarify, says that the fact that Matt Healy's mum is Denise Welch should put me off him.
I didn't even know that Denise Welch and Tim Healy was Matt Healy's parents
Celebs are: Mark Ramprakash, Denise Welch,David Suchet, Marco Pierre White and Gary Barlow. How many are from or have lived in Harrow?
Rixton lead singer is the son of Coleen Nolan. 1975 lead singer the son of Denise Welch. Loose Women are taking over pop - it's official.
I really don't like Denise welch the slag
I still cannot believe Matt Healy is Denise welch's son like ***
did everyone know that Denise Welch's kid is the front man for the 1975? Matt's mother was a loose woman. Why am I only just learning this.
definitely didn't realise Matt Healy's mum is Denise Welch off Loose Women I can't
I've just learned that Denise Welch is Matt Healy's mum omfg 😂
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