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Debra Lee

Debralee Scott (April 2, 1953 – April 5, 2005) was an American actress best known for her role on the sitcoms Welcome Back, Kotter and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

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Thank you Debra Lee for taking time to speak to at Rehearsal
Debra-Lee Furness accused PS of using stolen gens to stop adoption She should read this report,she is fool
I'd be careful trusting Abbott too far, Debra-Lee We'll be back to abortion being criminalised and forced abortions.
Happy to screen with Debra Lee and the cast today.
Debra Lee Baldwin’s Succulent Watercolor Calendar Giveaway! - Yes, I know we’re part way through January, but its ...
At BET Networks and Ms. Debra Lee's private screening of The Book of Negroes gearing up for the Faith…
Debra Lee , Jeff Johnson and the cast of mini series "Book Of Negroes"…
Now watching: HALLOWEEN (1978) with audio commentary from John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Debra Hill.
She got a cottage cheese voice like Debra Lee
we said the same thing about Debra Lee.
the beef is really with Bob Johnson getting caught sleeping with Debra Lee and selling out. And the programming was better.
It was mostly a Chuck Norris fighting style with a little Bruce Lee mix..
caught Lance Gross on the red carpet at Debra Lee's Pre-BET dinner and check out Ele
How to Make a Mounded Succulent Arrangement -video by Debra Lee Baldwin
Waiting room @ Dr.'s office on Tuesday, they call out Adrian Lee vs. Debra Lee. Guess I should follow u more closely! =^.^=
Debra Lee!!! I have the utmost respect for this women.
These are the people that chose Debra Lee Furness for NSW Australian of the Year - all of them need educating...
Why does call Debra Lee chairman? Is it chairman, chairperson, or chairlady? :-)
"We prolly not getting this..huh? I thought that was Debra Lee until I looked closer 😳
That was pretty. Ulis to Lee to Johnson for a dunk in the snap of a finger. UK leads 18-9 at the 11:33 mark. UK is 7 for 1…
Wow! Photo by Debra Lee Baldwin who has written several books on succulents. To connect with Ms. Baldwin here...
tony Abbott and Debra lee furness seeking to bring back the stolen generation!
Debra Lee Furness states that 11,000 children were removed from their mothers in Australia last year and she is...
So it is happening soon Musically coming out to you guys. I have walked the carpets with Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, BET Debra Lee
hello cousin we love you. Your cousin Debra Lee lives in Fla now.
"Miss Debra can I stay over your house for the weekend". Debra: ASK YOUR FATHER WILL IT BE OKAY, OH WAIT YOU CANT
you want me to name successful blacks you don't know? Debra Lee, Mark Shuttleworth, Justin Stanford, keep going?
A huge thank you to Bridget ONeill for hosting me for the clinic. Fantastic hospitality as usual. Debra Lee...
RIP Marcia, please say hello to Ron, Robert and Debra Lee in Heaven.
plant a flag on mars, stand before you a freed slave, eh Sheila Jackson lee?
met Shawn lee at the laundry super cool guy :) thanks for the pic 😊
hi Ms.Debra Lee, hope you are having a blessed day. When you have a chance pls stop by & check my art 💖😙😊😇
Shoutout to the Hispanic guy at Debra Lee's Farms that recognized me with straight hair lol
Debra Lee and Trigger Happy are out on the patio tonight at 8:30. Put on your line dancin', two steppin' boots...
I'm gonna write a book on how Debra Lee ruined the world.
Major shout out to own Debra Lee. Had s great conversation and I cannot wait to see what's…
A glimpse of yesterday's partial solar eclipse from Lee's Summit, MO. Taken by Debra Breitenstein.
Come join me at Stan Lee's Comikaze on November 1st for the biggest MAD TV reunion ever! Mo, Nicole, Mike, Debra,...
I really respect and admire Debra Lee. What an amazing woman.
Yh exactly needs a complete revamp call on Debra lee or something
I usta be a valet at the Omni hotel, I drove Debra Lee Maybach. And I ain never seen her in a thong
I don't need to see this woman's face on every mobo be like Debra Lee step back. You need elocution lessons as well.
Ugh she's waffling on like Debra lee does at the BET awards
Debra Lee - Independent Stella & Dot Stylist | Stallfinder | Find an Event or Stallholder Merseyside
Honored to celebrate 2014 Hall of Mentorship Award winners Irwin Gotlieb and Debra Lee of
Me & Ms. Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks at the IRTS dinner, I'm on my way!
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My heart skipped a beat when I said " Debra Lee, Bet? Table 1"
looking fab in at Debra Lee's 2014 BET Awards Pre-Dinner.
Thank you Debra Lee for watching Cera for me to have such a BEAUTIFUL afternoon ride! YOU'RE the BEST! !
behind every great man is a great women. trust me, I know this.. R.I.P to one of he greatest women known to man-kind, Debra Lee!
"hi Debra..:)" Hi, Angela, hope you are doing good tonight. Sending you 🌹.
The Paley Center for Media Puts a Spotlight on the Power of Storytelling at IC Summit Robert Redford, Norman Lear, Jonah Peretti, Debra Lee, Emmett Shear, and other global media leaders gather Nov. 19-21 in NYC to envision the future of storytelling The Paley Center for Media announced the initial line-up of confirmed speakers for the annual Paley International Council (IC) Summit, scheduled for November 19-21 in New York. Marking the 22nd Paley International Council gathering since 1995, IC2014: The Power of Storytelling will celebrate the legacy and envision the future of the storytelling business, with dynamic conversations about the new technologies and distribution platforms that are changing the ways in which we create, consume, and connect on a global scale through stories. Academy Award-winning director and Sundance founder Robert Redford will open the summit, which also includes sessions featuring Andy Bird, Chairman, Walt Disney International; Jim Berk, CEO, Participant Media; Piv Bernth, Head . ...
What exactly happened to Hannah Graham?: Debra Alfarone is in Charlottesville, Va., with a look at... Tscent
Brandi lee made me laugh. My moms name is Debra Lee and it sounds so southern. I'm Chelsea Leah (Bradford Stahl) imo
Jay and I are live on the air w/ Maria Olsen, Dawna Lee Heising and Debra Lamb! Join us meow at
Debra Lee & Steven Hill really want Chief Keef out the industry .. Wat he represents puts fear in BET
I loved when Robert Johnson ran it now that Debra Lee run it it's completely feminized instead of uncut we have The Real 😤😳
The Hip Hop Awards was amazing last night. Special S/O to Debra Lee and Stephen Hill for showing the Brown family & St Louis so much love
33 Pictures Added | Debra Lee - Paley Center's Evening with 'Real Husbands of Hollywood' at The ...
Dear Debra Lee. . Who ever put together the Hip Hop Awards did OKAY. Would be good but Kendrick was no where to be found. Ps. Fire they ***
Debra Lee foul for approving the BET HIPHOPAWARDS she don't care neither
I know chief keef at home thinking about what he gone do when he see Debra Lee in person. 😂😂
BET making sure they get ALL of their ratings. first and then Real Husbands of Hollywood? Smart move Debra Lee. Smart move.
Debra Lee was lettin all them li curse words slide .. i fwh fa that😌
Debra lee giving out wish sandwiches now?
never fail me it's been fire to me every year. Salute Debra Lee
They passing out food ?? Debra Lee did you sign off on that !
I see Debra Lee isn't present at this award show...I wonder why???
Debra Lee didn't think to get google translate for Young Thug 😐
Debra Lee why they cussin. Smh so messy
Are they glorifying Mimi's sex tape!!! Come on Debra Lee!
Debra lee even finna get up and dance lol lol
The day I see Joseline perform on the BET awards, ima call Debra Lee myself and cuss her *** out!!
Debra Lee too good for BetUncut but gonna let these *** exploit fat Terio ... Oh ok.
Debra Lee did one right thing with this award
Debra Lee love these old hags.. They get a spot every year..
Stephen Hill had to make this possible cause I know debra lee didn't
I thought that was Debra Lee from the side
Debra Lee and Stephen Hill a gimmick. They are middle men for the cacs at Viacom that put legends like Snoop in a dress.
Britney Spears, Madonna, Debra Lee, Rhi, Ana Catour (still didn't get that Vogue cover like she thought), Cass…
I have just received 2 beautiful MEC fleeces from my friend Debra Lee Nehring. Thank you so much! You are an...
A bad boys club is an evil idea they Debra lee, Mona Scott young, and shaunie Oneal came up with to exploit ignorant *** men lol
Bae: come over. me: 9/11 was an inside job. bae: my parents are out of town. me: jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Debra
I'm sure she's seen Hocus Pocus. And if not, she's met her black twin Debra Lee and gets the gist.
Debra Lee is getting old but she's still beautiful. Thank U Debra.
Agreed. Great article, Lee. Sounds like he’s attacking Jack because of his own shortcomings.
Agreed. I will no longer click on Daily Mail or Mirror links because of it. Generally only look at Metro because Lee's there.
Someone just mistook me for Debra Lee, CEO, BET. I must really look like like everybody. Wherever I go, I look like someone. SMH
Debra Lee is back on my bad side. Why are they replaying this same season of College Hill ?
I think Debra Lee and nem like to keep it ratchet.
The only time I watch BET is to watch Real Husband of Hollywood. Its been too feminine for me since Debra Lee took over
That moment you realize that Debra lee is the witch from hocus pocus.
I think Mom's (Mary-Lee's) surgeon, Dr. Chen, has my sense of timing and works on "debtime" too. On July 22, he...
Oh Debra Lee. whenever September arrives I always think of thee
It was an Honor Meeting the president of BET Debra L. Lee. And she love my work
Debra Lee, having already set fire to the Parks of 106, would make another appeal to the House Of Knowles
Please vote for Lee Pearson Cbe thank you xx
all I'm saying is BET is a black owned network, one of about three and I know for a fact Debra Lee wouldn't have passed it
nah just tryna state the facts, I don't remember Debra Lee saying anything about blu's hair
Debra Lee, president of bet with the fan
Had an amazing seat across from Debra Lee at the inaugural BET On Fashion event. The designers…
Debra Lee likes my fit. We planned so shows I've been wanting to do.
Debra Lee mistaken me for someone she knew. I laughed and said it's ok bc one you'll know me for real…
ANNOUNCE: Robert Redford, Emmett Shear, Jonah Peretti, Debra Lee + more speaking at IC2014: The Power of Storytelling
Have you Savior by Debra Lee Reply w/ for a free sample via
People like to blame Debra Lee for its failures, but at the end of the day, she's just a spokesperson for that network.
Everybody reminiscing about classic ATL songs and I'm trying to figure out who let Debra Lee destroy BET.
Debra (Mellquist) Storey and Lee Germaine-Young were reunited at the local Temple Gardens Dance Hall Rockin'...
Debra Lee is the queen of fun sucking
Yeah it was hella corny... And yeah BET is garbage now, ever since Debra Lee took over!!!
Once Debra Lee took over, BET went down the drain. That's just my opinion.
this the best thing BET done all year...well besides adding scandal to the mix. s/o to debra lee.
Debra Lee, and the fact that Viacom eventually turned their channels into TRASH!
Happy bday to ms Debra Lee CEO of BET
Happy birthday to Debra Lee, we wishing u many more to come, WE SALUTE U, RESPECT!!!
It was almost curtains for Debra-Lee this morning thought trimmer was on 3. Now it's the Lite n Easy edition.
Lesley, Leslie. Debra, Deborah. Lee, Leigh... Bloody *** the list goes on... Lol
Happy Birthday to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BET, Debra Lee!. Photographed by Matt Furman for...
BET shared the following link and had this to say about it: Happy Birthday to our CEO, Debra Lee!
If BET plays This Christmas one more time.. That *** Debra Lee 😩
Debra Lee ain't got the funds to pay for the Creole High Priestess.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
annoyed bcuz of obvious exclusion of richer history. Will they emulate Barbara Jordan, Debra Lee or Malcolm X too?
I need to speak to Debra Lee about her BET Staff not being on time .
"People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for." (Harper Lee) 💁
"I don't think Harper Lee, who's going to be watching this reunion, is not gonna be happy you said she didn't wr…
I knew Debra Lee reminded me of someone.
Telemundo is the shizzle lowkey it's like BET before debra lee with a splash of E!
Some of my followers are talking about bringing College Hill back and having them at SC State. 😂 BET & Debra Lee ain't ready for that.
“if BET was real they'd bring it back” now you know Debra Lee be actin up
See man gth woman Debra lee fckas BET all up!
Intern lunch and learn with Debra Lee tomorrow ✊
Listening to Debra Lee's short career story on BET. Amazing story.
"Ma'am, you had twins. They are fine and your boyfriend Chad named them". - Oh no. "This is Debra". - aww I like that. "And this…
Alumna Debra Lee Surface '05 is reason She shared her with us. What's yours?
ooh I see, it's super hard to pick a bias tbh!!! Taehyun has been my bias since WIN but Lee Seunghoon. I'm Debra btw!!
and their poignant journey to parenthood through paid O/S surrogacy. Then we have the vile Debra Lee Furness pushing
Unhappy as a lawyer, Debra Lee '76 took a chance with and helped turn it into a $3 billion company
A big thank you to and Debra Lee for attending today's brunch.
Naw Robert L. Johnson is the founder of BET and Debra Lee is the president of it now. Both African American
I dead hate when debra lee talks on the bet awards like sit down
We need more Debra Lee and less Wendy Williams in Nigeria...
MMTC Honors Rev. Jesse Jackson, Debra Lee, Hon. Tyrone Brown, and More - 2 hours left to register!
1,500 photos of succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin help you identify, select and design with succulents
You never know who you're gonna run into in NYC. Met Debra Lee from BET😊
Lol ran up on lee lee and miss Debra love them people
Debra Lee is on stage, I'm thinking of Nicki Minaj when she says "where's Bob Johnson"
So class. What did we learn tonight? Pharell thinks it's cool to wear uggs Jhene is a studio artist Red plaid is in for dudes Usher still cool raccoon hat and all JHud though! Lupita don't do EBT awards And neither does Bey and Jay Robin Thicke had a root put on him OR Paula dingy *** got that snapper Nicki don't like Iggy Phylicia Rashad = timeless beauty Yolanda Adams murdered Lionel Richie's song right in front of him Chris Rock has issues August crybaby *** can sing live Trey can't *Add to your notes* Busta needs to ask Rick Ross what he's doing to lose weight. Weezy ignant although I don't think he had anything playin through the ear buds. And his daughter growing up to be a lil ratchett Debra Lee had a better entrance and actually looked like she owns a network. Anything I forgot to cover?
She did, But I miss the filthiness of Rap City and Citas world “Debra Lee actually cleaned up BET but alright.”
Debra Lee bump what you talking .. Until you bring back Rap City, Aj and Free, College Hill and Baldwin Hills.. Have a seat
Debra Lee looks like an editor of Essence magazine tho
I love Debra Lee, so I'd hate to have to turn up on her.
I just hate not being first lol Albie Robbins, Jim Brady, Tracy Lee Kourafas, Allyson Freeman, Jennifer Lambert Weiner, Debra Neal and yo...
of The Boss CEO Debra Lee at private kickoff event.
It ended when Bob Johnson got on stage & introduced us to Debra Lee 😑
last year at Debra Lee giving speech at exclusive
Interviewing the chairman of BET Debra Lee and Andre Harrell at the 5th annual "Remember The Times"…
Saw this in the App - PRE Hosted by Debra Lee Presented by Cadillac:
Saw this in the App - Inside Debra Lee's PRE Dinner For BET Awards '13:
2014 BET Awards tickets just came in thanks Debra Lee. jefferyexclusive
Its time for another BET Awards already? Debra Lee has been trying to convince us that she "got us" for years.
My power women: Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, the Michelle Obama, and Debra Lee
Great role models for my daughters. Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Debra Lee
Thx for fav. Debra Lee & Tiana Cambridge in apt. same day, but Holman-Tarsis kept me hands off, until Laurel asked me.
And they won't Chris Rock to host the BET awards ugh Debra Lee plz fire her she has turned BET upside down
.MICHELLE JUBILERER Executive VP, Capitol Music Group, DEBRA LEE Chairman/CEO, BET Networks...and the list goes on...
Man, I miss the old BET before Debra Lee, when we had Spring Bling, College Hill, Rap City, Access Granted and AJ & Free
Hamilton Collection
So who's worse in y'all opinion, Mona Scott or Debra Lee?
didn't get mine yet... Debra Lee has it out for me
About bloody time Australia changed their adoption laws, good on Debra Lee Furniss for making the government make changes to system
Congratulations to my brother Ian and Debra Lee Barnes on their 13th Wedding Anniversary :0) LOVE YOU GUYS OODLES :0)
BET'S CEO Debra Lee held her annual PRE dinner soiree on Saturday night in celebration of the BET AWARDS, and HipHollywood was there to catch up with all the...
Debra Lee Issues Statement on Donald Sterling. BET Networks' CEO sent out a company-wide memo on the controversy.
Thank you beautiful Katherine Kirk and Debra Lee MacGregor who always cheer me up and make me laugh when I'm feeling my absolute crappiest! I love you both x
I was invited by my daughter, Alyssa Pedersen, to share one of my favorite Bible verses. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Corinthian 13:4-7 I invite Darrell Pedersen, Debra Lee Dunn Miller and Ryan Rachel Pedersen (Rachel) to share their favorite.
Debra Lee this is rebel when he gets older !
Important to all my friends: please Read the story and click on the link at the end to sign the petition. My brother is a Marine and I can't even imagine if this was him. This man needs to come home! Only 1260 signatures needed from 100,000. Hooray! Let's bring him home! Please sign the petition and share!! Debra Lee Webster Justin Webster David Carmona Edwin Caplinger Joan Caplinger
It's a long ride to Clinton, OK, but we are here!!! Can't wait to have fellowship with our great friends, Mark and Debra Lee Goucher Nicholson. Praying for a great night of praising God thru song!!
Lisa A Roy and Debra Lee Kingsriter and Gene Vasquez love my children
A little color for your garden via succulents, on this beautiful Friday morning. Photos from Debra Lee Baldwin's...
Is there an app for that? Breakout Session by Susan Szabo, Susan Williams, Mona McWhorter, and Debra Lee.
Schmooze: May 5, 2014: Debra Lee, chairman and CEO, BET Networks, attends the 2014 BET Networks Upfront at The...
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Lol Debra Lee is mad at at that permanent tremble in her voice. That's it.
~>"Debra Lee Apr 15 You were great on Much love!!"
Somebody find Debra Lee, we need answers on this situation.
Bday girl dranks with my bestie Debra lee
If the bet awards don't get Ariana and zendaya to perform AND nominate them Im cutting Debra Lee and her tires!
The Stellars > Celebration of Gospel, but still. The devil (Debra Lee) is busy.
So BET cancels the Celebration of Gospel.Y'all need to cancel the EBT awards.. over Debra Lee needs to resign.
Debra Lee,Sean Felder of Harlem NYC and how are you?I am extremely angry,upset with you and BET news.
Next year they should cancel the tremble and frustration in Debra Lee's voice.
I have called an immediate Prayer meeting but the church mothers are busy Rebuking Debra Lee
So BET Cancelled Celebration of Gospel but kept 106&Park I told yall Debra Lee was half of the anti-christ
Debra lee smhhh who do we talk to to get her replaced
As a blk woman in the power chair, Debra Lee needs to stand up to the blk male, execs & artist who bully her.
Sign this petition to bring back. Debra Lee hella sleep. 😒😒 .
Debra Lee & the powers that be have CANCELED the "Celebration of Gospel".Despite bringing in millions…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
As she should “Debra Lee and her neck rolls stay getting the business.”
ever since Debra Lee became CEO of BET stuff had just gone all wrong. They really need to have a BET Gospe…
Debra Lee is not the only one that needs some shade... Stephen Hill needs to take some heat too!
Kirk Franklin and em probably mobbin to Debra Lee's office right now. Whoppi too... Sister act 2 is a Gospel classic smh run Deb run!
Poor Debra Lee. Someone is gonna put sugar in her gas tank.
Debra Lee ain't no good. She took away College Hill, ran off the good 106 hosts, and now we can't even have Celebration …
Debra Lee bout to get struck with lightning tonight now that canceled smh Prayers up!
Anyone have any info on the 3rd grade teacher - Debra Lee Devlin at Bluff Ridge?
Great dinner while listening to Debra Lee Andersohn with other Rancho neighbors and mom and Tom too. Loved the filet mignon, shrimp scampi, Caymus wine and dessert martini
Hey Debra Lee Roy, Mary N Tom Burks, Tom N Mary Burks and anyone else who needs one lol
ooh Debra. Will she ever learn that Kenneth Lee Poll Jr does whatever the eff he wants?
Among letters sent to judge on Brown's behalf: BET CEO Debra Lee and Charles F. Johnson, the executive producer of NCIS (on NCIS letterhead)
Flat Stan is doing just fine, last 2 days it's been rainy so we've been busy doing inside projects and getting ready for Monte EXPO...We're going to have an appointment monday with the Montevideo Mayor Debra Lee Fader and maybe check out The Chamber of Commerce. Busy Busy...
Debra Messing drops 20 pounds: How did she do it?
Gm everyone I'm thanking the man upstairs for waking my family up this Thursday morning I had a great time with my mama Doris Coleman yesterday thanks Debra Lee for coming over yesterday my angel at school hubby in the yard finishing wat we start yesterday dang I love that man I'm glad the lord bless me with a good man like him everyone have a safe a bless day today
I really hope that one day I meet "Debra Lee" I really feel like meeting her could change my life for good *prays*
Happy Birthday Debra Lee Kingsriter and Lisa A Roy we love y'all and yes we called Debra at midnight too lol y'all will always be my babies
Did you know the Chairman and CEO of is a woman? Debra Lee is an inspiration.
Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks, speaking about Centric being the destination network for Black Women.
Debra Messing Reveals 20-Pound Weight Loss From Eating Healthier: See the Pic!: Debra Messing is living the he...
Moreover, Diddy trying to compete with Oprah and Debra Lee. He loves to be seen. he's inadequate without attention. he like a problem child.
“I'm gonna have my BA by age 22 and my PhD by age 25." See stoners can do it, weed hurts nothing. 👌
Wait when did BET become Cinemax after dark? Somewhere between the Burial and resurrection Debra Lee Lost her *** mind Clearly
Future keep cursing, Debra Lee gonna cut his *** off!
I went from watching Debra Lee on that Boondocks BET episode to busting it up with her in the Hamptons
Happy Earth Day! Here's a neat post by Debra Lee Baldwin on how to make a dry stream bed in your landscape.
maybe lee should do this.. Sign up today 4 Surrey cycle 11th May- gr8 cause gr8 ride!
Wow, Debra Lee CEO of is such an inspiration!! Just watched a mini interview with her, what a woman!
I'm just waiting on an episode where Debra Lee hires Mona Scott as an intern and initiates her by drinking the sacred Soul-Glo
Read it,ok?BET Debra Lee needs to take my story ASAP and blow it up now.A disgrace Black people
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Find what you're passionate about because we work too hard,you must love what you do ~ Debra Lee
enter to win $100,000 dream wedding.Lee brice sings first song!
Debra Lee is evil. The Boondocks said so.
Just seen a group of girls walking in to a house ready for a house party. At our old apartment Michelle Lee-Xiong Jamie Nulph Debra Lee
ShondA and Debra Lee shop at the same bargain basement
Twisted at the hope for Hanna fundraiser and was able to donate $160. Great show of support from the community for this little girl! Busiest fundraiser I have worked at jojos, Debra Lee Kalbach you are wonderful to the people of bucks county!
Debra Lee '76, Chairman and CEO of BET Network, is set to get an Honorary degree this year at commencement.
WE HAVE A WINNER!!. Congratulations to Debra Lee Gratto for winning 2 TICKETS to see the Devin Cuddy Band at...
Connie Vandervers Bidnwin will be delivering for me to the following people in Talladega today @ noon and Oxford at 1:00 p.m. at Books A Million...PLEASE remember to pick your items up :) Susan Neeley Parker Linda Caroll (Some reason i can not find you to tag) Meagan Brooke Nixon Patricia Pitts Arnold Jackie Mathis Debbie Laurie...I am still trying to find your item hun. If its fine i will send it next week. Debra Lee (Picked up by Kasey's Auction Page)
If you don't for time is what life is made up of. Bruce Lee
Bring back Lee DeWyze for a performance. One of my faves!
i wish i could see Disappearing acts but know channel is showing it,if you know Debra Lee maybe you can get BET to show it
My cuttings from Debra Lee Baldwin have rooted! Which variety is this one in bloom?
Success like Oprah or Debra lee please 👏
Holy shyt Debra can you like reply your WhatsApp it's emergency
they need younger blood running things over there.. Bye, Debra Lee.
Bruce Lee playing with his son Brandon, 1966
Debra Lee gone make sure August Attitudeyy never gets to do a tribute.
The friends you make in college are the friends you make for life. - Debra Lee from Sydney White 2008
Same here. Once Debra Lee took over it went downhill "I haven't consistently watched BET in about 10 years"
Debra Lee and them ain't invited tho. She attracts the dried out scallywag, no home trainin crowd.
Cassie and Debra conning Lee the barman into making them 2 cocktails each
HERE'S at the Soul Train awards with 's Debra Lee!!!
My sister-in-law, Debra Lee Humphrey Upshaw, got my mom wanting a few herbs. She wanted to put them in something...
If Lee is in the mood for free last minute chops I'll send around and save her a fortune!
Lisa Raye's show "Single Ladies" got dropped from VH1 & Centric picked it up-Lisa Raye called Debra Lee to do sexual favors to get on BET!!!
So Debra Lee serves as board of director for a Monsanto company. Explains so much..
me and at Debra Lee's Pre BET dinner party acting foolish.
Debra Lee speaking at Women's Power Breakfast receiving award and honoring colleague.
Debra Lee introduces honoree Vicki Free, EVP of Marketing for at "Women's Power Breakfast"
debra lee introduces honoree at GO VICKY!
BET Upfronts with and Debra Lee...great day!
I've been in five cities in the past eight days and have spent time with people like Sheila E, Kim Kimble, Debra Lee, MC Lyte and Michelle Obama . . . But there is no place like home with family. On my way there now and happy!
Has got an unexpected child free afternoon and evening thanks to my lovely sister and brother in law. Thanks guys Debra Lee and Simon Lee
Garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin creates container gardens using six easy-care, colorful succulents recommended in one of her newsletters. Debra wrot...
Just met with Debra Lee Murrow our next artist of the month. Mark February 21st 6-9p down in you calendar! You won't want to miss an opportunity to meet her, experience her art and leave with a light spirit filled heart! Ok now go mark it down! See you next Friday!
jus talkd to my mom i love THT crazy *** women happ v day mom Debra Lee
thoroughly disappointed as well as I'm sure Debra is.I thought you were different Jake
Happy Valentine's day debra lee love u always
Happy valentines to all come see me at Viva,s tonight for fun times dancing to Debra Lee and meet up with some swell people . Great dinner special and drinks would love to see you.
Before there was Oprah Winfrey, Sheila Johnson or Debra L. Lee there was a certain Madam C.J Walker. Born to...
Debra Lee Barclay, I thought you would like this...Happy Valentines Day.
happy bday to my sister debra lee and to brother Richard smith happy b to you ken
Hello Debra Lee why does BET keep airing old programming such BET NOW and The Pull Up in Canada? BET has become so boring
I'm in this one! Valentine treasury by Debra Lee via
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Orby Higdon (October 27, 1937 - February 12, 2014) U.S. VeteranHIGDON, AL: Orby L. Higdon, age 76, went to be with the Lord February 12, 2014. He was a lifelong resident of Higdon, AL., a devoted husband of 57 years to Mrs. Ruth Gennette Farr Higdon originally of Albuquerque, NM. They are loving parents of two daughters Mrs Debra Lee Higdon Spangler of Ringgold, GA., Mrs. Karen Ann Higdon Hicks of Daytona, Beach, FL., grandparents of two grandsons Reid Miles and Nathan miles; three granddaughters Misty Hicks, Sonya Wade, and Ashley Miles; great grandparents of nine great-grandchildren. Orby graduated from Pisgah High School in 1955 then became a member of Special Forces for the United States Air Force from 1955 until 1959. He was saved on March 13, 1987, and later became an ordained Deacon and then became an ordained Baptist Minister and pastored Mt. Haven Baptist Church. He was currently a member of New Haven Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Orby was a dedicated employee, retiring from the teamsters un ...
It's bit of an ideological case study. What should the govt provide? A chicken in every pot, a plant in every office?
I really should have taken a greenhouse to the Hill. Ugh.
"If the Conservatives want to keep the plants...we are contemplating the possibility of leasing them, watering not included."
A flower arrangement that will last for long time. Made by Debra Lee Baldwin
Getting off work, great day! shook hands w Phillipe Dauman, Debra Lee, and ran into Sway
106&Park need to be cancelled. Who got Debra Lee
I am going to write Debra Lee from BET and ask to please stop showing the same movies over and over again. let us miss the movie for a while before you show it again
Thank you to BET for a wonderful weekend wrapped around the BET Honors. Ms. Debra Lee, Women Veterans Interactive...
Happy Valentine's Day Aunt Debba, Mrs Jane and Mr Jack! Cera and Aunt Debba were having so much fun we forgot the picture!!! LOL!! We love you!! (Debra Lee)
Every time I want to go somewhere and I ask Debra it's like I'm going up against the Supreme Court trying to prove my innocence
Why are you sending me a picture of Debra Lee? RT
I reduced about 132grams of carb intake today up until the show now im hungry as ever so im putting in orders for ,April 13 for food Debra Lee, Patricia Cole, and whoever else want to feed me after the show any volunteers ?
Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson kiss on the red carpet for Debra Lee's honoree dinner
Arrow Global Entertainment star Ann Nesby is always in the company of well known entertainers and entertainment icons like Anthony Hamilton, Clifton Davis, Marvin Winans, and Debra Lee. Let's reflect on their body of work in honor of black history month.
Thanks Debra Lee Baldwin for setting it straight. Folks will enjoy reading this.
Guest rant by Debra Lee Baldwin, a rebuttal to Ivette Soler’s rant in which she expressed ennui about succulents and proposed that the plants’ popularity is diminishing.
Taken: Taken - Kindle edition by Debra Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or ...
So why is it VH1 has a two week series "The Tan of a Nation, how hip hop changed America". But Centric, BET, TVONE has nothing on this. *** Debra Lee you slippin.
A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister all our love hope u had a g8 day xxx Debra lee.
“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” -Pierre De Coubertin Today we're learning about Russia and Estonia in our Around the World class with Debra Lee!
Debra Lee's BET Honoree Dinner See which stars came to pay homage to our honorees.
Hello Debra Lee do are u looking for any new Fresh faces I would love to work on a show at BET
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