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Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta (ΔΖ) is an international college sorority founded on October 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Delta Zeta Sorority Happy Founders Day Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Mu Alpha Omicron Pi Florence Henderson Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Kappa Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Omega Happy Birthday Chi Omega Happy Mother Carol Brady Brady Bunch Pi Beta Phi

y'all are more than welcome! Proud of all Delta Zeta's work on another successful event!
Don't forget to cast your votes for Delta Zeta 👑💁🏼
LIKE&RT!! DAY OF GIVING IS HERE! Cast your vote for Delta Zeta and help out our philanthropy ➡️…
Everyone go cheer on my roommate (defending champ)in Delta Zeta's Don't Forget the Lyrics tonight
As Delta Zeta's External Philanthropy I couldn't be more proud of us. I love y'all 💚💕
so happieee to be stuck w/ u forever BIGGIE 💋 ily @ Kappa Delta Zeta Nu at Lynchburg College
Looking for a Sunday Funday? Come to the Adamson Football Stadium and join Delta Zeta and the Vulcan's Football Team as we…
I'm trying to hang with my little at Fiesta during late hours of the night and Delta Zeta is high key ruining that.
The sisters of Delta Zeta will be selling cake pops behind the Student Union tomorrow 11:30-4!🍰
We are teaming up with the ladies of Delta Zeta to cycle for a great cause! Help us raise money…
Delta Zeta dodgeball, comin in fast!!
Join us this Friday for our cookout with Delta Zeta! $5 for food & fun! (And they'll be fish 🐟 as well)
I still remember the idiosyncrasy about the women from Alpha Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Zeta, Alpha Omicron Pi, to name a few.
We had a great time with members of Delta Zeta and Phi Delta Theta helping repaint the Mt.…
Sigma Pi and my sorority Delta Zeta are having a share it night March 1st at tequila tribe!
I am involved in Delta Zeta Sorority and actually served on the philanthropy board for homeruns for hearing
Today was an absolute blessing! . Delta Zeta is the greatest sorority! 🐢💗
Interested in sorority life? Come meet the sisters of Delta Zeta tonight! 🐢💕
Shoutout to our gorgeous president, Lakin representing Lambda Rho at Delta Zeta's President Academy in Dallas, TX.…
"Yeah the guys in Delta Zeta and Sigma Kappa tried to get me to join their Frats this fall. But I'm not a douchbag" -some…
Rest In Peace to Florence Henderson, also known as Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch! She was a not only a Delta Zeta but an ins…
Delta Zeta is saddened to learn of the sudden passing of alumna initiate Florence Henderson (Alpha Chi - UCLA).
Awesome job today ladies!!! The score for the derby hunt is Chi Omega: 4, Alpha Phi:1, Delta Zeta:1, and Alpha Xi Delta:1. Great work!!!
We'd like to wish the Gamma Omega chapter of Delta Zeta at SIUC a Happy Founders Day!
Happy Founders Day to the beautiful women of Delta Zeta! The men of Pi Kappa Alpha look forward…
Delta Zeta: number one in your hearts but also number one at Xi Man ☝🏼
My heart is so full, welcome to the family littles 💕🐢 @ Delta Zeta - BGSU - Gamma Tau Chapter
Thank you to Delta Zeta: Epsilon Kappa Chapter for allowing me to come have a Q&A with you tonight.
Today is the 2nd annual Delta Zeta and Phi Sigma Pi Bake-off! It will be from 3-5pm on the Promenade! You can still…
Did you miss formal recruitment? You're in luck! Delta Zeta is hosting COB events this week! Come meet our sisters💘
The Theta Phi chapter of Delta Zeta (Delta Zeta- Old Dominion University) was welcomed to Old Dominion’s campus...
Excited for Phi Kappa Tau at Nebraska Wesleyan University and the rest of Delta Zeta- Beta Tau to move back today!
Our chapter Theta Rho just donated $500 to the Delta Zeta rose garden in each of our sisters and advisors names 💕💕💕💕
Florence Henderson aka Carol Brady is a Delta Zeta. So, basically my life just got 10x better.
Our is Delta Zeta- Lambda Theta Chapter at Michigan Tech this week! The international sorority...
Maddie Meacham, Kappa Tau Chapter, represents Delta Zeta in Women of Character Pageant at Morehead State University
I added a video to a playlist Delta Zeta - Epsilon Upsilon 2015
the Pi Zeta chapter of Delta Zeta at Arizona State University are IG goals. omg. wow.
57 years ago today, the Delta Zeta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was…
Delta Zeta, DCC's chapter of the Alpha Beta Gamma business honor society induction ceremony on 4-20-16
S/O to Delta Zeta for the snacks in the library! . . Thanks ladies ☺️
Don't know if i would want to be a delta or a Zeta
Thanks for the follows I'm a Delta Zeta too
Join DMZ, March 28th for our Day Party at Harlem Be same and bring a donation of Children's Afro Centric Books.
Cannot believe that my DZ senior ceremony is tonight 💕🐢 @ Delta Zeta Sorority at the University…
I would never deny dating someone just because they are a or that's just being petty & shallow man, smh
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“With my Delta Zeta sisters, there are so many spontaneous, fun moments. Spontaneous singing at night with my...
Aly Schreck is dedicated to lifelong learning, inspired by Delta Zeta
HBD SISTER💘😻 Thankful that Delta Zeta brought us together! Have the best day ever!!🎉
Delta Zeta helps you with the transition from college to real life. Read more at…
You all are who I looked up to & made me want to be a Delta Zeta. So so sad you're leaving us😭😭😭 💗💚
A DELTA IS, what a aka ain't, what a zeta wanna be, what a sigma can't.
I got a soft spot for Delta Zeta now. Much love😇
Initiation tonight😻 can't wait to be officially a Delta Zeta!
Scheduled to close on Delta Zeta Tao night because of course
Did you know I was awarded The Golden Crest award for Delta Zeta when I was a senior at ?
I love telling people about Delta Zeta💕💚🐢
Can't wait for my little to be an official Delta Zeta tomorrow 💗🐢
Don't forget to come out and support Delta Zeta's last fundraiser! This event will be held on May 9 and 10 from...
Wishing all of our Delta Zeta moms a Happy Mother's Day!💗
Happy Mothers Day to our Delta Zeta moms! We wouldn't be the women we are without you all!
I would like to thank the Delta Zeta Sorority for this award. "Most likely to be Lip Syncing on…
Thank you, UAH! Sigma Nu Fraternity - Mu Beta Chapter and Delta Zeta at The University of Alabama in Huntsville...
Happy Mother's Day to all of the amΔΖing Delta Zeta mothers out there! 💕💚
Congratulations to all of our seniors that graduated this weekend! Delta Zeta forever;"love that is ever steadfast"💕
Congrats to Xi Delta Zeta's very own Tami Rethman on graduating today!
Fact: Delta Nu and Delta Zeta are both Pink and Green. For those of you who doubt that I am actually Elle Woods...I am i…
Congrats to Delta Zeta and sigma Alpha Epsilon on the overall GPA award!
Goodluck in the future and You'll always have family in Delta Zeta 💕
Congratulations to the Pi Upsilon chapter of Delta Zeta for chartering on this gorgeous…
We are so proud of our Pi Upsilon Chapter of Delta Zeta! 52 amazing students!
Today, The Lambda Nu Chapter of Delta Zeta celebrates 39 years at the campus of AUM. That's 39…
I Wanna cook for Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, Alpha Gamma Delta and other sororites i am really a great Cook and a polite server :)
Come out for Delta Zeta's annual Big Man on Campus event tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at the Lindenwood Cultural...
Ending score Delta Zeta wins the championship, with Tri Sigma in second, and Alpha Omicron Pi in third!
So excited for Peter, representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the race for Delta Zeta's Diamond Stud!
Cassidy Close puts Pi Beta Phi up by 1 against Delta Zeta in the top of the 8th! That's right,…
Pi Beta Phi is up first here at the Women's Championship game against Delta Zeta.
Way to end Songfest 2016 on a sunny note Delta Zeta and Kappa Sigma! Now onto the award ceremony!
Delta Zeta formal was lit with my favorite people @ Petroleum Club of Oklahoma City
Delta Zeta is hosting a spirit night at Pizza Oven in Inwood this Monday, April 18th from 5-8pm! We hope to see you!
We would like to wish a happy chapterversary to the Delta Zeta chapter of ΑΦΑ Fraternity, Inc. Continue the good work boys! 💛
Delta Zeta chapter of Delta Kappa Gama knows that Great Teachers Matter!
Sorors of Delta Zeta, Kappa, and Upsilon Xi! Also pictures are our youth at the NC Youth/UG/Advisor Retreat!!...
Congrats to all of our dancers last night! . 1st-Delta Gamma . 2nd-Pi Beta Phi . 3rd- Alpha Delta Pi . Top 5- Alpha Phi & Zeta
Tonight, following Delta Zeta's 9th Annual Reaching for the Stars Ball! Are you ready Stony?…
Wish I had a dime for every time a Zeta told a Delta or an AKA that they dont have any frat bros. Sallie would have been got her coins back.
It's official! We're roomies! Can't wait to live with these two beauty's in the delta zeta…
I've once again ignited the small fire within delta zeta that is also known as the annual prank war. Hit me with your best shot 😘
Proud to be a Norse! Thank you Delta Zeta Sorority for stepping up to
bruh Michigan State University just initiated 104 AKAs in their Delta Zeta chapter lol sands deep af
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Prom flashback in honor of Delta Zeta's Healing in Heels this weekend 👠👸🏼🎀
Baby, you are not an AKA, Delta, Zeta or SGRho! *** you're not even a college student! You can't do that 🙄
Want to work at Delta Zeta Sorority? We're in CO! Click for details:
Entry from Delta Zeta CSUF. Tag your friends, share your pic, do what you gotta…
We had an awesome time grilling burgers last night with Delta Zeta. Thank you for having us!
Throwback in honor of Delta Zeta's Healing in Heels Event tomorrow 😚👠
those are future Delta Zeta's embrace them and promote Greek Life.
If you're at the Rams den please put some pennies in the delta zeta penny war jar! Thanks!
Get in Formation with the Ladies of the Omicron Zeta Chapter for DELTA WEEK. Events will be April 3rd- April 9th. https:/…
Are you at SEPC this weekend? Can you spot a sister in our Delta Zeta delegation?
ASU Sigma Kappa and Delta Zeta follow me on insta. Am I doing good things 🤔
They guys who sang trampoline broke up 😭💔 will this tear delta zeta apart?
It was amazing to see the FSL community come together in support of Delta Zeta. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this community 👼🏼💕
CONGRATULATIONS to these beautiful young ladies for being initiated into the Delta Zeta Sorority
Shout out to the 104 neophytes of the Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha…
Had a great time supporting delta zeta'a philanthropy week with 💕🐢
Tonight, the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at LIU Post showed their support at Take Back…
Second place doesn't look half bad😍😛💗 Way to go Delta Zeta and DPhiE with 2nd place on the Lip Sync for Greek Week! https…
Students meet out front of PSU to Honor and Remember a Delta Zeta sister as she walks to heaven
Congratulations to our newest members of Delta Zeta!! 💕🐢
My entire Delta Zeta album is now in the fb news feed. Enjoy sister friends.
My heart goes to the ladies of Delta Zeta 😞 rest in peace, Aubree. 💗💚
Come out for Delta Zeta's Annual DZ Wigs Out event! Delta Zeta will be collecting 8-inch hair donations for...
Our hearts go out to Aubree's friends and family along with the sisters in Delta Zeta tonight 💙
45 minutes until this event. Please come and support the women of Delta Zeta as they remember their sister Aubree.
Do you have great news to share with Delta Zeta? Tell us by submitting a news form!
What are the chances that the SLP I observe all day today was a Delta Zeta 💗💚
As Women's History Month comes to an end, let's look at the six women who made history when they founded Delta Zeta http…
Which Sorority has the best side chicks? AKA? Delta? Zeta? SGRho?
Today is the day! Make sure you buy your ticket from a sister wearing a green Delta Zeta shirt!
Congrats to Delta Zeta and Phi Psi for raising an amazing amount of money! Also congrats, to Bayne for winning! 💕
Shout out to the ladies of Delta Zeta, Lambda Kappa chapter, for sponsoring us this year for…
Delta Zeta, because once, two teams of my sisters participated in a hotdog eating contest and won First and Second pla…
Find out why the lovely ladies of Delta Zeta found an organization where it felt like home with lasting friendships!.
The Rho Chapter at the University of Denver is looking for a Standards Advisor. With Delta Zeta's national push...
Delta Zeta is so proud to be working with as our national philanthropy! Happy world hearing day 👂🏻🐢
Got to welcome this sweet girl as my LL tonight and I couldn't be more blessed. @ Delta Zeta…
MORE THAN HAPPY TO BE A DELTA ZETA TONIGHT, so happy to have raised this much for 💕
Delta Zeta-where our most intense debates consist of which episode of hoarders to watch.
Come spend a day with the ladies of Delta Zeta & shop while you're at it! Hit me up for raffle or entry tickets!
So proud to be a member tonight. Delta Zeta, sisters forever. 💚💕
My first Turtle Tuesday post, so here's a cute photo of me and my fam 💖💚 @ Delta Zeta Sorority
This is a Chi Omega posing with two delta zeta's
Super awful quality but congrats to the new DELTA ZETA SWEETHEART 🐢💕
Just added this new item to our shop! Take a look! Delta Zeta Note Cards; Greek Lettered Stationery. Blank Inside.…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Thankful for this fun loving DZ woman on @ Delta Zeta…
Clear your schedule for Delta Zeta's Space Jam Hoops for Hearing event! It's gonna be a ball! 🏀💪🏼🌌
*** DZ, back at it again with the squad pic from Gvs🏆💞 @ Delta Zeta…
Delta Zeta is holding another event next week! Please let me know if you're interested in purchasing a ticket!💞🐢
Hey yal go support delta zeta and help out a great cause, plus it's some good food!!
Pre-registration for our 5K has been extended to March 15th! Hurry and sign up today! .
drake agrees that If you're reading this you should support delta zeta
Go to Wehner and put pennies in Delta Zeta's cooler! Dollars go in the other coolers! SUPPORT
Morale is low in the delta zeta tv room
Wednesday is Kappa Delta- Zeta Omega at the University of Memphis philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America Spirit...
Kappa step Sigma Step. Aka step Delta step. estero step. omega step. zeta step. I went to cheesecake he was the erekeroka waiter there.
Come out & support Delta Zeta and MS research tonight at Dickies…
We are excited to announce that Delta Epsilon Mu's theme for Relay for Life 2016 is SPONGEBOB!!! In T-minus 17...
Y'all know you can't say no to Chick fila. Come to Delta Zeta's…
Stop by WCL today and put some pennies in Delta Zeta's cooler! (and dollars in everyone else's) T's and G's!!
Delta Zeta at Long Island University Post Delta Zeta at Long Island University Post Still interested in being a...
Don't forget to sign up your team for Delta Zeta's JAM!!! T shirts for $20 as well, contact me for info.
April 2nd I'll be playing with for the UTD Delta Zeta Boot Scootin' BBQ!. Looking forward to it, man!
this is Knucklecat coming at you live to tell you to come out and support Delta Zeta at Great Pretenders tomorrow!!! https:…
I really like Delta Zeta a whole some pretty great sisters
Do you hate Breast Cancer as much as Delta Zeta does? Help support Chicks & Chucks by coming out to Kick for a Cure! https…
Congratulations to Delta Zeta and Alpha Sigma Kappa as best sorority and runner up at ISU
Come watch Delta Zeta play basketball vs Phi Mu tonight at 8pm in the SRC! We'd love your support! Hope to see you there! ❤️🏀
Come to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Theta Mu Chapter (St. Cloud Univ.) of Delta Zeta. Details here
Huge crowd out here for the Alpha Epsilon Phi & Delta Zeta dodgeball game.
If you are interested in sorority life come visit Delta Zeta from 3-6 today!
Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta and NPC show the positive side of greek life to counter a Today Show story.
Delta Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha are ready for their recruitment parties!
Come support your Delta Zeta sisters as they take on Zeta Tau Alpha in intramural outdoor soccer tonight at 6 PM on the Strom Fields! ⚽️🐢
Delta Zeta supports Madie Thomas and Holly Freeman as Homecoming Queen and Duchess 2016!
Unbelievably grateful and excited on being elected VP of Recruitment for Delta Zeta's Gamma Psi chapter! 💗💎🐢
Extremely excited to be paired with Delta Zeta, Phi Lambda Phi, and Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Iota Chapter TSU for Lip Sync this Greek Week!
Become a Founding Member of the Pi Upsilon chapter of Delta Zeta! Leave your legacy at LIU Post!
2016 is already off to a great start. I was selected as the Courtesy Chair for the Xi Nu Chapter of Delta Zeta! 💚💗
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Delta Zeta chapter of Theta Phi Alpha!
Happy 65th Gamma Tau, you look great for your age 💕🐢 @ Delta Zeta - BGSU - Gamma Tau Chapter
We are so excited to announce that the Pi Chi Chapter of Delta Zeta at Western Kentucky…
Congratulations to Delta Zeta and all your new members with a successful initiation today!
Congratulations to the 14 new initiates of Delta Zeta - Iota Delta! It's not four years, it's for…
forgot his name, chapter was Delta Zeta. Short dude. Ace of the line. Wanna say he was Fall 09
Happy Founders Day to the sisters of most notably our Delta Zeta chapter here at Stevens!
Phi Delta Theta and Delta Zeta will receive 100 points, and Kappa Sigma and Theta Phi Alpha will receive 50 points.
Really really really hope Delta Zeta joins Alpha Phi in opposing the Safe Campus Act
Delta Zeta is pleased to announce the installation of the Pi Phi Chapter at Cleveland State
Goodmorning! Banner comp scores are in and we have a score update! . Alpha Xi Delta-321. Sigma Kappa-275. Zeta Tau Alpha-263. Delta Zeta-94
Update your maps at Navteq
On this day in 1974, the Lambda Pi chapter of Delta Zeta was installed at Happy 41st anniversary Lambda Pi! 🐢💗
Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, and Pi Beta Phi all received Stage I approval to move forward with project plans
Congrats to our Blood drive sorority winners!. 1st Place-Alpha Delta Pi. 2nd place-Gamma Phi Beta. 3rd place-Delta Zeta. Thanks to all who gave!
Happy initiation to over 100 new sisters of Delta Zeta, Beta Delta 💕🐢
Chi Omega takes down Delta Zeta in the women's league 🏐
Let's go girls! Chi Omega is taking on Delta Zeta right now!
So happy to celebrate 113 years of Delta Zeta. Happy Founders Day!
Happy Founders Day to the amazing girls of Delta Zeta! 💚💗
Happy Founders Day to the ladies of Delta Zeta! 🎀💚💗
Happy Founders Day to the wonderful ladies of Delta Zeta!
Wishing the beautiful ladies of Delta Zeta a happy 113th Founders' Day!
Happy Founders Day to my beautiful Delta Zeta sisters! I love you!. 2 years ago today I signed my bid into the greatest sorority.
You can still join the Delta Dash 5k Color Run, hosted by Delta Zeta & Delta Chi! It starts at 12pm:
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY Please get your votes in, I am not only representing my self but the Delta Zeta chapter. 💗💚 http:/…
So happy to now be apart of Delta Zeta! 🐢💕 @ Western Kentucky University
Just some tacky tourists taking on Macomb @ Delta Zeta - Western Illinois University
Happy to announce that Delta Zeta won best vocals, best sorority, and best overall performance at Greek Sing 2015! http:…
Are you a Sigma Sigma Sigma or a Delta Zeta Sorority girl? Go check out these custom picture frames!
People let me tell you bout my best friend 💕 @ Delta Zeta: Epsilon Kappa Chapter
Congratulations to the winners of the Banner Competition:. 1. Alpha Delta Pi. 2. Delta Zeta. 3. Delta Delta Delta
Tri Sigma, Delta Zeta, and I'm a GDI 😜 . Love these girls to the moon and…
Good luck to the women of the Delta Zeta - Rho chapter as they begin recruitment. to last years...
Join us in welcoming Delta Zeta, Phi Mu Fraternity, and Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority to UC Merced to participate in... http:…
from tudeltazeta - the Delta Zeta - Delta Tau chapter supports National Hazing Prevention…
Tonight Delta Phi Epsilon and Delta Zeta will be presenting tonight at 6pm (Delta Zeta) and 7:30pm (Delta Phi...
yeah we only have 2 social sororities (we're a small school) they're Delta Zeta and Kappa Alpha Theta
Dirty car? Clean it up with Delta Zeta and Pi Lambda Phi today from 9-1 at Billy Benders on Main Street! 💦🚗
Delta Zeta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Pi, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Show your support from 2-6pm!
Which Rose will come out on top? Delta Zeta or Alpha Omicron Pi? 'Like' to vote for Alpha Omicron Pi or 'Share'...
Thankful to be a Delta Zeta, but Ble$$ed to be a Xi Lambda
Thank you Delta Zeta for friends that will last my life time 💋 @ University of Central Arkansas
Follow ASUdeltazeta on snapchat to find out wut a day in the life of a Delta Zeta at Arizona State University is like http:…
So last night I found out that my manager at Pacsun is a Delta Zeta at Long Beach State! How much more perfect could this be? 💁 lmao
Double the trouble on twin day✌🏼️ @ Delta Zeta- Alpha Gamma Chapter at The University of Alabama
Do you have a reunion or other gathering to share with Delta Zeta? Submit your news today!
Delta Zeta, Finding your person since 1902 💕👭 @ best big eva
A 9 year old asked me if my phone case was Delta Zeta Lilly pattern and she can't wait to join a this my future child?
"I hate all my sisters and they all hate me." - Delta Zeta
Shoutout to our sisters bringing Delta Zeta love wherever they go 🌎🌇🌸
When your banker ends up being a Delta Zeta! 🐢
Everyone come out tonight to party with myself & my lovely sisters of Zeta Gamma Delta. 10$ at the…
Delta Zeta.. Always having someone to go on an adventure with 💚💕
Hey have fun at orientation! Don't forget to check out the Delta Zeta Dream House 💕 502 N. Steen Dr. 💚💗
Yesterday we were asked what our Delta Zeta creed meant to us, here are a couple great responses we received!...
"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." Dream BIG with Delta Zeta this fall!💫💙
Loved meeting Brandi from WCU this weekend! Look forward to seeing you grow your leadership in Delta Zeta! 💗💚🐢💕 https:…
I just WT, the Buffs, and Delta Zeta. Why do I have to be a senior?? 😔💔
The Denver Delta Zeta Alumnae Chapter is looking to add a fundraising co-chair to the Budget and Finance...
Moving into Delta Zeta is the only thing I've been looking forward to all summer. Well that and seeing my lovely sisters❤️
Because Delta Zeta helped meet my new Roomie ...also Greek Week is fun😘😍
Too many people when I say Alpha Xi Delta: "alpha zeta delta?"
❤️ Some Panhellenic love! Kaleigh from Delta Zeta at The College of New Jersey and Brooke from ADPI…
Honestly, realizing all of what Delta Zeta is and stands for is so humbling
"We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade⛅️" So thankful that Delta Zeta brought me to…
Happy Birthday Dorothy Mumford Williams. Thank you for creating the Delta Zeta creed that binds us all in sisterhood.
We love this! Delta Zeta encourages everyone to Go Greek and find your home away from home 💕
whyDZwednesday because i got to experience being a woman of delta zeta…
why delta zeta? because I found one of my best friends, my roommate, and my favorite person to argue…
Happy Birthday to Dorothy Mumford Williams! The author of the Delta Zeta creed! 💕🐢
It is Dorothy Mumford Williams birthday today, aka the author of the Delta Zeta's creed! Happy Birthday, Dorothy! 🐢💗💎
because if it weren't for Delta Zeta, I wouldn't have met my best friend. You're my…
I replaced all my delta zeta gear with Lilly Pulitzer
Pretty sure it was a requirement for every delta zeta member to post a pic on Instagram today
Some better times with some better people @ Delta Zeta formal
Happy Birthday to the best grand ever love you to pieces and so glad Delta Zeta brought me to you 😘
Happy Birthday to my Olmeca 1 gal. I always knew we were soul sisters and luckily we had Delta Zeta…
Can't wait to reunite in less than a month 👯 @ Delta Zeta
If you interested in joining the Zeta Delta Team you have to be ready to ride. Only met about two *** that will be a good pick up
I've found my home in Delta Zeta & now it's time for you to find yours!…
Delta Zeta is number one I'm pretty sure. ☝️
I cannot believe how much my life has changed in a year. I thank GOD for my Delta Zeta Family.
The sisters of Delta Zeta at FSU hope you all are having a safe, fun and memorable summer.
Come stop by our table for some flash tattoos & to learn more about Delta Zeta! 💞
I spy a stellar recruitment party schedule 🌟 Come out and meet all of the sisters of Delta Zeta! 🌌
Happy Birthday Dorothy Mufford Williams! Author of Delta Zeta's beautiful creed, and truly encompasses our sisterhood http…
Overly excited about visiting Alpha Chapter of Delta Zeta. Such an amazing experience with my lovely sistas😍😍
Delta Zeta is so proud of as she continues to represent our chapter at the national headquarters!
Words cannot describe how excited I am to represent the chapter of Delta Zeta with at 💘🐢
I know that Kappa Alpha Theta & Delta Zeta are collecting items! It's posted in a UCF group who to contact!
talking to girls about Greek life, recruitment & how great my experiences have been. love my sorority, sweet home Delta Zeta, thank you! 🏡💞🐢
And Delta Nu was inspired by my real life sorority, Delta Zeta. ;)
I had no idea you were in Delta Zeta beta phi omega!! Awesome pic girly!:~)
Delta Zeta is more than a sorority, it's a home. You don't just find friends in Delta…
Registration for sorority recruitment is now open! Delta Zeta would like to encourage you to learn…
So told me Delta Zeta was his favorite sorority.
American by birth, Delta Zeta and Sigma Kappa by the grace of God.
What would college be without Greeks lol? Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Lamda Phi, Delta Zeta, and many more!! ht…
Did you know that Omicron Nu is the only Canadian chapter of Delta Zeta? Happy Canada Day! 🍁
Make sure to come out to Wahoos this Wednesday night to support the philanthropies of Pi Kappa Phi and Delta Zeta!
🆘 If anyone out there knows an alum. of Alpha Phi Omega or Delta Zeta that is willing to write a letter of rec., hit a sista up please!!!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Can't believe we became the Delta Zeta chapter of Theta Phi Alpha tomorrow. Already been a year of many firsts 💙💛
My Grand Hotel room will have me doing Alpha Kappa Alpha step routines to Delta Zeta rush songs in my sleep no doubt.
Congratulations to and on accepting their bids into the Delta Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha!
Thank you to the lovely women of Delta Zeta at Stephen F. Austin State University for donating 200 dollars to our...
Happy Founders Day to the wonderful men of Kappa Delta Rho from your Greek sisters of Delta Zeta!
56 years ago my chapter, Delta Zeta of Zeta Tau Alpha, was installed at Sam Houston State! Because of…
Congratulations to the Pi Tau Chapter of Delta Zeta on being installed today! 💕🐢
Happy Founders Day to Delta Zeta ΞΤ & Tau Kappa Epsilon ΡΨ both founded this day in 1988 at Millersville! 🐢💀
Thank you Maddy Fuss & the entire Delta Tau chapter of Delta Zeta for the beautiful flowers! You all are a...
Come to the Delta Zeta house tonight for all you can eat Mac and Cheese for only $5! Its from 5-9pm! See ya there!
Huge S/O to Sigma Kappa, Delta Zeta, Women's Soccer, and Women's Swimming for a fun philanthropy event that helped support a good cause!
Thank u to the Lambda Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and the Xi Phi Chapter of Delta Zeta for the...
Throwing what I know with my favorite. 💖💚 @ Delta Zeta: Epsilon Kappa Chapter
Come out to the Delta Zeta house tomorrow & visit the WeStyle table for a chance to win a FREE month's supply of Mad Mushroom Pizza!
help the Delta Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi raise money for Make A Wish by donating at
Results are in! House Decorations:. 1) Kappa Delta-45 points. 2) Alpha Phi and Delta Zeta- 37.5 points. So proud of every house!
Thank you to the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha - University of Houston, Delta Zeta - University of Houston, and Phi Mu... http:/…
Only 30 more minutes left! Make sure to stop by the EIU Delta Zeta chapter house and check out Pink Slip...
Natalie DeMoss is a KΔ alum from the Delta Zeta chapter! Let's all come together and support this strong woman!
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