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Della Reese

Delloreese Patricia Early, known professionally as Della Reese (born July 6, 1931), is an American actress, singer, game show panelist of the 1970s, one-time talk-show hostess and ordained minister.

Harlem Nights Touched By An Angel Maya Angelou Roma Downey Eddie Murphy Cicely Tyson Redd Foxx Richard Pryor Ruby Dee Diahann Carroll Coretta Scott King Gladys Knight Frank Sinatra Kevin Gates Ella Fitzgerald Diana Ross Nina Simone

My prayers are with and Della Reese.
I was just talking about Della Reese with my grandma 2 days ago. Prayers up for her.
I remember when Della Reese kicked Eddie Murphy's *** in Harlem Nights
Prayers for this beautiful, and free spirited woman. I once saw her dance and sing on the bar at the LeBristro...
Gladys Knight and the Pips, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Otis Redding, Aaron Neville, Della Reese, and Nina Simone are giving me life.
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may be for us and it may not.
Della Reese came to prominence with her fabulous 1957 hit "And That Reminds Me"!.
Before Oprah, Della Reese was the first black woman to host a talk show . via
wait, is this from today? And the front page is Della Reese, Barbara Walters, and Princess Di?
He was on the set of that show with Della Reese and Larenz Tate back in 91 and had a massive heart attack..the cast members laughed at him
Is all of Lakewood Church members to pray for Della Reese's recovery type 2 diabetes God bless
2016 you stay away from Della Reese.or Ima have to cut ya...
Mistress please get well we need to see a sequel to touch by an Angel and also loves you and beauty shop you are...
Actress Della Reese says her Type II diabetes is something she's struggling to control, says "life is at stake":
Decades Before Oprah, Della Reese was the First Black Woman to Host a Talk Show
Father God we love you and ask for a speedy recovery for Della Reese; we are commanding tissues, organs, bones,...
Della Reese is 85. The Lord only promised us three score and ten.
I didn't know Della Reese was ailing. My Lord. Cover her.
Auntie Della Reese gotta pull through and flourish..
Prayers up for Della Reese 🙏🏾🙏🏾 She always has been one of my favorites and by the grace of god i really hope her health improves
Della Reese was America's first black female TV talk show host. Why did her archives disappear?
right now Harry is on his MySpace rearranging his Top 8 to include Cicely Tyson & Della Reese as a form of damage control.
Ge. John Allen (Ret) is angrier than Susan Sarandon...or Della Reese.
I am much too intelligent for anyone to try and insult my intelligence! LOL. In my (Della Reese voice) "Don't do that!"
On the bright side, our trainer is a cross between Patti Labelle and Della this should be fun.
I didn't know that was you I would of thought that you were Della Reese,
Otherwise I'm spending our birthday with Tay Zonday, Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, Della Reese, and the Dalai Lama.
Why the *** is Della Reese in a playlist with the Geto Boys and Force MDs??
and I just found out she was in love with Della Reese
We should do people like Della Reese! "Now I got to cutcha!"
You need to be Touched By An Angel. Della Reese.
Della Reese sang it best. What a difference a day makes. These 2 men were fighting for the title last night, now it's for # 1 Contender
We have made people in the industry and the people that see us aware t...
"Oh... So now you wanna hit ppl with garbage cans?" *Della Reese voice*
I love watching Della Reese use these big *** slices of bread on "Harlem Nights" lol
lol lol again good for you. Now move along for you and Della Reese with the "bloop" Adlib get ya feelings hurt. Good art tho
"I could not have made it this far had there not been angels along the way." -Della Reese.
Black like Della Reese pinky toenails. If your mom or pops is Black, you Black. The end.
I liked a video Della Reese hated Mahalia Jackson
Della Reese IS the the lead star as far as my grandmother is concerned: Recalled how she beamed aft Reese was the brawl victor😂
this is great because I often feel like my head was just put on Della Reese's body.
I added a video to a playlist Della Reese - Serenade ("Schubert")
when music was pure come rain or come shine — listening to Della Reese
"...i was saving the best for last, *** kiss my *** like Della Reese, they my folk its best you let'em be..."
Absolutely ❤ Touched By An Angel. Della Reese feels like apart of the family. Such a warm beautiful soul
sharing I've got Redd Foxx singing with Della Reese on .
Well it was Sam, played by Paul Winfield. He is Della Reese's boss.
Della Reese, Cab Calloway, Carol Channing and more on The Love Boat...fabulous!!
My mother was a personal friend of God's. They had ongoing conversations. - Della Reese - Try my blog
if I were an angel I would be Della Reese. And my black and white weave would be on fleek all day every day.
Whatever Lola Wants by Della Reese (at Kutawaringin industrial park KIP) —
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Della Reese & (3) Other Autographed Index Cards (No COA
I make yo' mouthpiece obese like Della Reese. When I release, you loose teeth like Lil' Cease. *** please, blood floods yo' Dungarees
01:50am I'll Take Care of Your Cares - Della Reese - Della Reese at Basin Street East(Dynagroove)
Angels Along the Way : My Life with Help from Above by Della Reese, Mim...
DELLA REESE let me in your life LP NM LMI-1002 Vinyl 1973 Stereo AUTOGRAPHED!
my clothes are picked out for work tomorrow, im full, i had a good day. im in the bed now lmao Im slowly turning into Della Reese.
No surprise Della Reese showed up and Ol girl was no where to be found.
This guy at on the bus trying to sing like , looks like Della reese, and sounds like a dog being neutered
Remember when Quick fought Della Reese?? Skeete gonna have to shoot her pinky toe off
I liked this video on YouTube: Della Reese - I Got The Blues
Touched By An Angel - The Complete First Season by Della Reese, Jo
All about Della Reese Quotes : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
One more songf : By Della Reese Remember i dont smoke i only drink :)Listen
Della Reese - In the Still of the Night wuim92.1
Salvation Army Sally awards Della Reese thanking for STANDINGS with her when Della's…
Della Reese pays tribute to Roma Downey at and talks about their special relationship on screen & off
Found myself watching Touched By An Angel last night and realized what I need in my life: Della Reese to give me some tough love👌🏽
Unironic mazel tov to the parents. Love the name Della. Della Reese! Della Street from Perry Mason!
Della Reese, Bobby Blue Bland, Little Walter, and they just put on Little Richard. im in literal heaven.
Ladies that could sing and act and do it with class and style; Carmen McRae, Della Reese, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge
1994 Ethel Waters First Day of Issue Cover (FDC) - signed by singer Della Reese
Get some weight on you like Della Reese "3 billion people - almost half the world's population - live on less than $2.50 a day.
Idk. I'm weird. If I hit a dude, that mean I want to fight and I feel I can take you. Della Reese in Harlem night? That's me.
Della Reese, Carl Weathers and Bernadette Peters are in this episode of McCloud.
Adding a little blusey soul with Della Reese to the mix completes my relax and listen playlist this evening
sooo im thinkin- maybe Della Reese showed up to the concert. Like, Touched By An Angel... I got the touched part right./
I wonder if young Della Reese was fine or not...
My dad has dated Della Reese's daughter has pics chillen at Della Reese house lol
…MRS. DELLA REESE. You once autographed a photo of youself for my father, Louis Jones. Please read my book! Thanks!
Feel like Della Reese when Red Foxx told her it was hash in the cabinet but it was only tuna in there..
Della Reese must be looking out cause the seat next to me on this flight is empty.
Jackee as Cookie's mom and Della Reese as Cookie's big mama.
That scene between Della Reese & Eddie Murphy in the alley is hilarious!
like Della Reese said in Haelem Nights, “I’m an honest *** !!”
"Della Reese is still alive? I thought 'Touched By An Angel' went off the air, and then she was Touched By An Angel—you know what I mean?"
Didn't know the movie LIFE wit Eddie an Martin was a spin off from Harlem Nights Eddie(Ray Gibson)mention the fight with Della Reese.
Safe practice...I don't wanna hear about you swelling up like Della Reese.
Raven Simone look like she been stressing...Starting to look like a young Della Reese in the face
I make your mouthpiece obese like Della Reese...
Blue Skies by Della Reese is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
loved your article- but wasn't it Della Reese and not Pearl Bailey? Happy belated birthday!
.in 1958: Della Reese delivers lights-out performance at the Flame Show Bar, located at 4264 John R.St.
Della Reese & Ernest Thomas at Black Enterprise Celebrates Oscar Week with an All-Star Gathering
Della Reese - Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) oh man so heaven listening to this beautiful voice,
WHO JUST LEFT A SWALLOW OF ORANGE JUICE?!. -Della Reese killing at the craft services table on Touched By An Angel
Della Reese made a 180 going from this role to Touched By An Angel
You got Richard Pryor, Eddie and Charlie, Redd Foxx, Della Reese, Jasmine Guy, Arensio, and Danny Ailleo. I love that movie.
Misty (song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Misty" is a jazz standard written in 1954 by the pianist Erroll Garner. Originally composed as an instrumental following the traditional 32-bar format and first recorded for Garner's 1955 album Contrasts, the tune was later paired with lyrics by Johnny Burke and became the signature song of Johnny Mathis, appearing on his 1959 album Heavenly and reaching on the U.S. Pop Singles chart later that year. Contents 1 Cover versions 2 Chart performance 2.1 Johnny Mathis 2.2 Ray Stevens 2.3 Certifications Cover versions It has been covered many times, by such artists as Ella Fitzgerald (1959), Sarah Vaughan (1959), Billy Eckstine (1960), Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, The Students, Earl Grant (1961), Della Reese (1962), (Lloyd Price (1963), Richard "Groove" Holmes (1965), Donny Hathaway (1970) as a gospel song, Johnny Hartman (1971) and also by Ray Stevens (1975) as a country song. Lesley Gore included a version of the song on her 1963 debut album, I'll Cry If I ...
Della Reese - That's Life I love this woman's voice it's so beautiful and strong.
“I love Della Reese in Harlem Nights 😂” im a honest *** & all my *** honest 😂😂😂
Now look I love you to Della Reese's pieces... But if you take away our eye candy http:…
Still to come on the Kiss Me Kate special of Hester has: mix of Ella Fitzgerald, Della Reese, and Frank Sinatra
I want nice perky boobs 😩...ima pay for some and anybody judging can suck em then "kiss my entire *** *Della Reese vc* 😂
“*faints* “Kevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”” Touched By An Angel realness 😩😩
Della Reese cussing it up w/ Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor n Redd Foxx in Harlem Nights...
sounds like her too “Kevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”
I didn't wanna laugh lol "Kevin Gates looks like Della Reese."
"No Della Reese, spillin hella drinks, all on the legend's sneaks"
like Della Reese said in Harlem Nights, "don't get my mouth all ready for some hash & you ain't even got none!!"
you know *** well Della Reese has some skeletons in her closet.
I don't see how I possibly could have come from where I where I am now if there had not been angels along the way.--Della Reese
"Walk with me"? I thought it was a nod to Della Reese and "Touched By An Angel"!
Last thing b4 I go: To all athletes if you gotta smash, atleast find yall some "Honest *** like Della Reese in Harlem Nights
"I gotta girl with *** so good, that if you threw it in the air, it'll turn into sunshine" - della reese, Harlem Nights
like excuse you I'm trying to bop with Della Reese and Will Smith in Pinocchio. Bye
My grandparents are the real life Della Reese and Redd Fox in Harlem Nights. They be going at it 24/7.
Ah.I don't know! It's most likely a movie with Cicely Tyson or Della Reese. How about you??
Is Della Reese she still with us??
But tell me why you look like Della Reese in the face!?!. Ol' *** n*gga. Ol'…
Closed my eyes for 5 minutes and it was so peaceful, like Della Reese was standing next to my bed humming gospel songs. Ima sleep well
Breast Cancer Awareness
yal mad cuz iont want yal fat n funky ok go ahead Della Reese
That moment when sounds like Della Reese on lol
There has to be a list showing how many different rappers used that lame *** "obese like Della Reese" line, no? Spreadsheet maybe?
Tune in 2-4pm central for Della Reese, Brooklyn Daptone artists & more! Pls RT!
Also, Della Reese seems to be still alive, in some capacity. FYI
Della Reese glamor shot from the 1950s. Today, she is not only an actress, but also a pastor. Her mo
Did anyone else besides and I think Tyne Daly and Della Reese were the same person? They're both just so caring.
I had a dream Della Reese passed away & we watched "Touched By An Angel" reruns all day to show respect .
I've been watching Touched By An Angel for a few days now!! Bringing back so many memories. I love & Della Reese!!❤
Kim Coles & Della Reese this Sunday at UP church 7/13
LEW & FRANCES HARRIS. Some us have been discussing Lew Harris and his wife, Frances Kay Harris. Here's the piece I wrote after Mrs. Harris's death. The Story of Franny Kay’s Bout with Lew’s Piano By Bill Cherry The glow of sunset in the summer skies, The golden flicker of the fire flies, The gleam of love light in your loving eyes, These are the things I love --Words by Harold Barlow, Music by Lewis Harris Galveston implant, Lew Harris, wrote the music to this song when, just out of Boston College, he was the pianist with the house orchestra at Manhattan's famous Rainbow Room. Over the years, Lew Harris’ song, “These Are the Things I Love,” has been recorded by Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Caterina Valente, Della Reese, even jazz trumpet player, Dizzy Gillespie. But to Galvestonians, the most memorable version was sung by Robert Goulet, because it was the theme song for Lew Harris’ wife, Frances’ 54-consecutive year radio program for the Island’s KGBC-AM. After University of Texas, Franc . ...
Della Reese wishes she had one “Lawd I'm so glad to have a Pinky Toenail!”
voice of an angel Della Reese style or Urkle style? C'mon, what we working with here?
5. Redd Foxx. While filming on the set of The Royal Family (co-starring Della Reese), Foxx died of a massive heart...
I make yo' mouthpiece obese like Della Reese.
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Della Reese singing "Till The End Of Time"..we had the elpee in the family home..I knew and still know every word of all the songs..*sighs*
I hear somebody singing. ...Della reese is that you?! Lls
Watching Touched By An Angel. Who this show used to always have me in tears! Della Reese! This show will always be amazing to me!
Wow this is news 2 me..didn't even know..was blessed 2 meet her at Della Reese Church in Cali...A Beautiful Soul. .RIP
Aw, Ruby Dee. Most may remember her for her "Touched By An Angel" role, but I'll always remember her from "Do The Right Thing." RIP, Mother Sister EDIT: Della Reese was in the TV show, not Dee. Reese is 82.
I remember when I had the honor of attending a night with Ruby Dee, Della Reese and Lou Gossett, Jr.…
I loved Ruby Dee, next to my 4th Granny DELLA REESE!
Delle Chatman (1951 – 2006) journeyed triumphantly from this life to the next on Tuesday November 7, 2006, after a four-year battle with Stage IV ovarian cancer. She was a gifted artist, director, writer and actress, whose work reflected a deep faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of her life. Her spirit, eloquence, and charisma connected her to the 30 Good Minutes audience in a very special way. Delle made her first appearance on 30 Good Minutes on October 5, 2003, sharing a personal reflection about faith. She was a regular contributor to the program that season and the next, and was the featured speaker and subject of a Spiritual Journey segment in late 2004. At the beginning of the 2005/2006 season Delle was made a host of 30 Good Minutes and, with Lydia Talbot and Daniel Pawlus, co-hosted eleven programs featuring Dr. Tony Campolo, Sr. Joan Chittister, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, and others. She was also a frequent contributor to New Morning on the Hallmark Channel. (The following is from Delle Cha ...
The fight between Eddie Murphy and Della Reese is flipping hilarious! Lmao
I'm thinking revival vehicle for Katt Williams with Snoop Dogg playing the advisory Della Reese role.
Stopped by Walmart thinkin I was gon cop the new Reese's Oreos. Didn't have'em.I felt like Della Reese when she had her mouth all set for OJ
I'm telling y'all, S10: Roma Downey & Della Reese as big bads. -__-
Della Reese would have been great for Queenie, but age is off. Kerry Washington would be a great Dollbaby.
Allow me to put the Della Reese spin on that - She can kiss my ENTIRE Black A$$! Go to ***
Not enough songs rhyme "celery" with "Della Reese." Consider that a freebie, my songwriter friends.
Best scene is when Della Reese fought Eddie Murphy.
After the SBC anathematized Roma Downey and Della Reese back in the 90s, is anyone surprised by its resolution on
Did You Have The Chance To Read:. 'Angels Along The Way' by Della Reese? At the top of my favorites.
I will have to post the picture of you and me (when I was 15) when you were in Atlantic City to see Della Reese.
. COME ON-A-MY-HOUSE. Della Reese. It's never too late to be introduced to new music. Wow. What a Woman.
New post: Della Reese Touched By An Angel Beauty Shop Chico and the Man Signed Photo
Ill make your mouth piece obese like della reese
Dylan, he ate Della Reese's pieces. He gone be thick for a minute.
Hi Roma. Do you and Della Reese have fan mail addresses that I could request an autographed photo?
Hope we get to hear "If Della Reese is your niece, Atilla the Hun is my son!"
Is Della Reese still living from Touch by an Angel?
Who do y'all want to play Whitney Houston? Della Reese?
you HAVE to see Harlem Nights! Redd Fox, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Della Reese, Arsenio, Robin Harris & more..classic!
I recently had the opportunity to talk to Della Reese, who is guest starring as visiting supervi...
Good morning to all my Beautiful sisters of God, I'd like to first say I love you and you are Beautiful, lets stop tearing one another down but lets build one another up, using our time, talent and treasures to help another young lady. we all started as a child and grew into Woman or still growing lets be like Maya Angelou, Della Reese, Cicely Tyson, Lena Horne, Rosa Parks, Madam CJ walker, Ruby Dee, Oprah Winfrey, Yolanda Adams Roberta Flack, Sojourner Truth, Coretta Scott King, Michelle Obama, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, Shirley Ceaser, Great Leader and women of God I will Honor and write about these great Woman, the whole month of June praying God bless me to make a difference in even my own life as well as my daughters, other young girls and Woman. I will read with my daughter and teach them of these Great Woman. Today is not my yesterday and change is in every second of the day. God thank you for all these beautiful blessed woman of God.TRu DIVAS!
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"There are people much less fortunate than us, and I don't mean people hungry sleeping in the streets either." ―Della Reese
A Simple song, golden oldy for you ~ ~ Della Reese
Here is a very rare and personal look behind the lady we know as Gladys Knight with a special appearance by fellow Living Legend Della Reese from the talk show VIBE.
This is why I love this lil' ole boy. *In my Della Reese, Harlem Nights voice* modesty and humility.
I'm not interested in "conversation with older people who "Use" to do this or "Use" to do that. Why? Simply because in my own personal mind those are people who did not stick to dreams they originally had, they let others talk them out of what they wanted, they didn't keep faith in the dream or dreams they had. They believe that all you can do is work hard and retire. No! That's not it. Now for people who want that, that's cool. I'd love to talk to older people like Oprah, Bill Cosby, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice T, Della Reese, President Obama and more. Why them? Because they believed in the dreams, they did not give up, they remained different and now operate in the dreams they had. They have been through all of the downs getting to where you see them in now. Don't let unsuccess take you down with them.
(in my Della Reese voice) "You gon' respect me, even if I got to beat it ouutta ya!"
Sitting here watching Oprah's "Legends Ball" that she hosted in 2006. Her invitation list included such beautiful and positive African American women as Dr. Maya Angelou, Coretta Scott King, Roberta Flake, Shirley Caesar, Cicely Tyson, Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen, Diahann Carroll, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, Della Reese, and Angela Bassett, just to name a few. These women are the shoulders upon which we stand as black women. Their lives, their work, their contributions, and their legend is what we should strive to emulate and pattern ourselves after. I was deeply moved and inspired to be better and do better, and encourage you to do the same in becoming a "living legend."
Maya Angelou and Della Reese have the same voice.
Della Reese is legendary is one my all time favorites.
I loved when Oprah gave them beautiful earrings.drop diamonds for the Legends.diamond hoops for the's so surreal watching the Legends that are no longer with us.Coretta Scott King, Dorothy Height, Della Reese and Dr Maya Angelou.
Della Reese, Cicely Tyson, and Ruby Dee sitting together in the front of that photo!! omg!
OMG I didn't know Della Reese was there, woah!
And if no one wants to walk with me, Della Reese will. So there.
I can't watch Della Reese without thinkin about Harlem Nights 😂😂😂
Candy Gram for Mongo.worked with Cleavon back in the day on a show called The Coltons...with Cuba Gooding Jr...and Della dude...very mellow.
lets have an evening for the great Dr Maya Angelou Sunday 6/1 starting at 5pm on OWN lets watch this with the next generation so they can hear and see some impactful word from a great woman 5pm conversation with Dr Maya Angelou 6pm & 7pm repeat of last year super soul Sunday one of Dr Angelou last sit down 8pm Oprah's Legends Ball honoring twenty-five African American women in art, entertainment, and civil rights. an at 9pm master class with Dr. Maya Angelou The 25 women included Maya Angelou, Shirley Caesar, Diahann Carroll, Elizabeth Catlett, Ruby Dee, Katherine Dunham, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Nikki Giovanni, Dorothy Height, Lena Horne, Coretta Scott King, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Toni Morrison, Rosa Parks, Leontyne Price, Della Reese, Diana Ross, Naomi Sims, Tina Turner, Cicely Tyson, Alice Walker, Dionne Warwick, and Nancy Wilson.[1]us this Sunday as we honor the life and lessons of the phenomenal woman, Dr. Maya Angelou.
"I'll make your mouthpiece obese, like Della Reese"
" wanna hit people with garbage cans!" My esteem of Della Reese shot up so high after enjoying this movie 😃
Why I do what I do! Thank you, Robert Kotonly! "What a beautiful, respectful and lovely piece about us. I am so very pleased as well as being impressed with your research. The photos alone are a magnificent history in itself. There is so much more to the stories, but this is just perfect. Thank you so much. We really are very happy doing what we love. Having been able to work and become friends with veterans and pros like Julie Budd, Tony Martin, Della Reese, Barbara Cook, Ashford & Simpson, Dame Cleo Laine & Sir John Dankworth, Diahann Carroll, Angela Bofill, Vesta Williams, ConFunkShun, Bobby Caldwell . What a blessing! Thank you very much Richard. I hope to be able to able to comp you for a show of your choice in New Hope this summer if your schedule allows.' - Robert Kotonly
I always thought that was a Harlem Nights reference cause Della Reese punched him. Am I reaching?
Della Reese is on H. Johnson's jazz right now. EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD. our is way too soon now.
I always wanted a guardian angel like Della Reese.
please stop playing that Della Reese song. It's driving me nuts! 😫
She done hooked you with the sunshine womb then she walk out the bathroom looking like Della Reese
the oversized nipples of Della Reese!!
When you really believe in God, it gives you a courage, a confidence that enables you to meet the things coming. - Della Reese
I just loved Della Reese in that show. I remember praying for an angel like her to advise me. Still do!
Watching one of my fav shows touched by a angel cheesy but i love della reese
Sarah Vaughn was going to be my guess. Della Reese?
:) I used to watch it a long time ago I remember Della Reese was in it too
♫ Playing: 'I'm Beginning to See the Light' by Della Reese ♫ on Swing, Slow / Cha Cha Cha
Anyone who REALLY KNOWS ME, know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DELLA REESE and of course TOUCHED BY AN…
SO this person just said they didn't realize Maya Angelou and DELLA REESE were different people. . They reach with such reckless abandon.
That pic they keep showing of her and Della Reese on TV makes it seem they might be able to make 1 set of teeth between them
of course its a joke. I know the difference between Della Reese & Maya Angelou.
I'd love to see Della Reese play Maya Angelou in a bio pic.
Getting Della Reese confused with Maya Angelou on purpose for laughs is unacceptable have some respect!!
My *** ..Della Reese and Maya Angelou are two different people. I won't @ you but come on dawg
I mean you have no chill today! Della Reese.I almost spit everywhere
Oh I see. "Wiredu_ daabi Kofi dat is not her ooo...that actress is Della Reese"
No young people! is not the lady from Touched by Angel or Harlem Nights. That would be Della Reese. This is so sad!! Smh
LOL---that was Della Reese who would probably be perfect to play Her in a movie
As a young student @ NSU, I had the opportunity to sit next2 Dr. Maya Angelou as we watched Della Reese perform @ the Black Theatre Festival
Shoutout to those confusing Maya Angelou with Della Reese
I heard S10 big bads were gonna be Roma Downey & Della Reese.
The humble nonchalance she wrote of laughing with James Baldwin or getting singing tips from Billie Holiday or being outsold by Della Reese.
I heard S10 big bads are gonna be guest stars Roma Downey and Della Reese... -_-
"If Della Reese is your niece, Atilla The Hun is my son" ..LOL
get home get my bath get comfortable in the bed and now im hungry and absolutely have to have some whataburger thanks to Brittni Missing Lyrik Martin-Smith and Jaymesha Thrash got my mouth all ready for some Whataburger (in my Della Reese voice) but don't want to bring me none any volunteers?
Because of Harlem Nights, I always hear Della Reese's voice when I attempt to be trifling and put the "swallow" of juice/water back in the fridge. Can't do it.
My whole foot swoll from bumpin my pinky toe. I'm waitin on the xrays feelin like Della Reese from…
is playing recording from Della Reese - Come-On-A-My House (USA) via
"I make ya mouthpiece obese like Della Reese..."
Looks like nobody cares for Della Reese, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Shelley Mann, etc.- I'll just call it a day.Say Goodnight Eunice Thompson.
My apartment has two levels and I convinced that someone has put "roots" on me with these size 12 feet of mine,So, I'm running down the stairs to answer an important call on my phone and I tripped and had surely throught I'd broken my "pinky toe".Just imagine the Eddie Murphy joke about "Aunt Bunny" falling down the stairs and think about Della Reese when Eddie shot her in her "pinky toe" in Harlem Nights.I just laid at the bottom of the stairs telling myself that I need to TAKE MY TIME...I didn't break anything,,but it *** sure felt like it, but at least I made sure to protect my moneymaker,MY FACE.:(
I make your mouth obese like Della Reese! - B.I.G.
iTunes best selling album: Voice of an Angel - Della Reese
Glad I saw Touched By An Angel before I saw Harlem Nights when I was younger. Della Reese’s acting would have confused me lol
The butterfly angel Mom is wearing wearing was designed by Jane Davis. Della Reese often wore angels designed by Jane in "Touched By An Angel" of Mom's favorite TV shows. At Easter when visiting in New Castle, I was touched while sharing family stories together with Helen and Linda Thompson. My parents were remarkable people...loving, caring, compassionate and forgiving. From them I learned to love God and value all people...praying for liberty and justice for all.
"'I make your mouth piece obesse like Della Reese'. !!!
You may have heard a cover of one of my songs without realizing it from Ray Charles, Les McCann, Della Reese and The Ohio Players.
LMAO my *** Rob outchea lookin like Della Reese..Rob was my *** i hate it had to be him
Della Reese - Come on-a my house: via Maybe Stannie of Kevie might like. xox
Della Reese "i may be a *** but ima honest *** in Harlem Nights had me so confused as a kid but makes so much sense now
With my beloved Della Reese I feel blessed to be Touched By An Angel http:…
I'm watching Harlem Nights and Della Reese just said " I gotta girl so good that she'll make a man change religions" dang# ( in my Meko Jackson voice) Gloria Christian Jackson
Thanks for allowing me to work Harlem Nights, enjoyed meeting your family, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor & Della Reese. RIP Eddie Smith. A set to remember..
My Brother Had A Great Point' Which One Was Thicker? The cornbread in "LIFE" or The two pieces of bread Della Reese pulled out to make the tuna fish sandwich in "Harlem Nights"?
PIANIST JIM HENDRICKS to appear at Bethel Lutheran Church, 810 3rd Ave. SE, Rochester, MN, Sunday, May 18, 7:00 p.m. Free-will offering. Phone 288-6430 for details. Pianist Jim Hendricks began intriguing musicians and family members as a child with the uncanny ability to play anything he heard on records and memorize any printed music that came across the piano. While still in grammar school, Jim was able to transcribe by ear complex harmonies and melodies - without the use of a piano. He continued intensive musical study and was considered a professional as a teenager. After high school Jim performed with such greats as Dave Brubeck, Della Reese, Jack Jones, Louie Bellson, Clark Terry, Tito Puente, Rita Moreno, Maynard Ferguson, Jon Faddis, Arturo Sandoval, and many others. He also competed in many international piano competitions and was a featured symphonic orchestra soloist, performing the piano music of Rachmaninoff. By the age of twenty-five, Jim had accepted a professorship in the piano departmen . ...
I wish Redd Fox and Della Reese had made more movies together!
Roma Downey and Della Reese freeze when you look at them...
“Creed I got it, let’s go!” Thom Bell & Linda Creed's writing room Reinvigorated, Thom once again had the taste for being a Producer. “In 1971 Avco Records called me,” explains Bell. Owned by Della Reese (La Plume De Ma Tante) & Sam Cooke's (Chain Gang) old RCA production duo Hugo & Luigi, Avco was financed by the Avco Embassy Motion Picture Company. They had picked up on a local hit out of Philadelphia called You’re A Big Girl Now by old fashioned doo *** group The Stylistics. “They sent the producers of that song into the studio to do a follow up and they couldn’t do it. So now they’re in bad shape and losing money. That’s when they called me.” Someone had told them about a hotshot producer called Thom Bell who had worked with the Delfonics. "So I said, as always let me 'listen to them.' And I heard the guys, Russell Thompkins Jr, Airron Love & Herb Murrell and I felt I could do a job with them. Especially Russell, his voice really set my creative juices flowing. So they set the d ...
Della Reese should've gotten an Oscar nomination.
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*Della Reese from Harlem Nights voice* Kiss my entire a**!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Ok...I posted yesterday about going to see the movie Son of God. I have been googling about Roma Downey and her husband because for some reason something is not setting right about this with me in my spirit. I am learning that Roma Downey calls herself a Christian. She is Roman Catholic along with her husband sources say. But what really bothers me is the fact she has been attending a school in California that is steeped in New Age philosophy. The school is called the University of Santa Monica founded by New Age spiritual and self help guru John-Roger. She also listens to tapes by Eckhart Tolle and I have been reading up on his belief system and once again it is steeped in this New Age mentality. Then there was the minister who married Roma and her remember Della Reese from Touched By An Angel series. Today she is an ordained New Thought minister in the Understanding Principles for Better Living Church in Los Angeles, Ca. With all this said, I am puzzled why this husband and wife team who pr ...
Saying farewell to my my girl Della Reese. You've been so good to me over the years, now your off to a new loving home. Now with that being said HEEEY MS KARTER! ! S/n she's a girl so she's Karter with a "k" tee hee
Last Dragon, definitely. Harlem Nights just for Della Reese alone, let alone the guys.
Going to make a hot beverage and watch my Netflix movie : Miracle in the Woods, Patricia Heaton, Meredith Baxter and Della Reese-sounds really good. Oh yeah and I'll be wrapping up in my fuzzy blanket too.
When u walk down the road heavy burdons or heavy loads. I will RISE and I will WALK WITH YOU!(Della Reese).
New Age spiritualism is a combination that seeks to do one thing, and that is to produce another gospel entirely. That is the agenda of those like Della Reese, Ms. Downey and her husband and the mere fact that Jim Bakker, a Pentecostal minister, who began his life preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but now supports and embraces this new gospel, only cements the belief the apostle Paul warned about in many of his letters to the church, that the time will come when men, having itching ears, will not endure sound doctrine. (2 Timothy 4:3) Dear God open the eyes of your people!
I just used Shazam to discover Whatever Lola Wants by Della Reese.
I'll leave yo mouthpiece obese like Della Reese.
My supervisor can kiss my entire azz (della reese style)
Long-time friend and business partner of Shepard & Jourdan, Lou Alexendar is seen here on the Della Reese Show in his early days of comedy!
Friends, i enjoyed the movie the Bible on tv. Then i read rhe following. What do you think? thepropheticnews. A ministry of Christopher Gregory, devoted to edifying the body of Christ through the gift of prophecy. BEWARE OF Roma Downey AND MARK BURNETT’S OTHER “JESUS” “No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.” 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 What do you call someone who is a student of New Age psychology and spiritualism? Do you call them New Agers? Do you call them seekers? Would you dare call them Christian? Well, if you’re Roma Downey, then yes, you would call yourself all the above. Recently I was coming across one of the Christian channels and stumbled upon The Jim Bakker Show. On the program, Jim and his wife Lori, were hosting their special guests Roma Downey and Mark Burnett as well as musical guest Jason Crabb. It was such a ...
I can't WAIT! I bet she looks like Della Reese now. RIP
anyone that's been on the fence about herbalife the month of feb. tomorrow marks a new month.fresh start ...summer is fast approaching ...FITCAMP tomorrow at 9 am ...22 and Collins ...w hotel beach!! BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH .UM PROCRASTINATION IS A KILLER !! all my dc friends and fam . I know all that snow has you in the house eating like DELLA REESE !! mike Ditka voice STOP IT !!
I have been reading a lot on the new "Son of God" movie and I think I will stick to laying on the couch reading the good book myself for wisdom. It appears "New Age" so called Christians have more influence on people than I care to see! I personally will not be wasting my money. If I do decide to go see it, it will be to see how Hollywood screwed up Gods word once again! New Agers such as Roma, Oprah, and yes even Joel Olsteen believe and teach all paths lead to God. They fault Christians for being tolerant and narrow minded. But Gods word says this, "Enter the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the path that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it." Matthew 7:13 Don't reply to this post negatively until you educate yourself. I am not a narrow minded Christian. I am an educated one Praise God! I don't have all the answers but I know where to find them and its not through Della Reese, Roma Downey,Oprah, ...
Imagine, Mary of Nazareth having had cosmetic face surgery, and talking with an Ulster accent!! And Gabriel appears to her and says, "Aim on aingel saint bay Gard!" Half expecting Della Reese to turn up as well!
I lived in Oakland calif where my parents owned a bar call The Hurricane I don't think I remember any music on the jukebox that wasn't james brown, Nancy Wilson , nat king cole, the mills brothers, Ethel waters ,Della Reese or the great sachmo I've always loved her voice and wow has she aged well so I guess black don't crack
Della Reese set for role in starring &
just made me relive my Vera Walker moments! I love Della Reese in Harlem Nights
Once again I sound like Della Reese and I fly to Wisconsin on Sunday! (@ Home)
"All we have to do is keep our mind on the Christ inside of us. And if it gets a little rocky all you have to do is say, help me Father. Help me, Jesus." -Della Reese
Della Reese set for role in 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' starring &
trivia time! Who said if Della Reese is your niece then Attila the Hun is my son...
Filming a very special episode of Manners and More with Millena on location with the super fantastic Della Reese, Obba Babatunde and Reatha Grey.
With my spiritual mentor, Della Reese and my professional mentor Obba Babatunde at Della's 82nd Birthday last year. This year she's going to be performing for her birthday and everyone is invited! I'll keep you posted!
If you don't listen to Billie Holiday, Etta James, Della Reese, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, or Ella Fitzgerald, you're doing it wrong. 🙅🎤🎷
Rules: In your status update, you list 12 songs that have stayed with you over the years in some way, don't think too long over the list- just a few minutes. Just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 of your friends, and including me so I can see your list. 1. Over the Rainbow by Celtic Woman 2. How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood 3. Friends by Michael W. Smith 4. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson 5. Walk with You ( Theme to Touched By An Angel) by Della Reese 6. Live like you were dying by Tim McGraw 7. Try by Pink 8. Moon River by Andy Williams 9. In my life by The Beatles 10. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley 11. Wannabe by The Spice Girls 12. Dorothy and The Tin Man off the Sound track to Dreamer of Oz soundtrack
Come out and support this spirit filled production Mahalia Sings about the legendary gospel great. Renee King Jackson plays Mahalia and I yours truly plays a young Della Reese.
If Della Reese is yo Neice... Then Atilla the Hun... is mY son
Did anyone else see the Steve Harvey show yesterday afternoon? I was quite impressed with the guests he had - Roma Downey and her husband were talking about their new movie coming out...the subject is Jesus and what He can do for the world. The fact that Steve allowed them to talk about their movie and how it was made and why was amazing.he did not cut them short or try to change the subject. I think it comes out on 2/28, and Roma said amazingly it is simultaneously coming out in Spanish at the same time and I believe she said this is unusual when a new release comes out. Prayers for them and their efforts. If you remember Roma she was on Touched By An Angel show with Della Reese I think it was. Anyway...just sayin'
BHM salute- Give me laughter :0) the best medicine for a sad soul! Comedic relief to sooth my grief. I need to heal so my soul can feel you Bernie Mac, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, Robin Harris, Eddie Murphy, Della Reese, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, DL Hugely, and many I missed by name Harlem Nights to Barbershop, some laughs won't be stopped. Something to think about when life sends lemons
Della Reese to be in Signed, Sealed, Delivered! FABULOUS! Love it!
Photo: The inspiring Della Reese has just been confirmed to guest star in our...
"A night full of passion can lead to a lifetime full of's a thin line between love and hate." ~ Della Reese
Can we get some Roses for ladies a little appreciation for the gentleman and some kisses for the babies I love that lil ol boy (Della Reese)
Question of the Day: Who is the godmother of Roma Downey's daughter? Answer: DELLA REESE
Fred had a young Della Reese thru. Called up to Elizabeth an asked if she coukd find something to do
Make yo mouth piece obese like Della Reese
Now saw a woman that looked everything like Della Reese.
What does Della Reese think of the movie??
Madam Della Reese, she's just comedy gold.
but off and on gigs here and fhere Della Reese Presents 2008
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