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Debra Lee

Debralee Scott (April 2, 1953 โ€“ April 5, 2005) was an American actress best known for her role on the sitcoms Welcome Back, Kotter and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Bob Johnson Cathy Hughes Bow Wow Rick Ross Mona Scott

Twisted at the hope for Hanna fundraiser and was able to donate $160. Great show of support from the community for this little girl! Busiest fundraiser I have worked at jojos, Debra Lee Kalbach you are wonderful to the people of bucks county!
Debra Lee '76, Chairman and CEO of BET Network, is set to get an Honorary degree this year at commencement.
WE HAVE A WINNER!!. Congratulations to Debra Lee Gratto for winning 2 TICKETS to see the Devin Cuddy Band at...
Connie Vandervers Bidnwin will be delivering for me to the following people in Talladega today @ noon and Oxford at 1:00 p.m. at Books A Million...PLEASE remember to pick your items up :) Susan Neeley Parker Linda Caroll (Some reason i can not find you to tag) Meagan Brooke Nixon Patricia Pitts Arnold Jackie Mathis Debbie Laurie...I am still trying to find your item hun. If its fine i will send it next week. Debra Lee (Picked up by Kasey's Auction Page)
If you don't for time is what life is made up of. Bruce Lee
Bring back Lee DeWyze for a performance. One of my faves!
i wish i could see Disappearing acts but know channel is showing it,if you know Debra Lee maybe you can get BET to show it
My cuttings from Debra Lee Baldwin have rooted! Which variety is this one in bloom?
Success like Oprah or Debra lee please ๐Ÿ‘
Holy shyt Debra can you like reply your WhatsApp it's emergency
they need younger blood running things over there.. Bye, Debra Lee.
Bruce Lee playing with his son Brandon, 1966
Debra Lee gone make sure August Attitudeyy never gets to do a tribute.
The friends you make in college are the friends you make for life. - Debra Lee from Sydney White 2008
Same here. Once Debra Lee took over it went downhill "I haven't consistently watched BET in about 10 years"
Debra Lee and them ain't invited tho. She attracts the dried out scallywag, no home trainin crowd.
Cassie and Debra conning Lee the barman into making them 2 cocktails each
HERE'S at the Soul Train awards with 's Debra Lee!!!
My sister-in-law, Debra Lee Humphrey Upshaw, got my mom wanting a few herbs. She wanted to put them in something...
If Lee is in the mood for free last minute chops I'll send around and save her a fortune!
Lisa Raye's show "Single Ladies" got dropped from VH1 & Centric picked it up-Lisa Raye called Debra Lee to do sexual favors to get on BET!!!
So Debra Lee serves as board of director for a Monsanto company. Explains so much..
me and at Debra Lee's Pre BET dinner party acting foolish.
Debra Lee speaking at Women's Power Breakfast receiving award and honoring colleague.
Debra Lee introduces honoree Vicki Free, EVP of Marketing for at "Women's Power Breakfast"
debra lee introduces honoree at GO VICKY!
BET Upfronts with and Debra Lee...great day!
I've been in five cities in the past eight days and have spent time with people like Sheila E, Kim Kimble, Debra Lee, MC Lyte and Michelle Obama . . . But there is no place like home with family. On my way there now and happy!
Has got an unexpected child free afternoon and evening thanks to my lovely sister and brother in law. Thanks guys Debra Lee and Simon Lee
Garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin creates container gardens using six easy-care, colorful succulents recommended in one of her newsletters. Debra wrot...
Just met with Debra Lee Murrow our next artist of the month. Mark February 21st 6-9p down in you calendar! You won't want to miss an opportunity to meet her, experience her art and leave with a light spirit filled heart! Ok now go mark it down! See you next Friday!
jus talkd to my mom i love THT crazy *** women happ v day mom Debra Lee
thoroughly disappointed as well as I'm sure Debra is.I thought you were different Jake
Happy Valentine's day debra lee love u always
Happy valentines to all come see me at Viva,s tonight for fun times dancing to Debra Lee and meet up with some swell people . Great dinner special and drinks would love to see you.
Before there was Oprah Winfrey, Sheila Johnson or Debra L. Lee there was a certain Madam C.J Walker. Born to...
Debra Lee Barclay, I thought you would like this...Happy Valentines Day.
happy bday to my sister debra lee and to brother Richard smith happy b to you ken
Hello Debra Lee why does BET keep airing old programming such BET NOW and The Pull Up in Canada? BET has become so boring
I'm in this one! Valentine treasury by Debra Lee via
Orby Higdon (October 27, 1937 - February 12, 2014) U.S. VeteranHIGDON, AL: Orby L. Higdon, age 76, went to be with the Lord February 12, 2014. He was a lifelong resident of Higdon, AL., a devoted husband of 57 years to Mrs. Ruth Gennette Farr Higdon originally of Albuquerque, NM. They are loving parents of two daughters Mrs Debra Lee Higdon Spangler of Ringgold, GA., Mrs. Karen Ann Higdon Hicks of Daytona, Beach, FL., grandparents of two grandsons Reid Miles and Nathan miles; three granddaughters Misty Hicks, Sonya Wade, and Ashley Miles; great grandparents of nine great-grandchildren. Orby graduated from Pisgah High School in 1955 then became a member of Special Forces for the United States Air Force from 1955 until 1959. He was saved on March 13, 1987, and later became an ordained Deacon and then became an ordained Baptist Minister and pastored Mt. Haven Baptist Church. He was currently a member of New Haven Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Orby was a dedicated employee, retiring from the teamsters un ...
It's bit of an ideological case study. What should the govt provide? A chicken in every pot, a plant in every office?
I really should have taken a greenhouse to the Hill. Ugh.
"If the Conservatives want to keep the plants...we are contemplating the possibility of leasing them, watering not included."
A flower arrangement that will last for long time. Made by Debra Lee Baldwin
Getting off work, great day! shook hands w Phillipe Dauman, Debra Lee, and ran into Sway
106&Park need to be cancelled. Who got Debra Lee
I am going to write Debra Lee from BET and ask to please stop showing the same movies over and over again. let us miss the movie for a while before you show it again
Thank you to BET for a wonderful weekend wrapped around the BET Honors. Ms. Debra Lee, Women Veterans Interactive...
Happy Valentine's Day Aunt Debba, Mrs Jane and Mr Jack! Cera and Aunt Debba were having so much fun we forgot the picture!!! LOL!! We love you!! (Debra Lee)
Every time I want to go somewhere and I ask Debra it's like I'm going up against the Supreme Court trying to prove my innocence
Why are you sending me a picture of Debra Lee? RT
I reduced about 132grams of carb intake today up until the show now im hungry as ever so im putting in orders for ,April 13 for food Debra Lee, Patricia Cole, and whoever else want to feed me after the show any volunteers ?
Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson kiss on the red carpet for Debra Lee's honoree dinner
Arrow Global Entertainment star Ann Nesby is always in the company of well known entertainers and entertainment icons like Anthony Hamilton, Clifton Davis, Marvin Winans, and Debra Lee. Let's reflect on their body of work in honor of black history month.
Thanks Debra Lee Baldwin for setting it straight. Folks will enjoy reading this.
Guest rant by Debra Lee Baldwin, a rebuttal to Ivette Solerโ€™s rant in which she expressed ennui about succulents and proposed that the plantsโ€™ popularity is diminishing.
Taken: Taken - Kindle edition by Debra Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or ...
So why is it VH1 has a two week series "The Tan of a Nation, how hip hop changed America". But Centric, BET, TVONE has nothing on this. *** Debra Lee you slippin.
A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister all our love hope u had a g8 day xxx Debra lee.
โ€œThe most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.โ€ -Pierre De Coubertin Today we're learning about Russia and Estonia in our Around the World class with Debra Lee!
Debra Lee's BET Honoree Dinner See which stars came to pay homage to our honorees.
Hello Debra Lee do are u looking for any new Fresh faces I would love to work on a show at BET
On a scale from Debra Lee to Lorde how awkward are you?
Lego MOVIE *ROCKED!* and I don't care for animation these days! Dawn and I were laughn and giggling . lots of action! Deanna Dail Bridges Debra Lee Eric Reynolds
Looks like Debra Lee finally got the clothing right for this BET Honors. About *** time
Lost Footage: Last night in Washington, DC setting up another meeting with Ms. Debra Lee!
Lost Footage: Last night in Washington, DC with BET's Debra Lee and
Debra Lee CiaccioStahl, I have been off FB for a while. At what point do we need to send you money for the October reunion?
Debra Lee I sure you should appreciate this type of production come on out and give your Review.
Love these natural curls on betnetworks own Debra Lee
My cuz at the BET Honors After Party, shaniboone25 with her BIG Bo$$ Debra Lee & Iโ€ฆ
Spent my evening with big sis and future big sis, Debra Lee. Give us a year, we'll beโ€ฆ
[PRESS PLAY] Catch a Sneak Peek of our Red Carpet coverage tonight at the 2014 Honor Awards! We chatted with Executives, Debra Lee, Wayne Brady, & Fonzworth Bentley and many more. Exclusive Interview Coming Soon! -
I wish I could've stayed home and not have went to Jacksonville cause of Debra Lee
Celebrating my Birthday AGAIN at moon and Stars with Alison Blakemore and Debra Lee.let the drinking begin .x
Grateful to God! My hard work has not been in vain. Ms. Debra Lee Ceo of BET just made the announcement. Team WVI as Founder and Ceo I am happy to announce that we are fully funded for 2014! To God be the Glory!!
Debra Lee , a valentine you can appreciate!
Little known black history fact...I am really shock.Debra Lee the CEO of BET is a graduate of Dudley High School.Panther Pride.
Happy 85th Birthday to my auntie Cora Wright & there was a comment made about what do you give a lady that has everything and they said they would get her a man from the convaleson home well I say she doesn't need a man, she needs a man that got a little bump in his thump, and move like she move love you and enjoy your day many more to come you niece Debra lee.
From Debra Lee Baldwin's book Succulents Simplified, which includes how-to instructions.
Debra Lee ran BET into the ground yo...
If Thrift Shop is no.1 on Notarized I'm kicking Debra Lee's ***
Debra Lee is the devil. That boondocks episode was the truth
At-a-glance reflection: 2013 had some great highlight moments for me. It started with a double unexpected engagement causing the biggest smiles ever! Inaugural ball glamour and fun where John Legend shouts me out, Dougie Fresh complimented my fresh, and Jadakiss invited me to chill with him and his celeb friends. Created a vision board that included me adding things that jumped at me like Queen Latifa and a message that said Black Women Who Shine, along with one that said Black Women in Hollywood. Within a month or so of doing that I got to work with one of my favorite kick *** photographers where we spent 3 intimate days photographing women like Debra Lee, Tracey Ellis Ross, Diane Carroll, MC Lyte, Joy Reid, Janelle Monae Beverley Bond, Nicole Ari Parker, Queen Latifa and many other herstory makers. Elixher Magazine dropped digitally and in print, and as nervousness as I was to photograph the fashion spread, it was a big hit! Celebrated my 30th birthday in Deep Creek with people who embrace me. I took on ...
Lol I didn't put you there will get jealous lol x
well how you wanted me to state it Debra Lee ! ? ๐Ÿ‘€
Debra Lee is an amazing woman...very sweet when you meet her in person:)
. Hello Ms Debra Lee, I'm launching a new platform of films
I know I'm not the only one who hates when Debra Lee comes out and talks on the BET Awards!..
A Bride for All Seasons by Mary Connealy, Debra Clopton, Robin Lee Hatcher (and me) is ranked on Amazon in...
Was Debra Lee the voice of the old slug lady from Monsters Inc?
So am i darkskin or was Debra Lee just glowing cause...maybe i was standing in the shade
Isocialite 2013 we've had the honor of doing interviews w. Rozay, Tichina Arnold, Russell & Angela Simmons, Debra Lee, Skylar Diggins contd
My mom asks "can I use the large hot coffee coupon for a small latte?"... Obviously not Debra lee โœ‹
Haydon and Lee are yelling down the isle at a rando named Debra. This shall be a fun trip...
Once get rid of Ol Debra Lee, they'll bring Uncut back.. I can feel it
My dear brother, The beautiful Debra Lee of BET told me merry Christmas and thank you...favorite gift.
*** are still mad at Debra Lee for takin away BET Uncut bruh, we wont forget about it either. She will never be forgiveโ€ฆ
Merry Christmas Ms. Debra Lee, may God continue to bless you with Joy & Success. JH;)
why're you mad @ Debra Lee, don't you see she's Team natural now?! She's obvi down for the cause! {- Hursh! LOL
I should slap Debra Lee & BET! Why TF are we watching Alex Haley & Roots ON CHRISTMAS?!! GTFOH ๐Ÿ˜ค
Mrs Debra Lee yes I understand the meaning of Roots but I think this ridicules black entertainment tv for real.
I see Debra Lee's tailor hates her as much as I do.
โ€œProlly not. Her bougie self ๐Ÿ˜’ โ€œI wonder does Debra Lee watch BET?โ€โ€ That explains why they keep showin Roots.
Debra Lee at home like "this is not what I told them to play"'
โ€œI wonder does Debra Lee watch BET?โ€ she probably fed up like the rest of us..
Somebody email Debra Lee and let her know WE don't appreciate this movie selection of ROOTS for Christmas Eve and Chriโ€ฆ
Clearly Debra Lee had some court-appointed community service she was mandated to serve and she decided to show on LOL
Oh my god SO MANY DEBRA LEE FURNESS REFERENCES in this livestream! Mentioning the name "Debra" and adoption.
Congratulations to the winners of the Natures Cuppa giveaway: Josey Di Vito, Debra Lee, Jade and Adelle. Email...
Every since Debra Lee took over it fell OFF! SMFH
This is a beautiful project that you can do yourself. The directions are in Debra Lee Baldwin's book "Succulents...
Would appreciate some for by Debra Lee via
finished Taken by Debra Lee & gave it 1 star. Tripe. Have seen better writing by primary school kids
Updating my boss' contacts & look at whose name I came across...Debra Lee from BET.
Fay's in trouble again. Deadly Arrows (A Fay Cunningham Mystery-Book 2) by Debra Lee via
2 for the price of 1 The Fay Cunningham Mysteries (A Dangerous Woman, Deadly Arrows) by Debra Lee via
I'd make breakfast and be a PA for Debra lee,kanya king,Anna wintor or Donatello versace I'm not picky lol
not if Debra Lee has anythin 2 do w/ it... AINT NO $!
What's up Debra Lee I am BET in my hood lol
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Dom said Debra Lee is Diamond from players club y'all ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€
she work at bet now, you know Debra lee? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Debra Lee like that annoying principal that get on the intercom and just talk
I really wanna know how much *** Debra Lee had to suck to get the rights to Scandal...
She really bought her clutch on stage? Debra lee wouldn't do this
Me and would like to the Debra Lee the BET CEO and the HOST for presenting us with this most prestigious award
This why I don't watch BET.. all the songs so censored, they might as well not play them! Dammit Debra Lee
Debra Lee James talks 'good boundaries' and how to avoid dysfunction in our workplace family p 16,
CT State Rep. Debra Lee Hovey stands up for censorship.
lol whats good with K.S? word is she is now also a no preference girl and BET Debra Lee lolli pop lol.
maybe if they got rid of ol Debra Lee.
โ€œGreat spending time with BET Chair Debra Lee today in her New York offices.
No ratchetness at the and Debra Lee didnt say a *** thing plus good Cyphers = SUCCESS
BET, I'm about to call Debra Lee for my check.
Nothing but *** empowering other *** to continue their coonish antics. And Debra Lee Asian *** just laughing it up
Debra Lee done asked OF to be on the BET Award cyphers like twice lmfao. Both times they was like "nah [ Chief Keef ]."
Debra Lee needed to be fired years ago..
You saw that too...oh Debra Lee smh
yeah Debra Lee said he was sending a bad message lol
know the deal of a *** who ill and trill as you can see, thats a BET like Debra Lee
Finding Nemo/Nemo *** let's thank Debra Lee for the free concert, BET"Awa". yeah I forgot the "rds"
I wanna see a struggle cypher next year with Papoose, Red Cafe, Bow Wow and Gudda. Debra Lee make it happen
I wish debra lee & BET would stop giving life to this "husband of hollywoods" show.
Glad they cut out Debra Lee's long speech at the end
Oh debra lee must not talk in this one!! just the bet awards!
Thank God Debra Lee ain't come out n do no *** speech
Snoop is so ghetto he just turn BET back to da hood where Debra lee lls
Nope Debra Lee this was a bad idea...
I'm not usually a fan of the but is a great asset 2 the show! can you & Debra Lee keep him on payroll?
Dude ima call Debra lee & see wth is going on like is she not inviting YMCMB. ?!
yall think Debra Lee standing up rapping along right now?
Rocko just cussed! Debra Lee ain't neva letting this *** come back lmao
Debra Lee need to get that stick out her *** and bring back The Basement ...!
Debra lee is her gf , it was gonna happen .
โ€œDebra Lee gonna blow it at the end.โ€ I don't even wanna know what she got on!
Lawd please don't tell me Debra Lee is speaking at this award show...
Debra lee took all the good shows off b.e.t
BET became so ratchet ever since Debra Lee took over, just being honest lol
"Why they keep thanking Debra lee like she didn't turn 106 & park into TRL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Wayment. Was that Debra Lee with her sides shaved?!?
Turn up is an understatement really..."Debra lee money TUN UP inuh!"
Lauryn Hill,Jill Scott,Erykah Badu ,Debra Lee (CEO BET) ,Viola Davis all have Natural hair and proud of it
Highlight of my week so far! She is on my list of Top women I love! Oprah, Cathy Hughes, Debra Lee
exactly ain't nobody got time Debra lee
BET gets on my last nerve. I can't stand that channel. Such an annoying network. & don't let me start on Debra Lee's raisin self!
Super cleaning this apartment with Debra lee ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Black people really don't hate BET. They just don't like Debra Lee and 106 & Park.
Debra Lee is the CEO OF BET AWARDS. She is lighter than Julie Gichuru. And is proud of being black so y'all self proclaimed light skins shut
Did you pick up your of Savior by Debra Lee via
Want to make socks, maybe from the new Sockupied? Sock Anatomy class, 9/14, will teach U how!
oh lawd Debra Lee is going to F up Scandal
Last day to get your of Savior by Debra Lee via
Last day to get this for Savior by Debra Lee via
Debra Lee and Stephen Hill can suck out of my *** if you're serious.
Debra Lee, Cathy Hughes!! Owner & CEO of one of the largest BLACK media conglomerates Radio-one
Exactly Im done with Debra Lee thick neck powdered donut poppin, old paper bag in the face looking *** too.
Debra Lee wonder why 90% of the seats at their award shows are empty. As far as MUSIC NETWORK CHANNELS GO is the ULTIMATE has been.
"Debra Lee as Benzino. you know what. .bye
I met Gayle King and Debra Lee today. Also heard Mara Brock Akil, the writer of Girlfriends, The Game, and Meeting Mary Jane, speak!
*** was the point of rasheeda and Kirk being on the stage for the last two minutes.? Mona fukk blows me. Lik Debra Lee.
Mona Scott young, shaunie o'neal, and Debra lee are the evil ratchet trinity. Distant cousins of the devil lol.
Mona Scott and Debra Lee...make black women look bad
Mona Scott Young is the new Debra Lee...smh...anticipating love&hiphop LA & Miami with a Stevie J spin off...
please mention on the show that Debra Lee needs to retire Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Even Walt Disney had a Vault. LOCK IT UP
BET is so wack since Debra Lee took over.
I bet Debra Lee paid a fortune to get these Scandal episodes to come on BET
My team drove 4 hours to & from the Hamptons for Art For Life. But we got a shout out from Debra Lee & spoke to Rick Ross, Sky Digg.. etc
Check us out! with Debra Lee, Rick Ross, and others!
Interview with fine Artist, Debra Lee Murrow of COLORME Spa an inspirational
You have to meet this Debra Lee Murrow check out this interview ~>
Interview with fine Debra Lee Murrow of COLORME Spa an inspirational artist.
Went to Miami... Went to an invite only Jay-Z party... Got a shout out from Debra Lee. I can't really think of a better summer to date.
Nah Debra Lee gave us a shout out we basically own Ciara technically ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ
Bow Wow must be kissing Debra Lee to get Lottery Ticket some time on BET. Lmao.
In this meeting with Toni and Debra... Toni Braxton and Debra lee lol... They must be twins lol
Hamilton Collection
Debra Lee and Coop. One conversation turned into a life changing moment. Women in Cableโ€ฆ
BET was way better before Debra Lee took over .. ๐Ÿ˜’
Debra Lee trying to get back in our good graces for taking Uncut away from us? Playin a Chapelle Show Marathon... she ain't slick!
Why BET always play the same movies over and over. That's Debra Lee.
Need a to try Savior by Debra Lee via
'Savior' is the first installment in new fantasy series from Debra Lee. Download it on your for just 99ยข.
Debra Lee use to have a crush on El Debarge that's why he be on all the bet awards ...
Freestyle Friday on 106 is BEYOND trash now, can somebody tell Debra Lee to retire & give BET back to Bob Johnson,BET will be relevant again
"Is Debra Lee the Black David Stern, or is David Stern the White Debra Lee?" -VSB
106th & Park co-hosts & Angela on the red carpet at Debra Lee's privateโ€ฆ
I can see why people blame Debra Lee for BET's direction. But had Bob Johnson simply never sold it to Viacom in the first place...
Thats true. But Debra Lee took BET in the wrong direction overall.
The Debra Lee slander is always so real. Bet every black future lawyer out there would kill for her job tho.
S/O to everyone that joined us tonight at Big thanks to Debra Lee - a leader who gets it.
Met Ms. Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks!! ๐Ÿ˜ Such a great day and opportunity ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š
Got to meet Debra Lee today at work :)
Debra Lee can you comment on any of the many comments towards the network? Can we please see/get change??
Actually Debra Lee & the big black ad & media groups are talking about it... Google the term
Debra Lee a *** for getting rid of Rap City and College Hill
For those with a Taken by Debra Lee
like I read an article about how Debra Lee wanted to inform the targeted audience on politics and what's going on in our community..
ask debra lee she kno im the truth...thatz why miracle name my baby honesty...! Wada
yes like Debra Lee ruined everything
Naw Debra Lee ain't having that lol
got Scandal now. Debra Lee employing with common sense.
Have you picked up you copy of Savior by Debra Lee via
Oh My God, Debra Lee (Chairman of BET) RT'd me, I feel so special. Totally made my night
Debra Lee said just hit play on the movie and hung up.
I guess Debra Lee decided to take that show down since she didn't like how Bob Johnson was running it.
Jordin Sparks wears some fun and strappy hot pink heels for the Debra Lee's 2013 Pre-BET Awards Celebration Dinner held ...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I been saying this for years but ever since Bob Johnson put Debra Lee in charge of BET it has not been the same.. Smh
If Wesley Snipes or Forrest Whitaker come out then Donnie Simpson should come out too.. Debra Lee must got some cheese
Trey Songz, Tia Mowry, Brandy, Lauren London, Estelle, and others party with Debra Lee.
So far we have met and networked with Debra Lee, TJ Holmes, Chris Witherspoon, Morgan Radford, Lyn Pitts Camile Edwards, Lola Ogunaike, and ITS ONLY THE FIRST WEEK! Thats not even including the Amazing people we get to work with everyday! The power of
Well Glenn Beck, haven't seen you save the world yet and it's after noon in the East. What are you waiting for?
Watching Wendy Williams show...I like how direct she is, but today I am noticing that her nostrils are in the front of her face...not the bottom of her nose. Very strange looking!
One sleep too go and 2 sleeps till I see the best tribute band ever the SMALL FAKERS Santa pod here I come with Debra Ian Nixon Neil Grace Dawn Brown Grace phill wiggy Lisa Pearson mark Pearson
Succulents Simplified is a complete primer on choosing, growing and designing with succulents. Along with gorgeous photos packed with design ideas, Debra offers her top 100 plant picks and explains how to grow and care for succulents no matter where you live. Step-by-step projects, including a cake-...
OK... You're in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people on your chat list in order... NO CHEATING! Your roommate: Kaydee Hawley Licking the windows: Kieshia Props Person helping you escape: Debra C. Jadick Person running around naked: Jessica Watson-Smyth Person yelling nonsense about clownsMichelle Spencer Person you went crazy with: Bebitos Macarena Your doctor: Violeta Pineda Zepeda LOL!
(Stolen from Elizabeth Morenberg) Ok! So we went camping. Use the first ten people on your chat list in order-no cheating. Here is how my camping went. Drunk falls in campfire: Mark Husk Skinny-dipping in Lake: Vampness Black Running through woods yelling 'Aliens are coming'! Melody Siracusa Burns the hot dogs: Thomas Lee Curtin Jr. Thinks they can wrestle a bear: Elizabeth Honce Gets lost in woods: Debra Lincoln Pees pants during a ghost story: Norma Burns Smacking a bees nest with a stick: Doc Quatermass Gets skunked by a skunk: Bruce Callison Collapses the tent: Mike High Sr
Feel like we've climbed Mt Everest!!! Hallelujah...after a 2 yr battle we have now been given a diagnosis for Ben :-) Feel so happy, not that he has a problem, but that what we have suspected since he was a baby has been confirmed, and those in denial have some admitting to do!!! Always trust a mothers instinct!!
You could win a signed copy of Debra Lee Baldwin's new book, Succulents Simplified, plus a $100 gift certificate to Succulent Gardens nursery. All you need to enter is an email address.
I have successfully Manscaped myself.well everywhere except a foot square of my back which I almost dislocated my shoulder trying to reach.Any volunteers? :-\
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Senator Carl Levin voted for the Old Boy Network at the Pentagon, stripping provisions that would better protect US military service women from sexual assault. Bad Vote Senator Levin.
What a pleasant interesting and productive TROVA Business Network meeting today at the Life Puzzle Training Room. Thank you to my lovely attendees...Dhea, Debra, Clare, Nathalie, Melita, Katerina, Monique and Mike
You just never know what or can happen in our life's one minute your having a lovely lunch at our new and army museum with the lovely Ruth and the next you get that phone call that changes your whole day. Many of you have been ringing and texting, sorry I haven't answered or replied. Lexie is comfortable, as much as possible anyway. Theatre tomorrow.
Gourmet bread that Coles claimed was "baked today, sold today" was actually made in Ireland, the Australian Competition and Consumer Consumer has alleged in the Federal Court.
Allison means- Truth Sayer, not a big surprise. My middle name Kathryn means- Pure. I know that's kinda funny. What does your name mean??
Debra Lee...if you feel like coming up tomorrow, let me know in the morning...give me a call ok!!!
Can't stop smiling tonight. Supposed to be asleep but I'm so thankful and blessed right now I'm wide awake. Special thanks to Elise Idella Jones ( elises friend who totally blessed me) and Shane Beckwith for making an amazing team tonight. After the day I've had, I'm so unworthy... but God showed up tonight as we worshiped in spirit and in truth. God looves a willing spirit and a cheerful giver..I have to say so do I :) thanks guys
i want to take rhis time to appreicate and thank these people for ablessing in ky life one way or another; Jeanette word, Joann ware, Jerome wilson, Omedaur adams, cicely ware. Essie graham , cj, Josie Reed, paula and antonia eubanls, the minters, andrea teasley. Denise lee, karen wrenn, david tywann, tammy & tonia broadnax, my children, autum, katrina, alfred,crystal smith, debra davis, cedric johnso lewsis beasley, dr. Woods and many more canot name them all. God bless you and thank you for being apart of my life.
~*at home(my daddy's house) curled up on my favorite chair eating sweet corn & fatback (don't judge) trying to look at Lovethyneighbor and this dude(Daddy) is talking my head off about his grands, his trip to NY, and the beach trip and he is so so happy...LIFE IS GOOD*~
I love this woman so much Debra Lee Bodden she the number 1 girl in my life and I want the whole world to now
Lee has thanked me a few times for giving him such a good birthday yesterday. He said he enjoyed himself very much. Thank you, Debra and Joshua for opening your home and helping to make it a good day for him. I know Sara and I both had a good time as well. We were all zonked by the time we got home and have been SUPER lazy today! lol We appreciate ya'll being there for us, and for being our family when no one else will. We love ya'll.
We are busy designing a pair of girls underwear (for our "totes amazebox" range) and in researching other pairs of girls underwear, we are trying to work out what that little inside pocket is for on the inside of the lower region of the undies... It looks like its there to slip pahds into or something, but that would defeat the purpose of the pahds right, because I think the pahds are there to protect the underwear... Is it a hahnd warmer or something? A place to stash your pingers and bahgs when you go to a festival? What's the deal?
Just wanted everyone to know I've been sending prayers your way.. & those who's loved ones are ill.. in the hospital or recovering from surgeries & or major medical issues.. there has been a little extra words for them.. I'm still running a muck out in the world.. sorry I haven't been on much.. I do see posts from my phone, but it's a smarty pants phone & doesn't always like things I click.. or let me comment.. but i'm there with you in your joys & trials your facing.. I Love & miss all of you !! Peace.. Love & Hugs Out !! Cr..
Smdh where is Bob Johnson?? BET went straight down the drain when Debra Lee took over
As da Earth trembled...da thunder roared & da lightening strike... da sky turned as blue & peaceful as if sumthing that was happening ...A grand event & grand was it 2 B. A baby...A baby girl...God's gift 2 da Washington Family! God sent da baby down all dressed...N...Pink with her little Lacey booties as cute as da little Baby Me ...short for Mechelle! God also sent a note with little read Ready...R...Not .a lifetime genuine treat that will...B ...yours...2 keep...I kept her for a it's up 2 y'all...2 take care of this baby ...I did My part so if she 2..much for y'all ...Y 'all just stuck...with little Me for a while! & He had 1of da biggest smile on da note da time we did'nt know what that meant!All we knew that she was a little Angel.A baby! As time passed we got a touch of what that smile meant...& we loved it...every where we went we showed our baby was 8 of us we would stand on each side..& act like we were ...on da soul train line! We ...
I have LOADS of MANGOS for anyone in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area. Just let me know. I'm picking up about 35 a day that drop to the ground each evening!
Premiering tonight. Will you be watching. In all honest I won't, lol! Why? Cause I don't support BET or Debra Lee.
We all know long gone are the days of "Video Soul," and "Teen Summit," on BET. Somewhere BET turned into the popular dubbed "EBT" home for thugs, video *** and shows that attempted at no progress...
We are so excited! Tonight instead of our regular scheduled classes we will be having a seminar with the amazing black belts: Sean Peters, DogPound-SylvioBehring Hamilton, and Peter C Iacavazzi! Open and free to all Grindhouse students (even the lil ones)! It's going to be a fun night!! See you at 6pm!
Surprising Debra Lee and making her dinner just because she deserves it โ˜บ
Addictions: do you think they are only isolated/diagnosed to controlled substances, food, or alcohol abuse? Although these are the most recognizable, the answer is NO. ANY ACTIVITY not performed in moderation will not only harm you physically, spiritually, emotionally, and/or psychologically, but also those who care about you the most. Do you perhaps know someone who has the propensity to overachieve; is one-sided in their thought processes or behavior; is consumed with material (or other) things; or constantly pushing limits? Perform a respective "self-check" and if you answered 'yes' to any one of those questions, then you or that loved one/friend/neighbor could be on the path of injurious or fatal destruction. And what would you do to help them? Would you share your concern? Could you be bold enough in your love for yourself or another to reach out? I recently lost a son to addiction. There, I said it. The 'traditional addictions' along with the hidden ones too. By the time he recognized it, ...
Praise the Lord ! While watching TV with my beloved 10 year old Great-granddaughter (1 of 11 Great's) the Yoplait commercial "Swap-por-tu-nity" came on. She stated I know what Swapportunity means. I stated okay tell me. She stated "Well I know I am right, it means, SWAPPING the devil/bad For JESUS/good"! Did not my heart burn. Hugs/kisses to my beloved 10 year old Great-granddaughter. The Word of God for the People of God: And said unto Him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them yea, have ye never read, out of the mouth of babes, and sucklings thou hast perfected praise. (Matthew 21:16)
Poor Chicky is not feeling good. He was not himself yesterday, very quiet and would not eat. Same today and was eating a lot of grass outside. Good thing they each have a checkup today.
Muddin for the Military Info ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION! Newly added to our schedule of events: Saturday July 6 we will have a "crank it up" contest. Registration will begin in front of the pavilion at 4:00pm SHARP with kick off at 4:30pm. Entry fee is $20. There WILL be an ATV class and a SxS class. Winners will receive prizes, it's winner take all (for each class). ONE winner for ATV and ONE winner for SxS. It's a 6+6 rule for measuring decibels. 6' away from the vehicle and 6' off the ground. ALL measurements will be recorded by computer and termlab meter. Each individual will have 30 seconds to play whatever music they decide to achieve what they think will "win" for them. The vehicle with highest decibel reading will win per class.
Happy 16th Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I'm so glad that we are strong people! We had to be strong right before we got married, we knew what we wanted and did not stop until we got it. Right now we are being strong again. This time we definitely won't stop until we get what we want! Looking forward to the next chapter in our lives! Love so much โค xoxoxo
Happy Anniversary to my husband of 42 years!
Good day today, showers this morning, thunderstorms by the time I get off, and severe storms after that. High winds, damaging hail, lots of lightning, and maybe tornado's. Bring it on, will have cameras ready. LOL
I just learned something sad about one of my favorite "B" list actresses from the 70's. Debra Lee Scott. About 30yrs after her first role as a naked body in Dirty Harry, her fiance a Police Officer was killed in the line of Duty. He was murdered while on duty on Sept. 11, 2001. Many of you might remember her as Hotsy Totsy or as the red headed wife of the dorky Police Cadet in Police Academy. She also played "Mary Hartman's" sister. You might remember her as Donna Pescow's (the weird chick in Saturday Night Fever)(get the Travolta connection) sister in "Angie". I knew that she died several years ago, but I didn't know about her fiance's death. RIP Debra Lee Scott and Officer John D. Levi... I hope you both are happy and together now. Another F'n reason to hate Al Qaeda
New Experience Divine Sound Healing Group *Come have fun and let loose* Experience the healing vibrations of music, drums, voice and the singing Tibetan Bowl. Be amazed at the discovery of your true inner voice. Commencing Sunday, July 21. Fortnightly event in Bellevue. Register Now 08 93740226 0411 060 501 Debra Lee/sound healer Please share
Mainstream brisbane primary schools for autistic kids...which would you recommend?? Any area public or private.asking for someone else
Omg why is it when I read a magazine New idea at the moment & they're talking about Angelina & Brad , Hugh Jackman & Debra lee Furness or ANY famous couple , they always have to write Angelina, Brad & adopted children! Why can't they just be called they're children, why do they always add the " adopted" seriously it doesn't matter how they came into the family, they are all loved the same. Gr
Good night with Valerie Ann Gervais, Debra Brockelsby, Katrina Mae Mathers, Lee Collins, and some awesome others!
I'm going in on the BET awards, 106 and park host, Debra Lee ugly *** and anybody else associated with BET lol
Here I am fist held high... if ya want me come & get me... doing me feeling good... urself
I love Debra Lee ,she is the Queen of my life .I thank God for her everyday!
Yes. it is true. David and I record The Three Stooges on our DVR and watch it every single day...we are Stooge junkies...why soitenlly!!! It's the little having a huge screen HD TV in vivid life-like color to record and watch black and white shows that are older than we are. "Gimme the high seas..." "Why I oughta." Just another mid-life confession from the McElroy files, just in case anyone notices us reciting Three Stooges commentary at each other somewhere, and wonder what is up with us.
Who knew how bittersweet this would taste. Don't forget me, I begged, I remember u said, sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead- I'm walking around with a huge hole in my heart. This void can't be filled. It was a puzzle piece, only one would do the job right. So now I'm an unfinished puzzle. Idk if I've given up on putting the last piece in at a later time, I just know that I will carry the loss. Half of my heart is missing. I gave it away, no take backs. Should've listened to John when he said " you've got to hide your love away".
tbh โ€œBET ain't been the same since debra lee came into the pictureโ€
I really can't stand Angela. Debra Lee is ruining a good thing.
Why is Sarah Jessica Parker the only one of us who knows at which camera to look? Fun night at The Apollo with Sarah, Jeffrey Bewkes, Debra Lee and Jonelle Procope. Harlem was magical last night!! โ€” at Apollo Theater.
Praying friends, please pray for my friends Rick and Gwen (and their kids). Their home is in the immediate fire area. They have evacuated and are safe, but their home is in danger.
Having fun at Coldwater Lake with Debra and Lee and the kids.
Question: I can't seem to find a book that I am enjoying reading to Jack my ten year old. Any suggestions???
Can anyone of my friends from the forces let me know why the police dogs wear shoes to protect their paws but the army dogs don't ,,, graham and I have been filling up at animal heroes ,, its so sad, I think they should wear hard helmets aswell x
Took a break from party prepping, sat down to grab a bite of lunch and turned on the teevee. Almost lost my appetite when Steven Seagal came across the screen. *** was Tommy Lee Jones thinking agreeing to be in a movie with him? My only explanation is that he lost a bet, had a nasty drug habit or someone kidnapped his dog and he couldn't pay the ransom.
Just saw eh polis helicopter fly over moorfield some mad man at eh rugby park protest must a said a swear word or drapped a crisp poke.
Still tickets available for this Thursday psychic show at Spennymoor WMC 7pm - Seeing is Believing ... You can pay on the door. .. I can't wait and by the feel of it neither can spirit as they are bothering me already!! lol good job I love my job xxx
Seen the fourth snake for the year. Only one has lived. And only one of was a killer- copperhead... needless to say he didn't live very long after I spotted him. Today was a black racer under the truck. Second one in the yard. Keep your eyes peeled when outside cause they are moving!
Lee Smith OFFICIAL MEETING PLACE. Lee and Julie Smith with be sharing and singing in Lima Ohio on the 29th of June at 7:00pm. Sat. At the F.O.P. at 752 W Robb Ave. The Topic will be House Church and What does that mean?? No Charge. Coffee and cookies...we...come on down.
I'm teaching a Train To Win for Kenrick K. Smith tonight at 5:30 PM. We are going to do interval cardio with breaks of abs and legs. I'm looking for some people to boss around please! I know Sharon Branch Hill is going to be there. Kevin Hart says he'll show up. Anyone else?
Think it's fair to say I'm going To miss my college buddies so much! :( 2 years, great laughs and some really good friends! :) xx
So glad to be alive, thank you Big G and the tree stump that stopped my truck and horse trailer from going down a 100 foot ravine. Horse people please check your trailer brakes, make sure they work and don't rely on someone else's word that they work.
Debra lee is so against this tattoo ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17 Gracious Father, the gifts that flow from Your good heart into my life capture my attention and fill me with joy. But I wonder how often I turn my blessing-enamored gaze toward You? Not often enough, Lord. Not as often as I wish I did. But today I will focus on You, listen to You, and enjoy Your nearness. Today, I will remember that You are my ultimate blessing. Heavenly Father, thank You for the bountiful blessings You have provided. Lord, there are so many storms in our lives, whether they be weather-related or in our personal lives, but we can be assured You are there to help us through these storms and to pick up the pieces after the storms of life have passed. Thank You for being a comforter to us. Lord, I lift up Fletcher to You. His little body is going through some difficult changes and he is very uncomfortable. Lord, plea ...
Beautiful examples of white ink tattoos, you have to see it to believe it.
Good morning all, hope all is well with you. Can I once again please ask that people do not tag me in posts. It means i get so many notifications from them that I simply dont want. I know you may view it as a kind gesture but its a nuisance. I rely on my notifications from my profile, fan pages and my groups to keep in contact with what is going on. I cannot remove tags from my mobile internet and have to wait till I get on my PC. It means i receive hundreds more notifications i dont want. I shall be going on another cull im afraid and those that are tagging me will be permanently removed from my friends list. Its not something I want to do but I will if I have too. PLEASE DONT TAGE ME!!
Morning :) light drizzle hopefully it will clear up later :) x
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