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Dee Snider

Daniel Dee Snider (born March 15, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter, screenwriter, radio personality, and actor.

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Such a great Podcast with Jamey Jasta and Dee Snider. Must listen
I know!!! Although Tusk WASNT crowd funded like you said in the Dee Snider episode. But he’s a fan of A…
also the Dee Snider episode is a TOP 10 episode. Please do another one.
Jeez Dee Snider put some weight on 😳
Oh, of course, and Tipper Gore was never put in her place by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, lol.😂. (Al…
Thank you Mr. Trump. We respect everything you have done for this country. God bless yo…
Could you kindly forward this list to Dee Snider ;)
Dee Snider, Lorenzo Lamas among thousands at charity ride
TIL that the narrator of Travel Channel's Food Paradise is Jesse Blaze Snider, eldest son of Dee Snider, singer of the band Twisted Sister
Mr. Lordi showing off his Dee Snider tattoo to the man himself:
Last night for day 2 of Halloween month we watched Dee Snider's Strangeland. This feels a little…
Halloween is huge in my house and we really get into the spirits of things. ~Dee Snider
A great day at Dee Snider's 15th annual bike run. Great to see everyone there and for a great…
Odd weekend. Witnessed Hugh Laurie marry Dee Snider. Dee took Hugh's name. Rode in my car which could time travel after I put Dee Laurie in.
In the Flight of the Navigator reboot can SJP play Dee Snider instead of a young girl that see him in concert?
Can anyone link me to a good Dee Snider wig...
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Mike Price, back in college football. & a stripper who looks like Dee Snider is coming out of retirement.…
This beautiful girl is 💗JOY! She spent the whole day out of the kennel on Sunday to attend the Dee Snider...
Dee Snider leads bikers on annual ride for great cause
I had a similar thought and was convinced Dee Snider was just an cartoonishly featured, deep voiced woman…
I added a video to a playlist Dee Snider's Annual Ride & Benefit Interview with Stacey A. Meyer
On this day 1998 Dee Snider's "Strangeland" was released. It defined a new genre in cinematic horror.
Dee Snider's "Strangeland", which was ahead of its time with a cautionary tale of internet…
We're excited to add DEE SNIDER to the roster for DOTD: Charlotte!. Tix on sale OCTOBER 29th at 11am eastern time at h…
"There's nothing else that I would rather do." - Dee Snider . Respected Tyrellatti,. In the gym, you man up !!. In...
Dee Snider, Lorenzo Lamas and thousands of bikers ride for charity: On Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017…
Dee Snider also requested Trump stop using his music during his presidential campaign.
6:20A talk to about his ride to benefit this Sun, 10/1 at
Dee Snider is still fighting the good fight at least.
An amazing day! Thanks to all who made it a success! Dee Snider leads bikers on annual charity ride
Dee Snider because he is a legend! Steel Panther because they are fun! Your bucket list is far awa…
I just unlocked Sarah Jessica Parker's new iPhone with FaceID. - Dee Snider
Pretty sure I just saw Dee Snider driving in New Market square...
We spoke to Dee Snider, veteran of the Connecticut airwaves. (Any peeps out there? @ us).
I liked a video Dee Snider and The Trump Family sing on stage together!
What Dee Snider, the lead singer for Twisted Sister, looks like today.
When you're invited to an 80s personality themed halloween 🎃 party and all you can think is hair bands. Dee Snider…
You never said that about Dee Dee Snider.
I still can't get over that Dee Snider did a showtunes album.
Oh some days! Some days I'm a real hoot! I make up stories about Dee Snider and me being spies and everything!
Thought that was Dee Snider for a hot sec
SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: On November 4th AAMG will be opening for Dee Snider at The Chance Theater! Contact us for ticket…
I'm going to at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY - Nov 4
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister lived with the kid from the "We're Not Gonna Take It" music video for a while, as Sn...
Let's see, Mandy Moore was yur childhood idol, grew up on punk rock & theater yet you know who Motorhead is, Dee Snider...
Rule the World by Dee Snider. on part of the Collective Radio Network.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Idk who this dude is on the MSU/WMU game, but he sounds like Dee Snider and I keep waiting for him to introduce a Quiet Riot song
Dee Snider work out tapes. I want to follow what you do.
Why is Sweet Dee one of the default characters in Destiny 2?
Or you guys could do a Twisted Sister costume. Dee Snider would be jealous of his hair.
1985 - Dee Snider addresses and stuns Senate on censorship issue against the Parents Music Resource Center.…
Chad Kroeger is what happened when Dee Snider drunkenly impregnated a talentless Canadian moose.
We've seen Dee Snider & Vince Neil & Bret Michaels, so maybe one of them.
Dee Snider is very intelligent and has shocked our government in the past! Mad respect to Dee!
dear len should have went with Dee snider, more people know who it is lol
You just know Dee Snider and Penn Jillette are on the phone with their agents right now.
I see the resemblance. I think Dee Snider would find it offensive to him.
Doubt it Dee Snider is pretending to be twisted...Debbie isn't
Now that's just mean!! Dee Snider's gonna whoop your butt..
Small clip of the Dee Snider Band playing the Riverside Aarburg Festival in Switzerland last weekend!! Rain...
Dee Snider: Trump is a class act via
I'm not sure how I can describe my night let's just say that it involved McCready, Dee Snider, Sully Erna, Stefan Lessard and Nate Ruess.
No kidding, the PMRC ran into the buzzsaws of Frank Zappa, John Denver, Dee Snider etc.…
103.5 The Fox presents a free show this week-end with Bret Michaels, Dee Snider, and The Rick Lewis Project.
*** I was sure it was Dee Snider from 80s *** rock protagonists, Twisted Sister. Better.luck next time.
Another tragic example of Twisted Sister abuse. Dee Snider will not be pleased.
Dee Snider would be a great Senator from the great state of New York.
When I think of Tipper Gore I think of Frank Zappa, John Denver and Dee Snider. 🤘
I go back to what Dee Snider said about hair bands years after the Station Nightclub fire in R.I.: They're dismissed, but they're beloved.
Make it a Dee Snider weekend. Check him out with his new band Saturday night at the Arcada Theater and then hang...
07-20 Dee Snider on rock'n'roll, broadway and how Céline Dion paid for his house
And Twisted Sister classics! Check out Dee Snider, Legendary Singer Performing songs off of ... @ The Chance
This is beautiful Twisted Sisters Dee Snider about standing up to childhood cancer
On a different note, I've given up and have accepted my Dee Snider hair.
Dee Snider about the decline of heavy metal (NRK Lydverket) via
I'm going to at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ - Nov 2
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I liked a video Rocker Dee Snider and His Wife Share the Secret to Their 34-Year Marriage | Where Are
Dee Snider pays tribute to DZ. It's awesome to see so much love and respect from his peers. 💔 😥
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister at The Wellmont Theater in Nov 02, 2017 – presale code
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister’s concert in Huntington, NY Nov 03, 2017… Thanks
The Erie Canal. 😛 Seriously, I may have to go with Dee Snider as well.
Dee Snider to headline The Paramount in LI the Tri-state area rushed out and bought tickets!
Have you seen the video of the woman going nuts on Dee Snider? We have that audio for you coming up next!
Voices of Extreme excited and honored to be joining Dee Snider at the Paramount in Huntington N.Y. on Nov. 3rd.…
Last in Line, Dee Snider, Ted Nugent and Paul Anka are just a sample of the fine entertainment coming to the...
Maybe we can get Dee Snider in front of the Senate again and see if he can help sort this health care situation out.
JUST ANNOUNCED: Dee Snider​ of Twisted Sister with special guests Voices of Extreme​ on Friday, November 3rd!
Dee Snider with Tobias Sammet and Lacuna coil - I wanna Rock (live at Masters of Rock 16-07-2017)
Here's an article from June of 2017...Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister paying tribute to the late great Chris...
Dee Snider, he's from the Twisted Sister Heavy Metal Band and what movie was he in ?
Dee Gordon? We thought we were trading for Dee Snider! . Makes as much sense as anything
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just realized that profile picture looks like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister 😂
looks like we know what Dee Snider has been up to lately
Is dee really insecure? And your the force behind the man? Seems like you really run the show would you say that's true?
We'll be LIVE at this Sat, stop by & say hello!
I believe Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Dee Snider, and Ozzy have all said they've gotten lost backstage.
Going to Motor City Nightmares to see Dee Snider tomorrow, so I thought it might be cool to post 5 of my favorite...
I dont wanna get like Eddie Trunk v Paul Stanley v Dee Snider so ill have to say, YES…
remember it's the democrats who are our enemy of all we are Dee Snider vs Tipper Gore 1984 via
Hey rad-liberals? "We're not going to take it anymore!" . Dee Snider and Trump family sing together on stage
Time for a Paul Baloff. got a Dee Snider. Our *** patron of metal will watch over us.…
My pic of Peter Criss & Dee Snider. Dee had his mouth wide open in every shot. Out of costume, he's a laid back guy.
Granddaughter of Dee Snider born on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles
Rocker Dee Snider's granddaughter is born on California 405 Highway
Rocker Dee Snider's Granddaughter Born on California Freeway: Los Angeles (AP) — Rocker Dee Snider’s granddaughter has wasted no time...
Those Snider's really know how to make an entrance!! 👏 Congrats & Patty... . https:/…
Electronic Device Insurance
Rocker Dee Snider's granddaughter born on California freeway
Parker Pryde Snider, the granddaughter of Dee Snider, was born Sunday alongside the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.
If you guys haven't seen Dee Snider's son on the news for his daughter being born on the 405, you probably should, he's hilarious😂
what's a Twisted Sister? Dee Snider we met in 88 you freaked me out you freak you ;)
Dee Snider's new grandchild was born on a freeway:
*** my new grand daughter Parker Pryde Snider made a lot of noise being born! International coverage! Check out
Dee Snider's granddaughter wouldn't take it anymore and was born on the 405 Freeway
Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider's granddaughter born on the 405 freeway -
Granddaughter of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider is born on the 405 Freeway
billboard: Dee Snider's granddaughter was born on a Los Angeles-area freeway
More House of Hair with Dee Snider.coming up this hour.Krokus...Saxon...Pretty Boy Floyd and some Y & T.TURN IT UP !
Dee Snider of Twister Sister used vodun magic to put a hex on Dave Chappell?
btw, he'd be in great company doing ROTS: Peter Fonda Jesse James Dupree, Bret Michaels, Dee Snider already did it
Bret Michaels and Dee Snider and I know how to step on a stage and front a band, and we'r...
Dee Snider: Trump is a friend but I asked him to stop playing my songs
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The only allies Frank was able to roust up 30 yrs ago were Dee Snider and John Denver. Who'd stand on that wall today?
In 2012, rocker Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was kicked off the NBC-TV show Celebrity Apprentice by host/boss Donald Trump.
Being a parent is not a reasonable thing. It is a very hard thing. I am a p...
Nowadays people sell millions of records that can't sing.
An actual credit in BvS was "Assistant to D. Snyder -- Carrie *** and I was forced to think of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister's taint
I listen to Dee Snider every week and Im always like I wonder what Kiss would sound like on this song or that one etc.
Dee Snider tells us that he changed Howard Stern's accountant look 2 a rocker look.
The Metal you love lands tonight at 7 with House of Hair with Dee Snider. (sponsored by Rockers Bar & FDR...
Dee Snider's PMRC hearing speech was one of the most important days in music history and everyone should go give it a watch
If the rock runs for president his inaugural song could be I wanna rock by Dee Snider😃
why can't I date a boy in a hair metal band? like give me dee snider vibes!!
that will help or I blast Dee Snider loud
according to my timehop one year ago today I wrote an essay for AP English about That Metal Show & Dee Snider- and got a 93 :')
Metal singer Dee Snider is 22292 days old today. FourOfAKind numeric
Disasterina sporting a Dee Snider-esque look before heading out to The Precinct for Queen Kong.
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Everytime someone asks me what I wanna do with my life, I think of Dee Snider. Now they have their own movie...
INTERVIEWS & FEATURES Never short on words, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider talks about the upcoming final tour for...
no? Dee Snider? Sebastian Bach? How about Girls Aloud rockin out Shoot to Thrill
Blink x Floor x Napalm Death x Dee Snider vibes. Pleased to be entering our aggressively alienating years.
Just blow dried my hair and now I kinda look like Dee Snider circa 1984.
Dee snider voiced the antagonist in the original jak and daxter
Happy Birthday Wishes Today. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is 61. Bret Michaels of Poison is 53.
is it me or is Acid Betty actually Dee Snider?
A new favorite: Eddie Trunk speaks up for Bob in an interview with Dee Snider by Bob Daisley on
Dee Snider has gone from Congress accusing him of corrupting a generation with obscenities to cable TV pitchman. Least. Metal. Ending. Ever.
I saw dio in 83 monsters of rock Ronnie was outstanding God rest his soul. But Twisted Sister stole the show Dee Snider was mental.
I pay attention to anything does because he's Dee Snider and anything he says should be relevant to everyone.
Another example of how classic goes rock. Twisted Sister-singer Dee Snider is an classically trained countertenor.
on My Covers Channel: I'm listening to Detroit Rock City (Kiss Cover) by Dee Snider
in a semi-related side note, my 3 year old boy has been TERRIFIED all week because he saw 30 seconds of peak 80s Dee Snider.
If you care for me at all, upon meeting Dee Snider you will say "Aren't you the singer from that fake band in Pee Wee's Bi…
Shouts out Twisted Sister's Dee Snider for still working
On the Dee Snider that's twisted!
“Kiss is like a smell in a paper bag, they just never go away” - Dee Snider
Getting into the Rock Meets Classic groove and what could be a better call than an crushing Dee Snider with RMC
Who headed the PMRC and had many legal battles with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister?
I think at this point even Dee Snider would make a better governor for Michigan than Rick Snyder.
his cabinet will be . Stephen Baldwin. Bret Michaels. Sinbad. Gary Busey. Lil John. Dee Snider. and Snooki
David Bowie was the best guest voice on Spongebob, along with Sebastian Bach, Gene Simmons, and Dee Snider.
It's TIME!!!for The House of Hair with Dee Snider!!!. Join Twisted Sister frontman and legendary hard rock icon...
I'm listening to Dee Snider's Broadway album this morning (currently: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd), because it's Thursday.
Have you heard the House of Crouse podcast with Dee Snider & Alan Frew & Gino Vannelli on
If Donald Trump is elected, next year the will recognize Andrew Dice Clay, Dennis Rodman, Dee Snider, and Gary Busey.
Dubbing out with ! She was chatting with and Dee Snider deesnider…
Carla Rudberg was nice enough to send me footage of Dee Snider and Taylor Dayne at the Distillery District :
Dee Snider vs Tipper Gore. He put her to shame! *** would I love to sing alongside him!
So I see they've dropped the petition to ban Phil Collins from coming back. (Now if only the same could be used on Dee Snider...) :'p
LIVE on We have Taylor Dayne and Dee Snider on Turntable Tuesday right now!
did you find Dee snider yet,he says Howard's not a real friend & hangs with people Who wouldnt give him time of day20 yrs ago
Dee Sniders Rock & Roll Christmas Tale on Nov. 24–26 at 7:30 p.m., Nov. 27 at 8 p.m., or Nov. 29 at 5:30 ...
I believe Dee Snider was on so maybe they're buds.
Jane's Addicton followed by Andy Williams on my playlist is the Dee Snider and John Denver at the PMRC Senate hearings of my phone.
I don't think Dee Snider would approve.
was I tryin to be Dee Snider or what
Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale is coming to Nov 17th to Jan 3rd!!Tickets.. ht…
Dee said it's cool use his credit card :)
$35 -- 'Dee Snider's Rock and Roll Christmas Tale,' Save 50%: Written by the iconic Twisted Sister frontman, 'Dee…
I was very pleased to announce Alain Gaul as my new friend Dee Snider would say: we're not gonna take it!
thanks for sharing Dee Snider, have a great Monday :)
Dee Snider called...he wants his hair back
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Strangeland - Dee Snider's horror movie with Robert Englund with a badass soundtrack.
Roxi wrestled Twisted Sister!? Oh man I've been trying to get Dee Snider as my Tag Partner for years!
You have class Dee Snider, Donald Trump rocks your tune at all events. I heard you ok'd that he play it, you rock!!!
Btw I watched Bruce Dickinson's CHEMICAL WEDDING last night and as frontman-scripted horror curios go it was no Dee Snider's STRANGELAND
Join the fun! Snider Comments with Dee Snider via
Last night was Awesome . Rockin it with Dee Snider and Debbie Gibson..
"I want my 80's" with Mike from A Flock of Seagulls, DMC, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider, Rapper Tone Loc, Lou Gramm,...
My Tom Werman interview goes live on Monday! Hear his thoughts about ghost musicians, Stryper, Nikki Sixx, Dee Snider, Glass Tiger, and more
she looks like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister
...and also resembles Tool's Maynard J Keenan and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider -
Peter Mayhew looks like a combination of Dee Snider, Bret Hart, and James Garner. I dig it.
Coming soon!. On September 19 we'll see you at Rock in Rio featuring special guests Dee Snider and Doro Pesch...
As the Twisted Sister song says, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” and Dee Snider is living up to that musical statement...
Dee Snider from Twisted Sister wants to have a sing-off with Paul Stanley from Kiss. And he says he wants to do...
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider to Kiss' Paul Stanley: "I will bury you"
Dreams do come true! You can play Santa in Dee Snider's Rock and Roll Christmas Tale!
- When the Government tried going after Heavy Metal, Dee Snider was the perfect defender of Metal.
SATURDAY NIGHT LOUD with the House of Hair with Dee Snider, followed by The Mullet til 1AM rockin the Hard Rock...
and family sings with Dee Snider Twisted Sister "We're not going to take it anymore"
the FULL show from this morning is all right here!
me, bulletboys, dee Snider and Ice T.
LISTEN: Roz & Mocha Reloaded with Twisted Sisters Dee Snider in studio, what your ice cream ... -
Slept in and missed the full show with is here: rozweston mochafrap via KiSS…
KiSS925: The FULL from deesnider to bad poem day and rozweston mochafrap
Dee Snider says he is friends with Trump although he does not support him for president. (eyes)
I got your pick after taking on an old man and then I ended up losing it during Dee Snider!
Legendary singer dropped by and the show this week.
Trump just wants to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit by Dee Snider apparently.
Wasnt dee snider on Celebrity Apprentice
I am sure Dee Snider and Twisted Sister hate that Donald Trump used "We're Not Gonna Take It" to close his HateStock in Alabama.
Dee Snider wants his royalty. Wonder how much; 3 cents per play?
Ugh. I had hopes that he might bury him. Sort of like Paul Ryan. .
He seems pretty cool about these things.
Lol if only he was dressed as Dee Snider
did you get Dee Snider's permission to use that song at the end of your rally?
I'm sure they did - Dee Snider was an Apprentice contestant
So Dee Snider goes to his mailbox, opens an envelope and says, “Huh, a royalty check from Trump for 'We're Not Gonna Take It'”.
thought this said Dee Snider and was all excited that preseason football might finally be interesting
Google tells me Dee Snider was on Trump's TV show, so I'm guessing he's cool with the outro song.
I doubt Dee & TS think highly enough of Trump to approve:
Dee Snider was on Celebrity Apprentice, I am sure he does
And he walks off to Twisted Sister. Donald Trump and Dee Snider, kindred spirits.
Trump is using Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" during his rally. Dear God, please let Dee Snider run onstage and tackle him.
God I hope Dee Snider is making a public performance royalty on that. (But sadly, I know he's not)
Now how long before Dee Snider gets a cease and desist order on trump
Trump once again walks off to "We're Not Going To Take It" by Twisted Sister. He fired Dee Snider on Celebrity Apprentice
I like to think that Dee Snider's Captain Howdy is somehow related to Horace Pinker. . Can we get a STRANGELAND VS SHOCKER..?
The Howling and Dee Snider's StrangeLand to Receive the Reboot Treatment -
Or if it is the babysitting thing like ur interview w Dee Snider 2 subliminal message related 2 No Reflection u n me ... wow
Dee Snider is cool, my mom said I should do something with my life over and over; so I started playing guitar
I recorded w/ Dee Snider and multi Grammy & academy award winner Damon Ranger and I've done radio since the 80's.
While in Chicago, This happened. Honored to have the legend Dee Snider cutting one of my songs as one…
Finished Dee Snider's memoir! I loved it! I'm moving on to something a little shorter this time...
Dee Snider was bomb AF back in the day he's still *** lol and his wife is gorgeous!!
you obviously didn't see Dee Snider shoot
Who delivers the old school heavy metal like the House of Hair with Dee Snider? Anybody else who says they do...
I got to sing gang vocals with Dee Snider on his new album today. Thanks and
I think Dee Snider has one of the most underrated voices in all of rock. Man, this dude can belt it out! Stay Hungry one of my fav albums.
Recorded a hit song w/ Dee Snider. This thing is great. We will be playing it.
Came to my attention saw Dee Snider live last night, thought he was famous from Celebrity Apprentice.
Jesse Camp of Mtv & Green Denim interviewing Dee Snider and Damon Ranger
Great night last night hanging with Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister & Damon Ranger of the Mancow Show killer...
Hangin with Jesse Camp last night here is Jesse starting his interview with Dee Snider & Damon Ranger it was so...
Hanging out with Jesse camp while he interviews Dee Snider and Damon Ranger this is some classic footage right...
Dee Snider being an awesome dude once again.
Is it just us.. or is Dee Snider of Twisted Sister turning into Nicholas Cage?
Dee Snider ladies and gentlemen. Amazing. My night is complete.
Oh, ya know...just hanging out with Dee Snider at work.
The Dee Snider commercial was unbelievable. I love hearing the 80s rock singing - the high F# is talent! Love it.
Right? I know. But I'll survive. I get to see Dee Snider with with Twisted Sister in September.
Get ready to have your Saturday night "Twisted" sister! Dee Snider is with a three hour spandexed ride into the...
Weird that I can recognize Dee Snider on sight and know how to spell his name correctly?
Just saw Dee Snider in the recording booth at the 97.9 studios at merchandise mart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dee Snider is in our Loop studios right now! Put on RIGHT NOW!
Enter to an AUTOGRAPHED GUITAR from and right here ->
I can't spoke for Dee Snider, but I LOVE my pet snakes! I currently have: 5 Ball Pythons, 4 Corn Snakes,
I'm not twisted, but I know who is...the sister of Dee Snider
Parenting Win! House of Hair with Dee Snider hits the air at 7 on Saturday... sponsored by Rockers. ~McKenzie
My dad said when I was just a few months old we partied with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister 😱😍 Hearing about all this stuff is so cool ☺️
Any comments on Dee Snider and his take on CURRENT KISS?
Dee Snider announces new career-spanning compilation 'Rock and Roll Ain't Dead'
Wow I just listened to Dee's new music. It's great! This is NOT old school! Damon & Demon!
Dee Snider's eldest son Jesse Blaze Snider follows me on IG!!! Listening to his music. Fear not, he has Dee's pipes.
What percentage is Dee Snider's character from "Strangeland" at? Gotta be like in the 80s at least.
SNL on KLPX is every Saturday night with Dee Snider's House of Hair! *** Havoc follows that up and rocks you until 1am!
Hello hello, here's my when I met Dee Snider, lead singer for Twisted Sister in Florida at the Hard Rock Hotel!
Jesus, Dee Snider was a horrible looking.performer.
Dee Snider and Sarah Jessica Parker are long-lost siblings. I think their parents have some explaining to do!
eek! Mine is eyeliner/ lipstick. There is a very real fear that I'll end up resembling Dee Snider & Alice Cooper's love child!
1998 Film -- Stars: Kevin Gage, Elizabeth Peña, Dee Snider -- 15-year-old Genevieve Gage and her best friend...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
At their current paces, Geoff Snider, Patrick Merrill, & Billy Dee Smith will all pass Kyle Laverty on the all-time PIM list next year.
Sweet ride you got there, Dee Snider.
Now Playing: - Dee Snider - Walk All over You on Rock Radio One
Who doesn't love a little Dee Snider?
Free CETMA rack to the first person to send me a Dee Snider poster.
More new shows announced for Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights this summer
New shows coming to Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights this summer
WANDERER x DEE SNIDER is a great song.
spotlight continues with this great clip. Dee STILL belts it out!. Dee Snider - I Wanna Rock:
spotlight rolls on with this awesome clip. Move over Frank and Tony. Dee Snider - Mack the Knife:
Dee Snider, Dokken and more announced for Iowa State Fair Rock-A-Thon -
Lead singer of hair ball dressed up as Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Axel Rose, and Neil Young.
Foto: kaseydoesdallas: Ah, That time Christina Aguilera looked like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister!
TIL Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister fame) once testified in the US Senate against a proposed plan to censor albums co…
. I have a great Dee Snider story as told to me by a former club owner in upstate NY. I loved Rainbow never saw
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"Lady Gaga looks like Dee Snider so hawt
You heard the man and we will give Dee Snider the mic for the heavy metal extravaganza he calls THE HOUSE OF...
Here's the way I look at it... Twisted Sisters last original album was in 1987. Aldrich made two original albums...
Dee Snider slam came out of blue for Doug Aldrich
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