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Delmon Young

Delmon Damarcus Young (born September 14, 1985) is an American professional baseball outfielder with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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Leury Garcia out here giving me Delmon Young flashbacks
Perhaps amusing sidebar, the Tigers appealed to have two base hits changed to errors on Delmon Young in 2012. This…
Yeah Bjeli had 9 nice games. Wiggins hit 60% of his 19 footers…
You still dunking on Delmon Young after a decade remains funny BTW (Mean that seriously, your twins commentary was always good)
good one. I'll go with delmon young
Among the same group of players, only Skip Schumaker, Delmon Young, and Raul Ibanez have been worse by WAR
If Tanaka hits one more player imma call up delmon young to beat his ***
Mickey Moniak will be the 1st overall pick to play in Sally Lg (non-rehab) since Bryce Harper (2011). Before that, Delmon…
Stealing 0 bases in a season can also be a Delmon Young. Stealing 1 belt per season is a Craig Monroe.
Baseball Terms:. Striking out four times is called a Golden Sombrero. Striking out five times is called a Delmon Young
Pablo Sandoval's 2012 WS Game 1 home runs into Delmon Young diving catches
Aww man. Did you guys do something for the "Delmon Young throws his bat at the ump" anniversary last April?
Perhaps the greatest moment at OPACY was the 2014 ALDS game in which Delmon Young's 8th inning double have the O's…
Second, third, fourth to this. This moment and the Delmon Young hit w…
He had a battle for years with Darren O'Day, then 2 years ago, tried to throw out Delmon Young at 1st from RF. A lo…
MASN revealed No. 2 on the countdown. ALDS Oct 3, 2014 - O's are behind in the 8th, bases loaded for PH Delmon Young.…
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That kind of walk rate would make Barry Bonds look like Delmon Young.
I hope the Cubs somehow acquire Jonathan Papelbon and Delmon Young and Rae Carruth so there can be no doubt they are the villains
Clearly the key to postseason success is getting as many late 2000s Rays as possible. Upton, Delmon Young...Sox sho…
Can't wait to add Kevin Gausman to the list of Baltimore sports legends along side Delmon Young, Jacoby Jones, and Joe Saunders today.
what about Delmon Young, Aaron Hicks, Justin Morneau, Matt Garza? Seems like more of a poor Twins development technique.
(10/3/14) Delmon Young smacks a bases clearing go-ahead double versus the in Game 2 of the ALDS.
Let's give him a Delmon Young and two Chris Youngs for the time being.
Moya makes Delmon Young look like a Gold Glover.
Moya has possibly the worst range Ive ever seen in the OF. Delmon Young & Adam Dunn look like Gold Glovers compared to him. Ugh.
That was Delmon Young level butchery in the outfield there by Moya
Why, what did Josh Hamilton do? And did Delmon Young sign somewhere?
Josh Hamilton and Delmon Young are the only 1st-round selections to face two pitchers taken by TB in the 1st: Price and Jeff Niemann.
Of the top draft picks all-time, Josh Hamilton has faced most (8-for-33), followed by Delmon Young (5-for-19).
Two who started, Flaherty and Joseph are still on team, but Alejandro De Aza,Steve Pearce, Travis Snider and Delmon Young are gone.
Delmon Young spiking the ball into the ground. Also, Ryan Raburn doing the same thing.
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Ken will be coming to defense of Delmon Young pretty soon. Maybe even Don McClean.
In hindsight, I'm even happier I decided to sponsor Phil Coke's page and not Delmon Young's now.
Delmon Young and Jonathan Papelbon were teammates on the 2013 just in case you think YOUR workplace is toxic.
Buck Showalter is probably on the phone with Dan Duquette saying that O's need to sign Delmon Young to keep him out of trouble.
Delmon Young, Nolan Reimold, Chris Parmelee, Steve Perace, Jimmy Paredes and Nelson Cruz all played right field for Buck Showalter.
(For those wondering, Delmon Young is the worst)
Just as a thought exercise, how many runs worse would he be than Delmon Young?
CF Mike Trout flies out to Delmon Young robs A-Rod of history in the seller's column for the RALPH.
Anything that reminds me of Harang as a Phillie goes into the same category as the Juan Pierre or Delmon Young category
My guys go in on the Donaldson vs. Trout MVP debate and Delmon Young gets a surprise shoutout!
Delmon Young thought I was Mexican when he first met me lol
I mean. Delmon Young was the Tigers until MIggy took over in 13 and he was here 2 years.
Steven Moya just singled for scoring Jefry Marte and ... wait for it ... Delmon Young
You remember when Delmon Young was the Seems so long ago. via
so is Delmon Young Entertaining as well Verducci?
A 19 year old Delmon Young walked just 4 times in 234 plate appearances in 2005 or 1.7%
Delmon Young, Crawford, Longoria, Upton, Winn (Hopefully I got at least one!!) lol
Delmon Young is still only 30 years old. why is that shocking to me.
The DFA Squad, coming soon to a theater near you
looks like he is the next Delmon Young
Misc guys that are playing Winterball this year: Mike Jacobs (Venezuela), Matt Joyce, Brian Bogusevic, Delmon Young (last 3 …
Delmon Young is currently 6 for 14 in the Dominican Winter League, so they might bring him back too
What went wrong with Delmon Young? How did he not develop into a major league player after being so incredible as …
Is Daniel Murphy the new Delmon young of the playoffs or what ?!?
[Video] Today is the 3 year anniversary of Delmon Young winning the ALCS MV-Tree Award
Alright, it's not Colby Rasmus who is Delmon Young 2.0, it's Daniel Murphy
Got to see the old and the new... Delmon Young and Steven Moya.
trade for evan longoria, bring in jordan zimmerman, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Marlon Byrd, and Delmon Young.
Delmon Young and Steven Moya are playing with the Toros.
In honor of Ruben Amaro's exit, reprinted my account of his talk with rabbis before signing Delmon Young ht…
Happy 30th to Delmon Young, who is younger than Wade Davis, has more career PA than Josh Hamilton, and fewer career WAR th…
Has anyone picked up David Lough or Delmon Young?
Why would we have brought up Junior Lake instead of bringing back Delmon Young if big league experience is most important?
umm...have you seen our lineup. I would take Albert Belle and Delmon Young with this team
Baseball players age so weird. Delmon Young is 29. Mark Prior is only 9 months older than james Shields.
I'm gonna regret this but is there any ex-Tiger fans don't want back? (Delmon Young does NOT count)
Source: Rangers have not yet reached out to Delmon Young despite need for right-handed bat.
That's why David Lough is here and Delmon Young is not.
Prior to Josh Willingham's 110 RBI output in 2012, Delmon Young (recently DFA'd by is the last player with 100+ RBI
Chris Tillman, Bud Norris, David Lough, Delmon Young, and Brian Matusz for Jonny Cueto, 5 fur 1 how can u sey no
Tom McCarthy: "There's Delmon Young.". Me: "Ew. Wait, did I just say that out loud?"
AL only 5x5 roto I need an OF, would you add Seth Smth or Delmon Young?
I need some good guesses on whether Delmon Young will be in the lineup today for
Adam Jones and Delmon Young interacting with young members of community the day of a game against the Yankees. Important for this city.
Our very own Delmon Young signing autographs at the James Moser Little League!
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Delmon Young can't du enything except hit for contact, bench player.
Even Delmon Young would have caught that.
Observing Beltran's outfield defense on that Hardy double makes me thankful for Delmon Young. Seriously.
Delmon Young will not be in the starting lineup for Friday's game vs New York.
Delmon Young's PH 3 run double propels the Os to a gm 2 victory as Os go on to sweep Det.
Hey, if Delmon Young chooses to self-identify as an outfielder I think we should all respect that.
Let's talk about this Daniel Norris curve to strike out Delmon Young...
Delmon Young didn't homer. Machado and Riemold were the others.
Delmon Young did not homer. Machado and Reimold did.
What American League team WILLINGLY puts Delmon Young in RIGHT field
Mookie Betts has Delmon Young's double tick off his glove, but Bogaerts guns out Jones at the plate for an out.
Adam Jones out at the plate trying to score on Delmon Young's double.
Items my dad just dug out of the basement have ranged from a Delmon Young bobble head to painkillers for dogs. We have a lot of junk here.
When are you gonna. lock Parades in a room with Delmon Young??
Delmon Young, professional hitter, drives in Adam Jones to make it 4-0 now! looking great!
Lol. Remember that time Delmon Young was the first overall pick.
Delmon Young makes it 4-0 with single between short and third. Don't think Miley will be out there much longer.
Delmon Young, with his tongue out, smacks a single into left to score Jonesy. O's up 4-0
And now it's an RBI single for Delmon Young. having their way with Wade Miley and leading 4-0 in the third.
Basically since the Papelbon signing, he's been fine, save for the occasional head scratcher (Delmon Young).
"You can get carried away on clubhouse food and late-night room service. Some ice cream and good-luck cakes." -Delmon Young
It'd be nice to have a few Adam Jones' and Delmon Young's in the line up. They grind.
. Trying to throw Delmon Young out at 1B was a temper tantrum? You're equating that to what Hunter did?
MASN talking about free pizza during a slow motion shot of Delmon Young is pretty perfect
It still boggles my mind that Delmon Young leads the AL in OF Assists
Delmon Young is all about that pace of play initiative
Ah the Delmon Young 1st pitch GIDP. Gotta love it.
Hardy's sac fly scores Delmon Young. Porcello done
Delmon Young comes home on J.J. Hardy's fly ball. It's 5-2, and John Farrell has the hook for Rick Porcello.
Delmon Young scores from third, lead 5-2
Delmon Young is extremely fast, given his
an 0-2 hanging breaking ball down the middle to an undisciplined hitter like delmon young. Dumbest baseball team ever
Everyday right fielder Delmon Young is what baseball in 2015 is all about.
Does the list of things more graceful in motion than Delmon Young include, like, everything
every time Delmon Young succeeds a piece of me dies
Finally somebody gets to second base safely on an apparent double. Hardy drives home Delmon Young to validate Chris Davis leadoff bunt.
JJ Hardy hits a two-out double to the gap that scores Delmon Young. Baltimore takes 1-0 lead in the 2nd inning.
You won't believe this unless you saw it, but Delmon Young just beat the relay on a double play ball.
Not to mention that Chris Davis is not fleet of foot... With Delmon Young up next, prime GIDP material.
That's two singles and two outfield assists. Travis Snider throws to Ryan Flaherty. Next up, Delmon Young to Manny Mach…
Delmon Young and Wei-Yin Chen shone brightly in an otherwise dismal week for the Orioles.
not that I think Delmon Young is a good person, but that Phil Mushnick column is a blight on civilization
Phil Mushnick takes Delmon Young and New York announcers to task
HISTORY: Chris & Delmon Young will play in the 1st game in MLB history with both starting RF named Young. Tell your gran…
May 8, AB 3: Alex Rodriguez triples (1) on a fly ball to right fielder Delmon Young.
Delmon Young doubles home two more..He has a 5 rbi day. lead 15-4 and Craig Breslow is the new Boston pitcher
I can take alot of things from Buck Martinez, but telling me Delmon Young is a "good" baserunner is a bridge too far.
1-0 count : "Delmon Young goes after the first pitch" - Buck Martinez
Delmon Young just cut down J.D. Martinez with a solid throw from right field.
If Buck loves us he'll put Delmon Young in CF for at least one game this spring training. Give the people what they want.
Got two tickets for Alejandro De Aza and Delmon Young and one for Chris Davis and Steve Pearce of course at polar opposite times of the day
have officially signed Delmon Young, and DFA Ryan Lavarnway to make room on the 40 Man. Also deal for Colby Rasmus could come soon.
In a parallel universe Josh Byrnes is the GM of the Padres and has just signed Alex Rios and Delmon Young
I'm wondering if Tribe is looking at free agent Delmon Young or trading for Evan Gattis if they don't land Brandon Moss
what's the price tag on a guy like Delmon Young? Tribe have any interest? Or how about trading for someone like Evan Gattis?
At the game. Looking for and Delmon Young
Delmon Young was the greatest hitter I ever saw, but Paul Bako was the greatest all around player.
The Orioles are expected to talk with Delmon Young at the winter meetings next week, according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun.
Delmon Young thinks he can get a multi year deal?
Delmon Young: O's expected to talk with Young at meetings
According to the will meet with free agent Delmon Young at the winter meetings.
More Os tidbits: Expected to meet w Delmon Young's reps in San Diego. Still would like him for 1yr or 1+ option:
they don't get on base that much and they gave Delmon Young a job.
RELAX Orioles fans. All is not lost. We still have a shot at re-signing Delmon Young!!
I understand. SF has weird ability to win w/ out good players. Maybe we should be looking @ Delmon Young. Lol
On the upside, the Orioles have no more key players left to lose (unless you count Delmon Young).
They should sign Delmon Young if only because it would make 5 consecutive seasons Alderson signs someone with that surname
have you heard anything regarding the Ms looking at Delmon Young? Not a lot of power but hits for average and doesn't K a lot.
I think Delmon Young weighed more at one point.
Is Delmon Young a RH outfielder they'd look at, or is his volatile past a concern against him?
Duquette says O's have been in some talks with Delmon Young.
Delmon Young wants two year deal, Orioles offering him one year: ...replacement for Delmon Young be... Delmon ...
Recommendation by :Delmon If Young were to join the Mari... Free Agent
Duquette said have had dialogue with Delmon Young and would like to bring him back.
Orioles GM Dan Duquette: Team would like Delmon Young to return in 2015
Oh, for God's sakes, Orioles- hurry up and sign Delmon Young already so I don't have to worry about him playing for a team I like.
The Orioles would like outfielder Delmon Young to return in 2015
Duquette said have dialogue going with Delmon Young
Free Agent: Delmon Young-OF: Orioles have continued dialogue with free agent outfielder Delmon Young
O's need a bat like Delmon Young now with Cruz/Markakis gone. But I wouldn't rule out maybe a trade for Upton-O's to prospects
Dan Duquette says Orioles would like to bring back Delmon Young
Delmon Young the GOAT. Look at the comments 😂😂😂
Delmon Young, Alex Rios, Chris Denorfia, Chris Young (OF, not P), Josh Willingham, & Mark Reynolds could all be had for cheap
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