Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae

Demetria Devonne Demi Lovato (born August 20, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress. Hot Chelle Rae is a pop rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2005. The band consists of Ryan Follesé (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nash Overstreet (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ian Keagy (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Jamie Follese (drums). 5.0/5

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Hot Chelle Rae ft. Demi Lovato - so just tell me Why Don't You Love Me (with lyrics) via
Tell me i'm your everything the air you breathe ♫ Why Don't You Love Me (feat. Demi Lovato) by Hot Chelle Rae
I remember when I made Why Don't You Love Me by Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae my theme song 😭
OK, so we’ve already brought you Hot Chelle Rae and Owl City. We still have Austin Mahone, Demi Lovato, Bridgit Mendler, Chris Wallace and more. Who do you think is next?
*Looks at a picture of Josh Franceschi* *Insert Why Don't You Love Me by Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato music here*
A song by Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato, written by Martin Johnson. OH.
Why don't you love me by Hot Chelle Rae feat. Demi Lovato
Confession Time; I have 131 songs on my phone; 12 are TayTaySwerve. 36 are One Direction. Four are Ed Sheeran. Three are Demi Lovato. Nine are Justin Bieber. Three are Maroon Five. Four are The Ready Set. Two are Austin Mahone. Three are Hot Chelle Rae. Two are All Time Low. Two are Hunter Hayes. Two are Jessie J. Two are Lil Wayne. Three are Never Shout Never. Then the rest are other people {Like Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, PSY, etc.} that I have one song of theirs. I even have the Wanted. What do you have on your iPod or phone? -EmileePayne[:
'Why don't you love me' by Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato is literally a perfect song.
Me too,and i love Cody Simpson, Green Day, Hot Chelle Rae, Greyson Chance,Jordan Jansen, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and more lol
excited to hang out with Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato today
Tons of ways to take your mind off the fact that it's Monday - Supercuts Mystery Cut at 7:20, tickets to see Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato at the Oregon State Fair, details on what's delicious in town this weekend AND a heads up for Redmond school-goers!
Last night was such a great night. Went to see Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae at the State Fair. Hot Chelle Rae threw a guitar pick and hit me in the eye... ♥
Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae are at the Oregon State Fair and you can win tickets to see them. Power 94 means music and money!
It's a radio station, it's presenters don't know Demi Lovato, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Hot Chelle Rae, Connor Maynard, Karmin, Owl City, Dappy...wat the *** do they play for their listeners?
Congratulations to Taylor H.! She won 2 Grandstand tickets to see Demi Lovato with special guest Hot Chelle Rae, gate admission tickets, a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book & more! Not to worry, you can “Give Your Heart a Break” as there will be more Grandstand ticket contests coming soon! Stay tuned.
"Crazy" now on iTunes: Oravec performing original song "Crazy" at the Nashville War Memorial Auditorium opening for Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato. Video Credits: Andrew Bertino, Chris Rose, Karl Weidma...
- "I'm just too scared to tell you the truth cuz my heart it can't take anymore." -Hot Chelle Rae/Demi Lovato
At the Demi Lovato concert, Nash Overstreet From Hot Chelle Rae kept looking me in the eye.. I'm not gonna lie.. It was okay with me.
Why don't you love me de Hot Chelle Rae y Demi Lovato es preciosa. I want to cry :__
aw Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae have a song together, perfection
super excited to go see Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae at San Jose State
I hope you enjoy their duet with Demi Lovato from their album "Whatever."
Oh man,does our Evergreen State Fair ever have a great concert lineup this year! Woot! August is going to be FUN! I rarely do the concerts because i rarely care for the performers but this year is a huge exception! I have taken the kids to see Raven Symone in the past and been to Blue Oyster Cult but this year i want to go to 3 concerts! The first one is STYX on Aug 27th! Then on Aug 29th Colbie Caillat is playing with Gavin Degraw(going for Colbie but Gavin is ok,too) and then on Aug 30th is Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato! (going for Hot Chelle Rae,but really like a couple of Demi's songs and KNOW the kids will want to come with me for that one,because they really like both!) Excited!
Hot Chelle Rae, the pop rock band from Nashville, visited patients during a stop in Boston—part of their tour with Demi Lovato. Band members decorated music notes with patients to decorate the band's tour bus, and also played a few tunes, too. Photos are Courtesy WireImage/Darren McCollester.
Disney songstress Demi Lovato backstage at her concert at the Bank of America Pavilion promoting Hallmark Text Bands to her little fans... Demi’s opening act, Hot Chelle Rae, popping by Children’s Hospital to decorate some music notes for their tour bus with the patients... Country songbird...
I'm at Bank of America Pavilion for Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae (Boston, MA) w/ 38 others
Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae were absolutely astounding at Mohegan Sun. Amazing show. Everything was fantanstic.
I enjoyed listening to the most amazing Drum Solo (other than my precious Chloe... OF COURSE) at the Demi Lovato concert tonight... Hot Chelle Rae was AMAZING!!!
Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae on their summer tour at Saratoga Preforming Arts Center, NY on 6/26
On Sunday night, the Washington DC metro area was treated to a concert performance by Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae at Wolf Trap.Read more...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Awesome day at the Hershey Park now time for the concert Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato! :)
Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae are performing at the Illinois State Fair!! I wanna go! :( Seeing them together & live would make me so happy!
I have an extra guest list spot to Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae in NJ on Friday if anyone would like to join!
Who is coming to see Demi Lovato with Special Guest Hot Chelle Rae on Saturday, June 30th?
just found out im going to Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato concert! :D wait
Anybody want to go to a Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae concert on August 11th or a Train, Mat Kearny, and Andy Grammer concert on August 15th at the State Fair with me? Lms
Demi Lovato, Hot Chelle Rae, Blake Shelton and Sunny Sweeney will be at the MN State Fair this year:
Picked up the Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae Tickets! Just waiting for my friend to say yes then I'm the most happy person ever!
Win tickets before you can buy them ALL week! Gavin Degraw with Colbie Caillat and Demi Lovato w/ Hot Chelle Rae at the Oregon State Fair. Supercuts Mystery Cut this morning, details on how to win FREE golf and eye drops - why are they the most daunting part of my eye surgery this week?
To get tickets for Jaci Hinsey and I for Demi Lovato/Hot Chelle Rae at the State Fair or not? hm. Decisions Decisions.
Demi Lovato is gonna be in NORCAL on July 17,2012 at San Jose State University with Hot Chelle Rae. I wanna meet her but I might meet JB.
and I are going to the Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae concert June 24th! I love
Demi Lovato w/ Hot Chelle Rae presale starts now until 10pm tonight. Click the following link and use the password: DRUMLINE
This is my favorite of Hot Chelle Rae's new album "Whatever" I don't own the copyrights to this song!
Demi Lovato is heading off on tour with support acts Hot Chelle Rae and Owl
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Demi Lovato Plots Summer Tour with Hot Chelle Rae | Demi Lovato will bring her Unbroken alb...
Seriously the only things that make me happy are Big Time Rush, Hot Chelle Rae, Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, Dianna Agron and Grant Gustin.
Why didn't i know that Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae have a duet
Why Don't You Love Me - Hot Chelle Rae feat. Demi Lovato. ~This song is relevant to my life right now.
Demi Lovato & Hot Chelle Rae are gonna be in concert together?! who's coming with me? (:
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