Deccan Chargers & Gayatri Reddy

Deccan Chargers (Telugu: డెక్కన్ చార్జర్స్; ) known in short as DC or 'Chargers' is a cricket franchise that represents the city of Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. Gayatri Reddy is an anthropologist of India who has also made contributions to queer and gender studies. 5.0/5

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Deccan Chargers's owner Gayatri Reddy filed case against KRK...see last RT.
Sun Risers playing like Deccan Chargers. Please bring back Gayatri Reddy too.
Looks like Gayatri Reddy was the distraction for Deccan Chargers :)
First he should b saved from Gayatri Reddy of Deccan Chargers.
Gayatri Reddy is the owner of team deccan chargers.
That awkward moment Deccan Chargers players have got to see kanimozhi where they have seen gayatri reddy on the same place !!!
Sun TV bought Deccan Chargers :( Hereafter I cant see Gayatri Reddy in stadiums during IPL times
sun t.v u bought deccan its ok but pls pls pls keep Gayatri Reddy - Deccan Chargers as ur team ambasadr... i dont wanna miss her..
People are upset about Deccan Chargers being kicked out because they are going to miss Gayatri Reddy ...
we miss you Gayatri Reddy. BCCI please bring Deccan chargers back...
Sad that there won't be Deccan chargers, will miss Gayatri Reddy not the team.
Deccan Chargers terminated from ipl. But the worst part is we wont able to see gayatri reddy cheering any more :( :'(
Hey BCCI, how greedy can you get? What's a 100 cr rupees when compared to watching the lovely Gayatri Reddy cheering for Deccan Chargers?
"Now that Deccan Chargers gone, we will miss the pretty smily face of Gayatri Reddy ?" Ayyaiyo ek hi to khoobsurat chehara tha IPL me.
Only good thing about Deccan Chargers was the owner (Gayatri Reddy), who wil no more show up at matches nw...DC is a passe now!!! RIP
I don't care whether Deccan Chargers franchise has been sold or cancelled. The bottom line is - NO GAYATRI REDDY NEXT SEASON! :-(
Deccan Chargers out of IPL :(.Will Miss the beautiful GAYATRI REDDY :( :(
The only thing ill miss about Deccan Chargers is Gayatri Reddy.
No more Deccan Chargers in IPL...means no more Gayatri Reddy in the IPL
Deccan Chargers sold out for undisclosed amount. Who cares for the amt? The nation wants to know if the deal includes Gayatri Reddy or not.
Now that Deccan Chargers is sold, it's time to say good bye to Gayatri Reddy. Sigh!!
Deccan Chargers sold! Dont care to whom...its just that many will miss the sight of Gayatri Reddy cheering her team on!
Deccan Chargers sold to Mumbai-based Kamala Landmarc... No more Gayatri Reddy folks...
Definite we must buy Deccan Chargers definitely for Gayatri Reddy :D
Only interest in watching the Deccan Chargers news on TV in that they keep showing visuals of the beautiful Gayatri Reddy
Thinking of unfollowing Gayatri Reddy now when Deccan Chargers are no more. LOLJK.
Now that Deccan Chargers is gone, I am gonna to miss seeing the charming Gayatri Reddy... :(
Salman Khan almost certain to buy Deccan Chargers IPL team from pre owner Gayatri Reddy. Salman Khan may become theproud owner of Deccan Chargers IPL Team
World is going to miss Gayatri Reddy more than Deccan Chargers this IPL
Gayatri Reddy apology to all fans of team Deccan Chargers as we will no more be a part of IPL. Our team has been terminated from Bye Bye to all :).:.
What!! Deccan Chargers discharged from the IPL. Well, good thing that we dont have to make an effort to find Gayatri Reddy sexy anymore
I dont know about Deccan Chargers..But Gayatri Reddy would be seriously missed!
The only good thing about Deccan Chargers gettin terminated is Siddharth wont hug Gayatri Reddy after every boundary or wicket
Deccan Chargers gone.. and so did one of the most beautiful sights of IPL.. Gayatri Reddy :p
Deccan Chargers will no more be a part of IPL. I would like to express my sincere condolences to all Gayatri Reddy fans
Deccan Chargers contract terminated by BCCI. No more IPL for Gayatri Reddy.
Deccan Chargers is out of IPL. So no more Gayatri Reddy? :'(
Deccan Chargers out of IPL??? There goes one of the reasons to watch IPL. Gayatri Reddy's smile... :-(
I hope that the new franchisee that BCCI finds in place of Deccan Chargers has an owner as hot or hotter than Gayatri Reddy!!!
"It is now confirmed that the Deccan Chargers are out of the Indian Premier League." No more Gayatri Reddy!
Who cares about Deccan Chargers being terminated all are worried about Gayatri Reddy :P
Deccan Chargers cannot be charged anymore, used to be my favorite team under Gilchrist, No more cheering from Gayatri Reddy :-(
Something to cheer about for the Deccan Chargers fans - Deccan Chronicle no longer holds it!! :D but Gayatri Reddy, u will be missed :P
The worst part about Deccan Chargers being terminated… no more Gayatri Reddy on TV :(
We rejected PVP films bid for deccan chargers ownership. IPL team Deccan Chargers remain unsold. Fans will not miss me- Gayatri Reddy.
There are chances that Salman Khan may also bid for our IPL team Deccan Chargers. says gayatri reddy owner of deccan chargers
Now I know that Salman Khan is also into buying an IPL team.. Gayatri Reddy (6:48 PM I want to make it clear that IPL team Deccan Chargers still not sold to Salman Khan. Those fake reports. We are in touch with everyone.
Anyone buying Deccan Chargers should ask for Gayatri Reddy as a *deal sweetener*
People are more sad about Gayatri Reddy not attending matches anymore than see Deccan Chargers go bust.
"The reason I wanted to buy Deccan Chargers was to have an association with Gayatri Reddy! Ab kya phayda?" Absolutely true:P
If my fans get Gayatri Reddy trending today i promise we will think on not selling our Deccan Chargers team.
So, Deccan Chargers on sale? I have plans for buying that franchise, if it comes with a "HOT OFFER" like "Deccan Charges ...
Deccan Chargers we miss Gayatri Reddy ...:-(:-(:-(
*** Deccan Chargers for Sale will miss Gayatri Reddy! in next ipl :-(
Deccan Chargers to a new owner. No more Gayatri Reddy?
It's confirmed, IPL team Deccan Chargers up for Sale. I'm ready to Buy it, if Gayatri Reddy confirms that she loves me and doesn't want Gold.
Deccan Chargers up for sale. It's a shame, we can't see Gayatri Reddy in that blue jersey since next IPL :-(
Deccan Chargers is up for SALE. We missed Symonds, Pieterson, Rohit in these years, to an extent. Now we miss GAYATRI REDDY, unbearable ;)
Deccan Chargers franchise seek BCCI to find a buyer ! No more Gayatri Reddy :P
Deccan Chronicle group to sell its stake in the Deccan Chargers IPL team. Will miss you Gayatri Reddy. :'(
Photos of cute, hot, beautiful girl and Deccan Chargers' owner Gayatri Reddy.
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Deccan Chargers hunts for buyers, Owners looking to sell all or part of franchise
Deccan Chargers hunting for buyers? I can't imagine a game without a glimpse of Gayatri Reddy. Can you?
Deccan Chargers owner 'Gayatri Reddy' in to films??? - Andhravilas ...
Dear Gayatri Reddy, your team Deccan Chargers spoiled this in all ways..The best team in this is Delhi Daredevils anyway
Deccan Chargers owner 'Gayatri Reddy' in to films???
Owner of Deccan Chargers (Gayatri reddy) replied wil win the match...
Gayatri Reddy, the owner of Deccan Chargers IPL Team is the hottest keyword in Google
There is Gayatri Reddy for Deccan Chargers thats more than enough.
RCB should merge with Deccan Chargers. Dales Steyn and Gayatri Reddy are worth it.
Deccan Chargers. Thank you for the win. And of course, for Gayatri Reddy.
superb innnings by Deccan Chargers . . . . & interstingly all 4 METRO cities in playoffs Reddy . . .derse aaye . . par durust aaye : u r not worth it buddy . . whnev u score for ur team . .ur team harthi jarur he . : dhoni ur lucky . . but sale meet MI IN Eliminator . . . . ur Luck (Sachin a.k.a God) is WAITING !!!
Sidhartha Mallya would now marry Gayatri Reddy and will take Deccan Chargers team as dowry.
Happy for Gayatri Reddy and Dale Steyn!! Well played Deccan Chargers. Hopefully you will convert the effort to wins next time!!!
For Gayatri Reddy "Deccan Chargers deserve to win this game."
Whoever will marry Gayatri reddy will get Deccan Chargers as a Dowry. Offer valid till 27th may.
I will continue to flaunt my Deccan Chargers' merchandise. Only for Gayatri Reddy!
The only reason I see Deccan Chargers matches are because of Gayatri Reddy!
Today evng.. Its d match btwn DC & RR.. Everyone expected the result to be the same as usual.. But then.. WE entered the stadium.. :D Full of Bright lights.. Amazing Views.. and lot more than that.. Though it should be mentioned first.. The once in a life tym scintillating performance by the Deccan Chargers.. Though it was slow.. It was brilliant.. Had a greatest evening after long time.. An amazing life tym experience.. Thanks to Gayatri Reddy.. :D
Deccan Chargers owner Gayatri Reddy said that after winning the second season of IPL and performing well again last year, it was difficult for them to pick a...
I want Deccan Chargers to win every match, just to see Gayatri Reddy happy. *wiping tears off my face*
Deccan Chargers have won their second match at Hyderabad in four years! Gayatri Reddy - "Im de biggest supporter of ma team n ma team players need me now!" kya karega tujse.. tere bhakwas ko auction ke time se sun rahe hai wo log! :x
Deccan Chargers win and Gayatri Reddy for once is happy and jumping in excitment. I like her.
Gayatri Reddy, owner of Deccan Chargers arriving to take part at the second day of the two-day players' auction for the fourth edition of Indian Premier League (...
Instead of Deccan Chargers, Gayatri Reddy should have bought Only Chris Gayle as a Team.
It will be a day to remember if I get a chance to play an IPL and sold out in an auction by Deccan Chargers to play under the 'Supervision' of "Gayatri Reddy".:D :D :D Cheers.!
Next Micromax Advertisement-Gayatri Reddy to Aisha(Micromax App): How will Deccan Chargers ever win. Aisha: Sorry I am not programmed to answer that :P
I think Gayatri's Reddy's Dad should just give away Deccan Chargers in dowry when he's marrying her off
This is very CRUEL for Deccan Chargers.. Now i feel dat not talent but LUCK is d major factor in IPL.!! Sympathy for Gayatri Reddy..
Deccan Chargers loses again. Feeling sorry for Dale Steyn & Gayatri Reddy.
Looking at how Pune is performing at the field now, Deccan chargers seen partying at Gayatri Reddy's residence.
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Gayatri would be hoping they become reddy by 2013"Deccan Chargers are now treating every match as practice match for IPL6."
Perhaps Gayatri Reddy is the bad omen for Deccan Chargers.
Gayatri Reddy will sell off Deccan Chargers to Dale Steyn if they lose today.
Save a girl child from torture.. sign an online petition urging Deccan Chargers to play better for d sake of Gayatri Reddy :))
Ashish Reddy and now Akshat Reddy play for Deccan Chargers owned by Gayatri Reddy. Do I see a Pattern?
India is a strange country; here when Deccan Chargers win, Gayatri Reddy trends and when Sarkozy loses, Carla Bruni trends!
Gayatri Reddy- Well played Deccan Chargers boys!! blasting knock made the difference.. Yaa, this happens only in movies!!
Just hate to see Deccan Chargers lose.I can't see Gayatri Reddy in tears.plz boys win it for Gayatri :P
A. B. D . C has gone to get recharge ... nd here ends the battery of "Deccan Chargers" . Sorry Gayatri Reddy , but i still love u ;-) .
I think Gayatri Reddy's 'white trousers' should be held responsible for the loss of Deccan Chargers to CSK.
About four years back, no one was bothered about who Gayatri Reddy is. Today, she has become the face of the Deccan Chargers team in the Indian Premier League cricket.
Pune IPL Team, Gayatri Reddy - Deccan Chargers, Deccan Chargers Home you need me in ur squad with my scurds on toes that too six of them per over. buzz back if any body interested.
Whats the protocol for landing myself a date with Gayatri Reddy, the owner of Deccan Chargers? Anyone?
Fun Feed from MATCH15 of IPL 2010 between Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils played on Mar-21-2010 at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack
she needn't worry. Deccan Chargers won't win enough to get many hugs from Gayatri Reddy
For Those People, who Likes Deccan Charger, an IPL Team She is a Hindu by religion. For people who are interested in her status in life and ask questions like, “Is Gayatri Reddy married?” The answer is “No”; she is not married yet. She is single for people enquiring about Gayatri Reddy marrige. She is Miss Gayatri Reddy. She is the daughter of the Deccan Chargers owner, Mr. T. Venkatram Reddy. Gayatri Reddy age is not known.
Gayatri Reddy n Dale Steyn.. only 2 reasons to support Deccan Chargers..
I don't like IPL. Still i used to watch almost all Deccan Chargers matches in Season4 just only to see Gayatri Reddy :-*
So Deccan Chargers beat none of their players trend, but Gayatri Reddy does. LOL!
Gayatri Reddy, Daughter of T. Venkattaram Reddy of Deccan Chronicle, is the owner of the Deccan Chargers.
Deccan Chargers were not playing well because they were not getting Priety Zinta like hugs after winning matches from Gayatri Reddy
Gayatri Reddy is trending. They say she's a poor man's Preity Zinta when she's supporting her Deccan Chargers team.
Gayatri Reddy will be the trophy given for Deccan Chargers Man of the Match award.
Oh! ok, so Deccan Chargers have won the match. *** missed the smile on Gayatri Reddy's face. Mahesh Babu must have sneaked into the Chargers dressing room and said "Aaj kutch toofani karte hai!"
Deccan Chargers' Gayatri Reddy is poor man's Preity Zinta? Lol.. She is rich man's Mallika Sherawat too..
Open offer to Gayatri Reddy. Let me work with your strategy-team for Deccan Chargers, you would be in the playoffs next year, for sure.
What an irony of IPL telecast today! Owner of the highly charged up Deccan Chargers, Gayatri Reddy, has got the opportunity to present Man of the Match award for the first time in this IPL session to an over-charged member of her team, who is none other than Kumar Sangakara, the captain of the discharged bunch of wonderers, since DC has own the first match in their home turf today . But the event could not be telecast live since Viru and his boys have already started banging their heads to crack the “Wall”… ;-))
Deccan Chargers register their second victory of the tournament at Cuttack. Who the *** cares? I am happy to see Gayatri Reddy's team winning. She is some stuff. Definitely. :P
Pune IPL Team, Gayatri Reddy - Deccan Chargers, "Saharasri" Subrata Roy Sahara, LOLZ...what nervous bowlers from PUNE and DC, pretty known result I guess, well done Cameron and the ipl teams of PUNE and DC buzz me if you need a bowler.
how beautiful is Gayatri Reddy yaar... Deccan charger's owner...
Good to know that at least Deccan Chargers have won this macth Reddy would be happy having won their first match
I guess m d only one left in support of Deccan Chargers...may b m Gayatri Reddy's fan datz why I still support d team...
Dale Steyn and Gayatri Reddy should be taken out of Deccan Chargers.
Gayatri Reddy is the only reason why I feel bad for the Deccan Chargers...:D
2Wall (go to IPL Indian Premier League Deccan Chargers owner Gayatri Reddy
After today's match against PWI, Deccan Chargers will clear whether Gayatri Reddy is to join Rajya Sabha or not.
Deccan Chargers.. Please win a game for Gayatri Reddy's sake. Paavam she's.
Someone in Deccan Chargers has to say it - Let's win it for Gayatri Reddy.
So far, in this IPL, Ms. Gayatri Reddy has been the best performer for Deccan Chargers and after her, the cheer-leaders and the supporters.
Are deccan chargers in just to flaunt Gayatri Reddy
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