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Def Jam

Def Jam Recordings is an American Record Label, focused primarily on Hip Hop and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group, and operates as a part of The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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If she gets 50K likes,she will be signed to Def Jam.
I really like this B. Smyth guy signed to Def Jam. His music makes me feel some type of way.
your crazy every jayz single was released under "Def Jam" in that era
"I'm very scared Def Jam is going to become Motown." ~
They need to bring Def Poetry Jam back, I lived for that show when I was younger!!!
Busta Rhyms & Big Tigger - You know now or some' I personally respect Busta though I'm not a fan I do listen to his music. This song just outlines Busta's career and you get to hear the man clear his name from all the rumours, he even talks about Def Jam Records. Hip Hop is not about saying what people can't hear nor understand so to be called the best but it's about saying what you want to say in a style and make it sound nice. If you hating on rappers like Busta and you haven't even sold a record! SUCK A *** ***
I have that Cd. It's not a demo. It's a bonus cd on Jayo Felony's Album that had snippets from all Def Jam Artist. He's on it
I had a demo def jam cd that had flesh n bone song IF I COULD GO BACK, original version before Pun died and he added his name
they were all associated wit Def Jam
"no label has put out more quality/classic urban music than bad boy, say what u want... goodnight" Def jam?
Ancient Aliens as a change of pace. Did enough laughing watching def comedy jam dvds.
I love bae new songs def jam and batman
If she gets 1 million likes,she will be signed to Def Jam.
KRS One and Doug E Fresh - 2nd Quarter on Def Jam Poetry: via
I wish Jhene wasn't with Def Jam and was with TDE instead. She already highly affiliated
Everyone dudes played def jam at one point
The last good song Xzibit dropped was Mother Mother on Def Jam Fight for NY
Step in Def Jam building like am dah! ...
If any of you are lookin for gifts to get me... Just kuz you love me... I would enjoy having the Def Poetry Jam collection
Diddy bringin out Rick Ross! Dope presentation of the new album, great job Def Jam!!
Audition at def jam recordes today to perform at irving plaza god is good yall prey for me
"You have now entered the at the Def Jam Listening party for Rick Ross I'll be…
One of my faves! Saul Williams - Coded Language on Def Jam Poetry: via
MJ and LBJ are def at the same level considering that he's taking over the next space jam movie 😎
Yeah def hopefully they don't call it Space Jam 2
S/O to Def Jam and for hosting listen party last night! Music Is Truly B…
I miss Def Jam Poetry. I used to watch it late as night when I was younger
God is good im going to audition for Def Jam Records today to perform at irving plaza yall prey for me I told yall I got all my *** hold on!
Kameo Ty Spacely and Kid Mak will be performing live at the House of Blues Cleveland this Sunday for Def Jam Recordings talent scouts! Get your tickets at
If she gets 1 million Likes, she will be sign to Def Jam Like- Vines Only ッ
The album I was sposed to drop with Island Def Jam first look will be out some point this year on universal. I have to redo old vocals on it
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm proud of my artist Rico Suave hes truly pulling to be a great artist he gather money together for his first show now it's my turn to help him put together a routine to show sony and def jam what we working with
Did you know Russel Simmons doesn't own Def Jam, at all? Zero stake.
EMAIL I JUST RECEIVED THIS MORNING BOYCOTT UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP & THEIR SUBSIDIARIES FOR USING Hip Hop TO DISRESPECT THE HISTORY OF AFRICAN AMERICANS AND TO CORRUPT KIDS On February 13, 2014, an artist signed to Universal, whom we refer to as Nikki Garbage, released an album cover desecrating the memory of Malcom X at the approval of her labels Cash Money Records and Universal Def Jam. We are petitioning Universal, Def Jam, Cash Money, Young Money, Geffen, Interscope and all other subsidiaries of Universal as we as sick and tired of Hip Hop being used to promote the degradation of Black People, the high incarceration of black people and the corruption of black youth. We Call on Lucian Grainge to stop promoting Hip Hop Artists who are being used as puppets to destroy what we created. We object to the use of our creative works being manipulated to promote Anti-African American Pride, Violence, Rape, and/or the degradation of African American Men or Women. We demand a public apology from Lucian Grainge and ...
Got an audition with a Def Jam representative because of the Boy Scouts of America. Salute
Cash Money Records was founded by brothers Bryan ''Birdman'' and Ronald ''Slim'' Williams in 1991. They are currently CEO's. The record sign Lil' Wayne in 1991 when Wheezy was only Nine. It later collaborated with Wheezy owned Young Money Entertainment and Dj Khaled We the Best Music Group to be called YMCMB. Birdman has said the he will also sign the Miami hit Rapper Rick Ross to YMCMB after his last album with Def Jam later this year. Current members includes Birdman, Slim, Lil' Wayne and his Young Money, Jay Sean, Mystikal, Kevin Rudolf, Bizket, Ace Hood, Busta Rhymes, Caskey, The Game, Bow Wow, Freeway, the production group Cool and Dre, Dj Khaled and his 'We the best Music Group', Vado, T Lopez, T Rone, Torion, Shannell, Savvy, Sarah Lenore, PJ Morton, Mavado, Glasses Malone, Chris Richardsone, Brisco, Aziatix and Austin Mahone. Potential members are Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. More info on Albums coming up! Respect YMCMB!!
Thanks to Luke BreeZe Brown My Single is being aired on Whats Hot Radio Give me a Holla when It's on! Plus Release is On Itunes,Spotify,Xbox Music etc Plus I May be Getting A Professional Manager that has connections to Def Jam ,SonyMusic,Atlantic ,Island Records Etc Thanks For Your Support Everyone You Know Exactly Who You are!
My top 20 Hip-Hop Label list are. 1. Def Jam Recordings. This is the house where Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin kicked the doors down with a help from Run-D.M.C. Artists like LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, 3rd Bass, Slick Rick, Redman, Onyx, the list goes on and on. Def Jam changes the game forever. I'm not into the new music from Def Jam nowadays like Rihanna and the rest. 2. Death Row Records. Suge Knight was the center of controversy. Dre, Snoop, Tha Dogg Pound, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg and 2Pac were very dope as *** But the beginning of the end with The Row started with East/West beef, Dr. Dre's departure and 2Pac's tragic death in Las Vegas. 3. Bad Boy Records. Why would Sean Combs ain't paying his own artists from the Bad Boy roster. That's sad. Otherwise, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack and the rest were good except Diddy. He's a shiny suit freak with all that ad-libs in people's music. 4. Sugar Hill Records. Shout out to The Robinsons - Joe and Sylvia for opening the doors for The Sugarhill G . ...
I would like to see Michael Richards at the Def Jam theater 😁.
Jadakiss and Styles P find themselves free agents and disgruntled by the Grammy upset with the Kendrick Lamar/Macklemore "Best Rap Album" upset. Talking to the Breakfast Club, Jadakiss and Styles P find themselves to be free agents for the first time in a while, after Def Jam was reluctant to give them their full support. Jadakiss also find himself angered at the outcome for "Best Rap Album," as many were when Kendrick Lamar's heralded album lost to Macklemore's. On the subject, Jadakiss says: "60/40, the white man still win," says Jadakiss . "Grammys ain’t Hip Hop. We they do the Hip Hop categories on the Grammy’s. Every nominee, only one or two are really Hip Hop." This is a sentiment shared by many. What do you think? Is Jadakiss on the money? Or is he being unfair?
It has been awhile since we've heard from Trinidad James, but today he's back with a new track titled Def Jam. This is from DJ Tephlon's F.Y.M. 10 mixtape. Listen to the track below.
Group members Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch began their career under the name Simply II Positive MCs. Originally, Po was the rapper and Pharoahe was a beatboxer, but after realizing his rhyming skill, Monch joined Po as MC. The duo caught the attention of Hip Hop producer Paul C, who produced a demo for the group in the late 1980s. They signed a record deal with a small record company in Queens named solid sound records. Two producers named Kevin Osborne and Neal Kelley produced two singles for the group. The first was "Memories of Love" in 1987 and the second was "South Side in Effect". In 1987, they released "Memories of Love"; however, it did not receive any radio play. During that time, Def Jam was considering signing the duo, which led to the group changing its name. In an interview with, Monch stated. “We had shopped the demo to Russell Simmons at Def Jam through Bobbito García and we were hype on the name. We had a couple of offers but of course we wanted to sign with Def Jam. ...
The truth radio will have two passes to give out to artist to have a meet and greet with Roc Nation or Def Jam listen live for more information starting February 3rd at 7 p.m. Each and every Monday
This is MTV Celebrity News RSS Feed YG is putting the final touches on his Def Jam debut My Krazy Life, and he's ready to step out of the underground. By Nadeska Alexis 'Will 'My Krazy Life' Bring YG Mainstream Success? Compton Rapper Looks Ahead
ALEISTER CROWLEY, MUSIC, AND SEX HipHop Rap Music was created for minorities to band together in unity, rise against the system, expose evil forces, be creative, and to encourage spoken word poetry and thinking. The Elite saw it as a very dangerous weapon. Seeing the danger of the possible resistance to tyranny, they corrupted the whole industry and now use it as one of the main tools of tricking people to follow Satan and his Culture. FBI COINTELPRO helped carry out the process of the "niggerization" of Hip Hop. Now the HipHop Industry promotes Murder, Sex, Drugs, Drinking, Possessions, Money, and other things that should not be promoted or worshipped and constantly says the "N"(igger) word. Def Jam is one of HipHop's Biggest Record Labels owned by Satanists Russell Simmons who is obsessed with Yoga and Rick Rubin is also partial owner. Professor Griff was a member of one of Hip Hop's first Rap Groups and was and is a Spoken Word Poet and Lecturer. His group Public Enemy made songs like "Fight t ...
Drake would probably have more respect if he went to Def Jam, GOOD Music, or Roc Nation just sayin..
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John Mulaney wishes he were a Def Jam comic when "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" came out. Subscribe to Comedy Central's channel for more stand-up by clicki.
actually the only Joe Budden songs i know are the ones in Def Jam Vendetta & Def Jam: Fight For NY
Yo… They gotta bring back those Def Jam Fighting games cause Vendetta and Fight for NY were amazing lol
Every person who has EVER told me they signed a record deal was lying they *** off! Universal, Def Jam, Warner Bros, Interscope!
I use to pick on Def Jam Fight for NY and Vendetta and Do DAMAGE
Probably Def Jam Vendetta “And it was another Def Jam game where I used to always fight as DMX...”
Does anyone remember Def Jam Vendetta: fight for NY? I love that game lol. To bad it never went online.
I just felt the message of Lady Gaga's song Paper Gangsta. Its about the time her label Def Jam Records dropped her.
Words: Raeven Bostic People are making serious moves in 2014 including The Dream. After a seven year relationship with Def Jam Records, the singer/songwriter has decided to part ways with his former label. He announced the news on Wednesday via Instagram, posting a photo of the Def Jam logo with the...
should have more credit for her music, she should be signed too Def Jam Records or something, Her music and voice is amazing
that was nice, check me out I just signed with Cradle/Sony Records and distribution by Def Jam
4.1.1 Entertainment Guide powered by GOtv Uganda. + The-Dream has announced that he has decided to part ways with his Record Label Def Jam. + The full winners list of 2014 People's Choice Awards has been unveiled. Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Demi Lovato were winners who took home multiple awards in various categories. + Ke$ha's Mother has Denied Reports that her Daughter Is being Treated for a Drinking Problem but instead it's an eating disorder. + Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland teamed up to surprise fans at a karaoke bar with a surprise appearance. + Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are fueling speculations that they are getting back together again after being seen together over the weekend. What do you think about this couple?
PGA of America Taps Former Def Jam Executive to Head Diversity Effort... The PGA of America on Friday announced it named Wendell Haskins as Senior Director of Diversity and Multi-Cultural Initiatives. “We’re delighted to have such an accomplished talent in the fields of diversity, multi-cultural inclusion, sports and entertainment as Wendell Haskins join the PGA of America,” said PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua in a PGA-issued statement. “Wendell brings a background that shows the path and blueprint the game of golf must follow in order to advance our great game to people of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. The PGA is excited about the opportunities that exist to partner with sports, entertainment and industry icons to make golf a game for all.” Haskins’ resume boasts a stint at Def Jam, where he was Director of A&R/Artist Development. A biography says he was given the 2009 Outstanding Leader in Golf Award by African American Golfer’s Digest, and was the 2012 Ambassador of the Year by Golf t ...
Here is a joint from Def Jam recording artist Jhene Aiko called "The Worst" take a listen below and let us know if it's a "Smash or Trash"...
Sweet, Def Jam Records started following me on sound cloud time to do some more Hip Hop mixes i guess!!
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Today last AUDITION | Def Jam will be live 4pm est. more info: Email…
Def Jam Vendetta had the best playlist
Excitable by Def Leppard is definitely my jam.
aite. Peeps wan crucify am for d matter o. I wonder if they watch def comedy jam. Them for call police. Lol.
Def Jam Vendetta, Crime Life Gang Wars & 50Cent Bulletproof. You wanna be G? Lets play with me, chump!
Yeah, it's been around. That's his punishment for stealing all those Def Comedy Jam jokes and delivering them in pidgin here.
Mad to think N dubz are bankrupt and back at square one so soon after they were signed to def jam and hitting
Watching this "Def Comedy Jam - All Stars - Vol 2" and the KING Bernie Mac just came on... My spirits were lifted and hurt at the same time☹
We know what Lyor Cohen, the former head of Def Jam Records, will be doing today, along with other Packer fans.
Then look up some def poetry jam poets, that's where I get life
Be a part of the movements. Def jam looking for the next big thing
what's up def jam my name is jaden I live in Chicago me and Cusin want to join y'all studio
Ok @ this Navy blaming Rihanna's "Def Jam" team for the reason What Now, Right Now, and Pour It Up not being a top ten hit.
Makes me think of Def Jam Fight for NY
Def Jam Poetry has to get back on tv
I never knew Biebs was signed to Def Jam..oh..
you're a bad liar bruh. You could've said like Interscope or Def Jam they always signing trash.
Many labels tried to sign Cash Money including Def Jam, Birdman refused cos he said they were "slave deals"
Def Jam told Chuck D to sign a solo deal & forget the other 7 members of Public Enemy.He said without them there's no deal
yes 😍 def gonna need more 1D car jam sessions with y'all
Octo for Def jam how about this man
Lehs slide to def jam “I spit str8 barz. catch me in da boof”
Def Leppard jam session with dad...
Bon Jovi , Kanas, AC/DC, def Leopard, will always be my jam
nooo.. Def Jam Fight for new york is and always will be ❗
I remember on my other ps2 the fastest victory on def jam was 9secs lol and I was fighting redman too
Looking at this roster of artist if it wasn't for Ross or Kanye Def Jam should have been shut down. I mean if you betting house money
*** hitting up Def Jam's IG page like "Yo whats your email so I can send you my tape". *** WHAT?
Def Jam Poetry was a beautiful thing
she at the Foundation arena from Def Jam Fight for NY
Yo im trying to play def jam ffny now bro lol
I don't listen to alot of rap, but I can def jam 3hunna.
Why is Def Jam Vendetta better than most new games?
I should sign up for Def Comedy Jam cuz I'm hilarious & that *** ☺😝😏
Def Jam Records rep just walked up to us in Chris Bozak spot and introduced herself. She said she heard alot about us and wants to hear what we got.
GOLDEN'NA Prod. Presents. Duwane D Golden New Year's day at River Oaks PePe's 159th East of the mall. Comedy show and after party featuring the wonder twins Dana and Tye Kemp and a guest appearance by "Big Keef" from Def Jam, Comic View and Bill Belemy's who got jokes. Early entry only $5. Come out and have a great time!
Def Jam was founded by Rick Rubin in his dorm room in Weinstein Hall at New York University and its first release was a single by his punk-rock group Hose. Russell Simmons joined Rubin shortly after they were introduced to each other by Vincent Gallo
This is a must see interview with Russell Simmons, the god father talks about his early drug abuse, starting Def Jam & meeting LL Cool J, Nice interview with Uncle Snoop!
JA RULE is coming to ADELAIDE! Live from New York City we invite you for one night only to clap back to that 2000’s nostalgia as 'Ja Rule' returns to Adelaide for the first time in over a decade! A $50 Holiday ticket pre-sale special will run Friday 27th December 9am at VenueTix*. General public on sale Monday 9am. As the flagship artist for producer Irv Gotti's Def Jam-affiliated Murder Inc. label, Ja Rule became one of the rap industry's most commercially successful artists during the early 2000s. Ja Rule, is an American rapper, singer, and actor. He began his career in the group Cash Money Click and debuted in 1999 with "Venni Vetti Vecci" and its single "Holla Holla". He went on to have major worldwide success with a stable of hits including "Between Me and You" with Christina Millian, "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" with Jennifer Lopez, "Always on Time" with Ashanti, "Clap Back", "Mesmerize" also with Ashanti, and "Wonderful" with R. Kelly and Ashanti. He made his film debut in 2000 in Turn It Up. The fo ...
I am def my kappa delta sisters tonight! Esp my amazing fam jam 💓
You're lying if Take Ya Home by Lil Bow Wow wasn't your jam. ::Harlem shakes all down my TL:: So so def, so so def, so so def
Def Jam Fight for NY will never get old
Def Jam, if you know what's good for you
I want an original xbox...used to have it but I gave it to my nephews. I just wanna play Def Jam Fight for NY
When they gonna bring Def Jam Fight for NY back?
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dude it was unreal. Run DMC, Whodini, LL, Beasties and Timex Social Club on def jam 86. I'm old but thankful
If Juvenile Ha was on def jam rap star there's no way it wouldn't be the hardest level
this muh fcker said he worked with grand hustle, t.i., siesta house, def jam and def jams A&Rs
FUBU durag wit da throwback jersey lookin like redman in def jam ffny
Def jam or Atlantic Record better get ready to write that check.
that's on his soundtrack when you are fighting him in Def Jam Fight for NY
smh, I'm gonna go back watching Def Jam.
I wish I could fit this, I should still try emailing 👀 But I'm interning at Def Jam next semester too.
“You just have to pay attention to what people need and what has not been done.” – Russell Simmons, Def Jam founder
Playing Def Jam ICON with the brothers n nephews . TI is doing back flips lol
Ah man, def jam was life back in the day
Hey since 2014 is around the corner.. HD Remix-Def Jam FFNY.
FINALLY! Something positive from Def Jam. Focus on giving back & makin positive music & our community WILL support!
Def Jam Icon made me lose my mind too. I love that game
Great meeting today at Def Jam with Usher and LA...we are ready to show Justin Bieber to the world.
the beef? *** no. Jay owned him in every song. Ether was so corny and childish. Jay got nas the def jam deal
lets have a toast to Def Jam Records.
dogg I'm so hype that Busta replied. like somethin so little but he's such a beast. and had possibly the best finisher in Def Jam FFNY
If you ever play Def Jam that's the way I'm tryna beat a *** ***
I'm 40 and def jam south won't listen to my demo tape
Tonight we have two shows with Showtime, Def Comedy Jam, BET, NBC & Comedy Central's Comic to Watch :D
Definitely just had a straight up jam sesh in my truck. I def got stared at.
Looks like its gone be a red tails and def comedy jam type of night
The first thing did once he got his advance from Def Jam was go to Taco Bell.
Drinking and playing Def Jam Fight For NY is the movw
I found this link saved in my favorites .
Remembering me, before we began... sometimes I felt so Def in the Jam.
If a 2013 version of Def Jam Vendetta came out today, whose the first rapper you're fighting with?
Bet a lot of people didn't know that 95% of Kanyes old songs came from when he performed on Def Jam Poetry
dont go near the def jam building. My goons will shoot u on site
I always wanted to be on Def Jam Poetry
Of all the male groups being released in the early 2000's I really wish 3rd Storee made it! Def Jam's best kept secret. First album was on Babyface ex wife label Yab Yum, then came a few years later with "Get With Me" featuring Joe Budden. Their most famous song is "I'm Sorry" later redone by Gospel group 21:03 (Produced by same producers PAJAM) THEN left Def Jam and signed to J Records with a new name Chapter 4 and single "Fool Wit U" (great Isley Bros sample) then POOF...they were gone again. You may remember J'Son (far left) he was part of Chris Stokes group teen singers back in the late 1990's
Considering Jews in hip-hop is kind of like finding a stoop sale with a couple of interesting eye-catchers on the sidewalk, and a trove of far more significant treasures further up the stairs. The eye-catchers are the usual suspects-- the Beastie Boys, Remedy of the Wu-Tang Clan, Blood of Abraham, Paul Barman-- MCs whose skills vary and whose Jewishness defies the hip-hop norm. But, their presence on wax is nothing compared to what goes on behind the scenes. Indeed, some of the biggest names in the business are Jewish-- Lyor Cohen of Def Jam, Steve Rifkind of Loud Records, David Mays of The Source-- to say nothing of those who course throughout the industry as label executives, entertainment lawyers, agents, publicists, producers, clothiers, and jewelers. An inquiry to one inevitably references five more: “Oh, have you talked to Gottleib at FUBU? Or Sonenberg who handles Wyclef?” The Jewish presence in hip-hop is huge, and, for the most part, offstage. From block parties to the height of pop culture, ...
Rap artist, Jay-Z and his business partner Damon Dash built a hip-hop powerhouse called Roc-a-fella Records. It was a Black-owned Record Label that produced millions in sales. As is often the case, these two brothers reportedly had personal and business disagreements and decided to part ways. Legend has it that a Def Jam Records executive by the name of Lyor Cohen played the role of instigator, negotiator and “clean-up” businessman. What is clear is that Roc-a-Fella Records, once known as “The Dynasty”, is now owned by Def Jam. Cohen happens to be Jewish.
I know nothing has been confirmed but I wanted to kno... — If Island Records and Def Jam drops The Wanted, one o...
The Wanted's Record Labels (Island Records/Def Jam) make JUST as many (if not more) decisions about their career as Scooter…
Def Jam founder Russell Simmons has taken his experience in branding hip-hop artists and applied it to B2B firms with his innovative digital marketing firm, Narrative.
7 things about me... 1)I was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach Florida. 2)my first love was dance which im pretty good at then music and was actually signed to a subdivision of Def Jam under Russell Simmons. 3)I love to cook when I have someone to cook for. 4)I know how to speak alil German cus I lived there for 4yrs. 5)I graduated at the age of 17. 6)ima a natural provider and I was born with a hustle mentality. (I ain't even cry when I came out the womb) 7)And I played simi pro football for 5yrs.
I liked a video TrackZillas @ Def Jam with Shawn Pecas Senior VP of Island Def Jam
: N E X T . . . CREEPS : AN HOUR OF HIP-HOP CLASSICS…Old School to New School, East Coast to West Coast, Death Row to Def Jam, RUN DMC to Jay-Z… Let us know Classic Hip-Hop Requests on the Event...
john green, ms.perez, e! news, the academy of recording arts and sciences, la Reid, Def Jam, Universal Republic, Scooter Braun
Hearing Brandy's actual label 'Chameleon Records' has moved from RCA to Island/Def Jam. But still no confirmation yet.
S/o 2 Muzic been submitted to Def Jam's Records label is on watch
Brandy was not dropped. Her actual label which is Chameleon Records moved from RCA to Island/Def Jam.
I can't get over Aries Spears rap artist impressions on the Def Jam show
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Jeezy snaps at Def Jam. Signs w/ Roc Nation. But what happened to Atlantic Records situation? - i need answers...
Just last week Jeezy was dissin Def Jam. He got out of his contract FAST! He must ran up in that office like TLC ran up in Jive Records.
Photo: hearts-alive: yungtoothpic: hiphoptoday: Jeezy has left Def Jam and signed with Roc Nation (New)...
Jeezy left Def Jam and heads to Roc Nation & JayZ. What's your opinion on that?
It’s OFFICIAL, Young Jeezy leaves Def Jam and Signed with Roc Nation. Jeezy has been upset with Def Jam after they moved back his Album Release Date:
After expressing his displeasure with Def Jam last week, it appears that Young Jeezy is making some moves on his own. It was announced earlier today that Young Jeezy’s CTE World label is joining forces with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Not much… [ 88 more words. ]
Goodbye, Def Jam. Hello, Roc Nation. After thoroughly severing all ties with Def Jam Records a few weeks ago both contractually and in a song, the artist formerly known as Young Jeezy became one of...
Jeezy is signed to Def Jam, he's a boss at Atlantic Records & now he's signed to Roc Nation? I'm so confused
The streets are talking: French Montana is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. And what the streets want, the streets shall get. The Bronx representing rapper waded through a fierce bidding war when several labels began taking interest. Among these, were Def Jam, Warner Bros. and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. Yet, when all was said and done, Montana came afloat announcing that he was ready to ride the wave with Hip Hop impresario Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records (via Interscope Records). The partnership, made possible due to Bad Boy president Harve Pierre, makes perfect sense. The label has earned a reputation of igniting the careers of bubbling street artists, transforming them into steaming hot Hip Hop game changers; a path which fit into French Montana’s vision. Born Karim Kharbouch in Casablanca, Morocco, Montana immigrated to New York City with his family at age 13. His parents, seeking greater opportunity than what they could find in their native land, settled in The Bronx. ...
Hey there!   You do not know me but I just wanted to let you know that I am your biggest fan I also like to call myself a poet just like you guys but you guys stand under a different light than I For my light is dimmer, my microphone is smaller, my tour bus is the two wheel bicycle that I ride from home to work every day, and my stage is the person looking back at me from the other side of a mirror I’m just the neighborhood friendly black guy but you guys, you guys are different You guys are the trail blazers, the game changers, the final second three point shot takers The history makers and the status quo breakers Whose words actually make a foreseeable difference and whose actions reflect the complexity of their thoughts You all are the Def Jam poets and I’m just the little boy from the 352 writing to you idolizing the work that you’ve all accomplished while trying to live up to small expectations myself   I sling shot through the web of your internet pages like a cyber Spider-Man Crawling up an ...
Lets not forget his flop discography def jam.
But not blame only Scooter also def jam which does nothing.
Stop sending me your music links , I'm not Def Jam Records ngga , I can't help you .
Wolverine nails signin' on the X, man. They don't hear me up in Def Jam
I was given the 1. Lived in Brooklyn, NY 2. Interned at Def Jam 3.My Daughter is my World. 4. I have no desire to have anymore kids 5. I wanna get Married one Day. 6. The Five Heartbeats is my Favorite Movie. 7. I dare to be different. 8. I use to have out of the body experiences. Like my post and I will give you your #
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So Young Jeezy is challenging his label def jam.they dont want to release his if they dont...
If Def Jam don't get this right y'all got an early xmas gift
There is ALWAYS too much to see Jess. Def Snoop and Pearl Jam, and Tame impala, love their stuff
Yeh man kanye could leave def jam tomorrow and get a half a million dollar budget overnight
Jeezy done called out Def Jam & threatened to leak his own album. Someone better holla at the Snowman.
The Real Rap shared the following link and had this to say about it: Music video by DMX performing Ruff Ryders' Anthem. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group
Def Jam Records fu for not promoting Justin's music dumbasses he made y'all broke *** successful.
If you have never played Def Jam Fight for ny =
Joseph Ward Simmons (born November 14, 1964), known by the stage name Rev. Run or DJ Run, is one of the founding members of the influential Hip Hop group Run–D.M.C. He is also a practicing minister, known as Reverend Run. Simmons was born in Hollis, Queens, New York. He is the brother of Daniel "Danny" Simmons, Jr. and Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam Records. He found new popularity in 2005 with his family's MTV reality show "Run's House".
they need to remake Def Jam Fight for NY 😂
I'm not a rapper anymore. “Sicko mobb gonna sign for 3 mill let that sink in 3 million to def ja…
Listen to Def Jam France / 01 Starships | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
since last night til now i managed to check out season 1 of SOA pretty addicting to keep watching it... on another note SHOUT OUTS TO MHMG N DEF JAM !!! we meet on the 22nd in philly ! my brothers gon do what it do ! MHMG thats a million dollar hustle. ! RIP TEDDY N ACE !
He is one half of playerz circle, he is formely frm Ludacris' D.T.P records. The rapper is from college park on the southside of atlanta,GA. His most successful single to date is de first single off of playerz circle's debut album'supply and demand'(duffle Bag Boy). The rapper is also knowm as tity boi and is now signed to Def jam. What is the rappers stage name...?in your answer and earn some AIRTIME.
11 things most people don't know about me. 1. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters... 2. I have been in 5 magazines and to Def Jam 3 times 3. I'm working on 2 screenplays. 4. I caught a baby rattlesnake when I was 9 5. I only have one tattoo... 6. I've never been in love... 7. I've only had 3 girlfriends 8. Thanksgiving my favorite pagan holiday... 9. I love performing on stage more than rapping... 10. I used to be in a dance team... 11. I wanna learn kung fu before i die
Hear my heart on this one They say what goes up must come down But I ain't reach my cruisin' altitude Take a look at what I did But can you imagine what I'm about to do.The places I'm 'bout to go and the money I'm 'bout to see Gave some binoculars and said, look out for me Exceeded expectations, even at Def Jam Cause I married the streets and Atlanta has been my best man My momma quit her job and now she works with six figures Cause I'm a self-made nappy headed rich planes help me travel in peace To fo' cities in one day and fo' countries in one week Cause I, work for myself and no one else cause I'm too smart to Put one of my partners right through culinary art school Now he my personal chef so that bread he get it Put 'em all in houses, cleaned up all of my friends' credit And now they witnessed all the glitz and the glamour Catch us eatin' at Straits Atlanta with women with table manners Ordering Singaporean lobster Celebrating coming from nothing to winning Grammy's And rappers winning Oscars Yeah, an ...
MHMG. Has a invite to meet with Def jam the 22 nd of this month in Philly ...! Shout outs to the team !
My homie on my. Management team sing to def jam. .Look out for L.A homie. .comen soon national. .
Josh Harper's Dream is to become a Music Artist. He wants to get signed over by The Island Def Jam Music Group. His favorite music artist is Justin Bieber
bout to rock the mic at GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB with Pat Dixon seen on VH1’s Best Week Ever and his own Comedy Central Special Calise Hawkins from Jimmy Fallon show John Moses heard on Sirius/XM Radio Meghan Hanley featured at NY and Boston Comedy Festivals Teddy Smith seen on HBO’s Def Jam and BET Anthony Kapfer Petey DeAbreu Mike Hollan lets get loud :-)
4 Random things: 1. I give 100% whether it's positive or negative. 2. I used to dream about a career until a def jam artist told me I was too fat but talented and should stick to ghost writing. 3. If I didn't lose any money in not mad about a situation. 4. I will be deactivating my page in a few days.
This performance Saturday is for def jam. Well I ain't letting nobody sign me no way. I just wanna be heard in make a name for myself
my number is unknown/known facts about me 1.the youngest of 11 2.i used to idolize my brothers Danlere Newsome, Frank Newsome, Yungn Will, Tommy 3.i used to play with dolls with my lil sister when she was bored she was 4 @ the time 4.i like beautiful girls with long natural hair.. (some times withe a bad attitude) 5.i wanted to be a rap artist at 14-15 and get a deal with Def Jam. 6.i once took spanish to impress one of my friends and ask her out (EpicFail) 7. when i was 16 i took my mom's car out for a joy ride 8. when i was 6, i passed out bullets that i found in someone room. MissTee Pratt
Justin Bieber was born March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada. His parents are Pattie Mallete and Jeremy Bieber (separated, father remarried). He has 2 siblings named Jazmyn and Jaxon. He currently lives in Brookhaven, Atlanta. He play instruments like drums at 2 yrs-old, piano at 5/6 yrs-old, and guitar at 10 yrs-old. His sports are Basketball, soccer, skateboarding, and hockey. Now, at age 15, he still has a 4.0 grade point average and is still determined to make it into college. Justin attended Bedford Public School, Stratford Northwestern and Downie Central Public School. In July 2008, at age 14, he moved to Brookhaven, Atlanta, Georgia (USA) to officially start his recording career. He has a scar can be seen below his right eye. This was caused by a branch whip while hiking in the bush with a friend. Justin has a dog called Sam. He signed to Island Def Jam and Usher. on his original MySpace, Justin stated that he wants to go to the school of ministry someday and travel the world to spread the wor ...
Seen from box office: Dude in Def Jam jacket walking his dog, sassy transvestites trying to catch ride, manic pixie dream girl on scooter
FROM: Renaco Massenburg on Music Industry A&R.Submissions to Def Jam, Sony, Jive, EMI. I am now officially on Independent Network. There will be Auditions for all genre of music for the upcoming "Perform Like a Major Artist" Industry Showcase. Auditions will be held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard 63 Flushing Ave This Saturday from 10 Am To 2PM. Entrance on Washington Ave. Building 280 4th floor. Auditions are free. But there is a $30 fee to enter the audition premises. You must first pass security. Must have a valid ID 18 years & up. If you're an member, promoters will give you a $20 coupon for the show. Since you had to pay $30 to get into the building to audition. So for the actual show, you'll only pay $10. If chosen as one of the 10 lead openers, you will receive date & Time of the Event. There will also be an open mike Audition at the show, but you will need to put your name down to be placed on that list. You can add it here and we will contact you.
I've been on a team that won a Bafta, and now this! I'd like to thank my mum, God, Flava Flav all the guys at Def Jam...word! Shout out going out The Joester, Lindy Layton, all me Stourbridge Peeps, Jesus, Shaking Stevens and all those that believed our buy one get one free banter! TEAM 1140 IN DA HOUSE! PEACE!
Def Jam Recordings had better hold on to Rihanna. She's one *** of an investment.
Got a early meeting tomorrow with Russell Simmons. I'm trying to get signed to Def Jam, some free Phat Farm gear and host Def…
Did you know? signed with Def Jam Records at age 16!!!
well at least she's driving and she said she'll take me out for breakfast as soon as we make this deal with Def Jam Records.
Just got a connection to Warner Bros. Records, Interscope Records and Def Jam! It's time to make some moves.
she was meant to release an album with Def Jam Records in 2006 but never materialised! She then fell off the radar
Breaking News! NuMusicSpin is now the Official, let me repeat Official A&R for Americaz Most Wanted Recordz-Def Jam 'TBD'/Chillie Mo's Label, are you paying attention, I am trying to show something! Do know what this means for you NuArtists Family members? I can now walk in to the Ceo Chillie Mo and pitch your projects! You should give yourself a hand clap because of you networking with me we were able to make this possible. I always ask if you are paying attention and I know a great majority of you are asking, pay attention to what? My answer is very simple, pay attention to the power of networking and helping each other without looking for something in return. NuMusicSpin provides information, resources and project promotion for free and every day I am expanding your reach into the Entertainment Industry. We are committed to “Connecting NuArtists to NuOpportunities Worldwide", when you contribute / tithe your time and your talent, not your money, good things happen! Together we are a force to reckoned ...
Rihanna was born on a little island called Barbados. On the right side you can see the national flag. Rihanna used the trident symbol in few of her videos. This way she showed her Bajan pride. (Bajan is slang for Barbadian).In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant and performed in the Colours of Combermere School Show, singing Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.Rihanna was one of three new artists that Jay-Z has signed to Def Jam; Teairra Mari and Ne-Yo are the other two. After a year Teairra Mari (who at first was suppose to be the leading Def Jam lady) was signed off the company. She was discovered by music producer Evan Rogers while he was vacationing in Barbados, with his wifeRihanna is the eldest sibling to her two younger brothers; named Rorrey and Rajad.Several other major labels were vying for Rihanna, but Def-Jam made such an amazing deal that, the scheduled meetings with the other companies were canceled.“Pon De Replay” was heard on HBO’s hit TV show ‘Entourage’ in the ‘An Offer ...
It was great to meet you today at that Def Jam event. I respect the work ethic to the fullest! Lets connect.
Celebrity celebrating their Birthday today; LEIGH-ANNE PINNOCK turn 21 She became known as an X Factor winner and a member of the popular all-girl group, Little Mix. DERRICK ROSE turn 24 Chicago Bulls star who led the mediocre team to contend for a title; he had a devastating ACL injury in 2012 that stalled his career. ASHLEY BANJO turn 24 English Hip Hop dancer who first gained fame by winning Britain's Got Talent with his dance crew Diversity. LIL MAMA turn 23 Rapper who made her debut with the song Lip Gloss. Russell Simmons turn 55 Co-founded the hip-hip music label Def Jam, and also created three successful clothing lines. ALICIA SILVERSTONE turn 36 Animal rights activist who played Cher Horowitz in Clueless. SHONTELLE turn 27 Island R&B singer who released the platinum single "Impossible" in 2010. SUSAN SARANDON turn 66 Red-haired actress who won a 1996 Oscar for Dead Man Walking. BILL FAGERBAKKE turn 55 American voice and television actor known for playing the role of Patrick Star on the animated s ...
Jay says - "I raped Def Jam for $100MM then dropped the label // Now that you dropped Scott Boras and…
Birdman, his brother Slim & his 'son' Lil Wayne run YMCMB, the most commercially successful label in the history of Hip Hop music. Why? Becoz they started the company in 1991 & were selling records from the boot of their car. When Universal came in 1998 with an offer (makgowa ba e nkgella opportunity), they were smart enough to tell them that they will get 85% in royalties, 50% publishing & own their masters. Take it or leave it. Artists are paid royalties usually somewhere between 8% and 25% of the album price, including Michael Jackson, who didn't own his masters during his prime. *** even Jay-Z didn't negotiate such a deal for Roc-A-Fella. I read an article on Jay: "When Jay-Z signed on to become Def Jam’s president in 2004, he shrewdly negotiated the return of his masters in addition to an annual salary approaching eight figures. Though he left Def Jam in 2007 and a year later launched Roc Nation, a joint-venture label with concert promoter Live Nation, his Def Jam masters are scheduled to revert .. ...
Crazy couple of weeks with very few updates! So, I mixed a Big Sean concert for Def Jam, did some production sound for TruTV's show "Hardcore Pawn", recorded sound on a "one-take" feature in the Houghton Lake area, did production and post sound on a Discover commercial with my buddy Marty "Lazer" Stano, did most of the post-audio on a TV Pilot (which is currently in limbo as we wait on the composer), and I'm currently sound designing a Michigan-made film called "Fractured" starring Jake Busey (Gary Busey's son) and Eric Roberts (who played Maroni in The Dark Knight). Next month its more work on Fractured, finish up the TV Pilot, and then I get to be on a sound team, once again with my good friend Robert Langley, on the feature film "Cawdor", starring Mischa Barton (The OC) and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men in Tights). It's been an INCREDIBLE year for Soundopolis!!! Non-stop work in all areas of sound for picture and music production, selling sound effects on my website: www.soundopolis.n ...
I keep getting ads for the new series "The Goldbergs." Its a period comedy from 1985. The trailer has the kid saying "Nobody gets me but Flavor Flav." Nobody in 1985, unless his Dad was an executive for Def Jam or he sneaked off to ghetto underground clubs at 14 would have said that because no suburban kid knew who he was and would not have until three years later. Am I the only one that bothers?
Congrats to Glen Thomas for getting connected to Major Record Label A&R through Song Submit! The Record Label A&R Team works directly with Bad Boy Records, Interscope Records, Def Jam, Universal, & hosts major beat battles events in NYC. Glen's music is now being considered for placements on albums, tv, & collaborations due to this Song Submit connection. Glen your beat "Wizkademics" really nailed it! "Wizkademics" makes great use of ethereal lush female vocal hooks, dreamy electric keys, and a powerful urban drum production complete with tuned 808 sub bass throughout. The arrangement is kept open making nice space with vocal performance to later be added - Nice work, a classic! It's no wonder it caught the attention of Song Submit's Record Label A&R Network. Glen, please share links to your latest music, videos, & other projects so more Record Label A&R, Film/TV Music Supervisors, & Radio Programmers from Song Submit can learn about you. Also, please offer any words of advice you may have for fellow Song ...
Special event tonight at tomorrow It's from Def Jam, Comic View, and Sunset Park along with
Producer, musician, composer, musical director and creativity all describe DomWan, the music industry’s best-kept secret. Dominic “DomWan” Durham first exploded onto the scene as a musician collaborating with Def Jam recording artist LLCoolJ for the song “Hello” from the G.O.A.T. cd. Shortly after he teamed up with Kanye West, Mos Def, Faith Evans and Scott Storch to produce the song Brown Sugar for the featured film. From 2001 to 2005, Dominic has worked with producer Rodney Jerkins of Darkchild Entertainment. Throughout his career, he has produced tracks for many artists and such as Brandy, Ray J, Lil Wayne, Cheetah Girls, Monica, TLC, Carlos Santana and Yolanda Adams just to name a few. He has contributed to movie scores such as Brown Sugar, Honey, Taken by Force and My Baby’s Daddy. His ability to create music suited for each artist and all genres is undeniable. His love for music began at the tender age of three years old by his father who was a member of a funk cover band. Growing up ...
Bruh they need bring back Def Jam Fighting video games and put Chief Keef and Lil Reese in it.
BREAKING NEWS: insider reports confirm that Blue Ivy is the new CEO/President of Def Jam Records
Big Sean may have to jump ship from GOOD Music or Def Jam. I'm not sure but one of em has to go
LOL Martin Lawrance is one of the funniest comedians on Def Jam !!!
Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records.” 😂😂😂😂
"Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records."
"Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records." LMAO.!
you seriously can't argue with that. Kanye is Def Jam Records
DEAD. “Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
DEAD RT“Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
😂😂😂 “Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records.
Lmao bruh “Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
The period of waiting for admission is when young boys go to studios and pretend they are signed to Def Jam Records
Sometimes I play Def Jam: Fight For NYC on PS2 just to throw Lil Kim onto those train tracks.
"Question What's the name of Justin's Record Label?" Island Def Jam
Ugh, you probably like slam becuz you watched def jam & think you're an expert in performance
...Def Jam said I'm no Lauryn Hill, can't rap and sing in the same CD, the public won't get it they god ADD, see Nicki follow the rules...
beyonce money he married .. Meek wale Rihanna Cole and Kanye management money him being def jam president
omg I'm still in shock knwing bout she's under def jam Island Records is it true or just a rumor?
Atlantic • Def Jam • Epic are going IN right now!! RCA whooping them too doe!!. These happened for a reason people!!.
Agree 100%. Def Jam took KRIT's soul & forced him to be early Ludacris. Nah.
Def Jam needs to sign him again, the man is a hit machine, when he was touring non-stop it was keeping him out of trouble
Def Jam whole roster was pretty much unstoppable in late 90s early 2000 so that's a good source for material
still waiting for a Def Jam Icon sequel...
Will we ever hear the track you did with Timbaland that was supposed to be on the 2nd Def Jam album?
lots of good def jam recs, tbh. Pj Harvey, Tom Waits. Some good stuff... But...
He's big but not at the same time; good size loyal fan base. Just signed to Def Jam/No ID
People don't know he on G.O.O.D but Def Jam be working
We taking the game over one step at a time! Jam
they thinking LL i'm thinking def jam
In your head you think you can stomp *** head in like Def Jam Vendetta
Aye they should come out with a videogame called rmg reach vs the world kinda like Def Jam Fight for newyork Lol ft.
hai that's true if already sign with Def Jam?? answer please ,,, ;)
Def jam on my heels should i sign too it ? million dollar advance for me too rhyme fluent !!
I'm confused. Are you signed to Grand Hustle or Def Jam? So many people are putting their opinions, I just want the truth.
which Record Label ... Motown, or Def Jam? =/
Got one of the biggest performances of my life coming up! Def Jam, Atlantic Records and G-Unit bout to all wanna sign …
on List of former Def Jam. Recordings artists
like how Def Jam put up the stream shortly after the leak
They said 2 young niggaz out da Gutta couldn't see a 400k check from Def Jam and as LA REID & JAY-Z cut ours i Thanked G…
You are now lookin at the 40 million boy, I am raping Def Jam till I'm the 100 million man..
nah I'm doing a project on def jam. I probably will be soon though bro.
Shouts to the homie for noticing true talent early! up at def jam/motown…
Rihanna protested at the Def Jam building because she wants her "Pour It Up" video to get released. Now they changed her …
Adam is following Island Def Jam Records...has this already been discussed?
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Magic City was one of the places you could fight on Def Jam lmao
Even I see the humor in some things!||Def Jam's Simmons apologizes for Harriet Tubman sex parody
and in that regard, Pusha T is the Teedra Moses of GOOD Music/Def Jam. And y'all can chalk that loss up NOW.
"Where is polow da don" I heard he was playing ping pong at the Def Jam office a little while back...word is he's nice.
LMFAO“Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
Deaf Greg only listens to Def Jam Records
""Ya boy got a girlfriend" same mine lives in California tho" does her dad work for Def Jam Records
What business or company do you wish you owned? — Interscope or Def Jam Records! Lawd, the music I'd produce and...
to sign my contract with Def Jam Records.
...weirder still was that the office used to be the headquarters for Def Jam Records, & we still got unsolicited demo tapes in the mail.
I never knew LL Cool J was the FIRST artist ever signed by Def Jam Records. He also had the first album dropped under the label of course.
Who would have ever thought a fat white guy with a long beard owned Def Jam Records
I want to broker a deal with Def Jam to sign Natasha Trethewey and Rita Dove to rap EP deals. Totally serious about this.
I'm sure her friends at Def Jam probably won't let that happen though. ha!
“planning meeting at Def Jam this morning” *makes dying whale noise*
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
One of the best fightin games of all time is Def Jam Fight for NY
“What if Drake really left Young Money? What would they do without him” what if he woulda signed with Def Jam or GOOD Music
Playing some new music for the Def Jam Team
Meaning, he would've gotten dropped from Def Jam. So him, Royce, Joell, Crooked, and Niño would've never done the Slaughter House track
true true ..I see that too..Luda was a big wig on Def Jam and still got over looked, Chainz caught fire. Hope he can keep it up
bro Roc-A-Fella still exists lol it's under Def-Jam
Look how they got me on a Def Jam payment plan.
Fight for NY was trash “all 3 Def Jam Fighting games went hard”
According to Island Def Jam, the video comes out August 11th, the same day as the iTunes release. Hopefully the …
Then we went to Def Jam with to play some new music for the team.
planning meeting at Def Jam this morning
D-Mob from Def Jam Vendetta RT“Which secret unlockable character is this?--->
I agree. How that white a man with that beard can make music with/for Jay Z, Kanye, The Beastie Boys and start Def Jam Records
I added a video to a playlist Def Jam: Vendetta (PS2) Gameplay
Wow I got a interview with island Def Jam Records
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Today i received a telephone call from some scam artist saying he was Ludacris. He wanted me to send his manager Josh Williams $250 for him to send my son a plane ticket, hotel reservation to one of the finest hotels in Atlanta and a recording studio session. This was suppose to be sent Western Union or Paypal. I explain to my son this is a scam. Why would Def Jam ask you to pay $250 so they can sign you to a million dollar contract. How may young people have fallen for this scam. So I'm going to post this guy telephone And I am going to report him to the Police.
She has so many amazing singles out but they're not being played nowhere in sight come on Def Jam Records!!! GET WITH IT & BRING MARIAH!
All I'm waiting for is, for to get signed, Atlantic,Def Jam, Interscope any kind of Record Label, ion care. Jus…
Def Jam Records promotion Jay - Z album like he on the label lol that's hard
oh Hype Gods plz sign me to Def Jam or Virgin Records, Amen
Co-CEO of Colombian records ad founder of Def Jam Records... Pretty much the best producer in the world..
Monday Mindfulness: What do Google, Oprah, and the founder of Def Jam Records share? Supporting and practicing meditation! Read more and...
My mission is to take over Def Jam Records
These evangelical guys beside me are sharing their testimonies about turning away from drugs. Also, working at Def Jam Records.
yeah lol he nice, he cofounder of Def Jam Records
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