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Defensive End

Defensive end (DE) is the name of a defensive position in the sport of American and Canadian football.

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Rambo is a bit more complete re defensive end, but yes, both attack with imagination & risk.
Congrats to Hall of Fame defensive end I'm going to watch on Monday to celebrate.
CONGRATS to Michael Strahan of the NY Giants. The best Giant Defensive End ever.
With all the sickness, hospital visits and funeral, I haven't posted about the grandsons basketball. Devin is starting on the Bethany 7th grade team. Plays forward and is doing well, especially on defense with great rebounding, steals, assists, etc. In fact, the 7th grade team is undefeated in regular season games - 12 -0 - with two games remaining. They won one tournament championship (3-0) and placed third in another (1-2). Tal is starting on the Bethany High School JV, shooting well, averaging almost 9 points per game and playing good defense. He plays on the Varsity, as well. Last two games have been great. At Marlow, he came off bench to score 7 points, hitting a clutch 3 pointer, and making 4 free throws to help the team to a 61-56 win. Tonight, Home Coming game, he came off the bench with the game tied 41-41 and with 15 seconds left, hit a 3 pointer to give us a 44-41 lead. Then, on the defensive end, he tipped the ball twice on 3 pointers, the last one sending the ball out of bounds with ...
A mature player does not let his offense dictate how effective he can be overall; it starts on the defensive end
Snitker talks college: Waukon defensive end Seth Snitker has plenty of opportunities to continue his football ...
Here's to Michael Strahan, NY Giants defensive end, and two time Super Bowl winner, Member of the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class
Lets try that again, thoughts on game yesterday - - Defensive woes, 'unlucky' United & more reinforcements needed.
end for us lot:D... With defensive cover least of our worries against palace, poldi has to start.
Craig Haubert explains four of the biggest attributes which ESPN scouts *** when evaluating defensive end prospects.
*NFL NEWS* Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy and New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson are the 2013-14 NFL offensive and defensive rookies of the year.
New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan has been elected to the hall of fame. We are expecting Warren Sapp to come out and say something about Strahan and his being worthy of the hall, but the bottom line is Strahan was deserving of the enshrinement. He set and still holds the single season sack record, and has over 100 sacks in a productive Super Bowl winning career. Strahan has also seen success off the field as well in his TV ventures with Fox NFL Sundays and is generally an all around well liked man. He is a player you can say deserves the hall for his play on the field, and his personality off of it.
The legendary Giants defensive end makes the cut in his first-year of eligibility. But he's not the only one heading for Canton.
About 14 years ago..A friend told me..I'm jealous of you as a Giants fan..My reply: Why??? He then told me I have the pleasure of watching a future Hall Of Fame Defensive End...I said Who..??? That friend was so very right..From that time on, I let go of my memory of Lawrence Taylor and Carl Banks and started to watch Michael Strahan ... not as the other defensive player drafted alongside Giants Draft Bust Marcus Buckley. But as the HOF Defensive End he deserved to be watched as.. congratulations Michael Strahan..You are one of the greatest of all time.
Michael Strahan, defensive end for the Giants (1993-2007). Even though he is a GMAN and gave the Cowboys torture all his career. He is simply one of the best and now may be called HALL OF FAME...
I a Peyton Manning fan why wouldn't anybody be dude is arguably the best QB in history so I can easily see why a large majority of people have the Broncos winning the Super Bowl I don't blame them wit all the weapons he has to play wit but we seem to forget Seattle is evenly stacked on the defensive end wit weapons to match up wit Broncos Wide receiver Seattle can rush the QB they stop the run they r tops in NFL in take aways Denver defense is in the bottom tier of NFL. Now on offense we all know Denver is tops in NFL and Seattle is in the middle of the league but they run they ball better then Denver which I think will be key in this game who can control the line of scrimmage create turn overs and special team play will win. Wit that being said I think it will be a low scoring game if u keep Denver under 30 u can beat them I dont see Seattle just giving up points so ill take Seattle 23-20
All the lovers of American Football all over the World,will be watching the Finals of Super Bowl XLVIII tomorrow February 2nd 2014, from MetLife Stadium at Meadowland Sports Complex in East Rutherford,New Jersey,with the kick off scheduled at 6.25pm EST. Super Bowl XLVIII is an upcoming American Football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) Champion :Danver Broncos and National Football Conference (NFC) Champion: Seattle Seahawks, to decide the National Football League(NFL) Champion for the 2013 Season. The season begins in the late summer of the previous calender year.The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals to identify each game ,rather than the year in which it is held. This is the first Super Bowl in which two U.S.States :New York and New Jersey will share hosting duties and it will be the first one to be played outdoors in a cold environment of winter season. Metlife Stadium is also unique that is a venue of Two NFL Teams: the New York Giants and the New York Jets and again this will be the ...
Strahan! Well deserved. Was such a joy to watch him play for 15 years. People pay attention to his sacks, but he was the best run stopping defensive end I ever saw.
Congratulations to the best Defensive End to ever play the game of football Michael Strahan on making the NFL Hall Of Fame.
Dear Friends, You are cordially invited to join Chris Canty, Founder of the Chris Canty Foundation; Superbowl XLVI Champion (New York Giants); and current starting Defensive End for the Baltimore Ravens, for the Chris Canty Foundation Superbowl Celebration - Champions Edition, January 30, 2014 at 48 Lounge on 1221 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The proceeds from this event will go to the programs and initiatives founded by and supported by the Chris Canty Foundation. Attendees will enjoy a selection of featured beverage specials courtesy of 48 Lounge in addition to food, giveaways, networking with business professionals, celebrities, professional athletes, community leaders, and philanthropists from around the country. You will also have a chance to bid on some great sports memorabilia, and a variety of other items during the silent auction. Must be 21 to attend. Please RSVP by January 25th at eventsThe Foundation For the past four years, the Chris Canty Foundation has been a vital part of the c ...
Notables from Whitehall: .Nate McLouth, professional baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles and Gold Glove winner. .Ruth Thompson, first female state representative of Michigan, first female U.S. .Representative from Michigan, first female on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. .Stacy Essebaggers-Shepherd, 2001 Miss Michigan and Top-10 semifinalist at the Miss America pageant.[7] .Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens .Ryan Van Bergen, played Defensive End for the University of Michigan, 2008-2011.
Shire thinks Clay Matthews is a Defensive End! Lmao clearly he ain't no linebacker aha
With the 3rd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, The Atlanta Falcons select Jadeveon Clowney, Defensive End. University of South Carolina.
R.I.P. L.C. " Hollywood Bags". Greenwood 4 time superbowl Champion. & starting Defensive End on the greatest Defense of all time THE STEEL CURTAIN
Jive on a Biden-esque picture of Lions Defensive End Corey Smith with a philtrum hider:
Strong camp performance lifts Derrick Alexander to starting role at defensive end.
The 2013 Spotlight Series at IDP Manor continues with SF defensive end Justin Smith.
NY Jets defensive end Quinton Coples will miss three-to-four weeks with ankle ... - New York Daily News
Detroit Lions tinker with Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley at defensive end -
“no matter what team you support(byu here). Give love to Trevor, great article!!!.
Yea.. But that defensive end Jadeveon or however the *** u spell it. Gets one big hit on a defenseless HB and gets worshipped
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Thank God that Denver Broncos defensive end, Derrick Wolf, wasn't injured seriously after being taken off the...
In the 2020 NFL draft, the Jacksionville Jaguars select Muhammad Khan, defensive end Auburn
Coach said to me "good news Rudy you're playing a little bit of defensive end this year" me: "but coooach I'm fat!"
Met an OSU defensive end with I'd say it's a good night
My cousin and his family are idols and heroes. .
RIP to my defensive end buddy from junior football... I will keep you in my prayers!
Wide out. And I might be at safety or Defensive End
They've played Da'Quan Bowers long enough through two preseason games to realize he may not be the answer at le…
he's a defensive end for the panthers! That dude was huge lol!
My phone battery dies faster than abdul on the defensive end. Shiat man
Yo what's Gucci I am the Defensive End at kirtland
as you know, this year i will be making a transition from Defensive End to the Sideline.
Jadeveon Clowney is to cocky, no pun intended, to win the heisman. Plus if Suh couldn't win it, then no Defensive End ever will.
Gerald Rivers is a really active defender especially vs the run, which helps make up for his undersized frame at defensive end.
yeah imma just do whats best for the team. Hopefully defensive end or inside lb.
no title: Standout Wisconsin defensive end David Gilbert of Coral Springs had just undergone ano...
I've learned more about defensive end in the last day and a half than I did all of high school.
The Vikings star defensive end, after playing hurt much of last year, thinks he can help the team be successful.
I'm really want to be a defensive end this season!
It's really cool man can't wait!! I am a little disappointed on the defensive end on All-Madden A-Rod cheats I swear
What position(s) do you play? — Guard and tackle on offense, and defensive end.
Hey guys, follow my favorite defensive end Justin Tuck.
If y'all ain't being productive on the offensive end the atleast make up for it on the defensive end. If you ain't playin D, then sit out.
The more I think about it, defensive end would be a sick position to play
the Robert griffin the third of the defensive end
Ronald Opara 6'0" 230 lb defensive end at your service.
What impact will defensive end Jason Neill have on the 2013 squad. More in the UTSAInsiders Forum .
University of Michigan has a freshman defensive end named Taco Charlton.
My goal this year as a Defensive End is to get 5.0 sacks +
congrats for the win! Instant impact on the defensive end.
The detroit team we're scrimmaging has a defensive end being recruited by state
So in the course of two days we lost Manning and our defensive end broke his spine. Excuse me while i curl up in a corner and cry.
S/O to for being my defensive end buddy. He also once walked to Dunseith and back.on his hands.
Defensive end Mario Addison disrupts offenses, but he’s backing up Carolina Panthers stars Charles Johnson and...
I believe a Giants defensive end has left his jock on the turf after Matt Hasselbeck *** ) motored past him on a QB keeper
Nick Priceless Lee & Carter Burton can't play football this year thinking about not playing myself... gone feel naked without my Nose-guard and Defensive End on the field with me
Many Thanks to all my Good Friends and Classmates for the Happy Birthday wishes ! Be it know that I finally got what I wished for. Having been born with severe Asthma that plagued me all the way through Junior High School - I have always wanted to be bigger. With Asthma there was just no gaining weight - you burn up too many calories just trying to breathe. I was going to have to loose the Asthma. I finally beat the Asthma by the end of High School but I only weighed 147 lbs when I graduated in '66. Then I got my weight up to 169 lbs when I got out of the Marines in '76. Man did I look good - I even had a six pack ! But I had always wanted to be 195 lbs and so that I could go out for the position of Defensive End in Football. Well guess what - I finally got my wish. I am Asthma free and weigh 195 lbs ! It didn't happen quite like I dreamed ?? Again many Thanks for all the nice salutation on my Birthday !
Howie Long was such a monster young. Defensive End that would slaughter whom ever was in front of him
Sack_Religious Had a productive mini camp and got better as a unit. Work doesn't stop now. by Jack Crawford Oakland Raiders - Defensive End solo_dolo_9s Now the switch is flipped time to get it with no brakes gassin it by Lamarr Houston Oakland Raiders - Defensive Tackle rodstreater80 Mini camp is over. Now it's time to get ready for the real deal. The grind continues. Nation by Rod Streater Oakland Raiders - Wide Receiver
I think the Pats should put Tebow at Defensive End against the Jets and let him T off on Sanchez. That would be awesome. They could do this after they get up by 20. Revenge for Tebow against all the haters.
So many of us remember Deacon Jones, NFL Hall of Fame. He passed away Monday at home in California at 74. The term “sack” was created to describe what he did to terrified quarterbacks. He was part of the Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome,” and Sports Illustrated named him “Defensive End of the Century.” One lesson we can all take from Deacon Jones’ life: we know him now as one of the greatest players of all time. But when he started out in 1961, scouts saw so little potential in him, he was a 14th round draft pick. So when the so-called experts give you little chance of succeeding, remember Deacon Jones…and sack ‘em. RIP.
R.I.P. Deacon Jones. As a young man who loved sports watching you play Defensive End with the other members of the Fearsome Foursome was a joy to behold. You sir, was the David Ruffin of football players. Everyone wanted to play like you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. GOD BLESS.
Di Maria has been very inconsistent lately maybe because he never had an amazing attacking RB behind him just like Ronaldo has Coentrao/Marcelo on the left side , I think Di Maria will perform even better with Carvajal behind him on the right side . Whats your opinion guys ? -RK
TRANSFER UPDATES: Arsenal and Juventus have been put on high alert after Gonzalo Higuaín has admitted he wants to leave Real Madrid. (Source: Daily Mirror) Real Madrid will offer Tottenham Hotspur £85 million for their Welsh winger Gareth Bale. (Source: Metro) José Mourinho's first job as Chelsea manager will be to confirm the transfer of David Luiz to Barcelona for £30m. (Source: Daily Star) Real Betis goalkeeper Adrián will sign for West Ham as the Spaniard is set to arrive in London for a medical. (Source: Daily Mail) José Mourinho has confirmed that he will be the next Chelsea manager by the end of the week. (Source: Punto Pelato) Marek Hamšík insists he wants to stay Napoli to work under new manager Rafael Benitez. (Source: SkySports) '1905'
The English Defence League is to be renamed after it became apparent that the only people seeking its protection are complete morons.
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If you win the giveaway, what will you use your Ultimate Knife for? EDC, self defense, utility, or all of the above!
Conclusion: Borussia better in 1st half, so Bayern will win the game...;)
Quick Thing- I do not think the Celtics should try and get Al Jefferson again. There are guys in the system (Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger) That will become better players in the near future. Al is also a giant defensive liability. He's never been known as a "good defender." So his Offensive Skills sort of bypass because of his "skills" on the Defensive End. What do you think? -M7
PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Passion pull off their second win against the Columbus Comets this season on their journey to the playoffs.  The Passion won 35 – 14 against the Comets tonight.   Passion Quarterback, Lisa Horton, lead the offense again this week with 217 passing yards and one touchdown. Passion Wide Receivers, Rachel Wojdowski, had 101 receiving yards and 5 receptions with a touchdown, and Angela Baker with 5 receptions and 95 receiving yards also, with one touchdown against the Comets. Passion Fullback, Candice Snyder also had 2 touchdowns tonight.   The Passion defense had a great contribution from multiple players tonight against Columbus. Passion Safety, Alex McAtee had an interception in which she returned for 35 yards as well as 8 tackles and a pass deflection against Columbus. Defensive End, Ebony Ivy had 12 tackles and one sack on Columbus, Defensive Back, Sharon Vazquez had 11 tackles and Linebacker Janice Masters added 9 tackles.   Passion Kicker, Amy Fallon with a consistent ...
Jameer was then and is now the leader in Orlando. Dwight effects the game on the defensive end more than any other player.
Star right defensive end Jared Allen re-signs with per sources.
McDowell hearing from Drake Harris (w/ video): Detroit Loyola four-star defensive end, M...
- Breaking down the weakside defensive end targets via
That moment when defensive people fire off unnecessary remarks & end it with even inane, paranoid ones to defend their former remarks.
Per sources, right defensive end Kalik Butler agrees to terms with
… 3star ALL REGION and SOUTHERN CRESCENT 6'3 240 Defensive end can i get feedback??
DE Hand adds Sooners to list: The number one player in the country is defensive end Da’Shawn Hand (...
New In-State Offer for Hayes: FOX Sports NEXT has the update on South Oak Cliff defensive end Silvester Hayes ...
take myself less seriously, be less defensive & take *** out of myself. But in the end it helped me fit in better
2015 Defensive End Josh Sweat from Oscar Smith, has gotten his 1st Offer! Stay Tuned for More Info from
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Marauder Defensive End headed to camp with the Washington Redskins
Opening the Defence Book: Okay so last year we got a look at our new defensive plays and scheme. At the end of...
You WILL have bad offensive nights ever now and then. But it's up to YOU on how much you want it on the defensive end.
49ers start free-agent push with British discus thrower
Training to be a linebacker/defensive end dropped a good 30lbs now just got to build and form..
Game over clippers can't get no stops on the defensive end
Once the clippers figure out the defensive end of the floor they will do wonders. Frustrated but optimistic, gotta steal one in Memphis!
Love the more mature game now,on the defensive end, explosive and yet silky, home life is good now
We gotta win this game on the defensive end. Someone please stop Marc and Zbo!! 😤
Oakland Raiders: Introducing Sixth-Round Pick Nick Kasa: Kasa began his college career as a defensive end, but...
Utah is the latest offer for San Mateo (Calif.) Serra defensive end Matt Dickerson...
That was a Vinny Del *** defensive special to end the 3rd quarter! I can't say it enough, He is one terrible coach!
What a horrible defensive play by the Clippers at the end.
Games where the pressure is constantly in your defensive end are so nerve racking and stressful for a goalie
Love how hard Memphis plays and competes especially on the defensive end. *** Conley is so underrated too
Serra defensive end picks up another offer ...
If coach doesn't let me play running back I'm focusing only on free safety and defensive end then
getting absolutely mauled on the defensive end under the basket. Grizzlies having their way in the 2nd half
Georgia Tech defensive end Izaan Cross signed with the Bills. I watched him play in highschool vs Creekview. Hes now in the NFL. Thats crazy
true, but why is he on the bench for pretty much all the 2nd half. He could have helped on defensive end.
Jadeveon Clowney receives his 2012 Ted Hendricks Award for top defensive end:
I want to be the next great defensive end.
Reggie Miller: "Can Blake handle the wide load of Marc Gasol on the defensive end?" The answer: No. No he can't.
Memphis is so tough because their mindset is on the defensive end. No easy baskets
More crooked number innings started by defensive mistakes. I dislike watching teams like this, even when Cespedes bails them out in the end.
[Expletive.] Need to see some more grind from the Grizzlies on the defensive end.
because they keep playing no matter what. They hold it down on the defensive end no matter, even ...
Is my picture of "keep calm and date a defensive end" getting used a lot on Instagram err what? I've seen it so many times
That starting Defensive end position for j.v is mine hands down but i can't settle for J.V
Defensive Breakdown at the end, but at least now I can breath. *** blackhawks, the will have the next one!
Yeah. And prince isn't all that bad. And they still have ZBo to provide scoring. And Gasol is a beast on the defensive end
9-8 Beckman with 41 seconds to play. Los Al calls a timeout on their defensive end. Hugs clear attempt coming up.
.Defensive End threw today's ceremonial first pitch:
not a great first but ill take it.we need to keep up the pressure on the offensive and defensive end! LETS GO CLIPPERS!
Ryan Hollins gets to excited when he makes a basket then he commits a hard foul on the defensive end
well is my homeboy. He killed Lewandowski on the defensive end and had a sick goal.
That's fair, although CP3 is a floor general on the defensive end as well which may add more value than Curry's scoring.
But during this era I have chosen melo. The business. Everything u want on the offensive end. Some of what u want on the defensive end.
I don't think he's stated on his feet one time on the defensive end
Flex muscles on the offensive end and then flop on the defensive end
I like meeting new people but i end up getting all defensive
I think Festus will be solid next season. Still hasn't figured out NBA defensive schemes and was nervous at the end too.
One of these defensive end turnovers is going to cost us
Ok now nephew, Guapo, let a *** in! Dey know i gotta sack, like a defensive end! Im talkin 1 phone call! Guess i got den auto goons?!
Learning a new position. Defensive end is fun.
Star right defensive end Bruce Irvin re-signs with per sources.
Klay Thompson is so clueless on the defensive end... Gotta know where ya guy is
I like the way Mike Yeo is having Minny play Chicago. Wearing them down on the defensive end.
Cornell had been hanging with Iowa recruits Reggie Spearman and Malik Rucker on the defensive sideline. He plays defensive end.
Chane Behanan is great, but Julius Randle has twice the talent and is built like a Defensive End. CB can't contend with a future top 5 pick.
VIDEO: SMU Defensive End is a sick athlete, and your team might draft him. Check it:
collegecocks: JJ Watt - Defensive End for the Houston Texans
Defensively yes, just need a veteran Defensive End. Offensively, go for Emmanuel Sanders or resign Lloyd later on, need WRs.
And with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Jadaveon Clowney, Defensive End, South Carolina.
What position is our biggest need to adress right now in the draft and Free Agency? I say it goes 1.Offensive Tackle 2.Defensive End 3.Back up Running Back 4. Free Safety 5. Back up Quarterback -Trey
Okay Browns fans, who do you want to see us sign in Free Agency this Tuesday? Negotiations started at midnight last night. Here is my wish list: 1. I want Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs back. They deserve to be here and I hope they are re-signed. I'm not optimistic about it though. 2. I want Sean Smith, the Cornerback from the Miami Dolphins 3. I want Dashon Goldson, the Free Safety from the San Francisco 49ers 4. I want Paul Kruger, the Outside Linebacker/Defensive End from the Baltimore Ravens 5. I want Brandon Myers, the Tight End from the Oakland Raiders 6. I want Julian Edelman, the Slot Wide Receiver from the New England Patriots. I wouldn't mind seeing us sign Cliff Avril and maybe even James Harrison now, but I'm not as sold on these two as the others above. So what do you think?
* “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” - Albert Einstein * “Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.” - Anonymous * “God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.” - Reginald Howard "Reggie" White (All-Pro N.F.L. Defensive End. December 19, 1961 – December 26, 2004) * “Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” - Brian Tracy (Canadian author and businessman. 1944 – Present) * “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings ...
Three players I would be happy with if the Lions drafted any of them in the First Round with the Fifth overall pick: Barkevious Mingo, Defensive End (LSU); Bjoern Werner, Defensive End (Florida State) and Dee Milliner, cornerback (Alabama)
Dwight Freeny said earlier today that he would love to play for the Giants because he grew up a Giants fan. I think if we can sign him for the veteran minimum we won't have to address Defensive End with our 1st draft pick and that gives us more options to draft! Thoughts? -AG
1. Kansas City Chiefs- Luke Joeckel, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M- Brandon Albert may be out of town, and to be honest, as much as the team needs a QB, there just isn't a true first round talent at the position, as Chiefs GM John Dorsey has stressed.   2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, BYU- For the most part, the Jags need a pass rush to help their defense, what better day to do that then taking this 270 pound freak of an athlete. While not my favorite at the position, he will turn heads.   3. Oakland Raiders- Star Loutelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah- Star in the making. This massive defensive tackle will be a huge need if one, if not both of the Raiders D tackles are not retained.    4. Philadelphia Eagles- Chance Warmack, Offensive Guard, Alabama- This team had serious issues along the offensive line all season. Warmack is a fantastic talent to supplement a line that will get Jason Peters back for 2013.    5. Detroit Lions- Demarcus Milliner, Cornerback, Alabama- The Lions have on ...
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Ohio State Football Recruiting: Top Prospects Considering OSU ANDREW HALL This year’s Robert Nkemdiche is Da’Shawn Hand, a Defensive End from Woodbridge, Virginia. He is ranked by almost every recruiting service in the nation. The good news for the Buckeyes is they have offered the 6’4″ 245lbs athlete. The bad news is he probably will not be coming to Columbus as he Top 5 currently is Alabama, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina and Virginia Tech. Is Urban Meyer hoping that he goes to Michigan or Virginia Tech? Despite the Buckeyes not being in on Da’Shawn Hand, they are in with many of the top prospects for the 2014 class. Although it is early, recruits have been tending to make decisions earlier and earlier. Here are 5 of the best players that have mutual interest with Ohio State: Jabrill Peppers-The Cornerback from New Jersey is ranked as the 2nd best player in the nation. He checks in at 6’1″ 210lbs. He has prototypical NFL Cornerback size. He recently released a Top 5 of Alabama, Michigan ...
Cook , dont sleep on this all county Defensive End
  Atlanta Falcons:   Defensive End: The Falcons tried making a Free Agent splash here with Ray Edwards in 2011, but Edwards contributed just 3.5 sacks in 2011 and was released in November of 2012 with zero sacks.  Kroy Biermann was a situational end for whom Mike Nolan will find more work in 2013, but the ageless John Abraham keeps on aging, and two defensive ends could be targeted in the draft if Thomas Dimitroff is hesitant to shop for one in Free Agency again.   Left Tackle: After drafting Matt Ryan 3rd overall in 2008, the Flacons moved back into rd 1 to take left tackle Sam Baker 21st overall.  With Ryan’s first and only blindside protector now a free agent and the monumental task of committing an enormous contract to Matt Ryan this off-season, it’s possible reserve tackle Will Svitek- also a free agent, however, a much less expensive option- will be the starting blindside protector for the team’s most valuable asset.   Tight End: If Michael Turner ($6.9 million salary in 2013) becomes a ...
Another potential first rounder-Alex Okafor DE Texas Longhorns. Now this pick is my personal favorite, he is a 6'4" 265 pound pass rushing beast. He finished with 12.5 sacks last season, including 4.5 sacks in the Alamo Bowl against Oregon State. He also had 16.5 tackles for loss. He has decent speed, running as low as a 4.6 40 yard dash. He is not necessarily the strongest Defensive End but has a great knack of getting to the QB which is a must for a weak pass rush in this past season. -Caleb
From Duckbilled Platypus: "Team Needs: Quarterback: Kansas City's No. 1 priority is to find a franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, this is the wrong year to have the top pick in the draft, as a new general manager would've had to reach for Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon. However, Scott Pioli will be back, so he'll look into obtaining Alex Smith or QB Eagles No. 7. That strategy won't work. Smith won't be nearly as effective without Jim Harbaugh, while QBDK is a turnover machine. Two Wide Receivers: This assumes Dwayne Bowe leaves via Free Agency. Kansas City's new quarterback will need someone to throw to. The front office can nab someone like Justin Hunter atop the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Defensive End: Glenn Dorsey is a free agent, while Tyson Jackson could be released because his massive contract doesn't match his mediocre play. The Chiefs need to generate more pressure up front. Inside Linebacker: Kansas City needs to recover from the unfortunate Jovan Belcher trag ...
Lions now have 1 Defensive End under contract, Ronnell Lewis.please revise your mock draft accordingly
I have a question for you all now, Who is your favorite professional athlete currently playing. Can be any sport. Not who is the best Athlete but who is your favorite and if you want why is he your favorite. Mine is Trent Cole the Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles and removing this last season this is a guy who has come in and has worked his *** off to be one of the most productive and complete defensive ends in the game. He also happens to play for my favorite team :) -Mat
The Falcons need to go after a running back. A tightened and a Defensive End in the draft.
Five-time World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion "SCRAP IRON" ADAM PEARCE     EARLY ON: Born on June 24, 1978 in Lake Forest, Illinois, Adam Pearce was raised in the north suburban city of Waukegan, where he attended Waukegan High School excelling in baseball and football. Pearce played Left Tackle and Defensive End for the Waukegan High football team as a ninth, tenth, and eleventh-grader and earned two varsity letters. He also played First Base for two seasons on the Waukegan High baseball team. His promising athletic career was cut short as a junior when Pearce was diagnosed with Acute Muscular Compartment Syndrome, a serious condition that required immediate corrective surgery on both of his legs.   This apparent misfortune may have robbed Pearce of his dream of becoming a collegiate football player, but in turn also opened a door into a dream world that he never imagined walking through.     LEARNING THE ROPES: Adam Pearce has achieved extraordinary success in the world of profess ...
Meet & greet, Connor Barwin, Defensive End for the Texans, 1-3p on Sunday, at the Billiard Factory ManCave (booth
To all football fans! If you get the NFL network make sure to watch the college all-star East/West Shrine game at 4 o'clock. A really good family friend of mine Mike Catapano will be starting at Defensive End for the East and with a solid game should really raise his NFL draft stock. He has really been standing out and grabbing pro scouts attention all week in practice. In practice he shut down Heisman candidate Colin Klein. This is the biggest game of his life so everyone watch and support!
That is Justin Tuck, Defensive End for the New York Giants. (in case u wer wundering)
End of first half among many defensive mistakes lead Juve back into the match.
Everyone calls me aggressive especially on the defensive end & I say thanks, learned it from :)
not at all. I don't think he brings enough to the defensive end
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Should the Titans draft a QB just in case? Or a defensive end?
Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson and defensive end Darrington Sentimore are bypassing their senior seasons to enter the NFL draft.
Why are so good at offensive rebounding but not so much on the defensive end. explores:
and no disrespect to a great player, but giving any Heisman odds on a Defensive End is foolish
USC senior defensive end Wes Horton will participate in the East/West Shrine Game on January ...
Check out Video: Miami's recent DL commit: The Hurricanes landed one of the nation's top defensive end prospects...
So the Seahawks lose their starting defensive end and their kicker, ohhh boy this should be fun!!
.(NBCS) reviews forthcoming signing of Patrick Chukwurah DE by Seahawks.  Says Seah
If by kill it, you mean slaughter every play in the defensive end leading to easy goals on Bryz, then youre right!
Freshman defensive end with BCS offers and others on the way impresses at the Combine
Needless to say, I'm protective of my friends and defensive with no end.
Memorial boys beat East Central 59 to 47.. didn't score but made up for it on the defensive end with some blocks n boards
Seahawks: Patrick Chukwurah signed; Chris Clemons to IR: Defensive end Patrick Chukwurah was signed by the Seaha...
Included: Nerlens Noel is very active on the defensive end -- but his foul rate could be an issue at times:
People are hella defensive...
you think the should hire rob ryan. They seem to need help with the defensive end.
interest in Kenyon Martin could prove to be a good veteran pickup. Especially with Sheed out & Amar'e struggling on defensive end.
NFL Draft Rankings 2013: Defensive End Big Board: The top of the DE big board is really personal preference as a...
As a Bears fan, hoping Lovie doesn't end up in Dallas. He makes much better defensive coordinator, and Cowboys visit Soldier Field in 2013.
Jim O'Neil was a defensive end for Towson back in the day a small school standout, and now is working hand and hand with Pettine
Dustin Emery Defensive End from Hardin Simmons has accepted the invitation to play in the inaugural on January 21, 2013.
When was the last time the Falcons drafted a Top Flite Pass Rusher Defensive End?/They simply dont spend time scouting thm
I say hire a 4-3 scheme DC make D.ware a hand down defensive end and stop dropping him into coverage. after that I dont care what they do
How one high school athlete’s love of the game helps him succeed on the field and off, even with Stargardt’s Disease
Lets get pumped for the 2013 NFL Draft ! The top 200 prospects lead by Defensive end Bjorn Werner.
Jadeveon Clowney: American footballer. Defensive end for the South Carolina Gamecocks. "Touchdown! Clowney for the Gamecocks!" Ludicrous.
Just watched the highlights of | Larry Sanders is just so sick on the defensive end!
Gerald Green's leaping ability has it's benefits on the defensive end. Photo:  Video:
Redshirt freshman defensive end Deion Barnes was named to the FWAA Freshman All-American Team after a great season.
go after Rudy *** can help on our atlethicism on both offensive and defensive end
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sorry I just got the wrong end of the stick today thought you were calling I a *** so got defensive oopsy 😘
Alabama's O-linemen block as casually as if they're moving furniture. "I wonder what this defensive end would look like...over HEEERE."
Jerry Jones should name himself defensive coordinator. Then fire himself at the end of the year. That's our only hope.
Former Poke DE Patrick Chukwurah set to sign with Seahawks before Sunday's game.
problems keep piling up. They have a busy offseason ahead of them. What will they do? Probably draft another defensive end.
Yeah Baby The U...Al-Quadin Muhammad ...Defensive End from Don Bosco Prep taking his talents to South Beach!!
Texas A&M has two top five draft prospect a Defensive End and a O-lineman
Dabo Sweeney, aka my dad in 1995, just landed a good one! Defensive End - Ebenezar Ogundeko from Brooklyn, NY headed to
just celeb. NFL (CFL!) - you could put the likes of Todd Akin or Chris Brown at Defensive End. Against pro players.
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