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Debra Messing

Debra Lynn Messing (born August 15, 1968) is an American actress and comedienne, widely known for her television roles in Will & Grace and The Starter Wife.

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Hello, You have reached (Patricia Arquette, Debra Messing, Amber Tamblyn) and Bernie Sanders needs to apologize for why we…
The reason President Trump is President, is because of Far left nuts like Eric Boehlert and Debra Messing.
Ahem. Ellen, Oprah, Amy Pohler, American Fierra, Kristen Bell, Debra Messing and Eric McCormick to have tha…
I wish she would have left her hair dark brown and straight. She looked like Debra Messing
*** culture is... Reese Witherspoon and Debra Messing obsessing over Ben Platt on Sarah Paulson's IG post
Don’t wanna be dramatic but if Mariska Hargitay & Debra Messing don’t do their annual Halloween dress up together, Halloween is cancelled.
EXCLUSIVE: Debra Messing is in hot water with NBC after bashing Megyn Kelly
‘You’re in our thoughts and hearts’: Hillary Clinton and Debra Messing lead stars sending Julia Louis-Dreyfus well…
Mood: Debra Messing and Jane Fonda wondering how they ended up on Megyn Kelly
Can you believe poor little snowflake libtard Debra Messing had to put up with hearing the word *** . Being PC has divided the US terribly.
Debra Messing "dismayed" after Megyn Kelly asked fan if he was inspired to become *** because of "Will & Grace."
Look at Debra Messing's career. I'm pretty sure she regrets a LOT of things.
IT'S DEBRA MESSING, YOU *** Legends on billboards, Cher if you agree.
'Will & Grace' star says she regrets appearance
I love this photo. What percentage of the smiles do you think are real? via
Debra Messing has some serious regrets about her "Megyn Kelly Today" appearance. (Photo: NBC) https:/…
Debra Messing has turned into a hot mess and her constant PC blabbering has cooked her own goose.
Why Debra Messing 'regrets' going on Megyn Kelly's new NBC talk show
Debra Messing "dismayed" on Megyn Kelly Today After *** Thing' Gaffe needs to hide her bigotry better
Debra Messing says she didn't know she was going to appear on Megyn Kelly's new show: "Regret going on."…
Debra MESSing looks ready for that Mama Cass bio. What a porker.
“Honestly I didn’t know it was MK until that morning. The itinerary just said Today Show appearance"
Debra Messing regrets going on Megyn Kelly's new show ( they deserve each other )
Does Debra Messing regret going on Megyn Kelly’s new show?
'Will & Grace' star Debra Messing says she regrets her appearance on Megyn Kelly's new NBC daytime show.
Debra Messing says she regrets Megyn Kelly interview
the most devastating part of this is that Debra Messing thought she was just going on the old 9am hour of Today
is "dismayed" by comments during interview. Does she "regret going on" the show?
Messing continues to demonstrate that she is a Hollywood Snowflake
How can it be that the cast from 'Will And Grace', Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally, still look that great!
I added a video to a playlist 'Will & Grace's' Eric McCormack, Debra Messing still laughing 15 years
Some pretty AWESOME people were born on this day... 😏🎂. Joe Jonas 🍰. Debra Messing 🎉. Ben Affleck 🎊. Jennifer Lawrence
I miss We had Jeremy Jordan, Megan Hilty, Christian Borle, Catherine McPhee & Debra Messing on our TVs ever…
Tfw when you hold a vial of your new melon based anti-aging serum up to the light and the voice of Debra Messing says it's really good
Some of Jerry's girlfriends in season 8 and 9: Christine Taylor, Lori Loughlin, Debra Messing, Amanda Peat and Kristin Davis. Absurd!!
Literally the best part of was Katey Segal sippin' her drink as Debra Messing got up!
Debra Messing and Katey Segal are the only bright spots in this mess.
Why are the costumes so unflattering on everyone? Ewww. Debra Messing & Katey Segal deserve better
Why does Debra Messing and Katey Segal need musical numbers? Making up for the bad acting??
They seem to be doing a lot of *** chemistry. Don't forget the moment Debra Messing lusting after Katey Segal.
Even Katey Segal and Debra Messing can't save this
Debra Messing and Katey Segal getting together is the only thing that can save this remake.
Debra Messing just wants to get it in, fam. when is she gonna go find Katey Segal for some "Private Dan…
Debra Messing is having a *** for Katey Segal moment right now and honestly, i am too.
I do love me a randy Debra Messing tho Tho I wish nuevo Dr. Houseman was played by Harry Hamlin.
TEST Debra Messing explains why America needs 'Will & Grace' right now
Update your maps at Navteq
Naomi Watts's facial expression when Susan Sarandon went on her rant about Debra Messing reminded me of Naomi in the I Heart Huckabees car
Susan Sarandon's epic clapback to Debra Messing might make you think twice about messing with her
Someone told me I look like Debra Messing and my self confidence just sky-rocketed for the day.
💄everyday! Look at that hair and face.. jealous! Love you Debra Messing ever since…
Debra Messing teams up with to empower men and women everywhere! Check out the news:
EXCLUSIVE: dishes on the upcoming reboot — get the exciting details!…
This one's a modern cop show with Debra Messing. I watch while I'm rowing. And now it's over...
WOW, Debra Messing is such a Cancer! I heard they kiddingly mattered a box of chalk...
There is going to be a remake of Dirty Dancing – and it will be quite different to the original Debra Messing is …
[inserts Billy on the Street 'It's Debra Messing, You *** clip]
Debra Messing on Dirty Dancing ABC remake: "It's a little longer. So you learn a lot more about Baby's mom and dad." So much wrong here.
Coolsculpting's new ambassador Debra Messing 🌟 Such a gorgeous actress inside and out who just loves...
new Global Brand Ambassador is... Debra Messing! Follow as she shares her with you...
and Debra Messing Partner to and Cool Moments! Call Pearl MedSpa to schedule...
on how remake will be different from original - ABC News - via
Before its TV return, Debra Messing is looking back at the "risky" start of Will & Grace:
Repost from coolsculpting. Debra Messing is a new world embassador for Coolsculpting.…
Debra Messing is spilling a few secrets about the upcoming "Will & Grace" revival.
We love Debra Missing so much!. We are Honored that Debra Messing is our new Global Brand Ambassador sharing her...
Stars dish on how the remake of the classic will be slightly different.
Emmy winning actress Debra Messing recently posed for a photo with Minnie Mouse at Resort!
Debra Messing is the new Global Brand Ambassador sharing her She embodies everything...
Debra Messing on how 'Dirty Dancing' remake will be different from original - ABC News
Excited that Debra Messing is the new brand ambassador for CoolSculpting. Almost as excited as Will & Grace...
‘Will and Grace’ reunion: Debra Messing spills new details
Sent to me by Debra Messing: who said great article to read
Check out who the new Global Brand Ambassador is for CoolSculpting®! Debra Messing!
Surprise! The newest CoolSculpting Global Brand Ambassador is none other than Debra Messing!
😳OMG! So excited to announce that Debra Messing is the newest Global Brand Ambassador for…
Debra Messing accuses director Alfonso Arau of sexual harassment during her first film "A Walk in the Clouds"
(L-R) Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally, Debra Messing, and Eric McCormack from the Cast of 'Will and Grace' walk on the…
Rosie Perez, Debra Messing, Rosie O'Donnell, and I here at the Pre Inauguration rally.
I feel asleep during the Will & Grace binge-a-thon and had a dream where I was married to Debra Messing. Now I'm awake and don't want to be
Debra Messing Mourns the Death of On-Screen Mom Debbie Reynolds: ‘An Inspiration on Every Level’ via
Debra Messing and the cast of “Will & Grace” paid tribute to legendary entertainers Carrie Fisher and Debbie
Am I the only one that thinks Myrna Loy and Debra Messing look a lot alike?
Am I the only one with a craving to watch Debra Messing do a Jane Austen-era period piece
Debra Messing and the cast of mourn costar Debbie Reynolds — read their touching tributes:
Debra Messing pays tribute to Debbie Reynolds, her fictional mother on
The touching tributes to Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds
no way! I just watched her on the street segment, "It's Debra Messing, you *** "
Would love to see the world through Debra Messing's eyes!
Debra Messing mourns the death of on-screen mom Debbie Reynolds: 'An inspiration on every level' https:…
Kimberly J. Brown pays touching tribute to her Halloweentown grandmother Debbie Reynolds:
in other news: Soulja Boy killed a man, Tony Hawk is not dead, and the world is hating on (our queen) Debra Messing
Debra Messing remembers the late Debbie Reynolds: "She was my mom for years & I loved her dearly." https…
Debra Messing mourns the loss of her TV mom, Debbie Reynolds
Yesterday, Debra Messing's message went viral. That's exactly how many in this nation feel.
Well. Debra Messing just made me cry.
Kimberly J. Brown remembers her Halloweentown grandmother Debbie Reynolds: "Thanks for the magic." https…
Debra Messing mourns Debbie Reynolds, her mom: “I loved her dearly.”
Martin Sheen, Debra Messing and Mike Farrell are a few of the celebrities asking GOP electors not to vote for Trump:
Celebs to Debra Messing of “Will & Grace,” musician Moby, Mike Farrell and Loretta Swit of “M*A*S*H” and B…
Really quite shocked that the likes of Debra Messing and Bob Odenkirk couldn't sway the voters of the electoral college.
I mean who really cares what Debra Messing says anyway? BTW-who in the heck is Bob Odenkirk?
Here is a list of actors Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Richard Schiff, Bob Odenkirk, BD Wong that think we don;t know what were doing.
People I never want to hear about again:. -Joy Reid. -Debra Messing. -David Frum. -Ana Navarro. -Alexander Hamilton. -Kurt Eic…
Creatively I just enjoy challenging myself in different genres.
People on streets are saying IT'S DEBRA MESSING YOU ***
Will & Grace could return to TV So did write something for Debra Messing?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Yes, women, and men, have to be open to love, because if we're not ope...
Personally I need to know what Cher, Debra Messing, Kirstie Alley, and Scott Baio think b4 I make my mind up.
This queen don't need a king👸 She got it all, she got intelligence, beauty, humor, integrity, bravery and passion💁…
Pleasantly surprised by Was skeptical but enjoying it and actually finding it funny. Debra Messing's still got it 👏
Thinking I must leave social media- stumbled on a slanging match over Debra Messing's Clinton shirt & her right to wear it.
I have such a huge girl crush on Debra Messing
I would never have called myself tech-savvy.
will Debra Messing ever stop giving?
Why did Debra Messing just run on stage?
So my son is very curious, which is fantastic. He loves school. So I d...
I'm fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on, my hands start to ...
Debra Messing on the Set of TV Show The Mysteries of Laura in Brooklyn
'Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nu...
Letting my inner Debra Messing shine today.
It's him and pre Will and Grace Debra Messing as a 'married for convenience' couple. I really liked it. Very funny.
Debra Messing is so talented and deserves more than a Will & Grace reboot.
Even the famous ones like Debra Messing RT's them 😒
Ready for round two? Debra Messing teased a reunion amid reports that a revival is in the works:…
I would do unspeakable things to Debra Messing 👅😍
Who's that little girl Debra Messing is RT'ing?
Debra Messing . YOU ARE FLAT OUT LYING. And you know it. How do you live with yourself.
I need video of Debra Messing and Megan Mullaly singing a parody of Dear Officer Krupke at a Hillary event tonight.
oh thank you mum didn't realise your name was Debra Messing. 😂
"Can I get them to hold the curtain so I can find out what happened to Debra Messing?" - being his truest self
A revival? Debra Messing, Erick McCormack and Megan Mullally give the scoop
My life goal is to have hair like Debra Messing 😍
Debra Messing and co to return in new season of Will And Grace
I hate how Debra Messing looks so obviously pregnant in Season 6 of Will & Grace. They didn't even try to hide it!…
Hillary Clinton thanks Debra Messing after 'Will THX for posting our AG…
11 times Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing were the sweetest BFFs ever
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big fan of Debra Messing and look at the boobs on Megan Mullaly 😍
Debra Messing urges Gwen Stefani to convince Blake Shelton not to vote for Trump
Debra Messing apologizes for saying Blake Shelton endorsed Trump (he didn't)
Kristen Bell, Debra Messing and more perform 'What the World Needs Now is Love' at DNC
Debra Messing will speak at the Democratic National Convention. Hoping it overlaps with Susan Sarandon's garage sale for J…
Pls tell me the Jennifer Aniston HuffPo piece means Debra Messing is going to start blogging for Daily Kos
Even Cher, Ricky Martin, Debra Messing, Jamie Lee Curtis vote Hillary they are just too *** good!
you're anything but a monster Debra Messing &Ted Gibson, you keep making our girl look gorgeous, you got the tools.
& canceled makes me wonder what NBC one or two season wonders Debra Messing & David Lyons have next.
Also got Teri Hatcher, Lori Loughlan, Courtney Cox, Anna Gunn, Debra Messing, Kristin Davis, the woman from Frazier...
Casting: Nathan Fillion as Fred; NPH play Barney; Debra Messing is Wilma and let's go with Mindy Kaling as Betty.
Debra Messing, Jeremy Jordan, Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes. How on earth can I never have heard of this epic serie?! 😱
Debra Messing is my favorite person
I can't believe Debra Messing is us
there's a lady that I work with that looks just like Debra messing.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
yep also Debra messing from will and grace I had to unfollow her at us open. I thought actors were imaginative not sheep 😀
So now there's a handsome man with salt and pepper hair who makes Debra Messing delicious food. I'm going to be here for a while.
Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man can give to a woman. -Debra Messing
Do you know the story of the Copmom Momcop theme song? That I wrote for the show "Mysteries Of Laura" with …
Oh my god! Debra Messing appears to be wearing a bra for the first time in this episode of Will & Grace! 😱
On this day of ❤. Natasha is crowdrising for Debra Messing for PSI:
I love wedding date Debra Messing is so funny and Dermot Mulroney so charming 👍💝
Debra Messing is really good at overacting
CaldwellZoo slaves Mysteries of Laura Debra Messing, Use Trade Center Suicide Bombers to destroy my family, chop me down?
should consider Sean Hayes for lip sync with Debra messing
I was going to do things today but now Debra Messing and the Wedding Date is on TV, so now I just don't know.
just started! One of my all time favorite romcoms! Debra Messing and Dermott Mulroney 💜
Watching The Wedding Date for the 2nd time this weekend because Debra Messing is adorable in it & Dermot Mulroney gives me fever.
You can't prove that I'm a tiny bit drunk and downloading new wallpaper pics of Debra Messing.
.you're a gem! We loved you in Will & Grace, and we love you even more as Debra Messing! ❤️
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Debra Messing just Instagrammed a photo of a paradise resort with the caption "simple pleasures." She is so grounded
reminder to when Debra messing and her son cut us in line for a slide today all is well tho if she hangs out with us
messing abart wi knifes. Am not grown up enuff
Ugh I need to RSVP to this wedding and book the hotel ASAP and I have no date options of course. Gonna pull a Debra Messing.
I truly believe The Wedding Date with Debra Messing is completely under appreciated as a movie. (A young Amy Adams is in it too!) 🍾💍💋
Ok so not only is Debra Messing in this movie BUT Jack Davenport TOO ugh yes just like
Court TV. I can't stop watching it. I am absolutely obsessed! If I'm not re...
Debra Messing from Everybody Loves Raymond stars in You Don't Mess with the Zohan about an indolent Physicist named Ronni
I really dreamed Debra is visiting me 🙈
thank GOD that Debra Messing show is finally on our prayers have been answered
Also, as we discussed today at work, Mary-Louise Parker is the not-basic Debra Messing
I want Debra Messing's hair when I grow up. That is all
Here are 9 photos from Broadway you do NOT want to miss:
Wow, this show combines your two favorite things: Lost and Debra Messing.
I'm a sucker for crime shows, but I'm not sure I can believe Debra Messing as a "dead shot with cool steel"
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Debra Messing from Premium Rush stars in The Ruins about a flaky Marine biologist named Tanga
Olivia is going to kill me but I'm high key sure I've just become a Debra Messing fan.
So i'm watching "Brooklyn," and this is a real turnaround for Debra Messing's son from "Smash"
"Remember when Debra Messing was hot on the scene!?" -
Watching "The Wedding Date" for like the 8th time. Love me some Debra Messing! 💁🏽
OR DEBRA MESSING but she's got her own show but maybe a movie or something i have so many needs
New people are discovering the joys of Debra Messing facts. Thank you,
28. Marvel Comics' Queen of the Inhumans, Medusa was inspired by Debra Messing. Probably.
27. The original NBC logo only contained 5 colours; the red feather was added to honour Debra Messing.
"The mysteries of Laura" is a funny detective show. lol. A mom who's a detective played by Debra Messing
I'm sure Jane Krakowski is a lovely person but I've seen enough of her crazy roles to believe she's punched Jenna Elfmen or Debra Messing.
Lucy movie, Debra Messing & John Leguizamo.why it never happened
What a shame ! You have had Lindsay Lohan host 4 times & she is not even funny. Why hasn't Debra Messing hosted? She is talented !!!
18 years & Debra Messing hasn't hosted once. What are you waiting for till she's 90 like you did with Betty White.? SNL is unfair !!
When will Debra Messing get to host?? She hasn't hosted once-- what a shame!
Please have Debra Messing host ! What does one have to do to get you to listen & have her host? PLEASE
It would be so awesome, if you would have Debra Messing host for once! She has never hosted. WHY? She has been on for 18 years!
thanks for sharing Debra Messing, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
Debra Messing has many fans who want to see her host. won't you please give us a good Christmas, & ask her to host please! Thanks
Could you please ask Lorne to ask Debra Messing to guest host she would be a great host & fans want to see her! Thank U
Yes you all are cool. But it would be cooler to finally see Debra Messing host.PLEASE
Now I see you are sexist Lorne Michaels. All the members of the " 5 club" are MEN!. We want Debra Messing to host SNL! Why hasn't she
Please post here to get SNL to have Debra Messing to guest host Saturday Night Live! We want to see her host SOON!
YES ! YES! Petition time! What the heck is wrong with ? WE WANT DEBRA MESSING TO GUEST HOST!!!
I think it's ridiculous that the talented Debra Messing has never hosted yet Paris Hilton has. *** !
Why have you never asked Debra Messing to host? She is flipping awesome, get off the stick and invite her.
would really like to see a production of Into the Woods where Brian Darcy James & Debra Messing play Baker and Bakers wife pls and thank u
listen smash was objectively A Good Show it had debra messing, theatre, and leslie odom jr. kissing guys u listening?
I mean, I would too. "When Rita Ora (or Rita Oro according to Debra Messing!) posts a fab selfie it's 'RIP' to her mentions."
Great to see make it to Jeopardy, thanks to Debra Messing!
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"You hope that you will get the opportunity to do what you love and pay your bills, and that is being a success as an actor."--Debra Messing
although it amuses me that Marilu Henner and Debra Messing are so into it.
is somebody at Jeopardy! friends with Debra Messing? on top of a Celebrity Jeopardy appearance, she's done a weirdly high # of video clues
I just wish I was living in the US right now so I could see Debra Messing now 😭 I will look for the interview/show/whatever tomorrow ✌
Debra Messing is so underrated it hurts.
Between Emory Cohen in "Brooklyn" and Brian D'Arcy James in "Spotlight," it's a great movie weekend for Debra Messing's "…
I'm going 2 be donating lots more to Say NO MORE to Violence JHF&Mariska Hargitay ur site and Debra Messing's foundation Yay!
Channeling a little bit of Debra Messing
thanks for sharing Debra Messing, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
Keith and Theodora's appearance on last night's is available for watching online. Check it:
TV News - has been topped up from 10 episodes to 13 for season 2. Stars Debra Messing and Josh Lucas.
I just saw that Mysteries of Laura stars Josh Lucas. As much as Debra Messing isn't my cup of tea, he is.
I'm not messing with Debra though . Sad thing .Hope she can help!
Debra Messing The actress films a scene for NBC's Mysteries of Laura in NYC.
Oh *** naw! JLo playing a cop well Debra Messing is, too. Ugh.
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Please let Ted Cruz spend his 12 NBC minutes on THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA talking to Debra Messing about favorite Grace Adler moments.
Not a Sitcom: Debra Messing on the 'Ugly Reality' of being Jewish in Hollywood.
AUDITION: Seeking kids (ages 8-10yrs) old to portray MARTIAL ARTS STUDENTS for the NBC show starring Debra Messing
Rewatching SMASH. So you've made out with both Christian Borle AND Debra Messing?
Catch me on next week's episode of NBC's "Mysteries Of Laura" starring Debra Messing
Geez! My hearts bleeding for Debra Messing! Early days in Hollywood must have been so so tough.until they...
Jason, my hubs, had to work in front of Debra Messing all day long in just his undies last yr. At least you had on pants!
Debra Messing talks about the 'ugly reality' of being Jewish in Hollywood - -
Debra you never cease to overwhelm me with your talent. Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Debra Messing, AWED
don't you just love Debra Messing and Christin Borle and Brian Darcy James though?
"The day we saw John Guare speak at the 92Y."- the romantic connection between Debra Messing (you *** & Jesse L Martin.
yesterday I fell in love with Debra Messing 😍
Happy Birthday DEBRA MESSING! I loved you in Will & Grace and you're smashing in MYSTERIES OF LAURA. You don't look a day over 30.
Happy Birthday, Debra Messing. You were on SMASH, and for that I salute you.
Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Kinney, Debra Messing, Natasha Henstridge, Jim Dale and anyone else born today.
Debra Messing was born August 15, 1968 in Brooklyn to Jewish-American parents before becoming Grace on Will & Grace:)
Today is the birthday of Debra Messing - born 47 years ago today
Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Debra Messing today is a huge celebrity birthday party
Also Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lawrence, Debra Messing, Jim Dale, Napoleon (and any others out there hehe sorry) 🎁🎈🎉🎂
,.,.i wish Debra Messing.had a more Tom Cruise's. she would be Perfect.
James loves The Wedding Date with Debra Messing and thinks its a classic. lol!
If it's your birthday today, Happy Birthday. You share this special day with: Ben Affleck (42), Debra Messing (46) and Princess Anne (64)
I messing around one day and pop these happened 😨😉
Debra messing hairstyles and haircolor -
Sat, 15 Aug 2015, let us all send Debra Messing the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((47)
Nathan Lane and Debra Messing to Lead Benefit Readings of Short Plays by Wesley Taylor This Fall... .
Check out this oldie (but goodie!) where Ellen talks to Debra Messing about signing with her son.
"Anjelica Huston's bangs and Debra Messing's scarves are like their own guest stars" I have never heard anything more accurate
Celebrity Jeopardy is back (thank Jesus)! Stars like Aaron Rodgers, Bellamy Young, Zachary Quinto, Debra Messing, Josh…
America created both Debra Messing and Patricia Heaton so THINK ABOUT THAT!!!
Debra Messing is forever immortalized to me by her appearance with Billy on the Street
Season 4 Hannibal pitch: Debra Messing as Clarice, only this time she's a wacky mom. Happy now, Bob Greenblatt?
.may have dressed the most Debra Messing, Kristin Chenoweth, Annaleigh Ashford, Jennifer Grey, Bern…
*** Vince Gilligan, Debra Messing and Neil Flynn were on Jeopardy! together. Wish I could have seen it.
Tomorrow I get to speak to Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris of ABC Family's new show "Stitchers" and Debra Messing of NBC's "Mysteries of Laura!"
There really should be. a Debra Messing handicap. for best costume design Emmy
Even if I miss Debra Messing and Megan Hilty on television
will feature the talents of Christian Borle, Will Chase, Megan Hilty, Katharine McPhee & Debra Messing.
Daniel Zelman at Debra Messing and Family Sighting in Soho - May 21, 2006
Debra Messing at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts gala
Laz Alonso of 'Avatar' fills us in on his role on the new series with Debra Messing.
Katharine McPhee | 'Smash' cast members Debra Messing, Katharine McPhee and Anjelica Huston will reunite for a one-…
((Nueva Vida)) Photos: 'Will and Grace' Star Buys NYC Home: Debra Messing bought a co-op in the city's Upper West Side.
- Emmy-winning actress Debra Messing, guest on this AM's Show. Knew you'd want to tune in.
“on Bringing BOMBSHELL to Broadway and the Whereabouts of Debra Messing’s SMASH Scarves.”
I love Laura Diamond more than I love Grace Adler omg but either way Debra Messing is perfect
I just voted for Debra Messing in the Peoples Choice Awards! 😃
Debra Messing shows off remarkably youthful complexion while handing out toiletries for charity in New York
I too am very confused why Mysteries of Laura isn't cancelled, Debra Messing
Clearly the Debra Messing Buzzfeed needs to be ongoing.
the Debra messing and Paul Rudd videos are my fave
Debra Messing shows off remarkably youthful complexion via
You shouldn't be hated or bullied for who you vote for. Honestly, I'm voting for Debra Messing, but it's a choice to do so.
Debra Messing deserves a good show though.
All I want to do is eat dinner and watch Debra Messing solve a crime
There is something about Debra Messing, man.
Loved Debra Messing in Ned & Stacey and Smash and now loving her in The Mysteries of Laura...
there's very few good shows in network tv. Just easy to watch shows. And NBV keeps giving Debra Messing shows
The Mysteries of Laura, I love Debra Messing. How to Get Away With Murder & Bad Judge. The ladies are taking over this fall.
Check out our exclusive interview with on bringing Bombshell to Broadway + more!
I've always wanted to sleep with Debra Messing.
Why do so many women-centric shows seem like storylines we would make our Barbies act out as kids? See: anything Debra Messing has been in.
Does anyone else think that the poofy red-haired woman in Rocky Horror looks a lot like Debra Messing?
Debra Messing's labor scream in The Women. >
I can't tell Debra Messing and Kate Walsh apart.
I can never decide if Debra Messing is hot or not.
I love Debra Messing but I may need to give up on MoL
"Homelessness is going down nationwide, but it's going up 40% in NYC," said watch the clip here:
That time when Debra Messing commented on one of our!
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