Debra Winger & Richard Gere

Debra Winger (born May 16, 1955) is an American actress. She gained critical acclaim for her performance in Urban Cowboy in 1980. She then gave Academy Award-nominated performances in An Officer and a Gentleman, Terms of Endearment and Shadowlands. Richard Tiffany Gere (born August 31, 1949) is an American actor. 5.0/5

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You know you are getting old when you identify more with ol' Bogie and Hepburn in African Queen than Debra Winger and Richard Gere in an Officer and a Gentleman.
We headed out this morning and made our way to Pensacola. I love the movie An Officer and Gentleman with Richard Gere so when I hear Pensacola I think of that movie and where Debra Winger says to him "Get Jets". Well, the jets are here although it's hard to catch sight of one. It was very misty today so couldn't see much of anything but I was surprised at the pine trees growing along the coastal waters. Got a new souvenir for Florida today too. 68F here and the humidity is very high with the mist but I am loving it. First really warm day.
There has never been another movie like An Officer and A Gentleman. Debra Winger and Richard Gere are two people in the industry that can't be duplicated. Definitely in my top 10 movies!
The Dilbert Dunker is a device for training pilots on how to correctly escape a submerged plane. It was invented by Wilfred Kaneb, a nautical engineer, during World War II. The device was featured in the 1982 film, An Officer and a Gentleman, starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger. The word Dilbert is not listed in the dictionary although the term is used in the United States Navy to define a person who is slow witted and incapable of getting things done correctly. It is combined with "dunker" because a mockup cockpit (SNJ in the 40's and 50's) is sent down a 45 degree rail from a high stand at the deep end of the training pool, and at the end of the run under water it flips inverted to simulate a water ditching. The preflight student must detach the communication wire from the helmet, release the seat and shoulder harness, dive still deeper and swim away from the "aircraft" at a 45 degree angle to the surface for the purpose of assuming that the water around an actual situation has burning fuel on the wa ...
"Hollywood Squares" is four degrees of separation. It's played with either 2 or 4 people. If 2 are playing one starts and they take turns but the other has to complete the "square". If 4 play (foreplay?) someone starts and whoever wants to goes next etc. but the last one must finish the square---WTH??? Here's an example: Shirley Mclaine was in Terms of Endearment with Debra Winger--who was in An Officer & a Gentleman with Richard Gere--who was in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts--who was in Steel Magnolias with Shirley Mclaine. If my movies are too old school I'll try to get more current but I haven't seen anything new in a long time. I'll even let you go first. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, huh? If you don't start the game then I will, putting you in the cleanup position!
Just sat next to a suited and booted Pilot - is this how Debra Winger felt when she got to look at Richard Gere everyday when filming An Officer and a Gentleman???
Having a little nostalgia attack this afternoon watching an almost 30 year old movie with Richard Gere and Debra Winger...anybody old enough to' recall this Classic???
They are doing a job pretending. Richard Gere and Debra Winger hated each other, but made Officer and a Gentleman
Debra Winger sex with Richard Gere: Debra Winger sex with Richard Gere
First time watching An Officer and a Gentleman. Can't stop sighing loudly every time young Richard Gere smiles. I might be late to the game here but, melt. My. Heart.
Flash Review, "An Officer & a Gentleman," 1982. Haven't seen this since it came out. Really interesting where we've come in 30 years. Working class girls in Seattle area try to marry officers in training, so they can escape their hopeless poverty, ignorance and bad families. Richard Gere, son of a Navy officer is conditioned to the same brutality and addictions, wants to fly jets and escape, not fall in love with factory slave Debra Winger, but he does. They get trained by a tough Marine DI, Louis Gossett who makes a man out of Gere, but also tries to break him of being a wounded, self-centered jerk who can think of the well-being of the whole team and nation. Not to mention a woman. This is really good. See it again. I had a black DI in the Marines who was as good as Lou Gossett. The key moment is when Gossett takes and entire weekend to break Gere because he believes in him and finally Gere screams and sobs: don't kick me out, i have nowhere else to go!! After that he's a man. His pal, who is ...
Debra Winger sex with Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman
A long time ago... Loved this movie... 'An Officer and a Gentleman' and Richard Gere is still handsome... even with graying hair he still looks attractive but now he also looks mature and wise... well I guess he is mature... :D Where is Debra Winger...the girl that played with him... Haven't seen her in anything at all since.
An Officer and a Gentleman Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Zack (Richard Gere) is ridiculed by his new ...
For one day only, the 1980s Richard Gere classic sweeps into Cineworld to make viewers' hearts swoon!
I think a sequel to AN OFFICER & A GENTLEMEN could make big bucks. Jennifer Lawrence as child of Zack (Richard Gere) & Paula (Debra Winger)?
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I love Debra Winger in it ugh Richard Gere babe
Scene in officer & gentlemen when Richard Gere gets Debra Winger at factory still hands down one of best movie scenes ever.
If you watch An Officer and A Gentleman backwards, it's about Richard Gere giving Debra Winger a factory job.
When I was a kid and heard the title An Officer and a Gentleman, I assumed that Debra Winger was the officer and Richard Gere the gentleman.
Okay, so this is the difference between women and men. Steve and I are watching one of the most romantic films of all time, an oldie but a sappy goodie, An Officer and a Gentleman; and we get to the scene where Richard Gere cries out to Debra Winger "I don't want to be in love! I want to be alone!" And I'm, like, snuffling softly so he can't hear me, and Steve calls out of the blue, "Wow, is that ever a big tree!" Bwah- ha-ha!!! I haven't laughed this hard in ages!
I am watching Richard Gere and Debra Winger together in what movie?
I just got goosebumps again when Richard Gere carried out Debra Winger.and a little teary.I am such a hopeless romantic!
Richard Gere runs off in to the sunset with Debra Winger but his best mate Sid is the Gent & doesn't graduate worth a watch!
Don't they play a blinder, Debra Winger and Richard Gere swoon xx
I just watched this movie named "AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMEN" it was from the 1980's I think? Starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger and Richard Gere got into a fight with his Sargent I guess, anyways when they were fighting his Sargent told him quote "Your blood is as red as mine!" LOL I thought that was so funny! Because it is always true!
and Officer and a Gentleman - Richard Gere, Louis Gossett Jr, and Debra Winger.
An Officer and a Gentleman ON NOW - Richard Gere and Debra Winger and one of my fave movies - watch with me ... 1982 was good
Finally getting to watch an officer and a gentleman. Have always wanted to see it. Jessie protests any Richard Gere movie. I dont see why.there's not a thing wrong with him LOL
How about Richard Gere and Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman? That factory floor scene.
I'm watching an Officer and a Gentleman. I'm worried that I'm more into Debra Winger than I am Richard Gere.
Happy Birthday Karen,I was reminded of Officer and a Gentleman You and Mark look like Debra Winger and Richard Gere
Now watching the film: "An officer and a gentleman" (1982) starring Richard Gere, Debra Winger etc.
Good morning. It's Friday January 4th, Trivia Day. So... a cat's urine glows under a black light, Debra Winger was the voice of ET, and Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes. There ya go... Today's To-Do? Shine, even if the sun doesn't. Enjoy!
From a Feb 2002 article in The New Yorker: "Despite the triumphal nature of the occasion -- a sold-out, celebrity-ridden New York gig by a musician whom he has almost single-handedly rescued from poverty and obscurity -- Matthew Johnson has the worried, resigned expression of a man who knows that things can only get worse -- and will. "R.L., this is Uma Thurman," Johnson says in a weary drawl. "Matthew tells me y'all are in the movies," Burnside says politely, and promises to look out for her pictures when he gets home to Mississippi. Debra Winger says hello. As Richard Gere approaches, Matthew Johnson reminds Burnside that he has met the actor before, when he played at Gere's recent birthday party in Manhattan. "Oh, sure," Burnside says. "I remember him. He had all them monks at his party." The bluesman had never heard of Richard Gere; his concern was whether the gig paid in cash. He was worried about endangering his monthly welfare check."
Richard Gere carries Debra Winger out of the factory. Awesome.
Idk that I've ever needed someone to be the Richard Gere to my Debra Winger more than today.
"I'm like that dog that finds something dead and stinking on the ground and has to roll in it. It's not a metaphor - I get off on that kind of stuff." ~ Richard Gere
November 25th 3 things ugly-beautiful. 1- slugs. Yuck. I seem to always manage to step on these pointless, gooey, fat from eating my plants UGLY creature. What is the point? Last year I was lucky enough to have a Thrush bird family nest in my garden. Ooh goodness, the most beautiful songs wake me now. Thrush' s love to eat slugs and snails. That's their point. 2- a bruise. Love the kaleidoscope of purple,green, blue and black as they heal. 3-In the movie "Officer and a Gentleman" Debra Winger cried after "expressing" her love for her man. She had snot and spit everywhere. It was messy and really grossed me out. When she kissed Richard Gere dripping in mucus, the sound of her sucking her snot back up still haunts me. To add to this fiasco,Richard Gere is a horrible on screen kisser who seems to swallow her lower face. The back story is they hated each other off set. I think they did this on purpose to annoy each other while filming. So to me,it ranks as an ugly thing in a beautiful Oscar winning love sto . ...
Watched "An Officer and a Gentleman" AGAIN! A favorite movie. I must admit that, while they do not resemble each other, Debra Winger reminds me of Amy. I only wish I could be her Richard Gere.
And then Richard Gere walks into the factory picks up Debra Winger and takes her home and puts her up his butt. The end.
"Dude, I cry every time Richard Gere picks up Debra Winger."
Friendship Movies Thank you to viewers for contributing this list of friendship-related movies. If you have any movies to add, please email movieswith the title, actors, year, and a brief description. Thanks! :) Title Year Main Actors Description An Intimate Friendship 2000 Lisel. M Gorell, Stacy Marr, Rini Starkey, Tim McMillan, Kerry Leigh LePage. A family of friends is forever changed when two of the friends realize that their love for one another goes beyond the confines of their conventional relationship. An Officer And A Gentleman 1998 Richard Gere, Debra Winger, Louis Gossett Jr, David Keith Loser/loner Zach Mayo enlists in the Navy because he wants to inject a little direction into his wayward life. During his 13-week boot camp, he gets taught a lot of lessons of discipline, friendship and ultimately, love, as he starts off as a son trying to escape his father's past, and ends up as an officer and a gentleman. Au Revoir Les Enfants 1987 Gaspard Manesse, Raphael Fejto. An autobiographical accoun ...
So, no flooding at home, but big roof leak at the office. 6 loud, commercial sized fans blasting all day long. Felt like Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman, without the ear plugs, and minus Richard Gere :( Home, and quiet.
What threw me is that you're both better looking than Richard Gere & Debra Winger! Hope you're having a good time.:-)
After 30 years just found out Debra Winger was the voice of E.T. ...Richard Gere kissed an extraterrestrial.
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How would you like to be fired? Do you want to go out in a take-this-job-and-shove-it blaze of glory? Would you like security to martyr you, marching you out by the elbows, as you clutched your box of things like Richard Gere carrying off Debra Winger?
I only hope this NFL ruling encourages more WR's to pick up DB's like Richard Gere did Debra Winger in Officer and a Gentleman...
Just watched "An Officer and A Gentleman". Richard Gere and Debra Winger are simply awesome. They must be Republicans.
My ex wife said I was like Richard Gere... I wasn't sure if that was before or after Debra Winger hehe
Debra Winger don't let Richard Gere do that to you. He's a massive slag
Why do women swoon when Richard Gere picks up Debra Winger & carries her out? As far as we know, he turned out on the street to turn tricks.
that movie where Richard Gere carries Debra winger out of her work place at the end of the movie.. What's it called?..
I watched An Officer And A Gentleman last night for the first time since before I enlisted...looking at it with a different set of eyes I realize that their marriage is destined to fail. Right out of flight school, on a whim? Guarantee as soon as Richard Gere goes out to sea, Debra Winger screws half the base and drinks away his paycheck.
My spirit animal is Debra Winger. I hope your spirit animal is Richard Gere.
I'd like to re-stage the last scene of "An Officer and a Gentleman" with Oscar Taveras as Richard Gere and me as Debra Winger.
wanted si to go as Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman but Debra Winger has nothing special. But don't have to go as couple
Following the trend for Richard Gere & Debra Winger in the 1982 An Officer & a Gentleman
Last week Billy picked me up on the Bike and took me to Lunch. It felt exactly like the scene from an officer and a gentleman.(I was Debra Winger, He was Richard Gere)..the only difference was Billy has a messed up rotator cuff so he couldn't carry me, and when we were done eating he made me go back to work.
is crying to the end of An Officer & a Gentleman.if anybody knows a double to Richard Gere then tell him I work at St George's Hall... Bristol!!! but warn him when he picks me up.I weigh more than Debra Winger lol !
"An officer and a Gentleman" when Richard Gere swoops up Debra Winger and carries her out of the factory
“lift us up where we belong...diba Richard Gere movie ito? :)” - an Officer and a gentleman with Debra winger
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