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Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a major airline based in the United States and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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LAX - Arriving from MIA connect to NRT - same reservation. on Delta Airlines.
SLC - LHR - BOI via SLC - Planning to book flights both with Delta Airlines from London to Boise, via Salt Lake...
Noel Greek a black visually learner from RSA will arrive NYC tomorrow to receive award from Lion Intrnl at the UN Delta Airlines
We should all boycott Delta Airlines until this piece of human excrement is fired.
Last night at Sea-Tac, Delta Airlines teamed up with the Girl Scouts to hand out girl scout cookies to traveling...
Level of Internal marketing Poised! Delta Airlines thanks employees for their best year ever with profit sharing...
Delta Airlines is giving its employees a $1.1 billion reward.
Deuter Helion 80: Even the most sadistic Delta Airlines bag smasher could not break its will & spirit.
Delta Airlines is hiring baggage handlers at Logan Airport! Know multiple languages->flight attendant positions.
Who loves flying with Delta Airlines? Check out these four fun facts about
Did you know that Delta Airlines flies into Salt Lake City International Airport 250 daily from 82 destinations?...
thank you Delta Airlines for bringing home our son from Fort Jackson,SC! From CAE to ATL to ORD! Merry Christmas!
: Delta Airlines lost a family dog and does not want to take the consequences! Plz sign:
In the atl for a hour & half — traveling to Tampa, Florida from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Not a shock that DOJ is raising a stink about trying to get slots from at Newark Airport! $UAL $DAL
Apparently everyone's favorite Wild scribe had some issues w Delta Airlines on his flight last night.
American & Hawaiian scored low in DOT Air Travel Consumer Report while Delta came out on top
Face 2 Face with the CEO of is filling up quickly!
Flight was booked wrong by Cheapoair have been trying to get $309.20 credit back to my card from Delta airlines
Here's a capital idea: Austin, Texas, for $203, round trip from LAX on 3 airlines
refund from cheapoair that was charged to my card, booking number 30729214, Delta airlines October 8 2015.oneilhwy1
On one of 's new planes. It's the night club of airlines.
According to researchers who studied 3 years of data, achieved a top rating in on-time performance 4 Holiday
. Its time to come over to Delta Airlines!
See how gets a different view of their new A300-300 taking off in this new video:
Thank you for making my 4 month old daughters first flight a special one. This is why your the best
Airlines,Thankyou for being part of my USA tour
Now Preparing to Depart Washington DC for Nairobi Airlines looking forward for an Amazing flight Experience
I really can't believe Delta airlines really let our bags sit out in the rain 😒
I'm never not flying Delta again. I never knew how trash other airlines were until now.
traveling to St. Louis from Detroit Intl Airport - Delta Airlines
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Exit row window on flight 25. Cracked and taped over. Scary!! And you're complaining about the gulf airlines?
Lol at Delta airlines trying to de-basic BASIC. Don't make fetch happen it's not gonna happen!
Delta tops US airlines in on-time performance; budget carrier Spirit finishes last
Hilarious! Think it would go well adapted as a Safety-Video for Delta airlines!.
Which one of u airlines is the one that's always losing people's luggage?? ...So I can kno who to filter out.
when will you start flying to Champaign IL so I don't have to suffer on any longer.
United Airlines out of SFO is a mess tonight. Flight delays as long as 4 hours for no discernible reason. Delta is eating your lunch UA!
is coming to Seattle! It may become an even bigger threat to than $…
Justice Dept Opposes United-Delta Swap 4 Landing Slots: "United does not even use all the slots at Newark"
Richard Anderson, CEO Delta Airlines: Delta lost our dog and we want justice - Sign the Petition! via CdnChange
Thank you to Ryan Lynch, pilot for Delta Airlines and a graduate of Lawrence Township Schools for visiting our...
well it looks like I will be suing Delta Airlines for not honoring a credit voucher. All I say is don't trust them.
How did become on my top 5 airlines list? Great job Delta! ✈️
The Airline Industry is Tough And Delta is Making it Better. Thx in Part to their Marketing Team
You are amazing, I hope a Delta Airlines plane gets diverted to Portland, Ore., with you on it for a 36-hour layover.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
"This isn't about individuality, it's about the teams behind the brands." Tim Mapes, Delta Airlines
I am newish to the airlines rewards game. From a small town. Who would you choose: United, Delta or Alaska ?
I wish the airlines would start charging for carry on instead of checked bags. What do you think ?
When a brand wants to successfully reinvent itself, it starts with itself.
"Thank you" Delta Airlines for busting my golf club travel bag wheel. At least I'm home!!! Bright side to everything. Had fun
How nine airlines became four: Era of merger mania comes to a close
Delta airlines posted profit of $1.3billion yet all African airlines are posting loses what's wrong with African aviation?
Given Emirates' massive subsidies & ugly labor strategy, do they really provide quality service?
In 2001,the U.S had 10 major domestic airlines. Now: American, Delta, Southwest and United. Together, they control about 87% of the market.
like Delta Airlines, but for werewolves
Delta Airlines to suspend jet service to Dickinson - Grand Forks Herald
Travelers love to hate airlines - except Delta, thanks to this marketer via
A world that hates airlines doesn’t hate Delta thanks in part to this marketer:
104,000 miles & still counting. Just doesn't seem right Why am I still Silver?
Plenty of times to be frustrated with airlines but really came through today. for great customer service
Website Builder 728x90
Lovely Delta Airlines will fly them in free. Wheeling and Dealing for non-profits 🇺🇸
This week's top value stocks are and Airlines. $INTC $DAL
Corey Knowlton, a man who paid $350,000 to shoot a black rhino in Namibia, is suing Delta Airlines:
At the clinic for a drug test cause yo boy got hired at Delta Airlines 😎 Thank da Lort
Air Lines launches Sea-Tac service to 10 new destinations -
So and other airlines get thousands of questions and complaints on Now they're hiring people to deal with them.
copped them a SECOND time since delta airlines lost my first pair
*Y doesnt airlines in USA get Disney paintjobs like this? Call Disney now
NIce shift late in Airlines off the lows, . HA-Hawaiian just moved into the green. DAL- Delta as well as AAL- American
talking about Greek life & letters: "all I hear is Delta Airlines, Beta fish, Kappa-tavi & iota $7." 😐
What a weekend! Thank you for your Southern hospitality, Dallas. @ First Class on Delta Airlines
you should come out to the BCRF Golf Tournament presented by Delta Airlines in Vegas on 10/19 at Canyon Gate Country Club.
Delta Airlines fricking remembers. Is Delta Burke still alive? Does her hair still have its own agent?
Delta Airlines. La Guardia airport. The North East of the USA. All tremendously disappointing. Rubbish, in fact.
Wow! Really? Uncomfortable! This is 1st class people. Don't waste your money. Some airlines actually care.
PFD airfare roundup. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Airlines - 45 minute check in cut off time is a scam!, Review 11231 | Complaints Board
Will these airlines stop the next killing? PLS Rt
Delta vs. Alaska Airlines: Where are the best airfare deals for your PFD dollars?
. Extremely displeased with Delta Airlines once again
Alaska just inked a deal with Icelandair – here's why that matters to Delta: If you're an Alaska Airlines mileage…
Instagram : by ntx.aviation - Delta 747 Cruising to Hawaii! Took this on my last visit to Hawaii. .
Delta Airlines working to become number one corporate donator of blood: Delta Airlines is working to become the…
Alaska Airlines just inked a deal with Icelandair. Here's why that matters for Delta:
Photoset: bensears: Collaboration comics with delta airlines Comics are everywhere!
hi I emailed your customer service team 2 days ago and still no response! Poor! I want to see what I can do with my flights
I hope jetblue comes to It is a very large and empty airport but Delta's stranglehold keeps other airlines out.
Dear Delta Airlines: Delaying an entire flight of people on the ground for an hour for a part to fix another plane is ridiculous.
Have to share this for all those airlines holding out on the best contract being DELTA gotta right!
Delta, Southwest, China Southern top 3 airlines in traffic for 2014
recently announced partnerships with several for a handful of on-campus events. Learn more:
Farewell to our friend Greg Fischer of Airlines. He's transitioning from meeting planner to flight attendant!
Hillary has more baggage than Delta Airlines.
Pls S+RT Delta Airlines: Play your part in stopping >>.
Was bad. Delta Airlines and the seat couldn't tilt backwards. I slept all the way back tho. Now having bad jetlag lol.
It's a a landform at the mouth of a river and a BC city. Oh... and the needs a new ED.
If you purchased $ 1,00,000 of Delta Airlines stock 5 year ago, you would have $ 4,900 today. If you purchased...
Delta Airlines steps up. Boosts employee pay and match. $DAL
delta airlines really .gd u ain't bought us a plane yet Bg love Sean
IHOP.waffle house just good for the waffle.It's like Delta being compared to Spirit airlines
Delta: Delta employees work 86,400 seconds a day, 365 days a year to help you make your way in the world.
I'll be in the loving embrace of Delta Airlines all day today. So Prosperity Scope will be tonight, after I land.
Four Points by Sheraton ad placement with Airlines
Delta airlines thing they hilarious with their video instructions
China Airlines is a SkyTeam partner you are able book that flight operated by them and have the return booked on Delta. *KC
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Delta flight 435 NYC to SFO smells more like a French subway tunnel than a full service airlines 757.
the inbound to JFK is on 7/7/16, and China Airlines does operate on that date. Outbound would be 7/28 via NRT operated by Delta
Maybe happy FAs can help quell air rage? Delta opens employee-only spas, via
Northwest Airlines: Before merging with Delta, Northwest’s logo was one of the best in the industry.
Flight en route to Peoria makes emergency landing in Indiana: EVANSVILLE, IN. -- A Delta Airlines flight, en route…
KLM: ajbsop Hello Aileen, we can see that an email was sent by Delta with the request to provide them with additional information. They >
Thank you Delta Airlines and apparently Dale Earnhart Jr. for getting us to Pittsburgh in record time.
♪♫Come fly with me, let's fly away♪♫ Enter for a chance to win 2 round trip tickets to anywhere Delta Airlines flies.
American and Delta $197 LAX to Orlando. American Airlines and Delta Airlines are matching Spirit’s low $102 one-wa…
I would forgive Delta Airlines for 3 years of homelessness if I could get 1 apology from Richard Anderson and retiree flight perks.
Time for truly worldwide Virgin Airlines. Buy into Delta Airlines and rebrand to Virgin America so they can fly outside U.S.
Film travel again. Gotta love it — traveling to Texas from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
This is the weirdest thing I have seen in some time... @ Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines changes upgrade algorithm for international flights
Delta Airlines bans transporting exotic trophy animals after killing of Cecil the Lion.
Delta Airlines,Air France, KLM, Iberia, IAG Cargo, Singapore & Qantas signaled last week they'll ban the transport of trophy-hunting kills.
- I hate Delta Airlines. Been flying with them since 92 (Northwest an dhow Delta)
I used to fly there with Northwest Airlines from here in Japan, which merged with Delta Airlines...
Heading home — traveling to Jacksonville, Florida from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines says that airline consolidation is good for passengers. What say you?
Thank you Delta Airlines for that fabulous lunch with my brother and sister!!
Delta Airlines' Albany to Minneapolis flight is the least-likely flight in the region to be delayed: .
Delta Airlines lost a family dog, we want justice. via
Delta flight lands at PHX after tire issue: A Delta Airlines plane landed without incident at Sky Harbor…
I wonder when the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc. travel, do they use Delta Airlines?
Performing at Delta Airlines terminal D for the Relay for life American cancer society walk ..…
Delta Airlines emailed me today,they are investigating Radio City lawsuit,EEOC documents.They could drop MSG as sponsor
My best friend graduated from training. Delta Airlines flight attendant in the works. All I need is his buddy pass !!
They have got this down to an art. @ Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
That's why you fly with Delta Airlines instead.
the next flights are in 3 days. Do you have Delta Airlines number?
the John Mulaney bit about Delta Airlines could also be about Simmons Student Financial Services
Preparing a 7 page paper on why Delta Airlines is the best airline company in the world in 2 days is highly doubtful
Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, The Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting and United Postal Service are all headquartered in Geor…
Dana boarded a Delta Airlines flight to Denver, where she changed to a United Express plane.
Delta Airlines plane skids off runway amid heavy snow at New York's airport
Giants tight end aboard Delta Airlines flight that skidded off runway
Getting closer to the warmth! — traveling to Fort Myers, Florida from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines boss blames 'Arabian Peninsula 9/11 terrorists' for bankruptcy: ... Anderson is...
An extra day in Maui courtesy of delta airlines. We had brunch with friends. A huge thanks to Marty and Heather...
Thanks to your new mileage reward program, I will now be using other airlines. Poor decision overall.
Oriole succumbed to pneumonia last June during his connection in Atlanta for a flight
1996:. Delta Airlines discontinues its sponsorship of Disney World's. Delta Dreamflight attraction (located in Tomorrowland).
I can only see that the bag made it onto the Delta flight as scheduled. You'll need to speak with the other airlines to... 1/2
Initial reports had it as frequent fliers for the mile-high club.
"where was Delta, where was United, where was American when the world was becoming more globalized?”
GoJet Airlines to operate CRJ900s for Delta regional
Starbucks is the latest brand to board Delta Airlines
Dewey804 changed Biography to 'I'm volunteer fireman, and a mechanic for Delta Airlines. My current mustang will...
3am, no planes in sight but for the faulty Delta Airlines. Are pple really sleeping in there? Didnt see them step out after it parked
Some *** asked me who the lucky guy taking me out Saturday I was in tears 😂 Delta airlines.
I haven't flown Delta, but on other airlines you can call after booking your ticket and add a lap infant.
Good news for Alaska Airlines and Delta: Sea-Tac is the fastest growing large airport in the US
Hello Rob, it is not possible at present to reserve a seat on a flight operated by KLM and bearing a Delta Airlines >>
Apparently airlines was surprised by the icy conditions in Minnesota in February...
This is delta airlines a320 at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood
The official company page for Delta Airlines has been hacked.
+102 HQ photos of at the Delta Airlines Grammy Awards Pre - Party last night http…
about to fly you out. Delta airlines cool right
Delta airlines telling me to run away and escape. I can dig it.
domain names
I left my wallet on a Delta airlines flight to SFO on Dec 19th. Almost 2 months later look what made…
Dear Delta Airlines, let's have a conversation about the meaning of "lightly." I do not the that word means what you think it means.
Successful phone interview with Delta Airlines and I got an A on my midterm...Today would have been great if only Tottenham would have won..
5am requires 4 espressos. Awesome shoot for and then an awful Delta Airlines flight home to LA.
MT “Editor: Scent on planes is a BAD idea. … via
Oh yes Delta Airlines, I have snacks. Oh yes whoever sits next to me, I have mints.
A Delta Airlines pilot was locked out of the cockpit and the co-pilot had to take over
Can you please sign and share this petition? Its about delta airlines losing my dog/best friend Ty
No more information needed. I'm just dying now @ Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Happy Birthday Carl Panke, the best pilot Delta Airlines has working for them. You need to go sailing and drink Pepsi.
it was to economy+ seating however on delta, AA and numerous other airlines that comes with priority seating
Alaska Airlines strikes back against rival Delta, and more in today's top news:
New Yorker gets to fly almost completely alone on Delta Airlines plane:
I hope delta airlines gives me another call. I'm down to do some traveling
Alaska Airlines: We don't want to pay too much of new Sea-Tac international facility that helps Delta more than us
Do not fly delta airlines what a scam
which airlines? We usually go either Delta or British Airways. virgin was so bad we won't do that one again. Aer Lingis is cheap.
Delta Apologizes to Woman Barred From Boarding With Breast Pump: Delta Airlines has apologized to a wo... -
John Mulaney's stand up on delta airlines is beautiful
Delta Airlines will never get business from me again. All I wanted was to change the airport and they $...smh.
Delta airlines to cancel 600 flights due to massive storm Monday into Tuesday - areas to get 20 - 30 inches of snow from New York
I fly quite often w/ different airlines & I'm not picky,but Delta really needs to focus more on customer loyalty
Alaska Airlines: We don't want to pay for new Sea-Tac facility that helps Delta
the exact same aircraft the Seahawks flew in on yesterday. Delta airlines B767-400 N836MH.
Why Delta Wants to Be 5th Airline to Fly Non-Stop From LAX to Shanghai - Four airlines --...
J'accuse, Delta Airlines RT: "[The are coming in on the same plane that delivered the yesterday."
Delta, Southwest cancel flights due to storm
the photo is of the wrong plane, the Patriots are on a Delta Airlines flight ,
United Airlines, Jet Blue, Delta, Virgin!!! Where are you when I need you to whisk me away from this…
Wi-Fi now available on about 2/3 of U.S. flights; Delta leads in terms of pure volume, per via
Sue. Money is the only language airlines understand .
Yes, it's true that Delta Airlines cannot spell.
Yes, it's true that Delta Airlines doesn't know how to spell. I did a double take when I saw it. .
Nursing mother’s carry-on breast pump creates conflict at Airlines counter:
If you a lot for work, you have to check out this list of best for 2015! .
Delta and JetBlue have extended their travel waiver to permit flights until Feb 1. Other airlines should match STAT.
FYI: Hope Float ALASKA JULY 2015 Just so everyone knows, unfortunately air travel prices have risen even though the fuel prices have gone down, but we have been able to secure our airline tickets to Seattle traveling on Thursday, July 2 (cruise leaves on Friday, July 3rd, so we will be spending one night in a hotel) and returning on Friday, July 10 for $326.20 each person including airline insurance. Of course prices change daily, but waiting is a gamble for the good or bad. We have been watching airfares for a while now and this is an amazing price considering we are traveling at a summer peak month. For anyone that knows when they want to go you may want to go ahead and take care of your flight arrangements. We will be glad to do this for you if you like. Tickets must be paid by credit card when flight arrangements are made. We personally will be flying Delta Airlines leaving SA at 7:30 am on July 2nd with a layover in Los Angeles, then on to Seattle. Returning on Friday, July 10 on a 1 pm flight ...
I'm flying Delta Airlines back to Hartford and all I can think about is the John Mulaney skit.
I try to avoid making absolute statements as a matter of general principle. That being said, I can safely now say without fear of contradicting myself at any point in the foreseeable future, that I absolutely hate Verizon. I hate them more than AT&T, Uncle Sam, Time Warner cable, Con Ed, and PG& E combined! I hate them even more than I hate Delta Airlines (an acronym for "Don't Ever Leave Town Again") and that's really saying something! They are both representatives of the absolute worst in big business and abysmal customer service!
since Air Tran's last flight was yesterday, where do all those 717's go? i've heard Delta Airlines..
We surprised over 60 metro Detroit families with a trip to see Santa Claus at the North Pole. With the help of Delta Airlines, Westin Hotels and Resorts, the...
Delta Airlines "what a joke". The worst of any airline flown this year. No competition for Alaska Airlines!
A new time — traveling to Los Angeles, California from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Delta flight makes emergency landing: Passengers and crew of a Delta Airlines flight from Osaka, Japan, arrive...
Japan confirms: Guam-bound Delta flight landed on Iwo Jima - A Delta Airlines flight bound for Guam made an emerge... http:/…
Passenger: Airline lost my dog: Frank Romano says Delta Airlines lost his dog on a flight to Tampa. The airlin...
Apple and Exxon Mobil are useful siamese sisters, but gimme Halliburton, Delta Airlines and Gilead. Learn to love controversy.
Extended Ticketing Period of Delta Airlines!. Roundtrip Airfare to New York!!. Call us for more info! :D
any opinions on flying Delta Airlines to NYC ???
Yeah Tommy has been having issues with Delta Airlines lately, delayed flights all the time, happy I didn't take a job with them
Out of everyone airline I've traveled with Delta Airlines has always made me feel the most comfortable
Thank you Delta Airlines, I'm finally back home in the A;-) for amenities & seat specific info on any Delta flt: *NH 2/2
New Delta Airlines Travel Pack Eye Shade and Earplugs in Sealed Bag via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee ...
Starting January 1, 2015, many Delta passengers will need to fly over 2x as much to earn the same number of points:
Be sure to support this week! Don't miss your flight on Delta Airlines!
Power of a Smile: 10 Tips to Smile Virtually - Airlines Case Study via
“Delta Airlines hiring like crazy in Atlanta” 👀👀👀
Delta Airlines hiring like crazy in Atlanta
Man, what a frustrating and expensive day of air travel on Delta Airlines!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Thank you for your honor guard for our fallen soldiers and our fallen K9 soldiers. Delta is great!
I'll email-will that work-It's sad & beautiful-get ready 2 cry. Delta Airlines is awesome
My brother secured an Aircraft Mechanic Internship with DELTA AIRLINES in Atlanta!
Starting in just a few minutes! Delta Airlines are now preparing for takeoff!
You can get $100 off any vacation package from Delta Airlines if you book that trip during your birthday month.
Arguing with an ASU fan is like arguing with the robot at the Delta Airlines help desk, even when you speak slowly, they don't understand.
Mr. Wilson: you know all the big airlines like Delta, American Airlines... Taylor: North West. Mr. Wilson: yeah North West . 😂😂😂😂
Looking for cell subscribers & Delta Airlines fliers whom have had nightmare experiences. Crowdsourcing for an article.
I love how a Delta Airlines flight attendant asked me "cant you hold it?" in front of the entire plane when I had to use the bathroom.
That crazy old moonbat has more baggage than Delta Airlines‼️
Phone interview with Delta airlines I don't even remember applying to them lol
After doing some research my 2 top airlines to work for are Delta and Southwest both based out of Atlanta...
Delta ending Trinidad and Tobago service. By *** Nagle Myers. Delta Airlines is pulling out of Trinidad and Tobago...
Are you virtually smiling at your customers?
Are you flying home for the holidays?? Get entered to WIN a Delta Airlines Gift Card today!!! Link in…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
is so far superior to other airlines, it's like comparing Google to AskJeeves (Delta) or Bing (Spirit). Wheels down in ✈️
Flight Time. A blonde calls Delta Airlines and asks, "Can you tell me how long it'll take to fly from San...
I had no Idea that Delta Airlines have Honor Guards to greet our deceased Military Men/Women home.
Marriott and Delta Airlines are the 2014 sponsor for the CMN Hospitals Champions program. (3 of 3)
Delta Airlines pays respect to a fallen hero.
Incident: Delta B752 at Orlando on Nov 1st 2014, rejected takeoff due to bird strike via
I love delta airlines lol I keep changing my departure date & they keep letting me lol
Every girl in a sorority that has the word Delta in it should have to be a stewardess for Delta airlines for a year as part of rushing
Delta Airlines is taking a major step to combat HT by training staff and collaborating with homeland security.
Looking up tics...Spirit Airlines price $144 round trip.Delta Airlines price $450 for the same flight! Easy pick...I'm flying Delta! 😭
Shoutout to Delta Airlines for charging me for my flight, but not actually putting me on it. This is why I fly Alaska 😒😒😒
H3y, Delta Airlines. I know you monitor social media because someone back in your marketing department knows about the importance of what your customers say baout you. So, I'm guessing that this will reach you in some form of north You probably also know that travel in the Midwest was pretty rough yesterday, with a major storm compounding the chaos out of Chicago. But, Delta Airlines, as tough as it is for you, it's rough on us business travelers. When you re-directed me from a stop in Atlanta to a connecting flight in Detroit, I was confident you knew what you were doing. But, when you moved that Delta flight up an hour—due, presumably to the problems in the heart of the country—it was clear that I was going to miss my connection to South Bend. But (you still with me, Delta Airlines?) I found a kind, smart agent at Miami International who figured out a way to re-route me (if you're counting, this is the third time) through Minneapolis. I'd arrive in South Bend an hour late, but I'd still be in time f ...
Thought I’d give Delta Airlines a try again. Accidentally booked the wrong flight. $200 change fee on a $300 ticket. Back to Southwest then.
SAA at forefront of e-AWB acceleration 30 Sep 2014 August 2014 set the record for the fastest month for e-AWB growth, with +2% achieved globally in that month alone, according to Iata’s Chris Goater. “Adoption speed is now four times that of the same period last year, and this acceleration is felt across the board, with strong recent growth in Africa, Americas, Europe and North Asia,” he said. • Crossing the 20% mark: 20 airlines have now achieved over 20% e-AWB penetration. Only 7 airlines were in that situation at the beginning of 2014 • Airports are showing the way: in airports such as Hong-Kong, Singapore, Doha, Addis-Ababa and Dubai, e-AWB penetration (all airlines combined) now exceeds the 50% mark. And many other airports show penetrations in the 30s and 40s. • And the airline Award goes to: Top 10 airlines contributing to the recent sharp rise include South Africa Airlines, Saudi Arabia Airlines, EgyptAir, Sri Lankan, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, China Airlines, Air France, Air ...
Like many nationwide competitions, Gwinnett County Public Schools has put out a friendly wager with its competitor for one of the top prizes in education CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks this week challenged his counterpart, Barbara Jenkins, at Orange County Public Schools near Orlando, Fla., to present the winner of The Broad Prize, scheduled to be announced on Monday, with a congratulatory gift featuring local products.“Why can’t we have some fun in the heat of the competition, like the mayors in towns with Super Bowl teams get to do every year,” Wilbanks said in a video message distributed by the district. “Well, we decided, we can.”So if Orange County wins, Gwinnett officials will send a basket of “Georgia proud products,” including Coca-Cola, peanuts, Chick-Fil-A coupons, “swag” from the Atlanta Braves or Atlanta Falcons, or even Delta Airlines tickets.“We’ll top it off with something sweet and peachy concocted by our nationally-recognized culinary arts program,” Wilbanks ...
As the 9/11 anniversary of both Benghazi and the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon approach, the war on terror is inching closer to our shores. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be nervous about the terror threat to the U.S. and our interests on 9/11/14. 1. In an interview with CNN, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stated “We are aware of over 100 U.S. citizens who have U.S. passports who are fighting in the Middle East with [ISIS] forces. There may be more, we don’t know.” The executioner of American citizen James Foley, and perhaps also of Steven Sotloff, was a British citizen. How many more Americans are at risk working and reporting in the region? We only learned of the capture of Sotloff after the death of James Foley. Does ISIS have more U.S. citizens held hostage? 2. Two of these Americans have been killed fighting for ISIS, most recently a former employee of Delta Airlines in Minneapolis. Does he have any terror associates still working in the airline industry? 3. As we ...
Delta Airlines... what a poor excuse for a company. Many of you know that Nancy's mother passed away in June.
Delta Airlines is my best friend. They always bump me up to first class when I'm in the states 😁
Carribean here I come! — traveling to Port Canaveral (city) from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
So early in the morning. — traveling to Galveston, Texas from Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines is the worst airline ever!! My husband has been trying to get home since yesterday afternoon! Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever heard of! He literally has had three flights that have gotten canceled at the gate then got on the last flight out just a a few minutes ago to be pulled off while on the plane. I have never heard of such terrible customer service in my life!
Well. No luggage,no guitar and Soundcheck is in about 3 hrs. Way to go delta airlines. Smh. Time to improvise
The best U.S. airline is ... congrats and all us employees...bonus for DGS employee's!?
“stuck on Tarmac so I kinda feel you Matt.” I feel like the airlines need PEDs.
cool, any major in mind or career in mind? — management or something. I wanna work 4 delta airlines.
Delta Airlines is a Joke Left my minor son the spend the night all alone in the airport. Had to drive 10 hours to get him... UNACCEPTABLE
# 1183 from ORF to Atl was delayed-incompetence resulted in missing int'l flight out of ATL missing our scheduled cruise!
1956-Delta Airlines celebrates its 100th flight attendant with an orchid.
Delayed again... beginning to rethink Delta Airlines
Flight attendant is here, nice of her to show up... Walking really really slow. Unreal! airlines is not making fans here at BDL
Order Miche Bag Online!
Per Gary at Free Frequent Flyer Miles: "I strongly advise you to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to apply for a Delta Airlines credit card"
To the new pilots of Delta airlines Flt: 2305 - Apologies in advance if your flight to CA is a bit of mayhem. Your attendants didn't help you out by refusing to provide juice or snacks to the kids on board, while they waited for four hours (as well as refusing to let the moms on board buy snack boxes).
Delta continues to drop routes from Memphis via
Finally back from our trip and have to say We hate Delta Airlines and Expedia. Will not use them again if at all possible. Delays, rude staff, (especially Expedia and Delta Air France) lost luggage and long long hours in airports. Cannot even get contact numbers for Expedia that work. They don't care about Customer Service. If anyone knows a great way to contact them send me a message. At least Haven got to eat gelato
I am very discontented with delta airlines
No neighbor's this will be a comfortable flight! @ Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines
We just got screwed by DELTA AIRLINES. My 16 year old son's flight was canceled last night, the reason given was...
“Attention Delta Airlines’ Passengers: You may now thank the oilfield workers in the Bakken for...
Lesson of the day: never fly with Delta airlines!
worst airline ever. Worst customer service. Even got voted last for top airlines switch to Virgin or Delta
Got home like 330am this morning when I was suppose to be home at 930 pm *** delta airlines
Delta Airlines *** They left my minor child by his self to spend the night alone in the airport due to a canceled flight. NEVER AGAIN
They are the official airline for the and...Results Are in -The Best US Airline Congrats
With fewest canceled wins best title
Shout out to Delta Airlines for charging $25 for your first checked bag.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I 100% agree with this ... is US airline for customers!
Thank you Delta Airlines. Ridiculous upgrade! & no one in the seat next to me in first class.…
I have to say that I've been happy with lately, so I wasn't surprised by these results - best US airline
Finaly got a flight with american airlines. does what cant 😏
Delta airlines ruining people in atlanta.Never fly delta.they are short flt attendants.
According to Airfarewatchdog, the best airline is - see their methodology:
I hate delta airlines and I hate the Atlanta airport
got its *** royally kicked yesterday. They had flights getting in @ 4 AM! You know it's bad when ur taxiing behind
"sommelier considers taste, price, altitude performance of wines" (And our Winemaker Detective? ;-)
Delayed flight, made worse by late flight attendant ... Not impressed airlines!
Delta Airlines taking lead in looking for alternative to Russian airspace over Siberia
seriously never flying with Delta Airlines again. been at the airport going on 24 hours already. -__-
Delta named 'best airline.' Reports also circulating of pigs flying over Florida .
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