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Debora Patta

Debora Patta is a South African broadcast journalist and editor. She is a White South African, and has origins from Calabria, Italy.

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Maybe we should get the spa owner and in the same room with someone like and watch sparks fly
gal I had a dream that you made a comeback I miss ya!
Roets is an alumnus of the Dali Tambo school of interviewing. Would Mugabe have told Debora Patta when he "decided to make love" to Grace 💁🏾
.says: "We (ANC) are a movement. We are not revolving around a leader."
EWN - Eyewitness News — Mantashe calls the nation hypocrites on Nkandla Go go! Give'em ***
is trying to feed to the coordinated narrative that seeks to remove JZ. It's not going to work. Atleast not with Nkandla
why are u all suprised? Typical of him. I've never heared him say anything intelligent!
Mr Mantashe don't confuse issues please. 1 issue at a time.
.uTata is right. But he is inconsistent with umbutho stance on De Klerk's criminal prosecution.
: Can't take responsibility just once &stop pointing fingers in all direction?
So Gwede want 2 defend nkadla with racism,his handlin' conflict tactics r vry poor!
Did she pick on you OH NO not allowed ! 😷
Have no fear comrade i always get even. Ask ;-)
- Really? How cos Mandela forgave them without apologising & ANC was ok with it
Lies i wasn't cornered by :-/ its difficult talking to women that are taller than me
This is how justify These guys have no shame.
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Surely if Gwede's ambition is to emulate little men from apartheid era, then he's beyond redemption
GwedeMantashe1 It's a sad day when we start justifying the actions of our leaders by measuring against apartheid atrocities!
if ANC does to you what e apartheid gov did to u, u must do to e ANC wat u did to e apartheid gov
The way a whole SG can say 'it's an irrelevant question' when asks such relevant q's. Party > man ?
What does apartheid have to do with an elected pres stealing from SA? That's all on
Clearly apartheid architects accounted to him during his mining days, hey
Please advise where we can find messrs Methuen, Milner, Botha, Malan and Verwoerd 2ask?
Gwede is scared of Zuma he will defend any rubbish by the President
Auto-spell can be an F-er"I am working intentionally now but right now am in SA"
If thats the defense then the ANC has fallen further than i thought
He was never your hero. That is why you and your cahoots left ANC when he became Pres.
, Gwede was simply comparing Zuma to apartheid who didn't answer as well!
when are we going to stop blaming apartheid for everything,nkandla was built under JZ's watch
[ICYMI] says he is cynical about movements like
Soon will ask current bunch of to apologize.
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Get a life It's 2016 in In clearly not.
"Y must I pay for something I did not ask for?"in Zuma-speak is:I want to
Gwede Mantashe has become so arrogant. I did not vote for any of the apartheid leaders.
."You can't breach the oath of office and expect to occupy the office you undermine."
No doubt is receiving stitches following a prolonged & absorbing savaging by on Riveting r…
tells "If you have not asked architects of apartheid to apologise, you are exaggerating Nkandla…
Pay back the Guptas, Money must fall; did they make sense? I'm not so sure. SA choose carefully!
is not apartheids fault that Zuma is corrupt
interested in African current affairs? Take a look at our pan-African sister channel on
U.S. providing assets, support to Cameroon’s forces fighting ISIS-aligned extremists. is there
(5). by ISIS militants in May, reports CBS News correspondent Debora Patta. But after an initial push across the Euphrates River,
A grim &mournful day as news leaks out of leaves due to brain~seizure of *** in 'management'!
.It would be funny if it wasn't so, so sad. Shame on you .Honte à vous!
and his high level delegation in Dar-Es-Salaam are discussing on how to handle the attempted coup in
he wanted 2 sing lullaby 4 us who cannot read dt lingo...c U president
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pres. Nkurunziza no student of history, it seems. If you're under pressure, don't travel to a foreign summit i…
You mean how to get to the airport and get out of that godforsaken place safely?
They took too long to dissuade their brother from attempting suicide
. It was a well laid plan by & . Others in the meeting were clueless a usual. Great job
- the leaders meeting in Tanzania now have a whole new problem on their hands
coup leader was fired as intelligence chief in Feb, less than 3months after his appointment htt…
You'll like: ' Rhinos may be extinct in 10years - meet the women determined to stop that happening
Does Debora Patta still do investigative reporting like the good old days?
needs to conduct a thorough investigation why OPW is manipulating people's ages
- Liberia declared Ebola-free after 42 days with no new infections. Sierra Leone and Guinea still battling the deadly disease
Just thinking out loud. I miss on SA tv. Please come back home.
And Dlamini-Zuma says nothing, but jumps for Xenophobia. Afraid of the terrorists perhaps?
the UN should do something. We can't allow the Boko Harram to go unpunished while they kill innocent ppl
business school attack in Potiskum - 5 students treated for gunshot wounds; another 45 injured trying to escape - details sketchy
We miss your insightful journalism in Msanzi
African Countries must "attacks a Buss School in N.E Nigeria - unclear on casualties at this stage"
Dankie Debora, pls keep us updated attacks a business school in north eastern nigeria .
U need to come back to SAcan Television all these journalists are the same here we need something Different please
"This is a courageous country." 10 things that make SA the place to be, by
.stats 550. Time for Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 b enforced?
Just stumbled upon the audio recording of my first ever interview at 14 with Debora Patta. I sounded so much younger.
u contributed positive in shaping some political aspects hear in SA we really miss u. When r u coming back
Thanks for your support As little as R49 covers the printing & delivery of a study guide to a learner.
campaign aims to get Grade 9 Maths study guides to learners who need it the most.
.Can DEA confirm claim by that 432 have been poached in KNP?
Looking forward to the first CXO debate on Digital Disruption
ANC supporters praised Juju then. They were talking about how well he handled 'the racist & anti-revolutionary' Debora Patta.
Dr. David Klatzow, a private forensic psychologist, talks to CBS News correspondent Debora Patta about the ballistics evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense in the Oscar Pistorius trial.
"It was actually one of the funniest days in court", Debora Patta. Gerrie Nel strikes again:
At the trial of the South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, prosecuting counsel Gerrie Nel accuses the "blade runner" of tailoring his evidence to escape conviction. Debora Patta reports from Pretoria.
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I'm trying to imagine a relationship.: Debora Patta and Gerrie Nel dating. Sho!
I was watching that Interview of Julius Malema n Debora Patta.. 3rd Degree.. It made me think What if the Guy becomes a president of dis country? What is de first thing he's gonna do?
happy new year Debora to you and family!
are the rumours true of the Obama's separating?
While Redi Tlhabi is away, Talk Radio 702 is filling her spot with an array of celebs. Catch Debora Patta this Friday 4 October from 9:00-12:00 to see what s...
The countdown to the first edition of the Morning Mojo has begun! 0500 20/1/2014
Yeah, what's the panel-to-cap ratio these days? How many is too many? These questions need answering. Where's Debora Patta?
Watch behind the scenes footage of our cover shoot with cover star Debora Patta.
Compliment of thy season kindly follow mee
Join me on Morning Mojo live on with and You heard it here first
Debora Patta (3d Degree) once said in her career of being a journalist interviewing Politicians its only two politicians who had straight answerd her and that is Nelson Mandela and Julius Malema
Fantastic speech by Ms Debora Patta during Business Excellence Award 2010 organized by Italian South African Chamber of Commerce.
My Subconscious... Such A Shameless NameDropper. Dreamt about & this wk.
Seem like pre'added questns we on dan ground hav defferend n legit questns dan dat! tis is wre I MIS
Debora Patta always looks like she's trying to figure out when her next tanning salon appointment is.
Vat my saam ek will Debora Patta meet
Am delighted to hear this. Abuja is lucky to have you and you are going to rock those airwaves very soon my dear friend!
Imagine if or were employed by the SABC?... SABC is good for abo slow-motioned Malume Peter Ndoro
debora u must come bk wt I'm wtchn on ann7 is not true journalism
She hired me once..long time ago “this is truly an interview where is deborah patta”
How I wish this interview was done by .
Where is I remember her so exited, laughing and saying "You are finished Julius.
I'm really getting the hang of radio and presenting. Cant wait to talk to Abuja
Debora Patta you legend! He didn't even know you were taking the *** ..
Have been watching my PVR recording just bout the whole day trying to clear 2013 material. Despite managing to watch most of the material, some I could not get to delete. Chris Morolong' Africa 360 & Debora Patta's 3rd degree interviews with J. Malema, one episode of Situation Critical, Dali Tambo's People of the South's interview with President Robert Mugabe, SuperSport's Mzansi Legends when Teenage Dladla was a guest, a Documentary on Samora Machel as well as a wild life doccie called 'Battle at the Kruger' (I recommend you tube for this) to name but a few survivors
Still missing my book! "One Step Behind Mandela: The Story of Rory Steyn" by Rory Steyn & Debora Patta. Its a rare book. If you have a copy that is not yours or find a copy on someone's bookshelf, please check the inside for my signature! I need my book back, please.
me too i dont want to be disturbed is playing debora patta on RJ Benjamin but in humourous way.
Debora Patta, now Foreign Correspondent at CBS is one of the foremost South African Journalists who speaks highly...
No, that WOULD be wasted on you. Bye now
Don't be a plonked. Of course I understand what back up is, just not its necessity at all
Papa do preach! "Pope to G-20 leaders: "Lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution" in Syria.
Ambulance broke down, tonight power SA is coping with situation?
And then gish, ous Debora Patta last broadcasted on the 14th of May... We had grown comfy with her approach ne?
Exactly what look was the new Alice Lane going for: stripper club meets gambling den? Looking for a word - opp of classy!
imagine headline: Eskom killed Madiba :( not cool!!!
So that would mean he is still in a coma?
Nearly 3hr power failure @ Houghton home. Back-up generators kept medical equipment running.
Windsor East has been without power for 24 hours-still no indication when power will be restored
First the ambulance..."A nearly 3hr power failure @ home last night -backup generators kept medical equip running"
New angles on the Madiba story are always done by Debora. Fact. Others follow the BigMac spin
But shouldn't be necessary. What an absurd response. Hoping it was meant to be ironic.
3rd degree will never be the same again with Debora Patta quitng the show.. She made everythng spicy to watch!
Superior of Montebello Sisters says that Home for Chronic Sick still not getting help from Government. Her No. is 072 2191795
The best place to hide is in the light... Debora Patta
That talk from Debora Patta was absolutely magical
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Looking forward to Debora Patta's presentation on Leadership lessons from
happy belated birthday Debora! Hope you had a stunning day! May this week be full of blessings for you sweets! Hugs xoxo
when were these reconfigurations done? Media didn't report on them- or did they
while Zuma says Mandela is making "progress", CBS News is reporting the exact opposite:
Nightmare: on respirator for 3 months, family not able to say "goodbye". Sick. It should have been reported.
ha.. I'm busy taking all my comp time they gave me..
I also want to be on another curb with :(
Imagine you see Debora Patta and a film crew running towards you in the street.
come back Joe we have a whole new set up on another curb and miss you
We have lost one of the greatest interviewers A true pioneer of the art of TV interviewing
reports remains critically ill at his Houghton home which as been reconfigured as an effective 24hr intensive care unit
that is not life... It's not worth living like that
spends his first night back at home after 85 days in hospital. At least 2 dozen oxygen tanks at his home to assist his breathing
Watch for the latest on and on return home from hospital
Christiane Amanpour is the Debora Patta of CNN. Always talking over Pr. Mugabe and trying to drive her point with no basis -_-
Tx for the great initiative and inviting to be part of it.
I'm right here in NYC and have yet to find this blasted you all speak of!
'One should never get used to death' Debora Patta
- will see you in December and compare - the bar has been set really high by
Seriously, not a to be found here in
NO NEED - JASON'S CapeTown has the real deal "Joburg vs Pretoria
You've been at it since yesterday.your gym instructor must be smiling.
-Sheraton hotel vs. Oliver's Bakery -this is what we do at !
i think you all win. But I know is jealous
- Very strange, we prefer a nice braai with pap and sous!
What is a - flaky croissant pastry - fried like a doughnut and injected with a variety of creams like rose vanilla or caramel
arrived an waiting to deliver the cronuts!👍 Olivias CoffeeBake
And Where might one locate said delicious pastry abomination?
- thanks for telling me. It sounds heavenly.
I already had a cronut in Olivias today! Delicious!
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begins in just an hour - a taste-off between Olivia's in Northcliff vs
Getting ready for the Cronut or cronot so much
on my way to deliver cronuts from Jhb! Olivias CoffeeBake!
- today's the day. Let the battle begin
We bought the last 2 from Olivia's today. Delicious. We're voting for them in the tomorrow
is NOT about flowers and spa vouchers.Reclaim it's power and use it to stop the abuse of women i…
Pity can't make tomorrow's featuring Café41
Good news, Café 41 onboard for coffee at tomorrow's featuring
have we not just been found one of the unhealthiest nations? No wonder.
Brace yourself for a 2kg weight gain
has expanded Sheraton and Olivias's bakery go head to head with CBS crowning a winner!
challenge just got bigger - Sheraton Hotel taking on Olivia's Bakery tomorrow
Cronut Taste Challenge on tomorrow - US TV crews compare the SA version to the original
the taste Challenge is on tomorrow at the Pretoria heart hospital
I am in JHB next week and gonna make a turn, looks far to good not too :-)
I promise you we have the best in town!👍 Strawberry, choc, caramel, coconut, an we trying out a custard one!👍
"Enough with the perfumes and flowers during women's month. It's about reclaiming its power and speaking out against abuse."
mate u going the opp direction of bein objective-pulling a Debora Patta
bad... Debora just started new show... ;-)
I also don't understand, I yhpught U guys could explain it better
Gareth: On a plane with and . If we go down, it could be either very good or very bad …
what is going to happen after Mandella pass away?
Black Youth Should also be successful In an interview with Debora Patta on 3rd Degree a few years ago, the expelled former president of the ANC Youth League, comrade Julius Malema, was accused by Patta of living a “lavish lifestyle” because of the cars he drove and the clothes he wore. Malema responded correctly when he asked: “Who must wear these things if I can’t wear them? Must I leave them for children of white capitalists, because they are not meant for us?” Hate him or love Julius Malema is the man
family deeply touched by "prayers and overwhelming messages of goodwill from all South Africans and the international community
Think it's weird that the presidency are proving reports. Isn't there a Mandela spokesperson? Doesn't feel right. Am I wrong?
Suggested celebs for Strictly Come Dancing 6 include Pam Andrews, Pallance Dladla and Debora Patta (more in replies):
I sometimes wish they could trade places SA would be a better place without Zupta
Fan-fave Strictly Come Dancing returns for a sixth season on new channel SABC3 in July. Which celeb twinkletoes would you like to see on it?
the other side of redi, u cant go Debora Patta on moses instead u shld be Dali Tambo soft interview
Debora Patta should have been the one doing the interview
people of the south# R Mugabe is what you call a freedom fighter,
No change in the serious state of on this day 5 in ICU. briefed by doctors and is satisfied they are doing a good job
Spoke to Denis Goldberg about Mandela. He said: "Let him go, let him go with our love, with our admiration and our wish …
Juju is back! And *** Things are about to get interesting once mo.. I remember his words to Debora Patta- "to not take me seriously, is not taking yo own future seriously"..the poor blv in Juju and they are the ANC better wake up!
vultures waiting for death to make monies. DISGUSTING
The media braves the cold waiting for news on
but Debora, you were not respecting other people's rights while you were on e-tv
I heard that the majority are looking to a future when he is no longer around?
President Zuma has been briefed by doctors on hospitalisation in ICU. "He is confident they are doing a good job" he tells SABC
That's an odd statement to make about someone who DID use guns and also grenades, car bombs etc.
I jst saw here.. I so wana take a pic wit her
reconciliation at the price of no justice mmm you whites do love him. The second revolution will come :-)
So I drive home past the hospital where Mandela is - yesterday it was okay - a couple of reporters and vans - TODAY is crazy! I saw Debora Patta (she is so tiny!) and some other reporters whose name I don't know..all filming outside - the street is very busy..just by the way ;)
Reporting on for over 20 years - he demonstrates that respect and reconciliation are weapons more powerful than any gun.
C Ramaphosa will be president in about 10 yrs, says guest speaker Debora Patta, and Mamphela Ramphela is the person to watch.
What is the most agressive dog of all? 1.American Pitbull 2.Rotweiller 3. Debora Patta
tells a story abt Madiba as a lesson that courage is not the absence of fear bt how we choose to deal with it?
"Keep challenging yourself and reinventing yourself. Don't stay in your comfort zone"
takes the stage at the Annual Conference and says a few words about Mandela.
Reporting on in 90s I was struck by a remarkable capacity to combine generosity and power. As good a person as he is a politician
Hi Hun can u follow back again. Had to make new a/c as my other was hacked.
enters 4th day in intensive care. Graca has not left his side, daughter Zenani returns from Argentina. it is very serious.
Public space? Really nasty. May Noseweek interesting article on her
;we pray 4 the old man,let him recover in Jesus name
I think that's par for the course with the Mandelas is it not?
Daughter Zenani flown in from Argentina where she is ambassador to be with her father in hospital. No change in Mandela's condition
"Doctors have to remain balanced. They cant't raise our hopes nor can they make us lose hope without justification"
great to reconnect. Saw your reports on CBS. No-one better to cover the story. A flood of memories.
Dali took his own approach cause it's his show, why don't you get President Mugabe on your show & ask these probing questions?
Meanwhile his thousands of victims remain dead.
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It is worrying that we aren't getting update. Have heard family wants privacy as well, that is probably why we aren't hearing
I like your hair in the profile pic. Looks snazzy!
Is Dali Tambo gonna be called to account once more on why he didn't pull Debora Patta on Grace Mugabe?
Why is not doing this interview. This is painful to watch
where Dali Tambo does HIS way!702,Debora Patta etal must just sit down!Has Dali EVER instructed YOU how to interview?
Hats off for Dali. He knows how to interview his guests. -- Not "everyone" can be a Debora Patta, you know?
On says there is public anxiety surrounding his health but an old friend of his says “now time to…
I think its time now that we accept the fact that Madiba is too old and he can die anytime.
- Mac Maharaj "we want Madiba to live forever but we know he is a human being and we have to adjust our expectations" -- Debora Patta (
Do you think that Dali Tambo was lenient (too soft) on Robert Mugabe when he interviewed him on People of the South??? Gagasi FM
I'm not getting this criticism of Dali Tambo over his interview with Robert Mugabe for his People of the South interview. I didn't see the show myself, but listened (via Eusebius) to the Kieno Kammies interview with Dali Tambo this morning. Personally I thought Kieno Kammies was a bit of a *** He criticizes Dali Tambo for not asking the "hard questions", even though Dali Tambo had clearly, and patiently, explained that his show was about getting to know people behind the politics facade. What gall to criticize the man for not asking the questions he (Kammies) would like to have asked. It was Dali Tambo's show, not Kammies' show. By all means criticize lack of professionalism, poor lighting, bad sound etc. But don't carp at the presenter. If you don't like the presenter's style, just switch off. Don't tell the presenter what he should be doing. I thought Kamies was most unprofessional.
Dali Tambo shouting at Kieno Kammies in defence of his Mugabe interview. You WILL be shocked by this Dali! Have a listen. Only 7 minutes!
Burn *** with my rhymes 3rd degree burns next to their side burn Even Debora Patta wanna investigate it.
Thabo Mbeki is being interviewed on 3rd Degree by Debora Patta Debora Patta: Thabo how do we stop our policemen from collecting money from people and deal with bribery? Thabo: The government should issue uniform without pocket. Lol nyc 1, Morning have a great weekend!!!
A day well spent with Debora Patta. Inspired. All things workout for the best. Thanx Abba!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Third Degree tackles the controversial issue of ethnic hair. Hair is such an important part of our identity -- it says something about us. But for black wome...
Finished up at a two day Marketing Indaba this afternoon. Debora Patta delivered a surprise presentation. She's a phenomenal speaker! Flew home after that, loaded Target, Layla and my bug into the car & took them for a walk at silverstar. Back home, fed the pups, apologized to the huskies for not taking them with & mixed up a batch of muffins for the peeps at the office...and now to settle on the couch and finish my book. I may be over-achieving on the work-life balance thing today ;-)
Glad to see 33% is not a pass mark in your household either :)
be proud, That's quite a high score!
Figured out the security leak - need to keep technology out of my 7 year old's hands :)
I got 117628 points while escaping from a Giant Demon Monkey. Beat that!
2013, it was Debora Patta then Sir Alex Ferguson who will be next guess Jomo Sono
An update to the 3rd Degree documentary "Busting the illegal rhino horn trade" by Debora Patta and Julian...
A pity that Debora Patta won't be there to give them the 3rd Degree!
Hamba RTIt's been 15 incredible years - is the best team in the business, I am honoured to have worked
3rd degree Debora Patta quits after 15 years,many politicians dreaded a face to face with her on her show.
Since and is signing off, I think its time for to be stepping up and making SA proud
Debora Patta has announced her resignation from Third Degree, and moving on to a new international opportunity. Her last show is on Tuesday
I could do double duty, along with becoming the new Debora Patta on 3rd Degree! X
I hope u'll find a suitable replacement for
Debora Patta has kept me honest, every time I think of doing something wrong, I imagine her jumping out the bushes, cameraman in tow.
And its official. Debora Patta is leaving 3rd Degree. Big Fat Mother-of-a-Jol at the Union Buildings this weekend, ALL weekend!
Now that Debora Patta is no longer on 3rd Degree who is going to chase our politicians and make sure they keep fit :(
Debora Patta's interview with Malema - the strangest thing that ever happened in SA history.
Debora Patta together with 3rd Degree leave etv... Ag man
Debora Patta quits etv (3rd Degree and eNCA) to pursue freelance opportunities -
Debora Patta to stop presenting 3rd degree .This call an investigation because she gave trouble to no one but higher leaders .Could it be ?
My heart is sore that you are leaving 3rd degree but I am happy that you are spreading your wings. God bless you
So sadly that Debora Patta quits 3rd Degree. more info about this later on Cc
retires and no more then retires and now wants to leave Eish.
Hi Debora, I need some crus help with regards to a con artist case, can u please provide ur e-mail adress? hope u can help?
Could this be the end of investigative journalism?...
Debora Patta quits as anchor of 3rd good..
Whatever, Debora Patta. We all know that you don't leave 3rd Degree, 3rd Degree leaves you.
3rd DEGREE wont be the same without Debora Patta.I think Justice Mohlala should take over
Debora Patta quits 3rd Degree: She was an unashamed liberally constipated retard in any case - typical MSM journo
3rdDegree was the best Show,on Current Affairs. You are one of the best Journalists SA has ever had!Best wishes in your career
It's goodbye to Debora Patta on 3rd Degree
Mr Malema y didn't u pay tax? Debora I got my own car, I don't take taxi so don't know understand ur question
Debora Patta has resigned . She will host her last show on 14 May 2013 .
I wish u reconsider and come back to do our favourite program 3rd degree it won't be the same without u. We will miss u
So in other news, Debora Patta is leaving 3rd Degree
Rob Marawa is a good host koz no1 can tell what team he supports. Now that blerrie Debora Patta, no prizes for guessing who gets her vote.
Debora Patta done with 3rd Degree via
‘3rd Degree’ canned for now as Debora Patta moves on and eNCA announce 3rd Degree’s ‘final’ broadcast and Debora Patta to leave the channels. Free-to-air...
So the top story on news24 is that Debora Patta quit 3rd degree. So what? Nothing more important happened?
Glad you are not leaving journalism.
I certainly enjoyed your professional journalism and truly intriguing show, keeP up the good work.
Almost spat my custard all over the place when I heard Debora Patta had resigned.
Best wishes on your endeavors. Always have SA close to heart.
ill definately miss u,I studied journalism bcz I felt in lv wth the way u do ur job.
Personally I think there's sumthing suspicious about & retiring on da same day... O_o yeah... We c u Debora!
NOTE: eNCA confirms it has accepted the resignation of 3rd Degree anchor Debora Patta...
I believe she's spreading her wings internationally. I call it a great loss!
NEWSWATCH: It's the end of the road for Debora Patta and current affairs programme, 3rd Degree. According to a report on, Patta, who is executive producer and anchor on the show, has decided to pursue other interests. The last episode of 3rd Degree airs on Tuesday, 14 May 2013.
Free-to-air channel and its sister company eNCA have announced that 3rd Degree with Debora Patta will air for the last time on Tuesday 14th May 2013.
Popular investigative television programme producer and anchor Debora Patta has on Tuesday resigned from and sister company eNCA.
A bizarre and shocking turn of events has struck and eNews: Debora Patta's leaving. Yip! 3rd Degree's been yanked from the schedule with it's future up in the air.
Debora Patta is leaving etv and 3rd degree after 15 years. A long and great stint - all the best Debora for your new adventures. Your hard work will no doubt see you reappear on our screens soon. Gripping tv for years...
Next on Third degree, Debora Patta is going after CBStores after shop security brutally assaulted an elderly woman as reported by Daily Sun
This right here is the real definition of a socialite, WHAT!!>>> 3rd Degree: Debora Patta & Khanyi Mbau (Part 2):
Uhm, not so proud to be associated I must say. "Debora Patta: journalist, went to UCT.
“Debora Patta: journalist, went to UCT. cool story but a lot of famous people come from all around the world.
"Skhot so hard Debora Patta wanna find me...she ain't neva gonna find me..."
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Lol it's that time for rumours again & again! They say BlackBerry internet Service is coming to an end! Well I thought the best Journalist in SA was Debora Patta!!! Please go get a BlackBerry & stop hating
somethings in life will neva happen, like debora patta voting 4 the ANC
I wonder how Debora Patta looks when she's having sex... Hai
Wat a lovely monday..yazi it fills lyk i jst had hard sex on 3rd degree. U guys have a gr8 day. Leggoh
So President Zuma paid for his house?you owe us a 1hour apology episode since you were raving on how to spend R250 million
Listening to great speakers, one of the perks of being a BEE President. Awesome line up, Debora Patta, Justice Malala, Vusi Thembakwayo, Mark Pilgrim, Daniel Silke, the list is endless @ Melrose Arch.
Debora Patta would be a very good Public protector..she does more than jst presenting☑
Jacob Zuma and Debora Patta locked in a bunker at Nkandla - now THAT would be thrilling viewing!
How do I unsubscribe 2 this online dating stuff. I was "very much" unwise. This can come back to bite me 20 years from now when im president of the country, with a beautiful wife and white in the suburbs somewhere in KZN, then Loyiso Gola and Debora Patta find out that im still subscribed to an online dating site! Eish what have I done.
Debora Does Lindela: Debora Patta does a 180 Degree on Home Affairs and the ill-treatment of fellow Africans.    
Near, far, wherever you are..” “Debora Patta… with President Zuma as he confidently sails the Ship of State.
Captain Zuma Says the Most Unsinkable Things: Debora Patta does a 180 Degree interview with President Zuma as...
We can't wait for the release of Debora Patta's first soft, erotica novel: 50 Shades of Orange.
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