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Delroy Lindo

Delroy George Lindo (born 18 November 1952) is an English actor and theatre director.

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Ernest Dickerson’s Strange Justice (1999) is even better with great performance by Delroy Lindo, Regin…
If Delroy Lindo tells you to stop eating his sesame cake, just do it...even if you're Tim Curry
I think He Got Game is the best Spike Lee joint, but I respect your choice 👍Also, Delroy Lindo needs to be in more movies.
No confirmation yet I'm very psyched about this hint at a crossover between Star Wars and the 2007 Delroy Lindo/Idr…
Her: You think id look cute wit a low/bald cut. Me: you prolly look like Delroy Lindo honestly
Louis Gossett Jr just showed up on . He's acting opposite Delroy Lindo and I just died from the awesome
This would have been siiick. But Delroy Lindo more than delivered.
Ray-Ban sunglasses worn by Delroy Lindo in BLOOD & OIL: CONVERGENCE (2015)
Mountains of the Moon - used DVD - Patrick Bergin, Delroy Lindo, Fiona Shaw
Such a tough call to name a fav Spike Lee joint character but my man Delroy Lindo from to & wow
I assume the opposite could only be pain, anguish, and somehow still Delroy Lindo
I used to say the same thing about Delroy Lindo and Ving Rhames all the time...
Why don't we see Delroy Lindo much anymore? He was all the go in the nineties. I miss him
LeBron and Delroy Lindo have to be related.
Not really. In many of the promo pics for TGF Delroy Lindo is holding Christine's hand.…
Speaking of celebs from Oakland/the Bay , we saw Delroy Lindo in Whole Foods downtown Oakland last weekend. Lol. Sharp as a tack.
Only line I remember from The Core was Delroy Lindo saying "AUGH!" since he didn't instantly inci…
Thanks for tuning in! Tonight's movie was THE ONE, with Jet Li, Carla Gugino, Delroy Lindo, and Jason Statham!
Has Chris Eccleston showed up in any F&F to speak lovingly to a knife. what about Delroy Lindo
Good god. Delroy Lindo and Louis Gossett Jr. in this week's This show is fantastic. I can't believe it isn't on TV.
Delroy Lindo and Louis Gossett Jr.: Oh I love "The Good Fight" so much.
Yo, Delroy Lindo as Marcus Mosiah Garvey in 2017. speak to I beg you direct.
I'm sitting next to Delroy Lindo no biggie
Many thanks to Lindo, Actor, Father, Husband, Mentor for sharing journey with our youth!
Delroy Lindo entra para o elenco do spin-off de The Good Wife -
Casting Alert! joins spinoff to play an adversary to Diane Lockhart:…
If Burton Cast Delroy Lindo in a film I would faint.
'The Good Wife' spin-off cast news: Delroy Lindo and Rose Leslie are the newest cast additions...
Delroy Lindo as Sheriff Clarke. And gotta find roles for Steve Buscemi and Clint Howard.
I watching Delroy Lindo once again as West Indian Archie in Malcolm X this evening. It's a favorite. The zoot suit and all that came later.
Saw Delroy Lindo last wk at Society conference. His indelible "West Indian Archie" was wholly his creation
Delroy Lindo in "The Good Wife" spinoff - NEGROMANCER 2.0: Negromancer News Bits and Bites from October 9th t...
Picture the villain or antagonist in a typical film, and I'm not talking about the villains that rock dorky capes...
Just watched remake of, PointBreak, and the only saving graces were, Delroy Lindo and Ray Winstone.
that term was used by Delroy Lindo, in the Hillary Swank / Aaron Eckhart movie, "The Core".
Only Delroy Lindo could pull off an earring and still pull off being head of the FBI !
show with them and Delroy Lindo as their Hannibal like partner/boss. I really hope we get them back on Shield too.
Delroy Lindo has fallen on hard times.
Watching remake. And there's Delroy Lindo! Nice to see u again sir 😎
Id heard talk of a possible film starring Delroy Lindo, perfect casting if so
Just met a very nice man Delroy Lindo
Has anyone seen Delroy Lindo and Justin Gatlin in the same room together?
Dave Chapelle and one his fans also known as Delroy Lindo
Actor Delroy Lindo to play Marcus Garvey in new film - Follow us for more news.
I'm very proud of my roles. I enjoy the ability to touch millions of people and, in some way, c
One can never anticipate how audiences will respond. One of the lessons that I've learned over
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Just saw some old TV Guide photos that claim to show Ving Rhames, but I'm pretty sure the photos are of Delroy Lindo.
I wonder how many times a day Delroy Lindo gets asked if he's LeBron James Pops
esp cuz he only 31 but he's looked like Delroy Lindo for a while now. Throws everything off.
Listen to the KILLER new track from now!
Forebear Releases New Song "Delroy Lindo": Forebear has released a new song called "Delroy Lindo". Check it o...
I think it's a brilliant tool to have, not only to have a sense of hum...
When you're working in front of the camera, there are always things th...
The refs are gonna help the Cavs win so Lebron can stop looking like Delroy Lindo when he cries.
🎶 findasongblog: Indie pop track of the day: Forebear - Delroy Lindo
Vintage photo of Howard (Delroy Lindo, left), a stable family man, befriends Mr.
Anthony Starr and Delroy Lindo or Keith David. There's your Lethal Weapon TV show.
Gone in Sixty Seconds, ch.110 @ 8pm. Delroy Lindo in hot pursuit of Nic Cage in hot pursuit of Angelina Jolie who is hot.
Just finished the latest draft of my Delroy Lindo fan fiction
To quote Delroy Lindo in Get Shorty, I've seen better film on teeth. I wouldn't put a Refn film on Vimeo.
I actually used to think his name was Rano because of how Delroy Lindo pronounced Randall.
Lebron got hair like the ol delroy lindo
Mockingbird, Hunter, Delroy Lindo, Oded Fehr...and you SAID NO? What, it needed to be produced by Shonda Rhimes?
Need to add Delroy Lindo and Clifton Powell to Black Panther for the culture
There was a 1990s version of this with Regina Taylor & Delroy Lindo that was actually pretty good as well.
Delroy Lindo to star as Marcus Garvey in a new biopic
I don't know about Delroy Lindo or Oded Fehr.
Oded Fehr, Delroy Lindo & Fernanda Andrade are the first names in new series MMW alongside Bobbi & Hunter.
Oh man I've been trying so hard to be ambivalent about this AoS spinoff but Delroy Lindo AND Oded Fehr?
He'll be a little different in the show, but the overall character will probably be the same. Delroy Lindo is
Bobbi and Hunter are gonna have their own show. With Delroy Lindo as Dominic Fortune. I'm stoked. Like Delroy
Hey don't mean to distract you getting ready for the playoffs but is your dad actually Delroy Lindo from
I couldn't be more ready for that show. Quasi A-team/spy work with those two and Delroy Lindo?!
I have to confess I was actually expecting Delroy Lindo as Dominic Fortune to show up and be the one who sent them the drinks
yeah, I see that. Very excited to see Delroy Lindo listed. Love him.
Bobbi and Hunter are going to be working alongside Delroy Lindo soon.
Now, when Delroy Lindo, another truly bad man, died at end of The Cider House Rules, my mom said, "Good. *** " She was tougher than I...
is slowly morphing into Delroy Lindo in his old age
For this week's we're featuring Delroy Lindo, who exudes charisma and is always a pleasure to watch
Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo had the best chemistry ever in A Life Less Ordinary. Who's with me?!
Delroy Lindo or Reg E. Cathey for Armstrong Williams? These are the questions that keep me up at night
I did just rewatch this today. Delroy Lindo's performance is wonderful. Rest of the movie, good but not great.
Related: 1. Is Delroy Lindo good in ANYTHNG? 2. Is anything that Delroy Lindo is in good?
If you mention Delroy Lindo, I automatically say "a brothers love is a brothers love" and think of
All the Lindo's I know are Jamaicans. So Delroy Lindo to my ear is as W.Indian as Seamus Murphy is Irish...
I love Delroy Lindo. Him in The Chicago Code >>>>>
What a fantastic discussion with Delroy Lindo and Aaron Paul Dworkin today on craft, professionalism, resilience,...
Missed Delroy Lindo's fantastic talk? Catch our full-lenth video archive of his discussion w/now:
Delroy Lindo: start researching a role by looking for that which resonates for you personally = your foundation
Delroy Lindo: look for the elements of a work you relate to as the launchpad for your interpretative process; go deep into the character.
Actor Delroy Lindo’s research for his screen play was so rich that it became his master’s thesis
Delroy Lindo: affirmation of his early talent was the gateway to a lifetime of pursuing his art, particularly at a largely white school.
Delroy Lindo: The British version of racism is no less virulent and damaging than in USA
Actor Delroy Lindo in conversation with live at
Delroy Lindo talking w/about heritage, finding your passion, becoming an actor!
Join us today (Friday, March 18, 11:00AM EST) for Mavericking Your Career: Delroy Lindo in Conversation with...
Podcast magic with Delroy Lindo!! held his own in this fascinating new - stay tuned!
We will be hosting these very inspirational figures (Delroy Lindo + Aaron Dworkin) TOMORROW -- don't miss out!
I swear I just drove by Delroy Lindo.
Delroy Lindo is the only one holding this together
Can't make Delroy Lindo's talk with in person? We'll be live-streaming it here:
Actor Delroy Lindo to Play the Great Marcus Garvey in Upcoming Biographical Movie to Be...
Alfre Woodard and Delroy Lindo, picture here, were married with five kids in what 1994 Movie?
always been looking for a Delroy Lindo King Lear as well.
Delroy Lindo is suiting up for the spin-off
Delroy Lindo will play Dominic Fortune on the spinoff - https…   10% Off
he do look like a young Delroy Lindo lol
Delroy Lindo has been cast alongside Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood in
Delroy Lindo Joins the cast of Learn which classic character he'll play:
In extremely cool spin-off news: Delroy Lindo Joins the cast of
.Delroy Lindo would kill it as Han Solo.
I'm here for Delroy Lindo or Chief Webber as J.R. Ewing.
West Wing with Delroy Lindo as President Josiah Bartlett. Also Delroy Lindo in every other show/movie ever made
Ned Stark would be Delroy Lindo. Littlefinger HAS to be Isaiah Washington.
Keith Robin & Delroy Lindo in Spy Game instead of Brad Pitt and Robert Redford.
This one will slip under radar of superhero casting outrages: Delroy Lindo to play character who is Jewish in comics https:/…
Nah, Delroy Lindo isn't a good choice to play Marcus Garvey. {{-_-}}
quick question Sir: what do you think of MCU using Delroy Lindo as Dominic Fortune in their upcoming TV project? Thx.
They should make better before creating spinoffs. Most Wanted: Delroy Lindo Joins ABC Pilot
I forgot the great Delroy Lindo was in this. No trademark mustache too!
Delroy Lindo has been cast in Marvel pilot
(still an awful title) casts Delroy Lindo as Howard Chaykin creation Dominic Fortune:
Two actors who always bring a different level of intensity to the big & small screen: Yaphet Kotto and Delroy Lindo.
lol, the only saving grace from the trailer is that Delroy Lindo's in it.
Keep imagining Delroy Lindo in the role of Quinn on Anyone else see that?
They remade Point Break and got Delroy Lindo in it? FAM, WHY?
I just saw a TV spot for the "Point Break" remake. Apparently it cost something $95 million. I bet $90 of that was to convince Delroy Lindo.
It's got potential, although they missed an opportunity to get Delroy Lindo as Pappas.
is resembling like Delroy Lindo with that moustache.
That Point Break remake looks really dope . Your girl looks like Delroy Lindo
They remade "Point Break", the greatest *** love story movie of the '90s?. Oooh, Ray Winstone and Delroy Lindo are in it. Excellent actors.
I really want that Point Break remake to fail, BUT I am rooting for Delroy Lindo to spark a comeback in it.
I don't know if I'm more confused at why there's a remake of Point Break, or why Delroy Lindo is starring in it.
Bron really done transformed into Delroy Lindo lmao
Leon, the guy, the other guy, and Delroy Lindo.
The Cavs really signed Delroy Lindo, anything' possible kids
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And it had a lot of popular actors ! like Lee Majors, Ted McGinley, Madison Pettis, Delroy Lindo, etc
Lebron wanna be Delroy Lindo so bad.
LeBron's transformation into Delroy Lindo is nearly complete.
LeBron’s transformation into Delroy Lindo is nearly complete.
*** called me Delroy Lindo.. I almost reacted
Happy birthday to Delroy Lindo, here in his Tony-nominated role in "Joe Turner's Come & Gone," 1993. Via http…
Don't know if anyone caught it yet, but Delroy Lindo wasn't in Out of Sight (maybe you were thinking Get Shorty?)
Okay so I'm pretty sure Delroy Lindo and Stanley Tucci used to hookup
Didn't even know Delroy Lindo was British until today.
I miss seeing Delroy Lindo in big films. He deserves a breakthrough. Maybe in the upcoming films as Cyborg's father
Delroy Lindo, James Gandolfini (RIP), Dennis Farina (RIP), Gene Hackman, and the guy that played Uncle Rico
I saw it in the theater and enjoyed it. Delroy Lindo was so cool, I didn't need ice for my drink.
Miami inducted Delroy Lindo into its Hall of Fame?
yeah, that's why it's a soft spot not an all time classic for me. Delroy Lindo is always great value
Resolved: I will watch any film featuring Delroy Lindo.
Look at Delroy Lindo with a network TV gig
Heavy D'S parent and The actor Delroy Lindo @ the Soul Stylist Brunch. Very Down to Earth People
Romelu Lukaku out there looking like a young Delroy Lindo.
Actor Delroy Lindo speaks at a event in February 2012 at
There's also "A Life Less Ordinary". Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo play angels and Morgan Freeman is God!
I dont know what Delroy Lindo is up to these days but I bet somewhere in his home he has a "Morgan Freeman Suffering Creatively" room.
"It's OK. Vodkas kickin in". Anyone else notice that CCH Pounder looks like Delroy Lindo?
I hope in the Master P biopic, Master P casts Delroy Lindo as Baby and Gerald Green as Juvenile.
This is one of those actor pairings that just came from some genius mind. Jason Statham and Delroy Lindo.
would be bringing a football team. oh wait delroy lindo did that already in Romeo must Die as a LA druglord
I wrote for you today. Will you read? "There is no space for our fear."
"We made this Jem & The Holograms movie for a new generation and we hope people will embrace the changes" - Delroy Lindo…
Remember when Delroy Lindo was in every third movie? Those were actually really great times, wish he turned up more of…
Just found out that Delroy Lindo is actually British. I’d never have guessed. This changes everything. Now he’s, like, 30…
Let's talk about the great Delroy Lindo
I have to disagree.Giancarlo Esposito might not be able to pull it off. This remake needs Delroy Lindo as Don Logan.
Delroy Lindo rounds out our month-long discussion of our favorite black character actors. Do NOT eat his sesame cake! h…
Listen to NBA legend Kenny Anderson and actor Delroy Lindo on It's really good.
Lmao why does Lebron look like Delroy Lindo 😂😂😂
*** said Lebron and Delroy Lindo the same person. Jesus Christ
Delroy Lindo (X) acted with Denzel Washington, who has played a Jamaican cop (The Mighty Quinn) and British soldier (For Queen and Country).
Actors/Actresses that were in roles akin to them than many didn't know:. S. Poitier. S. Lee Ralph. The Rock. Delroy Lindo. H. Belafonte. I. Elba
Uplifting & great movie loved it and it even featured my old Keno playing sidekick Delroy Lindo
Is Delroy Lindo Brandy's Dad? They look so much alike really from the profile!!
Come on. Delroy Lindo could have made it back to the *** control module, easily.
Delroy Lindo is in the SFO first class lounge with me. Dude is bad ***
The April benefit with Angela Davis, moderated by Delroy Lindo. Support Marcus Books!
I met Delroy Lindo last year. I wanted to cry on his lap like Troy. Is that weird?
I'm curious as to how Delroy Lindo adopted that particular American accent though. It's so intriguing.
Delroy Lindo: 63 times in two yrs - no arrest. Would any of the advocates for this power put up with that?
the moron that dreamed that up got to meet Delroy Lindo, Cybill Shepherd, Lee Majors, Mira Sorvino, _BRIAN BOSWORTH_.
This cat is cool. As Delroy Lindo says in Heist, “My m*f***er is so cool, when he goes to sleep, sheep count him"
gotta let me know when the fights are local..come support..Delroy Lindo come to east coast as well
Why does LeBron remind me of Delroy Lindo? Lol
Celebrating w/ my old pals Ted Lange and Delroy Lindo!
Delroy Lindo is the greatest part of Congo.
I sat next to Delroy Lindo in church today, legendary.
Delroy Lindo goes into full acting Beast Mode.
you're delroy lindo that has to take Insulin shots.
why tremay look like a young delroy lindo in his avi? I can't.
one sure way to know if you're watching a great actor is to look at their name. you can't go wrong with any named Delroy Lindo.
I've always thought he looks like Delroy Lindo.
ik that but they mentioned Aaliyah when Delroy Lindo praised her for doing a good job on the Romeo Must Die film
Actor/Writer Barry "Shabaka" Henley and Actor/Director Delroy Lindo speak to the DVC Drama students about their...
"Get out of my house you slew footed, horse mouth, scurvy pipe queen, Delroy Lindo lookin *** gynecoid! Ok baby?"
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Her: Boy go on! You ugly! *runs the track*. Me: And you look like Delroy Lindo!. Her:
Delroy Lindo needs to join the universe in Black Panther. Such a talented and underrated actor.
Check this interview out called"Question Bridge" with the GREAT actor Delroy Lindo :
We should've known Isaiah Washington was trash after he killed DMX, Blue from Temptations, & attempted to kill Aaliyah …
somehow Delroy Lindo & Timothy Olyphant have to be brought back into the fold for this
Oh—Gone in 60 Secs is Bruckheimer "A brother's love is…a brother's love." Somebody wrote that. Filmed it. Delroy Lindo was forced to say it!
Delroy Lindo and Dennis Haysbert...RT: What older person would you give the business to?
Shawn really called that man Delroy Lindo though...
Yall letting that Delroy Lindo looking *** from Temecula get yall riled up again? I'm disappointed in yall.
I really miss Chicago Code with u and Delroy Lindo - stop don't understand why cancelled ? Quality show 😕
Thanks Delroy Lindo for stopping by and showing love last night!!! Awesome time😻😎
S/o to Actor Delroy Lindo for coming to at Renaissance Colony Park Store and purchasing from me! Dude is super nice 😊
Delroy lindo known as "bonefide" did awesome cast in movie it's was awesome
I revisited it last year. The scene with Delroy Lindo alone is everything.
Field-produced this interview today with Claire van der Boom and Delroy Lindo at Two Sisters downtown.
[EXCLUSIVE] Delroy Lindo joins for the PREMIERE of -- FRI | 7p | Malco Grandview
Battlecreek interview with Claire van der Boom, Connie Hoy, and Delroy Lindo for wjtv. The film…
Tell me that Delroy Lindo isn't Lebron James father 😂
all depends on if named after Delroy Lindo
It would be great if it was named after Delroy Lindo. But I'm fairly sure it wasn't.
Fans of Hollywood star Delroy Lindo, please wish him a happy birthday --->
Delroy Lindo and Oil Can Boyd are not an anagram. But, God i want them to be.
I know that I'll never be as cool as Delroy Lindo. But I've come to terms with it.
I don't know what would be involved in the sex move "The Delroy Lindo" but it probably involves a lot of blood
Spike Lee: CROOKLYN (1994) Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, Zelda Harris. Semi-biographical look at growing up in black New York seventies.
Watching Malcolm X for the 1st time & I'm delighted to see Delroy Lindo pop up. He's great.
Delroy Lindo had a really good like 7 years around 2000.
maybe they thought it was Delroy Lindo
Rewatching Clockers. One of Lee's best films. The best performance the always great Delroy Lindo has ever given.
LeBron's face smushed against the backboard is how you get Delroy Lindo.
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"There's still gargantuan amounts of fear in this culture. In Hollywood 1 has to be really careful @ all times" -Delroy Lindo
"How do you maintain focus in your work in the face of life's distractions and the stuff that comes up?" - Delroy Lindo
"To what extent does commercial success impact ur creative process? How does 1 maintain ownership of 1's work?" Delroy Lindo
We are all left speechless for a moment after performance. Delroy Lindo offers a hug.
Delroy Lindo shares a story of an uncle who stopped practicing medicine & started practicing the business of medicine.
"How do you use that nervousness in your creative process? How does it inform you?" - Delroy Lindo
"Every conversation I've had with my mind has stretched and expanded..." - Delroy Lindo
"How much more powerful can you/we be when you take control of your own creativity?". - Delroy Lindo.
The genesis if this evening was the meeting of & Delroy Lindo here after in 2013
Delroy Lindo is performing at my job tn 😁
RIP Delroy Lindo as the alderman of everything. RIP crazy accents the actors thought were Chicago accents. RIP Irish Mafia violence.
LANA DEL REY is an anagram of DELROY LINDO
Quincy Acy is a older version of Delroy Lindo
The actor Delroy Lindo,and my brother,Everyone has a twin !!
I hope they choose Delroy Lindo to play dad in the movie in 2019. .
I helped out Delroy Lindo at work today lmao 😂💁
Is Remy Ma the one that looks like Delroy Lindo or is that Foxy Brown?
When did Delroy Lindo start reffing games???
Delroy Lindo is the dude, man. Very underrated to me. I still think he's Satchel Paige.
Jeffrey Wright, Delroy Lindo, Courtney Vance, Ruben Santiago "5) 4 men on your black actor Mt. Rushmore?
Watching This Christmas on channel 5, so many good actors in it, Idris Elba, Regina King, Delroy Lindo...Chris Brown
Respect to the family. For a second I thought that's Delroy Lindo and Monique on the pic, not tryin' to be funny it's been years.
Ernie Hudson was great though. So was Delroy Lindo.
.Close! Me to Delroy Lindo, but I don't have an associate, Bear, movie stuntman, champ wrestler, throws away what I don't want
What happens when the key leads of HBO's "Silicon Valley" (TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch) along with Adam Pally, Alison Brie, Krysten Ritter, Shannon Woodward, Aziz Ansari, Jason Mantzoukas, and Delroy Lindo make a movie that no one seems to be aware of? Well, you get "Search Party," and coming…
In light of this bs Exodus movie I have a few casting ideas of my own. I wanna see Don Cheadle play JFK, Chris Brown play Elvis Presley, Delroy Lindo as Abraham Lincoln, Jill Scott as Betsy Ross, Jeffery Wright as Bobby Kennedy, Anthony Anderson as Babe Ruth
When they finally make my biopic I want Delroy Lindo to play me while Andy Serkis will star as
Delroy Lindo is British ... who knew this but didn't tell me?
Delroy Lindo wears the best suits in the canceled series The Chicago Code
He's to Teddy Pendergrass what Lebron is to Delroy Lindo
domain names
LeBron gotta be Delroy Lindo's son. On some for real sh
Finally saw Crooklyn. Awesome. Reminded me of my old Bronx neighborhood. Really hit home. How is Delroy Lindo not a bigger star?
Sir... Did you just call a woman Delroy Lindo?! Lmao
Just heard "yas" in the bar ... One in a million got delroy Lindo in her feelings
I think Delroy Lindo has the coolest name on the planet
Do you have a piece of this picture like Delroy Lindo in "Get Shorty"?
Delroy Lindo really may be LeBron's pops
Ya aunt that look like Delroy Lindo the one that take all the food back home with her
Whoever said LeBron looked like Delroy Lindo has zero chill for life
They’re really good in the movie, but Delroy Lindo as alpha male cop and Wm Fichtner as sexually ambivalent psychopath is lazy casting.
Actor Delroy Lindo sitting one row behind me!
actor Delroy Lindo, were part of the NLBM's star-studded Grand Opening on 11/1/97!
Went to work dressed normally, CEO said, "H, you win hands down. Best Delroy Lindo costume I've ever seen". I know he did research
Delroy Lindo always has a lesson to teach
I imagine the same way Delroy Lindo did in Romeo Must Die
Please tell me that Delroy Lindo is NOT LeBron James real daddy! I'm powdering my feet and going to…
from mrsuperslime but LeBron looks like Delroy Lindo 😂😂
When LeBron James gets older he's going to look an awful lot like Delroy Lindo... @ The Future
Big s/o to the very talented and inspirational Delroy Lindo aka Uncle Lindo ha. Truly an honor to sit…
Delroy Lindo poured a 10lb bag of sugar in that lemonade.
Delroy Lindo, favourite role: Gone in 60 Seconds, Det. Brazzleton. And I hate to be so base, but I
Delroy Lindo. "If Ving Rhames was on 'The Walking Dead' >>>>"
I swear Delroy Lindo is driving this bus.
Had a spend some time with one of my favorite actors Delroy Lindo at the Grand Opening of…
I was about to use Google to see if Delroy Lindo was still alive, but I'd rather not know.
Chilling with my man Delroy Lindo Grand Opening
second rule of Cider House: don't ash in the cider. Third rule: don't pull a knife on Delroy Lindo.
Every time I utter a bad joke, I wish Delroy Lindo was there to give me a disappointing look.
Angela Basset, Lando, Delroy Lindo, Sheila E, & Smokey Robinson MT Bonus) top 5 celebs that are (50+)?
Delroy Lindo has some nice cars for a LAPD detective, Landcruiser and 5-series. I’d take that garage.
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look who I bumped into...Delroy Lindo.
Why did she look like cch pounder and her alter ego delroy lindo
Wasn't on board with a new Point Break remake until I heard that Delroy Lindo is in it. Delroy Lindo!
Delroy Lindo is a great actor way too underrated. Smh
So Delroy Lindo in The Cider House Rules is basically Craster from Game of Thrones.
It's a shame we don't hear of Delroy Lindo in high profile films lately. He was on great form here, loved him in 'Get Shorty' too!
Who baby moms look like Delroy Lindo?
I'm doing a drawing of Delroy Lindo. and Evan Dando. as seen through a window. in San Fernando.
Who has been the most memorable Commentary guest: Weird Al, Kim Catrall, or Delroy Lindo?
Delroy Lindo! Film just went up a notch on the awesome scale.
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