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Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a major airline based in the United States and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Adam Saleh Air Force Alaska Airlines

Thanks for a shot of water, Delta Airlines. I only waited 40 mins!
Thank you Delta Airlines for refund on my ticket based on my son having emergency surgery. .
Not being seated by children is one of the perks airlines should offer to educators. what do you think?
Delta, United Airlines can start removing coach folks prior to 1st/biz class if a flight is overbooked?
KAYAK flights using Delta Airlines is pretty good
Yo' momma's so stupid, she thinks Delta Airlines is a sorority!
Shoot, if you ever thought the software industry was brutally competitive, airlines are ruthless.
Living in a dorm is great, but I can't wait to not hear Chad from Alpha Delta Airlines playing Bad & Boujee every morn…
*Wakes up at 5:15 and gets to airport at 6:30* . 6:40 message from Delta airlines "Your flight is delayed until 2pm"
Delta, Korean Air agree to launch transpacific JV
5:30AM wide awake still wrapped in the Delta airlines blanket, Maya the little dog, stole my pillow: A Love Story
Delta, United, Southwest most likely airlines to bump you from your flight
Delta Airlines unveils elegant designer serviceware you'll want to take home
to form joint venture - TTG Asia - Leader in Hotel, Airlines, Tourism and Travel Trade News
Delta and Korean Air to Expand partnership: Airlines agree to implement a joint venture arrangement…
Why you might want to consider working for Delta Airlines...
Delta Airlines has its first black female captain Stephanie! via
Stephanie Johnson, Dawn Cook form first all-black, all-women Delta Airlines cockpit via
Hey, whatever happened to Adam Saleh suing Delta Airlines for kicking them off the plane?
Interestingly, the Delta Airlines computer systems are down (including their app) and all flights are grounded...Waiting on a flight.
JFK - JFK connections 50 mins, Delta Airlines, PHL-JFK and JFK-SAN - Yes, that is possible but leaves no time to...
Delta: i_Rajesh_Khanna Thx for the add'l details. I'll be back with you shortly. *EC
Delta: PaulMcMeekin ...more info Please let me know if you'd like to explore changes. *CH 2/2
Delta: tatroe It could be possiblilty your seat assignment will be assigned at the gate. Pls DM your confirmation *YC
Delta: PaulMcMeekin Hi Paul, we have issued a travel waiver allowing customers traveling in/out of Omaha to make changes click here for... …
Lewis' district is home to five universities and the corporate headquarters of Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines.
Delta: Colleenmcdonald Each credit has different rules. Pls follow/DM the 006 credit number for review. *NG
Delta: SonnyWhosoever Have a blast! We appreciate being your ride in the sky ✈️ *EC
Delta: Jennie_W Jennie, I am so sorry to hear about this delay. I would like to take a look at your reservation a bit closer. Do you mind..…
Delta: tigga117 Hi. Pls review our Cuba FAQs on our website, here: *JH
Delta: i_Rajesh_Khanna I'll need you to provide your seat number so I can have cabin maintenance look into this matter. *EC
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Delta: CLK55 I am very sorry about that. We can not guarantee seat assignments. I suggest you see our gate agent for more assistance on thi…
Delta: TradeShowCrowds Hi, Anders. Thx for your suggestion. I will forward to our teams. *JH
Delta: Colleenmcdonald Hi Colleen. We are no longer at DeltaAssist. Pls follow/DM your 006 credit # to us here at Delta for review. *NG
Delta: AustinChamber Hi Austin Chamber, good afternoon to you. We are so excited to be offering new routes to the great City of Austin! :) …
Delta: kmccoy Enjoy your flight, Kevin! Thank you for flying with us. *YC
Delta: hugokruijssen Awesome to hear! Thanks for letting us be your ride Hugo. Happy Travels! :-) *NG
Delta: LouiseSwaby On behalf of *DG, you're welcome. Have a great day! *EM
Delta: i_Rajesh_Khanna When you advised the FA did they provide compensation? *EC
Delta: Jessica_Ross Hi, Jessica. Sorry for your loss. We offer bereavement fares. Please contact our Reservations department directly at...…
Delta: Andy_Lakin ...requested a rush delivery for you. *DG 2/2
Delta: CLK55 There is DL1559 departing at 2:55pm from gate 69A. *DG
Delta: SanjanaaPatel Oh no, Sanjana! I'm sorry to hear about your bag. Please follow/DM your baggage tag number. *…
Delta: Andy_Lakin Your bag is scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 10:35 pm tonight. The delivery window there is up to 6 hours but we've...…
Delta: nokidizzle Here is a link to contact our Support Team from anywhere around the world. *YC
Delta: CLK55 I'm sorry there aren't any flights available with space but I can place you on the waitlist just in case. *DG
Delta: IamDanielMartin Did you speak with the baggage office about loaner equipment? Also, you can use the following link to request... 1/2
Delta: AlexandraZoe_22 Alex, what is your flight number and I can assist with information for you. *YC
Delta: LouiseSwaby Hi, Louise. "Miss" is your title and it will not prevent you from clearing security. *DG
Delta: LauriLinnea No worries, this information is fine. *EM
Delta: GT3Cruzer Hi. Thx for publicly complimenting our flt crew on DL120 HND-MSP. We're proud of them too. Happy Travels! *JH
Delta: strangeriasl Tony, sorry for the delays. Our Airport team is working hard to get you all going. *DG
Delta: LauriLinnea You're welcome. Thank you for letting us know. *EM
Delta: chouston423 The preferred seats are available. You won't be able to pick your seat until further during the booking process. *YC
Delta: LauriLinnea Please DM the airport and I will reach out to them. *EM
Delta: nokidizzle I can try to find a local support number for you. *YC
Delta: ffortinhoule Hi, Frank. If your bags are delayed and you need reimbursement for out of pocket expenses you can use the following... …
Delta: shapscott Is this link not working from your PC? *YC
Delta: nokidizzle That is the only number we have for them. What part of the UK are you located in? *YC
Delta: Daisy_III Very sorry to hear. We'll do everything we can to get your bags delivered out to you. *EC
Delta: _benjessee Kudos to Karen! I'm happy to hear she took care of you and will forward this to her supervisor. Thanks for sharing! *EM
Delta: tnickerson12 Wow! I really regret this has been such an unpleasant experience for you. Please be sure to file a claim at your final.…
Yep, walk into the lobbies of Coca Cola, Southern Co & Delta Airlines & call 'em drug dealers; see what that gets u…
Delta: Valerotti Glad you're having a good time! *EC
Delta: tj225988 Thanks for traveling with us! *DG
Delta: LauriLinnea I apologize, we just don't recommend it. *EM
Delta: Bwalk726 Hi, Brian. Once you arrive at your final destination we will be more than happy to review compensation options with you. *DG
Delta: chouston423 Chris, please DM your confirmation number and I will take a look. *YC
Delta: LJHeinmiller My apologies for the flight delay. Our airport is working hard to get you on your way. *EC
Delta CEO: US airlines to press case against Gulf carriers with Trump
Delta: shapscott Hi Scott, what did you try signing up for? *YC
Delta: chouston423 Hi Chris, what seat are you trying to select? *YC
Delta & American Airlines got tickets for $50-70 from KC to LA & vice versa 😱 book y'all tickets RINA
Delta: CRaimund1 Wow, I am sorry to hear things aren't going as planned. *KC
Delta: CRaimund1 Please DM via this link and let us know how we could assist: *KC
Delta: Josephmac2 Hi, Joseph. My apologies for the delayed bag. Pls follow & Direct Message your Lost Baggage Claim Report # for review. *…
domain names
Delta: LauriLinnea ...or liable for it. *EM 3/3
Delta: LauriLinnea ...course, bring your laptop computers as carry-on. If the equipment is within your baggage, we're not responsible... 2…
Delta: LauriLinnea I apologize for the confusion. Computers or computer-related equipment are not allowed as checked baggage. You can, of..…
Delta: ggarnerhanson Miami is a hot spot! Give me a clue... *YC
Delta: beccadeegan1 Hi. I'm sorry to hear this. Pls follow me for a private direct message about your lost item. *JH
Delta: abrookeleonard I'm happy you were able to enjoy ESPN! *YC
Delta: TheRealAndrew74 Hi Andrew, we'd be happy to assist you with this. Please DM via this link: *KC
Delta: SKTusing I'm sorry you experienced two delays due to maintenance and we know you rely on us for your travel needs. Please DM the... …
Tell Coca-Cola & Delta Airlines, 2 of Fortune 500 cos in Rep Lewis' district, that the PEOTUS thinks their home base i…
Delta: hollymrushton We are happy that you are enjoying this terminal! *EK
Delta: qtamimi If you would like to file a formal complaint, you may reach them at the number in the previous message. *EK
A well-known vlogger's post of his removal from a Delta Airlines flight has gone viral on social media.
Delta Airlines did the right thing! Don't let the YouTube prankster get away with this, he might claim that 9/11 wa…
I've never flown in your airlines and never will I!!!
Delta Airlines kick Muslim off plane for speaking Arabic
Man thrown off plane 'for speaking Arabic to his mother'
Good morning everyone except the Electoral College, Donald Trump, and Delta Airlines
It's so crazy that people are saying that the whole delta airlines situation with Adam was just for a YouTube video
I'll be sure to never use airlines ever.
Delta airlines kicks off Muslim dude for speaking Arabic on phone, and somehow this is labeled as works of white supremacy. . Do what?? Lol
In the end both Delta Airlines and that you tuber are TRASH, now back to minding my own business
Adam Saleh popular YouTube star, thrown off Delta airlines plane for speaking Arabic
spreads after is allegedly kicked off Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic:
BOYCOTT airlines -- kicking two men off of the plane for speaking Arabic is AWFUL!
The Muslim YouTuber "kicked off" Delta Airlines flight previously recorded a 'terrorist prank' on a plane! Another "prank" t…
Delta Airlines is about too lose a lot of money 😭😭
LOL paid to hide the hashtag I'm so done with this racist airlines. Sorry this is happeni…
Delta airlines has been called out for its racist practices on multiple occasions. For their racist passengers. To make…
It appears this Delta Airlines incident may be the result of another sick prank by the Muslim YouTuber. Look at his track rec…
The Muslim claiming Delta Airlines kicked him off his flight for speaking Arabic is the same YouTuber who faked an islamaphob…
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delta airlines kicked us out for speaking Arabic to my mom on a plane
Here's Delta Airlines' full statement after Adam Saleh was removed from flight 'for speaking Arabic to his Mum'
It isn't the first time airlines is discriminating non-white people and it won't be the last if we don't speak up!!
turns out the one who was racially profiled at delta airlines has made hella anti black videos & says "Abeed" which is a sl…
Airlines that have been horrible to PoC just this year:. . . . .
Delta airlines just kicked Adam and i off the plane because we were speaking Arabic...
Delta airlines should've banned him before for these stupid videos lol this fake racism takes credibility out of real discrimin
YouTube star was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight after allegedly speaking Arabic to his mother on the phone…
So apparently the guy from the delta airlines story does pranks for his YouTube channel...smh
A YouTube star says Delta Airlines kicked him off a plane for speaking Arabic:
Vlogger Adam Saleh 'kicked off' Delta Airlines flight by via
"So you're a guys having a frat party tonight? ;)". "Ma'am this is Delta Airlines will you please just give me you…
Delta Airlines and T mobile are my absolute best right now. Free wifi onboard makes longhaul flts such a delight. Great job
.announces investigation into bizarre rant by Trump fan.
Time to boycott Delta airlines for not having this Trump supporter arrested for his in flight disturbance.
Trump supporter goes on bizarre rant in the middle of a airlines flight:
the statement says nothing. He needs banned from all airlines for life.
I flew American Airlines. Delta also does the same.
Reason 1 to boycott Delta Airlines. Constant reduction in frequent flyer benefits.
Boycotting airlines. Delayed bc flight crew took their time on the last flight, phone rep rude, and baggage folks r…
With Int'l a dying breed, Business is now the new First and the new Business…
"Hover-boards are no longer acceptable or allowed on airlines flights" -real life flight attendant. 2016 really IS the worst...
Shame On Delta Airlines, I'll never fly them again for letting this happen on one of their flights, he should have…
BOYCOTT DELTA AIRLINES! This piece of crap can stay on a DELTA plane but someone in Muslim attire can be removed if a passenge…
Yeah mate cos my life goal is to become a Delta Airlines flight attendant.
Now would be the perfect time to let know that our holiday travel dollars will be spent on other airlines.
Flying to Cuba: What you need to know - On Tuesday, United Airlines starts flying to the island and on Thursday...
You have a better chance in getting into Harvard than becoming a Delta Airlines flight attendant.
Donald Trump's rise to power has opened the floodgates to brainless imbeciles like this!! I am so done with Delta airlin…
Time for a quick layover! — traveling to Orlando, Florida from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
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Looks like airline stocks are back...American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Continental Holdings...
I agree w you. Alaska Airlines is still great. Delta Airlines seems darn good, too. Seattle is lucky to rely on these two.
On final approach into New York's JFK! — traveling to John F. Kennedy International Airport from Delta Airlines
Top Article Delta Air Lines Mission Statement - A Force for...: What is the Delta Airlines company mi...
Delta Airlines flight diverted to Manchester airport after Samsung tablet starts to smoke - Daily Mail
The recent Delta Airlines system outage and the prior Southwest outage are pointing people to blame their...
Delta Airlines cancels more than 400 flights after power su...
Excitement builds for passengers as Delta Airlines launch partnership operation with
Meanwhile, at the Delta airlines backup power generator site
A system outage stranded tens of thousands of air travelers:
Did someone use tactics with Delta Airlines tickets?
i've missed a meeting and Delta Airlines STILL doesn't have a clue. Believe it or not received better service from Spirit.
JUST IN: Delta Airlines grounds all flights due to global computer outage:
How many portable generators did Delta Airlines buy today?
Delta grounding lifted, but travel chaos not over
All purpose parts banner
IT problems have disrupted Delta Airlines, grounding all flights. This sort of computer failure is not acceptable
Delta: ChalyJordan I'm sorry. We've had a system wide outage most of our operations have been impacted. Anything I can help with today? *KM
Delta: Jessicarocks713 Hello, Jessica. Sorry for the delay! If you need any help, pls let us know. We thank you for flying with us! *RD
Delta: LauraSprinkle I show your seat has been assigned. Please confirm. *VI
Delta: jedigrrrl P.S. We think you are amazing too! TS
Delta: jedigrrrl Currently, DL1982 is estimated to depart at 5:25pm. Recommend checking back with us or using the fly Delta app for... 1/2
Delta: jedigrrrl ...further updates. Thanks for flying with us! TS 2/2
Delta: LindseyTaub Hi there, I do not believe so. Please follow and DM your confirmation number so I can make sure. *VI
Delta: IvanGraack Hey Ivan, pls ensure you're Following Us, then Direct Message with your Delta confirmation# *VM
Delta: PooreCPChris Thanks for your patience. We're working to get everything back on schedule as soon as possible. -DY
Delta: JIac33 That's definitely not the experience we wanted you to have. Pls follow/DM for assistance. *AD
Delta: We are investigating the cause of today’s outage, but our focus right now is on our customers and getting our operations back to nor…
Delta: vasuprada Hello. Not showing any cancellation as of yet via this flight. *RD
Delta: web20classroom We certainly appreciate the kind words today. *TH
Delta: Megan_zaghmout Hey Megan, my apologies for the delayed response. I'm showing that flight is delayed. Will depart now at 4:15pm. *VM
Delta: victoriakimchi Hi Victoria, that is correct. Pls follow/DM your conf# for assistance with rebooking. *AD
is still a better airlines that AA, at least for domestic flights.
Hey still think it's a good idea to put and the other airlines in charge of the system?
Delta airlines, please get yourself together.
no we're on Alaska Airlines. I saw Delta was grounded because of computer problems
Delta is latest airline to trip over technology: All four of the USA's biggest airlines have now seen signifi...
Data center disaster disrupts Delta Airlines - Airline was forced to ground all flights early this morning due to …
If you're flying out of Seattle or another US city via Delta Airlines, expect big delays due to PC issue:
AIR-INFIDEL 👉🏻 can make A LOT of money while keeping passengers SAFE, just by offering Muslim-Free Airlines!
Some people are having a worse day than you:
airlines staff at Logan, you are patient, kind people!
airlines grounds all flights due to systems problems, and all I got was this lousy voucher...
Chaos reigns in aftermath of Delta power outage . Early on Monday morning, passengers of Delta Airlines woke to ne…
Long lines at John Glenn International after a computer problem w/ Delta airlines. Delays & cancellations today.
you twll me glitch is fine then cancel flightmins to boarding. Then have to rent car to make nxt flight
Unfortunately all flights are grounded due to a system outage nationwide (USA). We're currently working to resolve the issue:…
Delta flights resume after computer glitch
Stuck on the east coast all thanks to Delta Airlines 😠
When I die, I want Delta Airlines to lower me into my grave, so it can let me down one last time.
this can not be just a power outage!! Get it together delta this is costing me money!
Delta airlines says all flights suspended "due to system outage nationwide"
Lol. Many other airlines to choose from but religious profiling by is unacceptable
Enter for a chance to win 2 round trip tickets to anywhere Delta Airlines flies.
Delta: durbsbythesea76 Pls call our Reservations & Customer Support team at 1 of our worldwide locations, here: *VM
Delta: gsturm We'll make every effort to locate the items. To assist us, pls complete our Lost Item Report here: *…
Delta: The_Real_Hunter Hey Wesley, my apologies for this experience. The seats are based on availability of the flt. Sorry this happened. *…
Delta: KevinSprouse Kevin, I'm sorry this happened to you. I encourage you to speak with a supervisor at the airport for assist on this iss…
Delta: durbsbythesea76 It looks like we made the attempt, but the system didn't allow the upgrade. Did you contact your Elite desk for help…
Delta: durbsbythesea76 Troy, sorry you feel that way. I'm not showing where you sent the confirmationso we can be of assistance with thi…
Delta: AK_cbs Oh my, we must do better. Pls immediately report this to our airport Baggage Service team. A team member will do their best..…
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Delta: OnlyOneMe2 Are you referring to PHL? If so the counter opens around 4:15a. *AD
Delta: sjernigan14 We appreciate your feedback. *VM
Delta: BOACLtd Lovely pic, thanks for sharing. *AD
Delta: sjernigan14 Hey Scott, that's absolutely correct. Visit our website for more info here: *VM
Delta: heartforhugs Hey Bethany, we work hard at ensuring your flights are on-time and hassle-free. However, safety is always our # priorit…
Delta: heartforhugs Pls share your fltif I can take a closer look. *VM
Delta: teatalyn We'll be here waiting Teata. *AD
Delta: chakre Thanks for the shout out, Pratul *AD
they just said that there was a carbon monoxide leak on the delta airlines. Another reason to not fly with delta.
Delta: michaelsroberts You guys should be departing soon. My apologies for the delay. Thanks so much for your patience. *SD
This Delta vs Alaska Airlines battle just got a lot more personal with PokemonGo
Delta: mikeyNOTmickey Hi there. I am very sorry to hear this. How can I help? *SD
Are you sure it isn't called 'Delta'yed Airlines?
Delta: ChelseaMarch Hi there Chelsea, I am very sorry to hear about your recent experience. *SD
Delta: rayrayranj It will probably be best that you wait until you arrive at the airport. So sorry for the inconvenience. *SD
👏 bravo Delta they managed to be worse than United airlines or whatever it's called
Delta: RoobyTuesday My apologies for your experience Julie, pls contact our Customer Care team regarding EU compensation. *AD
Delta: michaelsroberts Hopefully it shouldn't be much longer. We really appreciate your patience. *SD
Delta: ebakess No compensation is being offered at this time. *AD
Delta: michaelsroberts Hi there. I am terribly sorry for the delay. Are you currently at the airport? *SD
Delta: ebakess My apologies for your experience but I reviewed your flights and they were delayed due to Air Traffic Control. *AD
Delta: ebakess Give me a moment to review. *AD
Delta: nellemoss Awesome! I'm glad you were able to receive your bags. :-) *SD
Delta: rayrayranj Yes, but that flight is complete full also. *SD
Delta: nowclickthis We apologize for this experience and for any inconvenience caused to you as a result. *VM
Delta: rayrayranj ...have to speak with agent at the airport once you arrive. You are requesting to change your destination and there... 2/3
Delta: mishmash67 Based on the TSA site you may carry your candle. *AD
Delta: MattyLewin I'm sorry. Please refer to this link to locate someone in your area:*SD
Delta: DesSoFlyy Hi. We thank you again for your undeniable loyalty and we look forward to welcoming you onboard soon. *VM
Delta: rayrayranj There aren't any other direct flights to JFK. All of the flights departing from NRT to JFK are completely full. You will.…
Delta: nowclickthis Hi. My apologies for this experience. We should have you on your way shortly. *VM
Delta: MattyLewin Hi Matty. You must contact our reservations desk regarding all upgrades. It's based on availability. They can be reached.…
Delta: DavidReiling Hi David, so sorry for the delay. Hopefully you guys will be departing soon. *SD
Delta: ber_szczepanski Amber, very sorry you have to wait. A phone agent will be available to take your call shortly. *VM
Delta: rayrayranj You've actually already been re-booked through JFK. We booked you on what was available. *SD
Delta: rayrayranj Hi there, so sorry for the inconvenience. If you happen to miss your connecting flight, you will automatically be... 1/2
Delta: ryanrotman My apologies for the delay to deplane. I hope you'll be on your way soon. *AD
Delta: LamontBrownNYC That sounds like the way to enjoy a flight. *AD
Delta: jake_kansas Hey Jake, we always welcome your feedback or suggestions. I'll make a note of that. *VM
Delta: ber_szczepanski Sorry we let you down. Pls know, Reservations is available 24/7 if you change your mind. *VM
Delta: TimEisenstadt Tim, we appreciate the special shout out. Our team works hard every day to make flying with us better. Thx for noticin…
Delta: rdottriz My apologies for your experience, I'm glad the crew made your flight a bit better. *AD
Delta: ber_szczepanski Sorry for the extended hold. A phone agent will be with you shortly. Thx for your patience while we assist other psg…
Happy 80th birthday to U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, and congratulations on having a plane in the Delta Airlines fleet named…
Gogo adding Gogo Vision in-flight wireless entertainment on Delta Airlines fleet - In addition, Gogo also int…
Highlights of the Delta Airlines fleet from the 75th Anniversary Booklet published in 2004.
It appears as the whole delta airlines fleet jus descended into Las Vegas
Same airlines as before right for tomorrow? Flying out with Delta?
Couldn't be anymore proud of my cousin for becoming a pilot for Delta airlines
Delta: vshlos My apologies for this experience. *VM
Delta: louisprimajr Oh, okay. Thanks for flying with us. :-) *AB
Delta: louisprimajr I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your question. Could you please clarify? *AB
LED News: The entire Delta Airlines fleet is going to retro-fit LED lighting to increase efficiency!
fleet: more than 720. Destination: more than 330. Employees: more than 80k
Delta: cassidyloveday That generally means a final decision has not been made. Fingers crossed! :-) *AB
Delta: BobTims We look forward to your continued loyalty. Thanks for your support! *VM
Delta: cassidyloveday Hi, Cassidy. Pls click here for our Career Website: *AB
Delta: louisprimajr Not good. Please follow/DM your confirmation # if you’re in need of rebooking assistance. Thanks. *AB
Sometimes I think the Air Force has more in common with Delta Airlines than it does with the US Marine Corps
Delta Airlines flight lands at Air Force base by mistake - RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — A Delta Airlines flight from...
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Deals this week: Air Seychelles, Philippine Airlines, Delta Airlines: Air Seychelles has announced the expans...
Tim Tebow prays for ailing Delta Airlines passenger Sunday
I think Delta Airlines is the only company that has used memes and not made me cringe
meeting with the company at Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
I'm listening to Female Heist Movie / Delta Airlines by on
I like to think Delta Airlines is trying really hard to improve after John Mulaney verbally attacked them
Get Free Dining Plan plus discounted rooms when you book with Delta Airlines.
Delta Airlines unveils new flights from Reno to Atlanta
"Because we're Delta Airlines, and life is a *expletive* nightmare!" - John Mulaney
Useless service from Delta Airlines. I've tried to call them for 2 days without getting through. What does customer do next?
I cannot get through to Delta Airlines at all in the UK on the number given. I have tried for two days.
Delta: RealLordWelsh Please file a baggage claim at the airport regarding the items stolen out of your luggage. I am very sorry to hear... …
Delta: LegallyBEAT You're welcome! I'm glad you were able to receive assistance. :-) *SD
Delta: JacynSiebert to refund those baggage fees for you. *SD 2/2
Delta: mswilkie24 Hi Lauren. I do apologize for the delayed response. The flight is not able to depart without required paperwork. *CM
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Delta: JacynSiebert If you are supposed to receive free baggage and you were charged. Once your travel has been completed, we should be... …
Delta: terrenceisdaman We are still here for you. :-) *CM
Delta: music4mic Awww, we are still here for you, Michael. What's going on? *CM
Delta: hcathy Cathy, I am so very sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Have you tried speaking to a red coat or management of some sort..…
Delta: slcsound DeltaAssist All done, following you. :-) *DR
Delta airlines incorporating memes into their safety talk... 😁
Delta: D5AL_ Hi there. So sorry for the delayed response. Were you able to receive assistance? *SD
Delta flights to Seattle start today. Delta Airlines begins its new daily flight schedule from Victoria...
I will do everything in my power to avoid flying Delta Airlines in the future.
Delta: maximosrangel Max please check your DM for more information. *CM
Delta: MoDaoudPhoto Thanks for working with us. If I may help pls DM details. *QB
30min later & 60+ people still in line for hours due to airlines. No water 4them.
Ugh to fly delta or American Airlines😭
thank u delta airlines for blessing my flight back home with the Hamilton musical soundtrack
Delta: wkrakower I'm sorry to hear of your report. If we may assist from here please let us know. *QB
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Delta: maximosrangel Hi Max. One moment and I will take a look for you. *CM
Delta: kokiwasi What type of upgrade are you looking to use? *CA
Delta: emilysirianni11 The tower will have you all in a gate as soon as possible. *CM
Delta: mlipmanRD22 Hi Matthew. My apologies for the gate arrival delay. The tower is working hard to place all aircraft in a gate. *CM
Delta: emilysirianni11 Oh my! I am so sorry, Emily. There have been delays to and from LGA. *CM
Delta: CheWayneSymoane Hi there. Did you know that you can request a refund here *CA
Delta: GLaverriere Hi Greg. I am so sorry for the flight delay. We appreciate your patience. *CM
Delta: ChiefRubin Hi Dennis, so sorry for the delay. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance? *SD
Delta: CollinKromke Hi Collin. The integration will offer everyone a seamless experience when communicating with us. :-) *CM
Delta: JGfromOC We are still here for you, Jason! :-) *CM
Delta: LaLaLaurenChase Wow! So sorry for the travel inconvenience, Lauren. *CM
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