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Della Street

Della Street was the fictional secretary of Perry Mason in the long-running series of novels, films, and radio and television programs featuring the fictional defense attorney created by Erle Stanley Gardner.

Perry Mason Paul Drake Barbara Hale Raymond Burr William Katt Tommy Ross William Hopper

Il video della settimana: Seb Toots Best of street!!!.
A reason why I love korea.. you get to hear rv songs randomly on the street
Hi Kindly share with us ideas on the benefits of a Green House to the Street Kids of Dagoretti.
I love grabbing a panini and listening to the street music in Piazza della Repubblica ☀️
Hi fam Join the convo addressing the benefits of a Green House to street kids at Dagoretti. Using
~ :I rule 4 the defendant in that when I watch Perry Mason Della Street always wears that cute little frock I want so life. NEXT
Diculik orang sibuk, gila gila 😂💕💕 (with DieteAriesta and Della at The Cubite Street Food) [pic] —
Perry Mason and Della Street are fun books
almost a force as great as the Divine...Miss M 💟
.Can the guy on the left swing his legs off of Della Street's desk already?
I didn't know until this year that he is the son of Barbara Hale ("Perry Mason's" Della Street). Totally cool!!
Perry Mason just gave Della Street a check for $25,000...BALLA!!!
I had the most amazing Gnocchi Della Casa at Bar Napoli, Hanover Street, today. Completely recommend it! Lovely little place. 🍴
Nobody got it. The answer was: Della Street
I second Della for fancy. Le Paddock across the street from there is amazing. Krupa Grocery on PPW not too shabby either.
. Maple Street Mansion . This is your only move!
.. if Perry Mason were alive he would have written "the Case of the Unwilling Politician".Della Street'd be consort.
Saboris Antigus a Sandinian food and wine in the street ok croop
If anything, that adds to his street cred.
Today is all about small, indy shops: brings the sweet shop back to the high street
Fresh mozzarella with a balsamic glaze at Casa Della Mozzarella on East 187th Street.
MURO: Italian project now popping up in Avignon …
MURO: Italian project now popping up in Avignon FR..
Warren William as Perry Mason - 1930s Perry Mason and Della Street via
This is the episode with Paul Drake in it, so the fact that the female lead isn't Della Street is really causing me problems. :P
it's my old stomping grounds. And we can drive to Baker Creek (which is down the street from Della Fattoria)
MEN LIKE COWS Wall after in Vedriano - Italy for Sagra della Street Art find the windows
Sam Cooper came about because it's the street right off of County where Jackie lives w/ her fugitive mom Della.
Elderly client can't remember my name. Calls me Della Street. Guess I've been called worse. .
VISIT: the underground of the Cancelleria Palace. Piazza della Cancelleria, 1. STREET VIEW:
Meet the farm cat who added a few unexpected babies to her litter: Della, the cat via
Della Street of Perry Mason just said. "That's the first time I've heard a stuttering preacher" . I'm...
Della Street calls Drake an "electronic eavesdropper" on Perry Mason, ha ha what would she say today wow!*+
Nearly a pound and a half of fresh mozzarella from Casa Della Mozzarella on East 187th Street.
Trying is a two way street, you get what you give honestly.
When you see a fregn della madonna walking on the street and you try to do a pretty face aka faccia di cazzo
Miss Barbara Hale (born 1922), who played the role of 'Della Street' in the "Perry Mason" TV series, is still with us at the age of 93!!! :)
Unironic mazel tov to the parents. Love the name Della. Della Reese! Della Street from Perry Mason!
Della Blevins doesn't look both ways before he crosses the street... he just roundhouses any cars that get too close.
Awesome Pic: Actress Barbara Hale c. 1965 best known for her role as Della Street on the 'Perry Mason'.
Quiz from profile of creator Erle Gardner: Do you know who Della Street was based on? Answer on p. 2.
Fun fact: William Katt is the son of Barbara Hale, the 93 year-old actress who played Della Street on Perry Mason.
Photoshop >> Street Florist in Hoi An by Simone Della Fornace
the "eyes" every man wants to receive she adds to any scene she was in while the spoken word was spoken Della filled the open space with her glances I mean she made "Perry Mason" she wasn't an after thought.
Poor Della Street. She deserved better than to get rolled on.
At least Della Street, portrayed by Genevieve Tobin, is sassy.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The new ‘Traces of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana’ window theme from the boutique in New Bond Street
Is the on the street the newest trend?
When in Milan, do as the Milanese do...The best dressed fashionistas alla settimana della moda. http:…
“Case of the Stuttering Bishop” with Ann Dvorak as Della Street & Donald Woods as Perry Mason on TCM
Melbourne house extension presents a living room to the street
Vintage of the street della strada Made in Italy oval gold frame Italy
I bet Perry Mason's string of courtroom victories had more to do with Della Street sleeping with the DA than it did to anything else.
Dear Law, For this 1st love note, I remember the 1st time I noticed you. It wasn't for your brains but for Della Street on "Perry Mason." G
trivia: William Kattis the real life son of "Della Street" from Perry Mason
Here's something you don't hear every day: My mother is shipping Pella. That's Perry Mason & Della Street.
Job searching and saw in the description for an office assistant "think Barbara Hale as Della Street to Raymond Burr's Perry Mason."
The most famous street in Milan Via della Spiga, where all the top designers have their boutiques.…
An article about Copenhagen Street Food from Corriere della Sera.
A favorite show of mine is Perry Mason (in the 1950s and 60s)! 'Della Street' On Perry Mason's Sole Loss : NPR
You're staring out the window. And I'm out here in the street. You stand there like… ♫ Scarecrow by Alex & Sierra —
dead bodies litter the street, and a newspaper headline reads "INFESTATION!"
it's New York City, but in the middle of Wyoming. Wall Street has literal bears.
Winnie the Pooh's constant need for hunny. That's either a street name for a drug, or munchies from smoking weed.
Still we take to the street. for the kill with the skill to survive
S1, Ep4. 12 Oct. 1957 The Case of the Drowning Duck. Perry Mason, Della Street, and Paul Drake he...
And TV! And his mom was Della Street on Perry Mason. That guy is royalty!
We not like them other sites we put the real street artist on
You know you need a rest when your mind starts shipping Perry Mason and Della Street.
"You better get away from me Della" *** you on the other end of the street 😂
Bert from Sesame Street is all grown up and decked out and ready for his first prom.
before today's street performance of A Streetcar Named Desire in the Palazza della Repubblica!
2014 sulle ali della passione Basket in the Street
a crossroads, nor even on a street. Vesta .was the goddess of the household 14 Diribitorium (site of) 15 Basilica of Neptune (Via della Pal
Photo: Beautiful Barbara Hale, best-known as Della Street on Perry Mason, celebrated a birthday last week.
"The first time I booked Della Street into to the Paragon I knew something amazing had just happened. This band caught the attention of everyone, and the word spread like wildfire. Locals came out like I had never seen before, tourists were waiting in line to get in the door to see this astonishing band play their flawless renditions of Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors. the list goes on and on. You all know what I am talking about. And you also know that no one can mention the talent of Della Street's music without taking notice of how beautiful all of the original music is. "In my lonely life" is my personal favorite. As the night club manager I got to see both sides of the band; the talent as musicians, and the professional business men as well. All the years that Della Street played at the Paragon the band was always the most professional when it came to business matters. Always showed up early, always had a fantastic attitude, always gave 1,000%, always wowed the crowd and filled the house. It wa ...
Update your maps at Navteq
You can find me every Thursday at the street market of Piazza della Vittoria, Genoa, 16100 -Italy-. I'm waiting for you!!!
Missed q street dates with my girls
Like I'm not willing to try if you aren't, it's a two way street.
Fresh handmade bocconcini from Casa Della Mozzarella on East 187th Street in Bronx Little Italy
{2pac voice} .. sooo back to these street pharmacists that ya USED to date
So were here at Della V's a 12 year old totally just drove a F150 from the street to the parking lot, ***
Call for Artist della II edizione di CHEAP – Street Poster Art Festival - Call for Artists at the...
Trivia. William Katt who plays Tommy Ross in is the son of the lovely Barbara Hale who played Della Street in Perry Mason
My no make up selfie . Thanks for the nomination Debi ! I nominate Della Street, Michelle Lewis, and Sharon Jennings ! xxx
13 start up italiane in mission a Wall Street. .
Just got laid off - anyone need an experienced in the ? Tell your friends!
Good a reason as any. Della Street the cat agrees. She wants food and she wants it now, dammit.
We don't want to see snow...but we do want to see YOU! Come see our WCB Street Team at Cafe Della…
G.k:. . . Vicolo della virilita of Italy is the world's. narrowest street. . Canal Street is the widest. street in USA. . Follow
Happy Birthday also played Paul Drakes son on movies real life mom was Della Street,
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I think Della Street is Cherry Davis long lost cousin
Perry Mason and Della Street not to mention Paul.
I can hear music in the street ... Bit rare for my Endz
Dalla collezione outfit della linea | Shop now -->.
Declare myself Emperor, have someone release me, then strut down the middle of the street.
It shouldn't be a one way street Della!
Just in from See all our favorite looks of day 5 of the shows:
"Word on the street I'm a suspect hangin with the killas in the projects!"🎧
The snow certainly didn’t get in the way of great looks. See our day 5 favorites
No disrespect to Anna Della Russo (psych) but this is the complete antithesis to the spirit of street style
watching Perry Mason.Della Street was such a beautiful woman with a calm, soothing voice Ironside next :)...lovin the old shows, brings back lots of memories started the day off with Petticoat Junction, Donna Reed and Daniel Boone...if anybody has access to MeTV on digital (12-2) HR Pufn stuf will be on the Saturday morning cartoon line up along with Land of the Lost and then the 'westerns' start tomorrow afternoon...Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Bonanza.this channel rocks!!
Case of the Velvet Claws" starring Warren William as Perry Mason. He just married Della Street
Della Street just declared proudly she was a soap fan as was Thurgood Marshall.
Done 3 days of Christmas prep in one day :) easy street :)
[PIC] In the street's of Peru. Indeed ELF showing so much love.
Agreed on your love of Perry Mason. Della Street was an early crush of mine. I'm 29, but syndication did odd things to me.
Watching a Perry Mason episode and wondering, given the indigent character of most of his clients, how he made any money and whether Paul Drake and Della Street worked for free.
Something no one alive knows (or cares), my father dated Barbara Hale (Della street) for three months at the university of Arizona in 1940. And now you know... The rest of the story.
You know what Sesame Street says one of these things is not like the other one of these things should die alone.
Della Street is living her best life. She has a great career, cute coworker, fab wardrobe and a key to the office supply cabinet.
last SAM as I am podcast. Listen it!
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Perry Mason & Paul Drake only had eyes for each other. Della Street never got the D & would rather die than pleasure herself. That about it?
I think that I am obsessed with Perry Mason reruns. I love the sound track for it and I watch it every night. Raymond Burr was brilliant, Della Street was perfect, and who didn't love cool Paul Drake?
Word on the street is that the nerd is dead; long live the geek. Possibly relevant:
Jury duty day 2. No sign of Perry Mason or Della Street yet. No juries seated yesterday. We have to return each day this week until we're selected to be seated. Two juries called for today but I wasn't on either one. Wish they'd hurry up and call my freakin name.
But that Della Street. I had a crush on her before I knew what a crush was.
Binge watching "Perry Mason" first season, is excellent.Raymond Burr is quite a good actor.and what's going on with Della Street? There was no sex in the 50s so it couldn't be that.good show.and again, great, great cars!
from jack johnson to Ali to tyson to the avg blk dude in a street fight, lol a lot of ppl wanna see that *** get dropped.
My five year old granddaughter wants perfume for Christmas - products created by adults to lure children into adulthood. What's not nicer than children smelling of pears soap and baby powder. I got my first bottle of perfume for my sixteenth birthday. It was Desert Flower. As a first former in high school when all the new teenagers were comparing their perfume choices and the boys were drowning themselves in Old Spice, I was busy having a fling with Perry Mason and thinking up ways of killing off Della Street. Anyway I decided to try out the perfume club for the day so in the absence of Goya and Coty I cautiously dabbed Vanilla essence behind my ears and off I went. All wanted to know where that fresh-baked-cookie smell was coming from but I plead ignorance. Decades later when Vanilla Fields hit the perfume market I had been there and done that already. I still occasionally celebrate my twelve year old self by dabbling the Vanilla. I can't take credit for the Vanilla episode, it came straight fro ...
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Seeing Brian sing at the California Theater. We made it a real date by going out to Original Joe's first. I thought I saw Perry Mason and Della Street there but I was wrong.
Oh noe I've lost my phone! Hope I didn't leave it on the table on the street?? Nick Della??
A couple for the kids on this snowy day...his and hers car glazing ads! Barbara Hale, aka Della Street and Raymond Burr aka Perry Mason.
If youre a character on Perry Mason and you needed to retain his legal services all you need to do is pay One dollar and della street would make out a receipt.Only on Tv. I wish it was cheap to retain legal services like that in 2013 almost 2014.Lol.
Mother is Della Street and dad was Wild Bill Elliott!
this is such a charged topic and yet so inconsequential . one is mythical and the other although historical was never photographed. both are portrayed in pictures at least in north America as similar to Vikings or at least northern Europeans. is this likely ? the native inhabitants of the arctic look vaguely Asiatic and most middle easterners appear semitic darker complected with long thin noses and certainly with dark brown or black hair. so anyway good luck to megan Kelly we all suffer our preconceived notions..i always thought rock Hudson was carrying on with doris day and Perry Mason was doing della street...oh the disappointment :-(
Time for you to fill out the reservation form for the 2013 Holiday Party. Perry Mason and Della Street will be...
Ok so Jay gave me 7. Here I go: 1. I LOVE chocolate with nuts. 2. I love singing. 3. I love dancing. 4. I always wanted to be Della Street and I am fulfilling my dream. 5. I love to read. 6. I love younger men! :) 7. I met and have the autograph of Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad! P.S. Lots of other secrets! :)
Sometimes the place ya start can be so low that a step in the right direction can be a bigger move than lots of steps in easy street
S/O to my main 510 Della street dudes on their journey to the kohl center starting tomorrow 🏀
Taeyang takes to the street with his new firestarter,
Best All You Can Eat (6.99£) in Brighton I know yet: Casa Della Pizza. 28 North Street. I'll tell you about others!
At the Della Volpe HQ on East Main Street in Ansonia, volunteers are working to get out the vote, Jodie Mozdzer...
"Do you have access to a Perry Mason script and a Della Street wig?" - my mother.
Where would Perry Mason be without Paul Drake and Della Street?
Flashback to the 60's tonight - Della Street and Perry Mason in black and white on MeTV. Memories of Cherokee Street back in NoLa watching late night TV with our "Grandmommie".
Ma ricordati del tuo Creatore nei giorni della tua giovinezza, prima che vengano i giorni cattivi e giungano gli anni dei quali dirai: Non *** in essi alcun piacere, prima che si oscurino il sole, la luce, la luna e le stelle, e ritornino le...See more But remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years of which say: I have no pleasure in them, before they obscure the Sun, light, Moon and stars, and the clouds return after the rain: in the age when the guardians of the House tremble, and the strong men curlingthe macinatrici stop working because it remained in a few, those who watch from the Windows darken and the gates on the road are closed; When it decreases the noise of grindstone, one stands up to the song of a bird, and all the daughters of getting dimmer. When one has fear of heights and panic on the street, when the almond tree blossoms, the locust is a burden, and desire is less, because the man goes to his eternal abode and whiners go around on the street ...
Jared and I went to dinner at the best place this side of Evansville.Klinkers in Princeton. Why isn't this place busier? They have excellent gourmet burgers, the best ribeye/prime rib I've had, fish tacos, all you can eat catfish on Friday nights, IPA beers, on draft beers, mixed drinks, good wine and all for very modest prices. Excellent dinner as usual. YUM!
So Monday is my last day at old street going to be a sad day :(
My blogging pal Melissa Chang (and I are heading to Taiwan on Hawaiian Airlines’ inaugural flight to Taipei, leaving July 9.
Does anyone know of an isp provider where I can just get internet, not phone or tv
Took the parents to breakfast for their anniversary! This was our faces before we found out that the soul food menu was gone
Cambridge’s independent fashion retailers are coming together in aid of charity Maggie’s Wallace.
Craig and I are taking a journey to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx today. If anyone has any tips, please post. Thank you!
*** creato questo video con l'Editor video di YouTube (
Welcome to Melbourne - A creative, cultural and exciting city renowned for hosting a full calendar of iconic major events, in wo...
The firecrackers have started. I can just see the crazy neighbor.writing down, documenting the dogs barking. He is probably sitting over there hunched over his stool he pulls up to the kitchen counter, his only furniture. And you know what ? I am going to discourage the barking but *** they are barking for a reason. I wonder if he is recording the noise of the fireworks.
Lol.. This *** Robert Akeem Green said I'm not an MC and can't rap.. What y'all think bout that? Wish I could tag him.
Calif.'s Prop. 65 was passed to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. But who's profiting from it now?
I made it on Jenn's blog! Follow Jenn on her amazing journey to find kick *** street art!! Della Street Art - Gallery
Question - We learn that Della Street hails originally from.?. Bonus Prize: If you ALSO answer...
I FINALLY finished the redesign on my webpage, Della Street Art. Please check it out and let me know what you think!
I'm SO excited to reveal the new Della Street Art website! It's more streamlined & easy to navigate. CHECK IT OUT!
Out looking for dog n my friend as seen the russell donw street side of red bear right to delves so if u live there can u just check outside x
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Thursday’s Joy …………….. Buon Giorno, Amici. Thursday, June 6, The barge is back and working the north side of the third street bridge. It is extracting huge boulders from the west bank. The swallows are in a dither over the presence of the barge. Plate of the day: Dr. Gelato’s Cheese Tortellini with gorgonzola and fresh peas sauce. Think lunch at Antica Trattoria della Pesa in Milan Featured Panino: Fontina Toast – Fontina Cheese from Northern Italy with pancetta ( Italian Bacon ) on artisan bread and toasted to perfection on our panini grill. We are featuring Stracciatella Gelato flavor today. Thursday’s Flavors: Gelati Stracciatella Fior Di Latte Lemon Curd Tiramisu Toasted Almond Chocolate Cinna-Bun ( Cinnamon Bun Gelato ) Pillows & Cream ( White Chocolate & Marshmallow ) Wild Blueberry Modena ( Reduced Balsamic Vinegar & Semi-sweet Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips ) Peanut Butter Cookie Frate ( Our Signature Flavor – Sweet Mascarpone Cheese topped with Pistacchio & Pine Nuts ) SORBETTI Ch ...
Time Out's guide to the best rooftop bars in London. Discover our recommended London rooftop bars and bars with a view
A night on Bourbon Street, New Orleans’' unique entertainment center, would not be complete without spending a night with the legendary bluesman, Rooster. There are entertainers, musicians, singers, comedians but there is only one Rooster! He can lift your spirits and empty your pockets all in the...
“Prendete un libro e leggetelo in faccia a un poliziotto”. "Take a book and read it in front of the face of a policeman."
Download or stream free music from our June 2013 Trail Mix playlist featuring Jason Isbell, Pokey LeFarge, Andrew Duhon, Old Man Canyon, and more!
About to start using my unfriend button in a big sort of way to the people and animal rescues I have volunteered for, provided medicine for and given my time and resources to over the past 2 years.I have begged for pledges and given many as well as placing many of the EU dogs and now one of my own needs help and where is everyone? I am only talking to those in the animal rescue community...
Bridgette Hutchins and Della Kramer should definitely buy tomorrow's Observer cos you is bofe innit ... and not for anyfink bad or whateva
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Mornin folks.all is 5 on generator...hopefully soon...killin my
Thanks! Some of my colleagues call me Della Street.
If I had a band, I would not hesitate to call it Della Street.
I long for the days when employees were assets rather than liabilities.
Our firm's work claims to be in the public interest, but really it's all in the owner's interest.
You can come over to my yard it's at street lol
I am hearing way too many awful things about working conditions in the legal profession. What to do?
voglio vedere il film horror 'House at the End of the Street' della lawrence.
Diego Della Posta takes street art to a whole new inventive level
In "is not to be handsome or intelligent,but just to live on the right side of the
4/18/1922 — Barbara Hale, actor, b. DeKalb, IL. Known for her role as legal secretary Della Street on...
I set mine to “Della Street,” which MAY be an indication I have watched far too much Perry Mason for someone my age. MAYBE.
Still smiling, even after all those years of working for Perry Mason! Barbara Hale, aka 'Della Street', is 91 today!
Born on this date in 1922, Barbara Hale, American actress. She's best known as "Della Street" on TV's "Perry Mason."
OMG this is ridiculous. I find myself listening to the old Perry Mason/ Della Street shows. This night has def gone on too long. :)
Resale value indicator: Friend on street in crime-ridden Caracas hides iPad in shirt, but waves around Blackbe...
lol just like the aquarian extremist!! im not saying artist have to live on the street. just that they should maintain ALAP
Body-weight training or "Street sport" is the hottest growing fitness trend. Learn More:...
Skipping making a come back and in true money making style it's all been branded up and had street dance sprinkled into to add coolness lol
Not to mention, Della Street... is a Hottie x NY out
a highlight of the day was seeing you on Prince street. beliisimo Angelo della citta
1st italian in Milan: charging stations, lights, wi-fi,
I loved the restaurant scene. I'm a part of your street team so I received an ARC and its great to know what happened w/Della
Word on the street is Nicole Della Fera likes Japanese guys
21 Jump Street. It's not even 10 minutes in and I'm crying. 😂
In the hood down the street from Mackenzie
I am serious ooo the whole street is marvelled, you should come and see for yourself
Perry Mason's honeymoon with Della Street is interrupted by the murder of a scandal-sheet publisher.
People think I'm strange that I love winter. But WOOL! On the Street…. Arco della Pace, Milan
Effortless chic a la Italiana on the Street…. Arco della Pace, Milan
Clean, crisp & spicy dinner at Elizabeth Street. Vietnamese food in Austin last night.
MADAM PRESIDENT to Congress: The people did not elect you to be Wall Street Puppets! Available now.
I love the Sartorialist. Reminding me every now and then to step up m'game.On the Street…. Arco della Pace, Milan -
People like you disgust me, pathetic street walking ***
: Person extricated from underneath Orange Line train at State Street Station: A person has been extricated...
John Sopel's favourite street to pronounce, over and over again: Via della Conciliazione
"Sehun needs to hold hands with Baekhyun when they are crossing the street or he'll be too afraid" I'll hold you too oppa ~
If you knew Della Street, you could never be satisfied with your mum. *giggles* In novels, she is very efficient & beautiful!
Home! I wrote many letters "by hand" today. I want a secretary like Della Street. *massages my wrist*
I'm staring at yo heart hopin yu can tell. Walking down da street watching ladies go by watching you..
“You chose the street life you ain't have to” this is true
pero kung hannah gruen v. della street, hannah gruen ako. I used to dream of lemon meringue pie because of her. :)
Reading older Perry Mason mysteries make me realize how little I knew Della Street.
: Google to Settle In Street View Case: Google agreed to pay $7 million to settle with 38 U.S.
Cook Street Alumni David Bravdica serves up some of the best pizza in town. Learn from the master himself March 21.
yinz need to try Della's right up the street from me.super bomb
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
lmfao this *** be wylin dawg. AYE...street called Della Way. No flex. Forgot where I was tho..
: Google hit by $7m Street View fine: Google has agreed to pay a record fine for collecting wi-fi data as p...
Perry Mason just kissed Della Street!!! I KNEW there was something going on with those two!!
I've been so tired walk down the busy and bustling street here, wish I just can go back to London they have snow today! :(
Just got word ill be your shot girl @ 2nd street bar -Marvs Love 2- on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday so come show me some love & turn up!!!
: Boy Killed By Man 'Shooting At Loud Cars': Nhan Lap Tran was arrested in the street in Minnesota after appa...
Okay, I fibbed, there's another XS dress. This is so perfect for the Della Street sexy secretary type! Size...
: Egypt court ruling sparks new violence: Egyptians in two rival cities took to the street Saturday to expres...
On Beale Street with the fam and I haven't stopped laughin yet
I wanted to be Della Street when I grew up :-)
I used to watch it when I was a kid. I liked his assistant - Paul Drake. And he had a very sassy secretary. Della Street :-)
I can't believe it is still snowing! At least it's not sticking to the street... ❄❄
trail is a shame B4 lady Justice! Where the *** is Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake please hunt dreams 2nite.
tonight on TV, episode of Perry Mason and Della Street bringing strong evidence of involvement of UP Don in murder of DySP
the size of the kerbs in ya roads they death traps I need a ladder to step up a street lol
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Why people spend so much on costume which I found out today I made in china !!! Then dash dem in street before end of carnival Nutters ! Lol
"word on the street is you reap what you sow" I Never Change this is Della Everyday 😎
I would like to see remake of the old Perry Mason show with Mason as an openly *** defense attorney and with Paul Drake his trusted detective side kick *** as well and with Della Street his secretary as *** also. Of course Raymond Burr who played Mason was *** and I think it would be who done it show with a *** twist. The time has come I believe.
omg yes!!! Please?? We can tear up Beale Street. When is spring break? U in dsm?
I have just viewed the KCET LINK TV jointly-produced, 90-minute special program called -- "KCETLink Presents: Sotomayor & Longoria -- A Conversation With the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor", which aired, this past week, on both KCET and LINK TV. What an inspiring experience! I hope that this program will be made available to other public television stations or C-Span. I had special joy, in watching Barbara Hale, who so skillfully and beautifully portrayed "Della Street" on "Perry Mason" being introduced to the audience at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on January 26th to huge applause and cheers, and seeing her meet Justice Sotomayor -- who sought her in the audience, after the program. I believe that there was such anticipation, that Executive Producer Andrea Grossman simply called Barbara "Della Street"! I'm sure this isn't the first time that this has happened, over almost sixty years, since "Perry Mason" began. The ever-gracious and lovely Barbara waved to the crowd and the Justice. Ju ...
"My parents warned me about drugs in baggies sold on the street, but never the ones with teeth and a heart beat."
Here I was yesterday in Milan's version of Bond Street - "Via Della Spiga". Love the small cobbled streets
Being told that a beer in a shop is 70 pence but on street it's £2 .. This is still Monopoly money to us we use to paying £7 a bottle
And Then There Were None is rather fantastic. Found it tough to keep up with who's getting bumped off & where. Stick to Della Street, man.
Raymond Burr on Hallmark from 12 noon to 2 pm M-F now is being romanced by Della Street. Take some time off and relax, walk or watch TV.
I'm taking a long walk on a short street she said and all that was left was the vanishing sound of prada clad feet
iTunes and Spotify devastate high street music sales as fans go digital
Perry Mason was making love to Della Street ? ...
Just saw William Katt ( AKA the last American Hero) on a Perry Mason episode. FYI he is the real son of Della Street... I used to love the Last American Hero, even tho he could not fly like most super heroes. Just remember he had the most gorgeous blue eyes... Dreamy .
What kind of plans do you think Perry Mason's Della Street would have tonight?
Home with a bug :-( Found a Perry Mason film to cheer me up. Devoured his books when a teen. Della Street my hero!
First crush, Della Street on Perry Mason. Next, I am watching now, Emily Newhart on the Bob Newhart. Those sexy voices that Della and Emily had. I still like it.
I finally feel sleepy, although I am goin to check when Perry Mason comes on...I finally figure out my attraction, Della Street and My Mom dressed, "suits", so classy...
Its amazing how quickly I go from thinking on what it means to be a Christian and to believe in a restorational God and how that translates to an idea of happiness in a first world mindset but also a third world mindset all the way to how badly I wish that Perry Mason and his secretary Della Street had ended up being a couple...
Perry Mason fans, do you wish that Perry and his secretary Della Street had become a couple?
So excited - just found out that our new TV channel shows the Perry Mason show. Wanted to be Della Street when I was a teenager. My mother had a fit!
“If and when a new CBA is signed, word on the street is the NHL will make Centre Ice free for the season.”
for once play my request Street soul riddim.
You know it's slim pickins' on TV when you end up watching 22-year-old reruns of Perry Mason. Gotta love Della Street.
11. Cita una frase della tua canzone preferita and then i see you on the street in his arms i get weak my body fails i'm on my knees praying
Perry Mason was in love with Della Street, right?
HALE 'N' HEARTY: In the midst of a group hug with mother-and-son actors Barbara Hale and William Katt at the Cinecon Classic Film Festival banquet, held 9/2/12 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Barbara and I guest-appeared opposite Raymond Burr's San Francisco Chief of Detectives on the classic 1960s-70s TV series IRONSIDE, and Barbara even more famously starred as Della Street, secretary to the defense attorney indelibly played by Burr in TV's Perry Mason in its various forms from the late 1950s through the mid-1990s. William, a fine actor in his own right, got his big break as Sissy Spacek's ill-fated prom date in the 1976 horror classic CARRIE and went on to starring roles in movies like BIG WEDNESDAY and the TV series THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO. So great seeing them! oxo, Monica (Photo by Dean Lamanna)
Okay, I've decided I like the idea of Rachel Weisz as Della Street.
"Alas, the world may end, but my litigation cases will not."
Unfortunately, there is no winner of this week's Trivia Contest for the gift certificate to Best Buy. Was the Trivia Question that hard? The answers to the question of "Name 8 Famous Paralegals throughout history of the United States" are: 1.) Erin Brockovich; 2.) President Abraham Lincoln; 3.) Author John Grisham; 4.) Former U.S. Senator & Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott; 5.) Actress Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" & "The Middle"; 6.) Entertainer, Comedian, and Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres; 7.) Actor Richard Schiff of "The West Wing"; and 8.) Salsa Singer and Political Activist Rueben Blades. There have also been some "Fictional Paralegals" in books & on TV over the years, and they were: Della Street from the Perry Mason novel, television, & movie series; Mary the Paralegal on TV's "How I Met Your Mother"; and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, from the animated comedy show on the Cartoon Network.
Did Perry Mason ever make a pass at Della Street?
I'm going to guess that he is with Della Street in his office waiting for Paul Drake's report. Perry could convict obama.
i like you della,(lol Della in real life 21 jump street just came on)
"Arrows are the best thing ever invented" -Brother Rene talking about street lights 😂🚦
Picked up a piece of trash off the street am I a good citizen yet
No buses at liv street looks like the Barclays bikes are out
lol we wouldn't even give a flyer in the street without a greeting first So why invade peeps phone lol
Paul Drake is one handsome man! Trivia: His name is William Hopper. His son is William Katt who played the lead role in the TV series "The Greatest American Hero" The show sucked, but I watched it for two reasons, 1) He was Paul Drake's son and 2) He was quite a looker, too! Handsome has no color barrier! Additional trivia: William Hopper was married to the actress that played Della Street, Perry Mason's secretary, in real life. She was the mother of William Katt. LOL!!! With all that I have to do, do you think I have time for trivia facts! For those who don't know, Paul Drake is Perry Mason's private investigator and can be seen nightly on MeTV and 11:30 in Indy, right after Twilight Zone! Oopppsss!!! I'm telling on myself!
Goodness me. I never missed Eastenders or Coronation street! Now I miss even news.
"Looks both ways before crossing the street. Hit by plane." : la preoccupazione della mamy! (Cadere nel fiume pure!)
Not a good Sunday with headache. But I found Perry Mason novels in Kindle store. I like Della Street, she's the ideal woman of the 40s~60s.
Read Ray Burr's bio last year & found out all about him. ALL. No wonder he never came onto Della Street. Seriously I love him!
2. This legal drama gave us an amazing lawyer, skilled at winning seemingly hopeless cases for his clients. The drama unfolded both in and outside of the courtroom as he and his trusty team dug up evidence to clear their wrongfully accused clients, and brilliantly defended them in front of judge and jury. In which series would you find the beautiful secretary, Della Street? Law and Order Night Court Ironside Perry Mason
Find out more about the classic series "Perry Mason," on Hallmark Movie Channel. It stars Raymond Burr as Perry Mason and Barbara Hale as Della Street.
Della Street: well Mr.Mason, " Is the case to be shelved...or is it to be kept open...?
Della Street to Paul Drake: My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. Proverbs 1-10 Gotta love Perry Mason
Della Street: "Mr.Mason..are these things necessary esp as we are the defendant's councel". Perry Mason: Della, you forgot we are dealing with waylaying vested interests..keep your head turned 180 degrees until the danger is estinquished...ofcourse we should appreciate their high standards..its double..!
Perry Mason was always one of my all-time favorite television series. Watching Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake solve their cases each week was totally enjoyable viewing. Here is just a glimpse into three of their shows:
Luciano, one of the brightest lights in Jamaican reggae, will be coming here to Water Street Music Hall on... http:// ...
Rockford's Barbara Hale of the movies said yesterday she has gone "domestic" since her marriage to Bill Williams, also of the movies, on June 22, 1946, at Rockton.
have you seen the Anna Della Russo line at h&m???
You won't recognize this guy in the street... In a couple of hours! (with Ralf at Osteria Della Faggiola) [pic] —
Saw Ms Ferarro being photographed in those green trousers on Via Della Spiga! Street style from Milan...
They are about Perry Mason, Della Street and the rest of the gang.
sitting della pace in steamy roman nite street seems frothily exuberant hght of happiness in West civilisati ...
'Della Hayes and Band' comprise of women who were previously in different areas of work inc working as hair dressers and street porters
Walking along the Main Street this morning to meet a group from Brasil, Strada della Repubblica, Good day!
Prendere i consigli della Ferllii alla lettera: Man is arrested for having sex with a sofa in the street
Andy Williams performing his classic "Moon River": The crooner died today at 84:
Have a day that had everything important huddled up in a few hours would be essy street if I could space these tings out but can't
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
“u tell me”before the street lights .. I'm not a good driver at night
Street artist need to step up their game.. How is this possible? @ Piazza della Repubblica
Men street - The young man in his cool casual clothing with his bag and luggage in Piazza Della Repubblica...
On this date in 1957: the TV version of "Perry Mason" debuts on CBS. Raymond Burr starred as the title character, a Los Angeles defense attorney known for his clever and relentless questioning. Co-stars included Barbara Hale as his secretary, Della Street, William Hopper as private investigator Paul Drake and William Talman as district attorney Hamilton Burger. The series ran for 271 episodes over nine seasons, with 26 TV movies aired between 1985 and 1995.
and another guy in the movie was.A guy whose mother was Perry Mason's Secretary, Della Street, back in the late 50s---early 60s!!! anyone know! or care to take a GUESS??
Overheard in Uncommon Grounds, Saratoga Springs NY Friend 1- ..well, I'm not worried; my brother's a lawyer.. Friend 2- Dude, your brother's a bankruptcy attorney- That's barely a lawyer, that's a file clerk job. If this was Perry Mason, your brother wouldn't be Perry Mason, he'd be that chick that answered the phones.. Friend 3- Della Street F2- Yeah, Della Street..your brother's Della Street. Hey Tommy, tell your brother Della Street I said 'hi'. Aren't friends great ?
What a delightful show it was! Guests: Dan Paul, Pastor, Christian Church of Pacific Grove, CA --- a very accepting denomination and Barbara Hale, a.k.a. Della Street from the Perry Mason Show. The show should be on the website at some point in the near future. This one just made my night. It really did.
Remember Perry Mason, ("objected to as immaterial, irrelevant and incompetent") and Della Street? And, Paul Drake...
Perry Mason is going off and I'm going down... Della Street is my idol. They don't make 'em like that anymore. I'm going to be just like her when I grow up. Night, all.
Perry Mason digs out the truth with the help of his secretary Della Street and investigator Paul Drake.
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