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Del Paso Heights

Del Paso Heights is a neighborhood within the city of Sacramento, California. The generally recognized borders of Del Paso Heights consist of the Beltline Freeway Interstate 80 on the north, Norwood Avenue on the west, Arcade creek on the south, and Roseville Road on the east.

South Sac Sacramento County

PD is doing this in Del Paso Heights, but and City Council won't admit it, won't stop…
First-time home buyers are competing for homes which has increased the value of affordable neighborhoods in Sac.
Did ICE Visit a Church in Del Paso Heights on Mother’s Day?
Community leaders gather to better Del Paso Heights
10/10 recommend a graveyard ride along with Sac PD in Del Paso Heights.
Yup. It is. It cost me 2 dollars and 10 minutes with razor. . 📸: hausofjoe @ Del Paso Heights,…
I’m ready for Decode! and never fail to impress. See you all tomorrow!…
Tomorrow is the big day! Decode: Resiliency + Workforce is taking place at 9am at hosted by
Had an amazing time with the kids from Del Paso Heights Elementary and the Sacramento START Program
We are proud to be a community partner to this Saturday in Del Paso Heights for the DEC…
for students who learn, exercise, & eat healthy at Del Paso Heights Elementary School in Sacramento, C…
Join and Hacker Lab this Saturday in Del Paso Heights for DECODE: Resiliency + Workforce,…
Del Paso Heights school gets national recognition for after school program
Don't forget to register for Decode this Saturday, May 13th. Hosted by &
We are only a few days away from Decode!
Proud to tour quality program at Del Paso Heights Elementary in with
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Earlier this morning Del Paso Heights. Join us now in Avondale at the Elmo Slider Clubhouse.…
My heroes are those who dedicate themselves to serving students in Del Paso Heights, Oak Park & other forgotten neighborhoods.
I don't even bother eating it out around here. Except one spot in Del Paso Heights but I get so nervous to be there 😩😩😩
Del Paso Heights showed me a different breed. Lmaoo, they was too on. Thirstay baby bring it over here
If you're in Sacramento, there is a lit *** block party in Del Paso Heights at Grant right now.
Crocker museum brings block party to Del Paso Heights: The Block by Block initiative…
Del Paso Heights You can tell by the sign were I come from it ain't pretty straight out the hood 23 all day 🤘🏾
Hi! We are Garden Gates, an urban farm in Del Paso Heights. Check back for updates on what's in season, and what's new on the farm!
So proud of Ms. Watts and her will to help revitalize the Del Paso Heights neighborhood!
Del Paso Heights residents say they’re being shortchanged on police, code enforcement
you better get to work! There's a club in Del Paso Heights you can practice at
Coroner identifies dead man in Del Paso Heights daylight shooting
About the system that located Del Paso Heights gunfire today:
Del Paso Heights shooting: SPD say ShotSpotter gunfire tracking system picked up shots. No arrests have been made.
.: gunfire in Del Paso Heights one man fled scene and crashed car. Life threatening injuries. id'd location
SPD are investigating a shooting in Del Paso Heights near the 3700 block of Branch St. One person taken to hospital with critical injuries.
NOW: Sacramento Police are investigating a shooting on the 3700 block of Branch St in Del Paso Heights. One subject w/ critical injuries.
I moved out of del paso heights to get away from that 😂😂
Hi I have family living in Del Paso Heights!
lost cat please help (del paso heights): Please help. My cat Nimi is missing. She was last seen ...
Yep, there are beaucoup vacant lots in Del Paso Heights and even in places close to downtown.
PD: Woman in her 40s dies in Del Paso Heights shooting -
Clearing the scene of a violent crime and assault in the Del Paso Heights area.
Del Paso Heights representin'!. Catching World Hood featuring Estrella Hood from Sacramento at the Sol Life showc…
boy;I live where its hella dangerous. me: where you live ? the heights ?. boy; No,del paso , . bruh I was dead
Coroner identifies 23-year-old man killed in Del Paso Heights shooting
the rising & falling stars of Del Paso Heights {from the archives} written by
Enjoyed our Christmas eve with the Tukana's at Del Paso Heights... So blessed to be singing praises with my sister Mili who through the pain still has the Holy Ghost Fire to burn... Such a beautiful atmosphere we can create with Jesus at the helm... I found a definition of unspeakable joy... Joy is when you suffer severely having uncontrollable pain yet in it you rise like an eagle against strong winds that promotes flight to higher altitude... I saw this in my sister last night... The stronger the pain, the higher the altitude of flight in the supernatural... The more she wanted to sing more songs... She says to us, let's just praise thru them... Songs like, Jesus on the inside working on the outside... Fire the Holy fire... All the glory belongs to you... Found anchorage in the soul... Thank you Tuks for the beautiful time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit... Merry Christmas everybody...
I will be performing under my solo project Cobra Light at this event from 8:00-9:00 at the Fusion International Art Center in Del Paso Heights. Come out and check out some cool local art and music and most importantly this amazing new art center.
Ola Westmoreland, a former Sacramento country singer who entertained rowdy crowds at a Del Paso Heights dance hall before opening for recording legends, died May 26 at 86.
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Like oh I'm sorry you think you're too good. Need I remind you, you live in Del Paso Heights.
25 minutes early. Shocking since I'm ways in Del Paso Heights. Aha. I never knew were this place was.
I swear I just saw Stan Lee riding a bicycle down the street in Del Paso Heights!
Charles Mason: of the 400 Brownfields in Sacramento County, over half are in South Sac and Del Paso Heights.
The Mutual Assistance Network of Del Paso Heights, in partnership with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, will be...
Growin up in Del Paso Heights wasnt hard...livin next door to family was.. Got picked on by Daniel DaGreat Collins Jr-fox.. Dennis Woods Jr. used to cut my hair n mess me up.. n kick me out his room for some nanni. Sabrina D Woods was my fav til she start livin "la vida loca" n teachin the mocarena.. and Samara D. Woods spoiled me..
SACRAMENTO PEEPS - particularly anyone in the Del Paso Heights / North Sac area, please spread this reward story around because this sick piece of sh*** needs to be caught. I (becky) volunteer at the city shelter and when they say this is the worst cruelty they've seen, they mean it. Poor little puppy, and why are they always picking on pit bulls ... it's because society (the media) keeps telling people these dogs are different, or evil, or something and it makes it easier for sickos to be callous and for others to not say something. Well, for $8,000, I sure hope someone talks. So sad.
The dog was found in the city of Sacramento's Del Paso Heights neighborhood Wednesday.
Man on Bike Shot to Death in Del Paso Heights: Sacramento police have no suspects in the fatal shooting o...
NOW: 1 dead in Del Paso Heights shooting -
ENOTRIA Restaurant is featured in Sacramento Magazine December Issue. Sadly, the writer Kira O'Donnell didn't do her research to notice ENOTRIA is located in Old North Sacramento- not Del Paso Heights.
If you can, watch Fox 40 news tonight. Sorry, I'm not sure the time of the newscast, but thanks to my sister-in-law once removed, Cristian Tapia, a special event we had at work today will be featured on the news. I work in a school in Del Paso Heights that serves at-risk youth. Many of the students come from homes that struggle financially, so in early September I started reaching out to the community for donations. Today, I'm happy to announce (with the help of my co-workers (Marla Nakano, Craig Marsha Bradford, and Lisa Studer-Alcala), two and a half months of hard work paid off when we gave every student in our school (and their family) a Thanksgiving turkey, a pie, side dishes, and a coupon for $10 off a ham. Every student, with the exception of one, came in with at least one member of their family to pick up their food--and we delivered to the home of two families who didn't have transportation. All the families were extremely appreciative. We had a lot of generous donations from local businesses, an ...
I hate driving through Del Paso Heights. I feel claustrophobic, or trapped. It reminds me way too much of my childhood...
I riddle you this?. How many police reports does it take to close an escrow on a vacant short-sale property in Del Paso Heights? Winner gets a free can of pepper spray.
BREAKING NEWS Jefferson Elementary in Del Paso Heights evacuated cuz of gas leak. Polling set up outside & unaffected.
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2nd "Love Thy Neighbor" block party! Friday, October 12th Come out to this community event for the whole family! Free food, music, games, prizes, jumpers, and much more... Del Paso Heights, CA: 3845 Marysville Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95838 (Market Basket Parking Lot) 5pm-7pm
Jury convicts three in Del Paso Heights shooting death: A Sacramento Superior Court jury today convicted three m...
Trial opens for three men charged in Del Paso Heights murder: Deandre James Ellison knew the game o...
Speaking of kids beloveds, our local Sacramento Chargers football league is starting up now. If any of you live in Sacramento (particularly the North, Northgate, Del Paso Heights area) and are interested in your son playing in official little league football, you can inbox me. [ages from 8 to 13-14 depending on the weight] Sign up is now and anyone intersted in helping out the coaching staff, you need to be on board by Friday in order to get your CDC certification. Practice starts July 23rd at the Football Field on North Ave and Dry Creek in Sacramento at 6:00, you can sign your kid up there too. I'm coaching this year also. Sports builds muscles as well a character in sha Allah.
Here's what I think about the Lib's trying to ban all semiautomatic guns: If you think we're so safe as to not need more than one round, then I challenge YOU to move to Del Paso Heights, or South Sac, or any of the US crime centers, and sleep soundly at night knowing that you'll only have one shot before your killers are, in all likelihood, standing right next to you. Semiautomatic weapons only mean that one bullet is fired for every time the trigger is pulled. You show me where the constitution says I should only have crappy guns, and I'll agree that it's my legal right to relinquish the good ones. In the meantime, I will do everything in my power to retain my right to defend my life, my family, my home, and my country with my own weapons, which I use responsibly and store safely. I pray that I never have to use my guns for these purposes, but if I do, then it would be a crime for my killers to be better armed than I am, only because some *** liberal who'se afraid of guns thinks that law-abiding citize ...
Had a great time facilitating the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Strategic Planning meetings yesterday and today as consultant with Peloton Business Advantage. They have a great work ahead of them, and a great team to make it happen. Shoulder to Shoulder is a group working to end the cycle of generational fatherlessness in Del Paso Heights.
I love this because when I was growing up my family was very prejudice. However, both neighbors on the side of my grandparents were black. And the little girl next door was my bestest friend. If I only knew her last name, I would look her up after all these years. all I can remember. It was Del Paso Heights yo!
Man convicted of first-degree murder in brutal Del Paso Heights slaying: A Sacramento County jury has convicted ...
Seattle's press these days are enough to make think a nice stroll in Del Paso Heights is safer than a trip to the Space Needle.
A Del Paso Heights home is filled with garbage and swarmed with cats.
Officer shot in Del Paso Heights is now out of surgery, critical but stable. Has multiple injuries, but doctors optimistic he'll make it.
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