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Deep State

The deep state is alleged to be a group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within the Turkish political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), Turkish military, security, judiciary, and mafia.

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[Society] The 2016 Election, Donald Trump and the Deep State by Peter Dale Scott: *The 2016 Election and...
Turks are animals, wallahi. Look up Grey Wolves and the Deep State.
This is how the CIA botched Iraq post-9/11: Bob Gates, careerist sycophancy, and the real history of the Deep State
And so will the dead, illegals, etc., ad nauseum. Such a merry bunch of pranksters running D.C. Puppets of the Deep State.
Very promising sign of Trump independence with him criticizing Federal Reserve. The Deep State forbids any criticism of F…
There's only 1 valid reason: They will get bumped off by Deep State, their murderer freed by P* judiciary & made a hero by…
13 Ways of Looking at the Deep State -- High Crimes and Low Comedy in the American Imperium via
Lessons from the Deep State: On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks -- the courageous in...
❤️ Bill Moyer’s excellent essay, Anatomy of the Deep State:.
It is an equivalent of 'Deep State' made of free loading elites. (English Speaking Indian Elite).
I just bought a new Neck Deep shirt and a new State Champs shirt. I feel pop punk af right now.
Noles signed a deep class yesterday, we had out the grades by position
Neck Deep and State Champs were amazing! Tomorrow, Bowling for Soup. continues!
I'm so sad I'm missing the State Champs & Neck Deep tour
I'll see you there then, I got Neck Deep VIP 😊
The latest on MSD: After Enquirer report, state will do 'deep dive' into agency finances via
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Such a good night seeing State Champs & Neck Deep, both smashed it as usual!
Met all of Neck Deep, got my ticket signed, got barrier for the whole show, got both Neck Deep & State Champs set lists, tonight was perfect
i got no state champs vids but a few neck deep ones ok is everyone ready for a SPAM
State to do 'deep dive' into MSD finances via
Neck Deep were sick and State Champs were sweet too. Gotta love a pop punk gig
Miss State didn't have deep enough pockets.
I'm actually still running on the buzz from seeing neck deep n state champs ngl
Absolutely mind-blown.. Found out the guy who does the all state commercials with the deep voice was Pedro Cerrano from Major League!!
Quickest descent into cannibalism since the Texas State Fair incident in '09. You can deep-fry...anything..
In Louisiana with deep cuts, scholarships go mostly to wealthier, white students
Let's make American deep state's providing arms to PKK the agenda by saying "don't support terrorists, America don't support
Blog post out with slide deck no the current state of the art in unsupervised deep learning for computer vision.
Mike Lofgren the Rise of the 'Deep State,' Washington's Shadow GovernmentHave you read his first book?This looks like a must read
CIA Secrets of the Deep State with Peter Dale Scott - American Deep State via
Actually I think a version of this has been done in Walter Jon Williams's "Deep State" book...
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Deep State fences the range of opinion like a cattle baron stringing barbed wire.
Please get to Deep State please get to Deep State:
2015-10-06 US: Deep State is in control... =. Senate tries to bring about enforcement of...
Peter Dale Scott Discusses the Deep State and the American War Machine via cc
'Drug trafficking underlies all covert operations.' and the Deep State - Peter Dale Scott
Shifting sands of GovCo surveillance or going darker in the Deep State? "old alliance" btwn SilVal & spies "no more"? ht…
Only apparently Ed. You should know better about the reach and resilience of the 'deep state'
Privatize banks so that one survives, others can be killed. Recall Lehmann Brothers? Wise-speak "Deep State"? Ha!
Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense - Read full quote @
So we were deep in conversation about the state of political affairs, when the dog mentioned I might have taken too much cough syrup. Touch�
Hypno holds a pendulum. The arcing movement and glitter of the pendulum lull the foe into a deep state of hypnosis.
I jokingly avoid serious deen duties but deep down im so disappointed in my spiritual state
with IMJ you avoid deep checking. It good to avoid external deps. But good to have ability to use custom state comparator.
In a deep state of depression because I'm not at
Good overview of the state of AI in Deep Learning.
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I've dreamed a number of things... I was in that state where you are dreaming a lot but you're not really in a deep sleep.. gets it
When you need some deep sleep grandmaa time to listen armin state of trance
.The deep state of course (always prepare for reaction before changing policy, otherwise 1 looks like a loud mouth)
"PM should know I am not Rahul Gandhi. Won't let you run my state" to me
A day to remember, real friends, the story so far, neck deep, set it off, state champs, all-american rejects. Those r a few
many KVG farms are deep inside Kerala. Got screwed in state reorganization.
Steady-state universe are not goodly there are skin-deep frowsty case in point identically lode - hcl they select y2: IZmN
watch for SAARC summit next year(Pakistan is chair), if Pakistan wants(deep state?)an integrated SAARC it can make it happen
I'll take anything just not going into a deep state of depression
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell asleep at the State of the Union Address because she had a little too much wine beforehand.
Deep Thoughts, independent thinking, worth watch, just 5 min of wisdom from an old movie.
Piper was sound asleep, and I was netflixing, 2 seconds later she bit my face and then returned back to her deep state of sleep.
In a state of deep slumber for about a month...
evolving to not need faces. Too many selfies & deep fear of security state. Need to keep censored & blank.
deep in the heart of Texas... STATE 🙌🏼
This is going to be a rough series if we have to count on one player, Golden State is a DEEP team
(2/2): A win away from a State Tournament berth:. (who play Region Semis tomorrow at Deep Creek in Chesapeake...)
Organizations in & express their deep concern about the violent repression of the state ...
Yemen nationalist deep state played all. Saleh also armed Houthis to turn tables on AQAP's infiltration & attempt to 'Wahhabi' Yemen.
Saudade describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deeply emotional longing to be reunited with someone you miss.
Ok,an organization that is closely tied to 'deep state' should not be convincing enough for ppl to believe such arguments.
JJ Schwarz homers to deep left center extending UF's lead to 7-0
What I don't think some of you realize is how deep golden state actually is lmao
Uncle Shamus is in a deep, dreamy sleeping state.
The Golden State Warriors have deep ties with Silicon Valley's tech community:
Defrauding a state or local government b/c they supposedly have deep pockets? I find that something I'd like to know b/c it affects me.
By 2020 energy need in Pakistan will increase to double. It's a life & death issue; are state and deep state ready? …
My latest with on the likely fate of sanctions, post-
is an absolute duffer. Does she want to suggest that in India also, just like Pak deep state exists.
Were they killed by the Deep State? Does the Deep State exist in India? What kind of nonsense analogy is this?
keep it rolling we went 4 rounds deep in 04 at Marshall included beating then number 2 in state Waco midway
talk beyond my case&Snowden. Also deep NatSec/corp state, patho-power, privacy, tech, rights of all.
.The systematic elimination of Pakistan's liberals is best understood by the red lines of the deep state.
Build a Church for $3,500 - see pics of Pastor Naing Thang's trip to the deep mountains of Chin State to see his...
exactly. The 'war on drugs' is effectively an off-book funding scheme - state agents are in it deep.
In Texas, the racial divide runs as deep as the state pride.
I'm gonna miss seeing all of these uniforms after the Spartans make a very deep run in the state tourney!.
I have no shame in how deep my mental state is
ISIS on the Move/Russia's Deadly Islamist Problem/Islamic State could spread influence deep into volatile N. Caucasus
if it was just one state then I have no idea! We loved road tripping the Deep South. Would like to do east Coast next time :)
I've been listening to neck deep/state champs on repeat for an entire year like I haven't once changed the CD's in my stereo
Pisces are also a deep thinker. They will. spend longer than the average person in a. dreamy state of mind.
Disbelief over state plan to spray neurotoxin into oyster beds Wash State has its head deep up its ***
Vince Mayle, WR, Washington State would be a very nice big body deep threat/ trendsetter for the Ravens & AFC NORTH
Dear AICTU,. Where were U when state owned transport corporations refused to cut bus charges, even after deep cut in Diesel price?
Little Giant Ladders
Dropped 9 hours into state of decay today very fun and deep game
Considering the current state of my fence posts, I'd be in the latter camp. Not sure how old these are, but glad they're deep.
Jay Z is only playing "deep cuts" at his free concert, so anything from his last 2 solo albums besides "Empire State Of Mind" is fair game.
The Iranian 'deep state' is trying to buy an oil refinery in Switzerland before sanctions have even been lifted
Round 2 - Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State. More than just a deep threat - but for real, he's a damned scary deep threat.
Roadways Staff on Strike today: Passengers to suffer across the state. Do anyone Care ?
Ennora Binaural Beats Meditation: Specially engineered recordings that allow you to enter deep state... RT
My Angels Speak: Meditative musical compositions to take you into a deep relaxed meditative state of mind.
The mummified monk looks to be sitting in the lotus position and is just in a deep meditative state!
Fighting Saddam All Over Again: the deep roots of Ba'athist/Sunni alliance in the Islamic State
You know you're in a deep state of stress and depression when you have to use 2k15 as an escape from reality.
It is beginning to look that those blackmailed by Deep State are not only those resisting (Joseph Nacchio?) but embargoes too
.I sed it b4 & now again. Key part of mass surveillance is Deep State arrangements & access w/ key banks, fi…
in the Deep State, secret agreements between local City and FBI are published on their websites in plain site in obscured language
Theory: The reason why Cheney will never be prosecuted is because Wall Street needs to be able to trust the Democrats to run the Deep State.
Wake up call to smell the roses--- Is Germany headed East to the SCO? This is a very detailed and complete analysis by insider mainstream establishment Deep State organ, Foreign Affairs magazine gets in line with the impending switch of Germany (and its EU allies) east towards the burgeoning markets consolidating around the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. At a time of "dead-man-walking" demographics of traditional markets in the West, the SCO stands to incorporate a market of over 4 billion (50% of global population). What is left unsaid is what effect this would have on the present "unilateral" petrodollar global dispensation. The SCO is the spearhead of the new multilateral Global Reserve Currency regime currently on the way to public acceptance.. This is another sign of "Game Over", at least with respect to Global Financial reset. The drama is now shifting to the strategic objective of Global Governance --- tactical and operational moves to achieve this larger objective have already started to be un ...
Peter Dale Scott, one of the most perceptive and provocative political-historical thinkers of our time, addresses in this podcast interview the Deep State in the United States and the common patter...
Andrew O'Hehir offers some compelling thoughts on Obama, Gulf War III, and Mike Lofgren's theory of the Deep State.
DEEP STATE CHILD ABUSE; HAYMAN, FASHANU, SPEED The organisers of the 'Deep State', the people who secretly control governments, know that, when it comes to sexual tastes, most people are like the Bonobo chimps. THOMAS MANN The 'Deep State' does not like to promote harmless innocent forms of sex; it likes to promote violent perverted forms of sex, so as to blackmail people. Sir Peter Hayman (above) is believed to have been a top officer in the UK security service MI6. "The former Rifle Brigade officer had been a Home and Foreign OFFICE mandarin, working closely with the intelligence services at the height of the Cold War: it has even been suggested he was a senior figure in MI6." How the Establishment hid the monster. Sir Peter may have been a Kim Philby type of character WORKING for some hidden deep state; the KGB spy Philby was close to Lord Ted Rothschild. Sir Peter Hayman was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) an organisation which is believed to have been used by the SECURITY SERVI ...
Karen Mirza, Brad Butler and Stephen Graham deep in conversation on Deep State
Amazing! Opposition helping to take 'tough moves' by the president against the Deep State within. On the road hullabaloo is one of them.
It was not Imran Khan but Mubashir Luqman addressing the Sialkot Jalsa: uttered all rubbish fed by the Deep State:
From Bill Moyers Thanks to the journalist Lee Fang, we have another revelation into how the Deep State enterprise works. Writing for the Republic Report, a non-partisan, non-profit that investigates money in politics, he takes up that controversial trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership that President Obama is trying to push through Congress with minimum debate and no amendments. Controversial because some of its provisions reportedly enable corporate power to trump representative government, even go around domestic courts and local laws. One is said to prevent governments from enacting safeguards against another bank crisis, another to empower corporations to sue governments for compensation if, say, environmental protections, or regulations on tobacco and drugs interfered with future profits. Because of the secrecy we don’t know everything that’s in the draft agreement. Senator Elizabeth Warren calls it “a chance for these banks to get something done quietly out of sight that they could n ...
Intelligence services part of "Deep State," military/industrial complex Eisenhower warned about. Moyers did a great segment recently
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld by Peter Dale Scott :: JapanFocus: The State, the Dee...
"Deep State"- a system composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services, military, security, judiciary and organized crime.
Deep State's heart lies in DC but tentacles reach to Wall St, Silicon Valley & over 400K contractors w TS clearances'.
Afghan Cricket team lost because Deep State bought few of its players — Kamran Tricky Micky
What’s the red thread running through our history over the last three decades? Mike Lofgren tells Bill this week that it’s the Deep State, which explains how we had “deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion of our civil liberties and perpetual war.” Watch more interview highlight clips:
Is Silicon Valley a card carrying member of the Deep State? Some say yes...
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Re blogger Jim Quinn: His disdain for "the masses" often exceeds his disdain for the Deep State, but his analysis of the latter is dead on.
Muncie, IN - Mike Lofgren on Bill Moyers talking about the Deep State where bankers, military and elected officials collude to run our country.
"Near Death Studies Date: 02-22-14 Host: George Knapp Guests: Dr. Penny Sartori, DB Grady NDE (Near Death Experience) researcher Penny Sartori will discuss her extensive studies while working in an intensive care unit. She'll tell us about a man who claimed to have met his deceased father and a Jesus-like figure - later he was able to use his hand, which had been paralyzed since birth. The first-hour guest, author D.B. Grady, talks about a Cold War commando mission that would have created the first and only human-guided nuclear weapons. Websites: * * Books: * The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences * Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry
Reminder: & reveal in book Deep State that foreign embassies in DC spying on cell phone calls
Interesting story on the army economic empire and the deep state in
No one message me, I'm in the deep state of getting to division 1
My bank balance has just sent me spiralling into a deep state of depression
But I also think the Army led Deep state of is simply far more robust as well. MB had the deck stacked against them 3/3
Egypt in Crisis The manifestation of a 'Deep State'' via
in shaping the 'type' of islam that influenced its islamists. The MB wasnt as inclusive, because it didnt need to be. Deep state &
If u did not see show on please do. It is amazing.One take: it will take 1-2 generations 2end Egypt's deep…
A terrifying about the reassertion of deep state, by
The deep state returns in Egypt, and journalists are their first target
Egypt in Crisis - a tremendous documentary on the deep state and the Muslim brotherhood
examines how the Arab Spring was influenced by the Egyptian Military's DEEP economic interest.
Yesil is the most notorious Turkish Deep state member.Killed 100's people. I am wondering what he was doing in
Yesil Turkish Deep State member lives in KRG?He involved in hundrands of Kurdish politician and activist assasination
"If you can just make it simple as to why the deep state opposed the Constituent Assembly, without naming names...
by this logic, the deep state overthrew Mubarak. Which means the deep state *is* the jan25 revolution! :P
More professional disinformation! Egypt in Crisis | FRONTLINE | PBS Making a case for the existence of a 'Deep State'
How can we call it a revolution if the Deep State is and always was in charge?
in crisis: Mursi always complained that deep state was against him. Mursi was no Mandela
"Deep State" hmmm...could be a useful term outside the Middle East?
Cement, olive oil, cars, bottled water - what do they have in common? "Deep State"
Every time a pundit dramatically says "deep state" someone somewhere simultaneously feels constipated. Coincidence? I don't think so...
ends excellent doc with simple fact: "the deep state is still in charge" following footage of Rabaa mass…
.ends the film with, "the deep state is still in charge." Strong statement but so true. Great work.
.closes by saying Mohammed Abbas, MB revolutionary youth, has fled the country. "The deep state is still in charg…
Tonight I chose celery over and now I'm in a deep state of confusion and regret
"Deep Web is now a threat to the Deep State" - cc
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the Wall Street journal:In Egypt, the 'Deep State' Rises Again
I want the complete text of an article The Wall Street Journal. In Egypt, the 'Deep State' Rises Again...
Kamran Shafi will label another Deep State effort to destabilize another "phriendly" country :P
Actually "Deep State" is like "Deep Impact"--a disaster movie that's predictable but still terrifying. And with an inevitable conclusion.
Top story: In Egypt, the 'Deep State' Rises Again - see more
Walter Jon Williams wrote a novel Deep State that has drones and riots in Turkey. It's set in the near present day.
NSA *** in data from 50 companies June 6, 2013, at 8:02 PM 1244 Comments The NSA campus in Fort Mead, Md. Photo: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Solving the mystery of PRISM Deep State excerpt: The NSA is the largest factory of secrets in the world Congress' intel heads endorse NSA program Ambinder is co-author of a new book about government secrecy and surveillance, Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry. ** Analysts at the National Security Agency can now secretly access real-time user data provided by as many as 50 American companies, ranging from credit rating agencies to internet service providers, two government officials familiar with the arrangements said. Several of the companies have provided records continuously since 2006, while others have given the agency sporadic access, these officials said. These officials disclosed the number of participating companies in order to provide context for a series of disclosures about the NSA's domestic collection policies. The officials, contacted ...
Congratulations Pakistan! We have given innumerable sacrifices for the continuity of this Democratic Culture martyred after every odd decade by the Deep State. We must treasure this opportunity n unequivocally back Mian Nawaz Sharif, regardless of political affiliation. He is 'our' Prime Minister. Democracy Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad!
His danger comes from what is called "Deep State" or "Deep Establishment". And that is rep by Congie-Media Joint Venture.
WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF HYPNOSIS? The Hypnotic experience is different and unique for each person who achieves it. The state of Hypnosis ranges on a continuum from light to medium to deep. These are not hard, exact divisions; however the basic characteristics of each level can be described. People experiencing Light Hypnosis are separated from cares and pressures, calm and relaxed. The person has reduced muscular tension, heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. There may be a pleasant, detached self-assurance with an over-riding sense of inner tranquility. Medium Hypnosis, the subjects can feel disjointed from their bodies, with altered bodily perceptions. Concentration is hyperacute; time perception is altered. There is a sense of being inner-centered. People can usually turn bodily sensations up or down at will; hence, surgery can be performed at this level. Amnesia and age regression are possible, as are positive and negative hallucinations. When the subject is in a Deep State of Hypnosis, th ...
Thanks to and the National Press Club for hosting and me for Deep State.
In we have a sneak peek of forthcoming book: "Deep State," on government secrecy
Started reading Deep State: Inside the government secrecy industry by and finally out!
The bad news is that the Deep State is planning another massive Attack on America. The good news is that at least they have the decency to warn us first. According to the Rothschild-owned Reuters News Agency, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that a devastating cyber-terror attack on the scale of 9/11 is likely to “happen imminently.” The question is: How do they know? The coming Cyber-9/11, according to DHS Chief Janet Napolitano, will devastate US infrastructure and cause damage on the scale of Hurricane Sandy, which caused over 70 billion dollars damage in 24 states, killed more than 250 people, and left more than 40,000 people homeless. What might be the motive for a Cyber-9/11? First, it might be attributed to “radical Muslims” and become a propaganda bonanza for those behind the “war on terror” (a.k.a. the War on Islam for Israel). The perpetrators will probably blame their crime on Iran, which is allegedly involved in a cyber-war with the Zionist-run West. Netanyahu pres ...
All the Deep State agent in Indian Team are making it work out for Team Pakistan
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In This Is Not A Game, Walter Jon Williams introduced readers to Dagmar Shaw, the head of Great Big Idea, a fictional company dedicated to producing and directing alternate-reality-games, or ARG, for short. Ms. Shaw returns in Deep State, and Walter Jon Williams spins another tale of intrigue, thoug...
The MB, which I oppose in general, and also believe undoubtedly that they sold out and collaborated with Military Council (SCAF,) are in a very difficult situation (of their own doing, of course.) Their collaboration with SCAF immediately after the revolution and until recently was naively calculated to be in their interest. Of course they soon realized, after they got control of the Parliament, that they are powerless. The executive power and the government was under SCAF's control so they couldn't effectively pass anything. What is unreasonable in my opinion is to expect them to continue the same game forever. After all they didn't win the presidency so that they can be the SCAF's puppet. The confrontation with the Old Regime/SCAF/Deep State is brewing. MB's ultimate goal is to run the country. If they can't do that they will have a confrontation sooner or later. It is my opinion and the opinion of countless analysts and constitutional experts that the Egyptian Supreme court's ruling was part of a consp ...
Annie Machon: ex-MI-5 whistle-blower, activist and author joins Jack Etkin for an elucidating and revealing look at 'Deep State' and high-level national and ...
What Difa e Hameed Gul, Ijaz ul Haq and Hafiz Saeed do now to stop the supplies. Deep State dumped them.
This tale is known in bits and pieces, but rarely has been told with such chutzpah in one go. A generation fed on the lies of the Deep State can have a decent insight into why we are where we are today on the global map. Bet it'll never make the textbooks of Pakistan Studies -- all the more reason to watch this.
3 of 5 stars to Deep State by Walter Jon Williams
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