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Denard Span

Keiunta Denard Span (born February 27, 1984 in Tampa, Florida) is an American Major League Baseball outfielder for the Minnesota Twins.

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Does he know Denard Span is like 60?
I hate seeing Denard Span in a Giants uniform.
There are people in my rec softball league that have strong throwing arms than Denard Span.
Does Denard Span have the worst outfield arm in baseball?
Denard Span got a late break on that ball, but comes in to make the catch.
Today I learned Denard Span is still employed in MLB
I like how Denard Span just goes with the graying beard. It may be a young man's game, but he can be a grizzled veteran at 33.
"Cubs showed interest in Denard Span, but will scout kids shagging balls during the HR Derby as defensive upgrades"
The contracts of Denard Span & Hunter Pence come off the books after next season. We'll have $$ for a big named free agent.
Denard Span goes hitless again on Sunday via
should target Denard Span or Cameron Maybin in trade via
Middle relief and starting pitching is the overwhelming need at this point. Denard Span is not need…
Giants Pirates Baseball San Francisco Giants' Denard Span (2) is congratulated by Brandon Belt (9) after scoring t…
I really don't want Denard Span tbh...
If you want to speed the game up, just tell Denard Span to get in the *** box.
First pitch from Trevor Williams to Denard Span is a ball and we're underway from PNC Park. looking for a sweep of the
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In the last month, Denard Span has hit .369/.426/.541 (160 wRC+). That's, uh, pretty good.
San Fran Denard Span scored 30 fantasy pts going 10-for-20 with a HR & 4 RBIs in 5 games this week. Span is owned in 0.25% of mixed leagues.
Denard Span scores RTI in the top of the 11th.
Span scores on wild pitch as Giants beat Pirates in 11 - Denard Span scored on a wild pitch in the 11th inning ...
If it happens at all, which I doubt, it will be all about Denard Span.
Denard Span is still playing?? Swear he's been in the league for 30 years
" San Francisco Giants: Denard Span has One of the Best Months of his Career in June "
Denard Span, who led off Fri with HR, opens this one with wicked liner off pitcher's forearm. Chad Kuhl says he's OK, stays in game.
The first pitch from Chad Kuhl to Denard Span is a strike and we’re underway from PNC Park.
Denard Span's leadoff HR in the 1st inning was the 1,069th this month, tying May 2000 for the most HR in a single month…
...Brandon Belt steals (3) 2nd base. Denard Span out at home, C Tom Murphy to P Greg Holland [2/2]
People who watch a TON of baseball know that Brian Goodwin looks exactly like a young Denard Span
If healthy, Span exactly what Giants need
Span trades coasts, leaves Nationals for
I heard Denard Span was released recently, don't know if any team picked him up.
The are going to be without Denard Span for a while.
One year after losing a leg? Denard Span sneezes wrong and he's out of the gym for 18 months
Very home scoring on Bruce's "double." Should have been caught. Denard Span would have had it.
Fact or fiction: Denard Span will be the Giants everyday CFer in 2018. Related. Fact or fiction: Denard…
Giants’ Denard Span frustrated over injury from wall collision
The Kansas City Chiefs, ladies and gentlemen. With Mike Trout on the board they pick Denard Span
CF Denard Span had MRI today; results to come. Preliminary indication was that nothing's seriously wrong with shoulder
Denard Span said initial word on his MRI is that it showed "nothing alarming." He's hoping to be back in a couple weeks.
Denard Span has been sent for more tests on his sprained right shoulder.
- Denard Span unlikely to return in minimum 10 days
Denard Span: Unlikely to return in minimum 10 days -
Denard Span is going for additional tests on shoulder. Bochy says he will need more than the 10 days on the DL.
Oh No!! Denard '02 took a spill last week, now placed on 10-day DL. Get Well Soon!
guy routinely bats Denard Span leadoff and Eduardo Nunez third. What do you expect?
Morse joins Giants as Span lands on DL. Sent with At Bat
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Michael Morse is a Giant again, Denard Span heads to DL (Andrew Baggarly/Mercury News)
Morse joins Giants as Span lands on DL
Wire: Morse joins Giants as Span lands on DL
have also placed Denard Span on the DL and purchased the contract of Michael Morse (from AAA Sacramento.
.purchase INF/OF Michael Morse from Triple-A Sacramento, place OF Denard Span on 10-day DL.
I'll say it anyway: Michael Morse is a Giant again.
Denard Span, Adam Laroche, Jayson Werth. Jonathan Papelbon 😂😂 the first three were serious though.
"In hindsight, the 2015 Nats were a clubhouse full of ghosts, including Doug Fister and Denard Span."
If Trump can renegotiate the Denard Span for Alex Meyer trade deal, then I'm sold.
Denard Span, Angel Pagan, Johnny Cueto, Eduardo Nunez. Look at the pen: Romo, Lopez, Casilla. About half the team...
Denard Span or Carl Crawford or Juan Pierre? Whose arm ya got?
Robert is back serving meals at this time with center fielder Denard Span!
This lineup contains Ramiro Pena, Conor Gillaspie, Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan, Denard Span, and the pitcher. Yeah, it's over tonight
Extra Baggs: Giants pregame notes: Hunter Pence still not in lineup; Denard Span gets a day off: SAN FRANCISC...
Pagan sparks the offense like Denard Span doesn't, but you have to be glad that Span is Leadoff/CF now.
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Daniel Murphy now has 35 hits in May. Nats record for single month is 40 (Denard Span, 8/14). Via game notes.
Bonus Maverick Moniker of the Week presented by Wawa:. "Denny S". Denard Span, CF San Francisco Giants
"I had to do a little shimmy, a little karaoke..." And that's why Denard Span is an
Denard Span with a nice catch in the top of the 9th inning.
"Casilla outstanding..." on the mound thanking his lucky stars for Denard Span.
And the defense-esp Brandon Crawford and Denard Span's catch while pedaling backwards!
Meanwhile, Giants have only scored more than five runs once in the same (Denard) span.
Here's a list of CFs Leonys has been better than in 2016:. Adam Jones. Andrew McCutchen. Jacoby Ellsbury. Joc Pederson. Denar…
Unbelievable defense by the Giants today. Denard Span just saved the tying run from standing in scoring position to lea…
Denard Span is going to go home and make some real good *** chickpeas
His name is Denard Span. You guys are doing it wrong. Right? 🌚
catch of the year Denard Span at the base of the CF Wall
Hey . centerfielder Denard Span... just made a play!!!. Right on So u got the tape!
Former CF Denard Span with nice backwards catch in front of 399 feet sign in CF for
Per StatCast, Denard Span's drive in first inning traveled 385 feet and was hit with 103 mph exit velocity. Heyward ran it…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Cubs can't buy a hit but Denard Span with the best route taken to get to a fly ball ever! 😂
Denard has made some great plays over the Span of this series.
: What a catch by a backpedaling Denard Span!
Wow.what a catch in center by Denard Span! A-Mazing! Ok.back to
Denard Span with a bobbling one handed catch robbing Ben Zobrist of a dinger
Denard Span just seriously Aoki'd a catch in the outfield
Denard Span, turning a potential disaster into an
Casilla tries his hardest to blow the save. But Denard Span says NAAAY!
Denard Span got his laces stuck in his chain and still pulled off that grab.
Denard Span just went on that fly ball 👀👀
That was a nice catch by Denard Span
Denard Span makes a big catch in deep center field in the dirt by the wall. Top 9th.
That Denard Span catch was gloriously awkward
Denard Span just demonstrated how NOT to catch a fly ball. incredible play though
What an unconventional route for Denard Span but hey, he caught it!
WOW Denard Span. I can't even be mad at that. Incredible catch.
Denard Span just took the ugliest rout ever and turned it into a dirty catch 😂
Potential game saving play by Denard Span crazy catch
Gray bearded Denard Span just robbed old man Ben Zobrist of extra bases. That's senior citizen on senior citizen crime.
CF Denard Span - NICE CATCH!!! Good presence of mind and awareness on that grab!
What a catch by a backpedaling Denard Span!
And now for something completely different: Denard Span's backpedaling, tripping, falling, tumbling catch.
Ben Revere. And Denard Span for Alex Meyer. And Aaron Hicks for JR Murphy. And Carlos Gomez for nobody. Ryan should resign.
Denard Span reaches base for the fifth time today after Daniel Hudson pitch clips his foot.
"Denard Span has the locker in the back left corner. Last person to use that locker was Jeremy Affeldt."
Denard Span doubles home Gregor Blanco and the are within 1 again. Feels like the Rockies brought Coors Field with them.
A head first slide by Gregor Blanco turns into a run off an RBI double by Denard Span.
spent 3 out of my 150 on Hector Santiago and Denard Span.
What do you expect from Brandon Moss and Denard Span going forward?
What are the values of Brandon Moss and Denard Span going forward?
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Some weird names on that last list. Denard Span especially. Also Russell Martin, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jay Bruce, Yonder Alonso.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Denard Span 2008 Bowmman Chrome Rookie Card
I wonder how many awful, terrible, no-good fantasy baseball trade offers have been sent out based on today. Denard Span for Tyson Ross dood!
BACK TO BACK TO BACK! Denard Span, Joe Panik & Buster Posey go yard, starting off the even year strong for the Giants.
Denard Span is starting to get that Kirby Puckett body.
drop Doug Fister, pick up Mark Trumbo and Denard Span
, better pick up off waivers, Andrew Miller or Dellin Betances ? Also who to drop for one, Denard Span or Alex Gordon ?
VIDEO: Denard Span's short start in CF, what Johnny Cueto's good health news means for line up & more
When Ben Revere found out he got traded to the Nats he made a phone call to Denard Span
has a new teammate in CF in Denard Span moving Angel Pagan to LF. Their thoughts at 6:50pm on ABC7.
Angel Pagan 'surprised' by Denard Span signing, but 'on board' with new role
I forgot then I remembered Drew Storen (his name) and Denard Span were helping me like as liason w/ those in mob that know Linda's mob
Duane Kuiper expects the to play Denard Span in CF and move Angel Pagan to LF:
The worst thing about this Cespedes/de Aza mess is that the Mets could have had a good CF in Denard Span at a bargain contract and passed.
Krukow: Denard Span 'the whole package' for Giants: Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow explained why he is thrill...
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Since the season ended, the have let Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond and Denard Span walk. Somehow, Papelbon remains. I don't get it.
Giants have made very risky investments, but Denard Span isn't one
Mike Krukow on Denard Span: Maybe he doesn't play every day. Pagan's a diva but will do what Bochy asks re playing LF. . What?
Orioles observations on Denard Span, free-agent outfielders and Brady Anderson's impact BaltSunSports
Denard Span is now officially a former National after agreeing to 3-year deal with Giants
Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Denard Span. I'd call that a solid offseason. Good work Bobby Evans and the front office.
either way is fine. big fan of your writing. thank U. hoping for Austin Jackson, Denard Span, Gerardo Parra or Will Venable
Remaining free agents fitting that description would include Dexter Fowler, Austin Jackson, Gerardo Parra and of course Denard Span.
The are interested in 3 different left-handed outfielders, but Denard Span is a 'perfect fit' for New York.
The have Denard Span, Will Venable and Alejandro De Aza on their radar as left-handed CF options. They're slow-playing…
Very curious as to why, with Gerardo Parra, Dexter Fowler and Denard Span all available.
Very bullish for Denard Span to be seeking a multi-year contract even if he has 1 good workout.
Denard Span plans to work out for interested teams in early 2016
Could you imagine an OF of Jackie Bradley Jr, Cain and Denard Span? Speed and D For days. *Takes Pants Off*
Cubs have plenty of CF options-Denorfia, Brett Jackson, Felix Pie-but should go get Denard Span on multi-year deal because Boras told me so   10% Off
Alex Gordon & Denard Span. Put Soler in right. Trade for Andrew Miller. Maybe also get Gallardo or Henderson Alvarez
can get Denard Span and Alex Gordon for less annually than Price. Trade Soler for Miller or Ross. That's a perfect offseason plan.
I'm gonna want to hear from Denard Span and Josh Willingham before making my opinion.
Wei Yin Chen, Mike Leake, Denard Span, and Ben Zobrist. Let's get them on the team
Lobby talk: Denard Span and Travis Snider are two free agent OF's the Kansas City Royals have some interest in.
Denard Span said he is open to returning to the but the ball is in the Nationals' court. Scott Boras is now Sp…
I would imagine, based on depth, Ben Revere, Jarrod Dyson, Denard Span, Martin Prado, Michael Bourn, Jon Jay are all options.
I would love to see us to sign Denard Span for lead off hitter , or do you want to keep Dexter Fowler
I'd like to see the Ms target FA OFs Denard Span, Rajai Davis, Gerardo Parra and SPs John Lackey, Doug Fister, Marco Estrada.
Denard Span is not a mark. Until he cheerfully decides to be a mark.
The real hero of this is the skeptical and extremely detail-oriented Denard Span. Who hopefully now believes in magic.
The Nats let go of Denard Span. Injuries will mess u up man
"If I had money, which I do, I'd bet on us." - Denard Span on down the stretch
Denard Span: Span still being bothered by back discomfort
Anthony Rendon getting back to normal would be huge for the Nationals, especially with no Denard Span and Zimmerman's oblique issue. featured in NBC s Science of Love
No more denard span excuses taylor can play
Denard Span was in the clubhouse & in good spirits after hip surgery. He'll head home soon so he can begin rehab. Crutches for another week.
Denard Span packing stuff up. Leaving because Function of his rehab. . Needs more attention outside of nats park. For his hip.
Denard Span here today, feeling good 1 week after hip surgery for labrum and bone spur. Said he'll be off crutches in 1 more week.
Denard Span here today, packing things up. Said surgery went well. Hopes to be running in three months or so.
After criticizing the lineup last night (saying Denard Span should be benched) Bryce Harper didn't glove-tap Span aft…
Denard Span returns to DL after latest injury setback -
Approximately 14 people in my section. 5 in Twins gear (2 kids in Denard Span jerseys)
Denard Span is a Met killer himself. But has been injured pretty much all season
Last year, we had the walkoffs streak. It was excited. But that was mostly thanks to Denard Span and LaRoche, which we don't have
Denard Span out with back soreness Thursday against the Padres -
did you say a 4 Day Denard Span that was fast
Stephen Strasburg, Denard Span have good workouts, edge closer ...
I got a DM from Denard Span last night about my post (& hoping he's doing better after his surgery.
what's up with playing denard span last night bird wings? Your gf fill out your lineup?
Bleacher Report - - Denard Span Injury Updates on Nationals OFs Hip and Return
Matt of Matt's Bats: Giving thanks for Denard Span via
This procedure is also known as Denard Span Surgery.
Denard Span has hip surgery, Aaron Barrett set for elbow surgery and a Stephen Strasbur...
Denard Span, Ben Zobrist, Austin Jackson, Dexter Fowler are 4 of multiple FA's that won't break the bank, but still upgrade O's
Big Sports News day: Original J-Z has another problem w/0 Mariners, Denard Span out for season, Illini head coach out 1 week before season
Denard Span walks...Jayson Werth belts a 2-out single to RF. Runners at 1st and 2nd for Anthony Rendon-- on the night of his Garden Gnome.
Can Span get back in time to make a difference?
"Denard Span is a *** of a player. But he alone can't conquer the beat rotation in baseball. Hats off to him though.
Our Nats insider Mark Zuckerman tells ESPN 980 that the teams biggest need right now is "a healthy Denard Span".
the big problem for them has been denard span. He sets the tone for that lineup. W/o span. That team isn't really good
Insane. Nats are 35-24 in games that Denard Span starts. 23-32 without him. Yeesh
pulling for Loby,Yunel and hometown boy Denard Span over the Mets and their annoying New Yawk ahole fans.Hey it rhymed!
Can leadoff man Denard Span make it back in time? - on MASN:
Guest blogger wonders if Denard Span can return in enough time to make an impact:
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miss Denard Span. They're 35-24 with him in the starting lineup, 23-30 without him.
>> Patrick Reddington: Time winding down for Denard Span to return and make impact - Nationals
The Nats need Denard Span back asap.. and take out Werth and put Taylor in left
.makes sense of the struggling Nats, who have no easy fix and clearly miss Denard Span
Blame it on injuries. Denard Span. Clubhouse is a cesspool with so many free agents. Desmond, Span, Zimmerman,dougie p. Rizzo gets an F
But when Denard Span gets back... watch out!
There's 3 players on the Nats roster that are solid, disciplined hitters. The rest are awful. Escobar, Harper, and Denard Span.
Today's District Daily has more on Denard Span's rehab as well as prospects Reynaldo Lopez and Wilmer Difo:
Awesome day at the - Denard Span, Reed Johnson, a win, and free pizza at
taking no chances with Span's rehab
If Denard Span comes back, it should obviously be Werth who sits and not Taylor, but Matt Williams loves the Mets, so...
Michael Cuddyer/Justin Morneau/Ben Revere/Denard Span to name a few we had to let go because of Mauer big contract.
Denard Span is taking leads, getting jumps, running sprints in the outfield in Woodbridge right now.
Denard Span putting in work in Potomac tonight
Find a way for Denard Span to get healthy and see what happens.
haven't won since Denard Span has been out. He is the team MVP.
OF Bryce Harper (knee) is playing tonight after missing 1 game and OF Denard Span (back) resumed light baseball activity. 😱😳
Denard Span (back) has resumed light baseball activity (throwing, running & swings), per MW. Nats will ramp up his activ…
Denard Span working way back from injury
Denard Span (back) has resumed light baseball activity.
After suffering a setback a few days ago, Denard Span has resumed baseball activities. Nats will again ramp him up slowly.
WAS Homepage News ° Nats taking no chances with Span's rehab: Nationals center fielder Denard Span is back on ...
Bryce Harper is back in the lineup, and Denard Span is back to baseball activity.
Denard Span bumping up his activity, will see live BP by the end of the week for Nats.
Convinced Werth should be traded and Michael Taylor is going to a replica of Denard Span.
Clint Robinson and Michael A. Taylor collide. Taylor, who is subbing for injured Denard Span in center, holds onto the ball.
Denard Span had an MRI today as he continues to struggle with injury
Nats Journal: Bryce Harper, Denard Span back in Nationals lineup for gam.. Related Articles:
Braves intentionally walk Danny Espinosa and bring in Luis Avilan to face Denard Span. Span is 0-for-9 in his career vs. Avilan.
Denard Span leads off the game with an infield single against Taylor Jungmann to cap an 8-pitch AB.
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have runners at the corners after back-to-back singles from Clint Robinson and Denard Span. Escobar up with 1 out. Down 4-2.
Clint Robinson to third on the single by Denard Span. Escobar to the plate with 1 out. Harper on deck.
Not sure if that would've gotten out, but Denard Span certainly robbed Anthony Rizzo of extra bases, and maybe his third HR of the game.
2 months in, who do you have more confidence in going forward? DJ Lemahieu or Mookie Betts? Cameron Maybin or Denard Span?
I remember going to many Rock Cats games with Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Denard Span
Denard Span and Ed Reed are actually the same 52 year old man
Denard Span is the first Nats player to have 4+ extra-base hits in a game since Alfonso Soriano on 7/22/2006.
Matt Williams gives an update on Denard Span's ...
cannot hit right now at all. Good news for Washington is it's game 4 and Anthony Rendon/Jayson Werth/Denard Span will be back.
After watching Michael Taylor play, if I'm Denard Span I would rush back to reclaim CF. Taylor is gonna be really good.
Michael Taylor, who is filling in for an injured Denard Span, has a 4 game hit streak to start the season.
The daily update on Janssen, Rendon, Span and Werth: they're all injured, but trying not to be. Werth is closest.
WAS Post blog: Casey Janssen, Anthony Rendon, Denard Span, and Jayson Werth all progressing
Denard Span (abdomen) played three innings in an extended spring training game on Friday.
Recommendation by :Denard This is way ahead of schedule ...
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Manager Matt Williams said Denard Span played three innings today in Viera. He continues to progress well.
A rehab assignment is usually like a week or so, right? Are we 10 days away from Denard Span in DC?
If Denard Span starts his rehab assignment on Monday, that's HUGE.
Jayson Werth is rehabbing in Potomac. I'm hoping Anthony Rendon and Denard Span rehabs in Hagerstown.
Denard Span played 3 innings in Viera and got 2 hits. He'll have a live BP tomorrow, play 5 innings Sunday, then start a rehab assignment
Denard Span played 3 innings & got 2 hits in Viera. He'll take BP Sunday. Then Nats'll figure out where he'll go play on rehab assignment.
Denard Span played 3 innings in Viera w a couple of ABs. He'll take live BP tomorrow before ramping up to 5 innings on Sunday.
Denard Span and Jayson Werth need to hurry up
WAS CSN: Nats' Rendon, Janssen to take next step in injury rehab
Nats Journal: Jayson Werth to play in Potomac Thursday, Denard Span headed back to Viera
Good news for the as Rendon and Janssen are ready to take the next step in their rehab:
Nationals will get a good look at Michael Taylor while Denard Span’s out
Mets won against a lineup without Anthony Rendon and denard span.. Just let that sink in
Rendon theyre best hitter get a clue and theyre leadoff man denard span
Before Harvey-Stras, here are injury updates on Denard Span, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon and Casey Janssen:
Hamilton Collection
Manager Matt Williams said Denard Span and Casey Janssen will return to Viera after today's game to continue their respective rehabs.
Matt Williams says the plan is for Jayson Werth to go to Potomac tomorrow; Denard Span will go back to FL.
Denard Span, Michael Cuddyer among players indebted to Riccardo Ingram, who has renewed cancer battle.
JamesWagnerWP: Per Matt Williams, Jayson Werth (shoulder) will be limited b/c he's still rehabbing & Denard Span (sports hernia) is a fu…
Ian Desmond, Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon and Denard Span in the same batting group.
Denard span should've got the golden glove award. If he was another color he would have got it. Everybody knows that.
On this day two years ago the Twins traded Denard Span to the Nationals for Alex Meyer. (Meyer has yet to debut and will be 25 in a month.)
Two years ago today, the acquired Denard Span for Alex Meyer.
Denard Span was pretty spectacular last season. Well, just how good was he then?
Denard Span: National League Ranking: Throughout the month, we will be ranking each Natio...
Winter is starting off like a Denard Span lead off single. Now let the big boppers in the meat of the season come in & hit some homers.
I don't think they'd want him. Have Denard Span, a gold glove caliber CF/ hit .302 - as their lead off hitter
Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News needs to have his MVP ballot taken away. Gave a 4th place vote to Denard Span and 8th for Lucas Duda!
Anthony Rendon finished 5th in NL MVP voting. Jayson Werth was 18th, Denard Span was 19th.
Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News gave Denard Span a 4th place vote!
Juan Lagares has been named a Rawlings Gold Glove finalist for National League centerfielders. Lagares is up against the Reds' Billy Hamilton and the Nationals' Denard Span for the award. No other ...
Also receiving votes for NL All-Stars: Ian Desmond at SS, Denard Span and Jayson Werth in OF
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] - Denard Span hopes the Nationals pick up his $9 million
Just leave Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche in San Fran. Matt Williams and Denard Span too.
Denard Span, Jayson Werth, Adam Laroache, Wilson Ramos, and Matt Williams are the ones to blame
NLDS Game 1: SFG 3 WSH 2 (T 8th) Jeremy Affeldt gets Denard Span to ground out with a nice stop by Panik, this is going to the wire ...
I have 3 targets for FA during the off-season: Luke Gregerson Luke Hochevar Andrew Miller All 3 can be a 7th or 8th inning guy, who can occasionally close. All are relatively young for RP (30/31). Goodbye Coke, goodbye Chamberlain, goodbye Soria. For CF, I'd like to see Denard Span, but I would look at Colby Rasmus. Both hit LH, both can run, both play defense. Goodbye Carrera. Tyler Collins may be in the mix for CF. If Inglesias is back, and healthy, SS is fine. If not, JJ Hardy is a free agent. I don't think Dirks is a player in the mix right now, though he is a Dombrowski favorite.
Things we learned this baseball season... This is only a start .. Add your own. 1. Natitude is real 2. Gnomes exist and are powerful 3. Doug Fister was the best player acquired in the off-season 4. Asdrubal Cabrera was the best player acquired at the trade deadline 5. Denard Span was the best player acquired before this season 6. Stephen Strasburg has fully healed from his Tommy John surgery 7. Jordan Zimmermann has amazing stuff 8. Steven Souza Jr. will look sweet driving his new car, Gift of Zimmerman 9. Matt Williams will be the Manager of the year 10. Mike Rizzo will be the GM of the year. 11. Jayson Werth has made enormous amounts of head hair fashionable 12. Bryce Harper has grown up at the ripe old age of 21 13. Anthony Rendon will win a gold glove this year. 14. Adam LaRoche will be resigned for another season 15. The Buffalo has become the dominant catcher in baseball 16. October beer tastes better than regular beer. 17. The kids have been great, SSJr, Mike (Pretty Boy) Taylor, and the rest all . ...
Denard Span doubles to right, his 184th hit of the year, new club record. Nate Schierholtz pinch runs.
Doug Fister will start the first game of the doubleheader tomorrow & Taylor Hill the second. Denard Span will play tomor…
Denard Span exits Tuesday game after apparent injury (UPDATED)
Or a speedy outfielder like Ben Revere or Denard Span and put them in LF. Just ideas. Could work well in Citi Field. If at right price.
Denard Span has been the sixth-most valuable player in baseball since the ASB, with 2.4 WAR. Anthony Rendon is 11th. Mike Trout is 18th.
Happy to take part in the poet-ing, lady. Congrats: COPIA is Denard-Span Approved!
Guy, I just saw your doppelgänger out here! He said something about UZR and Denard Span being underrated.
Introducing Buster Posey almost replaced in everyway by Denard Span
Denard Span is the new market inefficiency.
Denard Span leads MLB with 72 hits since the All Star Break. Span is T-3rd in the NL with a .355 batting since the ASG
he's looking at Denard Span in disgust, probably.
Oh, that's Harper, all right! Definitely. Also Denard Span. And Rendon is getting up my *** this year too.
Denard Span's success must be causing Bryce Harper to wet his Mormon special underwear in fury.
Why do the umps let Denard Span wander around for 12 minutes in between every pitch?
He was never above average on D, and barely above average on offense. He was worth less than Denard Span, even at that time
Denard Span is inexplicably hot to me.
In the six-division era (since 1994), most hits vs one team by one player is 36 by Denard Span (vs Tigers) in 2009.
Denard Span would be nice to have in CF next year.
Denard Span would've scored from second on that single, and thats why you dont let .280 hitters bunt.
1-0 Denard Span doubles and scores from third on an RBI single by Adam LaRoche. RHP Ervin Santana gives up a run early...
Denard Span scores on a single by Adam LaRoche. 1-0, over the
[drinks]: leadoff man Denard Span doubles by first for a two-base hit in the first at bat against RHP Ervin Santana.
Denard Span doubled to right. Runner on second with none out and Anthony Rendon due up.
Denard Span with his next SB will be the 3rd Nat with a 30 SB yr, joining Alfonso Soriano and Nyjer Morgan. Span is .400(12-30) vs Santana
Denard Span opens tonight's game vs. Philadelphia with his 1,000th career hit.
From the start of 2010 until tonight, Denard Span had the most PA of any player w/o an intentional walk (2,846). J. Pierre 2nd at 2,214.
He's too streaky/expensive. That's one of the reasons I would be ok with trading him for Denard Span, though I want another …
he gave me Denard Span, Locke and Melky and got the better in the trades so nothing but love for him
Dear you are amazing for IBB Denard Span. Anthony Rendon will now destroy you.
Forget the situation baseball. They just intentionally walked Denard Span. I love this game.
Braves intentionally walk Denard Span with one out to load the bases for Anthony Rendon vs. David Hale. Huh? Risky.
Denard Span just got intentionally walked for the first time since 2009. Loaded the bases for Anthony Rendon.
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