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Demolition Man

Demolition Man is a 1993 American science fiction action film directed by Marco Brambilla, and starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.

Wesley Snipes Simon Phoenix Andrew Bynum Taco Bell Sylvester Stallone John Spartan George Hill Dennis Leary Sandra Bullock Judge Dredd Sly Stallone Denis Leary Karl Urban

Sylvester Stallone says he wants his money for Demolition Man. .
via Sylvester Stallone sues WB over Demolition Man accounting
Sylvester Stallone sues WB over accounts for 1993 hit Demolition Man
Demolition Man is definitely not the low point in Sylvester Stallone's career. That would be Over the Top
I just started Demolition Man up in the background and I'm really here 100% for Simon Phoenix
So I fully believe that Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man is Snipes's best role. Just because he plays it with such glee throughout the movie.
This is like in Demolition Man where Simon Phoenix pried the dude's eye out to fool the retinal scanner
Such a good point. Look at VSCO. It’s like trying to use the seashells in Demolition Man. .
Love Demolition Man. I grew up on healthy diet of Stallone action flicks. My 1st R movie was Ju…
Watching "Demolition Man", where every restaurant is I think I could get used to that 👌🏼
Radiohead is playing Miami tonight. You'll find out about Demolition Man.
has anyone ever answered demolition man to the favorite movie question? I feel like it's so snoozed on.
Demolition man! Top 5 action movie of my childhood
wait, do you not like the Police's DEMOLITION MAN? It's a great song. (however, UTFO's ROXANNE ROXANNE is the best Roxanne)
.Demolition Man! The future doesn’t have toilet paper, it has 3 seashells!
I could talk about Demolition Man for days.Godspeed on your quest. You're doing the lords work.
Demolition Man is a top 3 favorite movie of mine. I just recently compared Donald Trump to it in a conversation!
speaking of demolition man... would be great to hear say "enhance your calm, Dan Lebetard."
Speaking of Demolition Man...the Franchise Wars sounds so interesting, I think I'll need a movie about that :D
Why all Radiohead today? Something happen I don't know about. Plus, I like Sting's Demolition man.
Also talked the Heat, about cats, Demon of Debate, Schlereth, Demolition Man, and more. Meathead
Demolition Man is a classic film at this point right?
Cortese actually has two roles in "Demolition Man". Piano player and a Cryolab Tech. Did they think we wouldn't rec…
Hey music snob Demolition Man is an old Police song not written for the movie.
I'm actually shocked someone accused of music snobbery didn't properly give author credit for Demolition Man to the Police
the song Demolition Man predates the movie by at least a decade
We learned about the three seashells in Demolition Man
Demolition man is an absolute classic.
I believe that the song Demolition Man predates the movie Demolition Man buy more than five years.
Demolition Man was originally a Police tune that sting remade for the film a decade later.
you cant talk about Demolition man without talking about the 3 seashells
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Demolition Man is also great because early Sandra Bullock!
demolition Man is great Dan what the *** you talking bout
Demolition Man was not ahead of it's or any other time. Just awful.
i was with you dan until you dissed Demolition Man
Sandra Bullock butt in demolition man is perfect! Tight black paints
Demolition Man is the greatest movie of all time, any genre. Wesley Snipes with a blonde flat tops the Sandy as a nerd.
Demolition Man was amazing.. I mean Taco Bell is a fine dining experience
demolition man is a classic. Murder death kill
one thing Demolition Man didn't predict was the proliferation of vape shops
Sly Stallone hated it in Demolition Man. so it's a no from me.
Delisha the sexiest demolition man I've ever seen ...
Few lines speak to me like "Your fascination with the vulgar 20th century seems to be affecting your better judgement" in Demolition Man.
I still don't know what the 3 shells are for in Demolition Man. That bothers me!
I agree, great to chuck energy and physical training into your work! I love Demolition Man, I am going to rewatch it now :)
A marvel or DC character.or Simon Phoenix from Demolition man because they require a lot of energy and I've…
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I think you're describing the name of "John Spartan", the name of Sylvester Stallone's character in DEMOLITION MAN. =)
O'Brien, the demolition man knocking 'um (callers). like skittles Reason to be cheerful
That's my evening viewing sorted, possibly followed by demolition man... ?
they're amazing! 😃😃😃 especially the Bret, great purchase man 😄 I wonder if there's Demolition ones???
This reminded me of one scene from the movie Demolition Man. Concept 👌
I like that feature of demolition man mov. Where the car foams inside making a cocoon for every one.
Think ill watch a movie ... and tonight's pick will be . Demolition Man
"Demolition Man" is a documentary, now. That's nice.
Connecticut Pinball Map update: Demolition Man was added to Ocean Beach Park
Hey man what's your thoughts on the Silverdome demolition?
2. Eliminating those type of people. It's only a matter time until the building comes crumbling down... Guess who's the demolition man? 😉
Steel beams don’t melt without controlled demolition! Benghazi has nothing to do with a man named Ben Gahzi! So called “facts” are fraud!
omg. He looks like Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man.
"You can't take away people's right to be *** " - Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), Demolition Man
Every glass of Guinness looks like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.
But like. A John Wick/Dredd Crossover. Like Demolition Man but with Karl Urban and Keanu Reeves.
I’d be okay with a remake of Demolition Man. Tom Hardy as John Spartan. Donald Glover as Simon Phoenix. Chipotle as the only re…
They should also remake Demolition Man, with you still playing Phoenix, and then also have your character kill John Spartan
Remember the flashy upscale Taco Bell John Spartan was taken to in Demolition Man. This is the start.
Sandra Bullock - I watched Demolition Man when I was about 6 and I've loved her ever since. Sandra Bullock can have my bul…
Just as all restaurants became Taco Bell in Demolition Man, in our future all memes will be I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.
Denis Leary's character in Demolition Man would definitely have been a Trump supporter
Demolition Man: Schwarzenegger became President, all restaurants become Taco Bell, & everyone's an Oscar Meyer weiner.
Do you remember that scene in Demolition Man when Sly found out about President Schwarzenegger? How we laughed...
"Ronald Reagan is the president? And who is the vice, Jerry Lewis? " ( Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man ).
I really want to bring back the Demolition Man Hammer from The Pride days
Time for some good fights we get to see the Demolition Man and we get to see if another WWE wrestler will be good
The Reem got the demolition man cut hope he brings his hammer
"the reem" is the worst nickname change since tate went from Takedown to Cupcake. Bring back The Demolition Man.
The Demolition Man, FW, Gall by painful beat down!
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here's hoping for the Demolition Man
German apartment block where Robert Capa captured iconic WWII 'the last man to die' by via Home | Mail Online
Apartment where Robert Capa took iconic WWII 'the last man to die' photo is saved
I think Panda Express will win the great restaurant war that was prophesied by the 1993 Film Demolition Man Starring Sylvester Stallone.
Celtic 5-1 Rangers ... Dembele was the demolition man .
Kanye been the flyest *** for years. Then he started wearing clothes from Demolition Man smfh
"the falling man" documentary on the twin towers on E4, they should call it "the controlled demolition"
The demolition man to take home the crown at UFC203
Demolition Man seems more in keeping this cultural atmosphere.
This man done put Gudda Gudda on the track. You know it brackin. Y'all heard the Demolition freestyles?!
Demolition Man was one just one of my favorites.."LUCK NUMBER 7" LOL.😂
911 CBS WTC nuclear demolition man with construction helmet in WTC-7 lobby. via
Demolition Man for sure. In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell.
easy - Demolition Man is a national treasure
Ok, Hearts of Darkness or Demolition Man? Traveling companion has seen neither, this was first trip to Florida.
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screw the crash helmet, I'd want to be in a car from Demolition Man 😁
My new sounds: *FAMOUS DEX**TYPEBEAT* DEMOLITION MAN prod. by skinnytripz beatz on
Alistair should change his nickname back to 'The Demolition Man'
Man-by mans: Euan McLean rates the players after their 5-1 demolition of
The 'nobody' Iheanacho was involved in the demolition of Man Utd today. 1 goal. 1 assist.
Man loses his wife, he's a widower. Child loses a parent, they're an orphan. But losing a child... there is no word for this - Demolition
This is the beautiful thing about Premier League. That's the very reason of being the best league in the world. Demolition Derby. This
Demolition man brooo knock knock its show time burcu
whenever I watch this I have to double check if Leary is the underground guy in Demolition Man
Man City demolition at old Trafford and a Liverpool win later please 🙏🏽
Q6. Name the player who scored a hattrick in Man City's 5-0 demolition at Old Trafford in 1994.
Re watching demolition man. . The future sure looks SJW in that movie
👱🏿 they have Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man though...
side note Demolition Man has aged amazingly, and actually gotten better with time
it's gonna be like Demolition Man and we're gonna eat rat burgers
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I watched Demolition Man lastnight. Awesome movie, totally cheesy, but still incredibly relevant to our ongoing PC culture!
Cleveland hasn't been inviting for But ahead of 203, "The Demolition Man" met his heckler.
I will always maintain that Schwarzenegger should have done Demolition Man and Stallone should have done Last Action Hero
Quick! Name a bad Sylvester Stallone movie, that isn't Demolition Man or Judge Dredd!
Demolition Man, starring Charlie Brown and Harrison Ford. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, music by Midnight Oil. Budget: $200m
Gary Daniels goes Demolition Man in my review of Spoiler (1998)
they are real life versions of Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Leary from Demolition Man.
50 cent was arrested for cursing in public which means Demolition Man has become a reality AW *** YEAH
Finally we get to see what Sandra Bullock talked about in Demolition Man "The Franchise Wars"
Simpsons pinball party, or demolition man
no, sorry, this is something out of a demolition man-like future. i would NOT use it
We did a Nostalgia Review of the greatest film of all time: Demolition Man …
The way the future is portrayed in Demolition Man is scarily accurate to how it's already shaping up
I’m at Barnes N Noble. Adult female in front of me bought Settlers of Catan and an ALL EYEZ ON ME 12″ vinyl. . Are we in DEMOLITION MAN?
Ya know the current Taco Bell logo came directly from Demolition Man. Fun Fact ;)
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I think so far off of list I liked Demolition Man better in terms of movies like that
Didn’t they try that in Demolition Man and we all ended up with only Taco Bell for food?
This looks like the precursor to the MDK scene in Demolition Man.
Man killed while on the job in Town of Beloit
- It'll be like the scene in demolition man. Virtual reality sex.
We'r not happy Abueva is out..Gilas ned a demolition man to win.oppo uptune n get trouble..
Million dollar idea:. A remake of the 1993's Demolition Man with entire cast except for Stallone, replaced by Fran Drescher. Demolition Fran!
this a good one like, huge actually can anyone say thats my new name nick name for now... I really want $VR
Scott pilgrim vs the world or Demolition man
mfw I realize that the main reason I'm right wing is because I watched Demolition Man about 100 times as a kid...
She's been sitting like this for a half an hour while we watch demolition man.. She's totally normal.
I need more Demolition man in my life
Tonight's movie is a toss up between When Marnie Was There, Cowboy Bebop The Movie and Demolition starring my man crush Jake Gyllenhaal
Trying to figure how the 3 seashells in Demolition Man work. I tried clamshells I'm banned from Red Lobster for life.
A 57-year-old man was killed during the demolition of the old Alliant Energy power plant in Beloit.
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Imagine in the future, cities become like the one in the demolition man movie that Stallone & Wesley Snipes was in
OK, is the three parentheses around (((names))) a refrence to Demolition Man's three shells or what?
I was just reliving demolition man and where you go to tacco bell it's been dub over with pizza Hut *** is going on 😢
The next time I heard of Grace Jones was when MTV started playing her cover of "Demolition Man" off of her ONE MAN SHOW…
Grace Jones is trending, this is a good time as any to tell ppl to go watch Demolition Man
Ohh man❗️Tonight is going to be a good time. Follow me on snapchat to get involved❗️ "Barrynobles95" Redneck Demolition Derby
That movie coupled with Idiocracy (prophetic in a Aldous Huxleyan way) & Demolition Man, the writing is on the future wall.
had to put on my hazard lights while dropping off so they could finish explaining the premise of Demolit…
is that the Taco Bell from Demolition Man?
I would have to say the 1989 Tim Burton "Batman" movie followed by Demolition Man 😂
Demolition Man seems less and less unrealistic every day
already have the gas and lighter ready. Ever seen Demolition Man?
Saw her first in Demolition Man, great fun.
Sometimes I look at all the hipsters and nerds and feel like Stallone in Demolition Man. Am I a stupid brute or just surrounded by ***
Strange desire to watch Demolition Man tonight. Not sure where it came from. Had work on so had to ignore, but if it returns, it wins.
This dude my goodness Demolition Man for real wow!
he look like Wesley in demolition Man
did you watch demolition man? Did you find out what the sea shells were?
fresh out off the set of Demolition Man pt2
jesus that was funny!! 1st thing i thought was that scene from Demolition Man "repeat ultimatum & add 'or else'"😂
Bynum you boutta get flamed!!! Ol Demolition Man, Dennis Rodman, Amber Rose lookin *** Wit the What Are Those's on!
yo what is wrong wit this ninja? Y does he want to be in Demolition Man so bad ?
Why he look like Wesley Snipes from demolition man?
Andrew Bynum trying to audition for Demolition Man 2 MF probably would make a better actor than he was a Basketball player
is that demolition man Bynum lmao 100x
Bynum looked like the Demolition Man if he was a lick!
Overall Demolition Man is a good movie that has good poop jokes.
Andrew Bynum's Wes Snipes Demolition Man wig piece is my highlight of this game
Bynum out there lookn like Wesley on demolition man..
Didn’t know they were holding auditions for the Demolition Man sequel
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I agree. he peaked in demolition man.
Lol Bynum look like Wesley in Demolition Man enjoying a brew
Trying to think of what to put on after Demolition Man. Hm
Should use it anytime you talk about Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.
Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man in attendance for tonight's game
*** it looks like Andrew Bynum ate Wesley Snipes from demolition man
Bynum out there looking like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man. I'm sick
He is going to star in Demolition man 2
lmao. He looks like the Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man
is that Simon Phoenix from demolition man
lol hammering the beer. Shout out snipes in demolition man
Is that Andrew Bynum or Simon Phoenix from the movie Demolition Man at Game 4 of the NBA finals?
he looks like Wesley Snipes in demolition man lol
Andrew Bynum out here looking like demolition man.
somebody's been watching Demolition Man during the off season
He done turned into Demolition Man or somethin?
should definitely throw Demolition Man in there!
Thanks, man. That was the best advice I've heard all day
Andrew Bynum was also realy good in Demolition Man.
Andrew Bynum: You remember Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man?. Barber: Say no more
Looking like Wesley Snipes in demolition man
Is this a cameo for Demolition Man 2?
Andrew Bynum at the game looking like the Demolition Man 😩
Someone help my friend Andrew Bynum. Nothing wrong w/ him he just looks like Wesley in Demolition Man.
This Cleveland crowd - husky kid, handsy-weirdo and Demolition Man Andrew Bynum - the NBA is fan-tastic.
Andrew Bynum has the Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man look going son.
That's it, officially everything in the movie Demolition Man has become a reality.
When I was trying to rate the Wesley Snipes movies I got this far:. 1) Demolition Man. 2) To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
Expendables 3 makes me think of Wesley Snipe's character in Demolition Man. Crazy guy that has been in jail too long lol
Seems we got a long way to go until Strange Days or Demolition Man
Speaking of old school action movies, Wesley Snipes really was the best villain in the 90's as Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man.
Feeling like Dennis Leary in Demolition Man. People have truly lost their minds.
Demolition Man is great, especially since it features Benjamin Bratt's old nose.
Chris Christie is like the fat guy in Demolition Man who jumps from Nigel Hawthorne's side to Snipes' to Leary's.
So, it turns out the Demolition Man was a Universal Soldier, who knew?.
Pretty soon I'll be living like Denis Leary in Demolition Man
you know he looks like Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man
this list is invalid without Point Break. Also missing Die Hard 2, Demolition Man, Total Recall and Fifth Element
The role of Hale Caesar was initially conceived as a role for Stallone's Demolition Man co-star Wesley Snipes.
via Dennis Leary's rant from Demolition Man, now oddly prophetic in a world of censorship…
👱🏿 There is a Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man emoji. That is all.
Woody from Cheers and Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man play basketball for money
Place we ate dinner ended up being 1 of those w/ expensive artsy "small plates" that always make me think of the Taco Bell in Demolition Man
George Hill doing everything he can to bring back Simon Phoenix' 'Demolition Man' look.
George Hill out here looking like Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man.
and guess what...I'm watching Demolition Man. I like how Simon Phoenix kick *** :)
Why is Ford saluting The Hunger Games? Did they drive to the games in trucks? Or like Demolition Man, where Taco Bell is the only one left?
I've mistook Chase Budinger for George Hill a few times already this year. Ditch the Demolition Man look, please, George.
A stranger who looked like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man stopped to tell me I looked like Kelsey Grammer.
you have become Demolition Man. Lol x
Yeah. Man that Martial and his demolition tactics ehn! Chai!
That man is banging them in now Man U 3-0 up against Everton make it Man U
"Well done, well done, Mr. Politician Man/ You done a wonderful job a tear down we country, demolition man" - Kabaka Pyramid 🎶
Demolition Man - how to put a rotten building in a truck.
"I'm not the world's leading expert on Dennis Dunphy, The Demolition Man!" You know more than most of us,
This is what a man writing a S4 script on a train looks like.
NowPlaying - Demolition Man. The only all Sting and The Police all-the-time radio:
I don't think I miss because I keep watching the highlights of Man utd demolition at the Emirates in every 5mins
Demolition Man (1993) now available with Sinhala subtitleRefer download.
The Demolition Man dystopian future is here
It's kind of fascinating that Demolition Man holds up as well as it does today.
We're watching Demolition Man, come check it out
to that time was doing the Demolition Man
I've given the Danvers High band some grief over the years, but they absolutely kill it with their version of "Demolition Man".
Man I love going to a demolition derby!
I mean, who would't want to raid the closet of Dr. Cocteau from Demolition Man?
I'm still gutted they never made a sequel to demolition man
When we say "1984 was not supposed to be a guideline" combined with Demolition Man, we're not joking at all.
just watch THX 1138 & Demolition man, merge both horrible societies & BAM! That's your socjus far left world..
You can give Me a call any time you need a wall of confusion brought to the ground. Im your Confusion Demolition Man. - Jesus
4th person arrested at Hawthorne home demolition; charged with keying police car
where is our BTTF2/Demolition Man future, this stinks. We are running at a severe hologram deficit
I have yet to encounter one of these so this all makes as much sense to me as the seashells in Demolition Man
Home demolition resumes in SE Portland after man spends day on the roof
she was good in Demolition Man also
Portland squatter protests demolition of house by refusing to get off roof: The man is believed to be one of…
Man spends day on roof to protest home demolition via
but I can eat as much Taco Bell as I like. you might think that a minus but idk. I'm ready for the demolition man future
The man is believed to be one of several squatters who have been living in the home for about a month.
's Kareem Jubran: attack against Jew by man NOT from Susiya excuse for demolition threat against
[DnB] The Prototypes present Odyssey - Journey through DnB to the present day (Fabio, Demolition Man, DJ Blame, Th…
Man is still on the roof of a SE home, protesting it's demolition. Latest at 10
Part 1 of our 'Odyssey' set with MC Skibadee , Eksman & Demolition Man UK is LIVE now...See how we do!
Man comes down from roof after demolition protest at SE Portland home
Demolition Man starring Sly Stallone had a radio station that only played ad jingles.
Antonio Brown got the Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man cut.
1&2 the same for me. Rocky Balboa in 3rd.Judge Dredd in 4th. Demolition Man in 5th..
Demolition Man. The last of the 80's style action movies.
Ocean City pinball map update: Demolition Man was added to Quality Inn Oceanfront
The social commentary in Demolition Man, as seemingly-silly and absurd as it is, is still terrifying. But nothing...
Happy 69th Birthday to star of some great movies: Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Cop Land & V.
I kind of want to see a Demolition Man remake with and Karl Urban.
"Is it cold in here, or is it just me?". John Spartan . (Demolition Man, 1993)
Just re-watched Demolition Man. Wow, one of the most underrated, campy sci-fi comedies ever. "Enhance your calm, John Spartan."
on set today with the DEMOLITION MAN STEEZE
Man, 's performance was so sugoi...
Tomorrow is steer wrestling, a demolition derby, and the Buffalo Bill Rodeo 4-man scramble! Getting started early!
You need to go to the universe of the movie demolition man. Then you can be scared of things and complain to your hearts content.
just makes me wonder how to use the three seashells from Demolition Man.. Basically this game is
If only Silvester Stallone though of that in Demolition Man..
A $250 fine to utter an obscenity in Arlington, VA? Isn't this exactly what happened in Demolition Man?
well thats it, its Demolition Man time
I can't tell if this guy looks like The Joker or Wesley Snipes in "Demolition Man"
Yeah! Having sex like in Demolition Man here we come!
Man watching the Microsoft presentation on is like listeting to Phil Spencer swinging his big ol' *** around
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Bay Area pinball map update: Demolition Man was added to Brewcade
I just need the virtual reality headsets they used in demolition man 🌚
Only if it comes with those cool sex helmets from Demolition Man, so I can promptly ignore them and continue being a degenerate
demolition man sex scene in my thoughts now Jesse thanks for that :D
Straw man demolition and national self-adulation. Incisive local news.
Also if Master Chief isn't a reference to Demolition Man I would be very sad
Wings reportedly to sign Holmstrom. The prospect. Not the Demolition Man.
Upscale booze-serving Taco Bell opening in SOMA. At least it's not Chipotle? Cue up the Demolition Man jokes:
It's strange how the movie Demolition Man predicted this. I guess 1984 got a little too cliché for inspiration.
If this fails, we can always freeze them like in Demolition Man
Cliffhanger. Never seen Demolition Man. Even if had I have a feeling I'd still go with Cliffhanger tho.
Thanks to the 5-man crew last night we literally knocked out most of the walls!!
Sometimes I read the things people write and get scared that Demolition Man is really happening. Stop it you Raymond Cocteaus
Man fined over asbestos waste dumped on SA private property via
not over yet. Lebron is gonna get in his Demolition Man machine and try to do it again.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Lebron gonna have to sleep in one of them Demolition Man Ice chambers until the start of next season once this is over.
"The teacup on your thigh spills. It is filled not with hot tea, but liquid nitrogen. You are frozen like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man."
After listening to the Demolition Man podcast I found this tutorial for you guys: You're welcome.
Today v Man, watch the demolition of one team by the other!
SA man fined almost $10,000 for illegal asbestos dumping!
MDK, Murder Death Kill... wait that was a bad Demolition Man flashback
Ah MAN that's my one solid landmark whenever I come home, "Real Groovy set for demolition
I'm seeing Cliffhanger this week. Also Stallone has another movie out later this year called Demolition Man. I hope it's good.
I liked a video Demolition Man AKA Ras Demo freestyle on 1Xtra
It is like Taco Bell in demolition man, it was the only site to survive the great game site war of 2015
Buxton looking like Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man with that hair 😀
. I was teaching about it, and the only two we could think of (sci fi wise) was Sleeper and Demolition Man.
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