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Debbie Harry

Deborah Ann Debbie Harry (born July 1, 1945) is an American singer-songwriter and actress, best known for being the lead singer of the punk rock and new wave band Blondie.

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Today would have been 89th birthday. . Here's a couple Polaroids he took of Debbie Harry back in 1980. https:…
Which artists do you listen to(besides lana) — Lady Gaga, Billie Holiday, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry
Famous rock Bands – DEVO and Debbie Harry, photoshoot for Punk Magazine, 1978…
Debbie Harry? did not hear you about that or is it "fake news" in telegraaf? not one picture!
happy 1st of July it's both dame Olivia de Havilland and Debbie Harry's birthday so this month looks promising already
i really would go to the ends of the earth for Debbie Harry
Happy Birthday to Debbie Harry, a kiss who wakes us from our sleep.
Did you know that July 1st is also a holiday here in the United States? Yep, it's Debbie Harry's birthday
Happy Birthday to the great Debbie Harry!. Love you.
Debbie Harry did not burn and fade away, we wish her a very Happy Birthday! 🎂
Happy Birthday to one of my idols, Debbie Harry!I adore you,
Happy Birthday to the goddess Debbie Harry !!
Andy Warhol using an Amiga computer to create a digital portrait of Debbie Harry (1985)
When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be Debbie Harry. I even had my grandma knit me a blonde wig. Happy Birthday
In honor of Debbie Harry's birthday today,listening to NEW Blondie: MY MONSTER. actually, ALWAYS li…
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Debbie Harry!
to acclaimed singer-songwriter & actress, the wonderful DEBBIE HARRY!.
JK Rowling talking about the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter. I don't think anyone has milked a small wizard this much…
I do know the effect that music still has on me. I'm completely vulnerable to it. I'm seduced by it. Debbie Harry . https:/…
Happy 72nd Birthday the iconic Debbie Harry of , celebrate with 20 of Blondie's finest:
Happy Birthday Debbie Harry! Watch Blondie perform an unreleased track at CBGB in 1975
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Max's Icon Debbie Harry. Photo by 1976
Happy 72nd birthday to Debbie Harry! Best known as the lead singer of Blondie.
"I have a lot of regrets, . but I'm not going to think of them as regrets.". Debbie Harry. © Greg Norman
Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein presided over New York City's Mermaid Parade.
.Debbie Harry & Chris Stein reign as king and queen of Mermaid Parade:
Blondie's Debbie Harry & Chris Stein are Queen & King of the 2017 Coney Island Mermaid Parade ht…
*** Zigun with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, Mermaid Queen and King Neptune of the Coney Island…
NEW YORK (AP) — Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of the new wave band Blondie reigned over a waterlogged edition of ...
“He was the master of understatement. Andy was part of our legacy and our future.”. Debbie Harry, photographed by Andy…
Listen to Marina Abramović and Debbie Harry on Doubt and Diaries by New York Public Library on
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A sublime duet written by the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce, sung by Debbie Harry & Nick Cave. Listening just now...
(Example: they've had guest vocalists from Brendan Urie to Debbie Harry to Big Sean to Elvis Costell…
Already had me some Debbie Harry, and Siouxie. . But I've never heard Joan Armatrading before!
Give me . Bette Davis eyes . and . Debbie Harry cheek bones
Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson recorded an original disco song for the finale!
Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry and Brody Dalle are four of my biggest fashion inspirations. Such babes. Grunge forever!
'I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it'. Debbie Harry. Debbie, by Robert…
To Anthony J. Gonzalez, I first met and saw Debbie Harry (BLONDIE) perform at Tampa Theater in June, 1979, when I...
Just found out that Debbie Harry was set to play Pris in 'Blade Runner' before Daryl Hannah locked in the part…
Eleanor Tomlinson and Iskra Lawrence flash the flesh at the Style Awards while Debbie Harry and Beth Ditto go for …
Another thing I love about Blondie is that Debbie Harry gives me a lot more confidence in my rapping skills.
Best Actor Riz Ahmed at the last night. Along with the one and only Style Icon of the Year Debbie…
This pic shows exactly why Debbie Harry is my absolute icon!!!
Happy Valentine's Day lovers 💋 We love this photo of Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie…
Congratulations 'Style Icon' Debbie Harry at last nights awards Barry
Debbie Harry leads the stars arriving at the Elle Style Awards, wearing
LRT a good reminder that one of the most uncannily unnerving things Cronenberg ever did was give us the sight of a brunette Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry wears crown to the Elle Style Awards | Daily Mail Online
Debbie Harry leads the stars at the Elle Style Awards -
Big night: Debbie Harry attended the Elle Style Awards, at London's Club No. 41 on Monday
Elle Style Awards 2017: Debbie Harry hits out at the current issues via
Paris Jackson is giving us Debbie Harry circa 1976 ❤️
Debbie Harry, Mike Chapman & Ronnie Spector during the recording of "Parallel Lines," 1978
. The 'f' of course, stands for 'fabulous'. You look like a young Debbie Harry in this clip :)
when I was a little boy I wanted to be Debbie Harry.
Hey we have the same bday! (And Lady Di, Debbie Harry, Liv Tyler, Olivia De Havilland, Dan Ackroyd, many more!) 💜💜
Check out this great piece of art by Kim Roebuck featuring the stunning Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry, Blondie, Toronto, March 1977, by Bob Gruen. Plenty punk in pink.
Andy Warhol uses an Amiga PC to create a digital portrait of Debbie Harry, mid-80's
📷 forever-blondie: Debbie Harry on the set of ‘Heart of Glass’ - 1979
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Blondie - 'Rapture'. Because Debbie Harry & Co understood the cultural importance of Hip Hop.
Andy Warhol shooting Debbie Harry at the Factory in NYC . Chris Stein, 1980
Siouxsie Sioux, Viv Albertine of the Slits, Debbie Harry, Pauline Black of the Selector, PolyStyrene of X-Ray Spex and…
I just discovered that Giger directed music videos for Debbie Harry from Blondie. If you weren't aware, you Should be.
As a young boy, I had giant crushes on Joan Jett and Debbie Harry. Truly awesome adult moment was meeting DH. Maybe someday JJ.
first two, LOVE THEM. 3rd one, harry karl took all her money and dipped. but carrie and debbie are cute
Although entertaining, it's not as good as Heavy Metal,I'd give Rock & Rule a 6/10 I did however like the end song…
Here's a new Harry Potter fanfiction. Let me know what you all think about it.
Thank you do much for my new Debbie Harry bracelet, I love it SO MUCH xx
but seriously Debbie Harry is a goddess that has blessed this earth
Debbie Harry was Elsa she was so cold
i love being in hardcore Debbie Harry phases, she always inspired my makeup and style so heavily
Had an online recommendation for Judy Blume & saw Debbie Harry was trending. Before I knew they were ok, I died 2 small deaths.
news! Debbie Harry to Design Fashion for Shepard Fairey |artnet News
Someone make sure Bob Dylan, Debbie Harry, Stephen Fry, David Attenborough and Stan Lee is guarded for the next 4 days please.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Are you a Blondie fan? Check out this Debbie Harry bobblehead. We will gladly take one lol
My friend James Williamson Emmenegger is selling this gorgeous Debbie Harry. PM me if you're interested. Xo
Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry on ageism, Bowie, Prince and touring.
Roger Taylor looking surprised as Debbie Harry introduces Japan on
I do love Taylor Swifts new hair. It has a sort of Debbie Harry vibe going for it.
Debbie Harry and David Bowie backstage during the *** tour c.1977 160 Photo by Chris Stein
Trump treats debates as a Muppets Holiday Special. Unless Debbie Harry sings Hava Nagila with Sam the Eagle I can't be bothered
Oh, and Anne Wilson & Debbie Harry. But that's about the whole list.
Debbie Harry and Grandpa Munster, together at last!
Intimate behind-the-scenes photos of the Rolling Stones, Debbie Harry and John Lennon in a new exhibition
Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol during his acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas of her, 1980
They don't know what they're missing! Still fondly recall your finest moment, as Debbie Harry on Celeb Stars In Their Eyes ❤️
m yes late 70s Debbie Harry, oh my oh my. She was my first girl crush, along with chrissy amphlett
Debbie Harry and Rufus Wainwright performed at Cindy Sherman's Hamptons party:
Debbie Harry outside the now demolished St Enoch railway station hotel in Glasgow. Photo: Chris Stein.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Debbie Harry and Martin Scorsese Support Landmarking 239 Elizabeth Street in Little Italy and so Should You...
Debbie Harry/ Morgan Fairchild by the talented James Knott! jamesnotjames @ OCAD University
Deborah Harrison, (or when around pals or in social situations), Debbie Harry.
The Dev Hynes // Debbie Harry track can cure cancer
some lineup as well Debbie Harry roachford Jesus Jones and hothouse flowers as support
Saw this Harley t-shirt & it hit me how much these specific Debbie Harry shots must've influenced Margot's look.
Always had a wee thing for Cheryl Baker... Like a "not insane " Debbie Harry
Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop are the only punk rock icons that I really like so far
Linda Fiorentino, Sherilyn Fenn, Gina Gershon, Debbie Harry, Justine Frischmann and Madonna come into my pubescence for a HUGE imprinting
Debbie Harry at the Odeon, Edinburgh (13th September, 1978) pic David Miller
Your daily new wave - Blondie's Debbie Harry covering Devo, complete with crazy outfit!
Featured photo from our gallery at Early pic of Debbie Harry in sunglasses by Chris Stein. ht…
Robert Plant photographed recently with Debbie Harry of Blondie, Photo: Chris Stein
Debbie Harry of Blondie licking the edge of a 12 inch vinyl LP, 1972.
hi yes hello do u have a moment to talk about our lord & savior Debbie Harry??
brickhousewench:. Debbie Harry photographed by Annie Leibovitz... -
📷 brickhousewench: Debbie Harry photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, February 2014
Taylor Momsen was harassed for being like Courtney Love, Sky Ferrieria for Debbie Harry, Hayley Williams for Gwen Stefani.
VIDEODROME commentary is incredible. Both the Cronenberg and James Woods/Debbie Harry tracks.
I'm announcing Wavy Gravy as mine, and Debbie Harry as my "first lady".
the most iconic female collab almost happened in 1979 with Grace Jones featuring Debbie Harry.
If we lose Mark Mothersbaugh, David Byrne, Tom Waits, Debbie Harry, and Iggy Pop... RUN. Run as far away from the planet as you can
I mean Debbie Harry,Brigitte Bardot,Estella Warren ect.But I went out w/ girls who look like them and many was my life
Justin Beiber is the illegitimate son of Debbie Harry and Lawrence Welk
Blondie | Amazing bops. Parallel Lines and Autoamerican will never get old. Debbie Harry is my ultimate woman crush. https:/…
One way or another, you will love Blondie's f... via |
mashable: One way or another, you will love Blondie's first photoshoot. ht theretronaut
One way or another, you will love Blondie's fi... via
Debbie Harry performing with Blondie at the Hammersmith Apollo
Sabrina Duncan on right played by Kate Jackson. In my dream midfield with Debbie Harry, Kim Wilde & Chris Evert
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Sad news but good idea to hold this benefit. Ivan Julian; Richard *** Debbie Harry, Lenny Kaye
Richard *** Debbie Harry and Anya Phillips in Punk Magazine’s “The Legend of Nick Detroit”, October 1976
Kate Bush, Shakira, Björk, Debbie Harry, Nina Hagen, Yma Sumac Kylie Minogue and Diamanda Galas are the best female music ARTISTS of my time
I have picture album of Elvis Costello on I need is a autograph picture to hang w album. Elvis and Debbie Harry pic albums♡
So Jane Horrocks not unreasonably shuns playing mums etc for channelling Debbie Harry cheekbones and pop star chic
Can we be friends? I don't know you, but I think you'd be great at it.
I don't share this very often but this one time, in Sheffield, I once taunted Debbie Harry from in a restaurant.
it was either her or the blonde from Abba,however Debbie Harry looked filth
more: Tina Fey, Virginia Woolf, Debbie Harry, Liv Ullman, and for always ROCKIN IT
Debbie Harry in flats at the back there
This little girl would become Debbie Harry of Blondie within 20 years.Can you imagine?
Debbie Harry !I sent you letter in your house address and has not got the answer... Regret... The Tears in my eyes.. Helen
i knew this girl in middle school who sounded exactly like Debbie Harry and she used to walk around singing Heart of Glass all the time and
Concept: Smog cover band, played to unnerving frenzy, voice and drama of Debbie Harry, look of a prairie settler.
She’s just as gorgeous today as she ever was… Debbie Harry is the woman.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Stockholm Syndrome. Within five months, Debbie Harry had become Janice from Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.
Debbie Harry and Joey Ramone, 1977. / Icons of the 70s (49 photos)
Hoping for Debbie Harry v Kate Bush in the Final. Think this will go to a penalty shoot out...
1979 Debbie Harry and Victor Bockris looking fly at Combat Love The Mudd Club 📸Photo by Al…
I usually feel that my spirit animal is a cross between Juliette Lewis, Chewbacca, and Debbie Harry, but today it's straight up Kelly Bundy.
.No, this is Debbie Harry though. The Franchise Affair, by Josephine Tey (1971)
resemblance to Mrs Hello from Florida?. Debbie Harry, 1978. Photograph by Chris Stein.
"I always get mixed up between Debbie Harry and Debbie McGee..." *rolls eyes
"When I was young, I wasted 10 yrs wanting to be Debbie Harry". - Kirsty Young, . One Way or Another
Grace Jones' autobiography highlight: Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry throwing her a baby shower at Paradise Garage.
The stage at CBGB would host everyone from Patti Smith and Richard *** to the Talking Heads, Debbie Harry and...
Daft Punk in the lounge, Debbie Harry singing her disco hits in the garden, and Grace Jones in the bedroom, being Grace!
Is Kiki Dee Taylor Swift's mother? On this appearance, more convincing than that Monroe/Debbie Harry business.
David Bowie, as remembered by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie
Debbie Harry was such a babe and still is.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I've fallen so madly for Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry. l'm straight, and l would.
A black cherry yoghurt and Debbie Harry rapping. Special times.
Forgot how badass Debbie Harry's rap was on Rapture ... Cheers
C2 not convinced of Debbie Harry's beauty. He's a different generation
Debbie Harry seems effortlessly foxy & hip - apart from the rap bit, no Debbie, no, don't do that
Not sure Debbie Harry ever looked better in a Blondie video than Rapture
Debbie Harry went on to greater success with her ragamuffin toasting style on French Kissin in the USA
And of course, Debbie Harry is the same age as my mum
It's already winning, thanks to Debbie Harry.
Debbie harry was quite a babe back in the day!
*mandatory lovelorn sigh at Debbie Harry*
Debbie Harry is one of the sexiest women to walk the Earth.I'd fill my *** eye full of fire ants just to sniff her farts.
free screening of David Cronenberg's Videodrome starring James Woods and Debbie Harry. It's showing in our...
A Robert Mapplethorpe documentary will feature his early days in NYC & interviews with Fran Lebowitz & Debbie Harry htt…
in every generation there are women who are timeless. Ginger Rogers, Debbie Harry & Bette Davis to name a few
Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and Robert Mapplethorpe check back into the Chelsea hotel
Debbie Harry and Clem Burke of Blondie preparing for a show in 1977
I seem to have come home with Sandie Shaw, AND Debbie Harry. Now, there's a thought!!!
TBT- Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and Debbie Harry at the Power Station recording studio in New York.
Actually, Debbie Harry can't believe that she wrote the rap to “Rapure" now, even though it's one of Blondie's most famous and iconic songs.
I *WILL* have my Debbie Harry platinum hair, even if it takes weeks of orange.
Debbie Harry on punk, refusing to retire and sex at 69 - Telegraph
"I feel like I have to have a voice." Debbie Harry
Do you ever look at Debbie Harry and just think ***
Thought your day was quite good? This 1D fan sat next to Harry Styles on a 10hr flight 😧
😂😂 considering doing 10,000 words on Debbie Harry tbh, I'm sure that would be accepted
for just a million dollars a day, you can help this poor, little Debbie find fashion Christ.
markruffalo: Debbie Harry still bold, beautiful, feminist and cool as ...
Wendy O. Williams was my hero growing up. Also Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Nina Hagen, and Exene Cervenka. :)
Debbie Harry's Kenneth Williams impression is pretty good.
Edna St. Vincent Millay would have. Tallulah Bankhead would have. Debbie Harry would have.
show should be set in the 25th century, ships named after Grace Slick, Debbie Harry, Jerry Garcia, Keith Richards, Alice Cooper.
Still my favourite picture of Debbie Harry.
I was musing this afternoon for a few minutes on how I was in love with Debbie Harry for some years. It occurred to me that I didn't try---
Kelly is looking more and more like Debbie Harry from the era.
Debbie Harry looks totally stoned on the ESA Tim Peake greeting video :P
No one is more beautiful,sexy and cool than the Queen Debbie Harry :-)
11:11 baby Debbie to get her pic with Harry this month ☄
Chrissie Hynde has gone blonde this is like Debbie Harry going dark .. Against the rules .
Foto: dailyactress: Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, Pauline Black of The Selecter, Debbie Harry of...
It's too bad we live up the turnpike, as I'm pretty sure I could convince my kid that is Debbie Harry.
remembers Austin Aqua Festival? I got to see Debbie Harry on stage at auditorium shores many…
Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, backstage at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, 1978. Photo taken by: Scott Weiner
The legend that is Debbie Harry stars in George A. Romero's Tales From The Crypt at 1pm on
Adding this idea to my Pinterest board "Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry threw Grace Jones a baby shower at the Paradise Garage"
In 1999 Debbie Harry was voted the 12th greatest woman of rock and roll by music channel VH1
Debbie Harry with The Weirdos and Blondie fan club president, Jeffrey Lee Pierce ater on blues-punk
Debbie Harry modeling for an Andy Warhol portrait .
you're awesome at drawing Laura Palmer and suck at drawing Debbie Harry
I tried to make my Spider-Gwen look a little like Debbie Harry but the more I look at her I just see Laura Palmer.
Women I want to see on US money: Elizabeth McGovern, Debbie Harry, Emmylou Harris, Sally Ride, Eleanor Roosevelt and Katharine Hepburn.
Nick Grimshaw and Fearne Cotton dress up as Liam Gallagher and Debbie Harry for Children In Need
Nick Grimshaw & Fearne Cotton dress up as Liam Gallagher & Debbie Harry for
Backstage at Celebrity Autobiography with Christy Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Debbie Harry. Two great sold out shows.
Debbie Harry in a vintage motorcycle jacket... Photo by Chris Stein. 1976.
This is for my pal and any other cool folk. The John Waters, Debbie Harry and Tab Hunter triptych.
Debbie Harry with Bill Murray in the studio, 1981.
Celebs to read Kardashian book for laughs: Actress Brooke Shields and Blondie singer Debbie Harry are among the…
Susan Lucci, Debbie Harry & Brooke Shields to do comedic reading of Kardashian Konfidential
If Hannibal ever gets renewed on another network, petition for Debbie Harry & Bowie to be his aunt & uncle. The cheekbones don't lie
Andy Kaufman suffers at the hands of Debbie Harry (left) as actress Caitlin Clarke serves as referee April 20, 1983
in my head Debbie Harry, in reality Debbie McGee!
Neil Tennant was rapping years before Mike Skinner / The Streets (though after Debbie Harry, Tina Weymouth)
Philip Glass will be joined by Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Debbie Harry, The Flaming Lips, Ashley MacIsaac... http:…
"Pleasure real/ Or is it fantasy?" Debbie Harry photographed by Bob Gruen at Coney Island, 1977
Things that might scare the *** outta you: John Mellencamp is 63 years old, Debbie Harry is 70. Keith Richards is, somehow, alive.
Joey Ramone poses with Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, and David Johansen for PUNK magazine c. 1977.
Debbie Harry "promoting" the Patti Smith Group. Photographed in 1977 by Brian Duffy.
I think this is your chance to go full-on Debbie Harry c. 1977. The hair is the punctuation on the outfit.
Debbie harry had a thing for her still do !
I've found several sites on d internet where ppl deb8 if Debbie Harry or Stevie Nicks s better. Which 1 do…
aside from Debbie Harry getting lead billing on the poster, interesting to see Cronenberg and Rick Baker getting equal credit.
Happy Birthday shoutout to the. Debbie Harry!!
Debbie Harry is seventy. Which means she now qualifies for my list of creepy old/dead crushes - along with Mary Tyler Moore and Myrna Loy.
Happy Birthday, Debbie Harry. Here's a photo by Chris Stein (from a Blondie video shoot)..
Can't actually believe Debbie Harry is 70 today, she looks amazing!!
great band, fantastic album. And Jeffrey Lee Pierce was the best looking rock star after Debbie Harry. :)
Queen of Punk: 15 Extraordinary Portraits of Debbie Harry from 1977 to 1988: When photographer Brian Aris firs...
My top picks for the new $10 bill. Martha Stewart, Carroll O'Connor, Fran Drescher, Paul Sorvino, Debbie Harry and Paul Reiser.
Consistently torn between wanting Jerry Hall's length or going the Debbie Harry route
My future house will feature a shrine to PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Bjork, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, and now Jenny Hval
if the black community can accept Fergie, Debbie Harry, Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Sam Smith...why wouldn't we accept a white activist?
Debbie Harry is the Queen of Punk. Watch her perform with Alec Baldwin in this '80s gem:
Wait! Debbie Harry, Christian Slater, Julianne Moore, Matthew Lawrence, and Samantha Jones's ex Richard from SATC star in this? So B-level.
Debbie Harry's rap in Rapture has the same flow Andy Samberg has in the Hollywood Facts theme from Comedy Bang Bang.
Ideas for my salon grand opening? One could dream of having miss guy and Debbie Harry for an appearance! Just saying lol
Well . if what I've read is correct, Chrysalis Records was trying to market both you and Debbie Harry as --
World in Pictures, July 8, 2013: Alan Shearer at golf tournament and Debbie Harry in London
Nobody is, even Jimmy Cliff, Don Letts, Debbie Harry and Harry Dean Stanton combined are like 1/8th of Grace Jones
Saw them years ago at the Tower in on their first reunion tour. I was a few feet away from Debbie Harry...
Does a young Debbie Harry, b4 her Blondie days, look like Elisha Cuthbert. Yes or no?
My summer look will be if 1970s Debbie Harry and 1990s Gwen Stafani had a love child
BEM-VINDO AO E.S.P FASHION BLOG BRASIL: Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry team up for Paco Rabanne
~Debbie Harry backstage at The Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, CA by Brad Elterman in 1977~. "
Blondie: Debbie Harry original polaroid from the NME cover shoot by Chalkie Davies, 1977…
Tibet House Benefit featured a cameo from Miley Cyrus and stunning performances from Debbie Harry, Patti Smith & more htt…
Debbie Harry & Blondie at 21st Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Cocktails and Dinner
I love his Cole Porter cover with Debbie Harry.
your right on the mark, Taylor is pretty but she's no Debbie Harry!
Philip Glass welcomes on stage Debbie Harry and Patti Smith ❤️ by nil_nuhoglu
Miley with Debbie Harry & Patti Smith at Tibet House concert in NYC
Miley performed People Have The Power with Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, The Flaming Lips, Dev Hynes, and more!
Philip Glass' grand finale at Carnegie Hall with Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, The…
Tibet House always has a stellar lineup, but Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, & Debbie Harry on one stage is pretty inspiring to do something.
Patti Smith and Debbie Harry are holding hands right now
Miley Cyrus, Dev Hynes, Philip Glass, Debbie Harry, and some Tibetan monks singing backup for Patti Smith. This is actually happening.
Debbie Harry was summat else back in day. Christ Almighty.
NYC: Joining for at Patti Smith, Debbie Harry & more.
Philip Glass, Debbie Harry & Patti Smith. I would go to see that.
One of my cousins is playing Cape Breton-style piano at Carnegie Hall tonight along with Debbie Harry, Phillip Glass and Patti Smith.
Patti Smith and Debbie Harry (and some others) ... Tibet House Benefit Concert, March 5, 2015 via …
See rock icon Debbie Harry in this year's Tibet House concert at with Patti Smith and Laurie Anderson. h…
Join us tonight at Carnegie Hall with Debbie Harry, Patti Smith with Her Band with Jesse Paris Smith, The Flaming... http…
How Blondie Created ‘Heart of Glass’ - Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Chris Stein talk about ‘Heart of Glass’. http:…
“Debbie Harry Polaroids, 1980. Photographs by Andy Warhol. thought this was you
.Debbie Harry was one of the nicest people I've ever met. An absolute down to earth angel.
Debbie Harry on refusing to retire and sex at 69
Polaroid pictures of Debbie Harry shot by Andy Warhol (1980)
Love this pic of my fellow Miami gal Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry is 69. Here she is in her prime when she had a heart of glass.
CJ Ramone & Debbie Harry at Blondie, The Strokes and Others Perform at "Be Well - Ramones Beat on Cancer" Concert -
Blondie - Debbie Harry on sex at 69 and how she escaped from serial killer Ted Bundy.
.encouraging discussion. Case in point: Debbie Harry She's still beautiful. And almost 70.
"She likens their management team at the peak of success to absentee landlords" Debbie Harry
A visible woman experienced and wise. Thank you Deb - like Madonna, you are a shining light. x
Confused why this interview very nonchalantly mentions that was once captured by a serial killer:
The words old age and Debbie Harry dont go together in the same sentence.What an inspiration for the older generation
Much prefer Debbie Harry's contemplations on ageism in music. More nuanced and thoughtful than Madge. And less myopic
The "Debbie Harry nearly escaped Ted Bundy" story is making the rounds again. FYI, Snopes debunked in 2007.
Debbie Harry on sex at 69: 'It's something that never really goes away' - Gigwise
Taylor Swift has more than a touch of Debbie Harry about her in the Style video.
[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : Debbie Harry or Madonna?: Who is the better Singer and why? Myself i love Debbie, i bought the new Blondie…
Debbie Harry at 69: "You have to keep new influences coming in"
Debbie Harry recalls brush with disaster: Blondie star Debbie Harry has revealed she was attacked before she found fame.
For today's Debbie Harry story... I plan to be the same way!. Blondie - One Way Or Another
Van McCann crashed Debbie Harry's all-female Tea Party back in 1980...
Blondie's Debbie Harry talks about approaching 70 & possibly shares a bit too much information about her sex life
Great article about Debbie Harry worth a read, love her attitude.
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