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Delta Dental is the largest dental plan system in the United States. The Delta Dental Plans Association comprises 39 independent Delta Dental member companies operating in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 1.0/5

Tooth Fairy Stevens Point Fisher Cats

THIS SUNDAY: Northern New England Branch of JDRF Walking to Cure Diabetes -- 750 Walkers Expected to Raise More Than $155,000 for JDRF -- MANCHESTER– More than 750 Walkers representing local businesses, families, schools, and other organizations are expected to participate in JDRF’s annual Manchester Walk to Cure Diabetes on Sunday, September 29, 2013 at the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester Unknown Mortal Orchestra (home of the Fisher Cats). The Northern New England Branch has set a fundraising goal of more than $155,000, which will help fund research toward curing, better treating, and preventing type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications. The Walk is expected to draw an enthusiastic crowd of all ages, driven to support a great cause while enjoying an event that includes Fisher Cats Mascot, batting cage, inflatable slide, balloon makers, music, refreshments and more. On-site registration begins at 9 a.m. on the Concourse level of the stadium. The entire Walk will be approximately 3.5 mi ...
Only 4 days left to apply for our Brighter Futures Community Grant program! Check out more info here & apply today!
Wondering if we are contracted with your insurance? Below is a list of most companies we are in network with: PPO Insurances: Aetna, Cigna, Metlife, Humana, Delta Dental, Guardian, Medicaid (for ages 20 and under), CHIPS, MCNA, Dentaquest DMOs: Most Cigna, Humana, Compenefits, Deltacare Plans Discount Plans: QCD, Fourstar, NHCD Please call our office if you don't see your insurance on our list or have questions about your insurance:)
Special thanks to Delta Dental for serving as a sponsor for our 2013 roast honoring Senator Rhoda Perry.
In May, my wife Jennifer ** received a pre-treatment estimate for procedure D2750 Porcelain/high noble crown, showing that Delta Dental would pay $427.80. However, after the procedure was done, nothing ...
OK everyone we are officially in network with Delta Dental!!!
Okay, so Delta Dental of NJ in Parsippany is hiring a new customer service team to start in November...hours are 10-6:30 non-negotiable M-F & it's a Union job. Starts at around $18 an hour. If anyone is interested please inbox me...serious inquiries only please!!
I'm contemplating Delta Dental Insurance...can my friends in B'ham give me feedback on it? Or have better suggestions? If you find a better plan, can you suggest a dentist who uses it and is reasonably priced?
On behalf of its members, the California Dental Association — along with several individual dentist providers — has taken legal action against Delta Dental of California by filing a demand for binding arbitration in response to Delta’s notice dated Aug. 1, informing providers of ch...
Started working on a wall mural at Brookside Family Dentistry which is soon to be opened next month in Chester, NY. To all you MW people - they will be accepting Delta Dental Ins. (along with many others.)
CALIFORNIA - What do you think of CDA's legal action against Delta Dental?
Hear how Delta Dental manages complex billing in advance of healthcare reform today at 1:15 pm,
FYI-Please, the bills to be paid in October 2013 are paid. They are the ATT bill, the Cubesmart storage unit bill and the Tricare Retiree Delta Dental. The Tricare Delta Dental is moving to a mandatory electronic transfer of all monthly installments starting January 1, 2014. Is this not fascinating. This is no option. Is Tricare Delta Dental attempting to lower ITS Workforce COSTS and thus UP ITS Bottom LINE and thus increase ITS PROFITS? What DO You FREELY THINK? There currently is no TAX REQUIREMENT for the employment of AI-Artifical INTELLIGENCE. Therefore, companies are able to stream line their *** sapiens workforce costs and thus decrease the "TAX" Obligation it has as there currently is no tax obligation for the AI Workforce. Are YOU BEING REPLACED by AI, A Machine? This is fascinatingly INTERESTING. Are YOU TOO Fascinated? DO YOU UNDERSTAND the Economy and the Machine EVOLUTION and the CURRENT NOTICE of "Capitalism"? I am SO BUSY but STILL CHOOSING TO MOVE FOWARD. IT is time again t ...
Help girls in your community achieve their personal best by running in the Girls Incorporated of New Hampshire Personal Best 5K on Saturday, October 5th at 9am beginning at Northeast Delta Dental in Concord, NH. The certified 5K course has a little bit of everything: road, paved bike path, and trails with post-race food featuring Stonyfield Farm yogurt and raffles from Joe King’s, SkirtSports, Runner’s Alley, and more! Click below to learn more.
MT Monica Green of Delta Dental of MO will present the importance of campaign research investment.
Just in case you missed it! Oyler's Delta Dental Center Grand Opening made news on the city's page!.
Delta Dental's new mobile app makes using your dental benefits easier than ever! Smartphone users, download it here:
The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation does some amazing things in our community. Follow the link to see how the Foundation makes a difference in your community!
Make sure you join us for the Lansing Heart Walk at Delta Dental this Saturday! Registration begins at 8:30am!...
Do you have or know children in Massachusetts who have fluoridated water? A recent bill in NH that passed the legislature (overwhelmingly in the House 253-23) requires warnings in water bills to families with infants. An infant fluoride warning on water bills and annual water quality reports is a proactive way to finally educate parents, caregivers, state officials, and public health professionals about the need to reduce infant exposure to fluoride so they can take action to prevent a further increase in the fluorosis rates and overexposure. There is currently legislation being considered by the Massachusetts Legislature that would require infant fluoride warning statements on all water quality reports sent to customers in all fluoridated communities within the state. The public hearing on the bill (H-3467) has just been scheduled on short notice for this upcoming Thursday, September 26 at 10AM, before the Joint Committee on Environment, Resources, and Agriculture in room A-1 at the State House in Boston ...
Monica Green, Manager at Delta Dental of Missouri will present the importance of campaign research investment.
Learn more about the at See you at Delta Dental at 8:30am on Saturday.
what s the best dental INSURANCE: Delta Dental. what s the best dental INSURANCE. Delta: The Dentist's Dental Pl...
Delta Dental of Wisconsin is hiring a Salesforce CRM Administrator. Based in Madison, Milwaukee or Stevens Point, WI.
I need your well wishes and prayers and crossed fingers for my interview/assessment tomorrow with Delta Dental! :D Thanks peeples.
I am going to open a can of worms. I only ask one thing. No name calling and please consider that this is not my political statement. Let's talk about Obamacare. I am a military Gold Star wife. Instead of celebrating my 25th anniversary in November, I will be looking at 2 1/2 years without my Phil. As long as he was military, we were fully covered under Tricare Prime and Delta Dental. When he was killed in action, I went from being the second (below active duty military members) in terms of priority for appointments to being told that I am lower than retirees. How can I be lower than the retired family members? Nobody knows who I should ask. Second, and here is the kicker. I got free Tricare Prime for three years (and Delta Dental). I am quickly approaching the three year mark. I will have to pay for medical insurance and to use the military system. I don't know about cost shares or premiums yet, but I am meeting with someone on Friday. Why is it that when a man gives his life (or woman) for t ...
We are NOW in Network with Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Dental Select Insurances! All others we would be so happy to BILL for you! Please call us for all the details. 259-4333
Check us out on Channel 6 tomorrow morning to hear more about the this Saturday at Delta Dental (830am)!
THIS FRIDAY!!! Mobile Dental Unit and CV NfL Serving Children 0 to 5 years old With Delta Dental Healthy Families, Access Dental Health families Medical or no insurance Now serving adults If you have Delta Dental No insurance, you may get a discount up to 40% off (Adult needs to provide your proof of income) Appointments available every last Friday of each month 9:30 am. to 3:30 pm. Please call Camelia Cruz (805) 241-4871 For questions or to schedule an appointment
Get more at our free webcast about the Missouri Delta Dental Campaign tomorrow
Bite-sized bits of oral health information brought to you by Delta Dental of Arizona.
The recent rainy weather had us motivated to… do a lot of sitting on the couch. But now it’s time to get up and at it! The Scream Scram 5K is just 3 weeks away! Get active now and we’ll see you at the starting line! And special thanks to Scream Scram supporter Delta Dental of Colorado who keeps kids healthy every day.
webcast: Learning from Winners with Delta Dental of Missouri and Brand Keys tomorrow
Congratulations to presenting sponsor for being named a Best Place to Work by
PLEASE BE AWARE: If you have NORTHEAST DELTA DENTAL INSURANCE, the company is going through many changes. We need to see your insurance card when you come in for appointments. PLEASE BRING YOUR INSURANCE CARD TO YOUR APPOINTMENTS AND PRESENT IT UPON CHECKING IN! Thank you!!! :)
Manchester man arrested after giving police the runaround at Delta Dental Stadium: Police say a city man fought...
Got a letter from delta dental informing me that my coverage will change in 2014. I will pay more money and get less coverage. I also must have pediatric dental essential health benefit. Hmmm...pediatric dental insurance..must be paying for those kids I never had!
Delta Dental of IA CEO, and Liz from stopped by to chat with htt…
decay and correlated with poor test perfromance MT
Have u ever tried to study while your tooth is aching? Oyler school opens first on-site dental clinic in OH.
Ohio's first in-school dental clinic has opened its doors. . Info:
Looking for a new dentist that accepts Delta dental insurance in the southwest, west part of town. Any suggestions anyone?
MT Last chance to help donate toothbrushes to local students! Find out how:
During our morning meeting today at the office, we discussed two diabetic patients who may need more frequent re-care appointments. It's always good to check since many diabetic patients could use extra help with their home care routine--especially if their diabetes is unstable. Additionally, I know Delta Dental of Michigan does consider this health condition when covering certain patient benefits, pending the employer's plan. Regardless of insurance coverage or not, extra care may be needed in patients' with because of their possible delayed healing.
Such great news for the kids of Ohio!!
12.41pm. Been on the phone since 9.00am. With Zachary's dentist , Cigna & Delta dental. Crazy how you have to explain everything, just for them to say you need to talk to someone else. & still don't have it straightened out. I'm either gonna be very gray or have no hair left , from this bike accident he had in August, & completely owning somebody tons of money for the rest of my life!
Kobo has over 2 million ebooks to choose from!
Waiting for the Delta Dental Center ceremony at Oyler School to begin- 1st in school clinic in OH
A whole new approach to dental insurance for --
To day is NY 12th year anniversary as a Teamsters and employee of Delta Dental
Has anyone here had experience with Delta dental insurance? I'm contemplating getting some dental policy and need advice about which plan is best.
Need a hookup on dental. Hurting in a God awful fashion. Insurance kicks in this weekend, delta dental, would like the exam and necessary work in the same day. If you know a dentist or work for one, let me know in my inbox. Thanks.
The week starts now! SFC doubles today at 5pm Zumba and 6pm Bokwa and Tuesday at 7:15pm Bokwa and 8pm Toning. HCC triples Monday and Wednesday (5:45pm Zumba, 6:45pm Bokwa and 7:30pm Aqua). And Thursday 5pm Delta Dental and 6:30pm Toning at SFC! Let's stay healthy, fit and happy this FALL!
And what did Jake pick as his door prize. A DELTA DENTAL POLO. SMH!!!
That call center job provides Delta Dental ma ... Get some braces and be great trust 😘
I was just offered the job as "Grill Chef" at The Oakley Country Club in Watertown, about a twenty minute walk from my place. Go in at one and the kitchen closes at nine,paid holidays, blue cross/blueshield/delta dental. Closed for the month of January. If they agree on my hourly I'm taking it, waiting for the email.
Looking for dental insurance, does anyone have or know if Delta Dental is good?
Delta Dental seems pretty sure they're going to be on some exchanges.
In search of a new pediatric dentist for the kids. Need one that takes Delta Dental. Anyone know of one? Thanks!!
Hey delta dental, let's rethink the placement. After we almost fumble the punt reception, really?
Does anyone out there in ABQ know of any good dentists open today? For semi-emergency work? That take delta dental plan insurance?
A whole new approach to dental insurance for --.
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yeah I have delta dental. I'll check him out.
Field School second graders learned tips for cleaning teeth, gums and tongue during a program by Delta Dental today.
Duck Dynasty making an appearance at Delta Dental's Kickoff!
Delta Dental question: How Strictly Do Delta Airnes Impose The 42 Rule For Hand Luggage?. This will be the first t -
Delta Dental of Washignton Toothfairy checks out the oral health portion of the exhibit.
Don't miss this opportunity! Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc is now in Okemos, MI.
Delta Dental of Wisconsin is seeking a Corporate Communications Manager. Based in Stevens Point, WI. Apply:
Delta Dental is proud to have partnered with in helping accomplish some Missions of Mercy milestones.
Sponsored by Delta Dental : Your incredible shrinking jaw
SMSU Employees: The office of Dr. Michael R. Thomas IS an. "IN NETWORK PROVIDER" for your DELTA DENTAL INSURANCE.
MT Want to help donate toothbrushes to local students? Follow the link to learn how: htt…
From Delta Dental: Recycling: Other uses for a toothbrush
"Delta Dental of New Mexico is looking for an Information Technology Intern!"
Register for the August 8th Luncheon, Hotel Roanoke, Simulcast, VT North End Center! Sponsored by Delta Dental.
Also in S.F. RT: Delta Dental renews huge lease in Rancho Cordova
It was bound to happen and now it HAS happened. Left my driver's license and passport at home in the Hawaii bag and forgot to transfer it into the Dallas bag for today's flight. I've never seen such a twinkle in the eyes of a TSA agent as he snapped those blue gloves and prepared to mount the mother of all security clearances. Miguel and I took a lovely walk down memory lane as I peeled out my expired work ID (suspicious!), my library card (WHO has THOSE anymore), my Sheridan Gardens frequent planter card (11 stamps...sooo close to a freebie!), my Delta Dental card (ooh, time for a checkup), a note from 4 year old Davis that reads "mommy love you" next to a stick figure of me, one arm, three fingers, electric socket hair (Can't he see the resemblance?), and finally my business card ( has-been 2012 NTOY biz card). Turns out it's the screen saver pic on my phone with the prez that got me through without the cavity search. Miguel, while charmed by Obama, seemed disappointed that he wasn't going to .. ...
Seventy five Delta Dental of Michigan employees volunteered at Michigan's first Mission of Mercy two-day free dental care clinic at Saginaw Valley State Univ...
I am looking for a good dentist in Manhattan who is part of the Delta Dental insurance network. Any recommendations much appreciated.
(Image credit: Delta Dental) Parents are reporting that they are becoming more generous playing Tooth Fairy, with the average tooth gift at $2.42 in 2012, up from $2.10 in 2011. The annual poll is conducted by nonprofit Delta Dental Plans Association, a network of dental service corporations based i...
The Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 2003 by Delta Dental of Kansas, the largest dental benefits administrator in the state of Kansas.
Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation will host its annual Golf4Smiles Tournament to raise funds to help fight the number one chronic disease in children: tooth decay.
Wonder what kind of dental coverage he got in negotiations... Delta Dental of Iowa chooses new CEO
[Biz Buzz blog] Delta Dental of Iowa chooses new CEO
Delta Dental of Iowa chooses new CEO | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs via
An Easter basket is a holiday tradition so Dr. Leila is reminding the Easter Bunny and parents that a basket filled with chocolate is better for teeth than one overflowing with jellybeans. Sticky candies can uproot fillings and long-lasting hard candies can lead to an acid attack on teeth for up to 20 minutes after they have melted away. Prolonged exposure to sugary treats can contribute to the development of cavities in children’s teeth. “I recommend sugar-free candies or chocolates that melt away quickly,” said Dr. Jed Jacobson, chief science officer and senior vice president of Delta Dental of Michigan. “Regardless of the type of candy eaten, it should be followed up with a glass of water or milk to help rinse sugar away from the teeth.” Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun with it. Keep these tooth-friendly ideas in mind when filling Easter baskets this year:
Wow, I just had to pay $238.74 for Delta Dental for Military Retirees for my family. $119.37 a month here after. We were all lied to when we joined. I know I heard my recruiter talk about free medical and dental after 20 years service for life. I have always had to pay out of pocket for my family. And the Department of Defense (DOD) can always say the recruiting commands were not supposed to say that or we can always change the rules. The sad thing is that I wasn't even paid my last pay check by the Navy March 1st. Unknowing to me there is a rule that the government keeps my whole check until they can conduct an audit of my pay of 21 years to determine if I owe the government any money. They can take 45 days to complete the audit. With sequester going down March 1st will anybody/civilian be there to conduct my audit so I can get paid? No... This is crazy! That is why the Navy now tells recruiters to not to talk about benefits after twenty years of service. Because the DOD is slowly taken them aw ...
Website homepage for dental benefits carrier Delta Dental of Tennessee.
Need a good dentist (that is on Delta Dental of MO)...any suggestions?!?! Will NEVER go back to Troy Family Dental...Brenna went in to have under her tongue clipped (3 of the girls are "tongue-tied" but she's the only one who has speech issues due to it) but they did the wrong procedure and cut between top gum and top they're saying she needed that too (their notes don't specify only said frenectomy which could be either)...funny they never mentioned that she needed that and had her stick her tongue out to show me what they were talking about when they brought up frenectomy!! I hate the dentist and have for years, it took me a year after them recommending this to schedule it cause I was worried about the pain & how Bren would react & then they screw it up but want to say they didn't...keep in mind they didn't screw up but we aren't being charged for what they did do.
With Bob's new job, we now have Delta Dental and VSP Vision Plan. Any of you have dental and vision Drs you like and want to refer us to? Checking lists to see who accepts these plans but would like to know who friends and family recommend.
Grateful to welcome back Delta Dental as a Corporate Sponsor for our 2013 events. Delta Dental has been both a...
New Arrivals from Puma at
Local Company with National Coverage Delta Dental of Virginia is a member company of the Delta Dental Plans...
Delta Dental of Virginia Jobs - detailed job listings and company profiles - Updated daily.
Can anyone tell me if blue cross has insurance that covers orthodontics or what insurance if any does?
HELP IS ON THE WAY She’s coming. CANADY CONFERENCE FOR FUTURE DOCTORS & DENTISTS February 1, 2013 Dear Young Ladies, Parents, Counselors, Business, Faith and Community Leaders: The Columbus (OH) Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. would like to invite you to be a part of the 2013 “Candady Conference for Future Doctors and Dentists”. The purpose of the conference is to inspire young women to pursue the highest levels of academic achievement, service, advocacy and leadership in a dental/medical field. Young women in grades 7-10 from all backgrounds in public, private, parochial, charter and home schools are invited to apply and all activities are FREE of charge to the students. Mission: To encourage 50 young women in grade 7-10 to become a doctor or a dentist Case: Too many young women, especially Black and Latino are on the wrong side of healthcare statistics: obesity, pregnancy, suicide, domestic violence, diabetes and depression. As a pre-emptive strike, we are going to link girls t ...
Justice Esiri is a well renowned face which has been long spotted far back 1970′s both on stage and National television shows such as Village Headmaster. He is also a successful actor in the Nigerian Film Industry ‘Nollywood’. He is a native of Urhobo in Delta State, Nigeria. He attended Urhobo College for his secondary school education where he picked up interest in acting as a member of the Debating and Dramatic society. He studied Engineering in Germany. Back in Nigeria, he translated and read news in German in Voice of Nigeria. His first screen appearances where in Village Headmaster, Things Fall Apart. Justice Esiri is happily married with six children, one of which is the popular Nigerian hip hop music Artist who happened to be friend with Emese Elvis and a real name Esiri Sidney Onoriode aka Dr SID, who graduated as a dental surgeon and a beautiful daughter who is currently work in First Bank, Warri. Daddy, we the Urhobo Graduate Union and the entire Urhobo children from Agbarho, Uvwie, Kokor ...
Birth name Sidney Onoriode Esiri Also known as Dr SID Born May 1, 1980 (age 32) Genres Afro Pop, Afro hip-hop, Afrobeats Occupations Singer-songwriter Years active 2002–present Labels Trybe Records, Mo' Hits Records, Mavin Records Associated acts D'banj, Mo' Hits Allstars, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal Website official website⁠ Sidney Onoriode Esiri (born on May 1, 1980 in Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria), known commonly as, Dr SID is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and Dentist, who is originally from Delta state, but was raised in Lagos. His mother a successful fashion designer and his father the legendary actor Justus Esiri[1][2] who is a Member of the Order of the Niger (MON), and famous for his role as the Village Headmaster a Nigerian sitcom popular in the 1980s. The second child of 4 children from an early age he had his heart set on becoming an entertainer. However his life took a different course graduating from the Nigerian Air force Secondary school[3]ikeja, SID went on to the University of Ibadan[4] (UI) ...
Becker Robert G - Delta Dental-California is the featured company of the hour for Feb 19th 2013 . Find out more at:
Great Blizzard Warning for the Tucson area. Works going to be fun tomorrow.
CAnt believe Im so excited about going to Mexico lol, Thursday yea, I hurt so much I cant wait for relief. When it comes to Dental and No insurance, Mex is the place to go.
Put a smile on your face, make the world a better place! You can't resist smiling when the delta dental smile cam comes on at Kinnick.
Can anyone recommend a dentist in maple ridge ?
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation and Oklahoma Dental Foundation unveiled the second mobile dental unit to meet the demand for affordable dental care in Oklahoma.
We are Distributors now did you know some doctors are giving prescriptions for Bio Mats now? and some insurance companies are climbing on board too! We believe in this so much and have seen incredible results. Bio Chair Mat Mobile Session and Demo Service now available for on site office by apt and or for lunch break. Rejueve, and Energize Aromatherapy included. here is some more information on the Bio Mat. FDA registered and used by many clinics and hospitals What are far infrared rays? Far infrared rays are part of the electro-magnetic light spectrum and are close to the light frequency of natural sunlight. However, far infrared does not contain any of sunlight’s harmful UV/UVB radiation. The beneficial properties of far infrared light have received particular attention from the scientific community in recent years, although the first research conducted on this part of the light spectrum was undertaken by NASA decades ago. More recent studies suggest that far infrared light stimulates the production . ...
I'm going to be teaching vitamins and minerals to first-year vet students. This is what the textbook says about pet food: "In general, meat-derived foodstuffs are considered a more available source of certain minerals than plant-derived food- stuffs. The organic forms of minerals found in meats are often more available or as available as those from inorganic mineral supplements, whereas the minerals in plants are often less avail- able (Aoyagi et al, 1993; Hortin et al, 1993). This finding applies more for iron, zinc and copper than for selenium. "Although the mechanism has not been fully delineated, one theory has been suggested to explain why organic forms of minerals are better used than inorganic forms. This theory pos- tulates that chelates or complexes provide the mineral in a pro- tected form (Kratzer and Vohra, 1986), analogous to the iron contained in heme, wherein the iron is complexed to a proto- porphyrin ring. Because the metal is complexed or bound, it is protected from being sequestered by ...
OK SO I need another option for health insurance... BCBS is out of their mind. The underwriters came back and increased the monthly cost by $100 so they want $240 a month. Can't afford it. Anyone know of a good health insurance provider?
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Apparently not all dentists take Delta Dental. And this dentist is taking forever.
The 53rd running of the “Run to the Clouds” event will take place on June 15, 2013. The historic all-uphill run draws thousands of runners from across New England, throughout the U.S., and from countries as close as Canada and as far away as Kenya, to make the grueling climb to the summit of the hig...
Northeast Delta Dental and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats want your children to have healthy teeth and gums. We encourage them to brush twice and floss once daily during a one-week period to earn two free tickets for a 2013 game at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium.
Took half a day off of work today to go to the dentist only to find out that my dentist stopped accepting my insurance. Thanks for letting me know, b*! I waited a month for the appointment because he didn't open on weekends and was closed for god knows how many weeks. NEVER go to William Thai Dentist on Santa Clara. UGH. P.S. I hate the rain. Today ***
Job hunting??? Job Fair THIS Saturday at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium The Fisher Cats and Advantage Food and Beverage, the official food service supplier of the team, are hosting a Job Fair on Saturday, February 23 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. This is your chance to work at the ballpark this summer!
.Loves this place there simply the greatest!!. Even though we have Delta Dental, most dental offices tried to get over on us. Not hear when you got no, deductible or CO-PAY & 80% coverage ;)) Thanks all to you-your the best** :)) Evelyn Estrada,
Ill. struggles with state dental plan claims: Delta Dental of Illinois has been unable to quickly...
Today is my 11th anniversary at Delta Dental!
New crowning for my tooth cost USD1,500.00 (this is the tooth that had root canal done twice and now crowning as crown broke). The total cost for this "expensive" tooth is now USD7,200...:((
Got a real question! Can anyone tell me where or if i and my family can get dental and vision if we have standard tricare?? Anything other than delta dental, cuz its very expensive !! Any help appreciated thanks!!
The GBBF is proud to call Delta Dental of Tennessee a statewide partner. Read this great editorial in today's Tennessean by company CEO Phil Wenk on how parents can help their children form good dental health habits for life.
At the dentist office. Im very exicited about The next few steps towards. A Beaitful Smile. If you know Me personally, You know how excited & thankful to have a job with benefits. Thank God for Delta dental. Whooop whoop!
Dental assistant!?! I think so! Yay. School starts April 2nd. :) lovin my life and family. And my boyfriend. :) happy :)
Any good dentists that take guardian and delta...NOT aspen!
Information that is Good to Know via Teresa Duncan at Odyssey Management Dental & Speaking
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Quote from the NE Delta Dental CEO at this morning's board meeting
Bonita Springs dental Insurance accepted. We accept most insurance plans to provide you with the highest levels of quality dental care, contact us today!
I am looking for dental insurance for my family.. Any ideas?
Heading to the orthodontist with Isabelle DeLucia I can't wait to find out how much braces are gonna cost us!
Going to the airport and hopefully getting a flight
February is Children's Oral Health Month, and a new survey from Delta Dental finds kids need some brushing up on...
PLEASE...PLEASE READ & DONATE IF POSSIBLE!!! I will be in line on March 1st and/or 2nd (however long it takes) to get some MUCH needed dental care!!! I've been told by my surgeon to have all of my dental work done before I can have a 2nd knee replacement. I am praying they can help me. Please read the information I've provided so you can better understand the services these wonderful people are providing for free. As you all know, dental work ain't cheap so any donations you can afford to make will be of help and also help them to keep returning every year! Thank you and God Bless you for your time and help!!! Jay Kansas Mission of Mercy Free Dental Project Returning to Kansas Coliseum Feb 18, 2013 by KDCF Wichita, KS (Feb. 18, 2013) — The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation’s Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) free dental project will take place in just a few weeks: Friday and Saturday, March 1-2 at the Kansas Coliseum Pavilion II. This will also mark the 10-year anniversary of the project, which s ...
Dental plans at great prices, Discount dental plans for yourself or your family. Discount dental plans is a great way to suppliment your insurance.
Gregg Faehnrich said he called his dentist for help, and was billed $75 for the phone call, even though the dental office was closed.
So my boss should love me tomorrow! Not only do I have to let her know with no notice that I have a meeting with the school at 1:30pm but it looks like there is a good chance for a 2 hour delay. I hope they stay patient with me! ***
Joey really should put her on his Delta Dental plan.
I picked a school I will be going to Delta college for dental assistant I'm excited I'm going back to school Thanks God for having my back evening classes here I come
Does $260 per quadrant sound like a reasonable price for a "deep" cleaning of my teeth sound normal? (that's $1040 for a cleaning) . i'm feeling very ripped off :(( since she only spent about 2o minutes on the cleaning.
Holy this cashier needs a serious DENTAL PLAN!!!
Found out today that because of Obamacare, me and Rick's military insurance (Tricare Prime) is going to go up 70 to 400% in the next 4 years...what happened to the healthcare we retirees were promised...when Rick enlisted, he was promised FREE healthcare for the rest of our lives, but when he retired in '95, we found out that we had to pay $35 per month for our healthcare, which isn't much compared to what others have to pay, but that's not the point, it's not what we were we paid it. Now it's up to $45 per month and now going up 70 to 400% ??? Don't know how we're going to pay for this? Thanks Obama.that's how you take care of your military retirees? And we never got dental, been paying out of pocket for Delta Dental...Just for Rick tho, can't afford it for me... We don't get vision care all you folks out there that keep thanking the military, past and present, for their military service and believe that Uncle Sam is keeping it's promises to us...we appreciate the thanks, ...
How do dentists confront the professional quandary that is Halloween? A survey of dentists conducted by Delta Dental...
DERRY — A local lawmaker is angry only a few voters turned out recently and added nearly a million dollars to an already strapped school budget.Sen. J
I'm looking for a dentist for me. The dentist I have used previously does not file my insurance. Any recommendations?
Message from Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association: Help the kids at Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Assn. to have ponies with healthy smiles! WE are hosting a pub night on March 2nd at the ONE20 Bar and Grill in North Delta from 6-9 pm. All our welcome to this family friendly event, which is $20 per person. Lots of door prizes, silent auction items, 50/50 draws and raffles will make the night a lot of fun and help up achieve our goal of raising $3000 to pay for the dental care of our ten therapeutic riding ponies and horses! Check out, email us for more info, or come by the farm at 3885B 96th ST in Delta to get your tickets!
Two big answers to prayer- 1. Finally getting my wisdom teeth out in March. In April, I'll begin to see a dentist. My teeth have been the one thing that bug me healthwise and finally they're going to begin to heal. 2. My anxiety is in the first stages of being taken care of. I've struggled with it for years now and I've finally come to some solutions. So, two huge things that I've struggled with for a while are finally being addressed. Pray God opens doors for insurance and other things to happen for these roads to be followed. I put this on here not only for update but to encourage my friends. If you are struggling with things and you cannot handle it on your own, just remember God is bigger. No matter what your circumstances or how down you may get, He is always God and you matter to Him. Take care all.
Fans celebrate Delta Dental night with a free fan photo courtesy of Delta Dental and the Nashville Predators
Delta Dental is awful. You can't find anything on their Web site, and their services... well, I just got a claim denial marked as denied due to being reviewed by a "licensed dental consultant" who apparently felt it wasn't the right treatment. The only alternative treatment would have cost Delta over twice as much; bright move, Delta. And of course they're closed today; I didn't realize insurance companies got President's Day off.
Anyone know a good dentist in the tulsa area?
When Venusto interviewd at Delta Dental, I told him I'm from Indonesia and he hired me and told me do you want to learn tagalog. I told him teach me and I will teach you Indonesian. We learned from each other and this big brother of mine taught me tagalog and thanks to him and he promoted me after 6 months.
Dominos is hiring...must already have experience. Truck Driver - Dedicated Regional Routes - Distribution Delivery (Hartford) Domino's is Now Hiring Dedicated/Regional Class A CDL drivers in the Hartford area to deliver products from our supply chain centers to Domino's Pizza stores. 1st year average earnings of $60,000 - $65,000 per year PLUS industry leading benefits - we pay both on mileage and weight! Competitive Benefits - Aetna Health, Delta Dental, VSP Vision Company Paid Short Term Disability Coverage Company Paid Life Insurance 401k with Company Match after 6 months of employment Paid Holidays and Vacation Safety Bonus Program Professional and Supportive Management Domino's - The World Leader in Pizza Delivery Founded in 1960, Domino's is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the U.S. and international markets. Domino's Pizza's vision illustrates a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery co ...
Dentist with emma to get her cavity filled...I'm more nervous than she is lol
Always something to work on in the legislative arena. By PAIGE WINFIELD CUNNINGHAM | 02/15/2013 04:37 AM EST The health care law was supposed to go a long way toward getting more kids access to dental care. But as it stands now, the effort may fall short. Children's dental coverage is considered an "essential health benefit" under the law. But the way it's likely to be offered - through separate dental policies with no penalties for parents who don't get them - has dentists and child health advocates worried. Administration officials haven't said much yet about how the dental coverage will work. But what they have spelled out so far has dentists and vendors of dental health plans scratching their heads - and hoping that it's sorted out in a batch of final regulations due out shortly, perhaps later this month. If not, Americans could be less inclined to buy dental coverage for their children or for themselves depending on where they buy their insurance. Here's how the problem unfolds inside the new health ...
General and Cosmetic dentistry!!! We accept the Medical Card and are a Delta Dental Provider!!
Im searching for an affordable but good local dentist. Any suggestions??
If that was my daughter he slapped and called the "N-Word" on that Delta Airlines flight it would have been a full-scale national security event in the air. My man would have been in need of immediate medical attention, particularly to the dental and orbital regions of the facia. He should be very thankful that young man's parents are clearly of a different persuasion. I don't condone violence, but I'm not MLK or Gandhi. Violence Begets Violence surely and certainly if you put your hands on my child. offers diagnostic & repair information.
Now that I'm not in horrible pain thinking bed time!!! Thank you so very much Julie Fox!! Love you and I need to come over again soon :-)
Greenies Dental Treats Petite Size Sale     Greenies Dental Treats Petite Size Greenies Dental Treats Petite Size - Greenies Dog Treats: Dog Greenies, Greenies for Dogs at PetcoThere's never been anything like Greenies for your dog and now they're even better! Greenies come in a new, chewy texture that is easy for your dog to digest! Great taste dogs love! Rounded, mouth friendly design and chewy texture that helps clean teeth down to the gum line. Greenies dental chews now contain added natural sources of antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system, as well as natural sources of dietary fiber for digestibility. Plus, our new recipe now carries the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance. Greenies Dental Chews are filled with high-quality, easily digestible proteins that break down into little teeth-cleaning, easy to swallow and digestible bits. Plus, added vitamins and minerals make them a complete and balanced part of your adult dog's daily diet. Brushing your dog's teeth and feed ...
Big sandy dental is in network anthem wtpa all delta dentals Cigna MetLife Humana we take all commercial insurances
= Cigna's or Delta's lifetime dental insurance plan?
Venusto Aquino was my supervisor at Data Entry and he promoted me to programming. The programming manager like me and trained in COBOL, JCL and DBMS and now I'm a programmer/analyst at Delta Dental working with End User for the specs and doing programming in COBOL.
If anyone looking for a good dental plan : $59 for individual plan $99 for the family plan (can add as many children for the $99) and no cap no how much work you can get done and all dental work is covered there are deductibles for major work like braces ,, teeth replacement etc but still comes out cheaper than others thanks
Are the kids out of school on Monday? Spend Presidents Day at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. We're open Monday, February 18th, from 9am to 4pm. Sarabelle, the Tooth Fairy, will present her puppet show at 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:30am. Don't forget to pick up a Smile Bag, courtesy of Oral Health Month sponsor Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation.
Saw my Delta Dental smile bags at church. The kids were pumped about their new toothbrushes. Upside of my…
Race Alert: Northeast Delta Dental SHAMROCK SHUFFLE is over 80% sold out.. Don't delay if you want to be a part of...
We are now participating in the Delta Dental Premiere and PPO Dental Insurance plans! Please call today to schedule an appointment
To let all know... The children and Michelle are in Washington for orthodontic and dental care... Chris is in Delta, etc... for work, etc... We are working on doing the two together, but for now... Mom is in warmth and sunshine and finished walls and flush toilets and friends and activities for the children and .
OMG! this toothace is kiling me lost my ins card and they cant pull it up cause my crazy *** dont know who i have dental ins with they keep changing the copy like with my eye glasses need new ones but again my behind dont know who the new people are got to get with HR and fix this fast
Can anyone recommend any good dentists in Conway? I have Delta Dental so I can pretty much go anywhere.
Thank you Walt Bolic and Delta Dental of New Mexico for providing tickets to the UNM Men's Basketball game vs. Boise State! All the members had a great time and many of them it was their first UNM Men's Basketball game!
Does anyone have any ideas for employment for an over-qualified person with an MBA!?!?!?!!? Forget AVH/Northeast Credit Union/Northway Bank/City of Berlin.they are all part of the "Berlin" CLICK-CLUB, for which I am not a member!
201478_Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 from (*Restrictions Apply)
I'm considering getting braces to fix the gap in my teeth. Then I think: "Oh boy. Just what I need, MORE metal in my face!"
Delta dental was a game sponsor so they were handing out toothbrushes and floss at the game. Floss tho? Ain't nobody got time for that!
Delta Dental with care mobile helps thousands of children all across state ea yr!!! Help support!!
Props to the KU sponsorship dept. for selling Delta Dental digital dashers with Russel Stover Candies in between!
Delta Dental ad next to Russell Stover ad while watching the KS-TX bball game. Well of course you'd need Delta Dental after eating candy.
I'm w PR team for Delta Dental CO Foundation. Would love to touch base on children's oral health for upcoming dental coverage.
Wish i could stumble upon dental coverage i could get my teeth taken care of abcess in 2 teeth yay me even more
I need to find a dentist that takes delta dental.any good referrals?
going to go into Stanley Steemer Monday and apply for a job.
Game Day! Tonight the Nashville Predators Hockey Team host the Anaheim Ducks. And thanks to Delta Dental of Tennessee, you can take home a FREE FAN PHOTO! We will be at our normal spot on the concourse of Bridgestone Arena at Section 110 from doors open to 7:00pm. Swing through and get your individualized souvenir from tonight's game. GO PREDS!
Pinkham Notch, N.H. – Runners hoping to compete this summer in the Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race can register as soon as Thursday, February 14 for the online lottery that determines the field for this all-uphill footrace. This registration window opened on February 14 at 8 a.m. Eas...
Paige Insurance offers dental insurance for individuals and families through Delta Dental.
So we had a guy coming over to Tel Aviv who said that he broke his tooth on a kosher bagel. A KOSHER BAGEL! The ones we have on the airplane are soft and squishy. Of course he wants Delta to pay for his dentistry. PLEASE Delta.don't do it!!
Delta Dental Foundation gives $3.2M gift to OU College of Dentistry for building ... - The Republic
$2500 dollars to get one tooth thats right ONE tooth fixed it doesnt look like it needs that much work from the outside of it but the x rays show its that bad. where in the world am i goin to get that much money to fix a tooth...and of course its one that is really hurting right now cuz the nerve is exposed. this sux
Sun & Ski Sports
Delta Dental has given the OU College of Dentistry a $3.2 million gift toward the renovation of their building!
I had such a lovely day yesterday with a beaut visit to sth Melb market.. Melbourne is SO lucky having amazing markets, world class! Christine Miller came over fo dinner, g&ts and spag mar.. So summery at last! - warm days in a row !.. I'm sure I'm the only one whose lovin it as all my friends seem to hate the heat! You're all like delicate expensive chocolates - losing your polish in the heat, I on the other hand am like a frozen chop coming to life on the thaw so you can enjoy me at a sunny barbecue chuck me on the barby- cuppla minutes both sides..
Just called a member and said "thank you for calling delta dental"😂😂 she said I thought u were from united health care😂😂😂
All dental. So much work on 1 statement that it was hard for them to tell what ins. paid. Sending Delta's EOBs now.
It's important to know that as children grow, their dental needs change. Here are some tips for kids of all ages! This is the second video in our "Drool Is C...
Timberwolves: Timberwolves Crunch's Birthday Party at Target Center was a blast! Thank you to Delta Dental ...
President Boren makes announcement for $3.2 mil gift from Delta Dental Oral Health Foundation of Okla.
Our Oral Health Foundation is announcing the largest gift in O.U. College of Dentistry history at a media conference later today. Look for news on how it is going to transform the way dental students learn, and, how virtually every Oklahoman can benefit long-term.
Got a 94 on my mid term:) pretty happy about that. On the other hand, looking for a dentist in Rogers that takes my insurance is hard to find:/
Today the Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts offers their customers a “Guarantee of Service Excellence.” This customer service strategy guarantees that client companies and customers receive cash payments — specified in advance — if service does not meet the high standards laid out in ...
I'm so fed up with insurance. Cason bumped his tooth a few weeks ago and now it's turning brownish and we used to have blue cross blue shield and now we have delta!!!
I got Delta Dental and it's straight
With the new year comes insurance changes. If you know of a family member or friend that is in need of a dentist let them know about us. We are a provider for Delta Dental, WEA insurance, and Humana. We except most dental insurances and are always excepting new patients! If you are a patient, you will receive a $25 credit towards your future dental appointment.
Does anyone know a good health insurance provider for vision and dental?
Show us your baby's teeth and you could win a $500 gift card!
Shape Up While you Walk with Skechers Shape-Ups at
So it's been brought to my attention that you can see me in all my glory on a commercial for delta techs dental assistant program!! no worries...I won't let fame go to my head! :)
Any ideas for a Dentist? I want to go next week.. I have Delta Dental.. Any names??
Client Relations Representative at Delta Dental of Oklahoma (Oklahoma... Find this Job&More:
Some smiles for Friday: Two guys were discussing popular family trends on sex, marriage, and Family values. Bill said, 'I didn't sleep with my wife before we got married, did you?' Larry replied, 'I'm not sure, what was her maiden name?' _ A little boy went up to his father and asked: 'Dad, where did my intelligence come from?' The father replied. 'Well, son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine.' _ 'Mr. Clark, I have reviewed this case very carefully,' the divorce Court Judge said, 'And I've decided to give your wife $775 a week,' 'That's very fair, your honor,' the husband said. 'And every now and then I'll try to send her a few bucks myself.' _ A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, Took the husband aside, and said, 'I don't like the looks of your wife at all.' 'Me neither doc,' said the husband. 'But she's a great cook and really Good with the kids.' _ An old man goes to the Wizard to ask him if he can remove a curse he has been living with for ...
Executive Profile: Philip Wenk, Delta Dental - Dr. Philip Wenk, a former small town dentist, is now the CEO of Delta...
Teach kids how to protect their teeth: Each February, Delta Dental of Tennessee celebrates National Children's D...
Ok so this month I had to get a new car battery, renew my cosmetology license, renew my license plates, buy Cayden new shoes cause he lost them on my time, pay $450 for new fillings and pretty sure I am forgetting something but geesh there goes a chunk of my taxes!
I am looking for dental insurance. Does anyone have any suggestions?
OK, so, my dentist's new hire receptionist / bookeeper gets a call from me earlier this week and I ask why my insurance is being charged 2200.00 (by the way the charge was denied for too much time expired???) for some work done in Nov 2010 (by the way she was super bubbly explaining I owe this money)... So I remember the wonderful prior receptionist / bookeeper... Rachael... She was very adamant on record keeping and so am I. She worked with me very closely and as always all work was paid off as it occured. So now after all this time my dentist is asking me for this large amount of money. Well I explained to them this was paid and they say there is nothing in the books showing any payments from me or insurance Co. So after spending a couple hours Saturday looking for the dental Ins reciepts... Found, they were (YODA)... They now have decided to look into the insurance history??? How can such an oversight happen at a dentist office? I also have a new dental provider... Why would they run the insurance no . ...
Delta Dental's office address and corporate profile is accessible at
Delta Dental of Virginia announces new director of marketing and other promotions: Chris Pyle becomes company’s ...
My Delta Dental claim was denied because Metro Dental put down that they filled tooth and that was the same tooth they extracted 3 years ago!
Delta Dental of RI & RI Oral Health Fdtn win award for RI Mission of Mercy PR!
Thank you for your generous donation of 100,000 to benefit children & those with special needs.
Love sitting on hold with Delta Dental because they claim my hubby's birthday isn't mother like son I guess. Lol (kind of an inside joke)
Can I say I have the best friends, like ever? Yep. You know who you are. ;) 😍 @ Delta Dental…
Making kids healthier, better prepared for school: Mich. aims to expand partnership with Delta Dental
So according to MVP they did not insure me at all in 2012 even though I was paying for it till July when I picked up Health New England at HEC. Now waiting to hear from PC to make sure they have me down as insured so I can do my taxes without getting penalized.
Greddy grove bank robbers and bandits from Baylor medical center healthcare policies cobra healthcare as well as delta dental plan im glad i paid with my cash and not my old irs credit card simply downtown Baylor w4extractions and i was on xaxan
Tom Gates from Delta Dental is now speaking on the 3 types of Exchanges: SHOP, Individual, Private.
Little known fact: You don't have to have teeth in order to have a pretty smile
Come join us at Northeast Delta Dental! Do you have communication skills that made your English professors jealous? Are you someone who relishes the opportunity to create and deliver high quality products in a collaborative environment? If you’re reading this ad and looking for grammatical errors, this position is perfect; and you’ll want to learn more by clicking here
Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Delta Dental of Colorado!
Fun contest! MT Your child have a great smile? We want 2 see their baby Enter your photo today:
Happy Valentine's Day to me off to the Dentist to get a tooth pulled
Going to slowly expose my coworker to heavier and heavier forms of metal so I can listen to whatever I want without him flipping out
I need new dental insurance. Any recommendations on a relatively inexpensive plan that most offices except?
Valentine's Day isn't just for sweets! Join us tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30 a.m. for a special dental care-themed Imagination Corner. Sing silly songs about brushing your teeth, toss big plush teeth along with the Tooth Fairy on our colorful parachute, and listen to a special story about dental care for you and your pets, too. This special Imagination Corner is presented by Delta Dental of Minnesota, sponsor of Dora and Diego, Let’s Explore!
Will someone with dental insurance please marry me? Lol my tooth hurts, I think I need a root canal
Taking good care of our teeth and gums is an important part of our daily routine…after all, we do need them to eat! Proper oral hygiene includes regular visits to the dentist’s office, but it doesn’t need to be a scary trip (even for adults!). Join us for our annual Children’s Dental Health Day to l...
Does anyone have decent private pay (non employee plan) dental insurance? Everything I look in to is HMO and the only participating providers are, well let's put this nicely not the "best" dental clinics in town ;(
I'm not complaining. Lol, but we hav had no luck with our flight to Disney and back. Stuck n Atlanta! I just want to go home. ( insert whine here) :)
got a big giant payroll monkey off her back today. Now I can sleep tonight!
I'm in line in Wally World...I'm the only person with teeth...
New t-shirts have arrived!! Chocolate and Sky Blue Medical Coding t-shirts & Hot Pink and Lavender Dental Assisting. Dark Blue, Lime, Pink, Black, and Daisy Yellow Delta Tech t-shirts will be delivered next week. Stop by Student Services to shop!!
New Survey from Delta Dental Finds Kids Need Brushing up on Oral Health February is National Children's Dental Health Month OAK BROOK, Ill. (February 1, 2013) - Although cavities are nearly 100 percent preventable, more than one in four American caregivers reported that their children had a cavity filled in the past year. This was among the findings of a new survey1 of nearly 1,000 caregivers released today by Delta Dental in conjunction with National Children's Dental Health Month. Among children who had a cavity in the past year, 53 percent had two or more cavities. The 2013 Delta Dental Children's Oral Health Survey shows that not only are Americans unaware they can pass cavity-causing bacteria to children, but they also need to brush up on some critical children's dental health habits, including basics such as brushing and flossing. "Parents and caregivers need to teach good oral health habits to children at a young age to help prevent cavities," said Dr. Bill Kohn, DDS, Delta Dental's vice president ...
This is the home page for the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program, the first and only dental benefits plan created by Congress especially for Uniformed Services retirees and their family members and administered by Delta Dental of California.
The people of Portland, Oregon and Wichita, Kansas need your help more than ever. The fluoride-lobby, made up of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Pew Charitable Trusts, and Delta Dental, (with the highly partisan CDC Oral Health Division lurking in the background) have been reacting to growing fluoride opposition by significantly increasing their funding for fluoridation promotion nationwide, mobilizing their local members, and focusing their lobbying efforts on state legislatures and the largest cities without fluoridation. Right now those cities are Portland and Wichita, and unless local citizens can stop them they will just continue down the list of cities, undeterred by local opposition.
Wisconsin among National Leaders in Dental Sealants for Kids Posted: 08 Jan 2013 08:18 PM PST Good news can be a scarce commodity, so I tip my hat to Guy Boulton for his article in Tuesday’s Journal Sentinel, which reported that Wisconsin is one of the national leaders in providing dental sealants for kids: Wisconsin is among the five states in the country with the most extensive programs to place dental sealants - plastic coatings applied to the chewing surface of molars to prevent tooth decay - in children, according to a report from the Pew Center on the States. Much of the credit goes to the state’s Seal-a-Smile program, which was expanded over the past three years with an infusion of $1.3 million – including $825,000 from a federal grant and $480,000 donated over two years by Delta Dental. Unfortunately, dental sealants are one of the few bright spots in Wisconsin’s public sector efforts to improve oral health. As the Journal Sentinel article explains, “access to dental care has been a long ...
I'm looking for a new dentist in Scott County. Does anyone have one they absolutely love? I prefer someone who isn't near retirement and takes Delta Dental. Thanks!
Plymouth Rock Offers a new auto insurance group discount to participating dentists of Delta Dental of New Jersey.
Looking for a good dentist that accepts Delta Dental..absolutely DONE with Sunset Dental in Wanamassa...its been going to *** after Dr McNamara sold the practice and retired before passing away last year.
Hey Oshkosh peeps, I'm looking for any recommendations you may have on a dentist that accepts Delta Dental. Prefer one that's good with kids (10 & 14). Main reason I'm looking is because while I like my current dentist, he's pretty danged expensive.
"Like" Delta Dental of South Carolina by clicking on their name here and then clicking "LIKE" on their page. For...
If your man's QB is Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, Philip Rivers or Matt Stafford you gotta double up on Delta Dental coverage.
Office update::: We are glad to announce that we are now providers for the following dental insurances-Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, All-kids, Cigna, Medicaid, Metlife and Delta Dental.
For 50 years, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been searching for a cure for cancer and other catastrophic diseases, and caring for children across the world who suffer from them. Delta Dental is proud to support this organization, and this holiday season will be donating a total of $20,000 to four charitable organizations, including St. Jude. Help us allocate this donation by choosing your favorite organization at the link below.
Thanks to the Denver Zoo for having CBCA members at last night's Zoo Lights! Thanks to these member companies for braving the cold and joining us: Anadarko, ARIS Title Insurance, Bennett Wagner & Grody Architects PC, Bryan Cave LLP, CBS Denver, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Corona Insights, Delta Dental of Colorado, Denver Water, Ernst & Young, Havey Productions...
DR. JEFFREY B. KOCHEVAR D.D.S. M.S.D. and DR. J. BRUCE KOCHEVAR D.D.S. We specialize in Root Canals, Retreatment of Se Habla Espanol Dr. Bruce Kochevar and Dr. Jeff Kochevar have been servicing the Salt Lake Community with over 30 years of combined experience. In July 2008 we permanently moved to our beautiful, brand new South Jordan office. Kochevar Endodontics is staffed with 6 fun, hard working employees who truly love their jobs and are very knowledgeable about what they do. Patient comfort and overall positive experience is our GOAL! We are happy to answer any questions prior, during and after any Root Canal Treatment. We accept most dental insurances including: Aetna PPO, A.F.S., Altius (Monarch Dental), BCBS/Regence/Valuecare, Cigna PPO, Coventry, Delta Dental, Dental Select, Dentemax, Dentist Direct, Direct Dental, Educators Mutual, Guardian, Humana, Liberty, Met Life, PEHP, Principal, Select Health United Concordia and United Healthcare. *We also accept CARE CREDIT or payment plans are available* ...
DDID Blog: We Are Thankful For Our Dental Clinic - Idaho State University and Delta Dental of Idaho partnered in the...
With such a great turnout for Thursday morning's DLRP Breakfast Briefing to hear about PopUp Main Street, it is fair to say that everyone felt it was well received last Saturday. The temporary PopUp or street and storefront redesign from I-630 to 15th Street included a recently adopted Main Street design negotiated between Bryan Day, City of Little Rock Assistant City Manager, and Ed Sergeant with the support of Joe Fox (representing the Business Improvement District), Hillis Schild (representing SoMa) and Laura Sargent. This new street plan of single lane two-way traffic with bike lanes and parking is being considered by the City as a prototype for implementation in other parts of the city. Everyone agreed that the added trees down the median were a hit. PopUp Main Street organizers said at the Breakfast Briefing they hope to do another PopUp next year somewhere. Our special thanks to Chris East of Cromwell representing studioMAIN and Kelly Caldwell of Delta Dental representing Create Little Rock for the ...
Delta Dental's Linda Brantner explains the overwhelming support from state and national organizations for water...
New dental insurance - Delta Dental. Any recommendations on pediatric and adult dentists in west boca is appreciated. Thanks!
Thank you to the Nashville Predators and Delta Dental of Tennessee for providing these free fan photos!
please follow me back, remember me I'm the tall red head that's been to your concerts at Delta Dental stadium+the other NH 1
Getting closer to gametime here at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. start time.
Delta Dental of CO wants to give you $50. Tell us why your child about back to school to enter
Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity having a group event in our Beautiful Patio! It was so much fun seting up for them
Great start to the weekend. Got offered a job here in Okemos at Delta Dental! Super stoked!
I'd like to invite all of the LUMPA NATION and the PFG-SCIPLES to come to Northeast Delta Dental Stadium on...
728x90 - 100% Authentic
Kids Corporation II provides summer school/camp programs, after-school programs, medical and dental exams free of charge to the most needy kids in Newark, N.J. The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation is a proud partner in the success of this program. For more information, visit
2012 Community Mini-Grant Program Delta Dental Foundation Provides Funding The Delta Dental Foundation has announced its call for...
Now, we are back down to normal in Bellevue at Coinstar. Tomorrow, we'll be at Delta Dental in NortKsMr
Delta Dental of Colorado was a proud sponsor of the Davita Kidney Rock Run 2012. Thank you to everyone who stoped by our photo booth after the run. Please tag yourselves so your family and friends can see your photos too!
“I see you. So yall take Delta Dental? lol but really tho?
Guess I have to go to the game tonight. Chance to see the big boys doesn't come often. And just realized I'm late since games start at 6:35 rather than 7:05. Bye.
I just ousted Anna H. as the mayor of Delta Dental on
What do you do when your four-year-old takes a header into the edge of a table and knocks a front baby tooth loose? Give your dentist a call and follow these helpful tips.
Our team is ready to rock at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium!
children will have a brighter future thanks to partnership with Read more here:
Well 5 more fillings down , 2 sides done, now I have 4 wisdom teeth to come out and 3 front and than I'm good for 2 years unless I have a flare up. Thank god. Gotta be thankful though that in all these visits I only have to pay $250 out of pocket! Thanks Delta Dental.
Check out our job opening for a Dental Consultant in Alpharetta, GA! Delta Dental Insuran
Last chance to tell Manchester students that you know: FREE school supplies tonight at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium from 5-6:30PM.
Delta Dental of Michigan partners with Michigan Department of Community Health to offer state- and federally-funded benefits programs for uninsured children.
We're still seeking apps for the annual Community Mini-Grant Program. Deadline is 9/3.
I didn't even know I had Delta Dental too lol
In partnership with Manchester Christian Church, Fisher Cats are hosting Manch goes back to school today at 5:00p at Delta Dental Stadium
Tomorrow, we'll be doing a private event, a company picnic in Bellevue. We won't be at Delta Dental, our normal Wednesday lunch spot.
Hey Spokane friends - I need to get my 24 year old son into a dentist ASAP. He has a molar that is bad and may need to be extracted or have a root canal. We have insurance through Delta Dental but need to make payments on the rest of the procedure. So far I haven't been able to find a dentist who will take payments. Any recommendations?
Dr Dalwani received another FANTASTIC 5 star review from YELP I cannot speak highly enough of the practice and staff at Dr. Dalwani's Center for Holistic Dentistry. For starters it is hard to find a good holistic dentist that is also affordable and Dr. Dalwani being part of the Delta Dental plan, made the change to her practice a no-brainer, since I have Delta Dental insurance. But most of all Dr. Dalwani is a fantastic dentist. She is extremely thorough, conscientious, highly skilled, and an excellent communicator. She cares about what the patient thinks and discusses freely what all the options are. She approaches dental care conservatively to preserve as much of the patient's original teeth. She is flexible and collaborative, and cares about the long term results as well as the short term most gentle treatment experience. Her hygienist is the best shot giver I have ever experienced, so gentle and concerned, and an excellent technician. Dr. Dalwani's back staff works extremely well with her in treatment ...
wow, when i went through delta dental i paid $30 for a tooth to b pulled... I just got my tooth pulled today for $171.00...WTH
Anyone know of a good dentist with delta dental?
Proud to now be contracted with Delta Dental's PPO Product
At Blodgett Dental Care we want to make the best dental care as affordable as possible for our patients. We are now "IN NETWORK" providers with most major dental insurance companies! Aetna, Ameritas, Dearborn, Delta Dental, Dentemax, Lifewise, Metlife, ODS, Regence, Standard Insurance, and many more. Curious if we take your insurance? Call to your insurance carrier to find out!
Did you know that heart disease and oral health are linked?
If I get this job @ Delta Dental everything would be all good and I will have my life back!
Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation awards grants to programs with a significant impact on improving oral health.
Don't tell me that my husband is not eligible for his military rights. The dentist office insisted that Tim Fuller could not get treatment from them using Delta Dental Insurance - Military. The family could but not him. We have been paying our premiums since Tim retired from the Navy 9 years ago and he has always been insured. So I got on the phone with Delta and of course they tell me the family can't be covered without the retired spouse. Somehow in 2009, they deleted his name, the customer assistant told me, me more than likely he somehow got listed as 100% disability and had to be seen by the VA. Well, I got that taken care of and he is back on the insurance! Once a Navy wife always a Navy wife -- taking care of our sailors!
> I'm not looking forward to this at all! I'm a need Delta Dental to pay 100% 😳
I'm sure delta dental paid for that one before I was on their plan. So whatever.
Mechanic for Delta and her mother was a dental.
lmfao noo idk some crap called delta dental. It's thru my moms job. It's really bad. But the health insurance is the bizznesss
Great day at Fenway with Renegades, great night at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium with Was even on the radio at each park.
The Delta Dental choir (featuring my wife) singing the national anthem at tonight's Tigers game in D-town.
School shopping, on the move with Mr. Calvin's Bouncers, and Travelers game with Delta Dental # HappySaturday
When was in fifth gr, he wanted to be a professional athlete (baseball, basketball or soccer) or work at Delta Dental.
Wow!! What a neat few days!! The birth of our little Faith Nicole McClain, "Smile Day" at work, singing the National Anthem at ComericA Park with the Delta Dental 10 person choir ...then watching the Tigers play..all after a night with no sleep! Love my my job!!
Does anyone know a good dentist that takes our insurance i need a tooth pulled have delta dental
Had to call WDS (Delta Dental) today regarding our new coverage. I remain steadfast in my belief that most health insurance organizations are completely jacked. :(
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