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Debate Night

I’m embarrassed that I live in a community where the newspaper is (I’m sure) forced to publish garbage like this. T…
Hey I really enjoyed your well-rounded debate last night between a cable lobbyist and a cable lobbyist…
I make my students parents sign their homework every single night, and if they don’t get it signed I send it right…
Every time I see 11:11 on snap every night I debate if I should just delete the app
‘Crown and Sword’ was launched last night by Professor Henry Burmester. Congratulations to author Cameron Moore for…
You know I just thought of a fun debate night for me vs libertarianism, religion, civi…
I spent Debate Night with & co. as they revise and rework on the fly.
It's Debate Night for the Republicans. Tom Sutton from Baldwin Wallace University talked to Jasen about what to...
Just back from the well attended Q&A Debate Night at the White River Hotel Toomebridge with l-r Declan Kearney,...
It's Debate Night! One is on TV. Better yet, come see the one at Sherwood Library at 7 with candidates for county school board, supervisor.
Debate Night in America is a terrible localization of Hockey Night in Canada
ACS Debate Night tomorrow 6pm HA129. Come and put your ideas on the table about some of the topics we have lined up. Hope to see you there!!
The juxtaposition of MNF and Debate Night in America is almost too much for my brain. Is there some ancient family feud that is also represented by Lions, Bears, Cars, and the American dream?
I unlocked the Debate Night in America: Final Presidential Debate Coming Soon sticker on
Watching the Follow our Debate Night list of political bloggers at or visit
Woo! Debate Night! Somebody wake me up when spikes rise up from the floor and the stage rotates like it did when Flash Gordon fought Prince Barone.
It's Debate Night in America...will the President take Round 2 of this 3-round political battle? Interesting tidbit of information coming from polling data taken by GCOMM Media Co. shows the majority of undecided Md. voters are white women who are registered Independents from Montgomery Co.
Hank Williams Jr. to sing CNN theme song for Debate Night in America. "Are You Ready for Some Policy?"
is is watching "Debate Night in America" on Verizon FiOS TV I'll watch the debate first then the Tigers-Athletics game.
Women, watch! Debate Night. Paul Ryan is as far to the right as is possible to be. He is a danger to all women. He has co-sponsored a bill with Todd Aiken to re-define rape, giving it many sub-levels including "forced." Mitt Romney says he will put an end to Planned Parenthood, birth control, and other women's programs. Yet just today...he's campaigning on helping women's rights!! Does anybody know what he really thinks about anything? He goes back and forth as is expedient. Remember...Romney, if president, is going to appoint the next Supreme Court Justce who will attempt to over turn Roe V Wade!!!
You're getting ready to watch the Vice Presidential Debate between Biden and Ryan on CNN. Tune in to Debate Night in America on October 11th at 7/6c. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at CNN.
Sort of reminded me of Chris Mathews on Debate Night. Talking Heads - "Once In A Lifetime": via
Uncle JOE BIDEN, , please make certain your "gaffe-dar" is fully operational on Debate Night. Have Aunt Jill polish it for you!
Just tuned into "Debate Night in America." Where is Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, Peter King and Tony Dungy?
how awesome would it be if Faith Hill come out singing for the debate like in sunday night football.. we can get Al Michaels to ask the questions and call it Debate Night in America
Making it a Pizza and Salad night (fat with a side of leafy green vegetables) Putting Mary down by 8:30. Debate Night at 9:00. Tom Joyner said to take a shot every time the candidates say "economy," lol! We'll see ;-)
Debate Night turns its attention to the 1980 race. can't get enough of 3rd party candidate John Anderson!
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