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Def Jam

Def Jam Recordings is an American record label, focused primarily on Hip Hop and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group, and operates as a part of The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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Happy Birthday to Def Jam founder and pioneering producer Rick Rubin!
Would you ever do a playthrough of the Def Jam games? — Ironically I did one of Fight For NY but I lost my save ...
If youre stuck in Def Jam: Fight for NY, ask your fellow GameFAQs members for help
Fat Joe is the most rage inducing character to fight in Def Jam: FFNY sdasasf
I saved a playlist Def Jam: Fight for
Def Jam: Fight For NY could've used the basic Street Fighter controls/moves and been a classic. Luckily I only spent low $ on it.
Def Jam: Fight for NY is the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, a Hip Hopinfluenced 3D action
Yo this *** etwaun moore sound like street voice option on Def Jam: Fight For NY n
I need to cop Def Jam Fight for NY. I used to beat Fat Joe's *** just because I could . GOOD TIMES.
whats your gmail and phone number for your booking or contact? Thank you so much Def Jam .
I remember def jam but not a huge fighting game guy and evil dead game I don't remember that the one man
ah serendipity. My neice works for def jam records. Not sure how she feels about AWhigs.
gonna get my Def jam on Saturday. It's on!
Getting ready to interview Def Jam recording artist inside the 5 o'clock traffic jam! Tune in to now.
I would go out & buy a PS2 right now for the soul purpose of playing Def Jam FFNY y'all just don't understand...
A Black American by Smokey Robinson - Def Poetry Jam: via young,gifted and black . be proud
Def Jam Fight For New York was like one of the best games in the PS2 ERA.
Def Jam is an "out with the old and in with the new" record label.
I see Big Sean outlasting the rest of the "new" class. If he leaves Def Jam. It's too late for him to fall off by coming across "corny"
Once completes his last album for Def Jam, he plans on doing a joint album with
I go from listening to Mos Def to Nicky Jam
Swear E-40ade most there money from Def Jam Icon
Def Jam holding on tight to that Big Sean cd. Hasn't leaked yet...
A Def Jam Vendetta game with all these new rapper a lowkey be cold
Russell Simmons was yelling in the Def Jam offices trying to figure out how Marley Marl made his beats. Wrap your minds aro…
"To those that thought Def Jam started as a Hip Hop label with a purple and silver logo on the vinyl,…
I liked a video from Nat on Def Jam Fight for NY w/ Face Cam Pt.1 [HD]
cause the boys of pike are Bae and have def jam connections
I got my ninja djdprizzy on the 1 and 2's in my office. I told him to do an all Def Jam set! And he…
*** this ain't Def Jam Poetry. TF you snappin fo
Poetry slam in a few hours yall check out "A Penny for your Thoughts" be Gemineye on Def Jam Poetry. Ima kill it
If you haven't already watch erykah bad on Def Jam Poetry
Scandal conversation sound like Def Jam Poetry. I can't take this show seriously. Lol 😂
A Def Jam throwback classic from See her perform at Jazz on The Bridge on 2/14: "Just Call My Name"
Finna go buy Def Jam Fight for New York and play it all Saturday
Can we please get a Proper successor to Def Jam: Fight for New York?? Gaming n Hip Hop have truly became mainstream now.
do you have a def jam 30 jacket? Ha We need Rick Rubin at the next annual meeting! - thx in advance
The day Bugz tells me he's leaving TrapBang and signing with Def Jam
Around this time, last year I was working Def Jam's Superbowl Event
This is my jam: Rock Of Ages by Def Leppard on Bon Jovi Radio ♫
Excellent! Def Jam really took care of me. Really appreciated that my sis. I meant to stay in contact but life had me running.
I'm ready man def jam talking good bruh
Trinidad James - Def Jam: via looking like in the color after she got a shugadaddy
“Kanye played his album for Def Jam today. God is REAL! 🙏🙏🙏
Guess who was brought onto the Def Jam marketing and promotions team?
When first met at Def Jam, 2 Chainz was eating lobster in the CEO's office.
Trying to get signed to def jam let here what u got www.
Otep — Dedicated to my enemy on Def Jam Poetry
I remember "The Carter Administration". He'd put that in the booklet of all the albums Def Jam dropped during his time. Lame
you shall make videos for your poems, publish your poetry book, perform at the Def Jam Poetry,
Buy Beats from the producers behind Alumni, Maybach Music, Warner, Def Jam, MTV, Sony, NBC, Universal & more!!!
One of the funniest clips of Chris Tucker on Def Jam.
Trinidad "All Gold Everything" James dropped from Def Jam. I was hoping for more tho!!!
*Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons returned to “The O'Reilly Factor” last night to debate the Fox host on racial divisions in America revealed in a recent CBS News poll in the wake of protests over the deaths of Eric Garner in New York, N.Y. and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The poll found just 12% of respondents saying that the chokehold which caused Garner's death was justified, with 36% saying race relations are deteriorating and 45% responding that race relations were "good." [ 60 more words. ]
Been watching Def Jam Poetry all morning .
TOP FIVE SOUNDTRACK. Def Jam will release the music from and inspired by Chris Rock’s latest film “Top Five” on...
Rihanna has left Def Jam and signed to Roc Nation. She's not just managed but also officially signed to Jay Z's label
Is on right now celebrating Def Jam's 30th Anniversary playing Shut Em' Down (Pete Rock Remix) by Public Enemy
COINTELPRO Q: How did Hip-Hop go from being uplifting, empowering, and conscious to degrading women and pushing drug use & violence? A: People were put into place within the industry to be marketed as "gangstas", "hustlers", etc and paid well in order to push these negative images which were eventually made mainstream by labels like Def Jam and Bad Boy Records and individuals like Quincy Jones. This was done so that Hip-Hop, being as influential as it is, would influence a culture of violence, drug use, and domestic abuse to destroy the family unit and put our men behind bars.where they are making millions of dollars from locking us up in their PRIVATELY OWNED prisons.
Music producers for Alumni, Maybach Music, Universal, Def Jam, Sony, MTV and many more! Our beats here !
67 vhs Highlanders thunder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Dirty Dancing Jumanji scooby Doo Santa Claus How to Lose a Guy in 10 days home fries the good son it Rambo Boyz in the hood the gates of *** got the hook up Mallrats please texas chainsaw massacure Ernest goes to camp how high best of the Klumps Friday Forrest Gump Lemony Snicket unfortunate events Indiana Jones Top Gun Jason goes to *** the best in TV movie ever hellmaster Independence Day happy campers the edge the ghost of the darkness terminator 2 ghost pretty woman Dirty Dancing The Bone Collector vacation Def Jam comedy hotshot son-in-law dirty work by the Eagle as good as it gets frequency of life Batman urban legend Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Tom the Big Green Super Troopers turned up Rambo 3 mask all you for 25 or 50. Each
I don't know if you ever watched Def Jam Poetry but if youtube "gemineye" and "black ice" (along with words def jam) (cont.)
tune into old school Def Jam comedy stand ups, Bernie Macs in particular, he's epic
Def Jam has a few changes to their executive lineup. Rob Caiaffa has been promoted to Vice President of...
New music from NNTME/Def Jam recording artist August Alsina, "Grindin" produced Korner Keyz and Knucklehead. Guitar by Carlos Cahee. Written by August Alsina...
Customise our Def Jam: Icon character on our stream! Donate:
DJ Akademiks speaks on a New York Struggle rapper, 'Money mars' who posted up a fake record deal with Def Jam only to be exposed as lying. Like my Page http:...
disgusting...Def Jam havin a 30th anniversary concert and no LL Cool J...disgusting
I hit the Def Jam 30th Anniversary Concert Last Night In NYC right
THIS FRIDAY - The Def Jam 30th Anniversary Edition of Hip-Hop Karaoke! Lots of Def Jam goods to be won!
I'll rather catch an *** whoopin than get my heart broken. - Def Jam Poetry
I love listing poetry I use to watch Def Jam poet like all the time. I wish I can find a place in NewOrleans that be having poetry night..
Def Jam comedy and poetry need to be resurrected
Def Jam gonna find themselves in the history books like Stax records.
If you don't know about Def Jam Poetry then you don't know what a true lyrical artist is
Think ill listen to some Def Jam Poetry tonight.
Got to hang with Def Jam's Lil Reese for a bit tonight. Pretty rad.
A6: I have been known to throw in some Def Jam , poetry slams and music to the mix.. All have social justice messages. Diff. Genres
Been watching these Def Jam Poetry videos all morning😳💀
I've said it plenty times before, Ty Dolla $ign is this generation's version of 90's Def Jam artist Domino
have you ever watched the Def Jam Poetry?
( Rapper Joe Budden is wanted by the New York Police Department and he doesn't seem to be taking it very serious. The former 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' star and Def Jam recording a
bed, chamomile tea and old Def Jam Poetry sessions. life isn't so bad after all.
I wanna go to that Def Jam concert at the Barclay Center in October
We spoke to yesterday, and he had a lot to say about his departure from Def Jam + more:
Souled Out will arrive on September 9 via Artium Records/Def Jam. On the ethereal artwork, the heavens part as the R&B singer floats up from the sea into the sky.
Trinidad James got dropped from Def Jam today. Next stop is Cash4Gold 😂😂
So Trinidad James got dropped from Def Jam. *** went from all gold everything to not a *** thing ina hot min. 😂
Trinidad James got dropped by Def Jam. Here is my opinion on that--->
Analysts predict will strike a deal with Def Jam records in the coming weeks
Shout out to Def Jam for wasting 2mill on Trinidad James!
*** from Def Jam to Kock I mean Koch Records...smh
S/O to all my Def Jam & ING Universal Records fam Wise McGriff n Bway we b mobbn!
Def Jam records meeting scheduled for mid august.. We doin big things .
Kanye never signed with Def Jam and signed with Capital Records
Girl Exotic Mixtape Tour A&RS from Def Jam and Atlantic Records will be in the house, in search of talent…
.tried to sign N.W.A. to Def Jam while they were on Ruthless Records.
"Stewart was appointed as Executive Vice President of Def Jam where he had replaced Jay-Z, a position left vacant since December 2007."
Carmen Electra on Def Jam had hands lowkey
July 27th Richmond hts Ohio. The Judges are Representers from Atlantic Records, Def Jam and Interscope.
The French owns Universal Music Group which means they own Def Jam .. *** I never knew that lol The French own a lot of American artist.
I don't dislike rappers or hip-hop or people who like it. I went to the Def Jam tour in Manchester in the '80s when rap was inspirational. Public Enemy were awesome. But it's all about status and bling now, and it doesn't say anything to me. -Noel Gallagher-
Hey FB, just in case you missed ART Imitates LIFE Radio Show with Tanya M. Dixon this week, here's the episode celebrating Black Music Month with some of your favorite men of R&B music! We spoke with the our male guests in a special extended edition of “The Living Room” about “The current state of traditional R&B and soul music—is it alive and well or a lost art form?” The show will featured former member of both the Isley Brothers and Isley-Jasper-Isley (producer and arranger of the Isley Brothers music)— Chris Jasper; keyboardist, singer, songwriter and record producer (the band Enchantment, and part of George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic groups)— Amp Fiddler; R&B singer and actor (former artist on Geffen Records & “New Jack City”)— Christopher Williams, soul and R & B vocalist (former artist on Def Jam label)— Tashan Pearse, and producer, composer, pianist, songwriter and vocalist— Carlin Randolph. Special Thanks to all of our wonderful guests! Great show! Here’s the ...
Records for sale £10 the lot, has Eminem when I'm gone, grand hustle, r.kelly & jay z, Def Jam, puff daddy & the family.
Still on cloud 9 and my inspiration will definitely be shooting through the roof for the rest of the year.The whole week i've been mentored 1 on 1 by the super talented DARNELL HODGES from L.A in the USA.He is the C.E.O of DLH MEDIA GROUP LLC which works with artists like Tyga,Big Sean,Justin Bieber,Nicki Minaj,Lil Twist,Bone Thugs N Harmony,K Mitchell and works with companies like Def Jam,YMCMB,Maybach Music Group,Universal Music and Slip N Slide Records.This happened because my new single 'Can't Stop This Feeling' reached no.1 on 2 of the top radio stations in USA and is continuing to be one of the most played tracks on RADIO which is the biggest online radio station in the world and my song is already on 1021 plays in 2 months.DREAMS DO COME TRUE ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE AND WORK HARD
Yesterday I met a rapper who's signed to Def Jam records.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Who better to attend Talent Tonight's Rising Star Showcase at Prospect Park then Santos Garcia? About Santos Garcia Santos Garica is an A&R executive/manager with Compound Entertainment (Neyo's entertainment company). He is also owner of Sutter Music Group working with rising artist DKING. Bio New York City’s own Santos Garcia started his career at Def Jam Records as a marketing and street team promoter. In 2004, while still working at Def Jam he met Ne-Yo’s manager Tishawn Gayle. Respecting Santos’s hard work and loyalty to the label, he asked Santos to be a part of his new project serving as a Road Manager. This new project was "Ne-Yo" and Compound Entertainment a division of Universal Music Group. As Ne-Yo’s career blew up to super stardom, so did Santos’s position within Compound Entertainment. Over a course of ten years, Santos went from street team promotions to full blown music executive being a part of the tour management team, supervising and participating in all aspects of touring and ...
I'll recap on"Speak Up"tonight our discussion with VP of Def Jam records No ID 6-9pm
I can't help u with your music career *** does my @ name say "Def Jam,Capital Records,Roc-Nation" etc
About to sign to this Entertainment company in Los Angeles soon making major moves... which has worked with artists associated with Def Jam and Universal Records
Poolside in Atlanta atop of my dad's apt while breaking thru my writer's block by writing poetry & lyrics. Submissions coming, Def Jam!
liberation verse taken to new extremes. Fave Def Jam Poetry segment! Thank you.
I never knew he was signed to Def Jam in 03 *** he been around for awhile
S/0 2 Jugga MrWow Bennett Byg Cheef in New York working def jam I see y'all
This guy just called me saying he was with Def Jam and he wanted to fly me to go on tour with Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti and he was gonna pay for my flight and hotel but he wanted me to send $900 to him before he send me a contract with all those terms in it...he also said once I got out there I was gonna have to pay an additional $600 and if I won the contest out of me and two other artist performing I would get signed to Def Jam but if I lose I would get a $5,000 check...Kmsl...everyone please be careful with these music industry scammers
Whats your favorite wrestling game? Mine is still Def Jam Vendetta: Fight for New York. I know I might be alone on that.
Def Jam was founded in an NYU dorm room
Whatever happen to the homie Big KRIT? Def Jam did yo dirty..
I know I'm one of the only ones but "Happy" is still my jam, def gonna be played at my wedding so I can get my Carlton on.
have you heard def jam by Trinidad ?
& tix on Nuggets. Jam on! 10:10ThemeThing: MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
Update your maps at Navteq
When it rains, it pours forreal. Def jam said I'm no Lauryn Hill. Can't rap n sing on the same CD, the public won't get it they got ADD.
Wish i could see 50 cent on hot 97 summer jam...he def gonna perform the classics
that shows my age.that was a Chris Tucker joke on Def Comedy Jam lol
Def Jam Records looking for music for roster
I don't relate to this personally but she def. has it going with this jam! Head bobbing beat 💃
More Watch_Dogs and Def Jam Tonight. I'll probably get a watch dog vid up with a Gang Territory sidemission as a pick up video.
Idk why people give me the links to their sucky music. Do I look like I work for Def Jam? 😒
.was signed to Def Jam Records just 5 months after he released his project 'Young Sinatra' in 2011.
And I def been trippin on Georgetown. Smh
Def Jam R&B star August Alsina hangs himself on Instagram for a video shoot and sparks an online outrage amongst his diehard fans.
Evening Jam: "Ms Fat Booty" by Mos Def Please don't let the name deter you, this IS the jam :) …
Soo vince is signed to Def Jam. Don't know how to feel about that
Still bumpin this Trinidad Def Jam...until the chorus is over then I start from the beginning.
On the way to the Def Jam building to perform
Getting ready to get on the bus for the Def Jam trip
On the way to Jersey after the Def Jam show
Always thought santos from def jam looked cool
Ima be like Richard and watch Def Jam Poetry videos.
My boys at Robin Fernando just signed a contract for another MASSIVE international Hip Hop artist. This guy is a US West Coast rapper from Def Jam Recordings and he has done a lot of tracks with DJ Mustard.Show will be announced next week.
Louie Hustle (- Def Jam . Stream this track live at Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and review it for placement on the next Coast 2 Coast Mixtape!
Today was great! Had a meeting with Wise McGriff From Def Jam and killed it!!!, For this show at the Barclays Center in July, Home of the Brooklyn Nets, i will have only 1000 tickets ranging from $30-$500+ Got Some Big Names coming out n ima be opening up! Hit me to lock yours in before they go on sale. Saw me n my bro on Tv Flowing!! Wish yall coulda heard the beats, but overall everything was so dope! Not bad for a first time. This is only the beginning! Thank you CoCo and Ralph McDaniels for the opportunity. Show was great and next month we bringing the whole crew! LETS GO!
Selling this ps3 slim 160 gb comes with 2 controllers, dual charger , HDMI cable, power cable, microphone, and 3 games + sport champions 1 + def jam rapstar + sleeping dogs I asking for 150 ...or trade for iPad 2 , mini or air
Song dropping tomorrow from me & Ziarre for Def Jam ! Yall can download my music off there website !
Jill Scott - Nothing is for Nothing on Def Jam Poetry
Amazing time talking about all the different ways Sumazi will be used by Russell Simmons (Founder of Def Jam & All Def Digital) and his team! This will be a first of its kind partnership in the music industry.
Special SHOUT OUT!!! to the A&R that said i needed artist development if its hard to rap now a days lol But THANK YOU for passing up on me bc DEF JAM might not
Wow... Here's some info about the Def Jam video game series, pertaining the gameplay and it's changes through out the series due to alternative developers! Def Jam's debut game is Def Jam: Vendetta! The publishers - EA, the developers - AKI Corporation & EA Canada. ( AKI Corp gave you WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge, and many other wrestling games. ) ( EA Canada gave you Fifa Soccers, MVP Baseballs, Need For Speed: Underground 2, Marvel Nemesis, NBA Lives, NBA Streets, Fifa Streets, SSX series. ) Put these teams together and you get Vendetta. First came Vendetta, second came Def Jam: Fight For NY! Publisher - EA, developer - AKI Corp & EA Canada. Same companies, thus the same results, however this creation has far more evolved ( There's also Def Jam: FFNY The Takeover, which was basically PS2/Gamecube/Xbox FFNY ported to the psp, with a couple interesting new additions I found would be awesome in a new console installment! )! HOWEVER, such was all lost in Def Jam: Icon, which was next released! Instead o ...
Anyone who doesn't believe that rap is poetry watch this: Kanye West on Def Jam doing "All Falls Down."
From today's music industry news email called RAMP.GREAT NEWS!! Rischer In Tune With In2une Promo vet Lori Rischer has been named VP Promotion & Marketing for In2une Music. The big announcement was made jointly (and bi-coastally) by In2une President Dale Connone in New York and L.A.-based EVP Ken Lucek. In her new role, Rischer will spearhead all Hot AC, Triple A and AC projects for in2une. She will also participate in special projects at other formats and head up marketing initiatives as the company continues to broaden its scope. "Lori epitomizes the spirit of in2une," said Connone. "In addition to her work ethic and radio relationships, I look forward to her creativity and energy in all formats and future initiatives." Rischer most recently worked for Island Def Jam. She embarked on her music career right after college, working in the radio promotion department at RCA Records. She later worked for Arista and Columbia Records and also spent several years at leading management company The Firm. She's al ...
Most people wish Morgan Freeman could narrate their lives, but I always wanted mine to be narrated by Maya Angelou. Sadly, that will never happen. Freshman year is what really turned me on to poetry, and while watching Def Jam slam poets on YouTube was great, it was Maya and Frost who really caught my attention, and opened up to me the beauty of words. I've never been much of a poet myself, but I try, and I know I wouldnt even be trying if it weren't for many of the greats, but mostly her. R.I.P. Maya Angelou, the caged bird is now truly free.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bouts 2 send def jam some Bizzie Banko told bro god I got him
Man I would love to have a board game , dance central, and def jam night with red wine as well as my besties. That would be the perfect Friday or Saturday night.
Sundiata "The Gr8" is a seasoned Motivational Vocal Expressionist, who’s style has been referred to as Rythmic Power Poetry. GR8 has subjected his soul to music, poetry, radio and the art of edutainment for the last 20 years. Sundi has performed with the likes of KRS ONE, Xibit, AmunMaaraj (out of Philly), M'reld (out of Chicago),And created w Black Ice from Def Jam Poetry. GR8 also enjoys lecturing across the country on topics such as the effects of Hip Hop and its impact on our youths and society as a whole. In his personal time Sundi, the father of 10 youth, spends it by continuing to learn, teach, and share his experiences with his extended family, and other fellow artist in / out of this country.
My *** Duggy Lill got hit up by Def Jam Records holla. My *** s almost there. 95% there
"4 mill from Def Jam and I ain't sell a record for 'em" -Killa Cam...
Rihanna is one of the most successful R&B stars of the last decade. A Barbados native who signed to Def Jam at just 17 years old, her profile soared on the success of her singles "SOS" and "Umbrella." She's since put out several huge hits, won a cascade of awards, and evolved from a teen pop star taking direction from her label into a self-possessed artist in her own right. "Disturbia" is a dark, gritty, minor-key dance track about anxiety and paranoia. It was chiefly written by Rihanna's then-boyfriend and notable woman-beating-violent *** felon Chris Brown, but don't hold that against it. The vocal track has a lot of clever vocoder touches and the beat has some fantastically layered hooks throughout. It charted to number 1 in the United States and remains one of Rihanna's signature songs.
died. I wonder if she regrets never doing the Def Jam Poetry slam?
The funniest comedy show in the land going 5yrs strong. Thursday it gets even funnier with Buckwild & (Def Jams own Howie Bell hosted by Stick. Immediately after the show we have the best after party beat by DJ Bo. Did I mention the new drink for the ladies called Stickit2U. Yes all of this is FREE B4 9 $5 cover after.
I really thought Lily allen had everything that came out on deathchant not def jam.
I was able to get ahold of Chief Keef's notebook where he keeps his lyrics written down It seems that with all the mumbling noises, we couldnt understand him right. It turns out that his lyrics are different from what we think we hear. And for proof, these are his lyrics for "Macaroni Time" Yo, why is King Sosa so ill? That would be a unpardonable breach of confidence for me to reveal! He said "One of these days, all eyes would be on me when they look up in the sky and see the neon C" Rhymes inscribed on a nickel disk encased in glass with an ion beam for longevity For more then 10 centuries, impressions and memories the first time the machine inventor will mention me Chief Keef was a visionary indeed he believed light could travel in multiples of C The organic supercomputer that solved the mysteries of Clan Calusa with 2 blue metric rulers Liked Cool J, but thought Stephen J. Gould was cooler and he never liked to propagate rumors Smoked Canary Island cigars liked America, luxury cars and beautiful Asian ...
to a kid like me. Even every Def Jam recording. 27 May 2014!. Lily Allen - Our Time (Official Video)
There needs to be a def jam 4 video game && when that happens all bone thugs n harmony member mos definitely have the potential to be in it who else agrees!?! ^-^
Congratulations to Brenda Cooper of Knoxville. She found Kanye's Campsite and is going to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival courtesy of Atomic Pawn, Def Jam and Hot 104.5
I found a Babbage's yesterday. It caught me off guard and I thought I stepped into a Time Machine. They were still selling PS2 games. So I bought a bunch of PS2 games for 75% off. Most expensive was about $3.38 and that was for a Naruto game. I found a copy of The Bible Game too. Still can't beat Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for 90 cents and a copy of Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing for 75 cents. I also bought about 12 other games but I forget what I got since they're all in bags still. They all came with cases and slipcovers, which was also pretty amazing. Also my phone's compass app didn't work in this Babbages. There was always a sound somewhere between harp music from Final Fantasy and the laughter of a child. There was a display of Dragonball Z figures and sometimes I thought I saw their mouths move, telling secrets. The man at the register smiled and there was a twinkle in his eye. On my way out, he handed me a copy of Def Jam Vendetta for the Xbox. That game never came out on the Xbox. "But i don't wa ...
Def Jam Icon Graphics with Def Jam Fight For NY mechanics...yup that's what I'm going for.
and some news from def jam music.the infomous scrilla acting up white you white you can't fight.and the scrilla man just keeps on getting in trouble in BC folks
We're also working on that Def Jam inspired game and I just hope the unsigned musicians can voice act, lol.
Def Jam meeting with Wise McGriff tomorrow, Video Music Box Premier Tomorrow Night, and God is Good All the Time.
What a mission to get the album in store! Tesco, Asda, Asda Living and Morrisons NOT stocking the new album... yet they are stocking Sam Smiths debut album. Rang through to my local HMV. We have one copy of the deluxe and 4 standards in store. I asked where are they displayed? They replied as it's a small stock delivery it's gone straight into the racking and not on the new release shelving!!! No wonder the album is struggling for a top 10 album position if a die hard fan can't find the album! So any casual purchaser is not going to know the album is out or see it in the new releases! She needs a live performance slot on one of the BGT finals to plug the album. C'mon def jam... Pull your finger out! Ahj gr!
Sooo... I just got a call from Def Jam! They want me to open a show for Lil Boosie and Future. And they're interested in signing me! UNFORTUNATELY, I'm Ejae the makeup artist and not EJ the rapper 👀✋😂😂 TF!?? YEAH THEY OBVIOUSLY HAD THE WRONG NUMBER! But congrats to EJ the rapper.. Who ever that is!! Lol
Nas to Record On Mass Appeal Records; Will Release 'Lost Tapes 2' & Posthumous Pimp C Album BY REGGIE UGWU News box.. Nas, who turned hip-hop on its ear 20 years ago with his groundbreaking debut album "Illmatic," is going independent. The venerated rapper, 40, is launching Mass Appeal Records, an independent record label, which, in addition to shepherding a new generation of hip-hop hopefuls, will also provide an outlet for new Nas music when his contract with Def Jam expires later this year. Nas Signs Boldy James to Mass Appeal Label Mass Appeal Records is co-founded by Peter Bittenbender, 36, and will succeed Decon Records, a boutique hip-hop label-turned-creative studio started by Bittenbender and video director Jason Goldwatch in 2002. The creative studio, which has grown to service blue chip clients including Nike, Rockstar Games and CNN, will continue as Decon while music operations are shifted under the Mass Appeal umbrella. Last spring, Nas and Bittenbender raised $1.2 million to relaunch the str ...
Maaan they need to bring thos Def Jam comedy specials back. They're classic
You really need to be about the culture to run Def Jam. It's basically the home of Hip Hop.
Nas to form independent label once Def Jam deal is over. - Nas Launches Record Label, Plans to Release Archival...
One of my singing coach's students who has a 3 million dollar recording contract with Def Jam records is singing in the lesson before me
Rap icon Nas has plans to launch his own label "Mass Appeal Records" after his contract w/ Def Jam is up this year.
Def Jam had a huge summer in 98, I remember all the records they were marketing
Nas last album with Def Jam this year then he is off to his Mass Appeal Records. Dude been making great business moves the past few years.
I can do a def jam ffny on twitch with no problem, now that youtube buying twitch, I can't because of how there lincense content thing is bs
I feel like watching Bernie Mac when he was on Def Comedy Jam
by the way i jus watched you perform on def jam somedy when you were 16, crazy *** Follow me back
“Precision pass from LeBron, finds Birdman for a JAM on ABC def red lol 😂
does interview with Def Jam Artist YG. Shout out CEO Smit
Justin switching labels would be good because Island Def Jam obviously aren't realising his full potential but what if he…
def. This show is incredible. The jam between Teca and Stash is ethereal bliss.
lmaooo i said this last week and everyone paid me DUST "Mariah's label, the Def Jam, sent six songs to American radio..."
How did def jam manage to snag Mariah?... Some of their other artists questionable... To say the least.
Birdman and that tall *** ugly brother of his had a chance to sign August to CMB.but they had to be slow smh Def Jam snatched him.
Did you realizeThe Philadelphia Hip Hop band has managed to stick around and stay relevant. Tuesday their 11 studio album will be released titled And Then You Shoot Your Cousin(Def Jam) They started out 25 years ago setting out to win their high school talent show.
Big S/O to Neffworking For the write up on our founder Dough From Da Go!
I frickin' love this track def my summer jam!
Justin's no part of def jam anymore
This fighting rap sounds so good like the soundtracks in Def Jam Fight for NY
Did Justin leave Island Def Jam.. I don't see him listed on their artist page anymore?
I step into Def Jam like I'm the 💩. Tell 'em gimme 50 million or Ima quit.
I swear its a Def Jam Comedy Special every time my uncle stops by.. Dude is clown!
Gonna grab another plate of food & watch some Def Jam Poetry or a Movie👌.
RUMOR: Mariah's label, the Island Def Jam, would have sent six songs to the American radios with a poll to...
Wait. Justin's no longer signed with def jam?? Did I miss something?!?!?!?
i bet justin is gonna get signed to YMCMB label since he's longer with def jam anymore.
Any body who still has Def Jam Vendetta, the have came out with DLC where you can get Solange as a…
Hold da fck up. Def jam dropped Justin out
But I hope Def Jam re-releases "Work" because it'll smash for her, I see this.
I ain't never seen messican link up so fast they click was deep like crows crew in Def Jam Fight for NY
:( I cant i hate def jam now even more
I have a ps3 for sale that is in good working condition. Comes with two controllers(one is wireless but the non wireless comes with a kinda long cord). I have all cords and i have 14 games and 4 games downloaded on the ps3 itself. Disc games (gta 5,black ops 2,assassins creed black flag,the last of us,wwe 2k14,head coach 09,nba 2k12 & nba 2k14,tna impact, two copies of def jam rapstar with mic,mlb the show 09) I have a charging doc for controllers and a head set as well. For downloaded games I have crash bandacoot 1,2,3, the new ninja turtles out of the shadow game and dead rising 2. I also have downloaded gun packs for black ops 2. 275 obo takes all.everything is in good condition and works very good.
Just got a called from a Def Jam record label in it coming out good, i guess ima become famous real soon Ya'll :)
A random number just texted me x said "Def Jam please call back."
SELLING --Nintendo D.S. Lite 10/10 condition but is missing pen $30 --Call of Duty Black opps brand new still in plastic for 360 $15 --GameCube comes with all cords still works one controller, a Memory card, and Def Jam FightClub New York $30 --Psp broken screen missing joystick $5 --IPhone 3 8gigs AT&T BUT UNLOCKED AND CAN BE USED FOR ALL CARRIERS!! comes with brand new charger and female case 9/10 condition $65 --IPod mini $10 --OLD iPod touch NO CAMERA $15 --Boost Mobile LG slide keyboard phone $15 --Samsung BlackBerry $10 *If interested all items are OBO so text and lets maken an offer open to trades for -Call of Duty Black opps 2 for 360 and xbox 360 controller inbox offers if intersted
And listen to some Original Def Jam Music while your at. LL Cool J, RunDMC, Beasti3 Boys and Public Enemy!
PRAISE LOG 05/18/2014 I Just Gotta PRAISE GOD! I just got a call from a Def Jam Records Rep , that wants to fly me to South Beach this week-end coming up to OPEN a Hip Hop Tour & to discuss signing The Two Grown MeN ! I'm so blown away Rite Now ! Won't GOD do it ? YES he will!
Aftermath or Def Jam will be an ideal Umbrella label for Thurty Below but we're open minded...
Woke up with exciting news today from Def Jam Records! That's all i'm allowed to say. Thanks TTroy Flyguy Mitchellfor preparing me for this opportunity!
Listen to 145most_real / O1 I REALLY MEAN IT-INTRO X DEF JAM 2014!! | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of m...
Just got a text bout to get sign to def jam play wit it
Rise & Grind Tonight is the night! Spotlight Music Showcase Def Jam Edition! Special guest judge Tommy Brown & special guests host Matt Richards! Doors open 9pm. Special invitations have been sent out! Keep your eyes open, you never know who might show up!
Looking for def jam icon for PS3, inbox if you have it. Will buy or trade other games
I didn't know so many people worked for Def Jam records
If she gets 1 million Likes, she will be sign to Def Jam
HUGE LIVE PERFORMANCE May 30th in Bronson, Michigan at Greenwald Park. Dont want to miss this it's going to be fun!! Come out and meet soon to be R&B Star!! Had prestiage to work with def jam. Tour with Trey Songz, Mariah Carey, Tank and more. So come out with HSE to watch some best locals and Nick Cannon little bro soon to be future stars Reuben Cannon and Hip Hop, Movie Star Mr Bollywood! Tickets are 10 dollars and we will be streaming live if you can't make it but would still like to see! Must have ticket with broadcast code. Pre order those for for a chance to win merchandise!!!
Kevin Covan was born in New York, New York the part of Manhattan known as Harlem and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. the home of hip-hop; where he also discovered his love for the music. In 2011 Kevin started his own record label company Grind to Glory which began to make a name for itself. Working side by side with Wise McGriff (Def Jam), Anthony Jones (Warner Brothers), Anthony White (Vibe Magazine) just to name a few and with receiving digital distribution through Island Def Jam landed Kevin many successful events and showcases throughout the tri-state area. G2G is a company that also helps underground artistes get the recognition that they need to get their music or product out into the world. Kevin has coordinated events and showcases with Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boys), Fred the God-son and many more, as well as being a judge at numerous events which allowed him to emerge new artistes in the industry. With 3 years of coordinating events, showcasing and emerging new artist G2G continues to grow and seek the many t ...
My wife found one of my favorite comedy movies "Copout"! With Bruce Willis &Tracy Morgan!We gonna laugh our as# off! Alot of people didn't know who Tracy Morgan was,he used to do some funny stand up on Def Jam n other venus. And Bruce Willis is gotta be the the toughest funny guy in movies,straight n direct. Love it!! :-)
RCA wanna sign me but why when I get 10 million every month from def jam
James Todd Smith (born January 14, 1968 in Bay Shore, New York), better known as LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James), is a Grammy Award winning American rapper and actor signed to Def Jam. He has released twelve studio albums over his 27 year career, has starred in numerous feature films and currently plays Agent Sam Hanna on the hit show NCIS: Los Angeles. MRB Mrompeboca
So More Good News! I'm gunna be Sending My Music too Kevin Webb. Which is fabulous's Manager if you didn't know. Following through wid Def Jam tomorrow. Lets see what happens.
P.S.A In 2009, he released his debut single, "Toot It and Boot It", featuring Ty Dolla Sign, which peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100. The singles success resulted in him signing to Def Jam Recordings. In the following years, YG released various mixtapes such as The Real 4Fingaz and Just Re'd Up 2 among others.In June 2013, YG signed to Young Jeezy's CTE World. His 2013 single "My *** featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan has peaked at number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming the highest charting song of his career. He then released the singles "Left, Right" and "Who Do You Love?" featuring Drake leading up to the release of his debut studio album. His debut album, My Krazy Lifewas released on March 18, 2014, by Pu$haz Ink, CTE World and Def Jam.
Lol who remembers when Sean Paul music was always on the Radio.. Every summer..and he starred on Def Jam: FFNY, hardest character to fight in the bar lmao!!!
Omge they pic Jada to perform for def jam, ok ok now let's pray she get to tour
Friends, Family and generous people- I have been given an opportunity that I can't pass up! Just this week after a primary audition, I was selected to perform a showcase in front of music industry executives in Orlando! Those in attendance include Def Jam records, Interscope, Warner Bros records,...
Thanks for the info Kwame Vear The Arsenal 830 5th Ave New York, NY 10065 Thursday, June 5, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT) A SPECIAL BLACK MUSIC MONTH PANEL DISCUSSION NYC PARKS AND Hip Hop: The Union that Changed the Cultural Landscape of America Panelists: Devastating Tito is from the Fearless Four. Their debut was in 1981, with the single "It’s Magic." They were the first Hip Hop group to sign with a major label, Elektra Records, in 1983. DJ Jazzy Jay was an early member of Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation. He appeared on "It’s Yours" with T La Rock, Def Jam Records’ first recording. He has amassed over 400,000 records. Grandmaster Caz is a Bronx hip-hop icon, an original B-Boy and DJ renowned for his lyrical ability and showmanship, and captain of the legendary Coldcrush Brothers. Grand Wizzard Theodore is the inventor of scratching and the needle drop. He was a part of the group Grand Wizzard Theodore and the Fantastic Five. Moderated by Curtis Sherrod, the Executive Director of the Hip Hop ...
Im excited I get to meet thugga tonight and post rep dj drama and those great folks at def jam.I really got to get my dress game on tonight.
Connected with some major producers and artist over the weekend. Bringing them all to the V.O.X.O. Familia. So we could all bring good business. Canada, France, New York, Florida, Cali, Philly, Va, Sc, Chiraq, DTown, Mia, Atl, & more! Now I need to get Houston. Also linked with MTV to get new set-ups. Trying to link with Interacope and Island Records now. They followed me including Def Jam, but Def Jam needs to a new change. We gotta think future. We almost there family just got to keep on pushing.
Since 1984: On this day, May 17, 2005, Memphis Bleek's fourth album, "534" was released on Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Recordings
I was at Wal-Mart the other day and was feeling like getting a few CDs out of my norm. I got "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes. I also got my first Def Jam and all together first rap album "Licensed To Ill" by Beastie Boys. I love both of them!
Monday night my studios gonna be up and running, demos gonna be submitted to all the A&'r s some from Def jam, one to SAS's manager, one to flockas momma, kay slay, and Atlantic Records and many more. On my game
If Slow Bucks can get a deal with Sony.. If Iggy Azelea can get a deal with Def Jam.. So can YOU! Never give up 😂😭.
Joy Harjo - A Poem to Get Rid of Fear on Def Jam Poetry
"I don't knock any rapper. I look at Hip Hop like a Tree the Artist are the Branches, The Leaves are the Fans, and we feel each other cause we all come from the same Roots." -Logic Def Jam Artist
No games we goin 2 NY and knocking on Def Jam door! Investors.. high level management and all better holla @ me asap.. cuz me and Iam IDutch abt to go see people and ain't coming back without success.. .Major morning FB
when sony gave all of that money to Russell Simmons for def jam and hired jay-z as president, did they think that they were winning...yup, they did. shout out to Jay-z and Russell Simmons for the pre-meditated murder of def jam and Tommy Matola. it was all part of the plan
This is a quick-paced poem I wrote a few years back, def jam in mind, called the Devil's Dance: The devil dances, giggles and waves; resounding clatters, bleeding...smash. Rows of lights begin to wail, as man's last breath he must inhale. And while this Devil dance, wait, watch his heart leap at Fate. As man passes from this realm, the demon's rage shall take the helm. As machines beep, resist and whirl it seems spilt blood is now pumped a is restored! And now the Devil won't dance. He just sits on his throne, heaving, pants. "Too bad men have machines to keep him alive, it seems I wait longer for souls and to collect I must strive. But lo, I am overjoyed to find that with new sciences comes less Praise, and God in mind..." So he sits and bids clock, until at last we are docked. With a lack of spirituality, we become his game, his slaves, His damned machine in all actuality...
If Def Jam releases a new game they have to add Solange. They have to!
You know it ain't Summer Jam without Def Jam!
Just came from a meeting for this showcase June 14th! I am going to judged to perform by Gary Coles formally of Def Jam and currently the CEO of good money music NY A&R/Artist scout for Love and Hip Hop New York Rich Dollaz of Rich Dollaz Unlimited. I got a lot to do. Contact me for details.
Great time with the the homie therealpecas Def Jam records EVP judging the Def Jam show case
i broke some news w/ Nas, who will leave Def Jam for his own Mass Appeal Records and release a new Pimp C album
Just got a email with a submission contract to Def Jam, Atlantic Records, & Interscope. S/O 2 good...
soulja boy, in all his greatness, should become CEO of Def Jam records
At aka founder of records birthday party. Just met Lyor Cohen who used to run Def Jam, WB.
i think i know her, she's signed to Def Jam records right?
After doing much research on Def Jam artist (School Project) I found out that Rev Run of Run DMC accidentally reversed The "Paul Revere" Beat. After Download...
Mastermind Album In Stores Now.Directed by DRE Films. Maybach Music Group / Def Jam, Here's the new video of Rick Ross Ft. Weezy - Thug Cry..
Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen (Dreamworks) & Larry Ellison (Oracle), in talks to buy the If so, the Clippers will basically be the Def Jam of the NBA. Team Turn up!
Q&A: Who would you consider signing with? Jimmy Iovine, Def Jam, 1017 Brick Squad, Atlantic, and Selfie "Kiss Da Pinki Ring Ent."
Heard the Vice President of Def Jam going to be on campus tomorrow same guy who found LL Cool J... I'll be there that's what I buy suits for To Talk Buisness!
BIRMINGHAM ~ It's Thursday! Are you looking for somewhere to relax and watch the Season Finale of... View this email in your browser Join me TONIGHT, April 17 for Part II of my "Evolution of Women in the Media" discussion series, followed by the Season Finale of ABC's hit show SCANDAL! WHAT: Women’s Empowerment Discussions & Scandal Watch Party WHEN: TONIGHT, Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm 6:00pm – Enlarging Your Power Zone Small group discussion moderated by award winning community activist, singer & songwriter, Ms. LaTosha Brown 7:30pm – The Evolution of Women in the Media, Part II Panel discussion moderated by Monique Okoye, Esq. Panelists include: Councilor Sheila Tyson, Marissa Mitchell (ABC 33/40), Edward Browser (, Nu York (95.7 JAMZ), Deanna Reed (95.7 JAMZ), Erica Parker (WJLD), and special guest Johnnie Walker (Former Music Executive at Def Jam and Dreamworks Records). 9:00pm – Season Finale of Scandal. All TVs at RedZone will be on Kerry Washington and the of Sca ...
New Orleans singer August Alsina's music has been going viral since he was in his mid-teens. Now he's signed to Def Jam.
August Alsina is taking over Kempire Daily. Rightfully, the "Benediction" singer's new album is in stores today and Def Jam wants to ensure he does well.
John is an absolute riot, combining best Def Jam + Home Alone references of all time! via
Random thought: I want Honor Society Entertainment to be more like Rocafella records than Def Jam records.
Mike WiLL, Tavari$ High Type Beats and Gangsta Grillz, InTer$cope/Def Jam/ Tavarez Records your signed to them.
Def Jam records used to be such a cool record label until the East Coast/ West Coast thing 18 years ago, now I can't stand them. I love old school Hip Hop unwaveringly, but everything now is so unintelligent now and that's what it stems from.
Warren G really made a classic song, about him getting robbed and singlehandedly saved Def Jam records w/it
Island Def Jam is no more. Def Jam and Island Records are now separate entities
GOAT rap label: Def Jam in de late 80s, Loud Records in de mid 90s of Death Row in z'n heyday?
I can't get in contact with my A&R through Def Jam records . I need more industry connections
It just dawned on me that Snoop Dogg and Eminem are both over 40, while Dr. Dre is almost 50, while Ice T and Def Jam are both pushing 60... another 10 years or so, they should hold a reunion show. Snoop would be like "wave your walkers in the air, if y'all collecting Medicare!"
Island Def Jam group is a wrap. Def Jam, Motown, and Island are back to being STANDALONE labels. And who said this industry is dead???
Major label/executive reshuffle at Universal Music Group with Def Jam, Island and Motown Records all now functioning as standalone labels, and the awkward label mash up "Island Def Jam" thankfully resigned to scrapheap. Ethiopia Habtemariam is now President of Motown Records; Barry Weiss has stepped down; Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua and Dion “No I.D.” Wilson are executive vice presidents and co-heads of A&R at Def Jam ...
Barry Weiss has stepped down, Steve Bartels will lead Def Jam, Ethiopia will front Motown and David Massey will stay on at Island.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
30 poems/30 days our first meeting – which she may not recall for Sister Sonia 1 initially frostles it was good it was good the meeting the connection was good the giant speakers the giant speakers with their BOOM BAP A BOOM the giant speakers at DuSable were bad 2 she determined to battle against and for millions shot down myth with steady silencer she defined cool Amiri and Haki were aware nobility in her golden throat badass personified 3 speakers positioned to adorn museum landscape she and I confirmed eye contact Maxwell crooned loudly about rockin’ and cops knockin’ she with puzzled expression caught up with her cool – said “oh my goodness, who is that”? no words on my part – I smirked bright moments in open spaces 4 longevity poetically hopeful at best the ability to scribe thoughtful poems lost art post Def Jam illusion peers call her Queen poets call her Sister she flashes fire with revolution tested pen tiny woman, smell steps waiting for the other shoe to d r o p c. 2010 No Blank ...
Unless Steve took Mariah over to Def Jam.. She will be under David Massey & Karen Kwak.
John Mulaney wishes he were a Def Jam comic when "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" came out. Watch more John Mulaney: New In Town: ...
I know all things Bieber. Quiz me. Oh wait Ill just tell you everything there is to know! Birth date: March 1, 1994 Birth place: London, Ontario, Canada Birth name: Justin Drew Bieber Father: Jeremy Bieber Mother: Patricia Mallette Other Facts: Patty Mallette was a teenaged, single mother who worked low paying jobs to support the family before her son became a star. Began playing drums at age two or three. Taught himself to play guitar and piano as a child. Has dated fellow teen star Selena Gomez. Fans of Bieber refer to themselves as "Beliebers" and describe themselves as having "Bieber Fever." Has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, but has yet to win. Timeline: 2007-2008 - Bieber's mother begins posting videos of her son performing on YouTube. Record executive Scooter Braun sees the videos and flies Bieber and his mother to Atlanta and signs the teen to a contract. 2008 - Bieber auditions for singer Usher and is signed to a contract on Island/Def Jam records. May 2009 - Bieber releases his first sing ...
I started out as an intern for an upcoming marketing agency and went on to work with Def Jam's marketing department and expand my company.
Oveous a legend at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe,was on HBO Def Jam and has been a winner multiple times on Showtime at the Apollo
Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Jlo, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winphrey, Brittany Spears, Jenna Rare Now tell me what do we all have in common, my friend from Def Jam wasn't lying when he made a statement to me about females in the industry... I was hoping in wasn't true, but really am starting to believe it to be true Tell me what you think it is .
Win your way into an up close and personal dinner with Def Jam recording artist August Alsina! Win: To The Beat Live:
“You just have to pay attention to what people need and what has not been done.” —Russell Simmons, Def Jam founder
Russell Simmons co-founded his record label Def Jam in his dorm room in 1984. Now the third-richest figure in hip-hop, Simmons also heads clothing line Phat Farm and the television show Def Comedy Jam.
Today's lesson.Russell Simmons and Def Jam, started in a dorm room with 5k...sold for $100m. SMBU 135 Ownership and Operation of a Small Busines: Organizing and managing a successful small business enterprise. Emphasis on formulating a business plan, preparing financial statements, conducting marketing research, finding sources of financing, developing marketing and business strategies, and responding to legal and ethical issues.
Russell Simmons and Barry Weiss at the Def Jam 30th anniversary showcase
whenever you feel like you're losing faith in something you work hard for, or when your options seem to be running out, just remember - if Trinidad James can get signed to Def Jam, anything is possible.
Congrats to Brian Edgington for getting connected to a major Radio Placement & Music Industry Talk Show through Song Submit! The Radio & Industry Talk Show Brian was connected to is a well-connected music industry talk show hosting major guests such as A&R from Def Jam, A&R from Interscope Records, Death Row Records, Universal Records, BET TV, plus CEOs, Presidents, & Directors of @ MCA Records, EMI Records, A&M Records, Virgin, & Warner Bros, and more! Brian's music is now being considered for placements on radio, albums, tv, & various major recording collaborations due to this Song Submit connection. Brian your song "Rollin Around" really nailed it! "Rollin Around" features great pop drum programming mixed with strong urban melodies, catchy hooks, & powerful vocal performance. The song arrangement fits into a nice radio format - Great work! It's no wonder it caught the attention of Song Submit's Radio Placement Network. Brian, please share links to your latest music, videos, & other projects so more Rec ...
Had a chance to DJ for artist Red Storm of Def Jam for his set in Raleigh, NC tonight. Proud to see people doing big things, great show! Also, a big shout out to Tlis Brown and the Glam Squad for coming through and getting some footage for their new reality show.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Oran "Juice" Jones Oran "Juice" Jones (born March 28, 1957) is a retired American R&B singer. Jones was born in Houston, Texas and was raised in Harlem, New York City, New York. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1981. He was the second African-American Brigade Commander in Naval Academy history. He served his commitment as a sniper officer in the United States Marine Corps until 1986. He was the first musician signed to OBR Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam. He was also the first R&B artist on the Hip Hop record label. His song "The Rain" became a hit in 1986, peaking at on the Billboard Hot 100. The track reached in the UK Singles Chart in December that year. He followed it with "How to Love Again", a duet with labelmate Alyson Williams. Jones earned two Grammy nominations for "The Rain" and released two more albums, but failed to have significant follow-up success and left the music industry to tend to his terminally ill mother and raise his family. He helps his son Oran II, better kno ...
IHHP salutes T La Rock in celebration of Black History month. Clarence "Terry" Ronnie Keaton aka T La Rock born September 16. Everyone in the Hip Hop world knows the song "It's Your" a classic. But did you know that this was the first on Def Jam records just before it was on PartyTime Records. The Hip Hop division of Streetwise records. T La Rock was a DJ turned MC in the early 70's. Russell Simmons commented in a 1996 NY Times article "It's Yours" was Big, Big in the underground T(la Rock) started the trend and a new direction in Hip Hop. He used 40 letter words. He created a special poetry. LL Cool J was the second release on the label. He borrowed ideas and attitude from T. LL would agree" It can be said that "It's Yours" was a big enough hit that everyone wanted to sample it. These are a few examples; Public Enemy, Nas, Todd Terry, Beastie Boys, Mystikal and used in the Grand Theft Auto IV to name a few. T La Rock was able to sign a deal with Fresh/Sleeping Bag records. Releasing 2 albums 1. On A Warp ...
Mama loves me,Sr. left big brova deserted & went 2 sides 70,apt 3C...55 is da building that damned near made me.used 2 be chubby,snacking on swiss rolls..w/ a pack of starburst u already know...moms remarried after my twin kame...he did my moms dirty cheating play mad affected me more or less at age 11...then I moved 2 da northeast bronx foward the timeline,this face was 01 then met 01 & got a look.down the block from Def Jam,pitchin apple bag w/ grams.16 bars was Gabrielle Unidown Times Square in a pair of nike airs,2 be kontinue 'cause it gets krazy every year©
Also win a chance to sit down with a Roc Nation/Def Jam consultant when Ace Entertainment touchdown with the 4th annual Got Talent? Bring It ! Showcase March 7th
After signing a record deal with "Def Jam", Rihanna spent the next three months to complete his debut album "Music Of The Sun"
Performing in front of def jam today! I hope they ready
Artist: DMX Song: Angel ft Regina Bell I do not own the content of this video (Music, Lyrics, Pictures) all rights go to DMX, Def Jam Recordings, and Ruff Ry...
Lyor Cohen, formerly of Def Jam, Island Def Jam Recordings and the Warner Music Group and now Founder of the new venture, 300, is building a music content co...
Make sure to stay connected for new releases Rick Ross Nobody ft French Montana | GENEVA RELF | DEF JAM Exclusive New The new Rick R...
Check out this event on Island Def Jam
If she gets 100K likes,she will be signed to Def Jam.
WOW be careful what you ask for!! I have been praying that God open doors, I been praying for success and longevity. . In just two days time contacted by Andre Williams -a&r epic record's Rich dollars - manager/vp of his label Otha vakseen davis- a&r Def Jam/waner bros. nothing else I'm grateful and extremely humbled weird enough by all these people liking me! Decisions, decisions
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