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Def Jam

Def Jam Recordings is an American record label, focused primarily on hip hop and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group, and operates as a part of The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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Jay-Z took just as many vacations as Donald Trump when he was the President of Def Jam. Those times were great for Hip Hop.
When we were kids, Mason and I would go to Siaosi's and play Def Jam for hours after school, and occasionally jump on the tramp. Good times
Related: Song was so fire, Def Jam threw Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and Eve in the video as extras. Not cameos—extras.
First the fat boys break up and now is co-signing pretty boy def jam rappers!? 😤
can y'all bring def jam fight for New York out on PS4 🤔❓❓❓❓
Def Jam getting slandered and it's crazy, lmao.all facts though.
INTERVIEW: recalls signing to and eventually Def Jam. .
I wonder if the rappers in Def Jam vandetta ever got together at one of their houses and had a big *** PlayStation party 🤔
Label meetings in New York either with Atlantic, Def Jam, Or Roc…
Lowkey I'm taking Def jam icon or fight for New York
"Imma rip your tongue out and lick my as with it" -Crazy legs Def Jam fight for New York
2 years ago today . linked up with a Def Jam ... A&R .might be time for another trip. *hint hint*
Can we bring back def jam poetry? Like, I literally sit and watch reruns all the time 😭
I just got asked to write a Press release for a Def Jam artist I ain't graduate yet
Canibus got him, but the Def Jam machine had LL's back.
We need a def jam fight for ny remastered
They need to make a Def Jam Vendetta for PS4.
Imma watch some def jam poetry tonight
I def wanna go to the taste but I work summer jam weekend
All the def jam and nas A&r gone do is get chris brown on hook or jeremih
They need to drop a new def jam fight for New York I wanna see who win in a fight between Drake and Lil Uzi
Thanks def jam for saying hbd... but sign a *** lmao 😂
Check out Gamecube games lot Day of Reckoning Def Jam Vendetta X-Men Legends Manuals via
Titus vs kalisto looks like you're going against the last boss on Def Jam Fight From NY
Def Jam ain't know how to work Big K.r.i.t
Man when they gonna bring back Def Jam for Xbox and PS4?
disses Republic Records, Def Jam, Shady Music & Pop Crave all at once in 'Rest In Pieces' defending…
I get a list of major artists to work with . shh like Def Jam Vendetta in real life lmao lol
Out with the team laying this last minute promo work up. NEXT TUES IM BRINGING THAT RAW DEF JAM. ISH OUT!!
I liked a video Iggy Azalea is Frustrated that Def Jam Keeps Pushing her Album Back.
L.A. Reid really did have Def Jam lookin like Island Def Jam in them later years
BTS signed with Def Jam records which is under UMG(Universal Music Group) for the…
BTS is associated with Def Jam which is under Universal Music Group. However Def Jam applies only to Japanese ver & not Korean.
.195: Bill Stephney - Meet the man who brought the radio and Public Enemy to Def Jam
As comparisons to Beyonce began to hurt Christina Milian's sales, Def Jam had to find a replacement...and fast.
I have decided to include one of the songs from my upcoming album 'Digital Distortion' on the new Def Jam ta…
Hi, every body, my name is Emma Rockefeller Ashley. I work for Russell Simmons , in in Island of Def Jam records group
How close were the Boston connection at Tommy Boy with Def Jam? So... yunno the first Def Jam 12"? Jazzy Jay & T La Rock's "It's Yours"?
Rewatching old Def Jam poetry videos on YouTube. Shihan was my fave.
Before inked a deal with Def Jam, he played AAU ball with KD & earned a D-I scholarship:
RCA has had a pretty bad reputation lately she should sign with Roc Nation, Def Jam or Interscope tbh.
word is Lyor Cohen blackballed AZ for not signing to Def Jam in 1995 smh
The WBallz was on other albums like Dogg Food and others. Rick hosted Def Jam after Martin and did movies but He DJ E Z *** to me RIP
I liked a video from Def Jam: Fight for NY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - (Let's Play -
Frank Ocean opens up about leaving Def Jam, says skipping Grammys will be his "Kaepernick moment"
Frank Ocean speaks in rare interview about leaving Def Jam, Grammy's boycott & more
Lmao in an alternate universe they dropped one group album under Roc/Murder Inc/Ruff Ryders/Def Jam then broke up
Watching cook Tha Dogg Pound's "New York New York" instrumental is proof why he deserved the Def Jam deal: https:/…
The Technical Difficulty crew reach D-Mob's "Dragon House" tonight on the latest Def Jam. Can you guess how many...
i'm live on watch me play Def Jam: Figh…
Def Jam fight for NY remaster for PS4?🤔🤔
I've been playing Def Jam fight for New York all morning
video games guys video games. Def Jam fight for New York is the best.remake. remaster. rerelease. Anything
who cares it's not def jam. Def Jam fight for ny ps2 classic or remake? Def Jam fight for ny remastered?
My girl never heard of Def Jam: Fight for New York or any of those games. *wipes dust off Xbox* oh the fun we're about to endure.
I wish Def Jam had made another game fight for New York want to play it 4 PS4
They gotta make another Def Jam like, those games were so much fun growing up, fight for NY was my fav!
I'm bout to go buy Midnight Club 3 Dub edition & Def Jam fight for NY again. I need my childhood back.
Bro y'all remember Def Jam fight 💀💀 they need to come out with another game like that that *** was fun
I added a video to a playlist Def Jam: Fight For NY Part 1
they need to remaster Def Jam: Fight for NY
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"How y'all remember Def Jam: Fight for NY, but forget Def Jam: Vendetta? I have to side eye some of you so called gamers..."
Shihan was my favorite poet from Def Jam poetry :(
Dave East signed to Def Jam and now has Karen Civil representing him? He's bouta blow up overnight
I did an entire report on Def Jam in middle school and how Russel Simmons founded it etc
Congrats to Dave East on signing to Def Jam
From Roc-a-fella to Def Jam to Live Nation to Roc Nation to Brooklyn Net ownership to Roc Nation Sports To Samsung then Tidal
YouTube has hired its first “Global Head of Music”: Lyor Cohen, a powerhouse music exec who ran Def Jam and Warner Music Group before…
YouTube hires Lyor Cohen - Def Jam, Warner Music vet. Presumably b/c Apple has Jimmy and Dr. Dre, and Spotify has Troy Carter.
(hypebot) Former top Def Jam and Warner Music Group executive Lyor Cohen has been named the Global Head Of Mu...
S/O to Def Jam music, Maybach Music, and Ricky Ross thank y'all so much fa da likes. Peace to ya.
Teyana Taylor such a star. SMH. Look like Good Music waking up but Def Jam sleep on her.
Frank Ocean really got the finesse of the year getting out of his Def Jam deal with Endless. Universal Music Group gotta be…
Frank Ocean is kinda right to stiff Def Jam. They had him sitting on the shelve for mad long til OF popped, lol...
Sure, we had Def Jam making music which was owned by Russell Simmons, but we also had Frank Lucas flooding our streets with heroin too.
The first thing Logic did once he got his advance from Def Jam was go to Taco Bell
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I need to watch the box set of Def Jam comedy all over again
The videos of Kanye on Def Jam poetry are gold
Deeper than Def Jam poetry big fella
SIKE don't make me wreck you like how I did in Def jam
Walk inside Def Jam. Stand on the president's table and dap him up with the left hand, cuz I'm counting money with the right
can you please put urban reign on the ps2 on ps4 program and where is def jam fight for New York at
KD signing to the Warriors reminds me Nas signing to Def Jam when Jay Z was president.
Def Jam: Fight For NY. The most useless fighting game by EA. Features to love:. -Heath that regenerates for the...
A reboot of Space Jam that Leo will win his 2nd Oscar for where Sean Bean dies in the first 5 minutes and sparks a revo…
BET is running a good series "Inside the label" on the rise of uptown, def jam etc. if you have DSTV catchup its on there.
After hearing songs at a club, was so impressed, he put his album on hold & made sure Def Jam put good mone…
I hope my nephew brings Def Jam Fight For NY, I wanna bring out my original Xbox and play it. Miss that game so much
Def Jam Recordings new tracks by soundCloud
hey Max what happened EA Sports Big cause there are classic games we want to see come back Def Jam NY & NBA street Volume 2
I could've signed with Def Jam but I said nah that'd be selling out more than Husker Football attendance.
Update your maps at Navteq
Starting this thread coz it's so hard to spazz in words so I'll use gifs instead. LOL. FYI is def my jam TT
Def jam late 90s early 2000s was crazy too
got the 📻 on 🔥🔥. Hot 97 July All Mix Weekend presented by Grace Food & Def Jam…
I added a video to a playlist Gerald Kelly On Def Comedy Jam
Everything we know about Frank Ocean's long-awaited sophomore album
she's still signed to Def Jam and is in negotiations with Universal/Island but interesting
Def Jam have put more and continue to put more into Leona's career than Island/Syco combined
Fans wondering: yes Leona is 100% signed with Def Jam. Island was a mess behind the scenes, more details soon
Def Jam was like 😂😂 this game was g.o.a.t back in the day
'Def Jam: Fight for New York' was Definitely the Best Rap Video Game Ever in Life
.talks how he got his first internship with Def Jam while still in High School.
Dawn of Def Jam: Rick Rubin Returns to His NYU Dorm Room - Videos - via
so the james from maiden and QCB co-headlining def comedy jam tour is cancelled?
That tape was great because it had mad def jam artist performing
"All we did was play Def Jam and have pillow fights"
when his son fell asleep he started BLASTING def jam comedy and these lame *** explicit *** music video downloads. SHAAAME.
okay that one is def more catchy but this one kinda my jam. But i expected there to be a threesome type of thing
*** luv kanye so much LMAO like chill u wasn't watching that def jam poetry
grew on me. has Def made it's way into my every day jam. But, I can't wait to see the content ahead of him...
If they brought back Def Jam and Celebrity Death Match on new game systems, *** wouldn't leave the house.
Played his songs with my character in def jam fight for New York
Def Jam wanted to drop Kanye before College Dropout was released because "Through The Wire" hadn't taken off as a single…
he should, but, we have no idea how long that contract is. Def Jam doesnt put near enough cash behind him
Def Jam is big enough to clear what they want. My issue is content, he goes from vintage Pimp C to older Common back 2 back
I am so happy Aug left Def Jam getting back to what he loves what he does best I love him so much happy he got new management he deserve it
.started as an unpaid intern & ended up being the president of Def Jam. Q&A at 2:30ET http…
Kanye need to stop worrying about making skirts and try buy his masters from Def Jam and WB
Nas should have signed with Def Jam. Bumass Russell Simmons passed on him cause he sounded like Kool G Rap and G Rap dont sell records
4 mil from Def Jam and I ain't sell a record for em." - Killa Cam
Did u signed with Atlantic or Def Jam or u still independent?
My next boyfriend will have to handle my lengthy jam sessions to def leppard
From L.A Reid jacking Tony Braxton . To Lyor Cohen sued for 100M for def jam video game fraud and other cases
excellent seats sir. Reminds me of when Def Jam gave me backstage passes to interview Ne-Yo and seats front row on that side.
Become an Ambassador for Def Jam Influencers. Click here to sign up 😍😍
Tom Thibodeau walking into the timberwolves building like Dame vs. Def Jam.
2o'clock himself I just knew he was going to blow up messing around with def jam
Listen to Excuse Me Miss by JAY Z on Can I take you out tonight?
Def Jam is millions in the hole, Epic might be a better look lol
If Andrew Dice Clay was on Def Comedy Jam, then that show would be way too impossible for the government to stop.
Descargar Def jam fight for ny the takeover para PPSSPP ANDROID/PC 2016
Don Pooh already said, Def Jam went the more commercial route while Un and Big went more underground
Yung Trap to def jam thats amazing !
What's the main difference from your approach with 300 as opposed to def Jam?
Aww! So Young Trap signed with Def Jam. that's what's up, man!
Kanye West is under Roc-a-fella Records and Def Jam. That's the link you're looking for.
Happy Birthday to R&B singer Alyson Williams!. Alyson Williams was the first R&B female singer signed to Def Jam...
Spotify teams with Tim Robbins and Def Jam for film series - by
CEO has assisted talent / brands associated with Universal Music Group, MMG, Def Jam, YMCMB and more:
Wendy Williams out here wearing size 15 Def Jam: Fight for NY Timbs
My very first internship at Universal Music Group/Def Jam.
as Irv Gotti put it . " he basically saves and resurrects a company called Def Jam"
.Sadly, Arista Records doesn't exist anymore. Sad that I know this, but Bieber is with Island/Def Jam.
Island def no longer doing business as island Def Jam...󾁇󾁇 do your homework lol
2nightOn 9-11pmEst Talks about Def poetry Jam and more
can you reboot the Def Jam Vendetta fight game?
Def jam fight for New York was the best game in childhood
picked up my first Def Jam LP last week 😦
A&Rs from Interscope, Grand Hustle, Def Jam & Bricksquad are ready to listen to you!
I liked a video from Logic talks signing to Def Jam, meeting Nas & becoming the best in
Couple of nights back I got off the phone with Def Jam...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I know. I just don't feel like doin it over. I was tryna get Rashids normal Def Jam colors LOL i was at like level 22
lol yall already know ash aint w the fibbs. That def jam fight for ny is killoff
very under appreciated...Def Jam markets him horribly
Why can't they have a def jam fighting game again
20 years ago Foxy Brown WROTE this classic verse in D&D Studios which led to Jay Z getting signed to Def Jam.
Def jam icon is literally the worst game i have ever played
All this rap beef and drama where's a def jam fight game when you need it
next drink champs you should ask LL Cool J why he turned down being president of Def Jam and allowed Jay-Z to get it ?
I added a video to a playlist Trinidad James - Def Jam
*** seen Joe Budden and said "We used to fight with you on Def Jam fight for NY" Im crien
doing that as we speak. Well I'm watching def poetry jam but it's serving the same purpose
He looked like my created player from Def Jam: Fight for NY..
I wish they brought back Def Jam Poetry
For the uninformed, "It's Yours" by T La Rock was released via Jazzy Jay & Rick Rubin on Def Jam via Partytime, a sub label of Streetwise...
Pusha T said that like he isn't signed to GOOD music whose signed to Kanye West whose signed to Def Jam whose owned by Universa…
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Its going down at The Heritage Lounge West Orange, NJ 105.1, Def Jam in the house
N.O.R.E. found a photo to prove that Michael Jordan attended a Def Jam party back in 2002: http…
I want to dress like Russel Simmons from the Def Jam days
Blavity talks performance poetry, going viral and HBO Def Jam with Button Poetry
Hi! I have a small droplet of good news, Def Jam has decided to move my single date FORWARD (only a few days but…
.spoke with us about what it was like making his latest hit "Oui"
"You just have to pay attention to what people need and what has not been done." - Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam
hoodclips's video Obama kicked the door down to Def Jam 😂
Gonna spend my morning watching Def Poetry Jam. I got every season and it's lit
Def Jam's new ghostwriter he also does his own music! Check New single Hungry
DMX is arguably the only rapper that really had a time locked down without competition. He held Def Jam down in an era of…
can you get the rights to release Jam Vendetta 2 on Xbox One and Ps4 as store download. That game was the best on Ps2. :)
I won't even lie. Def Jam: Fight for NY put me on to this whole rap environment. That game is GOAT
Just played: Welcome to the Terrordome - Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet(Def Jam)
World's Industry Workshop | Former VP Def Jam teaches artists how to network with executives.more @
You will most def catch me bumping to -Something New that's my jam TBH 🔥🔥
i'm highkey tryna play Def Jam FFNY,I'll give anybody the works in that game
Tell Def Jam if they don't cut the check, I'll send Chris to go cut their neck. 💯
I'm about to do a thread of my favorite Def Poetry Jam performances.
D'banj's foreign deal was actually with Def Jam Recordings, not GOOD Music. Source: D'banj's interview with Ebony Magaz…
needs to put def jam fight for New York & nba street vol 2 on the network please
Yes we do, when she was a new signed def jam act slaying the stage as a teenager and ur fave was happy watching her.
Kanye West performing '18 Years' on Def Poetry Jam. Part of the poem later on ended up on Gold Digger.
Dana Gilmore - Wife, Woman, Friend on Def Jam Poetry I am edgeless. she just spoke my life story
Meet Bibi Bourelly. The new Def Jam signee co-wrote Rihanna's 💸 and that's just the beginning. See more live…
Ryan promises to write Def Jam poetry about anyone who donates to our Patreon!
I guess it was Wayne not Ludacris that got not one but two Playaz Circle albums released via Def Jam
People forget Def Jam started in a college dorm with the unity of a black man and white man. Hip-Hop is for everybody.
In 2008, Bieber was signed by Usher to a contract on Island/Def Jam records.
It's 2016. Juelz Santana is still signed to Def Jam. He hasn't dropped an album in almost 11 years.
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lrt Luda had pretty big hands in the Def Jam games. not Mega Man huge, but more like Joe Mad huge
Bro he been signed for a min G! He has Distrubution deals with Atlantic, cash money, asylum, 300, Def jam &brick sq
MMG,SONY,DEF JAM,UNIVERSAL..They trust our sound! Be the next!
Def Jam Fight for New York it would be so awesome
They should bring back def comedy jam
Rendering next Def Jam Vendetta episode and I gotta say Iceberg is the most difficult enemy I fought yet. Had to rage quit a few times. lol
@ networking event and on my "ask me about" sticker i put DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NY
I liked a video from DUDE CUFFED MY *** CHEEKS DURING A FIGHT! - Def Jam: Fight for NY
I don't cry lol... but the jam is Lit def
Cam'ron claims Karen Civil stole $60,000 from Duke Da God and shares a phone call the two of them recently had.
When will Def Jam stop snubbing my innocent bunny
When they hit you up from def jam asking about a project I worked on. But I forgot I did, and I have to go on YouTube to remember...
"According to Def Jam Recordings, "Company" officially goes for airplay at pop and rhythmic radio March 7."
EVERYONE did that. That's how Irv Gotti got Cash Money Click on The Box where Lyor Cohen saw Ja Rule @ Def Jam
Today in 2003 Feds raid Murder Inc offices. Irv Gotti brought them DMX & Ja Rule but now Def Jam keeps its distance https…
Everybody go check this man out! He just signed with Def Jam records! My man is doing big things!
Gimme a piece of a team to work with and I'm bringing HIT records! I feel Irv Gotti in '96 when he brought JayZ, DMX, and Ja Rule to Def Jam
Our goal is to be to hip hop what Def Jam was in the 80s and 90s...great music,no compromise. Digital Heat Records...Stay tuned...
at my time2grind showcase part 3 with my powerhouse judges Def Jam records x Rca 💪
Domantay Sports & Entertainment Agency is accepting bookings for Def Jam and Universal Distributed Artist
I can say that Pablo's production is impeccable, but the lyrics are lazy. where's the Def Jam poetry Kanye West ..
Rick Rubin the co-founder of Def Jam with Russel Simmons is a JEW. Crazy!
can we get Def Jam Rapstar, Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam: Fight For New York as exclusives.
I want to listen to hip hop and watch old Def Jam and HBO comedy specials instead of talk to you about feelings. Cuz I don't have those.
is Vince Staples the only artist on Def Jam? You guys give him way too much airtime. ***
Thank you for your cooperation and vice versa.
Def comedy jam Allstars, cant remember whose set it was but he said "you now be the *** who ate *** 😕😐😂
Guess who has a meeting with Def Jam Records in NYC on March 30th.. Yea, J.Lerch does .
Want to call the Vice President of Def Jam ? Well now you can, go to for more info! Spots selling fast!
Get Your Music Reviewed by DEF JAM Vice President, Thomas Lytle! Go to and sign up NOW! Major event coming!
Not even Kanye's label bosses at Def Jam can control him 😮
Pre-order an autographed album from my store… up at Def Jam signing stuff today!
Kanye West is in full-on “[I’m] the greatest artist of all time” mode, and not even his label bosses at Def Jam can
Kid X is most likely the most fluent rapper in S.A. 88 King is a record worthy of landing him a def jam deal
Thx my buddy president of Def Jam Universal to…
feelin like def jam from the 80s live from Varick st cc
Def Jam is dizzy wrights kind of place
I don't think he understands though how hard it was to beat Ghostface in Def Jam Vendetta for PS2
Def Jam and Universal Music can eat a *** for snatchin down my link. Keep the party going tho …
What we gotta do to get a new Def Jam Vendetta game for PS4 XboxOne?
The last fri of the month is def my fav!! Fri Jam kicking off
Vote for me to perform at 2 Exec Artist Experience NYC Edition 3/20/16 - Def Jam!
Foxy Brown released her 2nd album Chyna Doll on Violator / Def Jam. Led by…
Ed Boon, NetherRealm studios, Def Jam Recordings, Warner Bros: A new Def Jam video game put in develo...
Def Jam biopic would be the most boring typical rap corruption story. We know bout the white dude and Uncle Russ.
I can watch Def Jam poetry all day 😩
Def Jam poetry was honestly one of the best things ever made
Chris Rock and Bernie Mac got the most legendary Def Jam performances ever
non of those whack *** records deserves him! deserves 2 b signed by Def Jam, Cash money records or Maybach music!
Especially if you are a black male. Look what they did to Shakir Stewart, former African American Vice President of Def Jam
My NYE was sick... dude I got laughs from Marva Hicks and Alyson Williams (1st Lady of Def Jam). Scooted around...
Def Jam poetry was and still is dope
Fat Joe in Def Jam fight for New York. it was a wrap after the crack attack.
My tour starts June of 2015 in London, England... With special guests from Interscope, Def Jam, Cash Money and G.O.O.D M…
First August Alsina now Jeremih? *** it ain't lookin too good for Def Jam...
The only person Def Jam promoted well recently is Justin Bieber, who randomly switched to Def Jam from Island.
this *** wants to be Sticky Fingaz from Def Jam fight for NY so bad
. Kanye West bittersweet on Def Jam poetry
I remember when we stayed up till like 3 in the morning binge watching old Def Jam poetry videos 😌
Join Project Runway finalists, Def Jam poetry winners, Tribeca chefs, to help end legacy of war in Laos.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
One of the best Def Jam poetry videos
This is literally one of my favorite Def Jam poetry performances
Shian was my favorite poet on Def Jam poetry, very big inspiration on my pieces
One of my first exposures to Def Jam poetry. shihan was 🔥🔥🔥
South Central Cartel of Def Jam describes their Style on Rap City
Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin & James Todd Smith is what it should say when you look up the Founders of Def Jam.
Felt like I was in Def Jam fight for New York when I went to the republik lol
Tim Duncan dresses like a created player in Def Jam: Fight for NY before you unlock better clothes.
Nah they gotta make a new Def Jam fight game with Lil Durk and Lil Reese in it
Where can I get Def Jam fight for NY on xbox
When can i expect a Def Jam fight for NY remake or remastered version at least.
Def Jam: Fight for NY banged on the PSP.
When you're lonely and bored so you watch old Def Jam poetry and eat Chinese.
Outside of Jay Electronica only rapper today that I stan for is Big Krit. . I seriously believe he needs to leave Def Jam.
Today in 2010, after Def Jam told that they won't release Lost Tapes 2 he dropped this letter.
since "E=MC²" all the wrong singles were chosen. Island and Def Jam made a terrible job. Except for and
Roc Nation serves as a distributor? According to Billboard's article in May 2014 it was still Def Jam's job. So she finally left them?
Def Jam record made Public Enemy put Professor Griff out the group for speaking against Jews
I liked a video Scarface talks being on the road w/ Tupac, Best days at Def Jam + Gives Tiger Woods
My thoughts on playing me in a Def Jam movie…
Def Jam biopic with Russell Simmons played by Michael B Jordan and Rick Rubin played by Jonah Hill?
Russell Simmons reacts to the possibility of Michael B. Jordan playing him in Def Jam biopic http:/…
If I'm making the Def Jam movie, Rick and Russell's relationship is the story I'm telling. And the emergence of Lyor Cohen.
I'd rather see the story of Rick and Russell. Late 90s/2000s Def Jam was more of a corporate star factory.
annointing someone as the Golden Calf referring to Brandon Lee with 64-bit Def Jam
Rawkus Records, Loud Records & Roc-A-Fella my favorite 3 record labels of all time. Def Jam goes unsaid due to distribution..
Urban Threshold PR took emcee and songwriter B Doe up to Island/Def Jam to meet with the manager of A&R to shop...
BTW: That Suzy Chaffee workout was co-written with Bill Adler. No, not Def Jam's Bill Adler.
Thought about puttin in Def Jam but I decided that's enough I better go to bed. then I saw my 360...think I'm finna get on Dead Island now.
Def Jam and Island Records have invested a lot of money into Bieber. That song with Jack U really revitalized him.
Def Jam: If you just look at your contract you'll see that you still owe us another album. Frank Ocean: .
High quality original beats at . Buy1Get3Free on all Leases l Credits: MTV, Def Jam
Check out my interview with Def Jam Recordings artist Vince Staples & don't forget Def Jam rep Big Heff will be...
You act like your Malcolm X line was worthy of headlining Def Jam comedy
History is written by the victors. Bill Adler wrote Def Jam into history. He got Russell & Rick in those publications & in front of cameras.
Thanks to Bill Adler's promotion, pushing for articles & making sure every Def Jam win was accounted for they moved into the forefront...
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