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Deion Sanders

Deion Luwynn Sanders (born August 9, 1967), nicknamed Prime Time and Neon Deion , is a former National Football League cornerback and Major League Baseball outfielder who currently works as an NFL Network analyst.

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Y'all heard what Deion Sanders said he's known as an Atlanta Falcon
Deion Sanders and Terrence Newman are going to shut Marshall and OBJ down! 🙌🏼
Now it's who's fault it is .. Mel Blount got more INTs than Deion Sanders but who's a bet…
Bobby Hebert to Deion Sanders for a touchdown (1993 vs Dallas)
Deion Sanders to coach football in Cedar Hill
Deion Sanders to be offensive coordinator at TC-Cedar Hill, and another ex-Cowboy is head coach
Deion Sanders and Lawrence Taylor didn't make our list, but those aren't even the worst snubs. .
GOAT cornerback. 2x Super Bowl champ. MLB speed demon. Deion Sanders did it all.
Off the top of my head "my top 10" black athletes are MJ, Ali, Tiger, Serena, Lebron, Bolt, Bean, Kareem, Deion Sanders, and Aaron
Deion Sanders, who was on loan to the Braves from the Falcons, in the locker room before the National League Championsh…
4-Deion Sanders - I could talk trash and not back it up-he was the opposite. 5-Bill Freeman-Favorite c…
90% of the time, excellent multi-sport athletes are baseball players. Carl Crawford, Deion Sanders, Dave…
FL has Vince Carter. FL has Ray Lewis. FL has Tracy McGrady. FL has Deion Sanders. FL has Michael Irvin. FL has Faith Ev…
FL got Warren Sap. FL got Ray Lewis . FL got Michael Irvin. FL got Emmit Smith. FL got Deion Sanders . FL…
Deion Sanders thinks Philip Rivers would win a Super Bowl with the Broncos. (SPEEDonFOX)
Three of the greatest athletes of all time played football. Jim Brown, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson.
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Deion Sanders urges Broncos to trade for Philip Rivers. Says Chargers QB needs to pull a "Kevin Durant"
Jim Edmonds, Deion Sanders when they were on the Reds because they were Jim Edmonds and Deion Sanders…
Deion Sanders says Steelers should trade for Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson. htt…
Steve Wyche and Deion Sanders recommended the trade for Sherman, Peterson or Von Miller. Y'know, it's that easy. And feasible.
NFL NICKNAMES($800): This other nickname for "Neon" Deion Sanders was especially appropriate when he played on "MNF"
Deion Sanders has no right lecturing other players on how to behave to the media. Anyone remember his beef with Tim McC…
The two greatest athletes has ever seen: Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders
Stephen A. Smith can't believe he's standing next to early-'90s Deion Sanders and a 1970s sports reporter
D.Wade outchea lookin' like Deion Sanders when he got drafted
I'm married to is my girlfriend. Deion Sanders
Inspired by Kyle Taylor Steele. Favorite player in each sport of all time!. NFL- Deion Sanders. NBA - Derek Fisher...
Deion Sanders. Deangelo Hall. Brent Grimes. the dude who played opposite Deion he was a dawg . Asante Samuel
Deion Sanders, LeRoy Butler, Jameis Winston & Warrick Dunn highlight the all-time Florida State NFL team
The all-time Florida State NFL team includes HOFers Deion Sanders, Derrick Brooks & Fred Biletnikoff -- and more:
I had a Hersey Hawkins one, Deion Sanders (Skins) one & a few more back in the day LOL
Crazy. Deion Sanders scored a TD and Hit a home run in the same week & Aaron Hernandez caught a TD and caught a body in…
Guess Jerry Jones convinced Deion Sanders to return. We're losing all our corners!!
Nestor: I'm guessing Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys will be calling Deion Sanders to play cornerback any minute now...
Ahead of the Super Bowl in 1995, Jerry Rice got mad at Deion Sanders and other teammates for violating curfew:
My stepson is the next Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice not scoring on me in my prime.
Deion Sanders and Brian Jordon both played after Bo.
THIS is why having analyst with different background & perspectives are so important. What Deion Sanders said about 1st cont…
Deion Sanders' story about giving the Giants the cold shoulder at the NFL Combine is gold
At the 1989 Combine, Deion Sanders told the Giants where to stick their test via
Reasons why Deion Sanders will forever be the GOAT. 🐐
Shoutout to whoever got Deion Sanders on TV 😂🙌🏾
Deion Sanders' combine experience back in his day went exactly the way you'd figure it would . (pic via
sound as if he grew up in a rough 'hood. I know Deion Sanders, Jr. was once at his HS, and Donald Driver lived there as well.
Ya should do a montage with Alternative facts. Ibaka, Warren Moon, Deion Sanders, and now Anderson Cooper!!!
Tony Dungy said the Colts never cheated during his years as coach after Deion Sanders accused Indy of doing so.
Tony Dungy to Deion Sanders: Colts stole signals, but that's not cheating via
Deion Sanders and Brandon Marshall getting ready for 40 yard dash Show
. Lee County Florida is where the studs are. Deion Sanders, Jevon Kearse, Ray Lewis Edgerin James, on & on!
Come Sunday you're going to meet a lot of Falcons fans who don't know Michael Vick, Deion Sanders, Roddy White or Tony Gonzalez. Just watch
and follow for a 96 Deion Sanders code! I'll pick a winner in a few hours
Deion Sanders speaks out against racism.
Deion Sanders: Julian Edelman is under appreciated because he’s white
"If you don't do something about Julio Jones, he will destroy you." - Deion Sanders . 🎥 - https…
if you mean Deion Sanders, Deion. If you mean Dion Lewis, Dion.
Athletes know kids look up to them, and it's important for athletes to be responsible. Deion Sanders
Way to dangerous. Him Deion sanders and Dante Hall was way to fun to watch.
These look like a pair of Deion sanders eating a pair of shell toes
I went to Deion Sanders crib one time and ever since then I told myself we gone be livin like that .
Sure we're in limos. We're stars. How else is a star supposed to travel? Deion Sanders
Falcon's had the 🐐and HOF Brett Favre and n 1 of the greatest corners Deion Sanders let em go..
woah woah woahC Deion Sanders? Derrick Brooks? Warrick Dunn? Dalvin is incredible but not the best I think
hey bigt! Just letting u know that I would be willing to let u borrow my 96 ovr deion sanders for your vids. Let me know
Lol. Pitt sucked that week, and so did Big Ben. Stop making it seem like Maxwell is Deion Sanders. He's not even th…
Y'all just don't know. I was Deion Sanders in high school
1) Deion Sanders not playing for the Cowboys . 2) Len Bias not going to that party. 3) Rita Benson not being banned/f…
The Winner Of My 96ovr CB Deion Sanders is. Congrats man! DM me so I can give you card on PS4
Josh Norman is the greatest CB since Deion Sanders retired.
When I saw mention of Justin Bieber doing Ozzy, I thought "some things can't be unseen." Then Deion Sanders...
Could Deion Sanders scourge the seven seas right now?
Yo I've been trying to spend money on MUT points since last night to no avail! Cost me an ultimate freeze pack & Deion sanders
that man Deion Sanders be preaching on IG!!
chipper jones, Greg Maddux, tom glavine, John smoltz, and Deion Sanders (Sanders is in NFL HOF, you never specified)
So, I just had Deion Sanders in my office. NBD.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is the 1st CB to win Defensive Player of the Week with 3 teams (AZ, DEN, NYG) since Deion Sanders…
a cricketer with a great business plan..He is maximizing his earnings when he can a la Deion Sanders in NFL.
Find out why Deion Sanders said this about 2017 TE commit Brock Wright. . "This kid is a freak. I call him Young Gronk.”
Dave didn't mean to hurt Kyle Bushes feeling either, Deion Sanders did
Deion Sanders first career sack sets up a Jessie Tuggle TD vs the L.A. Raiders (1991 Season)
End-of-interview outburst/threat on PBS interview reminds me of Deion Sanders' showboating. Unwelcomed and not appreciated.
Can we get a Deion Sanders football life or Randy Moss
Could Deion Sanders find a golden ticket right now?
Check out hannibalburess on Deion Sanders' "Must Be The Money" and the tootsie roll, with timmhotep.…
As good a rookie as CB Eli Apple is, he'll never be another Deion Sanders because Apple tackles!
tell deion sanders I said hi too tracey edmonds
My dude Prime Time Deion Sanders keepin it 💯 he knows the grind true athlete who played two…
.vs. The Kid in a slam dunk contest?. You don’t have to imagine — it happened.
player Deion sanders the corner is a 99 on my team
Trump backpedals faster than Deion Sanders ever did.
I had Brett farve I had both Deion sanders out of position and ghost of madden past
I talked with about Deion Sanders rap and the tootsie roll. .
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ain't seen someone back peddle this fast since Deion Sanders! 😂
How about the Deion Sanders vs Andre Rison "slapfight"?
Bo Jackson & Deion Sanders would like a word with you...
Jason Sehorn > Richard Sherman and Deion Sanders if we being real
Imagine a CB that Covers like Deion Sanders mixed with Prime Richard Sherman and hits like Sean Taylor... That's Nite Train Lane imo...
Turf toe ended careers of Hall of Famers Jack Lambert, Deion Sanders. Yet Matt Ryan had it in '09 missed 2 games, didn't recur
A lot of us made that mistake. Deion Sanders, Emmit Smith, and Troy Aikman were "cool" back then
GOAT CBs:. -- Mel Blount. -- Deion Sanders. -- Mike Haynes. -- *** LeBeau. -- Champ Bailey. You can argue about the spots all you want.
Not identical, but Deion Sanders in 1994-1995.
looked like Deion Sanders with a side of Ray Lewis last night.
It's like Falcons have Ray Buchanan and Deion Sanders out there at CB. Sad there's no Keith Brooking or Jessie Tuggle sighting.
Deion Sanders: How far can this team go? Dak Prescott: "The sky is the limit as long as we stay within ourselves. We believ…
Y'all expect somebody to step in as a rookie corner and be Deion Sanders. Or a pass rusher and be the best Reggie White...their ROOKIE YEAR
Deion Sanders, on Tannehill: "I don't know if he's the future. I don't even know if he's the present." And "they have no…
Tomlinson, Ike Taylor, and Deion Sanders with some big praise for Julian Edelman. They must be Pats fans though... https…
I like Deion Sanders, but I can't figure out his statement that Gronk is worth 5 points. Did the Patriots invent a new way to score?
4 out of 6 went for Houston on CBS pregame. Bill Cower & Deion Sanders went New England. Smart af.
ICYMI: GM Steve Keim isn't ready to anoint as the next Deion Sanders. But he's good. .
Steve Keim on Marcus Cooper: "Don’t want to anoint him as the next coming of Deion Sanders just yet."
Sammy Watkins smoked him last season. Steve Johnson owned him. Dude he's no Deion Sanders. Get…
Deion Sanders not walking thru that door
Deion Sanders and Bill Cower meeting the South Park Football team and Head Coach Tim Delaney.
MJ. Deion Sanders. Bo Jackson. Tim Tebow's in good company among two-sport athletes who made it to an MLB org.
I always idolized guys like Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Steve Young and the entire 49ers team
You are the G.O.A.T! Better than Rod Woodson, Night Train Lane, Mel Blount, and Deion Sanders! 2016 is OUR YEAR! Superbowl LI!
Michael Jordan, Garth Brooks, and Deion Sanders all did what Tim Tebow is trying to do right now.
Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson, Ken Griffey Jr, Derek Jeter, and LeBron James. My fav athletes of all time. Don't ask me to put em in order.
Players who never wore the Silver n Black that I wish wore it are Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Deion Sanders and Favre
What is TNT thinking, why not Shaq, Deion Sanders or Mike Tyson...Good idea though
Aye quick questions for the sports mfs out there, Randy Moss vs Deion Sanders.who winning the matchup? 👀👀👀
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Kelly Gruber tagged Deion Sanders but didn't get the call.
Ken Griffey Jr., Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Barry Bonds and more in a dunk contest from 1992.
When the Foot Locker Slam Fest had Ken Griffey, Barry Bonds, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders &more in a dunk contest >>
NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders Calls for Unity, Communication an incredible example
just thought of another one deion primetime Sanders
Ryan junior-to-be QB was named MVP at his position at Deion Sanders’ Prime21 Camp in Dallas:.
I stiff armed depression and Deion Sanders skipped over that jont a long time ago 💪🏾
-> is an advocate for America’s inner cities, as well as a champion for the cause of fatherhood.
Could Deion Sanders overcome adversity right now?
Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders are my favorite football players but I'm a Steeler fan... I know it makes no sense
NFL's greatest athlete Deion Sanders.was comprised of copious amounts of speed, quickness, intelligence, and class.
NFL Hall of Famer calls for unity, communication
Everything good in my life comes from God🙏🏽 James 1:17. Great camp❗️Thanks to & Deion Sanders💯
Deion Sanders has high praise for Florida State commit Levonta Taylor
That time in 1992 when Mike Conley Sr (🏃), Deion Sanders (⚾🏈) & Ken Griffey Jr (⚾) competed in a dunk contest
I wanna live curiously through Deion Sanders high point in life. Primetime Era
Deion Sanders has some advice for Ezekiel Elliott
Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl 48 media day interviewed by Deion Sanders. via ...
.turns 27 today. Louis Wright played to 33. Ray Crockett and Champ Bailey to 35. Deion Sanders to 37. Darrell Green to 42!
Deion Sanders just exposed Rod Woodson, wow lol
what happened to the Deion Sanders show and Emmett Smith show? Will they be coming back on
Deion Sanders' football team to face North Fort Myers via
Deion Sanders is the only person to ever play in a World Series and a Super Bowl
Give me Charles Hayley, Leon Lett, Darren Woodsen, and Deion Sanders that makes a difference
Deion Sanders is taking classy shots at Pilar via IG lmao
I'm with you J. Ramsey would have made us 13-3! just like Deion Sanders helped the Flacons to 3-13!!
2016 College Football Player of the Past, Deion Sanders, CB, Florida State, A world - class trash talker backed...
And I hate the cowboys and I would've had the name Michael for Michael Irving and my middle name Deion for Deion Sanders 🤔🤔
Deion Sanders has the interviewing skills of a Manitowoc County Public Defender
In an ideal world, Chris Berman, Harold Reynolds, and Deion Sanders would all be on the same network which I would forever block on my TV.
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Deion Sanders is the Jay Buhner of interviewers
Jalen Ramsey is going to end up being better than Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, and Deion Sanders when it's all said and done
Jalen Ramsey will end up being better than Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, and Ed Reed tbh
I only look up to. Percy Miller. Al Green &. Deion Sanders
I hope that Deion Sanders, Jr. can be my personal tour guide next time I visit TX.
don't tell me Ray Lewis you thought u were the only one like U Deion Sanders he really thinks he's the only Leo the Lion like him
[Dallas Morning News] Agent of Cowboys greats Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith dies at 60
Bo Jackson certainly would make my top 5 if I made a list. Along with Deion Sanders. Dual sports is huge.
Richard Sherman's don't get hurt Earl Thomas's don't get hurt Deion Sanders don't get hurt Mike Mayock's don't get hurt
yes ask her to text me I'm tryna get a Emmit Smith jersey or Deion Sanders
.on Jalen Ramsey being compared to Deion Sanders.
Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Champ Bailey...and that's just RECENT history
Just seen deion sanders in cotton patch in dallas !
Finally muted a bunch of American politics stuff, but worry that now I'll miss out on important George Clinton or Deion Sanders news. :(
Deion Sanders the greatest of all time & best defensive player to ever go to Florida State.
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Video Excessive confidence allegedly breeds arrogance, but theres no exact word to accurately describe Deion Sanders, circa 1994
Deion Sanders would have more black votes in the South than Bernie.
Watching these this margin between Hillary and Sanders is like watching Deion close in on a receiver for the interception.
this Leo the Lion is hard headed like Deion Sanders its your personality JLo
Why don't you get deion sanders to have 3 lock down corners to upgrade your team?
The Dolphins can build a time machine and bring back Deion, LT, Marino, Rice, Barry Sanders, and still wouldn't beat the Patriots
The absolute last person I want to hear from today is Deion Sanders.
Deion Sanders: What's going on in that Lions organization?: ALLEN PARK -- Barry Sanders walked away early from...
Deion Sanders’ former Prosper manse can still be had — with a new neighbor via
In their prime I wonder who was faster Randy Moss or Deion Sanders 🤔
I liked a video Jalen Ramsey does his best Deion Sanders High Step Impersonation | 2016 NFL Combine
Also on discussed Calvin Johnson's decision to retire:
When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, life is good. -Deion Sanders Our first podcast for The...
*** you backpedaling like Deion Sanders now smh
Deion sanders.wear my chains when im inside the pool.
Deion Sanders sounds like an *** discussing Calvin Johnson. Another person guessing (no facts) that he retired because of the Lions.
hes the best cb to ever play the game. Legend has it he taught deion sanders how to play cb
Dallas' signing of Deion Sanders in 1995 put the Cowboys over the top. Sanders signed a seven-yea... - via App
Calvin Johnson only one I know besides, Deion Sanders, to rock 21 at receiver
Nonsense. Poor analytical stance. Straight up cop out. Deion Sanders is the worst when it comes to that.
If you keep settling with mess you gonna always have stress - Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders going full-dumb person mode on NFL Network right now.
Did anyone see on NFL network, where they was talking about Calvin Johnson, retirement.. Then Deion Sanders .
Jalen Ramsey is the best player in the draft, Ramsey is a combination of Kenny Easley and Deion Sanders
Free on 2013 Deion Sanders as Leon Sandcastle short print rookie card. Get it here -
Hall of Famers like Deion Sanders want to see Marcus Peters to take the next step: https:…
Deion Sanders: Lions' Slay 'can be really good' - Detroit Free Press Detroit, Lions
yfw Packers took Tony Mandarich over Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, and Derrick Thomas
Deion Sanders dropping Mar. 4th. Be on the look out for that.
Cuz we don't got 5 years *** we got 10 seconds and Deion sanders is that ***
Hamilton Collection
How about Deion Sanders and Randy Moss from FSU knowing Moss was only there one year and was a red shirt
Deion Sanders, what kinda question is this?
Champ Bailey might be the second best corner behind Deion Sanders
SMU WR Deion Sanders Jr. enters fashion industry; best-seller is T-shirt with ... -
I'm like a Bo Jackson or a Deion Sanders. 2 Sporter
The same GM that didn't even offer Deion Sanders a contract after his rookie contract.😭🔫 I'll fight him
This is officially the snipe of the year. It's not even debatable. .
From Deion Sanders to Jalen Ramsey, is confident & ready to make a mark at FSU. htt…
"we arriving on time,. not even close to my prime like Optimus or Deion,. Sanders how I run through these lines.""
No body wore gold chains like Primetime Deion Sanders back in the day.
I liked a video Deion Sanders interviews Cam Newton
What Jeb and Kasich were doing in NH at the last minute in order to get votes, they were going left as fast as Deion Sanders can backpedal.
Deion Sanders knows why people hated from the word go
I liked a video ESPN First Take - Deion Sanders on Cam Newton and Super Bowl 50
Yup, that's who I had in mind. and Deion Sanders. Some super-athletes from the 80/90s we'll never know about.
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If you like Byron Jones, you'll probably like Jalen Ramsey. If you like Deion Sanders, you'll probably like Vernon Hargreaves.
Deion Sanders on Cam Newton walking out of presser: You are the face of our brand right now, you can't do that
Jeb, Kasich moved as far LEFT 2 get last minute NH votes. As fast as Deion Sanders backpedals. Never have 2 worry about that w/ Cruz,..-Rush
Where you are right now is mainly because of you and the choices you've made! Stop Blaming. Deion Sanders
When I saw what Jeb & Kasich did in NH at last minute to get votes . Were moving as far LEFT as fast as Deion Sanders can backpedal..--Rush
Why Deion Sanders was factually wrong when ridiculing Cam Newton
God Bless you Deion Sanders get well soon
Can't find a Deion Sanders Braves jersey so unless himself has an extra one just laying around I'm gonna have to get one made
Add Deion Sanders to the list of mentors who have helped Lions CB Darius ...
Deion Sanders had 39 HRs in over 600 games.
I wanna Deion Sanders Braves jersey so bad.
Just ordered my Deion sanders jersey 🔥🔥
My motto👌. "If u look good, u feel good, If u feel good, u play good, If u play good, They pay good"~ Deion Sanders
Support my little brother Deion Sanders Jr. and buy his gear. He's a really great young man and entrepreneur!
Yo Deion Sanders son just followed me 😳
Deion Sanders' son sells clothes and its called "well off forever". interesting
if its abt off the field bs with then what abt Mike Irvin, Chris Carter, Deion Sanders, Randy Moss??? etc etc
So did you call out Deion Sanders when he dumped water on Tim McCarver or called The Georgia Dome "my house." Just asking.
I said agreed with what Deion Sanders, Marshall Falk, and Michael Irving said about Cam cause I'm watching NFL Netork
yep same exact thing Marshall Faulk and Michael Irving and Deion Sanders said on NFL Network.
Deion Sanders and Michael Irving did not approve of his attitude if that tells you anything...
Deion Sanders & Michael Irving said MIller & Ware would be on Cam's azz all night. Listen 2 HOF sometimes ppl.
Deion Sanders, on the other hand: Not a fan of Matthew Stafford. Said there's no difference between him and Jay Cutler.
Deion Sanders: "Ain’t Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler the same dude?". Agree?. Who'd you rather have?
DET MLive: Deion Sanders: Lions should ask Matthew Stafford to take pay cut before Calvin Johnson
Deion Sanders asks: Aren't Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler the same person? via
Wife is watching lip sync battle on tv and I walked in just in time to see Deion Sanders dressed as Madonna singing like a vigin. Hilarious!
Deion Sanders says there's no argument Tom Brady is superior to Peyton Manning
Josh Norman rages over Odell Beckham, Deion Sanders with renewed shots via
Josh Norman is KEEPING IT REAL, speaking with Deion Sanders, about the Odell Beckham situation.
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Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, and Ray Lewis. Best Defensive players all time.
Darius Slay trying to act like he's the next coming of Deion Sanders and that the are gonna give him $50 million
Deion Sanders never got fined. Because he never hit anyone. .
"If your dream ain't bigger than you are, then there's something wrong with your dream." - Deion Sanders
Did Deion Sanders take shot at front office?
I'm sure Deion Sanders already told him to apologize just like Deion told him to take down that IG post after the game Sat.
McGee was just the first WR who was an unlikely Super Bowl hero (e.g. Ricky Sanders, Deion Branch, David Tyree).
like Deion Sanders was saying it looks as if he was trying to avoid him the way he dropped arm
"If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you pay good.' - Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders needs to apologize too. To him, Burfict barely touched AB on that hit.
my opinion Lynch would've played last wk if gm was in Car and not in 0° Min. Lessons from Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders take shot at 49ers front office?
Doug Baldwin let Deion Sanders' words make the best of him...And hasn't looked back since.
Deion Sanders should've never said nothing to Doug Baldwin 😳
Pacman Jones deletes Instagram post blasting officials after Deion Sanders texted him:
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Deion Sanders is still talking about how Burfict didn't try to hit Brown, so goodnight
On the NFL Network, Deion Sanders doesn't think Vontaze Burfict meant to hit Antonio Brown, so there's that
Deion Sanders has really white teeth . And Justin Beiber is weird
Chuck Bednarik was last of 2 way players, Center LB & Spec Teams & Quotable quote about Deion Sanders "Sanders couldn't ta…
Only DBs in the conversation with Charles Woodson are Deion Sanders and Rod Woodson. Ed Reed comes close. Did u I miss anyone?
Deangelo Hall is exactly like Deion Sanders and Charles Woodson in his move to safety. The only difference is his absolute lack of talent.
"Special shoutout to MY MAN Deangelo Hall. He's moved to safety. I love what he's doing!". -HOFer Deion Sanders.
Last call! Less than three hours to go. Deion Sanders jumbo patch 3/5:
compare those stats to baseball players Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Michael Jordan and yeah Rose can stay banned
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