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Deep Throat

Deep Throat is the pseudonym given to the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of United States President Richard Nixon's administration in what came to be known as the Watergate scandal.

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Mark Felt’ Deep Throat biopic disproves this one Watergate scandal myth -
Mark Felt,” the Movie, and Donald Trump, the President "Deep Throat", ya'll.
Liam Neeson and Deep Throat. No, it's not what you think (or maybe it is). My review of "Mark Felt":
See new photos of Liam Neeson as Deep Throat in 'Mark Felt' biopic
Flawed movie but Neeson is strong Review: In ‘Mark Felt,’ Liam Neeson Is the Man Known as Deep Throat
Deep Throat's wife killed herself with his FBI revolver, 'Mark Felt' director Peter Landesman tells me.
Deep Throat was a Patriot... Audie Murphy was a Patriot ... bannon and arpaio are not !!!
I hope in the new Lucille Ball movie, they have the scene where she and Sammy Davis Jr see Deep Throat together.
"...the truth is, these aren't very bright guys, and things got out of hand." ~Deep Throat (Mark Felt), about Wate…
Mum just called Neck Deep, Deep Neck then Deep Throat and thought she was banter 🙃🙃🙃
Seth Rich is Deep Throat. Donna Brazile and Romin Noodle Hair are the Plumbers. That makes…
Exactly. Deep Throat turned out to be an Associ…
14/14 I'll end with little fun fact. Mark Felt (a.k.a. Deep Throat), and I both graduated from the University of Idaho. ✌
Roger Stone the equivalent of Watergate's Martha Mitchell and Deep Throat combined.a canary will seem bashful ...
Roger Stone to be the Martha Mitchell/Deep Throat figure in the Trump-Russia links?? His Nixon tattoo is the giveaway...
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Stone thinks that Gen. Haig was deep throat. What are your thoughts on that sir?
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To quote Deep Throat, once again: These are not very bright guys.
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maybe Trump's administration actually has a 'deep throat' ..America has a right to know what is behind Trump tactics.
Did "Deep Throat" violate the law for handling classified material? Would a special prosecutor be able to strip classified restrictions?
Currently resisting the temptation to come up with a stream of Watergate/Trump/Deep Throat gags.
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I am currently watching "All the President's Men". Woodward just asked Deep Throat about r…
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It seems like lots of people in government want to be the next Deep Throat, but what we really need right now is the next John Dean.
Barry is worse than Nixon! Who will be deep throat. Who will be his scapegoat.Barry is part of JV team and Muslim. Beware
DEEP THROAT: "He was HYSTERICAL, ranting & RAVING like a MANIAC, he was COUNTING on SESSIONS to whitewash the Russia TREASON inquiry"
i'd grab her by the throat but I wouldn't choke her, just kiss her so deep she will forget who's air she is breathing
Who is going to be the first Trump Tower insider to flip and be the next Deep Throat? I'm betting on Carter Page.
.. as Deep Throat said .. 'follow the money' .. trail will lead to the WH and Oval Office, plus lots of…
This isn't a Deep Throat solo. This is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and they are just warming up. "President Pence"?
yes Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter beat Stephen Miller in a high school election thanks to my Deep Throat for the link http…
Julian Assange: “Under the Obama administration, Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein would have been prosecuted”
E.g., Deep Throat turned out to be disgruntled FBI official. Does that negate content, make Woodward & Bernstein arm of FBI?
even in counter culture the FBI has a stalwart reputation. Deep Throat, the X Files, Agent Dale Cooper
Is this like "Deep Throat" all over again? Tricky Dicky, pick up the red phone ...
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Porky is getting you confused with a football agent from the 80's and Mike Graham has recalled a Jon Holmes in Deep Throat 😂
Piercing the fog of de Blasio's cover-ups. But who is Deep Throat? .
25 years ago this month: Authors of this book said Deep Throat was Al Haig
Brian Pagliano is Deep Throat. When is the Saturday Night Massacre starting? Cherly Mills will be first to go.
Deep Throat did serve the public interest by providing the guidance and inf...
What did Mark Felt remember about being Deep Throat? Absolutely nothing. Bob Woodward planted that seed. http:/…
Do you ever wonder why *** "Deep Throat" Cheney gave Bob Woodward, of all people, White House access after 9/11? Think ab…
Bob Woodward's Deep Throat was a fictional character, not a composite character.
"Deep Throat really suits you". discusses the language of cosmetic advertising htt…
When Stockard Channing played "Rizzo" in "Grease" she was 33. The male star of "Deep Throat" was cast to play the coach. Paramount said no.
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Deep Throat was a very unfortunate name given to the source by the managing…
Deep Throat: Follow the $$. [Car screech. Woodward looks, turns back—Deep Throat is gone]. Woodward: DT I know you're here somewhere!. DT: 👞👞👞
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It was very important for Bob Woodward to convince Mark Felt that he was Deep Throat before *** "Deep Throat" Cheney beca…
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Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat. Also, the best episodes by a mile are the Darren Morgan and Vince Gilligan episodes in seasons 2-4
When *** "Deep Throat" Cheney got caught sabotaging Valerie Plame's CIA operation, Bob Woodward came to his rescue.
Hmmm, I believe Deep Throat died. How about Anthony Hopkins or Jack Nicholson as The Joker.
Deep Throat: A regular column on the essential buzz
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Bob Woodward and *** Cheney both attended Yale in 1962. This is key to understanding the Deep Throat ruse.
This is how Bob Woodward introduces *** "Deep Throat" Cheney in All the President's Men.
This is how Bob Woodward combined Mark "my friend" Felt and *** "Deep Throat" Cheney into one source:
Bob Woodward's codename for Mark Felt was "my friend" (MF = my friend). His codename for *** Cheney was Deep Throat.
They need a smoking gun to link the PM, an email or Deep Throat as proof, which will not be found.
In ye olde days,reporters always tried to double-source tip stories (though Deep Throat was exception).seemed to run with just 1
Today's episode, Deep Throat, is an Essential Episode according to Chris Carter:
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Bob Woodward says Deep Throat said Howard Hunt was definitely involved in Watergate. Mark Felt refused to say that. http:/…
*** "Deep Throat" Cheney, not Mark "my friend" Felt, is the one who confirmed to Bob Woodward that Howard Hunt was involv…
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monica lewinsky jokes are my favorite but anyway im back and i love you. What is Lewinsky's code name in the FBI? . Deep Throat
Tbt to correcting to my 10th grade social studies teacher that the Watergate Deep Throat was named after the film Deep Throat not vice-versa
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Mark Felt was never Bob Woodward's smoking, drinking friend from before That's *** "Deep Throat" Cheney.
In fact, Mark Felt quit smoking in 1943, three decades before *** "Deep Throat" Cheney was a heavy smoker unt…
In 1999, Bob Woodward convinced Mark Felt to assume the role of Deep Throat, opening the door for *** Cheney to run for v…
Americans have trouble seeing through the Deep Throat ruse because they see Bob Woodward and Mark Felt as heroes. They're …
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Mulder: "It's not stopping the rest of these people.". (Deep Throat)
All the President's Men asks if Deep Throat is "at the level of Assistant to the President." *** Cheney was Deputy Assist…
Deep Throat exhaled smoke heavily, in the darkness of the car park, "If you want to know who Eric Hoteham is, find Richard Windsor."
Mark Felt retired from the FBI before even played out. *** "Deep Throat" Cheney became President Gerald Ford's…
I figure if Jackie O and David Frost could watch Deep Throat, it's ok for my lovely bride and me to watch . Just bought tickets
Bob Woodward fabricated the Deep Throat character to protect Alexander Haig. Lynne Cheney wrote about it in EXECUTIVE PRIV…
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Chapter 1 Brianna   I checked my watch again and wondered what was keepingVince. He was twenty minutes late and I was starting to get antsy. It wasn’toften that I had the chance to meet with him, so I wondered why he hadn’t madeit on time. “Okay, Vince,” I said, peering at the clock, “we have forty minutesleft. I have to be home on time today.” I stood and went over to my window and undid my jacket. Eventhough I couldn’t make out the faces of the men on the street walking by mybuilding, I peered out in hopes I’d catch a glimpse of him walking in. “Calmdown, Bre,” I said to myself. “You’re not *** deprived.” I laughed. I wasn’taching for sex, because I had it on a regular with Vic, Vince’s youngerbrother. But he wasn’t Vince, and he didn’t come close to putting it on me theway Vince put it on me. I was hot and ready for Vince to do my body right. Yes, I was caught up on another man. Yes, that other man wasmy man’s brother, but from the moment I met him, I wanted him. I ...
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2 mint, signed copies of X-Files Comics. "Deep Throat" from season 1 is signed by Roy Thomas, American Comic Book Writer & Editor. Roy was Stan Lees's first successor as Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics. "After light" is signed by Stefan Petrucha & Jill Thompson, both comic book writers and both writers of this issue. Offers
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Mr President, John Dean said you all knew immediately who Deep Throat was
CDC = Center for Dubious Coincidences. If Dr Thompson is our Deep Throat where are Woodward and Berns…
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In Smithfield, VA we couldn't be more happy to share this update for all of our fans. I'm POSITIVE that everyone remembers our sweet Bernard that came to the center with Wilbur, Waylon and Orville. Well, here is an update with pictures from his mom. We are so happy for this fella!! Well, I finally have a few minutes to give an update on Bernard. He has been with us for maybe 7 weeks or so now. He has made much progress, loves his big yard, can be easily persuaded to come in to the house and is calm and happy. He starts his heart-worm procedure in a week or so and perhaps after that is over we can start training him to be less feral. He allows me to rub and pet him in the "caves" as we call his crates but will not come or be near us elsewhere. We do see him follow at close range now and soon his trust will grow and fear will no longer be a motive, but love will evolve and envelope us all. At times, we close off his crate and make him be in the house and now he can rest and even lay down for a bit. Slowly w ...
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Who in Washington is going to be blamed in the Future for losing Colombia to Terrorist Communists ??
Wall Street Journal : Mary Anasta O'Grady : "No wonder many Colombians remain unconvinced that the country can rid itself of
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FBI Associate Director Mark Felt was never a smoking, drinking, White House aide. That was *** "Deep Throat" Cheney.
It's no coincidence that Bob Woodward's Deep Throat descriptions fit fellow Yalie *** Cheney better than they fit Mark Felt.
Thank you to North Korea for transforming The Interview... what was once a goofy stoner comedy is now the next Deep Throat.
One of Alexander Haig's unlikely allies during was Donald Rumsfeld, who arranged for *** Cheney to play the role of Deep Throat.
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Delivery Boy falls victim( Sex parade ) Final Episode *FINAL EPISODE* We got back home that midnight because we insisted on returning home despite the pressure of the police on us to stay the night at the station, we left and promised to return anytime we are needed for interrogation. On getting home, I entered my room to have my first shower since saturday morning as adenike was inside the kitchen preparing noodles and egg for us to eat. After the shower, I wore only my boxers and came back to the room. Moments later, the noodles was ready and we ate, I asked adenike again to tell me how to police got involved in the matter. She told me to be patient, she stood up from the bed after finishing the meal. The time was 2:33am, she entered into the bathroom to have her bath. I was sitting on my bed trying to catch a glimpse of my room, it seems I had been away for months. Adenike came out of the bathroom Unclad from head to toes and came closer to me on the bed, my *** signalled instantly on sight of those g ...
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Check out the final part of the Deep Throat Divas saga by Ruthless.…
Because Bob Woodward convinced us that Deep Throat was careful not to be seen, it was much easier to convince us that he existed.
Think about it: Had Mark Felt been Deep Throat, living undetected, would Bob Woodward have shown up at his front door in 1999?
In 1999, Bob Woodward suddenly asked Mark Felt to assume the Deep Throat role, allowing *** Cheney to run for vice president.
Hi Larry. If you take a cursory look at Bob Woodward's Deep Throat clues, you notice that he's not describing Mark Felt...
In a successful effort to protect Alexander Haig, Bob Woodward used *** Cheney as the basis for his Deep Throat character.
Bob Woodward invented the Deep Throat character to protect Alexander Haig. Mark Felt had no recollection of being Deep Throat.
Deep Throat's information, and in my view, courage, allowed the newspaper to use what he knew and suspected. -Bob Woodward. ,0
For agreeing to play the role of Deep Throat, Richard Cheney became Assistant to the President, and then Chief of Staff.
Incidentally, TV anchor Diane Sawyer was Nixon's chief of staff at one time. Some people thought she was Deep Throat.
When Ben Bradlee supposedly asked Bob Woodward if Deep Throat was at the level of Assistant to the President, he supposedly didn't know...
If they make a Metal Gear Solid movie, I wonder if "Deep Throat" will be in it...
Asking a comic to give you a booker's email is like asking Bob Woodward for Deep Throat's home address.
CITIZENFOUR *** 1/2 out of * NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL What if someone made a behind-the-scenes documentary film while Woodward and Bernstein were breaking Watergate? What if Deep Throat went on camera and made his case to the world? That's the exciting promise of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras's new movie Citizenfour. Poitras of course was approached by whistleblower Edward Snowden (along with journalist Glenn Greenwald) about sharing a cache of classified documents that revealed wholesale spying on the American people and its allies, uncovered direct lies made by government officials to Congress under oath about that spying and ended Snowden's life as he knew it forever. [ 1369 more words. ]
Bob Woodward said Deep Throat was a smoker. Mark Felt quit smoking in 1943, thirty years before
Mark Felt quit smoking 30 years before *** "Deep Throat" Cheney, who had attended Yale with Bob Woodward, was…
Bob Woodward and *** "Deep Throat" Cheney attended Yale at the same time. They've been partners since
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