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Democrat Party

Democrat Party is a name given to several political parties.

Max Rugemer Republican Party Keith Ellison Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Democratic Party Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Barack Obama Wall Street Jim Crow

Citizens of the USA this *** animal belongs to Sen. Schumer Obama Hillary Warren and the Democrat Party. Vote out
JFK would be jettisoned from today's Democrat Party faster than you can say "Cape Cod"... and they call that "prog…
Guess some of us underestimated the North Koreans' susceptibility to Democrat Party fundraiser mailings! 🤣
the faces of the Democrat Party are scary.optics is everything and right now dem party is a mix between a nursin…
tell the mental midgetsTimRyan, Mark pocan Democrats need to start doing their jobs because of Democrat Party is done in US
THIS is progressive tolerance. . THIS is what the Democrat Party stands for. . If a conservative public figure... https:…
Does McCain & Linda know we have more Marist in our colleges & Democrat Party than all of Mother Russia?. Hillary &…
A county sheriff living rent free in the heads of the national Democrat Party. Priceless.
It's the Thai Model for polit parties: Abhisit Vejjajiva has been PM+leader of Democrat Party for 12 yr…
We must accept the facts: the Repub Party has always served 💰💰💰and the Democrat Party stopped truly serving the 99%
RUSH: What is the Democrat Party primary narrative since the election loss? It's that they lost the election...
Do you think the Democrat Party is committing political suicide with it's stances?
Democrat Party is out of touch because their fascist ideology & agenda are inconsistent with middle American values. htt…
SC Senator Tim Scott torches the Democrat Party for their hypocrisy by failing to practice what they preach.
WHY must Richard Fowler's filibuster? Great job Abby Huntsman pushing him to answer "Who's in charge of the Democrat Party!
Head of the Democrat Party: "You can't be pro life and Democrat.". That's a good way to never win elections. Smh
The real threat to our liberty now is the old major media trying to derail Pres Trump. Media now rules Democrat Party.
She robbed the Haitians,Do your research.The "Klan" lived within the Democrat Party,Sen…
Even Barry Manilow is out and Donna Brazille and Senator Mikulski still in closet from Democrat Party bullying
It's not on Gardner. It's on Sen Michael Bennet(D) and whether Democrat Party will force Nuclear Option, aka The Re…
Unplug the progressive brainwashing machine known as the Democrat Party.
So this is the new face of Democrat Party? A Norquist Islamist…
-why Bernie Sanders all the time? He isn't the leader of the Democrat Party -so I don't get it.
go ahead and change your party. We know you're a democrat
I hope he isn't still a member of the democrat party that beat him
I don't know why he didn't change to Democrat Party...
the real opposition is the HDP party, but their leaders are the "great democrat"
You sound more like a Trump hating Democrat quit shaming our party and change to the Demos
only backup the Democrat Party have are bigger Hypocrites & pathological liars
Played Golf with a lifelong Democrat (known him for years). . Told me "I can not find a reason to support that party anymore, too far left"
Muslim Brotherhood affectinado Keith Ellison is guiding the Democrat Party and you're concerned about "racial purity"?
Agreed, but he does need to be primaried from w/i the Republican Party; a Democrat in that district has a serious uphill slog.
Durr he's not a democrat huuurrpp duurrp I for one am glad that Bernie isn't apart of the Joe Manchin Party. Democr…
Even then they WERE NOT the Democratic Party, the democrat party has never been democratic
and they are ALL going to be dropping on the Democrat Party, Obama WH, Hillary and the Clinton Cartel
Glad to have the b itch as the ugly face of the Democrat Party.
Pelosi and Democrat Party do not care about the struggling working class Americans. They Care only for NON Americans.
I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat. -- Will Rogers
Has he dropped the Democrat pretence? Should rename to Liberal Unionist Party
Because Hillary and the democrat party are Godless satanist!
America was founded on white European settlers, money and individualism. None of that goes with the now dead Democrat party.
A progressive created a fake news website and then donated the advertising revenue to the Democrat Party.
GOP leadership is equally the enemy of We the People > GOP leadership is with Democrat Party part of political ruling class DO NOT Forget
has an awful a lot to say about the Democratic Party, but has he registered as a Democrat yet? If not SHUT UP 😒
Least reported story in politics is the collapse of the Democrat Party. Why is no one writing about it? The
Annoying Christian Democrat voter is in the Pirate Party, lol
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The groups opposing protecting our citizens are Terrorists, Drug Dealers, and the Democrat Party…
Latest video is out "Thinking of joining the Democrat Party?" .
The Democrat Party, the scourge of western civilization.
[5/5] wanted free handouts from the government at cost to the working-class flocked to the Democrat Party.
I'm a registered Democrat and didn't take part in the spree. The party needs reform, whether you want to a…
that's the most sense ever spoken by a Liberal Democrat. It would be wonderful if the party…
😎I say reinstate travel one way for the students mini skirts and makeup Iranian cuts off your head one less vote fo…
amen! When will this country realize that repubs/democrat two party system isn't really working that well anymore?
I'm a democrat and I am so ashamed of you right now The Democrat party is dividing theirself from this Nation:(
4..may 5 investigations later (With each 1 clearing Trump), McCain and his Democrat Party still look for anything...
Dinesh D'Souza: Debunks Myth of the "Switch" from Republican and Democrat Party
omg ctfu I forgot Bernie is a Convenient "Democrat" 😂. Let's just go with the Wiki Leaks Party.
You mean communist purple. The true blues are with Trump. There is no Kennedy democrat party anymore.
Pence of 2003 would never recognize Democrat Party agreeing to such failed statism, much less GOP legitimizing it
Dinesh D'Souza: History of the Democrat Party from Slavery to Wealth Distribution
Its the Democrat Party and teachers unions that do not allow school choice. They keep kids trapped in failing schoo…
Democrat leader leaves party to run as after seeing what did to
The Democrat party have lost the plot, they're nutjobs, who would want to vote 4 them?
Says former democrat. Says he quit the democrat party. . Prove it Joe.
SOUND FAMILIAR? . This is the current blueprint of the Democrat party! . . .
Let us read the replacement bill.Put this bill on your website Mr speaker. Don't act like the Democrat taliban party .Be open.
Paul Ryan's OBAMACARE 2.0 allows for back-door gun control... Join the Democrat Party already! https:…
But there wasn't a hack of the Democrat or Republican Party right after.
Schizophrenia runs deep in the Democrat. Party🙉
is blocking link.The party lynched,segregated, had pro Nazi rallies pre WW2 & accepted money from Terror…
and Politics are methods for establishment bots killng any chance of reforming the corrupt party.
If the Democrat leadership in Congress wouldn't even let party members read and review much less give input on the bill,
This election has shown the world that the Democrat party is a crooked, lying, cheating, bigoted, HATE filled organizat…
marks new low for Democrat Party. Obama & Hillary must be charged and put on trial to uncover how deep this…
The new face of the islamo fascist Democrat Party. Trump Tower
Obama destroyed the Democrat Party following Valerie Jarrett's judgment. Great news! She just moved into Obama's house.…
Chuck Schumer says Democrats are done with Donald Trump. After tonight, Americans are done with the Democrat Party! http…
My father's Democrat Party no longer exists, and my mother's Republican Party isn't too far behind
Democrat Party is in the worst shape it has been since the 1920's,thanks to OBAMA! With Perez, they move more radical left.
oh they know. It's a Democrat Party voter registration drive. They need to harvest votes as their policy ideas are sickening
Might as well endorse the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The Democrat Party is finished.
Watching Senators resist, protest,play to their base, I never realized how hate-filled the Democrat Party is. Real eye-opener&sad.
in place. The ball is rolling Will the Democrat Party survive the day of reckoning 2/19…
1st piece of the puzzle . Is the Democrat Party ready for this kind of winning? The day of reckoning is near 2/19
Watch live on the demise of the Democrat Party, airing daily 2017-2018! Vote Republican in 2018, send t…
What is the difference between the Revolutionary Communist party and the Democrat Party? I don't think there's any difference.
It's a Democrat Party bill. They didn't want help crafting it. Junking it would improve it, Joyce.
Schumer is clearly exposing the Democrat Party and their crybaby mentality for all of America to see. Good luck in the 2018 mid-terms.
Sadly, this gentleman is a future casualty & hate crime victim of the anti-American & anti-white Democrat Party.…
Three Blind MIce should be the official anthem of the Democrat Party.
Anti Semitism has found a new home in the modern day Democrat Party. Harry Truman is rolling over in his grave.
PolitiFact is a Liberal attack arm for the Democrat Party 👉Here's 9 Reasons why they are Unqualified FactCheckers . https…
OUCH! Joe Biden Throws Obama Under the Bus "There's no Leader of the Democrat Party"
please realize the Democrat/Communist Party will try anything to get you impeached.Revoke their press pass
Nothing to watch but Liberals trying to blame everyone but their own misdirections, becoming just a R…
Reason Why Bernie Sanders *** are not a Democrat so you don't speak for the party
because examining the failures of the democrat party is a cardinal sin. We must starve and kill all the Russian civilians.
How pathetic is the Democrat party, that the idea of a 76 year old running for potus excites them?
I don't believe the Democrat Party is a viable option anymore for Christians who truly believe and have faith ju…
The Democrat Party is transforming into the Nazi Party ... they control most of the Media while turning our children in…
Biden is on the outside of the mainstream Democrat Party today.
the left embraces ALL ideologies whose shared aim -incl democrat party aim - is to destroy the US and our constitution
If you are boycotting Star Wars, which is an allegory for nazism, because you feel it's an attack on your party, Star Wars isn't the problem
Thus in the Democrat Party there can be no question of policy of making Americans dependent, thus slaves to gov't handouts
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Democrats are in deep you-know-what. Hillary's donors are MAD & burned out now..Wait until Trump is sworn in next Yr. https:…
It's not up to Bernie. He's not a Democrat and we're not letting him take over our party, wh…
Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He doesn't speak for our Party. Please get a Democrat on your show.
The Future of the Democrat Party is going to be Obama and a few knuckleheads, according to Biden.
I lve n AZ & McCain election shows the power of lots of Democrat $ for him & a party chairman who is a kiss up. No…
Who told Bernie he was a real Democrat? Why does he think he owns the party?
it's so sad. The party of of FDR and JFK has come to this. What does a former Democrat do ?
The devastated state in which President Obama will leave his party.
Your party wants to see you fight, Democrat need to fight! YES JOY
As they say, follow the money.Fortunately, today we CAN follow it & it frequently leads straight to the door of the…
Did Elizabeth Warren retire? It seems like Sanders is inserting himself as the spokesman for the Democratic Party when he…
Obama is all about Obama he never groomed a successor like Deval Patrick. Narcissistic Party leaders have devastated the Democrat brand.
We also keep in mind that today's democrat party is a 100% anti-white, anti-Christian, racist, marxist political party.
It shows where the Democrat party is. They don't like Catholics, they don't like Jews, they don't like working people, they…
Agreed. . My point is HRC is part of the cultural marxist, democrat party. Tho, I repeat myself. Too many very real threats today.
God help me for saying this, but Bill Clinton and Biden got it. The rest of the Democrat party is stuck on stupid.
you can thank the Democrat party for that! Wall Street is their friend
.is one very scary woman to be the leader of a Democrat Party in retreat and confusion - wait, that is…
What part of "Bernie is not a Democrat" & "Bernie does not speak for the Democratic Party" do you not understand?
projecting much ?. I'm saying the Republican Party was always conservative and Democrat always liberal
The only rigged election we know was actually rigged (with tons of evidence), is the Democrat Party's primary elections rigged…
Remarkable how party loyalty blinds people: she would have preferred to not vote rather than switch parties and vote for a…
As far as I am concerned, they are the "Party of Liars & Cheaters"! After this election, I don't know if I will ev…
Songbird John McCain should join the Democrat Party already. .
Excellent news as party votes to give new members more power: LDN
The Democrat and Communist party is not to much different. One just hide behind our american flag and both think it okay t…
Hillary is not going to give up until she destroys the Democrat party beyond recovery.
Gun-toting,Black Republican woman replaces founder of Democrat Party on the $20!
As a Republican he has my full support and I would confirm him first vote ! He is the Democrat Party.
BTW America, the Democrat Party started the KKK.Lyndon Johnson frequently used the "N" word..George Wallace was a Dem...I can count
You described current modus operandi of Democrat Party. Great to see Pelosi back and Keith Ellison being considered
Keith Ellison is a perfect representative for the a Democrat Party of Islam.Both Crazy Nancy and Shumer favorite
The Jews hijacked the Democrat Party. When they kicked out southern democrats and Boll Weevils they kicked out. 1/2 their base of support
George Soros is wanted in a handful of countries High crimes. Why is it okay he funds the Democrat Party? Like…
Hey, Legacy Media! "You aren't the Fourth Estate. You're the public relations front for the Democrat Party.".
You and that lying fool should be reminded that the KKK is a creation of the Democrat Party. (KKK Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd)
It appears this *** is attempting to enhance his position in the Democrat Party as perhaps the future leader of lib…
The only one seen stirring up a 'toxic stew of hatred and fear' is Warren and some of the Democrat Party...
. . INSANITY of Democrat Party politics rears its ugly head again!.
This is what the Democrat Party is. Disgraceful...
The State Dept says it will issue a stern response to Russia's continual interference with the Democrat Party's corrup…
The NAACP, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Democrat Party come to mind with this quote. They would call Booker T…
NBC has been part of praetorian guard media for Statism, particularly the Democrat Party, for a long time. Still, d…
The Red Scare is spreading like an epidemic of pneumonia through the Democrat Party because of . .
Tim Kaine is the perfect example of what the creepy lying Democrat Party has become since Andrew Jackson.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sheriff Scott Jackson endorsed a drunk for Benton County Commissioner. He must have received his marching orders from the Democrat Party
True liberal-progressives don't run from the problems, but rather work to fix them. Don't run from the Democrat Party, he…
BLM is a Soros funded hate group symbiotic with the Democrat Party, working towards radical Liberal Ideology. Clint…
More irresponsible journalism. This is not protesting, its rioting! Democrat Party & Liberal media fan the flames & own this crap!
Henry Wallace would be to the right of the current Democrat Party.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has to protect and Democrat Party. Saying it was an act of terror would be a betrayal.
Hillary your Democrat Party has been in charge of the Black Inner Cities for decades, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore
The corrupt Democrat Party which run the City of Chicago into a tax payer debt enslavement *** hole now fear the...
The only way Democrat Party doesn't pull the plug on Hillary Clinton's campaign is if Democrats want to lose 2016 election. Intentionally.
KKK and Planned Parenthood (eugenics) created by Democrat Party and responsible for Trail of Tears.
Do you like the radical left Progressive liberal people that's in your Democrat Party?
Mein Kampf reads like a Democrat Party pamphlet especially the share the wealth part
Long after slavery and Jim Crow, too many black minds continue to be enslaved by Democrat Party lies.
The Black Panthers Are Communsits!! Created by the Roman Catholics the same the Still support the Democrat Party!
some "Israel Lobby!" joins as a subsidiary of the Democrat Party.
Happy Independence for most Americans, unfortunately most Blacks are still enslaved by Democrat Party & don't even realize it.
Granny Warren is only taken seriously by the kind of ppl who make up the NH Democrat Party, i.e. hucksters.
It is unnerving the way the Presidency of the United States has been degraded by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.
BREAKING:De facto head of Democrat Party shocks nation by endorsing candidate with no actual accomplishments & under criminal investigation.
Today the Democrat Party just elected a white trailer trash *** from Arkansas to be their candidate history well maybe
yet remain in denial about how this might work for, say, the millions killing Democrat Party & Those Trash Inferior Uneducated White Men.
What happened is communist Democrat Party infiltration in schools. Stealthy & sinister infiltrators.
The Twilight Zone of Democrat Party normalcy is freak show of their dregs of humanity
Proper name (once an R slur): "Democrat Party." 'Any association with "democratic" is unintentional and purely coincidental.'
."The Clintons, the Obamas, the Democrat Party is happy to have America just be one other country.".
Andrew Wilkow calls them, I think, The Republican wing of the Democrat Party or vice versa.
We must form a new Democrat Party that evicts the right wing Purple group and replace them with True Blue Democrats.
Bernie Sanders: Dear Bernie: Please run through Nov. 8th. Democrat or 3rd Party. Win or Lose. This is... via
while voters turn their back on her and the "democrat" party. November will be interesting
Very bad move by the Republican Party ,not going after the Democrat party failed POLICIES that's destroying the American dream.
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When a Democrat running for POTUS takes refuge in 94% white state of WV after losing big diverse states, they're runnin…
: Now we have a one party government. Hilary the Democrat and Trump the Democrat. Both have the same values and policies.
Why Democrat Party keeps black kids shackled to failing urban K-12 public schools. First step in enslaving people. https…
Just an observation: keying Sanders green here makes him look like a third party & Clinton _the_ Democrat
Notice everyone going after Trump ,not too many people going after OBAMA, and the failed Democrat policies .Bad move on the Republican Party
Please do -- join the Democrat party and become a volunteer for Hillary, you'll fit right in!
Answer the following questions to see how your beliefs match each political party. . Im 87% liberal democrat
We now have a democrat liberal in the lead for the Republican Party nominee
Trump Supporters are not GOP, they are POG, party of guilt, Democrat *** rejects!
Democrat Party Sweeps Aside Progressive Grassroots: Hillary Clinton moved closer to finally dispatching her ...
Sammy 4 POTUS: "The current front runner is a democrat! He got in 2 kill OUR party! He'll kill us! Unacceptable !!! https:/…
she is a proven democrat leader, lead the party, criticized every day of 20+ yrs by GOP and standing tall
Barney Sander, I LOVE YOU TO. Thanks you for been a good sport but we are all Democrat. Lets not destroy our party you are a good man.
I see it's politics as usual... I do not endorse either party. I do vote but mostly independent. Whichever...
Yeah, as a Senator. She's No Longer A Democrat! But again Neither is the Republican...OOPS,"Democratic" Party
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I am a true Democrat, no Republican can tear me down or divided me from the Democratic Party get out an vote
He’s not a Democrat, so party loyalty isn’t a thing here.
When your Progressive Democrat loses to a Wall St. Democrat in the primary you can always vote for the Green Party candidate!
If had a shred of decency left, he would acknowledge he's lost. And because he's a fake Democrat, he's screwing up OUR PARTY.
like your "true social democrat" party did. Go on. Smash the welfare state like a champ.
Diplomas awarded to flunkies by CA Democrat party. Education no longer matters in CA.
Lifelong Democrat Trump is running as a Republican FOR the corrupted Democrat Party.
DSCC spending $1.1 million in PA -- to defeat a Democrat. Schumer's chance to show who's boss. "Building the party"
If Bernie runs as Independent, then will have split the Democrat party, clinching the win. Quite brilliant, actually.
It doesn't have to be Democrat, or no vote. There's also independent and other third party nominees to consider.
he's acting more like a conservative than a democrat? Get with the program sanders and save the party?
The Democrat Party need to change asap. Both parties are crooked and rigged end of story.
California Voters - You only have until May 23d to change your registration to Democrat or No Party to https…
trump continues to win for the Republican Party! 🇺🇸 and Hillary is in the lead for the the democrat party.yikes.
Calling on the main stream media to report in this! Chaos in the Democrat Party!!
The Democratic Party is really about to elect the least popular democrat in history, with polls showing barely beating Trump?
We have every right 2 be sad. Our own party is handing the WH to a democrat. We did…
run as a independent the Democrat party has backed crooked hillary potus .
That would split the Democrat Party and allow Donald Trump to win the presidency by a land slide. He will have more votes.
Been a hard primary. Condescension toward us by party leaders tough to take. Been Democrat for decades, don't know what's next.
Bernie Sanders' statement tonight in defense of the Independent Party, in case you had any doubts he was a Democrat.
."The entire Republican Party underestimated this guy – I'm not a Democrat who wants to do that."
He is too busy causing division in the Democratic Party to give up and unite. He isn't a Democrat and doesn't care.
It is time you go home and support your party. I don't dislike you, but you should not be running as a Democrat.
Another real Democrat against Hillary party corruption for profit while people suffer
I dont think any NEW party should be associated with the Corrupt democrat party! But Im in on any 3rd party w bernie h…
If GOP nominate we need a 3rd party candidate for conservatives. You let a liberal Democrat become GOP frontrunn…
You wondered if Sanders was making Democrat Party look better, here's some evidence to support that
Democrat Party defends junta | PPT The hatred of Thaksin Shinawatra runs so deep in the Democrat Party that (cont)
Ben Jealous sounds more and more like a Republican. He just said "the Democrat Party".
"Show me the MONEY!" Courtesy of your Democrat Party of Oregon.
Democrat Party did not only support the KKK,they supported The Dred Scott Decision,Jim Crow,Slavery.I can go on and on!
What I would ask the Democrat Party is to put your plan on the table, becau...
Democrat Party the party of racism. KKK nearly took total control of 1924 Dem national convention.
He clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas, I think that "trumps" his donation to the Democrat Party.
This Bill is a direct infringement on the 1st Amendment. What is wrong with the Democrat Party?.
If you want to help stop gun violence, prevent supporters of the Democrat Party from having guns. They commit almost all g…
Wasn't the KKK originally a wing of the South Democrats which became the Democrat Party?
"Super Delegates, the 'House of Lords' of the Democrat Party" - Karl Rove
And you see the Real Nazi's are on the Left and in the Democrat Party.
Bernie's Sandernistas in action..anarchists and communists, the future of the Democrat Party. This country is at war
By creating the with the Bill Clinton sold out the Democrat Party, embracing Wall Street.
Base of Democrat Party- people who don't work or pay income taxes. Support higher taxes because they don't pay any.
"Tapper has figured out that the Democrat Party is SOVIET NOT democratic!" — Max Rugemer
"The 90%+ Democrat MEDIA only cares about Democrat Party power never truth or patriotism." — Max Rugemer
Donna Brazille is promoting the Democrat Party tonight. She is Vice Chairwoman Democrat National Committee. So impartial.
Chuck Todd says its been long time since Democrat Party has been this fractured in a primary. Um. 2008?
Republican and Democrat Party presidential primary is an exciting "head game" to watch!
RNC: Tonight was nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.
How can a guy who's not a member of the Democrat Party get delegates to the Democratic Convention?
OMG! .U just called the Democratic Party - the Democrat Party!. That's a RW dirty trick!.
"Abortion Baby killing is a prime $ laundering agent for the Democrat Party!" — Max Rugemer
"REAL LESSON since the New Deal is that 90%+ of the MEDIA is part of the Democrat Party & provides…" — Max Rugemer
THEY want to relive the The 1968 Democrat National Convention of the U.S. Democrat Party
"Comprehensive" seems to be a magic word to the Democrat Party
Democrat Party is broke, wants taxpayers to fund its convention. Bill and Hill alone have enough in the bank to cover the cost.
Not a joke: Democrat Party wants US taxpayers to bail it out
hey *** Sen Robert KKK Byrd was running the KKK, he was a (D)emocrat, KKK was the Democrat Party!
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama is a drag on the Democrat Party, he is a drag on this country. And the magic, if there was any, is long gone.
God Bless The Liberal and Democrat Party for sake of Peace, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans
Update your maps at Navteq
The entire Democrat Party should be calling for the immediate resignation of Barack Obama tomorrow morning.
ATTN:US CITIZENS: Barack H. Obama and the Democrat Party hate you !
This is pretty sweet. I hope more people realize the Democrat Party is only about groupthink and suppressing...
This does not include the U S Democrat Party leaders who have no religious faith.
Why the Democrat Party *** and the Republican Party *** More: For decades now, Americans who care, even those…
Thomas Jefferson would be appalled at today’s Democrat Party.
from last week at assemblyman Adam Grays dinner!
Hope you liked the epic smackdowns of the media wing of the Democrat Party.
This plan of action is better than any the or Party have proposed
Those agents of the Democrat party weren't even prepared.. 😨
.announces support for Budget Debt Deal continuing to put Democrat Party first, Montanans last
FTR, I grew up in a southern Democrat household. Was great friends with Skipper Bowles(Erskine's dad). But the party...changed.
Et to Michael? I thought you were secure enough to actually say "Democratic" party, not the childish "Democrat" party.
Stay on point. The favors are important. The democrat party takes $ from climate zealots. That's up to them.
Why don't you just join the democrat party Cantor?
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He agrees with the democrat party who rails against citizens united all the time.
How can it be otherwise? The MSM is a defacto extension of the Democrat party
is right, we aren't given the right candidates. Where's independent party to balance out the democrat & republican.
"You can only access the World Wide Web if you scan your fingerprints." - Democrat Party
That was a small but necessary portion. We must dismantle the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.
John Kasich was a big loser as well. He might as well join the Democrat Party.
name one thing that Democrat party has done for you besides make promise after promise after promise? NOTHING!
Yes you are criminals and liars. You cheated the American people's a debate. How does it feel being a superpac for the Democrat party?
Paul Ryan: Republican Party 'Lost its Vision' - no, they have lost their minds and trying to be Democrat-light
The American People NOW know that CNBC NBC CNN ABC CBS et al MainStream Media Press are part of the Democrat Party.
I'm nt a conservative or a liberal, Republican or Democrat. Party loyalists r lemmings running this country off a cliff. Th…
Dear Please file the properly as the Democrat Party Campaign donation you guys intended it to be. Thanks.
Love the comment that the mainstream media is Democrat Party SuperPAC. Was that Rubio?
Mindset of Democrat Party thinks Republicans are stupid & can not think on their own when the fact is the reverse is true.
Bro... It's fake. Now on the MM being a Super Pac for the democrat party was far more
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This is what we're up against, a completely bias media. They are part of the democrat party.
States where you DO NOT have to change your party to Democrat to vote in the primaries.
Agreed! Democrat Party and GOP establishment are almost one in the same!
When you say someone is a democrat as an insult, you are extremely incompetent. The fact that there is a "cool" political party is a joke.
Yep, look at all the billionaires who pump millions into Democrat party coffers !
she is the Democrat Party bench in AZ, also left-wing...which may limit her horizons.
After Last Night's Debate, One has to Wonder if the is Nothing More than a Front Group for the Democrat Party
The Democrat field is pathetic. The party should be ashamed of itself for putting up such horrendous candidates.
It is pretty sad that only three folks are bothering to run as Democrat. The party only has one idea -->
they r part of democrat party. .cant believe RNC wud allow msm to control debates
Did the Democrat Party pay you to candidates ? What a shameless and disgusting display of you !
no longer a news network they are officially the newest Super Pac for the Democrat party!! Shame on you folks!
You need to add "Democrat Party Tool" to your resume. You knew debate was reduced to 2 hr
and I am a full on party Democrat, big D intended
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