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Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve (born October 3, 1967) is a Canadian film director and writer.

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Think about this:. 2015 - Sicario. 2016 - Arrival. 2017 - Blade Runner 2049. Denis Villeneuve is an master auteur director with YEARLY output!
I'd pay good money to see Denis Villeneuve helm a shootout between your Initiative strike team and a ruthless Krogan gang.
Denis Villeneuve's Dune reboot finds a veteran writer to ride the giant roaring sandworm of the adaptation process
Dune is getting a reboot! Oscar winning writer Eric Roth, known for writing Forrest Gump, will be writing the...
Award-winning screenwriter Eric Roth takes a trip into the realm of sci-fi with the newest adaptation of 'Dune'
with writing credits that include The Postman, Ali & Forrest Gump Eric Roth is now teaming up with Denis Villeneuve to write DUNE !!
Denis Villeneuve's Dune reboot to be written by Forrest Gump scribe Eric Roth -
Denis Villeneuve's reboot gets an Oscar-winning screenwriter
The highlight of the current script is when Lady Jessica and Chani throw shoes at the ancestral Harkonnen shack.
Eric Roth and Denis Villeneuve are teaming up to take another stab at adapting Herbert's sci-fi epic DUNE. Now that's a team I can trust!
Denis Villeneuve's Dune remake gets new writer in the form of Eric Roth
Denis Villeneuve's Dune finally has a writer
honestly I didn't like it as much as I thought I would :/ not even in my top 5 Denis Villeneuve movies
"Run Muad'Dib, run!". "Life is like box of spice chocolates.". "I love you, Chan-nee". "Look, Lt. Duncan!". https…
Denis Villeneuve's will be written by "Forest Gump" Oscar winner Eric Roth
At around 10 minutes, he gives a small nugget about DUNE.
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EXCLU: FOREST GUMP scribe Eric Roth to pen DUNE reboot for Legendary and Denis Villeneuve
New Dune project is getting serious: Great director, big screenwriter.
DUNE scriptwriter announced. big name scripter AND director. Looks like they're serious about making this happen!
Eric Roth will write the new Dune adaptation for director Denis Villeneuve:
.Im sure he can capture the cyberpunk aesthetic perfectly. Denis Villeneuve is already…
Micheal Bay probably the worst decision ever. Might as well get the director of Sicario, Denis Villeneuve smh
We all know which version of Dune will forever be the most influential and mind bending... (hint:
thoughts on Denis Villeneuve officially directing the Dune reboot?
Denis Villeneuve officially confirmed for Dune remake .
Denis Villeneuve confirmed to direct Dune remake
If I trust anyone with this, it's Villeneuve. I still think he should direct everything at this point.
Confirmed: Denis Villeneuve is to direct the new take on Dune
Was there an executive order that declared Denis Villeneuve must direct everything?
A remake is happening and they've found a director.
Denis Villeneuve directing Blade Runner 2049 was enough to make my inner nerd leap for joy. Now he's also doing Dune reboot? I'm so happy.
Arrival director Denis Villeneuve is confirmed to direct a new adaptation of
Denis Villeneuve is directing a remake of David Lynch’s Dune:
After falls flat (and it will) there's gonna be a reboot by Denis Villeneuve. Nope.
Denis Villeneuve is officially the latest director to attempt a Dune adaptation
I refuse to see any news about a new 'Dune' film in a negative light. THE SPICE MUST FLOW.
After he's done with Denis Villeneuve will resurrect (can Roger Deakins come with him?):
laureate Denis Villeneuve is all things this year, directing on top of
He who controls the spice: Denis Villeneuve tapped to direct new Dune film
It’s official: Arrival director Denis Villeneuve is making the upcoming Dune reboot via
A (presumably) properly done Dune film by Denis Villeneuve is on the horizon and that's nice.
It's official -- Legendary Pictures has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the exciting new DUNE series fi…
my list: David Fincher, Denis Villeneuve, Chris McQuarrie, Doug Liman, Brad Bird and Gavin O'Connor (no specific order)
The 2017 Oscar nominations are in and Canadians Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve could bring home some hardware
director Denis Villeneuve used his reax statement to lament The Academy's snub of Amy Adams!
Amy Adams got snubbed bad, but really happy to see Denis Villeneuve get Best Director nom for only reason I'm interested in BR2049
People or movies MUST be mentioned in tomorrow's thing. Denis Villeneuve. Ryan Reynolds. . Peter Berg
Let's play a game. Denis Villeneuve is to Christopher Nolan as Ryan Gosling is to Jake Gyllenhaal.
Arrival VFX - Denis Villeneuve's Arrival was full of aliens and unidentified flying objects, so we ha...
I still can't believe Denis Villeneuve is directing the Blade Runner sequel. They couldn't have hired a more perfect filmm…
What is Arrival director Denis Villeneuve up to?
Denis Villeneuve directing Ryan Gosling in a Bladerunner Sequel? Canadian dream team 🇨🇦
Just to end the night on a more positive note, I could not be more psyched for
Gorgeous looking first trailer of Blade Runner 2049 dir by Denis Villeneuve -
I'm so excited for I know I shouldn't considering sequels from classics are terrible but it's directed by Denis Villeneuve
"I had your job once. I was good at it." . Oh Blade Runner 2 -you had me at Denis Villeneuve .
Just watched Denis Villeneuve's Sicario, couldn't be more excited about him doing a Blade Runner movie:
Ryan Gosling hunts for Harrison Ford in the first teaser
Blade Runner is one of my favourite Sci-Fi films ever. . Denis Villeneuve is brilliant. . This trailer however, did a…
One thing to look forward to in 2017. Directed by Denis Villeneuve.
Normally I'd be skeptical but I have faith in Denis Villeneuve. So far all the films of his I've seen have been terrific.
I really enjoyed The arrival, high expectations for this new Denis Villeneuve this year will be the return of cyberpunk
Denis Villeneuve: "I know that every single fan will walk into the theater with a baseball bat"
Can't wait for from the brilliant Denis Villeneuve 🇨🇦 Definitely got the right man for he job.
agreed, but Denis Villeneuve and his photographers are in control of it so I'm confident it'll be very good.
How have I only *just* discovered is a thing?! Denis Villeneuve, return of Harrison Ford. I'm sold.
Roger Deakins still doesn't have an Oscar. could very well change that:
The first footage from Denis Villeneuve's is drop dead gorgeous. Watch the teaser:
We are delighted with first images from 2049, the second sci-fi flick by filmmaker and grad De…
See the first teaser for Denis Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner 2049' starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford:
Roger Deakins is on fire. 🔥 🔥 🔥 See the teaser for Denis Villeneuve's
Blade Runner 2049 official teaser trailer. Sweet. I'll trust in Denis Villeneuve 📽
With Arrival, Denis Villeneuve has more than earned the benefit of the doubt I think.
I am literally freaking out! Denis Villeneuve it looks gorgeous
Just saw Arrival, another Denis Villeneuve gem. Amy Adams is excellent, she carries the movie. Would recommend 👌
Sci-fi movie dir by Denis Villeneuve and starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker on 25th Nov 2016 in…
EP133: We review the latest from Denis Villeneuve and Amy Adams,
yes, that's the one. I'm willing to bet you'll hold Denis Villeneuve in high regard as you do Chris Nolan and David Lynch👍🏼
Denis Villeneuve's Arrival is in UK cinemas NOW! Our five-star review courtesy of h…
This is that rare occasion where I join in on the hype... Denis Villeneuve's new film is absolutely wonderful.
Before Arrival hits theaters, what has been your favorite film directed by Denis Villeneuve & explain why after voting…
Here's the arrival of my review for , Denis Villeneuve's latest belter. .
In Denis Villeneuve’s hands, I’m now convinced that the new Blade Runner could seriously live up the the original. Extraordinary filmmaker.
Denis Villeneuve is now one of those "must watch" directors. Prisoners, Sicario, Enemy, and now Arrival? He's on another level.
Denis Villeneuve continues to amaze me. Do yourselves a favor, do not miss your chance to see Arrival in a theatre.
Max Richter talks allowing a very personal piece of his music to be used for Denis Villeneuve’s new film Arrival:
Denis Villeneuve is going to be one of the Best Directors of the next 10 years
Denis Villeneuve filmography is so good it makes total sense why that film is your personal favorite over the other.
Denis Villeneuve is seriously on a roll. His last 3 movies are all great.
Movie review: What would ET say? Anyone familiar with the films of Canadian director Denis Villeneuve - Incendies,…
denis villeneuve is a great director. the way he builds suspense is second to none. He did a great job with Arrival
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New popular article from NY Times in Movies: "Denis Villeneuve of ‘Arrival’ Leans In to St…
Denis Villeneuve is the Best Director in Hollywood right now. Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, and now Arrival (which is his best yet)
"Denis Villeneuve of ‘Arrival’ Leans In to Strong Heroines" by CARA BUCKLEY on November 9, 2016 at 05:00PM
Arrival hit me right in the *** feels. Denis Villeneuve, you are a master
Arrival is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I'm honestly in shock. Denis Villeneuve is a god and everyone needs to…
Denis Villeneuve is just fantastic I love the feel of his movies. My favourite of his is but something tells me it'll be Arrival.
Another great movie from Denis Villeneuve. Definitely a tough story to adapt but it was done very effectively
Denis Villeneuve is a geniune Canadian treasure
Thank you, Denis Villeneuve. I needed something (ridiculously) good to come my way, this week.
EVERYONE needs to go see Arrival, Denis Villeneuve is incredible. A true visionary of film.
Arrival by Denis Villeneuve is amazing with a great soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson. Can't wait to see what they do with Blade Runner 2049.
is one of the best movies of the year. Director Denis Villeneuve has created something masterful and emoti…
ARRIVAL is easily my favorite movie of the year so far. Denis Villeneuve's direction was great & Amy Adams is amazing.
I adore Denis Villeneuve and how he weaves a story onscreen
My video review for 'Arrival', dir by Denis Villeneuve
Just posted my video review for 'Arrival', dir by Denis Villeneuve
Denis Villeneuve pulls off a hat trick with ENEMY, SICARIO, and now ARRIVAL, which is absolutely brilliant.
ARRIVAL: Anyone who knows my love for cinema knows that I am a huge Denis Villeneuve fan, (I…
Denis Villeneuve’s new film Arrival delivers science fiction with a brain via
To get away from politics & sadness for a minute, I saw Denis Villeneuve's brilliant "Arrival"…
In non Trump news: Arrival is a masterpiece and Denis Villeneuve is a genius. I am blown away.
is majestic sci-fi with the same magical touch as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Denis Villeneuve, you are a master.
here are my thoughts on ARRIVAL, directed by Denis Villeneuve
Denis Villeneuve's 'Arrival' is a thoughtful meditation on mind, language, time, geopolitics & death. An antidote to this moment. Loved it.
Ofcourse. Much like Christopher Nolan, i'll be there for any film directed by Denis Villeneuve.
movie to watch, from Denis Villeneuve.
'Watching Amy Adams' performance is like mainlining empathy' - The Verge
was incredible. Amazing work from Denis Villeneuve and Amy Adams. Easily one of my top three favorite films of 2016. Go see it!
The usage of time in Arrival is astounding and completely unique to the sci-fi genre. Denis Villeneuve is a genius.
Check out this featurette with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner & director Denis Villeneuve. Get your tix now: https…
Adams' breathtaking performance grounds this hypnotizing sci-fi drama from dir. Denis Villeneuve.
I was all set to go see it, but there's a new Denis Villeneuve film, Arrival, out next week. Which also has Amy Adams in it.
Rewatching -realized again what a beautifully-paced, visual feast it was. Denis Villeneuve, you'll nee…
'Blade Runner 2049' is the official title of Denis Villeneuve's sequel. Set for October 6, 2017 release.
director Denis Villeneuve would now like to remake David Lynch's
Some heartbreaking news on the set of Denis Villeneuve's sequel
.I think everything Denis Villeneuve works on should be given consideration! One of the Best Directors working today.
.has the exclusive first look at from director, Denis Villeneuve. In theatres 11.11.2016 http…
First look at Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL
I can't believe my father in law Denis Villeneuve is bringing yet another non Jake film to TIFF
I seriously cant believe Denis Villeneuve, Jean Marc Vallée and Xavjer Dolan exist im so grateful for Montréal the city i grew up in
It certainly had that tone. Maybe if it'd been written by David Ayer or Dennis Lehane & directed by, say, Denis Villeneuve?
Robin Wright will be joining Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for Blade Runner sequel. Ridley Scott produces and Denis Villeneuve directs.
I am so excited for the Untitled Blade Runner project. Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins back again with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford 🤓🤓
May have accidentally just bought Sicario...hope Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins don't disappoint?!
Perhaps it's because Denis Villeneuve is at helm, with Roger Deakins as cinematographer, but I'm thoroughly excited:
Blade Runner 2 released on January 12, 2018. Denis Villeneuve the best choice Director for this Impossible Job 🎥
just found out that Blade Runner 2, will be released Jan 2018, directed by Denis Villeneuve
A Blade Runner sequel filmed by Denis Villeneuve & Roger Deakins makes my heart flutter. Don't even care if the story is nonsense.
Sequel to Blade Runner hits theaters on Jan 12, 2018. Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford will star, directed by Sicario director Denis Villeneuve.
January 12, 2018. And it's directed by Denis Villeneuve, not Ridley Scott.
Denis Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner 2' will be released on January 12th, 2018.
No its not Mendes, Theres talk its Paul Greengrass or Denis Villeneuve
Out now on Blu-Ray, Denis Villeneuve's 'Sicario' just barely missed out Top Ten of 2015 list. Do not, I repeat do...
what a Movie!!! Hats off to Denis Villeneuve, and off course to Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.
I haven't seen a movie this good in a long time. The cinematography. Denis Villeneuve. Benicio Del Toro.
"Roger could shoot a movie with a shoe and it would look great" - Denis Villeneuve on Deakins.
Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins behind the lens. I have faith..
Late to the party, but Denis Villeneuve also goes in your (one-person) French Canadian directorial hall of fame
nice shoutout for X Dolan on the Ch 33 pod - but Denis Villeneuve and JM Valée also both happen to be French Canadian...
guys you forgot about Denis Villeneuve on the French-Canadian director corner!
alert! Spent an afternoon catching up with the latest works from Denis Villeneuve and Atom Egoyan.
It could only have been a Denis Villeneuve film
Nobody found shot It was "Prisoners" (2013) by Denis Villeneuve. Next shot in 5min!
How cinema is given meaning and feeling through the sculpting of time - Exploring Denis Villeneuve's "Polytechnique"
Denis Villeneuve, Canadian director, best known for Sicario (2015), Enemy (2013), and Prisoners…
If you liked Enemy and Prisoners, you'll love Denis Villeneuve's Sicario. Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro are sublime!
so real, so INTENSE! Film lovers don't miss this one. May I dare say our very own Denis Villeneuve has arrived, Kanu Behl. 1/3
If, by some insane chance, 3024 ever gets turned into a movie, Denis Villeneuve has to direct it.
is no fckin joke!! Whew.. I am a pure fan of Prisoners and Enemy SOO Denis Villeneuve is another one to watch for sure.
Kings of the Underworld: Denis Villeneuve, Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt on ... - MovieMaker Magazine
Denis Villeneuve demonstrates what a force he is with Sicario. An amazing film with grindingly beautiful score and sound design. Essential.
Ideal next Bond: Denis Villeneuve directing Ejiofor or Hiddleston. Kristin Scott-Thomas as M, Rachel Weisz as the villain. SORTED. 🍸
From the Cannes Film Festival 2015, the 'Sicario' cast and director Denis Villeneuve talk about how the film...
We'll be talking to Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, & Denis Villeneuve. Questions?
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Breaking News: Director Denis Villeneuve will be at the helm for the upcoming "Blade Runner 2. Read more:...
joking aside, have you watched Enemy? Starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Melanie Laurent. Really interesting. Directed by Denis Villeneuve.
'Blade Runner 2' Updates: Ryan Gosling, Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deaking team-up promises ...: 'Lo...
Trailer from looks amazing. Mexican drug cartel film from director Denis Villeneuve: …
Denis Villeneuve has begun production on 'Story of Your Life' with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Montreal.
starts from May 13. Get ahead of the festival with our interview with Canadian film maker Denis Villeneuve
Denis Villeneuve or Nicolas Winding Refn would be my top choices.
Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard in the "Blade Runner" sequel. "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve i…
Stating the obvious here, but Quebec filmmakers are killing it -- Ken Scott, Denis Villeneuve, Jean-Marc Vallee, Xavier Dolan,
is getting a sequel! Ridley Scott will produce, Harrison Ford is back, and Denis Villeneuve may direct.
Photoset: thefilmstage: Denis Villeneuve has been set to direct a Blade Runner sequel starring Harrison...
"Harrison Ford is returning for a Blade Runner sequel Please dont wreck this
Blade Runner to return with Harrison Ford After the terrible Indiana Jones 4, I am not sure...
Harrison Ford to reprise role as Deckard in 'Blade Runner' sequel via
Enemy review – a thrilling take on the doppelganger theme
I'm not feeling this Blade Runner sequel. .
NOooo I can hear PKD spinning from here.'Blade Runner sequel: Harrison Ford confirmed'
I'd like to know what you think of this . Note, reaction time is a factor. Smoking won't affect the test:
Blade Runner sequel: Harrison Ford confirmed to return with Denis Villeneuve directing
PRISONERS and ENEMY director Denis Villeneuve to tackle Blade Runner sequel:
Vancouver's Thunderbird Films bringing Harrison Ford back as Blade Runner: Canadian Denis Villeneuve will direct…
Harrison Ford to Return for 'Blade Runner 2', Denis Villeneuve to Direct
Harrison Ford to Return in 'Blade Runner' Sequel, Directed by Denis Villeneuve via
Blade Runner sequel very much in play.
ICYMI: Harrison Ford is confirmed to star in 'Blade Runner 2' with Denis Villeneuve in talks to direct!
Now that we know Denis Villeneuve will direct the 'Blade Runner' Sequel, his fantastic 2008 short f...
There's a Blade Runner sequel in the works *groan* . ..being directed by Denis Villeneuve *air punch!*.
Hope it's better than Indy's Crystal Skull movie. Harrison Ford to Return for ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel via
Breaking: Harrison Ford to return for "Blade Runner" sequel
I've got no dog in fight with sequel but excited to see Denis Villeneuve take on that genre with a budget (a la Rian Johnson)
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Harrison Ford is 100% returning for a Blade Runner sequel everybody
Denis Villeneuve to direct Harrison Ford in Blade Runner sequel!
New post: Harrison Ford Officially Joins the Sequel to 'Blade Runner' & Denis Villeneuve in Talks to Direct
Harrison Ford to star in Blade Runner sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve
It's confirmed! Quebec's own Denis Villeneuve will be working on the sequel to Blade Runner! THIS IS AMAZING!
Blade Runner sequel confirmed with Harrison Ford, Denis Villeneuve in negotiations to direct
BREAKING: Harrison Ford to Return in Sequel (!!!), Directed by Denis Villeneuve http:…
Harrison Ford confirmed for 'Blade Runner' sequel, director Denis Villeneuve in talks
Harrison Ford is confirmed to return for Blade Runner 2, with Denis Villeneuve directing and Ridley Scott...
Enemy (2013): Jake Gyllenhaal reteams with PRISONERS director Denis Villeneuve in this ...
Denis Villeneuve will begin production on his Amy Adams-led sci-fi film in May:
Directed by Denis Villeneuve. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini. A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.
Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins begin production today on 'Sicario,' starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin.
Congrats to of joining Denis Villeneuve's upcoming thriller, via
The way I see it and equally project Denis Villeneuve's film-making talents. Goodbye
In “Enemy,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a history professor who sees his double and starts stalking him.
Casting Net: Amy Adams (American Hustle) is in early talks to star in Story of Your Life, a sci-fi thriller based on a Ted Chiang short story about a linguist who is hired to determine whether the aliens who have just landed on Earth are a threat. During her communication with the visitors, she begins to experience visions that help her determine why they are there. Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) will direct off of a script from Eric Heisserer (Final Destination 5). Emily Blunt (Looper) is in talks to star in Denis Villeneuve‘s Sicario about an Arizona police officer who ventures into Mexico to try to find a drug lord. Blunt can be seen next alongside Tom Cruise in Warner Bros.’ Edge of Tomorrow (out June 6). Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell, who co-starred in The Way Way Back, are in talks to re-team with their directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon on The Heart, an action-comedy starring Kristen Wiig. In The Heart, Wiig will play a desperate, broke woman who agrees to transport black-market organs. Juno Temp ...
New in theaters Mar 22, 2014 04:00 AM “Bad Words” ★★★ (R; 1:28) • Jason Bateman is a foul-mouthed, malevolent man who enters a kids’ spelling bee to settle some old scores. Bateman directed the film, which is often rudely funny, but his focus gets fuzzy in a redemptive subplot about a lonely young competitor (Rohan Chand) whom the curmudgeon corrupts. (Joe Williams) “Divergent” ★★★ (PG-13; 2:23) • An impressive job of bringing the world of “Divergent” to life. Most of the big action scenes from the book, including a thrilling climb up a defunct Ferris wheel and a heart-stopping slide down a zip line from atop the John Hancock building, make it onto the screen. Also true to the book is an excess of brutal, up-close violence, and parents of yunger kids should be cautioned. (Gail Pennington) “Enemy” ★★½ (R; 1:30) • Jake Gyllenhaal reteams with French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (“Prisoners” ) for a David Lynch-style mindbender about a Toronto teacher who di ...
Enemy, Directed by Denis Villeneuve and Edited by Canadian Cinema Editors member Matthew Hannam, is now playing in theatres across North America. Enemy swept the Canadian Screen Awards last weekend winning Best Director, Supporting Actress, Score, Cinematography and Achievement in Editing.
Staring: Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover Paul Dano as Alex Jones Maria Bello as Grace Dover Melissa Leo as Holly Jones Viola Davis as Nancy Birch Terrence Howard as Franklin Birch Director: Denis Villeneuve Writer: Aaron Guzikowski Crime, Drama, Thriller Rated R 146 minutes Watch This Movie Kidnapping thrillers often lull us into a sense of safety in the opening sequences, showing the normal rhythms of life that will soon be shattered. Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners" does not go that route. It opens with a shot of a snowy forest, where a deer quietly noses around for food. Into the frame comes the barrel of a shotgun. We hear a prayer being intoned. Boom, the deer goes down. The camera pulls back to show a father (Hugh Jackman) and teenage son (Dylan Minnette), in day-glo hunting gear staring at their kill through the ranks of bare trees. On the drive home, the father, who seems humorless, intense, and a bit of a bore, lectures the son on how to always be prepared for the wor ...
We've already seen the trailer for Enemy, the first collaboration between director Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal, before last year's Prisoners was even made. Now a new featurette dives deeper into the story based on Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago's 2002 novel The Double, hitti...
Enemy debuts its official trailer for 2014, the new Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve movie! Watch it today with a trailer review!
A behind-the-scenes look at the doppleganger thriller reuniting Jake Gyllenhaal with his Prisoners director, Denis Villeneuve.
in but looking for a new movie to watch tonight? Check out 'Enemy', the newest film from 'Prisoners' duo Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal. Order it now on DirecTV and prepare to have your mind totally screwed with. --Travis
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal reteams with his “Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve in “Enemy,” a sexy and hypnotically surreal psychological thriller.
PRISONERS (dir. Denis Villeneuve) Hands down, one of the most electrifying kidnapping films ever produced! Hugh Jackman, the father, and Jake Gyllenhaal, the cop, star as two men desperate to locate two young girls who were abducted from a quiet suburban neighborhood one rainy Thanksgiving afternoon. Although the film lasts longer than two and a half hours, I can't think of a single weak scene. ABSOLUTE MUST SEE
Cinema sure loves its psychosexually tortured doppelgangers. If Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" were remade and recast with Jake Gyllenhaal as a gloomy professor in place of Natalie Portman's psycho ballerina, it might look something like Denis Villeneuve's "Enemy," a nifty bit of murky fun rife wit...
Check out our new trailer for ENEMY, a seriously tense psychosexual thriller from the minds of Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve.
Last year director Denis Villeneuve teamed up with Jake Gyllenhaal for the kidnapping thriller Prisoners, and the pair have a new movie called Enemy that looks like it's going to be even more...
Teaming up once more with his "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal takes on another riveting suspense thriller entitled "Enemy." The film premiered alongside "Prisoners" at last year's Toronto International Film Festival and looks to be as enthralling, if more abstract, a collabora...
Hey Schmoeville! Alex Welch here, and today the new trailer for the latest Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve collaboration, ENEMY, has just dropped. The trailer is mind bending and pretty weird, but still very intriguing. Check it below Schmoeville! Here’s the official synopsis for the film: ENEM...
Denis Villeneuve's Enemy made some good friends at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, racking up an impressive 10 nominations for this year's Canadian Screen Awards including best picture, Best Director and best actor for Jake Gyllenhaal's two-pronged appearance as a man who meets his do...
Sci-fi series Orphan Black, TV comedy Less Than Kind and Denis Villeneuve's psychological thriller Enemy are among the top nominees for the Canadian Screen Awards.
After being nominated for 8 Canadian Screen Awards for his movie Enemy, Denis Villeneuve announces his next movie: American Darling starring Jessica Chastain.
Prisoners 3.5/4 Denis Villeneuve's film is unnerving and throws no punches. It also asks how far would you go for your child. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and Franklin Birch (Terrance Howard) have daughters go missing on Thanksgiving. The prime suspect is mentally challenged Alex (a really good Paul Dano). When the police fail to find incriminating evidence Keller takes matters into his own hands. Emotions run rampant. Jake Gyllenhaal turns in a good performance as lead Detective Loki as well. Also stars Maria Bello, Viola Davis and Melissa Leo.
Jake Gyllenhaal lets out a laugh while on stage at the Q&A for his film Enemy held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Sunday (January 5) in Toronto, Canada. The 33-year-old actor was joined on stage by the director of the movie Denis Villeneuve for the interactive chat. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics o
Just went to watch Jake Gyllenhaal get interviewed with Canadian director Denis Villeneuve -- I feel very fancy. Gyllenhaal was VERY funny and self-deprecating and cute. And bearded.
The In Conversation With... with Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal is on today at 3:30pm. The red carpet prior to has been cancelled.
I just finished the screener "Prisoners" starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Although these two actors are nominated in different categories, they were both protagonists in the story of a child abduction. The weakness of double protagonists is that the audience is not sure who to root for. So Hugh and Jake take on different persona: Hugh the law breaker and Jake the cop who must abide by the law and its protocols. In order to find out who kidnapped his daughter, Hugh is convinced he has the suspect of the kidnapping and proceeds to use various tortures to make him confess. However, Terrence Howard, the father of the other kidnapped girl, is not sure that this is the right approach to discovering the whereabouts of their daughters. "Prisoners," directed by Denis Villeneuve is a story about the many kinds of prisoners who manifest when a tragedy like this occurs. There is, of course, the children who are imprisoned by their captors. There are the parents who are imprisoned by their fears. The good c ...
Back to my awards now, with Best Director. The nominees are Derek Cianfrance, Spike Jonze, James Ponsoldt, Martin Scorsese, and Denis Villeneuve. The winner is...Spike Jonze, with Martin Scorsese the runner up. Honorable Mention to Peter Berg, Alfonso Cuaron, Steve McQueen, David O. Russell, and Ben Stiller.
just watched Prisoners. really good. same director as Incendies. putting all my money into Denis Villeneuve stock.
Prisoners is a 2013 American thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve, with cinematography by Roger Deakins. The film has an ensemble cast including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, and Paul Dano.[3] The plot focuses on the abduction of two young girls in Pennsylvania and the resulting search to find them.
I think Denis Villeneuve is my new favourite director...
Denis Villeneuve's 'Prisoners' is a great thriller...Hugh Jackman gives the performance of a lifetime and MR. Jake was great as always
Polytechnique, 2009 - ★★★½: Director Denis Villeneuve's striking black and white feature attempts to...
Denis Villeneuve delivers a harrowing child-abduction tale in Prisoners. He tells Jeremy Kay about the film’s...
Because I don't think he gets enough love I'm also gonna pull Denis Villeneuve out as someone I'm thankful for. Can't wait to see him grow!
Saw Prisoners and it was so much better than what I thought it was going to be. I need to know more about Denis Villeneuve.
ahhh Carey Mulligan is gonna try and be in the next Denis Villeneuve film
I liked a video from DP/30 @ TIFF '13: Prisoners, director Denis Villeneuve
To do list: Quickly watch all of Denis Villeneuve's other movies before Enemy comes out
Denis Villeneuve's 'Enemy' must be playing there. Check it out.
Incendies, by Denis Villeneuve. Amazing film. I have no words. Watch it.
Denis Villeneuve's child abduction thriller PRISONERS closes at Scotiabank today, continues at Mt Pleasant tomorrow.
Akhirnya nonton "Prisoners" juga.. What a Hollywood debut from the director of "Incendies" Denis Villeneuve! Easily one of this year's best!
Director Denis Villeneuve on making "Prisoners": "It gave me a lot of hope about movies" |
That’s it for our Q&A with Denis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo & screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski. 2013
Q: A lot of darkness in the film, did that make it difficult? A: I wanted to create a space for actor to concentrate. - Denis Villeneuve
"Prisoners" is easily the best film I've seen this year. Emotionally gut-wrenching story of how far a parent would go if their child was kidnapped and the devastating consequences of their actions. Beautifully directed by Denis Villeneuve with incredible performances from Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Melissa Leo.
Denis Villeneuve's ENEMY will compete at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival
See Prisoners for FREE at the DCA! From 18 October - 24 October Dundee fans can see claim their FREE cinema ticket to watch one of the numerous screenings of Prisoners (15) at the DCA simply by producing their Season Ticket & DFC Discount Card. Québécois filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (Incendies) makes his English-language debut with Prisoners, a tense psychological thriller about kidnapping, revenge and redemption. Don’t let the long running time put you off: this superbly made film will have you on the edge of your seat (and possibility gripping the armrests) from beginning to end. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is facing every parent’s worst nightmare. On Thanksgiving weekend his six year-old daughter Anna and her friend Joy go missing. As minutes turn to hours, panic sets in. The only lead is a dilapidated van that had earlier been parked on their quiet street. Heading the investigation, methodical Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrests its driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), but a lack of evidence force ...
PRISONERS (15, In Cinemas) Despite exemplary acting, often unbearable tension and a resolution few will see coming, Prisoners is a hard movie to like. You certainly won't say you've enjoyed it. Of course this is probably director Denis Villeneuve's intention. Why should we enjoy watching two families fall apart following the disappearance of their children, and the lengths they go to to find them? From the grey cinematography, thru to the movie's refusal to offer any Hollywood style thrills, Prisoners can feel like a long slog. There are problems. Maria Bello, who's a great actress, is woefully under written as the grieving mother. Whilst focusing on police procedure, you'll often wonder they haven't done or deduced the obvious. And despite its apparent anti-conventional style, it does all resolve a little too conveniently. That said it's intelligent, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal have never been better and it will stay with you. (4/5)
Carlos de Abreu, and executive producer of the 17th Annual announced that Academy Award ® -nominated Jake Gyllenhaal will be honored with this year's Hollywood Supporting Actor Award for his extraordinary work in Denis Villeneuve's acclaimed "Prisoners." The will be bestowed at the Hollywood Film Awards Ceremony on Monday evening, October 21, 2013 at the The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Read more at:
Prisoners (3.5 stars) - intense, dark and brooding drama with powerhouse turns from Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. A predominantly male movie the likes of Viola Davis and Maria Bello are tragically sidelined (Maria Bello spends most of the film in bed). There are some gaping plot halls and odd twists of characterisation but Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has an eye for a great shot (albeit aded by the supreme photography of Roger Deakins) and an economical and measured handling of each scene to create a sparse and gloomy environment that leads into a dark hole of psychological terror.
A celebrity jury — including actor Jay Baruchel and director Denis Villeneuve — will help choose the winning film in Crankyfest, the second online competition for short movies about periods. Baruchel (This Is The End), Villeneuve (Oscar-nominated director of Incendies) […]
Critical Mass Movie Reviews By Chris Carnicelli “Prisoners” Finally, Hugh Jackman stars in a movie where adamantium claws don't shoot out from his hands. Directed by Canadian film maker Denis Villeneuve from a screenplay written by Aaron Guzikowski, this emotional, complex, and lengthy, (2 hours and 26 minutes), drama deals with a riveting story of a double kidnapping and the effects it has on the people involved. We start with Keller Dover, (Jackman), a religious, loving, but stern family man that has a son, Ralph, (Dylan Minnette), a beautiful wife Grace (Maria Bello), and a cute little daughter, Anna, (Erin Gerasimovich). They go down the street to visit the Birch’s for Turkey Day dinner and there we meet veterinarian Franklin, (Terrance Howard), his wife Nancy, (Viola Davis) and their cute little daughter, Joy, (Kyla Drew Simmons). While out playing after dinner, the two little girls suddenly disappear and the two families go into panic mode. Called to investigate the disappearance is Detective ...
“Prisoners” When the official studio write up of a movie lists each Oscar-nominated participant in the film, you can bet said film is vying for awards. “Prisoners,” which stars Hugh Jackman as the father of a kidnapped girl and comes out in theaters on Sept. 26, is one of those movies. Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve is behind the drama.   “Blue Jasmine” Woody Allen, ’nuff said. Just in case it’s not, here are a few more names for you to chew on: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, and, least expectedly, Louis C.K. The film, which follows the fall from grace of the socialite wife of a white-collar criminal, hits Russian theaters on Sept. 26. For a full review, see page 20.   “Gravity” When the trailer for this ponderous Alfonso Cuaron sci-fi film first came out, reactions were mixed. Despite its pretensions, and apparently there are many, the film wowed festival audiences. Academy darlings Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as a scientist and astronaut fallin ...
Watch our Making of video, with Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve interviews galore:
It's been 24 hours & I still can't get Prisoners out if my head. Crazy freaken amazing film. Bravo Denis Villeneuve!
advance screening of with Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve :)
Awesome to c Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, & the Director Denis Villeneuve, but the film had me on the edge of my seat!
Blessed to see premiere of mindbender Prisoners n met Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, N Denis Villeneuve.
Poster for the next film from 'Prisoners' director Denis Villeneuve, which happens to also star Jake Gyllenhaal.
Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal & Denis Villeneuve turn up at the screening. Thanks totalfilm
Am very excited for watch Incendies (just added to do watch) to get a taste of Denis Villeneuve's genius.
Denis Villeneuve’s “Prisoners” is a Tense Thriller Guided By Strong Performances - the film opened in first place:
I'm glad took the box office this weekend. Here are intvws with Denis Villeneuve and Paul Dano
Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and director Denis Villeneuve participated in a ‘Meet The Filmmakers’ session at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London today. They discussed their new film, ‘Prisoners’.
goes Hollywood with box office winner
Did U see this weekend? What did you think of this Denis Villeneuve Directed US feature with Hugh & Jake?
About to watch a preview screening of Denis Villeneuve's 'Prisoners'! Shout out to for the hook up
When are we getting Denis Villeneuve's "The Last Unicorn" remake?
PRISONERS - Canadian wunderkind director Denis Villeneuve takes a great cast and spins modern morality tale with some Silence of the Lambs suspense for some often rewarded chills and tension. Hugh Jackman sheathes the claws for this role as an alpha male father but still becomes a beast when he and his best friend's children are kidnapped and possibly murdered while the police release the prime suspect. There is some good drama in this but also some rather stinky red herrings. I liked Jake Gyllenhall for his tics, acting as a somewhat competent investigator and Paul Dano seems to be making a career as an unlikeable weirdo.
Go see Prisoners ... Terrific tone and exceptional acting. Well crafted by Denis Villeneuve. Looking forward to seeing more of his films.
Enemy (Teaser): Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy stars as a man who spots his splitting image...
I'm the Apple store with Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villeneuve with
quick Dom. Give me a clever question for Denis Villeneuve/Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhaal. You're a film critic. Help me out
I wonder if Denis Villeneuve ever expected to have fanboys
23/09/2013: Janice Forsyth talks to director Denis Villeneuve about his new film Prisoners.
If you saw this weekend and enjoyed it, make sure you check out director Denis Villeneuve's 2010 film:
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Video: "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve narrates a sequence from the film
WIN WIN: Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners" just topped the box office, and we want you to see it! Enter our contest now:
Caught a screening of Prisoners last night. Thought it was awesome! Denis Villeneuve is rockin it!
Jake Gyllenhaal talks to about working with Denis Villeneuve to make
Met the director, Denis Villeneuve, when my son was screened for a role in the movie. Super nice guy. Can't wait to see it!
How far would you go to protect your family?Denis Villeneuve talking to Janice about which deals with this
Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal join director Denis Villeneuve at the Prisoners press junket today.
Prisoners is a complex character driven procedural police drama by director Denis Villeneuve of Incendies and writer Aaron Guzikowski. Like a game of clue there are details to carefully watch for as you along with Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) unravel the trail of the abductor or abductors of two children. Unravel is the key word as one father (Hugh Jackman ) unravels with ferocity as one suspect played by Paul Dano is released. These are all unhinged flawed characters with back stories that are only hinted at. Tattoos on Detective Loki's neck and knuckels, some unresolved issue with Jackman and the other father Terrence Howard. At 2.5 hours I still wanted these pieces to be developed. That aside you have performances that grip you and revelations that may jar you if you miss the clues. With an ending that leaves you the audience to fill in the next scene Prisoners has treated the viewer with intelligence. Be careful in the cinema lobby or washrooms not to over hear people discussing the end. I give it ...
Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners tops the North American box office on the weekend.
ENEMY – Promo Trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Thriller Starring Jake Gyllenhaal: “This is a pattern that repeat...
On our way to interview with Director Denis Villeneuve for our next show! Airing Saturday 5th October - don't miss!
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